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How would I be able to write a 5-paragraph sociology essay about the link between work, poverty, and welfare?

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There is a definite link between work, poverty, and welfare.  While people may think of poverty as a problem for people who are unemployed, the reality is that most adults who live in poverty are employed.  In fact, approximately 40% of homeless adults are actually employed.  Therefore, solving the problem of poverty is not just about finding employment for people who live in poverty, but will require widespread social change about challenging taxpayers subsidizing employers that pay their employees less than a living wage.

If you want to write a 5-paragraph essay about the topic, you need to follow the basic 5-paragraph format.  The 5-paragraph essay contains an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.  The basic format is:

I. Introduction

A. Topic 1

B. Topic 2

C. Topic 3

D. Thesis Statement

II. Body Paragraph Topic 1

A. Supporting Statement

B. Supporting Statement

C. Supporting Statement

III. Body Paragraph Topic 2

A. Supporting Statement

B. Supporting Statement

C. Supporting Statement

IV. Body Paragraph Topic 3

A. Supporting Statement

B. Supporting Statement

C. Supporting Statement

V. Conclusion

A. Restate Thesis

B. Topic 1

C. Topic 2

D. Topic 3 

For this topic, you want an introductory paragraph that discusses the connection between poverty, employment and welfare.  Find three main topics that you can support to bolster you claim.  Conclude your introductory paragraph with that claim.  An example introductory paragraph could be:

Many people are confused about the connection between poverty, welfare, and employment.  They believe that welfare keeps people from getting jobs.  However, most people who get some type of welfare are employed.  Even full-time minimum wage workers need welfare to help support their families.  This means that welfare is not supporting people who refuse to work, but companies that refuse to pay a living wage.  If society wants to end poverty, it has to focus on corporate greed instead of blaming individual laziness. 

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