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Advertisements Analysis of Women's Advertisements

Words: 545 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53194031

This was very pronounced in Sports Illustrated and not as present in Seventeen. The target market for these ads were young girls in the 17 to 25 age group, and with Architectural Digest and Prevention, older women in the 25 -- 50 ages demographic.

What was most significant about the older advertisements was the wide differences in how women in careers vs. homemakers were portrayed. Women in careers are seen as juggling two or more mores and struggling to keep up with all of them (Comer, Jolson, 1991). This was certainly the case with the professional women's advertisements. Of the women portrayed in Architectural Digest ads, products were portrayed as assisting them to attain competency n their entire life, across all roles. This implies that women struggle to attain competency in more than one role in their life and they must sacrifice as a result (Cox, 2009). These of women's…… [Read More]


Comer, L.B., & Jolson, M.A. (1991). Perceptions of gender stereotypic behavior: An exploratory study of women in selling. The Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 11(1), 43-43.

Cox, a. (2009). Visual representations of gender and computing in consumer and professional magazines. New Technology, Work, and Employment, 24(1), 89-106.
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Advertisement in the Media Assessing Company Motive

Words: 655 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49501259

Advertisement in the Media: Assessing Company

Motive and Public Perception

Kassin, Fein and Markus (2011) note: "the strength of an attitude is indicated not only by the amount of information on which it is based but also by how that information was acquired" (p. 213). This notion applies perfectly to the art of successful advertisement. The public need not be bombarded by the same advertisement on a daily basis to have its message engrained in their minds. A clever advertisement, if presented in the right manner, only takes one view to resonate in its viewers psyche, leaving them thinking about the ad long after they are out of its physical presence.

This type of resonating advertisement can be seen in Denver Water's recent water conservation promotion campaign which reads, "Use Only What You Need." The billboard itself utilizes only about one fourth of the available space, leaving the rest of…… [Read More]


Kassin, S., Fein, S., and Markus, H. (2011). Social Psychology, 8th Edition. Belmont, CA:

Wadsworth Publishing.

Advertisement Text: "Use Only What You Need"

Advertiser: Denver Water
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Advertisements to Compare

Words: 1347 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36245595

Advertisements Comparison

Advertisements to Compare

Understanding the consumer behavior is the first and significant step in ensuring the product intended for sale gets the right placement in the sales chain. The communication of the desired message about a product to the target customer is of great importance since without getting information about a product then there is no way one can purchase the product. This is because the customers have to have adequate information for them to make an informed decision of whether or not they will purchase what is being sold.

The paper will look at two advertisements and make a comparison of the two. It will also identify the target group that is likely to purchase the product that is on the advertisement. There will also be a discussion on the channels of communicating the message that is on the advertisement to the target group and details on…… [Read More]


Gfk, (2014). Advertising and Communication Optimization. Retrieved February 3, 2014 from 

Nraombr.(2014). Marketing Communication: Channels and Promotion Tools . Retrieved February 3, 2014 from 

Shoes advertisement. 

MacDonald's Advertisement.
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Advertisement Media Benefits When a Company Wants

Words: 1295 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60135738

Advertisement Media


When a company wants to promote a featured application or product, there are many ways to grab the instant attention of possible consumers. One option that should be considered is the use of large, vibrant and clear images. This option will immediately grab the attention of the individual viewing it. It will only take a few seconds of viewing a particular item to know if it would interest or be beneficial to the consumer. The first announcement of the Apple iPhone was during the 79th Academy Award Show in a commercial where the iPhone said "Hello" followed by several well-known movie stars and celebrities handle the phone by cameo appearances (Mickalowski, Mickelson, and Keltgen, 2009). The pictures of the product should be descriptive enough on their own, leaving the written content to a minimum. The ad should keep the content brief but informative by using bold and…… [Read More]


Mickalowski, K, Mckelson, M., and Keltgen, J. (2009). Apple iPhone Launch Study in Effective Marketing. Retrieved March 18, 2011 from -



Schrank, J. (2011). The language of advertising claims. Retrieved March 18, 2011 from
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Advertisement the Advertising I Have

Words: 1130 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 4694961

On the other hand, the god was also a winged god and using his symbol also could mean that the company advertised its capacity to make things fly, both in a practical and symbolical manner. In any case, the central place on the blimp for the company logo is relevant in showing the importance that is being attributed to the winged shoe.

The text is written in yellow on blue and the most reasonable explanation for this is the fact that yellow is a color that stands out, especially on its blue background. It is also an optimistic color, which means that Goodyear will thus be associated with a positive outlook. The lines above and below the writing are very important, because they emphasize the writing and attract the attention of the audience to them. The text and message is thus centered, both on the blimp and in the minds…… [Read More]


1. On the Internet at  retrieved on January 20, 2009

On the Internet at
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Advertisements an Analysis of Two

Words: 1077 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75201403

The ad can appeal to women who want to be women in an old world view sort of way -- and not have to be the leader in a relationship or in a family. This dual appeal may also be discernible in the John hite shoe ad, which at first glance appeals mainly to men.

The John hite shoe ad features a nude woman holding a John hite men's shoe over her groin. The nudity of the female form is sure to lure a man's eye, but the bold sexuality of her nudity is sure to catch the woman's attention as well and tell her what she can do to lure a man's attention. The woman's body is thin and fit, with large breasts and trim waist. hile it can arouse the desire of the man viewing it, a woman might find the ad appealing if she believes such a…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bordo, Susan. "Hunger as Ideology." Eating Culture. (ed. By Ron Scapp). NY: State

University of NY Press, 1993. Print.

Gans, Herbert. Popular Culture and High Culture. NY: Basic Books, 1999. Print.

Hall, Stuart. "Spectacle of the Other." Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices. UK: Open University, 1997. Print.
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Advertisement -- Image Analysis the

Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70277912

It's in Tiger; is it in you?"

This too is another appeal to logos that also incorporates a more explicit version of ethos by the obvious suggestion that there is something intangible that makes a winner. As is the case with celebrity endorsements in general, the strategy is to motivate the consumer to associate the success (or other admirable qualities or attributes) of the individual with the product. By doing so, it is hoped that consumers will want to be as much as possible like the celebrity who they admire, even when the only similarity is their use of the same energy drink product.

That phrase also emphasizes the words it's and it in conjunction with a play on words inherent in the dual interpretation that it invites. The implication is that winners like Tiger Woods have something (i.e. it) that separates winners from losers and that those who are…… [Read More]

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Ad Analysis -- Post-Purchase Evaluation

Words: 638 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 38661497

In the ad, we see a testimonial coming from a working mother. Hence, consumption has already taken place and upon her consumption of the product, the working mother found significant value in it. This can be attested by the product's instrumental value, i.e. she took the product to lose weight and this is exactly what happened. We can also detect its hedonic value when the working mother found the product's website to be helpful and encouraging. This helped make product consumption an enjoyable and positive experience. Product satisfaction, on the other hand, is the result of the value she placed upon the consumed product. In this case, product satisfaction is high because of the positive value obtained by the product from the consumer.

