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Accounting and Audit Enforcement

Words: 1665 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97139297

Accounting and Audit Enforcement
1. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act applies to publicly-traded companies. Thus, it does not apply to non-profit entities. Nor does it apply to for-profit entities that are not publicly-traded. This is because SOX was passed specifically to address instances of accounting fraud in publicly traded companies that were undermining consumer trust in the capital markets (, 2018). A publicly traded companies has a variety of different obligations under SOX that will help to reduce the opportunities and incentives for accounting fraud. Both opportunity and incentive are components of the fraud triangle – one needs to have a perceived need to commit the fraud and the circumstances with which to do so (ACFE, 2018).
Non-profit organizations have no obligations under SOX. However, there is a school of thought that holds that non-profit entities can benefit from some of the recommendations and mandates that SOX contains. Fritz (2016) writes that…… [Read More]

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Fraud Within Corporations

Words: 1237 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 38163889

cross examine the accounting fraud scandal that took place at Xerox, the main intention of this analysis is to know the causes and the effects of the scandal as well as the need of a good practice in business ethics, corporate management and the general oversight. Xerox was able to utilize a creative technique of accounting to give false presentation of its assets and liabilities, they also deceive the investors and lastly they were able to inflate their socks. The main players of the scandal were the chairman, CEO and other high ranking officials who took the advantage and enriched themselves (Gara, D. 2004). The high ranked officials made away millions of shillings at the expense of the stakeholders. This scandal highlighted the need for accountability and ethics in the governance of finance as well as corporate.

The analysis also aims to examine the strategic mistakes that led the Xerox…… [Read More]


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Fraud IT's Better to Be

Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 88635453

The other two cases looked at errors that were made deliberately by subsidiary management and, in both cases, were both quantitatively and qualitatively material.

Due to the fact that most fraud starts at the bottom, is it very important for executives to always be looking for things that do not appear to be right. Fiscal honesty is crucial in financial markets. It is essential that management quickly resolve any monetary issues that come up. Delay only compounds accounting indiscretions. The consequences to all concerned, the business, its investors and creditors, and administration, are that if things are left unattended they will only get worse.

There is no alternative to good systems of recordkeeping, controls, and oversight. Management cannot be distant and disinterested. Financial reports must be looked at and examined, not just amassed. Discrepancies must be rapidly resolved. Communication of accounting rules and measures must be apparent and timely. Doubts…… [Read More]


Weinstein, Edward a. (2010). When it Comes to Fraud, it's Better to Be Safe than Sorry. The CPA Journal, p.6-9.
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Fraud in Business

Words: 2328 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35112480

Financial Fraud

What is financial fraud?

Identifying Fraud

Effect on Economy

Are we Protected?

Identity Theft in Business

Enron Scandel

Loss Prevention Planning and Strategies

Financial Fraud

Financial fraud was an unfamiliar notion prior to the 2000's, but has become a controversial and familiar term due to economic woes, public disapproval and revamped financial regulations. Light was shed on some of America's top organizations intentionally changing their accounting books to look more attractive to investors than they were in actuality. Institutions and/or ranking officials at institutions were falsely publishing financial statements with fabricated values and profits presenting the illusion that investments with these entities were producing and would continue to produce consistent returns. In addition to recurring fraudulent activity, new highs for deposits of fraudulent checks were recorded by banks nationwide.

Government agencies aim to set regulations, enforce regulations, and protect American businesses and consumers from fraudulent activity. Laws are…… [Read More]


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Yallapragada, R.R. (2013). Accounting fraud, and white-collar crimes in the United States. Journal of Business Case Studies, 8(2), 187.
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Accounting Adjusting Entries Are Required

Words: 765 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55930731

Such adjusting entries will help to improve the accuracy of financial statements. Adjusting entries is necessary because accrual accounting systems demand that the events are recorded accurately. They are not to be recorded strictly on the basis of cash transactions, and all of these adjustments serve to translate the accounting figures that arise from the cash accounting to accrual accounting by incorporating all of the different non-cash transactions and ensuring that every element of the income statement and balance sheet is correct.

On a computerized accounting system, there might be software that can actually make these entries. If not they will need to be entered manually into the system.

As with any accounting, there are certain ethical issues that need to be understood. The accrual statements are where we report our profits and losses. It is important that they are completed accurately. Any fraud is illegal and cannot be tolerated.…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

No author. (2012). Adjusting entries. Accounting Retrieved November 29, 2012 from
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Accounting Information System Greater Providence

Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49984113

This would immediately flag the loans going outside their own bank and also provide greater insights into how customers were using funds over time. Another approach is to incent auditors to find fraud and embezzlement and make it widely known in the bank that anyone finding illegal practices would receive a reward up to 20% of the error found. Auditors, who are traditionally not paid that much, would work overtime looking for fraud, hoping to earn 20% of the fraud found, thereby drastically reducing the threat. While this may appear expensive, without this strategy a bank could go for years, losing millions of dollars, if no action was taken.

In the case study, it is apparent that Greater Providence Deposit and Trust auditors were not organized or incented in their job design and rewards to actively seek out embezzlement and fraud. This is a major limitation in the design and…… [Read More]


Kristy Holtfreter, Kevin M. Beaver, Michael D. Reisig, & Travis C. Pratt. (2010). Low self-control and fraud offending. Journal of Financial Crime, 17(3), 295-307.

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Accounting and Intrusion Detection in a Report

Words: 6872 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17210308

Accounting and Intrusion Detection

In a report issued by Paladin Technologies, Inc., entitled: "Security Metrics: Providing Cost Justification for Security Projects," 273 organizations were surveyed on the topic of security. The report illustrates in quantifiable terms the depth and reach of intrusion detection on the financial viability of the organization. The combined reported losses from the firms surveyed totaled $265.6 million in 1999. The highest loss categories were reported as follows:

Type of Loss

Estimated Dollar Value

Number of espondents

Theft of intellectual capital


Financial Fraud




The average annual financial loss of firms surveyed was estimated at $40 million. Forty three percent of respondents were able to quantify financial losses, and seventy four percent were able to acknowledge financial loss. Ninety percent detected cyber attacks within the most recent twelve-month period and seventy percent reported serious breaches other than viruses, laptop theft, and employee abuse of…… [Read More]


Risk Assessment risk assessment involves estimating the likelihood and severity of an occurrence, the relative impact of risk on the facility, information handler, processing, support, and the mission of the organization. Assessing the likelihood means determining the probability that existing controls will be skirted. Pfleeger has identified a series of steps for examining the likelihood of adverse occurrences:

Calculate the probability that the risk may happen, found in the observed data for the specific system.

Estimate the likely number occurrences in a given time period. The analyst gives a rating based on several different risk analysis methodologies, and then creates a table to hold and compare the ratings.

