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Asylum Seekers in Europe

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Partially satisfied; though the study does not state it as a research question specifically, it does provide the focus, intent and purpose of the study in the first paragraph of the study. However, there are a series of questions that are posed at the end of the first section—and it is unclear as to whether or not these questions should be taken as the specific research questions that the study will address or if they are just being posed rhetorically to help frame the importance of the study.
Core concepts:
Not satisfied; the study’s core concepts could be more explicitly defined. The term “gender gap” should be explained more fully along with the concepts of “fleeing the home” and being an “asylum seeker”—why are they fleeing, where are they going, what is the reason for this phenomenon (is it geopolitical, economic, sociological, religious?). Likewise, what they seeking asylum from? What…… [Read More]