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Competencies Between Nurses Prepared at the Associate-Degree
Words: 888 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56393431
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competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-Degree level vs. The baccalaureate-degree level in nursing

According to Moore ( 2009), Associate Degree Nurses (ADNs) are nurses with a two-year academic degree and licensed to practice nursing. Associate Nurses are prepared on the technical aspects of care giving that are necessary for their interaction with both the patients and their families in acute care settings. Their knowledge is limited to handling patients care in hospitals and community-based health organizations.

Baccalaureate Degree Nurses (BSNs) are nurses with a four-year academic degree. This program requires high educational qualifications and provides wide liberal arts perspectives as well as topics in clinical nursing including, critical thinking, case management, research, statistics, and health campaigns across various in and outpatient facilities with special emphasis on development of the essential skills in care for patients.

Differences in Competencies between Nurses

With the increasing complexity in health care, there is…


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School Prepare Children for Life -- and
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87988634
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school prepare children for life -- and should it? The public school system in the United States has undergone dramatic changes over the past century. It has become a required institution in which children spend a minimum of 12.5 years and more time than in any other place than home for their formative years. Thomas Jefferson, for instance, believed that universal education would have to precede universal suffrage. The ignorant, he argued, were incapable of self-government. But he had profound faith in the reasonableness and ability of the masses and in their collective wisdom when educated. As one of the founding fathers, Jefferson in fact set the precedent for American education: reading, writing, mathematics, the Classics, and European and American History.

The American Educational system is supported in several ways -- primarily through taxation and Federal/State grant money. It is this support that gives us a clue as to the…

Clinical Educators Who Prepare the Students for
Words: 1668 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50509508
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Clinical educators who prepare the students for enhancing knowledge and skills. They typically build the competent and provide quality clinical education. Many universities are offering these types of programmes to help students and prepare them for professional development of clinical educators. The educators develop themselves and their company for prospect healthcare challenges, this primarily help them in achieving their targets, and fulfill organization's need. It broad the horizon of student and give them inspiration to move ahead. We will also discuss the self-assessment criteria and other components of clinical education.

Goals of each workshop

In general the goal of each workshop was to learn, explore, and develop the phenomena of self-awareness. In the first module we have learned about the basic techniques of manipulating an optimal learning environment. The second module has demonstrated the abilities of learners to corroborate multiple skills throughout the framework to maximize value for patient care…


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Healthy Behavior on the Healthcare System Prepare
Words: 769 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67060532
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Healthy Behavior on the Healthcare System

Prepare initial statement. Understanding healthy behaviors U.S. health care system evolve make effective resources. How effectively solve problem; misuse health care dollars? How cost containment affected evolution delivery system health care U.

The effects of healthy behavior on the healthcare system

More than half of the money allocated for healthcare is misused. Giving patients defensive medicines or requesting they undertake unnecessary tests increase the amount of money spent in healthcare. There are inappropriate procedures that doctors or physicians request from the patients in order to provide a correct diagnosis Berwick & Hackbarth, 2012.

These procedures lead to the increase of health care costs and they are avoidable. Healthcare administration costs are exorbitant and account for 30% of the total bill given to a patient. The administration costs are included in the patient's final bill, and they have no option but to pay. Hospital administration…


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Satya-Murti, S. (2003). Health and Health Care 2010: The Forecast, the Challenge. JAMA: the journal of the American Medical Association, 290(6), 823-825.

College Prepares for a Career
Words: 1313 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19112398
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Through internships, students get an insider's view of the many facets of the criminal justice field, which is under the supervision of a full-time faculty member. The major in this particular field also offers a summer study abroad program that offers credit for the opportunity to study other countries' criminal justice systems.

In addition, most of the colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees in criminal justice. hile, many colleges also offer graduate degree programs. A bachelor's degree in criminal justice is received generally in four years. hile, two-year programs in criminal justice is offered by majority community colleges, which can be transferred to a four-year college or university. Furthermore, graduate programs take from two to five years after bachelor's degree (Hobsons College View). Most people with graduate degrees become high-level administrators or professors.