The Delphi approach: several raters individually estimate the probable likelihood of an event, combine their estimates, and choose the best one.
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Accounting Internal Controls That Must

Words: 535 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18704718

The proper authorization to complete an inventory also needs to include training on how to manage the exceptions that often occur when physical counting is taking place (Corman, 1988).

The third principle to have adequate documents and records in place that can be quickly be used by the teams completing the audits. This also needs to be preceded with a training session focused on how to also manage exceptions to the paperwork as well, as each company's physical inventory processes are unique to their specific business models (andall, 1984).

The fourth and fifth principles are physical controls and independent checks on performance. These two principles need to anchor all training activity and also be continually audited to ensure performance to standards set over decades are attained. Physical controls and independent checks are also indispensable to the audit and final approval of physical inventory levels, which is the first step in…… [Read More]


Corman, T.R. (1988). Inventory management. Hospital Materiel Management Quarterly, 10(2), 5-5.

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Accounting Credibility the Accountability Failures

Words: 1413 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17956493

(5) Auditors and CPAs should consider several ways that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and SEC implementation rules as a whole impact accountants and work closely with regulators to address these effects. (6) Public accounting firms need to reconsider external auditors' participation with their client's internal audit function and control structure. This reporting on the internal controls can be very useful and add value to the integrity and quality of the financial reporting process. However, management accepts full responsibility for the design and maintenance of the adequate and effective internal control system. (7) Auditors should advise their clients and make recommendations for the appropriate disclosures of financial information. A more timely, relevant, objective, and transparent financial reporting process should improve the quality, integrity, and reliability. (8) it is necessary to use more effective and objective audit procedures and related standards to improve audit efficiency. The role of independent auditors on financial statements…… [Read More]

Journal of Accountancy. 199(2) p. 74-75.

Rezaee, Z. (2004) Restoring public trust in the accounting profession by developing anti- fraud education, programs, and auditing Managerial Auditing Journal. 19(1): 134-148

Walker, D.M. (2005) Reclaiming public trust in the wake of recent corporate accountability failures International Journal of Disclosure and Governance 2(3):.. 264-271-279
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Accounting - Parmalat Several Accounts

Words: 561 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4337909

In this case, it was a $4.9 billion bank account. However, credit would have been granted against an asset like that. Finding such an account did not exist, banks would have wanted their money back, and Parmalat would not have had it. This would be grounds to take the company into insolvency, especially if somebody at Parmalat was counting on that account to pay off its debts.

4. These fraudulent activities, as noted, would have boosted the accounts receivable at Parmalat, and could potentially have reduced the inventories as well. The effect on the balance sheet, if the inventories were not affected, would have been to boost the a/R and therefore the current assets. As a result, the quick ratio would have improved, on the basis of an inflated accounts receivable.

5. Citicorp was a victim here. There are some controls that can be done to ensure that the financial…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

No author. (2004). File suggests double-billing by Parmalat. New York Times. Retrieved April 6, 2012 from
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Worldcom's Collapse and the Accounting

Words: 938 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12571352

The reality was that a company which aspired to be "the No. 1 stock on all Street" was instead steadily bleeding money while claim growth in the billions.

The pressure placed upon accountants at ordCom was reflective of the pressure facing accountants throughout the economy during this period of widely absence securities oversight. Indeed, the relationship between regulation and accounting is essential, and this diminished link would have catastrophic implications for the profession as a whole. Such is shown by the Scott text, which tells that "efficient securities market theory has major implications for financial accounting. One of these is that supplementary information in financial statement notes or elsewhere is just as useful as information in the financial statements proper. Another is that efficiency is defined relative to a stock of publicly known information. Financial reporting has a role to play in improving the amount, timing, and accuracy of this…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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And the Fraud Continues

Words: 1031 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 6094601

internal control weaknesses that existed at MCI that contributed to the commission of accounting fraud

The internal control weaknesses that existed at MCI that contributed to the commissioning of the accounting fraud was related to the very fact that Pavlov had the ability and access that allowed him to manipulate the account receivable system. Since he helped in the creation of the account receivable process, he was very ware of the system's strength and weaknesses as well as how to exploit them by manipulating the system (Lyon & Tocco,2007).He was therefore able to fraudulently receive payments, update as well as manipulate the account receivable records. This allowed him an opportunity of defrauding the firm and its clients by embezzling the funds to offshore accounts.

The exact fraudulent practices and tricks that Pavlo and his co-conspirators engaged in included the following:

The identification of the account receivables that were about to…… [Read More]


Carpenter, T., Durtschi.,C and Gaynor., LM (2002).The Role of Experience in Professional Skepticism, Knowledge Acquisition, and Fraud Detection

Fullerton, Rosemary and Durtschi, Cindy (2004).The Effect of Professional Skepticism on the Fraud Detection Skills of Internal Auditors (11 November 2004)., . Available at SSRN:  or doi:10.2139/ssrn.617062

Kranacher, M.,Riley, R., Wells, JT., (2011).Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination, 1st Edition.Association of Certified Fraud Examiners .
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Technology and Accounting Technology Has

Words: 743 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87478977

With software and technological oversight, many of the errors experienced by Insight Enterprises could have been avoided. Furthermore, the duration that these errors occurred suggests that proper oversight of accounting was not in the company. With technology, proper oversight can help reduce the duration, and the subsequent damage of accounting errors (Elliot, 2004).

Technology also allows accountants be more efficient in regard to their labor. Technology helps to reduce much or the redundant and routine tasks associated with accounting. Accountants no longer need to count specific line items or add all the ledgers together by hand. They simply input the required numbers into the system, which will do the computations itself, free from human error. The oversight system within technology can also help diminish the intentional errors of unethical accountants attempting to steal or input incorrect data into the system. As such, technology helps abate the influence of fraud within…… [Read More]


1) Bratton, William W. "Enron and the Dark Side of Shareholder Value" (Tulane Law Review, New Orleans, May 2002) p. 61

2) Elliot, Barry & Elliot, Jamie: Financial accounting and reporting, Prentice Hall, London 2004, ISBN 0-273-70364-1, p. 3
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Rite Fraud When Grass Was CEO

Words: 3734 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73657513

ite Aid Fraud

Over the years, there have been numerous cases of financial fraud perpetuated within the organizational mainstream of major companies. Financial fraud is often a well-coordinated sort of white-collar crime that often -- but not always - requires complicity and collusion amongst financial accountants, top management and auditors. ite Aid came to the limelight after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it would be filing accounting fraud charges against the company in 2002

Meanwhile, the United States Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania leveled similar criminal charges accusing former CFO Frank Bergonzi, former CEO Martin Grass and former Vice Chairman Franklin Brown of perpetuating an immense accounting fraud scheme