In terms of the type of influence used, we argue that both internal and external techniques were employed. The advertisement appealed on consumer perception and better judgment…… [Read More]


Babin, Barry J. & Harris, Eric G. CB. Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning. 2009.
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Ad Analysis -- Need Recognition

Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 33501456

But the detection between these two states can be easily identifiable for some mothers but not for others. Hence, we can also infer that the need recognition in this ad can also be the case whereby need is stimulated by the marketer through product information. The '#1 Pediatrician-ecommended Non-Drowsy Brand' label in the advertisement is already basic product information. The same holds true for the 'Only Children's Claritin Provides Non-Drowsy Allergy elief' label. The parent is also informed of allergy symptoms that s/he may not be aware of in the first place as the many allergy symptoms are enumerated in the advertisement.

We also argue that this advertisement relies on internal type of influence as most of the product information mentioned earlier are in fact superiority claims (e.g. #1 Pediatrician-ecommended Non-Drowsy Brand, 'Only Children's Claritin Provides Non-Drowsy Allergy elief) which rely on consumer judgment. The marketers believe that consumers, upon…… [Read More]


Babin, Barry J. & Harris, Eric G. CB. Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning. 2009.
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Advertisement IT's Halftime in America

Words: 932 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29075573

his is because of the fact that Chrysler is now getting back its success, as well as because of the fact that the company now is becoming more and more known worldwide. he utilization of Clint Eastwood was also a stroke of genius. His voice is not only well-known but also authoritative and emotional in a way that only adds credibility to the brand.

he ethos here is thus found on two fronts: the subject of the commercial as well as the way in which it is delivered by Eastwood. When he speaks about Detroit, Eastwood utilizes personal as well-known anecdotes that the country can recognize and that can rally it towards a common goal. In fact, the word 'rally' and the phrase 'acted as one' is utilized many times, as Eastwood stresses, time and again his faith in the strength of the country, as well as its ability to…… [Read More]

The commercial, in my view, is quite successful. This is because it makes use of fantastic appeals processes, especially pathos and ethos. Eastwood's voice also contributes to this feeling, as it is the perfect voice to deliver a message of hope and of togetherness. One needs only watch this ad to feel truly that Chrysler can come back, and can make a difference in America. And one can also feel that the overall message of hope will truly be true, as America will get back on its feet and will truly overcome the current economic crisis.

The advertisement analyzed here can be found at the following link:
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Advertisements for Harley Davidson Both Have the

Words: 4814 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95979455

advertisements for Harley Davidson both have the overall message that Harley Davidson's are for rebellious individuals and that societies rules do not apply to the Harley Davidson owner.

The text of the first ad, "in some circles, paisley and florals have yet to catch on" sets the tone for the ad and also conveys the meaning. Firstly, the text has an air of importance to it as well as an air of indifference. The "in some circles" is patronizing and suggests that these 'some' are not as good as the rest. The humor associated with 'paisley and florals' takes the edge of this patronizing feel, so that overall the text has a humor that means it is not to be taken too seriously. This creates a humorous and ironic tone to the ad. This text, without the picture, also captures the meaning of the ad. These 'circles' that haven't caught…… [Read More]

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Advertisements Advertising Is One of

Words: 545 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 7699726

It also shows that the brand's values are for promoting connectedness and kindness between others. This is what the Happiness Machine is often written about and included in many different courses on successful messaging.

The second ad is for Coke Zero, with specific focus on the United Kingdom including a James Bond theme can he found here This commercial is more oriented towards esteem and self-actualization and a reliance on self-actualization through ingenious strategies and action. It is inclusionary yet with the twist of intellectual and ingenious action, which is perfect for British society. The last video is all-inclusive and shows how the world can be a cold place without a friend. Turkey is a very family-driven culture yet also one with very strict guidelines for behavior. That is why this video is so soft; it shows people being supportive of each other as their culture can at times…… [Read More]


Dalgic, T. (1994). International marketing and market orientation: An early conceptual attempt at integration. Advances in International Marketing, 6, 69-69.

Kleiner, B.H. (1983). Integrating major motivational theories. Journal of Systems Management, 34(2), 26-26.

Sheth, J.N., & Sharma, a. (2005). International e-marketing: Opportunities and issues. International Marketing Review, 22(6), 611-622.
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Advertisements Are Specifically Designed to Lure Select

Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50495924

advertisements are specifically designed to lure select audiences -- such as the use of Joe Camel to entice youth to smoke. The article "Racial and Gender Biases in Magazine Advertising" concerns a study that looked at whether or not this problem with stereotyped advertising has grown. Are the racial and gender biases in magazine advertisements increasing, and, if so, to what extent? To determine the answer, authors S. Plous and Dominque Nepture of Wesleyan University conducted content analyses of ten years of fashion advertisements geared toward white women, black females or white men. In total, 1000 ads were studied that ran in 1985 to 1994 publications. The researchers found a) except for black females in white women's magazines, African-Americans were underrepresented in white magazines; b) female body exposure was greater than male body exposure, and white female body exposure rose significantly during the ten years; c) white women were shown…… [Read More]

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Analysis of'strategy implementation at the Coca-Cola Corporation

Words: 2328 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95539080

Executive summary

This research paper examines the organizational design of the Coca Cola Company and describes its structure of organization. The organizational structure of the Coca Cola Company is clearly unique. Regional managers employed by the company are given powers to make decisions. The company has ensured that it responds quickly to the changes in market demands by allowing localized decision making. The management at higher level is, consequently, given the time they need to think through long term strategies and plans. Although Coca Cola has made significant efforts to reinvent its brand and products on the market, its growth has slacked in recent day. There is an indication that the company should rethink its strategy for products if it is to remain relevant and competitive on the market. This study sums up by pointing out the changes recommended to keep the company growing fast.


It is evident that…… [Read More]

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Analysis of Moschino Barbie Ad

Words: 1006 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58551607


Company Overview

Mattel is a producer of children's toys, including the well-known industry brands Fisher Price, Barbie and Hot Wheels. The company has strategic partnerships with several other major brands such as Disney, WWE, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. The company did nearly $6.5 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year, and turned a profit of just of $900 million. Nearly half of its revenues come from international markets.

The Barbie brand is the most important for the company, with just over $1 billion in annual revenues. The company's marketing is focused around the end-of-year, when gift-buying for children reaches its peak. The company utilizes most forms of media for its advertising, including traditional 30-second television spots. Mattel spent $733.2 million, or 12.2% of net sales, on its marketing efforts in the last fiscal year (Mattel 2014 Annual eport). In terms of distribution, its three largest customers are Walmart,…… [Read More]


Mattel 2014 Annual Report. Retrieved November 30, 2015 from

Ad link:
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Comparing Two Advertisements

Words: 1633 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70094127

Advertisements for the Same Product

Advertisement is basically a one-way communication means that is geared towards informing probable customers regarding a product and/or service and how and where to find the product and/or service. Advertisements usually contain a persuasive message through an identified sponsor. The purpose of the identified sponsor is non-personal promotion of a company's products and/or services to probable customers. In most cases, medium and large companies use advertisements to promote their products and/or services while focusing on creating assumption among customers that will lead to purchase. While companies use advertisements to market their product and/or services, advertisements of the same product may vary depending on various factors. This difference is characterized by varying language, images, and sounds that focus on making the product desirable and appealing.

