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Mobile Phone Essays (Examples)

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Risks of Texting While Driving
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Outline Paper #: 56384647
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Speech / Presentation / Essay Outline
Title – Texting and driving is not a skill, but a dangerous activity.
I. Introduction
· Driving is an exciting adventure for new drivers as it comes with personal responsibilities that need undivided attention.
· Distracted driving is a dangerous activity associated with some unintended and sometimes fatal consequences because of the need for undivided attention on the road.
· Texting while driving is one of the most common forms of distracted driving for both experienced and new drivers.
· Reading or sending an average text takes a driver’s eyes off the road for at least 5 seconds, which is more than enough to generate unplanned and life-changing consequences.
· Texting while driving is a dangerous activity that could result in damages to the car, accidents, and even death.
II. Texting while Driving
· Drivers are usually willing to take risks while behind the…

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Mobile Computing and Social Networks There Are
Words: 3227 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64262600
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Mobile Computing and Social Networks

There are many mobile apps in the market that have been designed to cater for various tasks and processes. Mobile apps were initially designed for gaming but improvements have been made to ensure that they can be used for business purposes. Applications have been designed to improve efficiency of mobile devices. Users have been able to make use of mobile phones to replace devices such as desktop computers and cameras.

Effectiveness and efficiency mobile-based applications

Technological advancements in the field of communication have undergone numerous changes over the decade. Mobile phones conventionally used for basic communication can now be used to conduct more features. The software being used in the mobile devises have enabled the devises to be used for more application than communication. The mobile devices being sold in the market are considered smart phones due to the array of applications that they can…


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Phone Bill in Figure 1
Words: 1992 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96868641
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However we measure time, it is outside our control, and was before we learned how to measure it the linear way we do now. Time has real personal and collective qualities as our phone bill analysis demonstrated above, where distance is large enough that one person born at the exact same 'moment' as someone else, is actually older because of their position on the earth. And differences become apparent for the same individual at different periods. Sometimes time seems to pass slowly when you are waiting for something but moves faster when you have to solve an elusive problem. Likewise a period of time can seem longer beforehand than after, and in the distant past or future. So, two people, or all of them, could experience time at different rates, and place different values on those rates, all at the 'same time.'

Free time is time when an individual can…

Mobile Learning M-Learning University Use
Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6177618
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Mobile phones can also be used to create 'experiential' classes: "Images can be captured and uploaded to the Web through mobile weblogs (moblogs)…a team from Umea University in Sweden moblogged Jokkmokk's 399th Annual Sami Winter Market. Students applied their academic learning about the Sami to the real world, interviewing participants, conducting follow-up digital research on the fly, and uploading and expanding on commentary online" (Alexander 2004). The classroom spilled out conference, and all students in the class participated simultaneously, in a way they could not, had they traveled through the conference as a group or reported back to the classroom as individuals.

m-Learning thus has several demonstrable benefits. The first is its ease of access, where updated information and alerts can be sent immediately. It also offers options to pace a student's study so it is compatible with the student's other lifestyle demands. A student can learn while on the…


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Education. IEEE Multidisciplinary Engineering Education Magazine. 2.2: 19-21

Mobile Services Safety Security Usage
Words: 5950 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56051665
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Many researchers have conducted studies on many aspects of m-commerce and the use of mobile technology by consumers. deuyter, Kleijnen, & Wetzels (2006) stated, "M-commerce has been heralded repeatedly as the new service frontier of the millennium. Present market reality, however, seems to be less optimistic, therefore, the current study explores the factors contributing to the adoption of mobile services in a context of wireless finance" (p. 206).

Organization of the Study

Chapter two will consist of the literature review of published works and research studies on the subject of mobile commerce. There are many points-of-view and definitions of m-commerce and this chapter will attempt to examine the data as it relates to what is also referred to wireless e-commerce.

Chapter three through chapter five will substantiate and provide the details of the research methodology utilized for collecting the data. The collected data will be used to answer the research…


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Mobile Computing Assessing Alternatives for
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99208461
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It is the most ambitious option yet also the greatest in terms of retaining and gaining customers over time. It would literally include integrating supply chain, pricing, manufacturing, logistics, field service and customer service all together into an enterprise platform. In effect a Service oriented Architecture (SOA) with integration to Cloud Computing services and platforms (Birch, 37) would need to be completed. This would also rely on real-time data from manufacturing and distribution through FID systems integration which would in effect many the entire company customer-centric and demand-driven (Wang, Chen, Xie, 2512, 2513).


Clearly the option of doing nothing is not acceptable as Web 2.0 technologies, the catalyst behind social networks, combined with Web Services and streamlined XML messaging, are revolutionizing the use of mobile computing platforms. To do nothing is invite customer churn given how quickly customer preferences are changing for using mobile computing channels to communicate with,…


Bernoff, J., and C. Li. "Harnessing the Power of the Oh-So-Social Web. " MIT Sloan Management Review 49.3 (2008): 36-42.