. Compounding the crisis, according to former ite Aid COO, Timothy Noonan, were years of legal coaching amongst staff and mid-level employees. As investigations ensued, evidence of fraudulent manipulation of accounts, corporate malfeasance, and financial overstatement…… [Read More]

Reference List

Carlin, Wayne M. & Pennington, Nelson "SEC Announces Fraud Charges Against Former Rite Aid Senior Management" Security and Exchange Commission 2002

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Carlin, Wayne M. & Pennington, Nelson "SEC Announces Fraud Charges Against Former Rite Aid Senior Management" Security and Exchange Commission 2002
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Ethical Issue in Accounting Information System

Words: 796 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41366500

Ethical Issues in AIS

Ethical Issues in Accounting Information Systems

This essay examines ethical issues in accounting information systems as presented in the case of DHB Industries. Now known as Point Blank Solutions, the company, which supplied body armor to the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, was charged by the SEC on March 1, 2011 for engaging in "massive accounting fraud" (SEC, 2011). The agency filed separate charges against three of the company's former outside directors and audit committee members for their complicity in the fraud.

According to the SEC, DHB Industries engaged in "pervasive accounting and disclosure fraud through its senior officers" (2011), along with misappropriating company assets to the personal benefit of the company's former CEO. Their accounting and disclosure fraud resulted in the company's filing "materially false and misleading periodic reports to investors" (2011). The SEC charged that the company's senior management manipulated the company's reported…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Securities and Exchange Commission. (2011, February 28). SEC charges military body armor supplier and former outside directors with accounting fraud. Retrieved January 13, 2012 from:
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Enormo Case Study Ultro's Fraud

Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 93164804

However, since Enormo refuses to consider the seriousness of Ultro's illegal actions, the accounting firm should immediately distance itself from the company, and refuse to perform the audit.

The accounting firm has two options: firstly, in the name of confidentiality, it could remain silent, and hope that no other firm would take Enormo's case, which would pressure Enormo to rectify the situation and reveal the actions of Ultro to the world. Unfortunately this seems unlikely, given Enormo's intransigence and the unscrupulousness of many accounting firms. If the firm does not reveal Ultro's actions, untold numbers of employees and investors might suffer after the scandal was revealed and Enormo's reputation resulted in financial devastation to the company and its subsidiaries.

Granted, there is a great temptation not to bring the case of Enormo to regulators, for fear of the accounting firm seeming like a 'tattle-tale' of its various clients' misdeeds. However,…… [Read More]

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Sunbeam Corporation's Fraudulent Accounting for Its Financial

Words: 3583 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84529109

unbeam Corporation's fraudulent accounting for its financial years 1996, 1997 and early 1998. The essay also reviews the historic audit failure that occurred, and discusses factors that contributed to the scandal and ways in which it might have been prevented.

unbeam, the consumer brand name that was to become well-known among generations of Americans, had its beginnings in 1893 when founders John K. tewart and Thomas J. Clark began manufacturing and selling a commercial horse clipping machine in Chicago. In 1897 the company was incorporated as the Chicago Flexible haft Company. When the company began manufacturing an electric iron named "The Princess," its first electric appliance, the product's introduction marked the beginning of the Electrical Appliance Division of today's Jarden Corporation (Jarden, 2011).

In the early years, the company's products, ranging from toasters to irons to mixers, were so successful that the company changed its name to the unbeam Corporation…… [Read More]

Securities and Exchange Commission. (1999). SEC Staff Accounting Bulletin: No. 99 -- Materiality. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 December 2011].

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Deliberate Accounting Misrepresentations of Fraud

Words: 619 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24734506

Accounting Fraud at CIT Computer Leasing Group, Inc." by Michelman et al. The security of the data in this organization as identified in this article is extremely suspect, primarily because it relates to the honesty and integrity of the individuals working for CIT Computer Leasing Group, Inc. From an Accounting Information Systems standpoint, the internal controls were relatively simple. Moreover, they actually appeared to be intrinsically linked to operations -- partially due to the fact that a large part of the business of the aforementioned company relates to returned leases to computer equipment. If the individual responsible for the accounting of these computers that are supposed to be returned to the organization does not report them accurately, he can override virtually all controls due to his inaccuracies which he can later on utilize to his own financial benefit. Thus, because this system involves company assets that are outside of the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Michelman, Jeffrey, Gorman, Victoria, Trompeter, Gregory. "Accounting Fraud at CIT Computer Leasing Group, Inc." Issues in Accounting Education. Vol. 26, no.3, pp. 569-591. 2011. Print.
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Financial Accounting the Question Is Missing a

Words: 1125 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88863384

Financial Accounting

The question is missing a clause. "…is more conducive to ethical behavior" than what? The word "more" invites comparison but there is nothing to compare the current environment to. Well, the current environment is not much different than any past environment. The regulatory environment does not dictate ethics, as ethics exist distinct from laws. Ethical behavior rests on how society itself defines ethics, and is only loosely related to the regulatory environment. So while there is definitely a tighter regulatory environment at least with the introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley and the PCAOB, these laws do not dictate ethics, just behavior (Lennox & Pittman, 2010). Indeed, an increasingly complex regulatory environment only serves to complicate the issue of individual ethics, and creates confusion among business practitioners between legal/illegal and right/wrong, the two operating entirely different conceptual spheres (Jennings, 2004).

The "business" environment is quite vague -- there are many facets…… [Read More]


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The Role of Sarbanes Oxley Act in Curbing Corporate Fraud

Words: 2717 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86050143

Tesco’s Fraud in the Accounting Information System

The Accounting Information Systems (AIS) plays a central part in the business computing structure of any organization. AIS deals with the classification, collection, storage, monitoring, and conversion of the company’s data into information utilized for internal control and reporting (Smith, 2016). Once an organization adopts an Accounting Information System, they can keep accurate records, and manage the assets of the organizations properly. The management utilizes AIS to guarantee that there are suitable access and separation of duty controls. With such restrictions, the administration can hold the employees responsible for their interaction with the system. This paper delves into how the components and functions of Tesco’s accounting information system contributed to the 2014 fraud scandal.

Tesco’s Fraud Scandal

Tesco is popular grocery retailer with its head office in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, U.K. (Colson, 2017). Globally, it is ranked at position nine regarding revenues…… [Read More]

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Different Forms of Fraud

Words: 935 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33188692

Corporate fraud as a dishonest activity for organizations that is considered as white collar crime has serious legal implications. Though it can be difficult to detect and catch, it is important to prevent it by creating effective and efficient policies for the organizations that ensure an efficient system of checks and balances exists in the organization for its physical and fiscal security. Whenever fraud happens in a company or organization, it often takes the form of hiding sources of revenue, overstating expenses or growth, or disguising payments made to individuals in the company. Often, fraudulent activities within the organization are complex in nature and have a gross impact on the financial nature of the organization. It is usually perpetrated by the company management and other employees are often unaware of these fraudulent activities (Mele, 2005).

