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Can you help me with an essay topic or essay title for mobile phone marketing?


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In modern times, almost everyone carries a powerful computer with them- their mobile phone.  These phones are excellent for marketing purposes because they allow marketers to contact people through text, email, social media applications, and targeted advertising on web searches.  This means there are many ways you can approach an essay on mobile phone marketing.  We will provide ten possible titles and ten possible topics for such an essay.

Essay Titles

  1. You’ve Got Mail
  2. Tempting Customers on the Brink of Buying
  3. We Know What You Want
  4. Brand Building
  5. Know Your Audience
  6. Turning Clicks into Conversions
  7. Marketing Mobile Phones to a Mobile Market
  8. Is SEO Overrated?
  9. Location and Marketing: How to Harness the Power of Geography to Increase Business
  10. Can You Still Sell Through Text?

Essay Topics

  1. Using email for marketing may have gone way beyond the listserv spam mail that was popular at the beginning of the internet revolution, but it still plays an important part in electronic marketing.
  2. Applications that allow consumers to comparison shop through scanning bar codes are a great way to market via cell phones, even when a consumer is actually in a competitor’s business.
  3. How effective is targeted advertising on social media sites?
  4. The role of branding in mobile marketing, even for people who are not currently in the market for goods and services.
  5. While almost all people are part of the mobile marketing audience, different groups are more likely to use different applications and knowing which ones are favored by your targeted marketing group can be…

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