Also, criminal justice programs provide extra training for students who are already occupied in correctional administration, security…

Works Cited

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How to prepare and'store homeopathic ointments
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89796383
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homeopathic ointments is easy, and one can manage to prepare them in their kitchen provided they have the correct ingredients and equipment. The main ingredients for preparing the ointments are base oil, which can be either seed oil, vegetable oil, sunflower, Almond, or sesame oils (Schneider, Klein, Stolt, & Oberbaum, 2005). One can also use olive oil, but they should know that it makes a heavier ointment. Lanolin can be used if one wants to make a heavier stickier ointment. However, this is optional, and one can opt to use beeswax and base oil, which would result in a lighter ointment. If you want a heavier ointment, you can increase the amount of beeswax.

The equipment one needs for preparing the ointments are:

• Double boiler or water bath.

• Spoons

• Grater

• Rubber scraper

• Blender or food liquidizer

• Glass jars for storage

All homeopathic ointments start…

Counselor as I Prepare to
Words: 2236 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64858834
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Counseling is a relatively new experience for me and I feel as if I suffer from a general lack of confidence. While I believe that humility is important and that my lack of confidence might encourage me to learn more about the therapeutic process and become a better academic counselor, if I allow my clients to view my lack of confidence, then I will undermine their faith in therapy. Therefore, I need to work really hard to ensure that I maintain a confident air while I am working with clients. I am comfortable with my degree of knowledge about therapy, but, unfortunately, I think that much of the confidence is going to have to be developed as I work with clients. I think that if I were very confident in my abilities as a therapist, at this stage in my career development, which would actually be arrogance, and might be…

Businesses What Documents Are Prepared
Words: 592 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11082424
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There is virtually zero paper work involved in merchandising the goods to the shops.

The documents prepared when merchandize is sold are minimum and include only check for the customer which is very comfortable and time saving. The sales point prints of all the check kept electronically in the system, only in the evening at the end of the day. The company keeps perpetual track of the records in the system and only at aggregate levels. The company also with employment of the mentioned above electronic system monitors and analyzes the costs incurred to deliver the goods to their sales point. Physical inventory is carried out only once a year, which is reasonable for the company of this size and for electronic system the company utilizes. The physical inventory is done only for the purposes to single out volumes of sold or spoiled products. The company targets to be cost…

Company Has Prepared This Mini-Handbook
Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55684005
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Nothing contained in the company policies, procedures, handbooks, manuals, job descriptions, application for employment, or any other document of the company shall in any way create an express or implied contract of employment or an employment relationship on other than an at-will basis. No representative of the company will enter into any agreement whatsoever with any employee or applicant for employment on any other than on an at-will basis.

Training and Testing:

The company will provide paid training and testing that is related specifically to the employee's job. The only exception to this will be testing that involves part of the initial pre-hiring process.

Receipt of Mini-Handbook:

I have received the current company employee handbook and have read and understand the material covered and I understand that any future questions that I may have about the handbook or its contents. Questions will be answered by the Office Manager or their…

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Berkeley, CA: NOLO.

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Captone Carrier Specialization Psy Prepare Handout
Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54824720
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Captone ) Carrier specialization psy. Prepare handout pages APA format EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY ( ) summarizes information include references .

Career specialization in psychology:

Educational psychology

Educational psychologists work in a variety of settings. Many of them work in schools, and work with children, teachers, parents, and other educational professionals to create a more supportive environment for students. The nature of the counseling may encompass the child's educational, emotional, and social needs. Students may have learning or behavioral challenges, or may be transitioning through a difficult life phase, such as a parent's divorce. "School psychologists address students' learning and behavioral problems, suggest improvements to classroom management strategies or parenting techniques, and evaluate students with disabilities and gifted and talented students to help determine the best way to educate them" (Psychologists, 2011, BLS). School psychologists may also work with administrators to design educational programs, such as anti-bullying campaigns or anti-drug campaigns. "They…


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Are Teachers Prepared for New Tech
Words: 1142 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 55320843
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Are teacher preparation programs preparing our future teachers to operate in a technology rich classroom environment?

phenomenological. Researcher will be viewing subjects' responses to the phenomenon of a technology rich classroom environment in order to assess: are they prepared, are they not prepared? Three subjects from three different teacher preparation programs will be observed.