Corporate fraud, as difficult as it is to prevent, often has a ripple effect whereby…… [Read More]


Bertrand, V. (2009). Organizational Isomorphism and Corruption: An Empirical Research in Russia. Journal of Business Ethics, 89(1), 59-76.

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History of Management Accounting Management

Words: 4082 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95845101

The mistake occurred when enthusiasts tried to use those data for other purposes such as 'strategic product decisions.' The average cost of production never could, and never will, be relevant for those classes of decisions where only the change in total costs and revenues are relevant. That is, the rough, average post calculations provided a guide for pricing unique one-off products or services, but were of no use for the other purposes (emphasis added) (Garner & Tsuji, 1995, p. 52).

The strategic product decision function of management accounting described above is based on the strategic management accounting method; this approach serves to cause change in the management framework through various accounting devices designed to adapt effectively to the constantly changing external business environment (Garner & Tsuji, 1995). Strategic management accounting, though, should be managed by production people (including sales and engineering), rather than by accounting staff (Garner & Tsuji, 1995).…… [Read More]


Anthony, R.N. (2003, January 1). Management accounting: a personal history. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 15, 249.

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Cortada, J.W. (2004). The digital hand: How computers changed the work of American manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries. New York: Oxford University Press.
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Enron Fraud

Words: 3334 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 72837725


Enron was one of the biggest business collapses, and one of the most egregious incidents during a period in the early 2000s when investor faith in the securities system was shaken by a series of scandals. The scandals varied in terms of their composition, but behind each of them was greed, the drive by senior management teams to defraud securities regulators and investors for their own gain. This paper will look at the Enron fraud in particular. This was probably the worst, for the bald-faced contempt that Enron management showed to securities regulators, and the biggest, as Enron was one of the stars of the stock market during its ride up, and crashed to worthlessness almost instantly.

Key Players

As with most cases of stock market fraud, the key players were the senior executives. At Enron, the key players were Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Andrew Fastow and the accounting…… [Read More]

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Accounting New Responsibilities

Words: 1280 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82193912

Accounting Profession: New Scrutiny and esponsibilities

While many people treat the accounting profession as something which lacks glamour and prestige, ordinary civilians often don't realize how crucial the accounting profession is to the world at large. The accounting departments in major firms are often what provides a foundation for most companies to be able to do what they do and accomplish tasks as needed. Accountants are the ones who are able to keep track of all the finances that are going out vs. what is coming in. Given the "new normal" in the world of corporate finance in light of the more recent corporate scandals, the work that accountants do have a greater level of importance. Accountants are now under greater scrutiny and have greater levels of responsibility: the accounting departments in major firms are now seen as ethical watch-dogs.

The skills and knowledge required in being an accountant are…… [Read More]


Balassone, J. (2014). Ethical Meltdown: Red Flags for Directors. Retrieved from 

Einhorn, W.M. (2003). Ethical Accounting Practices and the Pressures on CPAs.

Retrieved from
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Accounting Code of Conduct The

Words: 1283 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83471567

It also publishes interpretations about certain rules.


The AICPA's Code of Professional Conduct is considered to be a binding agreement for every CPA in America.

As with other professions most accountants are ethical and honest in their dealings with their clients, however every so often a problem arises that must be disciplined. This can happen in a purposeful attempt to be deceitful, or it can happen by an error in judgment or an error in practice. egardless of how or why it happened a review is called for and a sanction or discipline course of action is decided upon (Badawi, 2002).

Most of the violations that occur are ethical dilemmas that are relatively easy to solve but some of the problems become quite in depth and resolution is more difficult to reach.

A study of conduct violations in a ten-year period produced the following result.

The…… [Read More]


Badawi, Ibrahim M.(2002) Accounting codes of conduct, violations and disciplinary actions. Review of Business; 1/1/2002;

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Demski, J.S. And J. L Zimmerman.(2000) "On Research vs. Teaching: A Long-Term Perspective." Accounting Horizons
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Fraud and Accounting Balance Sheets

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Q1. How have accounting techniques changed in recent years? How do they resemble practices in Italy during the Renaissance?
According to McCrie (2016), one of the great innovations which emerged during the Renaissance was that of double-entry bookkeeping. This technique, still used today, records the organization’s assets in one column or book versus liabilities, or claims on those assets (p.252). The term “dual entry” came into practice given both records were listed in dual columns. Still, some substantial innovations have taken place since the early days of double-entry bookkeeping, most notably the advent of technology such as computers to compute assets and store data. The actual book of originally-recorded assets in real time now called a journal and the book which records the cumulative data is called a ledger. Debits and credits are the terms are now the preferred terms for assets and liabilities. But while terminology has changed and…… [Read More]

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Fraud Accounting and Enron

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Particulars of Enron's Bankruptcy

There were a number of specific actions that led to Enron's bankruptcy. The majority of these pertain to a lack of accountability on the part of numerous people in key positions at this firm. The individual accountants at Arthur Andersen, the now defunct accounting firm that worked for this company, allowed Enron to utilize dubious accounting practices without trying to curtail them. Upper level management was guilty of allowing such accounting practices to take place, and of being too concerned with acquisition and spending to ensure the company was operating in accordance with the standards provided by the Securities Exchange Commission. Several fraudulent activities also contributed to Enron's bankruptcy. These include the insider trading that took place, the misrepresentation of the company as financially viable when it was on the verge of bankruptcy, and many others.

One of the primary accounting and auditing practices that eventually…… [Read More]


Cross, J.N., Krunkel, R.A. (n.d.). Andersen implosion over Enron: an analysis of the contagion effect on Fortune 500 firms. University of Wisconsin.

Emshwiller, J.R. (2001). Enron transaction with entity run by executive raises questions. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from
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Accounting Best Practices

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Yost directly aware of the fact that counting different locations on the same day was not the best idea if accuracy was demanded. However, Yost shot down the idea of doing all locations on the same day and even went to so far as to sign off on the fact that doing all locations on the same day was not practical due to manpower/locational issues.

B) To defend themselves against the bank, the PA firm could simply point to the details enumerated in the prior part of this question. Yost specifically and explicitly brought up the fact that doing counts on different days was less than wise. This was surely because even if no subterfuge was going on (and it was), it would give the appearance of impropriety, or at least bad procedure.

