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Can I get many essay titles on adventure tourism?


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Adventure tourism refers to international or domestic travel that involves traveling to a remote location in order to take part in physically challenging outdoor activities.  While many people think of daredevil type activities when they think of adventure tourism, adventure tourism does not require risky activities.  Any activity that is physically challenging and occurs outdoors can qualify, so milder activities like hiking, backpacking, zip lining, rafting, biking, skiing, snowboarding, or snorkeling would all fall under the adventure tourism umbrella. Of course, adventure tourism also includes high-risk activities like swimming with sharks.  However, there is some debate whether an activity like the Running of the Bulls, which is adventurous but is not done in a remote area, would count as a type of adventure tourism.  In fact, an essay addressing that topic would make a good title.

Other potential titles include:

  1. It’s Not What, It’s Where: The Role of Location in Adventure Tourism
  2. Exploitation or Opportunity: The Ethics of Adventure Tourism
  3. Preserving Cultures and the Environment While Still Promoting Tourism: Is There an Eco-Friendly Way to Promote Adventure Tourism in Remote Areas
  4. Adventure Tourism, Injuries, and Liability: Who Should Be Legally Responsible if an Adventure Tourist Is Injured During an Activity
  5. Adventure Tourism and Wildlife: Does Adventure Tourism Have to Disrupt the Ecosystem
  6. Diving with Sharks: Does It Help Increase Awareness of these Ocean Animals or Reinforce Stereotypes About the Danger that Sharks Present to Humans
  7. Adventure Tourism for Everyone: Is It Possible to Make Adventure Tourism Accessible for People with Disabilities Without Compromising the Experience for People Without Disabilities?
  8. Survivalism: Extreme Adventure Tourism or Irresponsible Tourism Practice
  9. Adventure Tourism and Garbage: How the Trash on Mt. Everest Should Encourage Locations That Are Promoting Adventure Tourism to Create Comprehensive Detritus Strategies Prior to Opening Up for Tourists
  10. Zip Lining: The Easy Way Entry into Adventure Tourism
  11. Endurance and Skill: The Role of Training in Preparing for Adventure Tourism

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