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I need help with essay topics on infection control?


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Infection control specifically refers to stopping the spread of disease in healthcare settings and during health care procedures, such as surgeries.  It is a catchall phrase that refers to a wide variety of behaviors or practices that can result in the elimination or reduction of disease transmission in these settings.  We are happy to provide you with some suggested topics and titles for an essay about infection control.

Essay Topics

Best hygiene practices for pre-surgical prep of skin to prevent surgical-site infections

Does the routine use of masks in non-surgical medical examinations and routines reduce infectious disease transmission in a non-pandemic environment?

Do antibiotic soaps do more harm than good when the considering their long-term and short-term consequences in surgical or other sterile environments?

The history of handwashing in infection control and how it remains one of the main tools in preventing the spread of infectious diseases in healthcare environments.

Temperature scans and pandemic disease controls: since some carriers are asymptomatic, are temperature scans effective at helping stop the spread of disease?

How does the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) help reduce the spread of disease when treating patients with known infectious diseases?

Which is better- disposable patient care items or sanitized items- in reducing the spread of disease, not just in the healthcare setting, but also in the world at large.

With so many people wearing their masks incorrectly, is there any information about whether wearing a mask below your nose but over your mouth actually reduces disease transmission. 

Shared rooms and disease control: can exposure to a patient with the same disease increase a patient’s viral load?

The importance of sharps safety in disease control. 


Why No Lotions or Perfumes Actually Enhances Patient Safety

Are Masks in Medicine the New Normal?

Do Antibiotic Soaps Have a Place in Sterile Prep?

Wash. Your. Hands.

Too Hot to Handle? 

Medical Armor: The Use of PPE to Stop the Spread of Disease

Safer to Sanitize or Replace? 

That’s Not How You Wear It: Mask Basics for Dummies

Singles or Doubles? 

Don’t Stick Yourself

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