The study is outlined as follows:

Today's classrooms are utilizing more heavily than ever a technology rich environment, yet it is unclear whether teacher preparation programs are preparing future teachers to operate in such environments.

Are teacher preparation programs preparing our future teachers to operate in a technology rich classroom environment? What can the reaction of new teachers in such environments tell us about the preparation training currently being given?

Purpose Statement: The purpose of this study is to observe new teachers in technology rich classroom environments to see what their reactions are (whether they…

How to Prepare and Test a Continuity of Operations Plan
Words: 3887 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33409878
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Contingency Planning

Information Security contingency plans are very important for firms operating in today's world, where cyber security is a top issue a result of business's technological and digital dependence. This paper will discuss the planning steps, possible recovery options, and recommended testing requirements needed to support a successful business contingency/continuity of operations environment. Included will be recommendations for a proposed 24-month cycle business contingency testing plan, what should be tested and how the test should be conducted. Critical corporate assets will be ranked with the type of testing (i.e. plan reviews, tabletop exercises and backup recovery tests). Costs associated with the recommended testing process will also be taken into consideration, including personnel, equipment and production costs.

Planning Steps

Step 1 is to examine the organization of the IS department. An IS department should be organized in order to guard against an attack, blackout or any other natural or man-made…


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How Companies Can Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters
Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53254251
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orkplace Emergency Planning

hat preparations should be made by companies to be ready to respond when there is an emergency? hat kinds of emergencies should employees and management be prepared for? hat actions should be taken when an emergency occurs in the workplace? These issues will be discussed in this paper, with references from the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Emergencies and Preparation - OSHA

The truth of the matter is that no one really expects an emergency or a disaster, but as OSHA points out on page 1, a disaster can happen almost anywhere. And even though a disaster cannot be predicted, because it threatens workers and the public and customers it is vitally important that companies be prepared.

hat are some of the emergencies that might occur in a workplace? Depending on the geographic location of the workplace,…

Works Cited

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Steps to Prepare for a Hurricane in Florida
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99447699
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Emergency Plan for Jacksonville, Florida During Hurricane Season

First and foremost, when preparing for a hurricane, it is essential that a community have an effective communications plan for before, after, and during the storm. The government should have a plan regarding how to disseminate information to the public, including if there is a loss of power. The public should likewise be prepared beforehand to communicate with family members and work colleagues as well as emergency personnel. This may include being prepared for emergency texts and emails sent by the local government, being aware of the best websites and news channels to seek out for information, and having battery-powered radios in case of a total outage of both power and cellular service.

Given that the conditions of a hurricane are always changing, families should be encouraged to have adequate amounts of food and water on hand, batteries for flashlights, and any…


How to prepare for a hurricane. (2016). FEMA. Retrieved from:

How to Prepare Myself to Be a Faith-Based Counselor
Words: 975 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 3554789
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Faith-Based Counseling

When contemplating using my faith to help people through counseling, it is impossible for me not to consider current events that might be relevant to the world of mental health. The current event right now that touches on faith-based counseling is the Duggar molestation scandal and the family's choice to put the offender in a possible faith-based counseling program rather than pursuing legal intervention or seeking counseling from a different type of provider. Lacking all of the information about the offenses, I am not prepared to speculate on whether their choice was the morally or legally correct one, or whether the program that they chose would have been sufficient to end the predatory behavior and protect the victims. I do not have the information that I think would be necessary to begin evaluating those issues. However, it has made me very aware of the fact that, as a…

Stressful if One Is Not Properly Prepared
Words: 1005 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83193078
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stressful if one is not properly prepared. Writing a paper can e a stress filled time-consuming event or it can e learning and growing experience depending on how the student approaches the task. Writing a paper for school can e done with ease and calmness if certain steps are followed along the way. There are several important factors that can e applied to every written paper that will insure a etter grade, a more thorough learning experience and a less stressful outcome.

