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how do I start writing my job analysis paper on a job related to college director of resident care?


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A job analysis paper refers to a specific type of essay that examines different aspects of a job. The type of tools and methods you choose to analyze a job depends on a few factors, such as what job you are analyzing and the purpose of the analysis.  If you are in management or human resources, you might use metrics like output or time to complete a job to help determine job requirements, while if you are a prospective employee or looking at a career, you might choose an entirely different approach.  Whatever approach you choose, an effective job analysis should answer the questions you had about the job before you began your analysis. 

It is important to differentiate a college director of resident care from other types of directors of resident care.  The title director of resident care is also used to describe people in management positions who are in charge of care at managed health facilities such as rehabs, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.  Their job description is dramatically different from the job descriptions for college directors of resident care, who are in charge of handling residents in dormitories at colleges and universities.

To complete a job analysis, you want people to understand what the job entails and what qualifications a successful applicant would need in order to effectively handle those job responsibilities.  Things to consider in your job analysis would be the tasks involved in the job.  Look at the physical and mental work that is expected.  Does the employee need to be familiar with any equipment or software programs in order to be able to do the job?  If so, would on-the-job training be enough to familiarize them with this equipment?  What role in the organization does the job fill? Once the job is well understood, it is then possible to determine what qualifications a successful applicant will have or what training an existing employee might need to best fulfill their job duties.

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