) Yes, they would probably prevail. Yost specifically noticed and advised their client that they were unwise…… [Read More]

Chapter 8 - Question 30

There are a few red flag and issues that should be discussed about the two sets of meeting minutes. First, the talk about the IRS audit was a little incomplete and there was not a lot of good news to glean from it. Related to this is the handling of the computer equipment and this neatly dovetails with the timeline of the computer switchovers. They dispensed with the equipment shuttered after the 2008 computers were purchased and then the very next day the spent money for yet another computer system in the form of a loan. The fact that the IRS audit period relates to property and it's the same year as the last computer upgrade is a head-scratcher.

Also concerning is that that every single vote was unanimous. The only thing that seemed to get anyone's dander up was the talk about the profit sharing for other employees. In terms of knowing for sure whether the meeting minutes were all forwarded, this would require either the auditor to be present in the room for all meetings or that the people involved sign off on the minutes being accurate and complete. If the auditor is presented with the fact that they are complete and they turn out not to be, the people who signed committed a fraud, in all likelihood. Again, though, it would be better if it was required that the auditor take the minutes themselves or author their own copy so as to compare to what is published and approved. If anything is omitted, changed or materially represented, then the auditor would have a cause of action to voice some concern.
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Fraud Is a Growing Problem in Today's

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Fraud is a growing problem in today's business world, and this article chronicles the capture of a purchasing manager defrauding his organization. The author follows step-by-step the accountant called in to decipher just how the manager was defrauding the organization. Immediately, CPA Chris osetti discovered two flaws in the state agency's internal controls. The manager was not forced to take a vacation every year, and the manager also had approval powers overstepping his position. Author Wells notes, "Once employees start committing fraud, they can't take time off because they need to constantly cover up what they're doing. The second deficiency was that Bruce [the manager] was allowed to approve new vendors" (Wells). osetti methodically goes about deciphering Bruce's activities while discovering more and more discrepancies between purchases, costs, and vendor files. As osetti dug deeper during Bruce's unplanned absence to take care of his ill wife, he discovered a number…… [Read More]


Wells, Joseph T. "The Case of the Pilfering Purchasing Manager." Journal of Accountancy - Online Issue - May 2004. 29 April 2004.
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Accounting Systems Assessing the Current and Future

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Accounting Systems

Assessing the Current and Future State of The lifeblood of any business is the revenue it generates while managing costs, ensuring profitability of the business, and its long-term survival and growth. The catalyst of managing a business effectively is the use of accounting information, financial analysis, and increasingly in the 21st century, the use of real-time financial analytics on key performance indicators (KPIs) used to manage a business (Ferguson, Seow, 2011). Accounting systems continue to be the foundation of managing businesses to profitability while mitigating potential risks though insightful and real-time use of financial data. The future of accounting systems will be increasingly influenced by the real-time reporting and analysis as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has required the largest publically traded corporations in the U.S. To report their results through the extensible Business eporting Language (XBL) protocol (Tribunella, Tribunella, 2010). The SEC is setting a very…… [Read More]


Ferguson, C., & Seow, P. (2011). Accounting information systems research over the past decade: Past and future trends. Accounting and Finance, 51(1), 235.

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Accounting System Implemented at Chic Paints Limited

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Accounting System Implemented at Chic Paints Limited

eport submitted in order to fulfil the requirements of AAT Accounting Qualification

Internal Controls and Fraud

Accounting System eview

Weaknesses in the Existing System and ecommendations

Cost and Benefit Analysis

Mapping of report to outcomes and criteria

The purpose of this report is to present the findings of the evaluation of existing accounting system implemented at Chic Paints Limited. Chic Paints Limited hired me as an Accounting Technician of the Company to review the accounting systems of the company and report on the operating effectiveness of the internal controls, and this report explains it.

The report also discusses the results of the evaluation of existing accounting systems implemented at Chic Paints Limited on the basis of the AAT code of Ethics and Sustainability requirements. The report also identifies and presents the weaknesses in the existing accounting system along with the effects of the…… [Read More]

References (2013). AAT and sustainability | AAT. [Retrieved from:  [Accessed: 16 Dec 2013].

AAT London (2011). AAT code of Professional Ethics. Code of Ethics. London: AAT. (2013). 20 Question to Detect Fraud. Retrieved from: [Accessed: 16 Dec 2013].

Griffin, D. (2013). What Are Internal Accounting Controls? Retrieved from:  [Accessed: 15 Dec 2013].
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Fraud Specifically Health Insurance Fraud

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Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), previously the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), that by the time 2011, health care expenditure will arrive at $2.8 trillion, as well as it will bill for 17% of the Gross Domestic Product. As a result, it is no revelation that white-collar offenders observe health care deception as a rewarding effort. Certainly, the General Accounting Office ("GAO") quotes that such deception accounts for up to 10% of entire health care expense (3).

As health care deception outlays taxpayers almost $100 billion a year, federal, as well as state agencies have given health care fraud tribunal a key center of attention. All through her term, Attorney General Janet Reno made impeaching health care fraud a top precedence at the Department of Justice ("DOJ"), subsequent only to brutal offenses (3).

The government focuses its pains to perceive, as well as take legal action against health care fraud…… [Read More]


(1) Adelaide Few & Jay Trezevant, Fighting the Battle Against Health Care Fraud & Federal Enforcement Actions, 72 FLA. B.J. 34, 34-6 (1998)

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(3) Andy Bunds, The results of the Health Insurance Regulations on Health Care Fraud and Abuse, 72 Mont L. Rev. 63, 72 (2001)

(4) Brian A. Kaset, Sailing Without Safe Harbors: Physician Recruitment and the Law of Fraud and Abuse, 9 Healths Span. 9, 9 (1992)
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Accounting Control

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Advice for the Company on the New Internal Control Requirements

Internal control requirements are the policies, mechanisms and procedures that organizations should satisfy to minimize the operational risks. The internal control is very critical to deter employees from implementing fraudulent operations; an organization is required to adhere to the internal system before going public. Section 404 of the SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) Act states that internal control is critical for a publicly operating company and internal control system is an auditing and accounting procedure that organizations should employ to achieve an efficient, effective and reliable financial reporting.

Overview of the LJB Company operations reveals that the company does not meet the requirements of the Section 404 of the SOX Act. Part of the Section 404 of the internal control system is that the function of the internal auditor should be separated from the work of an external auditor. In other word, an…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Kimmel, Paul D. Weygandt, Jerry J. Kieso, Donald E. Financial Accounting, 6th Edition. Wiley. 2011.
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Accounting Firm Network Security Systems

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Network Security Systems for Accounting Firm

Vulnerabilities Assessment

In the contemporary IT environment, the implementation of the IT tools has become an effective strategy that organizations employ to achieve competitive market advantages. In other words, the IT tools have become an effective strategy that organizations can employ to be ahead of competitors, and be first in the market. One of the crucial features of the information systems is the network connectivity that involves connecting global computer resources, which assist in enhancing effective communication systems. Thus, the network connectivity will improve the communication system for our accounting firm assisting our organization to serve the customer better.