(see attachment for this reference)

Birch, D. "The future - mobile channel and clouds. " Financial World 1 Dec. 2009

The future - mobile channel and clouds

Mobile Microfinance Mobile Banking in
Words: 839 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 86947651
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Among the more obvious reasons is the simple elimination of overhead and initial construction costs for new bank branches. Though such costs are shared by all banking customers, it requires a sizeable initial investment on the part of the bank, and customers might not be plentiful enough to make the sharing of these costs feasible for either potential customers or the banks. With mobile banking, not only are the overhead costs of a physical branch eliminated, but many transactions can actually be conducted without any contact between the customer and bank personnel. This further eliminates costs associated with branch banking while allowing more affordable access to more complex services.

This reduction of overhead costs is observable in other forms of branchless banking, as well, as can clearly be seen in the massive reduction in costs when point-of-sale third party agents were introduced to the microfinance arena (CGAP a 2009). Additional…


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Phone Use While Driving
Words: 1433 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65331736
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Mobile Phones

One of the most important concepts in public safety is the idea of "accidents." That is the wrong word for a collision that was avoidable either through attention or preventative measures. There are very few accidents on the roads. There are collisions, and they are caused by either mechanical error or human error. The word 'accident' lets people off the hook for their mistakes, mistakes that nobody should make if they are doing their job. The reality is that there are a lot of things that people do to cause collisions. One is that they take their attention away from the task at hand. When a person is operating a 2000-lb, traveling at a speed sufficient to induce deadly force, one may wish to pay attention, to prevent collisions. Mobile phones are just one of many sources of driver distraction, but there should be penalties associated with driving…


Ruiz, R. (2014) A third of UAE drivers admit using phone at wheel. The National. Retrieved May 28, 2015 from 

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Madden, M. & Lenhart, A. (2009). Teens and distracted driving: Texting, talking and other uses of the cell phone behind the wheel. Pew Research Center. 2009-11-16, 1-16.

Mobile Telephony Cellular Service Was Launched in
Words: 2630 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94215611
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Mobile Telephony

Cellular service was launched in UK in 1985. Cantel and affiliates of Mobility UK were licenced to operate at 800 MHz. Personal Communications Services (PCS) operating at 1.8 GHz was licenced in UK in December 1995 with two new players, Clearnet and Microcell each receiving 30 MHz of spectrum. Mobility UK affiliates and Cantel each received 10 MHz of new spectrum. PCS service was launched in late 1997. Today, a wide variety of national and regional licenced wireless carriers, along with numerous resale partners, provide wireless voice and data services covering more than 99 per cent of the UK population:


Petro UK Mobility

chatr wireless



Public Mobile



Dryden Mobility



Sears Connect


7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless

Ice Wireless


KMTS Mobility

Solo Mobile

Koodo Mobile


Lynx Mobility






Nexicom Mobility

Virgin Mobile


Wightman Telecom


Mobile and Cloud Computing
Words: 3517 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56880647
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Mobile & Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc.

This paper will define cloud computing and mobile cloud computing even while there is no current consensus on their definitions as it is a newly forming field of study and technology. The paper will additionally describe the utility and the structure of mobile cloud and cloud computing. Furthermore, the paper will address topics within the area of mobile cloud and cloud computing that are ripe for intensive research and elucidation. The paper will conclude by offering a sort of philosophical and economical cost-benefit analysis of mobile cloud and cloud computing, as well as select an area of research within this field -- specifically security and privacy issues in mobile and cloud computing use.

The Internet is a piece of technology that has forever changed society. Within its short history, the Internet has…

References & Related Works:

Armbrust, M., Fox, A., Griffith, R., Joseph, A.D., Katz, R., Konwinski, A., Lee, G., Patterson, D., Rabkin, A., Stoica, I., & Zaharia, M. (2010) "A View of Cloud Computing." Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery, 53(4), 50 -- 58.

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Mobile Commerce on Home Control System
Words: 1893 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40386035
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home control system using mobile commerce -- or, how your cell phone can connect you to your home when you are away from home

For better or for worse, the cell phone technology has changed modern communication and modern life. Mobile communication systems have undoubtedly made modern human beings more 'connected' to one another, or at least more able to talk to, or to reach one another, at any point in time. Now, an individual with a 'switched on' cell phone can always be accessed through the use of mobile cell phone technology -- barring any interference from poor connections or poor service, of course! However, besides simply being able to talk to others more easily, mobile phones can also make it easier to access other aspects of one's daily existence, from one's calendar, list of frequently called numbers, and yes, one's home.

The ability of mobile commerce to connect…

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Mobile Devices Networking Performance and Security Related Issues
Words: 2206 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 97579788
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Abstract - With regard to security, the major issue is that most mobile devices are targets that are in line to face attacks. Mobile devices face a range of threats that capitalize on several susceptibilities usually obtained in such devices. Lack of encryptions is a major threat to security of mobile device networks. Information such as text messages and electronic messages that are sent using a mobile device are more often than not unencrypted. Furthermore, numerous mobile device applications lack such encryptions over the networks for transmission and reception and therefore simplify the process of data interception. Malware is an additional problem regarding mobile device networks. It is simple for mobile device users to download malware through games and security patches and also through online advertisements. Consequently, this makes it significantly easy for data interception owing to spyware and Trojans. The lack of security software is also a major issue.…

Case Study Into Loyalty in the Mobile Network Market
Words: 3088 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 69305686
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Mobile Loyalty ackground

The mobile telephone system is part of a global communication sector that has a number of distinct but interlinked elements. Whether one talks on a telephone, searches the net, emails, sends texts or downloads and participates in web-generated data sharing, one is using the mobile telephone network more and more, to the point where it and some of the competing companies appear to be reaching their service capacities. Or at least this seems to be the case when it comes to doing what these large providers should be best at: adding and keeping customers. Maintaining a loyal buyer base -- one that truly likes and advocates for the provider -- or at least happily retaining one beyond a small contract period is critical for any company that wants to be able to serve the global marketplace (Sharpley, 2009).

