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Globalisation and Its Effects Defining Globalisation What

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Globalisation and Its Effects

Defining Globalisation

What differentiates the depth and pervasiveness of globalisation in this century compared to previous is the acceleration of cultural issues driven by rapidly changing technologies that impact international trade agreements (Vitell, Nwachukwu, Barnes, 1993). Time is literally compressed to a level never before seen before in globalisation of previous centuries, with drastic impacts on international trade and corresponding management practices. Trade is now much more transactionally-driven and more focused on measurable results in near real-time increments. The transition of commerce from being longer in sales and service cycles to being nearly real time today has major implications on cultural boundaries of communication as well (Hofstede, Jonker, Verwaart, 2012). Globalisation is forcing people together into virtual teams from widely divergent cultures, accelerating assimilation and the need to produce results as shared teams quickly (Hofstede, Jonker, Verwaart, 2012). All of these factors combined are also leading to an entirely different series of assumptions as to how globally-based teams are managed and work together, compensating for wide divergences in cultures, values and expectations (Hofstede, McCrae, 2004).

International trade issues

The balance of trade between nations forces respective governments ti ether open or close their borders to trading…… [Read More]


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Globalisation Weakens the State Discuss

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The private sector thus becomes the most important factor in the decision making process. Unfortunately, as bad as it sounds the fact that states are losing their powers in front of the private sector, globalization has proved to work, at least in the more developed countries. The weakness of a state is the price to pay for a prosper society.

It is true that globalization weakens the state, but this must not necessarily be seen as a bad thing. More important than a powerful government is a powerful economy, which gives people better lives. States that have adopted the rules of international capital market have known economic growth, at various levels. The price that must be paid is that multinational corporations have the power to dictate policies that are in their own interest and not necessarily in the interest of citizens.

However, when speaking of a state in its cultural dimension, the effect of globalization can be even more tragic, resulting in the loss of national identities. While economic globalization seems to be the best alternative for economic growth, cultural globalization is not met with the same indulgence.

The conclusion of this paper is that globalization seems to work only…… [Read More]


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Globalisation Is Often Portrayed as

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Sauer-Thompson, G. Globalization and Australia's future: a big worry… [Read More]

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Globalisation is often portrayed as a process of economic, political and cultural homogenisation