Despite benefits that network connectivity will provide to our organization, the network connectivity is associated with inherent risks and vulnerabilities. Typically, the network systems face different vulnerabilities that include virus attacks, electronic fraud, attacks from malware, Dos attacks and electronic eavesdropping. Since our organization will…… [Read More]


Black, P.E. Fong, E. Okun, V. et al.(2007). Software Assurance Tools: Web Application Security Scanner Functional Specification Version 1.0. NIST. Special Publication 500-269.

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Stallings, W. (2013). Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice (6th Edition). Pearson Education.
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Solutions to the Problems in Accounting and Finance

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Accounting and Finance Soving Probems Soutions

P4-5: Microsoft Statements of Cash Fow 1999-2001

The Microsoft Corporation uses the indirect method to prepare the statement of the cash fow. The cash fow by operating activities is prepared by reconciing from the net income to the net cash. As being reveaed in the Microsoft statement of cash fow, the net income, depreciation, amortization, account receivabes and others are used to arrive at the net cash. In the cash fow statements, the depreciation and amortization are added to the net income based on its accrua basis.

The Microsoft added the unearned revenue to the net income because the company has aready received money for the product and services not yet fufied. As a resut, the company has the ega obigation to suppy these good and services to the purchaser. In other words, the unearned revenue is an equivaent of the net revenue that…… [Read More]

l. The gross profits represent the overall revenue derived from the total sales minus the cost of sales. Amazon made more sales in 1999 than 1998 because the net sale was $1,639,839,000 in 1999 compared to 1998 net sales, which was $609,819,000. The gross profits in 1999 was $290,645,000 compared to 1998 gross profit, which was $133,664,000.

m. Examples, of accrued expenses and other current liabilities include wages payable, monies that the company owe suppliers and interests payable for bank loans.

n. Total purchase of Amazon's inventory for 1999 are $220,646,000.
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Forensic Accountant Must Possess Accounting

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Assets in the investment portfolio were overvalued. Financial transactions were structured to report smaller amounts of debt and create the appearance of greater cash flow. Financial results were represented in a false and misleading manner.

Forensic accountants also played an important role in the Enron case by doing audits and investigating accounting practices to gather evidence of how the fraud was performed. They played vital roles in the court room in presenting the evidence against cross examination and scrutiny. The forensic accountants were highly valued for their objectivity in the way evidence was presented.

Accounting, auditing, investigation, business, and understanding human behavior enabled forensic accountants to gather evidence for prosecution of fraud in court cases involving fraudulent accounting practices. These are vital skills forensic accountants are required to maintain. Forensic accountants must maintain competency, due care, objectivity, integrity, confidentiality, and proper conduct at all times, whether working with a client…… [Read More]


Code of Professional Ethics. (2012). Retrieved from Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants: 

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Jury Finds Former Master Graphics, Inc. CEO Liable for Securityies Fraud Arising From Accounting Scheme. (2008, Sep 8). Retrieved from SEC: 

Shields, a. (2010, Mar 29). The role of forensic accountants. Retrieved from
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Arthur Anderson Questionable Accounting Parctices Arthur Anderson

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Arthur Anderson: Questionable Accounting Parctices

Arthur Anderson: Questionable Accounting Practices

Arthur Andersen LLP was founded in 1913, and for over 90 years, the company would have become one of the "Big Five" largest accounting and auditing firms in the United States with the same standard comparable to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte & Touche, KPMG and Ernst & Young. In the 80s, Arthur Anderson name was synonymous with integrity, trust, and ethics. Such values are critical to the success of firms charged with auditing and firms confirming a company's financial statement, whose accuracy of a company's financial statements generally influence investor's investment decision. (Ferrell, Linda, 2012).

In the 1990s, Arthur Anderson became one of the fastest growing accounting and auditing firms in the United States with huge financial success during the period. However, starting from 2001, the company faced several lawsuits for accounting irregularities. In May 2001, "the company paid $110 million to…… [Read More]


Ferrell, O.C. Linda, J.F. (2012). Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases: 2009 Update. Cengage Learning

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McGlynn, M (2010). Arthur Andersen Case Studies in Business Ethics. Carnegie Mellon Temper School of Business.
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Public Accounting Corporate Accounting and

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This role is in response to clients' demands for a single trustworthy individual or firm to meet all of their financial needs. However, accountants are restricted from providing these services to clients whose financial statements they also prepare." (U.S. Department of Labor, ureau of Labor Statistics, 2009)

1. Public Accounting

The work entitled: "The Reality of the CPA's Role" states that modern CPAs work "behind the scenes as trusted advisors in nearly all significant business decisions. Successful accountants display the ability to think strategically and creatively and to be problem solvers and business advisors." (Douglass, 2006) Douglass states that the views of the CPA are widely varied "...whether from the viewpoint of the investing public or from the perspective of the companies that engage CPAs to audit their financial statements or perform other functions. In fact, many people not involved in the business management or accounting profession may perceive CPAs…… [Read More]


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Garrison, Ray H. And Noreen, Eric W. (2009) What is Managerial Accounting/Cost Accounting. Accounting Management. Online available t:
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Countering Fraud for Competitive Advantage The Case of EU

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EU's Current Anti-Fraud Strategy

For some time now, the issue of fraud and corruption in public service has been an issue of concern. This has forced many organizations to establish strategies aimed at detecting and minimizing the occurrence of such fraudulent activities in areas under their jurisdiction. This paper discusses the strategic management concepts in the risk-based policing strategy coupled with the principles and importance involved in the enhancement of organisational performance. Complementary factors and organisational culture are components that facilitate and militate against strategic fraud and corruption. The paper established alternative and successful strategies dependent on the factors of willingness of groups and individuals and ways of accepting them. In turn, this is dependent on the people seeking change and an understanding of the organisation's culture. The following study identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the European Anti-fraud Office (OLAF) as a strategy used by the European Union in…… [Read More]


Barr, D., (2010). Fraud and error: The Future. Department for Work and Pensions

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Collier, P. (2005). Management Accounting-Risk and Control Strategy. New York: Elsevier.
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Studied Appeared a Business Accounting Publications A

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studied appeared a business accounting publications. A partial list publications article selected: The Accounting eview, Barrons, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, Barrons, and Wall Street Journal.

