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What is a good thesis statement on immigration reform?


What is a good thesis statement on immigration reform?


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Based on an understanding of the facts about immigration in the modern-day United States, this would be a good topic for a thesis statement on immigration reform: Modern immigration rules and laws favor immigrants from some countries over others and place a significant financial burden on prospective immigrants and on those who would sponsor them; removing some of those financial burdens would incentivize legal immigration and therefore reduce the number of people seeking to enter the country as undocumented immigrants, helping resolve the country’s undocumented immigrant problem.

Before trying to write a thesis statement about immigration reform, it is important to understand the realities of both legal and illegal immigration in the modern United States. That is because many people gather their information about immigration from commonly-circulated immigration myths. Because those myths are not fact-based, they can lead people to erroneous conclusions and could lead you down the wrong path when crafting your thesis statement about immigration reform.

A good starting place for fact-based information about immigration in the United States is this fact-sheet from the Anti-Defamation League. The fact sheet tackles some of the most pervasive myths about immigrants and immigration, but, more importantly, it provides links to the source material for the facts that it uses. This not only helps the researcher verify whether the facts are stated truthfully and in a way that is not misleading or focused on supporting an agenda, but can also be a great starting point for a reference list when you start writing your paper.

An examination of the facts reveals some interesting information about immigration in the modern-day United States. The overall immigrant population is roughly the same percentage as it has been through much of the history of the United States, with a decline in the undocumented immigrant population from 2007 to 2016. Immigrants are statistically slightly less likely to commit violent crimes than non-immigrants. Immigrants pay a substantial number of taxes and use fewer government resources, especially undocumented immigrants who cannot qualify for most federal aid and many types of state and local aid.

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