Writing a paper involves several steps that must e uilt upon each other (Palmini, 1996). The first step to writing any paper is to choose a topic to write aout. Often time's teachers or professors will assign a topic ut even within an assigned topic the search can e narrowed for a more focused and more well written document. A topic such as healthy eating can e narrowed…

bibliography is then prepared and should also adhere to the teacher's specifications.

The writing of a paper for school can be a stressful experience. There are some students who turn to online tutoring services to assist them in completing the task (Moore, 1994). This does not need to be considered if the student follows the foundational steps to building a well-written paper. Following the outline and getting started in plenty of time can relieve the stress and produce a strong research document. The steps to writing a paper are the same regardless of the topic the paper is on. Choosing a topic, researching the topic and then writing about the topic are key factors to turning out a successful and well-written paper. Once these steps have been followed and the editing is done the writer can relax knowing he or she has turned in their best effort.


Moore, Michael (1994). AN EPIDEMIC OF CHEATING. The Record (Bergen County, NJ pp c01.

Ostter, Sarah (1990).. The Writing of Papers and the Formula Used. The Statton.

Theory -- Approach Linkage as You Prepare
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37892126
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Theory -- Approach Linkage

As you prepare to complete your literature review, it is important to understand the relationship between theory and the qualitative approach. For this Discussion, you will analyze this relationship and how it is -- or is not -- reflected in the articles you have chosen.

To prepare for this Discussion:

eview the course text readings for this week and the media segment on theory.

Consider the role of theory in qualitative research.

eview the articles you have located for your literature review thus far. In each one, how clear is the alignment of theory with the choice of qualitative approach for the study? How well do the authors justify the alignment?

Which article stands out to you as the best example of alignment between theory and approach? Why?

Draw inferences from the qualitative articles in your literature review to answer the following question: "What is the…


Abas, M., Ostrovschi, N.V., Prince, M., Gorceag, V.I., Trigub, C., & Oram, S. (2013). Risk

factors for mental disorders in women survivors of

Dr Maggie Needs Someone to Prepare Her
Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 56210413
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Dr. Maggie needs someone to prepare her an employee evaluation form. Approximately 30% of her employees have left the company relocating to similar jobs in the area and the oft-cited grievance was ambiguity of expectations of employees, and disassociation between written and expected expectations. Staff did not know where they stood, work expectations had not been appropriately clarified, and there did not seem to be a connection between the job they were hired to do and the evaluation of their work. Furthermore, Dr. Maggie's practice used supervisor's evaluations to make recommendations regarding pay increases and promotions, but there was no consistent methodology to the evaluative process. The lead physicians at each site were responsible for evaluating the clinical staff, and the non-medical supervisors, who were located at the Marietta office, handled the clerical staff, but this procedure did not work too well and the evaluation process did not seem connected…

Dean of Students as I Prepare to
Words: 634 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27095224
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Dean of Students,

As I prepare to meet with you this coming week, I do so with a full understanding of the seriousness of my offense. However, this is an understanding that I have truly only gained during the last year and as a result of my own regrettable actions. Last year, I was accused of plagiarism for failing to properly quote and cite some of the sources that I used to complete a research paper for a Geography 100 level course. I am sorry to say that I am guilty of this offense.

However, I hope to make it clear to you in our meeting that this offense was not committed out of malice or dishonesty. It was a simple error in judgment and one that I will never make again. After enduring this process while simultaneously attempting to remain on top of my current studies, I have gained…

Health Organizations Prepare for the Future
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41353511
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Healthcare Organizational Readiness & Strategy

Healthcare Organization Network

Company Profile

Vanguard operates 25 acute care and three specialty hospitals in urban and suburban areas of Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and exas. Across the Vanguard hospital system, there are roughly 7,100 licensed beds ("Hoover," 2014). he Vanguard regional health care system provides a continuum of care that spans outpatient centers, medical office buildings, clinics, and hospitals ("Hoover," 2014). Vanguard operates four managed health care plans serving members in Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, and exas ("Hoover," 2014).

