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Can you help me with a clear thesis statement about globalization?

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Globalization is an interesting topic because the term means different things to different people.  Globalization specifically refers to the interactions and integration of the people of the world.  There are various types of globalization, with the three main types being economic, political, and cultural.  Of course, these three types of globalization rarely, if ever, occur in isolation.  Exposure to other people, ways of life, and worldviews leads to changes in various sectors.  It is no wonder, then, that so many people find the idea of globalization to be very threatening.  In fact, much of the regressive politics that occurred around the globe during the last decade, such as the ultra-conservative movement in the United States or the Brexit movement in the United Kingdom reflect a fear of the interactive elements of globalization.

While many people have focused on the xenophobia that came as part of Trump’s administration, there has been little contrast of that position with America’s interference in affairs around the globe.  One interesting thesis topic would be to explore America’s changing role in global politics and how that impacts globalization.  At one point in time, globalization was interchangeable with the idea of Americanization.  As countries became globalized, they adopted American culture, political views, and economic ideas.  However, globalization has become a more equal relationship, with other countries influencing America in a way similar to the way America has traditionally been influencing other countries.  What is the relationship between that relationship and America’s decline as a superpower, if any? 

Another interesting topic would be to focus on globalization and the United Kingdom.  The British Empire was once the world’s greatest power and the kingdom spread around the globe.  It was one of the first forms of globalization, but from an imperialist perspective.  The sharing was two-way, but indigenous cultures in conquered lands were forcefully required to embrace British ideals.  How does imperialism differ from the modern concept of globa

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