GAAP article review:

Crovitz, Gordon L. (2008, September 8).Closing the information GAAP. The Wall Street

Journal. etrieved November 22, 2010 at

GAAP article review:

Crovitz, Gordon L. (2008, September 8).Closing the information GAAP. The Wall Street

Journal. etrieved November 22, 2010 at

The Wall Street Journal is famous for its pro-business, conservative editorials. So perhaps it is no surprise that in 2008, Journal editorial writer Gordon L. Crovitz praised the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s decision to mandate a shift to international accounting standards, in a phasing out of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) by 2016 for all U.S. firms. The Journal writer said that this was reflective of the "remarkably quickening pace of acceptance of a true lingua franca for…… [Read More]


Crovitz, Gordon L. (2008, September 8).Closing the information GAAP. The Wall Street

Journal. Retrieved November 22, 2010 at 

Gibson, Scott. (2008, October). LIFO vs. FIFO: A return to the basics. RMA Journal. Retrieved November 22, 2010 at
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Cardsmax The Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release

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The Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release (AER) for this proceeding is no. 3288 June, 2011. In this case there was a violation of Section 10A of the exchange Act by L&H, Howley and ood 2005 & 2006-year-end audit, in addition this proceeding also discussed the year-end audits and quarterly interim reviews of the financial statements of Locate Plus Holdings Corporation ("Locate Plus") (Collectively "the Engagements"). Howley served as the Engagement Partner and ood served as the Concurring Partner on the Engagements. The complaint alleges that, as part of Locate Plus' fraud, its CEO and CFO created a fictitious customer called Omni Data Services, Inc. ("Omni Data") and that Locate Plus then improperly recognized revenue from Omni Data. The improper Omni Data revenue was included in Locate Plus' financial statements that were part of quarterly and annual reports for fiscal years 2005 and 2006 and were included in filings with…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Securities Exchange Act of 1913, USA before the SEC § et seq. (2011). Print.
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What Information System Holds in Accounting Industry's Future

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Information System holds in Accounting Industry's future?

Looking through the glass and estimating what the future holds for any individual or profession is always a difficult exercise as the trends in any business or profession may change and so the path of development. It is better to look at the experience of some companies whose systems have changed over the past few years and thus try to estimate what is likely to happen.

There are many changes that have come to the world through the development of Information Technology and Computers. All the changes have come over a relatively short period of twenty years, and in many cases both industry and concerned humans are yet to adjust to the changes. There are many changes which have come in the accounting industry also, and those changes give an idea of what is likely to happen in the future.

The organization where…… [Read More]


Anders, Susan B. (February, 2005) "Website of the Month: Legalbitstream" The CPA Journal.

Retrieved from  Accessed on 12 July, 2005

Anders, Susan B. (July, 2005) "Website of the Month: Kaplan CPA Review" The CPA Journal.

Retrieved from  Accessed on 12 July, 2005
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Future of Accounting

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Future of Accounting

The business world is in a period of change, with accounting a major part of that business world. As one report says, "Accounting is the language of business. It is and always will be the analysis of how money is used by businesses, nonprofit organizations, governments and individuals" (Insight). As the business world changes, accounting must change to continue to meets the needs of businesses. This is one of the areas that will greatly influence the future of management accounting. To understand this issue further, the current and future trends in accounting will be investigated. This includes considering the changes in the work environment for accounting employees, trends in accounting roles and future opportunities for accountants, and future skills of accountants that will be in high demand. Considering these three areas will show where business accounting is headed and how best accounting professionals can prepare for these…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Gabbin, A.L. "The crisis in accounting education; the CPA's role in attracting the best and the brightest to the profession." Journal of Accountancy. April 2002. 7 Nov. 2002. 

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The pace of change." Insight. February/March 2002. 7 Nov. 2002.
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Managerial Finance and Accounting

Words: 502 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74543946

Managerial Accounting: Organizations and Expectations

The profession and practice of accounting has become increasingly prominent and increasingly scrutinized over the past decade or so, in the wake of major scandals and upsets in the business world that can be traced in part to nebulous and unethical accounting practices or outright frauds. Because of this increased prominence, accountants today need to be more concerned than ever with not only the standards to which they hold themselves and their work, but also the appearance of these high standards and performance capabilities. This is one of the major benefits, along with many others, of belonging to a professional organization. The authority and austerity that the right professional organization carries provides these abstract as well as concrete benefits to member accountants, from increasing confidence and camaraderie to detailing the actual expectations and requirements of the task of accounting.

The Institute of Management Accountants is…… [Read More]


IMA. (2012). Institute of Management Accountants. Accessed 10 January 2011.
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Disclosure Principle in Accounting Is the Standard

Words: 1035 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93607441

disclosure principle in accounting is the standard adopted by the accounting profession, which "calls for financial reporting of any financial facts significant enough to influence the judgment of an informed reader" (Kieso, Weygandt, & Warfield, 2007). Obviously, this definition is a very subjective one, because the reporting entity makes the determination of what facts are significant enough to influence an informed reader. "To reduce the amount of disclosure, it is customary to only disclose information about events that are likely to have a material impact on the entity's financial position or financial results" (Accounting Tools, 2011). However, the principle is not meant to be narrowly interpreted, and may require a company to report things that cannot be reduced to numbers on a balance sheet. For example, "this disclosure may include items that cannot yet be precisely quantified, such as the presence of a dispute with a government entity over a…… [Read More]


Accounting Principles. (2011). The full disclosure principle. Retrieved from

Kieso, D.E., Weygandt, J.J., & Warfield, T.D. (2007). Intermediate accounting (12th ed.).

Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
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Case Analysis of an Accounting Company

Words: 2705 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19072080

conception that is laid behind write-down of inventory is that the amount value of the inventory being considered can still appear in the financial statements only if the inventory still has some worth or value. This particular amount value is attained by getting the difference between the original costs of the inventory as the prevailing market replacement value. In accordance to IAS 2, if the loss on write-down of inventory is minimal or trivial, it can be reported on the financial statements as a part of the cost of goods sold. On the other hand, if the loss amount is high then it is imperative to report it in the income statement in a separate line. More so, these kinds of aspects typically develop into a violation. Examples of these instances include the case of Enron Company and also the case of WorldCom. On the other hand, IAS1 encompasses the…… [Read More]


Rittenberg, Larry., Johnstone, Karla., Gramling, Audrey. Auditing: A Business Risk Approach. Ohio: South Western Cengage, 2010.