Although Vanguard Health Systems declared it "wants to lead the way to better health care," in 2013, Vanguard was acquired by enet Healthcare ("Hoover," 2014). he enet Healthcare system extended the range of services to 80 hospitals, more than 190 outpatient centers, 36,000 affiliated physicians, more than 105,000 employee, and six health care plans ("Hoover," 2014). enet is a for-profit organization operating in 14 states in…

The Tenet Health system exhibits a "culture of innovation that creates new solutions for the challenges and opportunities in the healthcare system" ("Tenet," 2014). The Tenet Health system claims include, "We're Improving Health. We're Transforming Care. We're Ready for What's Next" ("Tenet," 2014). Tenet is very much a business, an the company strives to enhance the level of service and care that is provided. One of the ways Tenet is working on this goal is through innovative partnerships with companies that share their passion for moving health forward ("Tenet," 2014). The company has invested in new technology to support their neurosurgery initiatives. Tenet provides the clinical and infrastructure for an extensive accountable care organizations (ACO) program that is designed to deliver better comprehensive care at lower cost by "accessing resources and best practices from across the company and rewarding physicians and hospitals for quality care improvements" ("Tenet," 2014).

For decades, Tenet has been plagued with lawsuits and federal investigations for unnecessary surgeries and hospitalizations, and for improperly billing Medicare. As recently as April 2012, Tenet paid $42.75 million to resolve allegations arising from the Medicare billing investigation between 2005 and 2007. Since roughly 2009, efforts by the Tenet Health system to improve their reputation and their share price have been successful. Tenet has implemented an ethics program and stresses that all employees, "See it. Say it. Fix it." ("Tenet," 2014).

Tenet's efforts to improve their reputation -- and their compliance with federal standards for providing and billing Medicare services -- has been kicked into full gear. One of the most innovative, forward-looking additions to Tenet Healthcare services is The Center for the Urban Child at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. A comprehensive range of services is available for urban families with children, many of which are directed at the challenges of parenting and raising a family in cities. The Center for Urban Children, located in Philadelphia,

How Companies can Prepare Their Workforces for the Future
Words: 3783 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23258346
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Table of ContentsWorkforce Action Plan .Inclusion and Diversity .Current State of the Workforce .Future State of the Workforce .AbstractToday, like many companies, Mi-ORG, a successful, customer-centered consultancy, is faced with a wide array of challenges, including reducing unplanned turnover, ensuring a smooth succession of a significant number of retirees and expected departures as well as developing and sustaining a diverse workforce that promotes employee morale and organizational loyalty and places a high priority on innovative practices. In addition, Mi-ORG tries to maintain a laser-sharp focus on its clients, but all of these trends have created a critical juncture in the companys path moving forward. Indeed, Mi-ORGs current human resource management practices, especially its web task management application, are adversely affecting employee morale and productivity, and timely interventions are clearly needed to avoid even higher levels of unplanned turnover in the future. Using a systematic review of the literature, this project…

ReferencesAn average day at Mi-ORG. (2021, May 31). University of Maryland global campus.Diversity and inclusion. (2021, May 31). University of Maryland global campus.Dobbin, F. & Kaley, A. (2018, September 18). Why doesnt diversity training work? The challenge for industry and academia. Anthropology Now, 10(2), 37-44.Engaging in succession planning. (2021). Society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved from engaginginsuccessionplanning.aspx.Larcker, D. F. & Tayan, B. (2020, April 1). Diversity in the C-suite: The dismal state of diversity among Fortune 500 senior executives. Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University Closer Look Series: Topics, Issues and Controversies in Corporate Governance No. CGRP-82.Mi-ORG company overview. (2021. May 3). University of Maryland global campus.Organizational culture. (2021, May 3). University of Maryland global campus.Practices to increase cultural awareness in the workplace (2017, September 22). Deakin. Retrieved from gap analysis template. (2021, May 3). University of Maryland global campus.Trends that impact the workforce. (2021, May 3). University of Maryland global campus.