Considerations When Designing Advertisements

Generally, big companies or businesses utilize advertisements in attempts to reach markets and target audience through product…… [Read More]

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SPORT2SPORT Agnecy Analysis Sport 2

Words: 5224 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 83294370

This aspect is greatly leveraged upon by Sport2Sport as different target populations share their experiences on company's Facebook page. There is also an aspect of quick customer response having the potential of going viral over the internet. This makes companies such as Sport2Sport to focus on customer satisfaction and prompt response. Although it may seem untraditional not to focus on traditional advertising and marketing mediums, the paradigm shift in approach to marketing and advertisement has led this agency to effectively spend their marketing budget on online campaigns and maintenance of web-presence.

IV- Organizational structure

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reported that Sport2Sport is a limited liability company (LLC) with its current rating at A-. The highest possible rating that an agency can get with BBB is A+ (BBB Business eview, 2013). The length of time that the firm is in business is the only potentially negative factor reported by the…… [Read More]


Annual Report. (2013). Sport2Sport Limited Liability Company Annual Report. DEPARTMNET of the SECRETARY of STATE, North Carolina NC. Retrieved from: [ ]

BBB Business Review. (2013). Better Business Bureau: Business Review Sport2Sport LLC. Retrieved from: [ ]

CNN Money. (2012). Best Places to Live. Retrieved from: ( n.d). Sport2Sport. Retrieved from: [ ]
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External Analysis Motorcycle Industry External Analysis of

Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25160441

External Analysis Motorcycle Industry

External Analysis of the Motorcycle Industry

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson, the heavy-bike manufacturer holds the purpose of fulfilling dreams of personal freedom (Purpose: Harley Davidson, 2013). The company functions in segments of Motorcycles & elated Products and the Financial Services. It is however globally known for heavy bikes that have engine displacement of 651+cc (Harley-Davidson Inc. 2013). The company enjoys a unique position in the market yet it is exposed to many new market challenges in recent future. The demand for heavy bikes has increased among those that are not necessarily filthy rich and other companies are also entering the industry. Here is the PEST analysis of Harley Davidson to study what challenges it is facing in external environment.

PEST Analysis

The PEST analysis offers a detailed picture of how the macro environment factors affect the performance of Harley Davidson. The PEST stands for Political, Economic,…… [Read More]


Engel, J., (2013), "Polaris challenges Harley-Davidson with 3 Indian motorcycles," Retrieved


Harley-Davidson Inc. (2013), Retrieved from:  ness/companies/harleydavidson_inc/index.html
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Individual Analysis the Current Job Environment Means

Words: 1357 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21143308

Individual Analysis

The current job environment means that people have to be well qualified for the job they are seeking or they will not be considered a candidate. There are people hunting for jobs who have decades of experience in a particular field, so it is difficult for a recent graduate, even one with a graduate degree and some experience in management, to compete with this type of candidate. This is the situation that I find myself in. I am going to hit the job market with a graduate-level degree and some amount of experience, but very little practical experience. It is possible to entice a prospective employer with the fact that I am young and have recent intense theoretical knowledge (which may help in some instances, but not many), but most employers realize that they have a wide pool of applicants to look through with vastly greater amounts of…… [Read More]


French, W. (2005). Organization development and transformation: Managing effective change, McGraw-Hill / Irwin.

Hellriegel, D. (2007). Competency-based management, 11th ed., South Western.

Paton, R., & McCalman, J. (2008) Change management, London: Sage.

Senior, B., & Swailes, S. (2010). Organizational Change, 4th ed., New York: Prentice Hall.
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Stylistic Analysis of the Representation

Words: 3055 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88574388

This view is evident in this earlier advertisement for United Airlines; which uses the female stereotypes of nature to convey its message of care and stability.

Source: (

The following advertisement from a magazine cover from the 1940's also strongly suggests female stereotypes associated with food and family. Note as well the title of the magazine - Everywoman - which suggests a stereotypical ideal that women should strive for.


Many contemporary advertisements still tend to use male and female stereotypes but this usage in the media has become more sophisticated and subtle in terms of the way that it is encoded in the style and the visual language of the advertisement. The following comparison clearly shows this aspect.

Fig.3 Davidoff Cool ater-oman

Fig.4 Davidoff Cool ater - Man

Source: Introduction: Advertising & Gender

In the above advertisements, both figures three and four display the same style of photography…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Controlling Advertising ? ASA Schools and Colleges resources No 1. December .

Dolls. December 20, 2007. 

Garst J. And Bodenhausen G. Advertising's effects on men's gender role attitudes. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, May, 1997. December 20, 2007.
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Targeting Different Audiences Three Advertisements

Words: 998 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74281956

Purchase the cologne and the male wearer will instantly become like the man in the advertisement, the picture suggests -- or your boyfriend or husband will become like the man in the advertisement. Of course, written out directly, this statement sounds absurd. This message is conveyed in a subtle fashion, through subtext and visual suggestion rather than overtly.

Cologne is not a functional product: it is not strictly a 'necessity.' Any additional cost demanded by the manufacturer is based upon the intangible aspects wearing it conveys to the viewer. Rather than practical attributes (even a cream like Oil of Olay has a certain, specific use it must fulfill -- no matter how well-marketed, it is unlikely to be purchased unless it actually helps the wearer's skin) a cologne's appeal is almost completely based upon the wearer's self-image and the image he wishes to project. The image of the man is…… [Read More]

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TV Analysis for Food Products

Words: 466 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6418748

Convenience rather than creating cuisine is the priority of Kraft ads. Adult tastes are given less of a priority than suiting the palate of children. Nutrition is paid homage to, but only in the sense of giving a family a starch, protein, and vegetable on a plate in the Hormel TV dinner advertisement.

One ad that occurred towards the end of the show, a Domino's Pizza advertisement, seemed to clash with the demographic of the other advertisement. However, the cheapness of Domino's many specials enables a mother to feed a large family quickly.

It is interesting to compare the Martha advertising with the advertising for later-night television programs aimed at a younger demographic, with a larger male audience. These ads favor snack food like sodas, have hipper and more conceptual features, and in the case of many fast food advertisements like KFC and McDonald's, often feature minority actors, even those…… [Read More]

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Art Analysis of an Advertisement

Words: 1485 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47944622

The traditional estern woman would not wear the mark of the warrior, the war paint, or other decorative markings. but, in the idealized world of the advertisement, a woman can as well be a warrior for a cause, as man a soldier for that in which he believes. As well, gender is used to contrast the softness and over-refinement of a highly technological and industrial world with the rigors of everyday life in the African environment. Here also, the message is that traditional gender roles must be abandoned if we are to become one; if we are to recognize our genuine and universal heritage. This heritage is symbolized by the naked purity of the African tope.