Underlying many of the customer service practices and promises…


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Mobile Security
Words: 1535 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35660798
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Mobile Device Security

Analysis of Routing Optimization Security for Mobile IPv6 Networks

Defining and Implementing Mobility Security Architectures

Approaches to defining, implementing and auditing security for mobility devices have become diverse in approach, spanning from protocol definition and development including IPv6 through the creation of secure mobile grid systems. The wide variation in approaches to defining security for mobility devices has also shown the critical need for algorithms and constraint-based technologies that can use constraint-based logic to isolate and thwart threats to the device and the network it is part of. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the recent developments in constraint-based modeling and network logic as represented by mobile IPv6 protocols and the role trust management networks (Lin, Varadharajan, 2010). These networks are predicated on algorithms that are used authenticating the identity of specific account holders, in addition to defining a taxonomy of the factors that most…


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Mobile Computing
Words: 1298 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21444421
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Mobile Computing

esearch shows that Social media is playing a huge part when it comes to the health care industry. One study done by DC and Interactive Group shows that beyond 90% of individuals from the ages 18-24 mentioned they would rely on health data discovered on social media channels. The study showed that one in two adults utilize their smart phone to find health information. Even patients are going to the internet to converse about the care they are getting: 50% of individuals mentioned they would share negative or positive situations of a medical facility or hospital, and 52% made the point they would not waver to post comments about a nurse, doctor, or healthcare supplier on social media (iberio, 2013).

Monitoring Patient Vital Signs via Mobile Computing vs. In-Patient Visits

The Internet is exceptional for the reason that it provides the chance to the public and healthcare professionals…


Freeman, K. (2012, May 23). How Social Media, Mobile Are Playing a Bigger Part in Healthcare. Retrieved from 

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Mobile and Wireless Portal Eweek com Is a
Words: 795 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75585325
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Mobile and Wireless Portal is a one of the top portals that is dedicated to providing technology-related news to readers all over the world. It is the digital version of the eWEEK magazine that discusses technology trends, latest apps, evaluations and business decisions that are made with technology as the underlying element. It provides comprehensive information about the world of technology and this has helped it to create a niche market for the magazine and its parent company.

Description of the portal's structure

The portal has a simple design that is appealing to readers. The core emphasis in this website is content and so the entire design revolves around the content that is published here. The site has been divided into numerous categories to make it easy for people to look up what they want quickly and effortlessly. The broad categories in the site include news, reviews, storage, security,…


Mobile and Wireless Technology -- News and Reviews. (2011). Retrieved from:

Potential Hazards of Cell Phone Usage While on the Road
Words: 1155 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 79548759
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Hazards of Using Mobile Phone While Driving

Traffic accidents have become major public health risks in the recent past because of their increase in the recent past. The United Arab Emirates has experienced a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents in the recent past to an extent that it has the eighth highest national rate of accidents across the globe. The increase in traffic accidents is attributed to various factors including the behaviors of drivers when driving. Drivers' behaviors have been affected by various factors including the use of mobile phones while driving. The use of mobile phones while driving is linked to several hazards including the likelihood of traffic accidents since a mobile phone is a distraction that can result in accidents. Drivers should be required to stop using mobile phones while driving, in order to eliminate accidents caused by the use of mobile phone which is…


Dubai Media Incorporated (2011, October 5). Dh1,200 Fine for Mobile Phone Use While Driving. Emirates 24/7 News. Retrieved May 8, 2015, from 

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Apriori a Mobile Product Recommendation System Interacting
Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68416324
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A Mobile Product Recommendation System Interacting with Tagged Products

Reischach, F., Guinard, D., Michahelles, F., & Fleish, E. (2009). A Mobile Product Recommendation System Interacting with Tagged Products. Pevasive Computing and Communications, 1-6.

The article pertains to a design for a communication system that lets peers share opinions and recommendations about products or services using their mobile phone. Users of the system, APriori, will leverage some of the potential inherent in technologies usch as auto-ID-enabled mobile phones that are either barcoded or potentially outfitted with RFID chips. Using peer reviews for purchasing decisions is not a new phenomenon by any means. Online companies like the retailer Amazon has allowed consumers to provide their reviews and opinions about products for years and most of the larger online retailers have also done the same. APriori's niche seems to be the fact that these reviews can be entered and accessed via a…

Smart Phones What Exactly Are They What
Words: 866 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24305415
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Smart phones, what exactly are they? What differentiates smart phones from feature phones is their ability to do multitasking and run applications. First, there were PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) which had functions like e-mail, web connectivity, to do list and few other computer-like functions while cell phones were used for calling and messaging mostly. A Smartphone is a combination of PDA and feature phone.