Social Work Preparation Exercises
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 41306475
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Social Work Exercises

Preparing for 3 Clients

Mrs. Nancy Cannon telephoned from her place of work ( the Capital nsurance Company -- phone [HDDEN] She sounded concerned. She said that on the previ-ous Saturday night, her 14-year-old daughter Amy had come home after her 9: 00 p. m. curfew, smelling of alcohol. She says that she " grounded" her daughter but now wants to talk with a social worker about the situation. Mrs. Cannon requested an appointment for herself alone, indicating that she wanted to sort things out with someone before she dealt further with her daughter.

Mrs. C. reported that this was the first such incident. She said, " 've never had any trouble whatsoever from Amy. She's been a wonderful child." She stated that she had not sought pro-fessional help before and that this was her first contact with any social service or mental health agency. She indicated…

I would have to take a moment to breathe and clear my head. My own frustration about the fact I id not get a raise should not interfere with the well being of my upcoming client. I would remind myself that I am in this field not for the monetary benefits, but for the joy of helping real people with real problems. I would tell myself that this is a testing moment; I either need to center myself and help those in need, or stop altogether.

Case 1

The issue of handling this case is a very sensitive one. Unfortunately, "despite many changes that have occurred in the treatment of rape victims, there still exists in our society ignorance about, and ambivalence towards the rape victim, causing for many an additional stress" (South Eastern CASA, 2012). This is especially true for date rape victims, who are often stigmatized as having not been raped in a traditional sense. Many tend to falsely believe that the victim was either using an excuse after the fact, or simply lost control because of their own vices in regards to drugs or alcohol. This creates a scenario where there needs to be a certain degree of trust built within the empathy provided by the social worker. Thus, "given that the victim's trust in people has been betrayed by the rapist, it may make it more difficult for her to trust others. The counselor needs to indicate that she can empathize with the victim's feelings, that she can listen and acknowledge the intense emotions the victim has, and encourage rather than suppress discussions of these" (South Eastern CASA, 2012). It is crucial that the social worker provide a sense of trust and understanding in order to best help the victim at hand. This trust will help

Nursing Role Development
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58025931
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Masters-prepared Nurse's Role: Questions

Describe the masters-prepared nurse's role as advocate for the nursing profession.

Historically, nursing has seldom garnered the respect it deserves as a profession. A masters-prepared nurse is capable of performing many of the functions of a physician. The technical preparation and level of specialty confounds stereotypes of the nursing profession as merely a 'helper' to doctors.

Describe the masters-prepared nurse's role and responsibility in professional activities.

As well as technical duties, APNs are often called upon to act in managerial capacities. The nurse must balance the needs of the organization with the demands of patients and the role of the nurse-practitioner. The masters-prepared nurse has a responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of professional literature, including updating his or her credentials; reading publications; and becoming a member of professional organizations.

713.1.2-03: Describe the masters-prepared nurse's role in maintaining continued competence.

Healthcare is a constantly-changing field.…

Career in Human Resources if
Words: 3699 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18441558
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If a person has good Public elations with superiors and subordinates of the field, he will get the benefit of these relations. If he has decent qualification and he is competing with another applicant with same qualification, he may b preferred over the other just because of his Public elation (P). This P also helps the employee to prosper within the company and reach the top position in the company. A person's nature is a big asset for him. This asset can bring huge successes for him in the career. And he can also prove to be a great asset for the company that can fetch some business for the company. So his progress in the career is guaranteed.

To keep oneself alive in the field of Human esource, he should keep himself up-to-date with changes and progress throughout this field in the whole world. Human esource is a rapidly…


Aarini, R. (n.d).Role of Communication in Human Resources.Retrieved (14/03/2013) from Ehow website:

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Enterprise Technical Infrastructure Security Plan
Words: 2249 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 11169948
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Essentially, the most successful it security systems will rely on a fragmented structure; they may look to third-party or other external local hosting service providers for data that is not as crucial to keep secret. Thus, enterprises must plan for space for "machine rooms that afford high availability and reliability to departmental server resources as well as appropriate network security for these resources" (Clotfelter, 2013, p 7).Then, for more restricted data, in-house servers can provide an extra layer of security to help ensure that such sensitive data remains in proper hands. To protect such restricted data, proper identity management strategies should include "a cross functional client and technical team abstracted requirements for updates" (Clotfelter, 2013, p 5). Thus, enterprise organizations must rely on a tiered network infrastructure that provides a number of different levels of security for various elements of the enterprise organization.