An Ideological Description:

Beyond its gendered and Eurocentric vs. Afrocentric text, the advertisement carries a very powerful subtext about the need for all of us to recognize our "Africanness." Gwyneth Paltrow is a estern…… [Read More]

Works Cited 

Boehm, Christopher. Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1999.

From the Tour: Titian and the Late Renaissance in Venice." The Collection, National Gallery of Art. Washington, D.C.: National Gallery of Art, 2006. URL: .
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Gender Analysis the Message a Marketing Materials

Words: 738 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58287699

Gender Analysis

The message a marketing materials creates to target its audience is vital in terms of its visual and graphical representation to achieve desired results. The following sections are focused to analyze the visual message of Bud Light Lime to understand the target audience of the advertisement. The use of gender images and portraits also carry a significant value in a visual presentation it is also analyzed to highlight its relevance in creating social constructions. The analysis is also focused on the targeted audience, layout, and people. The text and images of the product are also of particular relevance along with the color scheme of the advertisement. The impact on contemporary American society and relevance is also elaborated in the conclusion.


Target audience:

The particular relevance of the target audience is revealed through analysis of the visual aspects, the portraits, and type of message delivered in the advertisement.…… [Read More]

Work Cited:

Lester, Paul Martin. Visual communication: Images with messages. Cengage Learning, 2012.

Rosen, Ruth. The world split open: How the modern women's movement changed America. Tantor eBooks, 2013.
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Ads Analysis for Presidential Candidates

Words: 1843 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57664576

Campaign Advertisements

Ad Analysis for Presidential Candidates

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Link to chosen campaign ad:

The main ad I viewed for LBJ was the one entitled "Our President." It was a black and white ad of still photographs. The pictures were of Johnson sitting with a look of concentration and his head resting on one hand. The message in the background talked about what the president is to be and what the presidents have been. It is basically saying that Johnson is the current president and he matches the preceding ones in his concern, prudence, etc. The language of the ad is formal and biographical. There are no harsh or negative words and the tone is measured and consistent. At the end of the ad, two things are noticeable. The narrator asks that you "Vote for President Johnson on November third" and secondly he adds the catch phrase which…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bush, George H.W. Advertisement. Living Room Candidate, 1988. Web.

Carter, Jimmy. Advertisement. Living Room Candidate, 1976. Web.

Clinton, William J. Advertisement. Living Room Candidate, 1992. Web.

Ford, Gerald R. Advertisement. Living Room Candidate, 1976. Web.
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Children's Cereal Advertisements A Frosted

Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24862221

There is always a question as to who is really the purchase-driver of children's foods. One school of thought suggests that children, through the 'nag factor.' drive the purchases of sugary cereals. On the other hand, some might say that it is always the parent who puts down the final dollars for the product. The contemporary Frosted Flakes advertisement shows Kellogg's savvy in understanding that it is both: Tony the Tiger's image draws children in, yet parents are comforted by the fact that the cereal apparently contains some nutritional value.

Unlike the earlier box, however, this ad is quite misleading. Its stress that the flakes are "full of energy" hides the fact that 'energy' is being used as a synonym for calories and sugar. Even a Snickers bar, after all provides energy. The advertisement of today is more holistic in its audience target. It also reveals that the way people…… [Read More]

Works Cited

1960s Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Advertisement. Flickr. October 27, 2010. 

Frosted Flakes Gold. October 27, 2010.
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Advertising Analysis From a Teen-Targeted

Words: 531 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76131368

Rather, it is suggested that her exterior demeanor is an expression of her inner self. She is as comfortable with herself as a pair of Keds is to wear.

Aspirations communicated in the ad

The aspirations that are communicated in the advertisement are the desire to be true to one's self and comfortable with one's own identity. There is also a great deal of nostalgia conveyed by the advertisement. Many people, including teens, fondly remember wearing Keds when they were young. The girl is able to still hold onto her youth by wearing Keds, even while she is 'breaking out' of her old identity as a child. She does not have to act like an adolescent girl is supposed to, or like a child -- she can be mature and carefree, wear Keds and still be grown-up in her desire to express her unique sense of self.

Cultural values

Individualism…… [Read More]

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1994 Smirnoff Advertisement Incorporate Three of the

Words: 960 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20901766

1994 Smirnoff advertisement.

Incorporate three of the factors that influence meaning as critical criterion.

Smirnoff's 1994 campaign was a trend-setting advertising campaign that boosted the product and enhanced its worldwide selling power.

This 1994 advertisement for the world's best selling vodka was based on spectacular or illusion advertising. The theme -- this bottle can change reality. This is a good example of category and brand development tools that set the stage for some of the more critical criteria for producing a successful advertisement.

What is the advertisement saying to audiences? And what was its intended message? In all probability, the message(s) could be perceived differently by different populations. The overall connotation appears to link Smirnoff with symbols of American pride -- the Statue of Liberty, Marilyn Monroe and what looks like New York City. The hidden message could be "American loves Smirnoff"; or "be true to the red, white and…… [Read More]

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Business Communications Final Analysis Report in Order

Words: 1530 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37499738

Business Communications Final Analysis Report

In order to apply the strategies and decisions formulated in the initial phases of the communication research, they are applied in the context of business communication, particularly in group decision-making processes. In the final analysis report, the case study on the Creative Media team conflict is discussed, addressing the prevalent issues that bring about miscommunication within the team.

The case study on the Creative Media team situation has the following specifics: Gap Jeans, Inc. is planning to launch a new advertising campaign for its new product, called the Gap Washed Jeans, which features a denim-wash (faded look) feature for women, which will be available in hipster and flared styles. Gap is looking for a creative ad agency that will conceptualize and produce the ad campaign, although specific information about the nature of the ad campaign is not yet formulated. Thus, the whole advertising and marketing…… [Read More]

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PESTEL Analysis PESTLE Analysis Thompson & Martin

Words: 1541 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69818873

PESTEL Analysis

PESTLE analysis

Thompson & Martin (2010) brings about the significance of external as well as internal analysis of a business empire as they point out the manner in which they can improve a number of intensive as well as effective strategies. Based on their argument, it is without doubt that both external as well as internal analysis reflects on the most fundamentals for the organization with the aim of taking care of situations for instance, intensive market competition among others. Based on the above statement, it is therefore important to bring about the strategic analysis of Signarama Company which on the other hand can be called PESTLE. The concentration will be on the external aspect analysis and vision of the company and further project on whether the company's current strategic position is the preferred one for it. It is also important that this analysis brings out the effectiveness…… [Read More]

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Marketing Promotion Analysis Promotion and Price Analysis

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Marketing (Promotion Analysis)

Promotion and Price Analysis Paper on Canon USA, Inc.