Changes over the past five years

Apple, to begin with, played an important role in bringing smart phones to the level where they were made available to mass consumers. That was three years ago. However, smart phones are the entity which existed in one form or the other since almost 19-20 years from now. The main difference between the earlier ones and the more recent ones is that the earlier ones were primarily used as enterprise devices and were too expensive to be acquired by most…

People Internet Mobile Media Change Ways News
Words: 1666 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33445304
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people internet mobile media change ways news created received? How change power relationship traditional news organisations 'audiences'?hat benefits drawbacks developments?

Internet's Effect on the News Industry

The internet is responsible for having revolutionized virtually all domains, given that more and more individuals come to break away from conventionality and embrace the internet. The media and news devices in particular have been severely affected as a result of the fact that the internet has experienced progress in the recent years. It is very important for someone who wants to succeed in the contemporary society to be acquainted with the internet, as most of today's affairs occur on the internet. People in the present are inclined to surf the internet when they want to check out the latest news, as it provides them with the opportunity to select the exact news that they are interested in, without having them watch a whole…

Works cited:

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Multi-Channel Ussd NFC 2D Barcode RFID WAP Enabled Mobile
Words: 1245 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84798756
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multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2d Barcode FID,,WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).

In this project, I present a product extension -- an extension on the existing mobile payment technologies and modules through the incorporation of a multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2D Barcode FID, WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).Corporate Social esponsibility emerged as a key component of such project.

A recent PEW study, close to more than 85% of the American adults own a cell phone (Zickuhr,2011).This kind f statistics means that mobile payment techniques are at the verge of revolutionizing global and local commerce in all sectors of life. In this project, I present a product extension -- an extension on the existing mobile payment technologies and modules through the incorporation of a multi-channel (USSD, NFC,2D Barcode FID, WAP) enabled Mobile Payment System with multiple payment gateway integration (online).


This innovation is…


Contini et al. (2011). Mobile Payments in the United States Mapping Out the Road Ahead. Available online at 

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Evolution of the Cell Phone
Words: 873 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61683562
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A prototype system for cellular phone service was created by at&T and Bell in 1977. In 1978, this new system was put through public trials with more than two-thousand trial customers in the Chicago-area. The first actual commercial cellular telephone service was offered in Japan in 1979. The United States lagged a little behind, as they were still testing cellular systems in the Washington area in 1981. Finally, in 1982 the FCC authorized the establishment of commercial cellular telephone service in the United States. In 1983, the first commercial analog cellular telephone service in America was available in Chicago, under the name Ameritech. The popularity of cellular phone service skyrocketed through the 1980s, and subscribers to cellular telephone service exceeded one million by 1987.

This fast and dramatic increase in demand for cellular telephone technology necessitated changes within the system so that more cellular service users could be accommodated. There…


Bellis, M. (2007). Selling the cell phone. Retrieved 6/13/2007 at .

Farley, T. (2007). mobile telephone history. Retrieved 6/13/2007 at

Samsung Mobile Is a Product
Words: 725 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84159918
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This is light of the fact that Samsung competitors in electronic market are more dominant e.g. Sony, Panasonic, and LG in home appliances and Nokia, Apple, and HTC in mobile phones market making it an uphill task for Samsung mobile to stand out among such a crowded brand parade.

Samsung must also realize that the electronics industry and communication in particular is very dynamic and is growing fast each and every day. They should hence find a way of forestalling the ever increasing competitors entering the market. This calls for a tactful sales strategy that should be outlined by the management at various levels so that they can keep in step with the competition.

There has been as well, a notable reluctance or lack of vigor in the advertisement of the Samsung products as compared to the competitors making it easy for the customers, even those who were originally Samsung…

Marketing Challenges -- E T Phone
Words: 571 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 93173264
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Applying the Data to Address the Apparent Challenges

On the basis of the Digitron marketing survey, ETPH will have to focus its marketing efforts in the following specific directions: First, it is essential to create a campaign that will increase the potential interest among those who have no current perceived need for cellular phone service. Second, that effort should emphasize the many situations and circumstances where the need for mobile phone capabilities are most useful. Third, future marketing campaigns should emphasize the convenient design and portability of the product and the fact that subscribing to cellular phone service provides only increasing flexibility and convenience for the user and does not in any way necessarily decrease the user's ability to choose not to respond to incoming calls.

Marketing Strategy

Based on the marketing research, the first ETPH marketing campaign should feature users in depictions of situations in which the target audience…

Samsung Phone and it S Consumer Behavior Model
Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86702051
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Samsung Telephones

Environmental Factors

Some of the environmental factors that are pertinent to Samsung include the social class in which the consumer is in. For instance if the consumer comes from a high social class then he or she will have a preference for Samsung phones which are more expensive. Another factor also includes the culture that prevails where the consumer is situated. For instance, in the United States and Europe, there is a culture of using the Samsung Galaxy S series which are usually in competition with the iPhone. There is a culture of using smartphones that have connection to the internet over i-Fi and have several mobile applications (Ahmed et al., 2015).