Security Plan

Security plans are a necessary…


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Advance Nursing Practices in the
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This help in solving conflicts between patients in a hospital.

In nursing practice, there are quite different in between clinical nursing specialist and nurse practitioner in the scope of operation. Therefore, a clinic nurse specialist works under the legislated scope of practice for a registered nurse but has advanced education. While nurse practitioner works under a separate scope of practice and can perform certain functions and tasks that are outside of the scope of practice of registered nurse, including clinical nurse specialist. However, nurse practitioner generally provide primary care, and clinical nurse specialists act more a s consultants in their roles as expert clinicians, clinical leader, educators, collaborators and researchers.

Many researches have written that emotions sometimes can influence ethical decision making in a health care system. Therefore, nurses are equipped with knowledge to make decision without any kind of influence. The model demonstrates that certain emotional states influence the…


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Nurse, Practitioner role, competences and program accreditation

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A description and evaluation of experiences in 12 developed countries

Communications Skills to Solve Problems They Are
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communications skills to solve problems they are likely to encounter in the workplace.

Communication is the process of sharing information, expression, feeling, and thought between two or more people. Effective communication plays an important role in the organizational development, and communication forms an important constituent of every aspect of an organization. To maintain good working relations, it critical for the entire workforce to communicate with one another to enhance coordination, as well maintaining good working relations.

Evidence of communication skills is the ability of an individual or business organization to persuade and negotiate within business environment. Persuading and negotiating is one of the important aspects within business environment. Arriving at a concrete agreement within a business environment involves using effective communication skills. Persuasion involves ability to convince others to reach appropriate course actions, while negotiating involves ability to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

eflective Practice

Evidence of communication skills is…


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Formality Is Inclusion the Answer
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(Heal and Rusch, 1995)

In a sepaate study entitled: "Impoving gaduation and employment outcomes of students with disabilities" Pedictive factos and student pespectives" Benz, Lindstom, and Yovanoff (2000) epot findings fom two studies that examined seconday and tansition pactices. The fist of the two studies made an examination of students factos as well as pogam factos that seved to pedict the gaduation of paticipants with a standad high school diploma and placement in employment and continuing education while the second of these studies conducted an examination of the peceptions of paticipants of the chaacteistics of the pogam and staff that they felt wee most impotant in assisting them in achieving thei education and tansition goals. Benz, Lindstom, and Yovanoff epot that "caee-elated wok expeience and completion of student-identified tansition goals wee highly associated with impoved gaduation and employment outcomes. Individualization of sevices aound student goals and pesonalized attention fom staff…

references, and needs and know how to communicate these to others. Identify broad goals for the future, including plans for independent living and employment. Identify and develop a plan to learn skills necessary for independent living. This should address issues such as communication, personal care, daily living skills, money management, and transportation. Explore career options, possibly by participating in job exploration activities.

New Look Jacket Inc Analysis a Business
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New Look Jacket Inc.

Analysis a Business Issue.

New Look Jacket Inc. (NLJ) specializes in the production of Nylon Jackets and Leather Jackets. The company delivers successful financial records at the end of the 2012 fiscal year with the net income of $417,100, which is $170,850 greater than the net income budgeted for the 2012 fiscal year despite that the company operations goes through some turmoil. A more detail variance shows that the external factor largely responsible for the growth of leather markets that rapidly increase than anticipated making NLJ to catch with the increase in market demand.