Analyzing the promotional aspect of a product or service within a business organization involves identifying and studying the dynamics of various promotional strategies, such as print, television, radio, Internet, telemarketing, direct mail, and publicity media. This paper conducts a promotional analysis of the company Canon USA Inc., a professional business and consumer imaging equipment and information systems provider. The analysis includes promotional strategies of Canon USA through three media: publicity, print, and Internet (or online). The rationale behind the use of these three promotional strategies is that the company has more exposure and promotional programs among these three media.

In terms of print promotion, Canon advertises on international publications (newspapers and magazines), especially news-oriented ones (e.g., Newsweek and TIME magazines). These print advertisements mainly illustrate three of the company's most popular products, which are printers, cameras, and copier…… [Read More]


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Canon Official web site. Available at:
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Live Concert Analysis How Doing Good Makes

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Live Concet Analysis

How Doing Good Makes Us Feel Poweful and Poweless at the Same Time

Design Activism vs. Design fo Social Change

The Awakening Consciousness of Designes 1960's


Thee has been lukewam inteest in public sevice design, social impact and design activism. But in most convesations, all othe designs wok to enhance the standad of living of the people; some of it must be activism. The agument is seldom boosted by the notion that achitectue has been impacted by intellectual movements and ats fo instance, modenism which fuels an idea of a evolutionay society. These movements had ideal poposals fo society's efoms. They wee elated deeply to commece and aesthetics as well (Jose et al., 2008). Conside the diffeence between modenism and activism fo that matte. The modenism idea states that people stand equals to each othe, while society became united in evey aspect fo instance uniting laboes,…… [Read More]

references and charitable habits of Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Matures. Convio and Edge Research. (2010).

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Cowan, G. "Street Protest Architecture," Bad Subjects, January 2004.
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Job Advertisement for a Security Manager Cincom

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Job Advertisement for a Security Manager

Cincom Systems is a leading provider of Enterprise esource Planning (EP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Enterprise Quality Management and Compliance (ECQM) systems and platforms for aerospace and defense manufacturers globally. The continued investment in advanced surveillance technologies by the U.S. And foreign governments has led to continued rapid growth for Cincom, as more aerospace and defense manufacturers rely on their software than any other software provider globally. More Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)s are manufactured using Cincom's software than any other enterprise software company serving the aerospace and defense industry today.

Cincom's profitable growth is leading to expansion of manufacturing facilities globally and the need for an Enterprise Security Manager to ensure secure, safe operation of its development center in San Diego, California. A DOD-complaint facility, the San Diego esearch and Development Center is world-known for its advanced research into…… [Read More]


Atkinson, W. 2005, "Integrating Risk Management & Security," Risk Management, vol. 52, no. 10, pp. 32-34, 36-37.

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Gender Analysis Whom it May Concern Gender

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Gender Analysis

hom it May Concern

Gender Analysis of olverine Image

"Gender Binary"

Media presentations of gender nearly always cater to stereotypical depictions of either male or female. They seldom showcase individuals who do no prescribe to the gender binary, but rather exploit preconceived notions of what it means to be either wholly male or wholly female. Advertisements which are targeted to female audiences will usually portray symbols with traditionally female appeal, such as flowers or pastel colors in pink or light yellow. They endorse the highly feminine aspect of womanhood and encourage the consumer to buy into that definition of woman. Femininity is equaled to being a woman and unfeminine women are therefore considered other. According to this same set of rules, males must prescribe to the stereotypes of masculinity, such as lack of emotion, oneness with nature and manual labor, and authoritativeness above all things (Beckwith 130). It…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Beckwith, Karen. "A Common Language of Gender." Politics and Gender. 1(1), 2005. 128-37.

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Kimmel, Michael S., Aronson, Amy, and Kaler, Amy. Toronto, ON: Oxford UP, 2011. 11-18.
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Product Analysis Organizations Are Formed

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On the other hand, iMac is performing relatively great from AMD in terms of a number of things like cost effectiveness, quality and advertisement. In the next section, we will talk about the marketing mix which usually called marketing communication mix.

Marketing Mix of iMac

Marketing mix essence is the most important essence underlies in marketing communication. Through the mix the researcher analyze the operation management of an entity along with its consumer choice and specification (Salas, 1992). There are 4 elements comes under the umbrella of marketing mix which predominantly are


Basically a product is an ending process of an organization. The product of Apple Inc. is remarkable in terms of quality and reliability, but there is a need to enhance the quality of the product more to make this brand more powerful.


Price is the thing on which the consumers emphasize a lot. The buying power…… [Read More]


Alvin, J (2006), Marketing: An Introduction, Prentice Hall Publications

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Pcclub com This Is an Analysis of the

Words: 1920 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7299686

This is an analysis of the e-commerce web site, analysis will examine the web site's content, functionality and appeal, (attractor).

Quick Overview:

Designed with the computer shopper in mind the PC Club's home page,, offers fast access to merchandise categories via a list of products, systems and services in a column, (site makes liberal use of tables), on the left hand side. Under each of the four main headings, are specific hyperlinks to specific product categories, such as "motherboard" or "memory." This column of links is on each page visited thus, allowing fast access to the specific products or services a customer desires without requiring him to wade through complex graphics or convoluted links to get the information he seeks.

The layout of the home page is clean, without being overly simple. In addition to the fast links to specific products, the home page is categorized into…… [Read More]

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Costing the Analysis Is Based

Words: 2854 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 67582377

Dibsa should turn towards the market-based pricing strategy, which sees the implementation of competitive prices for the 3-in-1 Lawnmower. The selection of this combination of strategies would generate several impacts upon the company, but most of them would be obvious at product lifecycle level. In this order of ideas:

The sales revenues would be significantly high throughout the first six months and they would allow the company to cover for the large costs incurred in the manufacturing of the product as well as register profits; they would however decrease with the implementation of the market pricing strategy and the 3-in-1 Lawnmower would metamorphose from a star product into a cash cow

The costs incurred in the manufacturing of the new lawnmower have already begun to decrease and will continue to do so; the actual impact of the pricing strategy is limited, with the specification however that these costs will not…… [Read More]


Berman, K., Knight, J., Case, J., 2006, Financial Intelligence: A Manager's Guide to Knowing what the Numbers Really Mean, Harvard Business Press

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Management Analysis of the Center

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3 Strategies of CDC

As mentioned in the introduction, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention has developed and implemented six sets of strategies as follows:

Health Impact Focus - the alignment of CDC's employees, objectives, strategies, investments and performances in order to maximize the CDC's beneficial effects upon public health

Customer Centricity - Like any other corporation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is focused on offering those products and services required and needed by the population in order to improve and preserve their health

Public Health esearch - the CDC funds and conducts numerous researches aimed at identifying new treatments and any other issues which would positively affect the public health

Leadership - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention possesses the best skilled and qualified employees, guided by the most committed managers and supported by strategic partners, all to improve the health system within the United…… [Read More]


Etheridge, E.W., 1994, Sentinel for Health: A History of the Centers for Disease Control, Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Volume 24, Number 4

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Retail Supply Chain Analysis Company X Is

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Retail Supply Chain Analysis

Company X is a well-established online retailer based in Great Britain. It sells a variety of food and non-food related products and delivers them to the consumer's doorstep. In an era in which consumers are increasingly turning to online retailing as a convenient way to shop and "add more hours to the day," a number of online retailers are becoming even more aggressive in the UK market, thus infringing on Company X's profits. Company X's Board, upper Management, and stakeholders are concerned about the future strategic direction of the company, specifically holding on and growing market share. To that end, the Managing Directory and strategic planning departments believe that Company X should expand from the online only model to at least 20 new brick and mortar sites in major cities (London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Liverpool).