Consumer Factors

There are also consumer factors which are pertinent to the purchase of the Samsung telephone products. One of these factors is age, where the consumers who are much younger have a preference for phones…

Works Cited

Ahmed, Z., Gull, M., Rafiq, U. (2015). Factors Affecting Consumer Switching Behavior: Mobile Phone Market in Manchester- United Kingdom. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 5, Issue 7, July 2015

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Cell Phones Can Cause Cancer
Words: 1031 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61926507
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Are Cell Phones Safe?

The topic of this paper is cell phone radiation and whether or not it is harmful to a person’s health. My position on the topic is that cell phone radiation is harmful to people’s health, as has been shown in numerous studies (Nylund & Leszczynski, 2006; Gandhi, Morgan, de Salles et al., 2012). Two opposing viewpoints on the topic are that 1) cell phone radiation is not harmful to a person’s health—which is what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has argued, and 2) there is just not enough information on the topic to make an informed decision.

Three reasons to support my position are: 1) that cell phones have been shown to affect brain development (Kesari, Siddiqui & Meena, 2013); 2) cell phones have been shown to affect fetal development and children’s development (Gandhi et al., 2012); and 3) cell phones have been shown to alter…

Secure Mobile Payment Service Mobile
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The customer owes money to a friend or wishes to transfer money to someone. In this situation there are three options available. If the two parties are in the proximity of each other the payee's device sends the transaction data over to the payer's handset using either IrDA, T, or RFID communication. If the two parties are not in the position of using a direct link, the payee can send the necessary information over the air (SMS, IM) to the other party. In certain cases the payer initiates a transfer while the payee may not even be aware of the fact that he or she is going to receive money. In this case the payer can manually input all necessary information into the handset. Depending on the transaction value the payer in all three cases has the option to select either its bank or MNO for processing the payment. The…

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Nature of How We Use Our Mobile
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nature of how we use our mobile devices is changing dramatically with continuing innovations in technology (Hjorth, 2012). Smartphone usage is has been exploding all over the globe, with Europe reaching 31.5% of mobile users having a smartphone (Stone, 2012). Even in countries which have typically lagged behind in wide access to technology, like Bangladesh, have seen huge increases in smartphone users popularizing m-commerce (Islam et al., 2011). Malaysia is another major region that is growing tremendously in terms of m-commerce usage because of the increasing access to internet and smartphones (Chan, 2013). Smartphone users often use much more data and have an entire digital world at their fingertips which is empowering them in ways never possible within the realm of e-commerce with the huge increase in internet access (Sumita & Yoshii, 2010). With the rising trend truly solidifying itself, it is clear that there will be a greater movement…

Mobile Sprint Merger Investigating the Possibility of a
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Mobile/Sprint Merger?

Investigating the Possibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger (?)

AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile (?)

Advantages to AT&T

Effects to the Consumer

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the feasibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger. The two companies utilize similar technology and it was thought that a merger of the two telecommunications giants would offer a certain synergy that would add value not only to the combined organization but also to consumers. ith the increased competitiveness that would be gained with this merger the new conglomerate would be in a better market position to compete with industry leaders such as AT&T and Verizon. However, the business world moves very quickly and the possibility of a Sprint and T-Mobile merger no longer seems to be a remote possibility.

Instead, the giant telecommunication leader AT&T has recently made a move to purchase T-Mobile…

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Mobile Sprint Merger Within the More
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Mobile / Sprint Merger

Within the more and more dynamic and challenging economic, social and technological context, the economic agents devise a wide array of coping mechanisms. One common means in which they strive to consolidate their competitive positions is through mergers and acquisitions. These imply the unification of two traditional competitors in a means in which mutual benefits are created, such as wider access to the market, know how, expertise, resources and so on.

Today, a piece of news which torments the American business community is related to the potential merger between mobile telephone monoliths T-Mobile and Sprint. It is the opinion of this study that the merger would be of a positive impact for the two firms. The following lines reveal the rationale for this conclusion.

The financial state of the companies

Data is not available for the entire 2010 fiscal year, but the information which is available…


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The New Mobile Commerce Revolution
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Home Goods M-Commerce

During the earlier parts of the internet and technological revolution that began in the 1990's with the emergence of the World Wide Web was what eventually came to be known as E-Commerce. Indeed, there was the shift whereby what was done in brick and mortar stores was increasingly done online. Thus, regular commerce became electronic commerce, or e-commerce for short. Nowadays, there has been yet another shift to a subset of electronic commerce, that being on mobile devices like cellular phones, tablets and personal data assistants, or PDA's. Mobile commerce has become prominent enough that it should get its own mention. The covering of mobile commerce within the modern paradigm can be associated with a number of product categories and industries. The specific industry that will be focused on in this report is goods for the homes such as those for cooking, other food preparation and gardening.…

4g Phones and Technology in the Field
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4G Phones and Technology

In the field of telecommunications, the term 4G is the fourth generation of mobile communication standards; obviously the successor to 3G. In general, a 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access to devices, amended mobile web access, gaming, High Definition television, video conferencing, and Voice Over IP technology. Most Android and indows-enabled cellular devices are not 4G capable, but not ever location is able to access 4G technology. However, one real advantage of 4G is that it can provide an internet data transfer rate higher than any current cellular services, other than broadband and i-Fi connections (Cox, 2012).