Variance Analysis

Contribution Margin

Based on the figure in Exhibit 1, the total amount of contribution margin for the Nylon jackets is $4,350 less than the budget. Although, the actual unit of contribution margin is $0.15 greater than the standard due to the lower admin cost and selling per unit. However, the…

Operational Plan and Correlating Budget Project Description
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Operational Plan and Correlating Budget

Project Description

The 4 West is an organization that delivers health care for the community. ecently, the organization has decided to replace the existing medical-surgical unit into a new acute care oncology unit. The oncology is a specialty in medicine that deals with cancer. The CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) has informed the nurse director that 4 west is to become a specialized oncology unit. Since the hospital is planning the transition from the medical-surgical unit to the oncology unit, the hospital will need a new operational plan and correlating budget to assist the hospital to deliver high quality healthcare at lower costs.

Objective of this project is to develop an operational plan and correlating budget for the hospital to assist in effective transition from the medical-surgical unit to the oncology unit,

Project Details and Data

To start the budget plan, it is critical to use…


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Prin Management HR Career
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There are two ways to view the issue of government intervention in hiring. The firm-level view would definitely hold that the firm should be able to hire without any intervention. Interventions place limits on hiring, for example by mandating drug testing for companies that do business with the federal government, through the Civil Rights Act and other similar acts regarding different protected groups. These interventions place some constraints on the hiring for the firm, and may result in sub-optimal results. The problem, of course, is that this is a somewhat erroneous interpretation of the legal environment. Aside from drug testing, the other laws only state that the firm cannot discriminate -- these laws do not mandate quotas. So a lot of the complaints from business are red herrings, as the government does not step in and tell the business who to hire and who not to hire.

So ultimately…

Military Monograph
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One of the great challenges the military faces is remaining current and preparing the current and future generations of soldiers for inevitable shifts to the geopolitical environment, technological changes, and shifts in both domestic and foreign policies. The importance of preparing officers for the new realities of unpredictable environments and non-state actors cannot be underestimated.[footnoteef:1] The roles and goals of the AMSP and SAMS have not changed. These educational programs provide the requisite advanced and specialized knowledge to foster critical thinking and strategic analysis among military leaders. What must be remembered, however, is the need for organizational awareness and the willingness to change. [1: Edward B. Bankston, Boards vs. Bureaucracies: Field Grade Officer Education in the United States Army, 1946-1985. School of Advanced Military Studies Monograph, 2013.]

This analysis points out the importance of analyzing post-Cold War realities and adapting AMSP and SAMS programs accordingly to include such things…


Bankston, Edward B., Boards vs. Bureaucracies: Field Grade Officer Education in the United States Army, 1946-1985. School of Advanced Military Studies Monograph, 2013.

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Med Scope and Bob MIS Is a
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Med Scope and Bob

MIS is a critical and growing element of many companies in this day of fast-pace computer innovation. As such, it is important for companies to be sure that they make good decisions about which systems to use for numerous reasons. But just as importantly, the choice of MIS components is also symbolic of the level of involvement and engagement across a company. Technological advances introduce new opportunities for employees in companies to share their capabilities and talents and to otherwise engage more openly with others who share the responsibility for making a company succeed. This fact can be amplified in cross-cultural settings that mirror the same kinds of advancement potentials, such as in countries like Australia.

Bob Underwood finds himself in a new leadership position in a subsidiary of a U.S. company located in a deceptively similar nation, Australia. As the article notes prominently, Bob and…


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Negotiation and Strategies and Procedures
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It would help for me to have some understanding of the LP and EP of the employer side of the negotiations, therefore, I would consult with any available experts who might be better able to explain to me the position that the employers take.

One of the main components of the preparation process would be to rehearse negotiations with the female representatives of the working women. Women at almost every skill level of employment indicate a lack of faith in the bargaining process; so that they do not feel that they can meaningfully impact their employment situations through bargaining, which leads them to settle for the award rates in pay scenarios. Even in a negotiation where they do not actual negotiating, I am very concerned that this attitude could make our position seem weaker and make it less likely for the bargaining session to be successful. Therefore, any woman who…


van Wanrooy, B. (2009). Women at work in Australia: Bargaining a better position? Australian

Bulletin of Labour. Adelaide: 2009. Vol. 35, Iss. 4, pg. 611.