Positioning Strategies - Currently, Company X is considered to be "middle…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Subway Microeconomic Analysis Subway Corporation Microeconomic Analysis

Words: 1667 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 38253077

Subway Microeconomic Analysis

Subway Corporation: Microeconomic Analysis

Subway is an American restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. Since its inception in 1965, Subway has blossomed into one of the world's most successful franchises, with 35,015 restaurants in 98 countries as of August 2011 (Subway, 2011, p.1). Subway restaurants have been consistently ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine's "Top 500 Franchises," and in March 2011, Subway surpassed McDonald's in its ranking of most popular fast-food restaurant in the United States in a poll of over 43 thousand social media users (Jargon, 2011, p.1).

With its promise to provide both quality fresh ingredients and impeccable customer service, Subway has earned a place in the upper echelon of American franchises, seeing consistent revenue streams, increased employment, and a consistent and loyal consumer base. In viewing the microeconomic makeup of Subway, along with its strategies for success in the market, one can gauge…… [Read More]


Brown, T. And Fitzgerald, T. (2009). Subway's journey to green. Logistics Management,

48(4), p. 22. Retrieved from: ProQuest Database.

Brownell, M. (2011 March 8). Subway passes McDonald's as biggest chain. Web.

Retrieved from: , on 1 September 2011.
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Armour Analysis Under Armour the Under Armour

Words: 1282 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75755473

Armour Analysis

Under Armour

The Under Armour company makes sports clothing as well as accessories. It is an American company. It mainly focuses on sportswear of the hi-tech variety that is marketed to professional athletes. However, anyone can buy clothing from the company. It offers sportswear as well as apparel that is more casual, and also started offering footwear only a few years ago. It has won awards, and has many sponsorship deals with everything from Football to Martial Arts. Discussed here will be sales and revenue information, along with financial and market analyses, the opinion of Under Armour on Wall Street, a brand history of the company, and information about one problem the company faces.


As of fiscal year 2009, Under Armour saw sales revenue of $856 million (Under, 2009). Naturally, that will fluctuate each year with the economy, new products and lines, and other factors that can…… [Read More]


Barnett, Gigi. New Under Armour product revealed. WJZ 13 Baltimore. 2008.

Terry, Robert J . Analysts: Brand crossover risky for Under Armour. Baltimore Business Journal. 2010.

Under Armour. 2008 Annual Report. 2009.
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Strategic Marketing Analysis for Hutchison

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For example, as Sheridan (2003) emphasizes, "When Short Message Service (SMS) was first introduced on mobile phones, it was seen merely as an extra feature that might be used by people on an irregular basis. But in fact, text-messaging turned out to be one of the device's most desirable assets, and is regarded by many as one of the most significant cultural developments of the past decade" (p. xxviii).

Given its enormous popularity, this feature of the company's product line could be refined, for example, to provide instant language translation services into the predominant languages used throughout the European Union. Language translation features, especially Spanish to English, would also be desirable for the company's strategic partner in Mexico, Grupo Iusacell, the country second largest wireless carrier (Business and your money, 2001). Likewise, the existing charges for SMS services could be reduced (or even eliminated), thereby keeping existing customers satisfied while…… [Read More]


Business & Your Money: Market on Edge as City Looks to U.S.; Stocks and Shares." The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland), 10.

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Gillingham, John. 2003. "European Integration, 1950-2003: Superstate or New Market Economy?" Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press.
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Green Marketing Analysis

Words: 2976 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 80670346

Organic Milk Green Marketing Observation and Portfolio Analysis

Consumers' interests in purchasing organic products should be carefully treated by producers, by retailers, and by marketers that develop strategies intended to increase consumption in these areas. Organic milk is an important market segment characterized by a sensitive product that requires producers to meet high standards regarding their production process. Green marketing strategies are intended to emphasize environment friendly practices, and not to deceive customers and mislead them into thinking such products address high eco-friendly standards when in fact they do not. This analysis focuses on organic milk and on whether or not it is efficiently green marketed by retailers.


The analysis of market trends reveals customers' increased interest in purchasing and using organic products. The advantages of organics rely on their apparent influence on individuals' health, although a study developed by British scientists did not find significant improvement produced by…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Johnson, F. (2012). Green Marketing Concepts: How to Cash In with Ecological Niche Marketing. Retrieved May 9, 2014 from

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3. Green Mission (2014). Whole Foods Markets. Retrieved May 9, 2014 from .

4. Whole Foods Market's Green Mission Report (2012). Whole Foods. Retrieved May 9, 2014 from .
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Group a Marketing Analysis a Case Study

Words: 946 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 48022651

group a marketing analysis a case study "cabo san viejo." I upload file. My section "marketing sales." A small section. Break 3 pages. Include graphs citations good. The question answer paper "cab implement a loyalty program" group

Marketing and sales: Cabo San Viejo

According to Michael Porter's Five Forces analysis, every company must position itself within a certain segment of the market, either taking a global strategy, or focusing on a particular demographic (Porter's five forces, 2010, Quick MBA. For Cabo San Viejo, the focus of the company's marketing and sales is clearly upon the high-end of the vacation traveler market. ather than focusing on a narrow market segment, the company seeks to attract a wide range of high-end consumers, given the varied offerings of the resort. Marketing and advertising is currently a very small part of the company's budget, and the emphasis of the advertising has always been on…… [Read More]


Porter's five forces. (2010). Quick MBA. Retrieved February 15, 2011

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AB Inbev's Bcg Ansoff Analysis Strategic Options

Words: 1150 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18075761

AB Inbev's BCG ansoff analysis strategic options. Please avoid marketing product, specific strategic groth a company. In addition I summarise merger advantages/benefits/opportunities disadvantages challenges sussccessful inits bid buy S

Anheuser-Busch InBev: Market analysis

Anheuser-Busch InBev, is the largest brewing company in the United States, boasting some of the most successful brands of alcohol on the market in its portfolio. The BCG Growth-Share Matrix categorizes all business units according to market share and potential for market growth as cash cows, stars, question marks, and dogs, in relation to their largest competitor. 'Cash cows' generate a stable cash flow but are relatively mature in the market. A good example of this would be Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser brand. The Budweiser Clydesdales are some of the most famous brand icons in the world, and Budweiser is widely regarded as the world's most popular beer. Anheuser has strategically emphasized its 'cash cows' in its marketing mix,…… [Read More]


Ansoff Matrix. 2011. Tutor2U. [online] Available at:  [June 7, 2011]

BCG Matrix. 2011. Net MBA. [online] Available at:  / [June 7, 2011]
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Marketing SWOT Analysis Burton Snowboards

Words: 415 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93540206

Also, more Swiss-based companies now have an American audience, since snowboarders are able to order their gear over the Internet, and compare prices as well as see what European manufactures have to offer them.