4G is not a new technology, and has been on the market commercially since at least 2008. However, Since 2010 Smartphone technology has grown so much that aggressive speed and market expansion have pushed the envelope and consumer expectations for coverage and more rapid downloads. Even with the…

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Upwardly Mobile We Learn How
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Chou uses all of his resources, their target market could include not only those individuals who simply cannot afford the top smart phones, but also those individuals who are looking for something better than what they have at a lower cost.

Mr. Chou would be wise to use a celebrity as a marketing tactic. He could use someone that appeals to the younger generation and may not command a large salary as someone who is considered a seasoned actor or actress. Commercials could be run on television stations that appeal to a certain audience in order to break into the market. Over time the phone could then be marketed to different audiences. He also needs to find a catchy slogan that will help in branding. Once people identify the phone with the brand, it will be easier for him to reach his goal of being one of the top five…


Virgin Mobile E-Business Assessing Lessons
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S. government the right to track the statistics of every phone call made in the U.S. And especially in prepaid and pay-as-you-go cell phones vs. consumer privacy is a continued debate. The fact that those looking to do illegal transactions and not have their numbers traced prefer prepaid phones due to their lack of accountability is putting Virgin Mobile USA in an ethical bind. They cannot willingly give up consumer data, only to the extent the Patriot Act requires it. The ethics of this are challenging when the reliance on customer data for new business growth is also taken into account. The need for transparency and the defining of trust-based measures of performance and privacy is critical however for Virgin Mobile USA to hold onto their customers (McCole, Ramsey, Williams, 2010)


Virgin Mobile USA shows how to successfully implement a Joint Venture that includes system and process integration. The…


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Diabetes Management Goes Mobile Diabetes
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Mobile technology, disease management is the wave of the future, not only for diabetes care but for other health related issues and needs. If an individual can recognize the daily stressors they place upon their bodies, with regard to their disease management and overall health the system could likely greatly impact care systems and services, as well as assist individuals with knowledge and information that may not have been available to them in the past.


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Delivering a Better Deal to Help Cope with…


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Smart Phones Impact on Society
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Smart Phones Impact on Society

There are few pieces of technology available today that have has as great an impact on society as smart phones. Placed within its proper context, however, smart phones perhaps epitomize the trends towards mobile communication devices that were initially began in the 1980's with the issuance of pagers. Pagers, of course, eventually heralded the era of cellular telephones, which became immensely popular near the midway point of the final decade of the 20th century. 21st century mobile device technology has widely been led by smart phones, which have cast a considerable influence on education, relationship, morals, the economy and the environment.

From a strictly educational perspective, smart phones are widely used for basic edification purposes as well as for formal scholastic pursuits. Both of these trends are largely accounted for due to their internet access. Students in classrooms (and outside of them) now have instant…


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Virgin Mobile USA Pricing for
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In addition to gaining a high percentage of the 15-29 segment as defined in the case study, there is the added strategy of being able to take more of the mainstream customers from cellular service providers with bad service, high prices, and complex programs to understand. Presented below are the specific assumptions that illustrate the financial viability of this strategy:

Pay-as-you-go is expected to be the fastest growing segment of cellular telephone service industry (SEC 2007) as defined by research firms the Yankee Group and Current Analysis. Included in this analysis by these research firms is significant churn from existing cellular telephone service providers, which is a strength of Virgin Mobile.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is assumed to stay flat over the forecast period for both basic and deluxe service levels, further increasing profitability and the potential for increasing investment in capital equipment and service assets, including customer service…

Marketing Plan for Virgin Mobile
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Virgin Mobile

Target Market

Virgin targets the entire United States. Mobile is consumed by almost everybody, and profitability requires economies of scale. Virgin therefore, in general, seeks out all customers because it needs to have a base of millions. Within that, however, Virgin should specifically target the heaviest users of mobile, who are the industry's most profitable consumers. These are young people, aged anywhere from 12-30. They are usually students, though older ones will not be. These consumers are heavy data users. They own high end smartphones, and use them for games and videos, both of which consumer substantial amounts of data. These users spend hours per day on their phone, performing various tasks, though making phone calls is usually among the least of their worries (Yume, 2015). These consumers purchase the most expensive plans in order to support their heavy data usage. These consumers would prefer to have simpler…


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Keeping Children Safe With Cell Phones
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Organizational Plan for Peace of Mind Mobile

Description of the management team and requisite talents and skills

The company is a cellular ("cell") phone service designed just for kids aged 6-13 years. The company's cell phones contain tracking capabilities, Internet safeguards, and so on so parents can feel safe when their children on using their cell phones. The management team for Peace of Mind Mobile (hereinafter alternatively "the company") will initially be comprised of three executives who will bring the respective talents and skills set forth in Table 1 below.