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Bickley, James. Employee Stock Options: Tax Treatment and Tax Issues. Congressional Research Service, 2012. Retrieved from:
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Analyzing Accounting and Taxation

Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 49058685

Taxation Accounting:

Criminal fraud vs. Civil fraud and taxation of U.S. businesses operating abroad

Tax and Tax Code reforms

When a client's accounts were appraised by the IS, it was discovered that an omission of $100,000 had occurred. Upon such discovery, the first step is to investigate the taxpayer individually so as to collect historic reports of the individual; whether he had engaged in any non-compliance of this sort earlier or this is his first time. To determine whether a criminal prosecution is appropriate, a proof that the misconduct was carried out without an acceptable reason is required (CIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AND POSECUTIONS OF TAX FAUD CASES GUIDELINES). The following conditions must be kept in view when deciding whether a case can be prosecuted or not:

The validity of the proof of the fraud, the sources and contents used to produce a judgment.

The willingness of the prosecutor to carry on…… [Read More]


(n.d.). Department of Taxation and Finance. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AND PROSECUTIONS OF TAX FRAUD CASES GUIDELINES. Retrieved June 6, 2016, from 

Dubay. (2014). Conservative Policy Research and Analysis. How Tax Reform Would Help American Families. Retrieved June 6, 2016, from 

Gale. (2002). Brookings - Quality. Independence. Impact. The Tax Treatment of Foreign Income: Issues and Options. Retrieved June 6, 2016, from 

(n.d.). The White House -- Taxes -- Retrieved June 6, 2016, from
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Relevance Materiality Quantitative the Financial Year Accounting Period

Words: 3440 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75799930




The Financial Year/Accounting Period Concept

Application of Literature eview into practice for IKEA's 3-year (2009-2010-2011) financial reports

What is missing and ok in the reports? The good and bad points of eports based on Literature eview.

103-year comparative ratio analysis and their interpretations

Literature eview of "Strategic Management Accounting Concept" and its application to facilitate the IKEA's ambitions for the future.

The concept of financial reporting is important to each and every organization. The information contained in financial reports is important since it helps in the reduction of financial risks while also acting as a tool for corporate governance (Kothari,2000; Berndt,2007).Financial report must have a series of desirable characteristics. In this paper, we use IKEA's financial reports in evaluating the desirable characteristics of financial reports. Also discussed is the possible effects of using the concepts of strategic management accounting and its methods in the promotion and facilitation…… [Read More]


Beuselinck, C. & Manigart, S. (2007). Financial Reporting Quality in Private Equity Backed Companies: The Impact of Ownership Concentration. Small Business Economics, 29, 261-274.

Dabor, EL., Adeyemi, SB (2009).Corporate Governance and the credibility of financial statements in Nigeria. Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics. Vol 4, (1)

Datamonitor (2012). Ikea Group. 

Dechow, P.M., Sloan, R.G. & Sweeney, A.P. (1996). Causes and consequences of earnings manipulation: An analysis of firms subject to enforcement actions by the SEC. Contemporary Accounting Research, 13(1), 1-36.
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Interrelationships Within the Accounting Profession

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internal auditor, the external auditor and the CFO. The essay also reviews their respective responsibilities, inherent conflicts between them and ethical considerations for each. Finally the essay reviews the treatment of balance sheet items from the perspective of each position.

The internal auditor typically reports to the CFO and is responsible for reviewing work done by fellow employees, checking for errors, oversights and irregularities. The standard method used to conduct an audit involves examining a transaction or process and comparing how it was done with the way it is documented in an operating procedure or accounting convention, then reporting to management on any differences. The internal auditor may use a number of methods or tools to capture information, sometimes even designing or adapting an existing tool to track the information being reviewed (Blackburn, 2011).

Information presented in the internal auditor's report is vital to management's ability to run a successful…… [Read More]

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Steinbach & Sons Accounting Steinbach & Sons

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Steinbach & Sons Accounting

Steinbach & Sons Case

Accounting Implications

The adjusting process that this case alludes to occurs both on the income statements as well as the balance sheet. The adjustment that will affect the income statement is:

$2,000 dollar sales of furniture to family members

Added to the gross revenues ( + $2,000)

The adjustments that will affect the balance sheet are:

$900 Wages owed to employees

This would be added to the short-term liabilities account ( + $900)

$400 Prepaid Insurance that Expired

This would be debited for the asset account ( - $400)

The additional revenue can be added to the profit and loss statement and be added to the gross revenue figure. The nine hundred dollars owed to employees will increase the liabilities account if properly adjusted. The prepaid insurance would count as an asset if not adjusted, however since it has expired if it…… [Read More]

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Financial Fraud Fannie Mae Review of Fraud

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Financial Fraud Fannie Mae

eview of Fraud Schemes within Fannie Mae 1998-2004


The agency found the fraud understatements of earnings and illegal gratuities that led to accounting violations and inability to meet Wall Street goals.

The investigation of Lee Frakas, executive of a major mortgage company which had dealings with Fannie Mae with hundreds of fake mortgages. The Securities Exchange Commission cited that Fannie Mae had to repay earnings and correct their books for the period 2001 through 2004. This major undertaking will cost the company over $11 billion by SEC estimates. In addition the Department of Justice has conducted a criminal investigation on the board members.


The top executive managing Fannie Mae were found guilty of illegally reporting accounting information that led to their receiving million dollar payments. Under Fraudulent Financial Statement Schemes this case is one of corruption and financial fraud. The specific areas include Illegal…… [Read More]


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Information Technology IT Fraud

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IT Fraud

Evaluate the factors that add to corporate fraud

The business fraud can be credited to conditions emerging from deceptive monetary reporting and misappropriation of possessions. These conditions are 3 and all 3 features of the fraud triangle have to exist for fraud to take place. Management or staff members have to have the reward or pressure to dedicate fraud, see the opportunity emerge and have the ability to justify the occasion.


Management or perhaps others in the workforce will have benefits or conditions of pressure to carry out fraud. If the choice is made by management to publish illegal monetary statements, the most typical reason for this will be threat by financial, market or entity operating conditions to the monetary security and productivity of the business. Extreme pressure is put on management to satisfy the projection made by industry experts, internal company projections or to pay back…… [Read More]


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Olympus Corporation Fraud Case Olympus Corporation Is

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Olympus Corporation Fraud Case:

Olympus Corporation is one of Japan's most vulnerable companies that faced potential bankruptcy and possible jail time for its executives in 2011. The firm was founded in 1919 and it's a manufacturer of electronic equipments and digital cameras. In addition to being headquartered in Tokyo, Olympus Corporation is a multibillion-dollar company with its operations across the globe. In October 2011, the corporation was hit by a scandal when its Chief Executive Officer was suddenly fired, a decision that was attributed to a culture clash. While the chief executive had worked in the firm for three decades, he was sacked for attempting to force investigations into various acquisitions made before he was appointed as chief.

The investigations were on three acquisitions made by Olympus including the fees paid to an obscure financial advisor in 2008 worth $687 million over the acquisition of Gyrus, the British medical equipment.…… [Read More]


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