Although Burton sets the industry standard, it may be threatened by F2 and Prior's attempt to corner the edgy marketing base that made up the core of snowboarding, while other companies like Coiler might attempt to corner emerging aspects of the market, like women ("A complete list of links," 2007, Also, it must remain competitively priced, given that the Internet makes it easier for consumers to price-shop. Conversely, as snowboarding becomes more popular and more general sports companies sell gear, people seeking customized boards may be able to buy their gear closer to home.

orks Cited

"A complete list of links to freecarve, alpine and carving snowboard companies and manufacturers." (2007). Retrieved 19 Feb…… [Read More]

Works Cited

"A complete list of links to freecarve, alpine and carving snowboard companies and manufacturers." (2007). Retrieved 19 Feb 2007 at

Student Research." Retrieved 19 Feb 2007 at
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GOP Primary Republican Primary Video Research Analysis

Words: 445 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88859585

GOP Primary

Republican Primary Video Research, Analysis & Critique

Covering a Period between March 6th and April 3rd, 2012

Researcher/writer will be analyzing the entire TV/video ad campaigns related to both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum from 03/06/2012 thru 04/03/2012. In the research paper, compare and contrast the overall ad campaigns of each with regard to:

Type of ad: biographical? Issue? Attack?

Sponsor of the ad: candidate, political party, independent advocacy group (including SuperPacs). Any difference in the type of ads run by each?

What demographic group(s), if any, were the ads primarily aimed at and how effective was it at reaching each?

Press coverage of the ads -- "how extensive? helpful or harmful? iased? And if biased, in what direction?

The overall effectiveness of the ads: very? somewhat? not very? Why?

Candidate reaction to the ads -- "smart or not? Why?

NOTE: The paper should be an overview --…… [Read More]

Bibliography and In Text Citations

Page numbers o Paragraphs -- " This means use proper paragraph form. Indent the first line of a paragraph, etc.

Times New Roman Font - 12pt

Double Space with all margins set at 1
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Alcohol Advertisement Alcohol Abuse Is

Words: 3021 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39387720

Seeing more advertisements had a stronger effect on drinking than drinking had on noticing advertisements. The effect of alcohol advertising exposure on youth drinking was small and positive. The advertising effects were similar for the subset of underage respondents (Martin et al., 2002, 902 citing Snyder et (2006)."

In addition to Snyder et al. (2006) other researchers have examined the impact of alcohol advertisements on underage youth. For instance, in their study entitled "Alcohol Advertising and Youth: A Measured Approach," Jernigan et al. (2005) examined the advertisement of alcohol companies and the manner in which they expose youth to such advertisements. The study involved the impact of alcohol advertisements on youth age 15-20. The research found that most alcohol advertisement occurred in places where youth were more likely to see them than adults. In addition the research found that "much of this excess exposure of youth to alcohol advertising in…… [Read More]


Adlaf EM, Kohn PM (1989) Alcohol advertising, consumption and abuse: a covariance-structural modeling look at Strickland's data. Br J. Addict

84:749 -- 757.

Aitken PP, Eadie DR, Leathar DS, McNeill REJ, Scott AC (1988) Television advertisements for alcoholic drinks do reinforce under-age drinking. Br J. Addict 83:1399 -- 1419.

Atkin CK (1993) Effects of media alcohol messages on adolescent audiences. Adolesc Med 4:527 -- 542.
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Marketing Plan Situation Analysis Godiva

Words: 2726 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90085398

III. Media Strategy

Media objectives

The following are the key media objectives of the three dominant campaigns as defined in this plan. To successfully create an integrated marketing communications strategy that capitalizes on the unique strengths of each form of media, including the use of print, television, online and lickable advertising mediums. Here are the specific, quantified objectives of the media strategy:

To increase the unaided awareness of Godiva Chocolatier by 50% over the next 90 days as audited through interviews of the primary members of the target audience.

To attain both unaided and aided awareness of the next generation of Godiva Chocolates in the 20-35 age group.

To successfully coordinate and synchronize print, television, online and lickable media plans to maximize the number of impressions and levels of awareness on a both unaided and aided standpoint. To optimize the level of use of online advertising to order a lickable…… [Read More]


Annette Bourdeau (2008, April). Mmm, First Flavour's tasty ads... Strategy,25. Retrieved April 17, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1456519621).

Arun Sudhaman (2006, December). Hooking the world on Godiva's edible luxury. Media,20. Retrieved April 18, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1201883081).

Suzanne Vranica (2008, February 13). Marketers salivate over lickable ads. Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition), p. B.3. Retrieved April 19, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1434442681).

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Advertising Ad Analysis Undifferentiated and

Words: 2014 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7449017

..hile older children and adults understand the inherent bias of advertising, younger children do not, and therefore tend to interpret commercial claims and appeals as accurate and truthful information," said psychologist Dale Kunkel, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at the University of California at Santa Barbara and senior author of the task force's scientific report. (Kunkel,, 2004)

The Lego ads, when seen by younger children who "do not understand persuasive intent in advertising," might feel as if the balance of the world really does hang in their hands -- and an older child might be confused by the overlapping techniques of advertising, which blur the lines between advertising with a persuasive ulterior motive to encourage consumption, and entertainment in the form of cartoons. This confusion might be another reason for the greater efficacy of movie and product tie-ins with children's advertising."(Briesch, Bridges, & Kim, 2004) This fact is seconded by…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Briesch, Richard, Eileen Bridges, & Chi Kin (Bennett) Yim. (Nov 2004) "Advertising

Decisions and Children's Product Categories." SMUCox. Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at 

Campbell, Margaret & Amna Kirmani. (2000). Consumers' Use of Persuasion

Knowledge: The Effects of Accessibility and Cognitive Capacity on Perceptions of an Influence Agent." Journal of Consumer Research. Vol. 27. Pp.69-83. Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at
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Communication Problem and Analysis in

Words: 1521 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89943010

Because they ignored those concerns and chose to save a very small amount of money, they ended up costing their organization much more money for placing an entirely new advertisement that reflected the additional wording that the two team members had originally tried to propose.

On a much smaller scale, this is precisely the same thing that happened on the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform: namely, junior-level team members expressed specific concerns to management; those concerns were ignored and further contribution of those team members discouraged by management. Ultimately, the organization suffered exactly the type of harm those team members had envisioned and it cost the organization much more than the relatively inexpensive fixes that would have been recommended by the dissenting team members if their opinions had been take more seriously by management.