Management team for Peace of Mind Mobile and requisite talents and skills


Talents and Skills

Author, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer

This executive has extensive experience with marketing products and services to young people, including cell phone-related merchandise and mobile apps. In addition, this executive has owned and operated several successful small businesses, including the financing required for start-up.…


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Security for Mobile Devices
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Security: Mobile Protection
As the Internet has become the dominant means of communicating, sharing information, tending to business, storing data, and maintaining records in the Digital Age, the importance of security for the digital world has become more and more realized (Zhang et al., 2017). Not only do companies have to invest in digital security in order to safeguard against threats and risks such as hacking or malware, but individuals also have to be cognizant of the threats to their personal information and property now that all things are online. This is particularly important for people to consider given that so many individuals today carry around pocket computers in the form of a mobile phone—an iPhone, a smart phone, a tablet, an iPad—all of these devices require mobile protection as they can link up to and connect to the Internet wherever one goes (so long as one is within range…

Ban of Cell Phone Use
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" New York State has imposed stricter laws regarding cell phone use which call for a ban on wearing even head-sets or hands-free phones. These laws also require drivers to pull up if they need to answer a phone. But people have serious objection to this requirement as we are all aware of the lack of parking spaces in NY. "Where do you get the space to put your car? & #8230; "Pull over to the side to talk and you will get a parking ticket." (Grynbaum, 2009)

All these arguments against cell phone use appear plausible and logical but there is a serious "But" involved. The number of accidents on the road due to drivers' use of cell phone indicates that talking while driving actually keep the mind off the road which is highly dangerous. To allow free use of cell phones while driving is to invite more accidents…


Wood, Daniel B. "How ultimate car culture handles a cell phone ban." Christian Science Monitor. 10 June 2003

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"Safety Group seeks ban on cell phone use for all drivers." Cement Americas, Mar

Searching Phones
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Supreme Court and Cell Phones

According to The Times Editorial Board (2013), the case concerns David iley, a Californian college student, who was pulled over by police for expired tags. During the incident, it was also discovered that his license had been suspended. As a result, the car was impounded and searched, after which guns were found under the hood. iley was then arrested and his Samsung phone was confiscated. When searching through the information on the phone, police found text messages containing information about a gang with a photo of iley and another man near a car that was involved in the shooting. iley was convicted of the shooting on the strength of this evidence (The Times Editorial Board, 2013).

The Court's decision revolves around whether the information on iley's phone is in fact admissible as evidence in a criminal case. Especially compounding the issue is that iley was…


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Wireless and Mobile Revolution
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LAN Technologies -- Question One

The author of this exam is asked to answer to the purpose and value of LAN technologies. Of course, LAN is short for local area networks. They do indeed serve a good purpose and this will be explained in the following section. While LAN's are not all there is to networking, it is surely a big piece of the puzzle (Webopedia, 2015).

As noted before, a LAN is short for Local Area Network and it is basically the most localized and smallest form of network. Technically, two computers and a printer on a hub is a network. Local Area Networks are usually at least somewhat bigger than that but they are almost always fairly localized in nature. They will almost always be enclosed in a single room, area of a floor, floor of a building or a wider building. Even very small networks can be…


Ewalt, D. (2015). The Pros And Cons Of Wireless Connectivity - InformationWeek.

InformationWeek. Retrieved 2 June 2015, from -


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marketing and distrabution plan
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Mobile Manufacturing, Inc.

"This new product has to be right. If we can't gain back a significant share of the mobile phone market with this product, MM is not going to be here next year."

ith Mobile Manufacturing's back to the wall, so to speak, the company needs a bold marketing plan that will capture every bit of value that is possible in the market. This includes not only the traditional value, but also the perceived consumer value that is associated with their new product. However, to launch a marketing plan for the target market, the realization needs to be made that there are several different market segments that could potentially be targets for the company. Therefore, to really get the most impact out of the product launch, each different segment will need to be considered independently and a comprehensive plan must be designed to hit each individual target that…

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Canadian Cell Phone Industry the
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9 million subscribers (38.5% share); and Telus has 6.1 million subscribers (29.7%).

The cell phone industry's wireless providers partner with cellular phone and wireless device manufacturers in order to provide devices to consumers. In the third quarter of 2008, an estimated 3,000,000 devices were shipped, indicating strong device turnover nationwide. The market leader in devices is Samsung, with a 27.8% share (Samsung/IDC, 2008). The market is still growing, despite the economic downturn, with a growth rate of 4% expected for 2009 (IDC, 2009).

One strong segment in the industry is the advanced smartphone industry (Blackberry, iPhone). This segment now accounts for 21% of the market, driven by an under-30 demographic (Persaud, 2009). These devices are marketed through the usual providers. Blackberry has deals with all three providers; the iPhone is marketed exclusively through Rogers. The other main segment is the general wireless (regular cell phone) market.

The government plays a…

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Issue of Cell Phones in Legal Cases
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iley v. California case, outlining, in particular, the method adopted for investigating the defendant's phone, alternative means of investigation, and an analysis of the practicality/legitimacy of investigating cell phones.

The police stopped defendant, iley, for breaking a traffic rule; the ultimate result of this event was iley being detained for weapon possession. An official who searched iley following the arrest got hold of the latter's smartphone. Upon browsing through the phone, the officer observed the recurrent usage of a word linked to a criminal street gang. A couple of hours later, a detective, who was an expert in gang-related crime investigation, conducted a thorough examination of the digital content present in the offender's phone, at the station (ILEY v. CALIFONIA, n.d). Partly based on videos and pictures found by the detective, iley was indicted by the State for playing a part in a shooting incident that had taken place some…


(n.d.). Home - Supreme Court of the United States. RILEY vs. CALIFORNIA. Retrieved December 15, 2015, from 

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Safe Driving and Standardized Cell
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Problems to be addressed:

There are several problems associated with the issue of cell phone use while driving and the ineffective regulations to restrict the use of mobile phones on the road. First, the increased use of these devices while driving has significant impacts on driving performance. This is because mobile phone use during driving distracts the driver physically, cognitively, and visually. The distractions contribute to the inability of drivers to maintain required speed, lateral position, and throttle control on the road. Since the driving performance reduces, the risk of crashes and accidents on the roads increases. Studies have shown that drivers miss 13% targets when talking and 24% when dialing or texting (Brace, Young & egan, 2007).