Barsa, M. And Dana, D.A. "Learning from Disaster: Lessons for the Future from the Gulf…… [Read More]


Barsa, M. And Dana, D.A. "Learning from Disaster: Lessons for the Future from the Gulf

of Mexico." Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review, 38(2) 2011: 219-

Charvatova, D. And van der Veer, C.G. "Communication and Human Resource

Management and its Compliance with Culture." International Journal of Human
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Marketing - Nike Company Analysis Nike A

Words: 4320 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87492630

Marketing - Nike: Company nalysis


Genius World of dvertising and Marketing

The media bombards society with commercial messages daily, both written and spoken. There are, for example, the easily forgettable newspaper ads, the brightly colored billboards on the highway that one can see while driving, or on the side of buildings, the man or woman sitting on the side of the road with a flyer, or the boring radio commercials. There are also, of course, the funny messages on the television, and those jingles and seem not to want to escape constant humming. In other words, merican are simply surrounded by these various marketing tools that say "buy this" or "try this."

In fact, according to Consumer Reports, an average merican is exposed to 247 such messages daily.[footnoteRef:1] Other sources, however, beg to differ with this estimate and offer much higher ones. For example, lf Nucifora, who is an…… [Read More]

A relatively free spirited company has, now, proven itself to be a strong establishment in quality, in the social forum and, perhaps most importantly, financially as well. [35: "The New Nike." Bloomberg Businessweek. (2004). , accessed July 2011.]


Nike is one of the top sportswear and sports equipment companies in the world today. The presence of a small company started in Oregon has truly grown to massive proportions, and has been aided by fantastic advertisements and witty marketing strategies throughout the 1960's and 1970's, and innovative strategies from the 1980's onwards, the most recent of which have taken advantage of the internet social networking boom to promote new ways of creating a shoe and of promoting the company's goals. Due to the company's cornering of the market and the fact that it is truly difficult to propose any new strategies (as the company has done them all), Nike will probably be around for a very long time.
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Interpreting Advertisements

Words: 552 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32952207


Interpretation of Shell Magazine dvertorials

In illustrating how companies come up with different techniques and strategies to sell their product or service, I chose three (3) Shell advertorials as my units of analysis and interpretation. These advertorials center on two important messages. First, Shell aims to inform the reader/audience about the service and product it offers, which is supplying clean and "fresh" natural gas for consumers, individuals and companies alike. Second, it establishes its image as a company that is sensitive to the needs of its consumers -- that is, reinforcing corporate social responsibility by being sensitive to the needs of the people. CSR is accomplished when Shell is able to significantly influence and help people's lives, whether it is for their businesses or everyday activities.

ll advertorials were published in TIME Magazine for the year 2005. Shell's choice of an advertorial is not at all surprising, for it…… [Read More]

All advertorials were published in TIME Magazine for the year 2005. Shell's choice of an advertorial is not at all surprising, for it only parallels their advertising strategy to the audience/market of TIME. Since most people who read TIME have attained high levels of education and belong to the professional sector, advertorials intend to appeal to the audience's intelligence and respect for information. Shell's advertorials deviate from the usual stance used in magazines, which simply involves the visual product, text, and tagline. In the case of Shell, advertorials provide interesting information that enlightens the reader not only about the current state of the energy industry (as perceived by Shell), but most importantly, the role that Shell plays in promoting responsible provision of its services all over the world.

Advertorial 1 featured Takefumi Suzuki, a fresh noodle supplier in Japan, informing people about the benefits of natural gas to keep his business operations "running smoothly." Advertorial 2 features schoolteacher Susann Schwank from Germany, whose testimonial described Shell's role in transforming her community from being an "industrial site" to being the "world's largest solar power station." Lastly, Advertorial 3 showed Iraqi Zaha Hadid, a scientist who was portrayed as having an essential role in rehabilitating her country, wherein energy provision is one of the main tasks.

These advertorials were shown to three people (A, B and C), with each person reading one kind of advertorial. As explicated earlier, A, B and C. tied Shell's use of advertorials as a way of "reaching out" and appealing to TIME's audience. A, who was assigned Advertorial 1, pointed out Shell's attempt at "universality," trying to include an Asia Pacific country like Japan in promoting its CSR-centric program. C echoed A's sentiment, and opined that Advertorial 3, though it featured an Iraqi scientist, is obviously a strategy employed by Shell to "sell its role as one of the champions that will help rebuild Iraq." C. added that he considered the Shell advertorial as skillfully created, although it falls short of really telling the people about the importance of the company, how it is different from other oil companies, especially when there are so many oil companies such as Shell who are known only for its ultimate objective, which is to profit tremendously from supplying oil and natural gas to manufacturers, companies, and individuals/consumers. Evidently, the Shell advertorials, though highly informative and skillfully created, is still vulnerable and open to scrutiny especially to people who are knowledgeable about the kind of business the company engages in, as well as its image and reputation to its consumers.
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Best and Worst Advertisements

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Integrated Marketing / Best and Worst Advertisements

IMC-Integrated Marketing Communication, is in practice all over the world at a very large scale. The main aim of this paper is to clarify the meaning of IMC, the impact of IMC, and how it differs from the conventional marketing communication. IMC adopts the consumer-based approach rather than the organizational-based approach, as such the focus is on paying attention to the need of the organization. IMC adopts the synergy approach over the isolation approach. Positive outcomes such as greater profitability, unique brand association, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, cost savings and increased sales. The major impact of IMC is on brand equity and organizational approach. However, certain barriers exist for the effective implementation of the IMC program (Naem et al., 2013).

Stage 1 Creative and Not So Creative Ad

Product: Cellular Service

Creative Advertisement: IdeaInternetLagoing. India Ko no ullu banaoing (You cannot get fooled…… [Read More]


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Behaviorally Targeted Ads as Implied Social Labels Article Analysis

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The objective of this study is to review an article titled “An Audience of One: Behaviorally Targeted Ads as Implied Social Labels”  (Summers, et al. 2016 p 156). The authors argue that firms have relied on targeting to communicate effectively with a group of consumers. Targeting is the segmentation that involves selection from a smaller group of people based on defined variables.  A common type of segmentation variables that firms use includes demographic variables using the gender and ethnicity as well as psychographic variables that include lifestyle, personality and values.  However, an advanced in technology, and widespread of the internet has made a new form of targeting emerging. A behavioral targeting is referred as an internet-based marketing strategy using different elements that include browsing history and consumer purchase to assist in determining the type of adverts design and display. Typically, consumers are presented the digital adverts to reflect the…… [Read More]

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Starting Point of This Analysis

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v. Hughes, 1974). Under the postal rule, the date of posting would control and, assuming that Steven can provide proof that his posting was on or before June 8th he would again have an enforceable contract with Susan.

egardless of Steven's ability to prove the date of posting, Susan's June 5th agreement with Stephanie should be deemed unenforceable at least as it pertains to Steven's legal rights. Susan's actions run contrary to her original intent to keep the offer open for one week beginning on June 1st and her not only reaching an agreement, but also effecting delivery within the one week period should be ruled invalid. Under contract law, Susan had an obligation to convey her revocation of her offer to Steven and to do so in a form similar to how she conveyed her original offer. Her failure to do so keeps her original offer open as to…… [Read More]


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