Secondly, cell phone while driving contributes to a major social problem of increased crash risk since it endangers the lives of passengers, drivers, and passersby. In addition to the distractions it causes…


Bruce, C.L., Young, K.L. & Regan, M.A. (2007, April 17). Analysis of the Literature: The Use

of Mobile Phones while Driving. Retrieved May 12, 2013, from,%20The%20Use%20of%20Mobile%20Phones%20While%20Driving.pdf 

Noder, S.L. (2009). Talking and Texting While Driving: A Look at Regulating Cell Phone Use

Behind the Wheel. Valparaiso University Law Review, 44(1), 237-282.

Effect of Smartphone Apps on Business Models
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Innovations in Smartphone Apps

Wireless technology is one of the fastest-changing phenomena in the world today. No single day passes without the telecommunication industry experiencing some new development that revolutionizes the way information is accessed and used. This technological evolution brings about improved security, increased coverage and greater throughput, and in so doing, impacts on information accessibility. Although this evolution has had an impact on almost all spheres of human life, the world of business stands out. The scale on which businesses can access corporate data today has never been experienced before. With mobile technology for instance, the retrieval of sale-closing or account-servicing information no longer depends on the proximity to the premises' LAN. Companies are, therefore, in a position to conduct business from anywhere, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

It would be prudent to begin by outlining some of the significant mobile technology advancements realized in…


Agbinya, J.I. & Masihpour, M. (2010). Part III: WiMAX and LTE Link Budget. In J. Agbinya (Ed.), Planning and Optimization of 3G and 4G Wireless Networks (pp. 105-160). Aalborg: River Publishers.

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Location-Based Tracking
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Location-Based Tracking

Smart phones are among the latest technological devices in this 21st century. They are smart devices because they come with numerous applications most of which are versions of the computer. In addition, they integrate features earlier witnessed in disparate devices. This paper examines location-based tracking services, which is among the feature of smart phones, performed by various applications. Using adequate information from materials, the paper will discuss at length the various ways these applications can assist parents track their children, individuals track their vehicles and the general perception towards this technology. In addition, the paper will offer my personal view regarding location-based tracking devices because I also use them on my phone.


Location-based tracking is a service that utilizes a network-based service, which combines a mobile devices location or position with other relevant information to offer a benefit to the consumer or the user. Supported by advanced…


Eisenberg, A. (2013). If a Young Child Wanders, Technology Can Follow. New York Times.

Retrieved November 29, 2013, from 

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Satisfaction Trust and Commitment in
Words: 7853 Length: 29 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 285065
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esearch Aim

The purpose of this research is to investigate customer's loyalty throughout the dimensions of satisfaction, trust and commitment for mobile phone industry in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, this research also provides practical knowledge which customers are dissimilar in satisfaction and look for different levels of relationship with mobile phones. To sum up briefly, it is completely useful for marketers to comprehend which paradigms affect customers to create good relationship with companies in order to sustain the customer's loyalty.

esearch Objectives

These are research objectives which are needed to be accomplished in order to reach the above research aim which are stated as following:

To study the relationship marketing to the mobile phone industry in Thailand.

To study the customer satisfactions factor to the mobile phone.

To identify the relationship between various component satisfaction and trust.

To identify the relationship between various component satisfaction and commitment.

To identify the…


Bailey, S. And D.E. Schultz. (2000). "Customer/Brand Loyalty in an Interactive Marketplace." Journal of Advertising Research, 40(3), p. 41.

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Churchill, G.A. And Iacobucci, D. (2005), Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations, 9th edition, Thomson, USA.

Impact of 3g Technologies on Teenagers
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3G mobile technologies on teenagers

Mobile communication technology (e.g., wi-fi, the 3G cell phone, Music player) uses in American youth are omnipresent (Aoki and Downes, 2003; Chen, 2006; Katz, 2008). Among numerous modern mobile interactive technologies, the 3G cell phone is understood to be "the most radiative domestic appliance ever invented" (Coghill, 2001, p. 28). Various reasons, for example comfort, convenience, mobility, security, as well as networking put together why the 3G cell phone was preferred by its customers (Palen et al., 2000; Ling, 2004). Early studies from the 3G cell phone demonstrated that safety and ease of access were the main explanations why people adopted communication technology (Palen et al., 2000). ecent reports (Ling, 2004 and 2008) discovered that networking appears to become the main reason 3G cell phone customers depended upon this communication device.

The 3G cell phone can also be an essential communication technology in everyday existence.…


Aoki, K., Downes, E.J., 2003. Ananalysis of young people's use of and attitudes toward cellphones. Telematics and Informatics, 20(4), 364 -- 394.

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