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This aspect is greatly leveraged upon by Sport2Sport as different target populations share their experiences on company's Facebook page. There is also an aspect of quick customer response having the potential of going viral over the internet. This makes companies such as Sport2Sport to focus on customer satisfaction and prompt response. Although it may seem untraditional not to focus on traditional advertising and marketing mediums, the paradigm shift in approach to marketing and advertisement has led this agency to effectively spend their marketing budget on online campaigns and maintenance of web-presence.

IV- Organizational structure

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reported that Sport2Sport is a limited liability company (LLC) with its current rating at A-. The highest possible rating that an agency can get with BBB is A+ (BBB Business Review, 2013). The length of time that the firm is in business is the only potentially negative factor reported by the BBB. The company has two main personnel that not directly involved in managing day-to-day affairs but have role of devising strategy and direction of the company. Following is the organizational chart of the company.

Organizational Structure Chart Sport2Sport, Cary NC


The position of Principal of the firm is held by Mr. Kellen Back. He has been responsible for setting up the agency from scratch and develops the human resource team for the organization. He is assisted by a member manager that coordinates between the managing directors present on-site on the business and the Principal.

Member manager

The position of member manager is occupied by Ms. Maureen Shiver and her role is that of assisting and coordinating activities between the Principal's offices and managing director's offices. She is also there to fill the gap in case that any one of the managing directors is unable to perform their duties for an extended period of time.

Managing Director 1

Joelle Tooman performs duty as the Managing director 1 of the company. She is also responsible for developing new programs for younger population. She is the point person in executing the strategy developed by the Principal in consultation with other executive staff members that include managing directors as well.

Profile: Joelle had joined Sport2Sport in late summer of 2012. She was a resident of Western New York and her main interests were in basketball, lacrosse, softball, taekwondo, and soccer. She is a 2008 graduate from North Carolina State University with majors in Political Science. She has served at Cary Family YMCA and also managed several sports camps in her career. She also worked as QP Level III for residential treatment facility managed for adolescent males involved in substance abuse. She plays an active role in program development and implementation and takes part hands-on in all the sporting activities conducted at agency's site.

Managing director 2

Winson Phoumsavath joined the Sport2Sport team as an intern in April 2012 but later got permanently employed at the agency. With a thorough sportsman spirit, Winson has been the main person involved with all sportsmen, women, and children at the site. He has well developed skills at playing soccer, volleyball, basketball, roller hockey, and skate boating. With such vast experience of playing hand-on virtually all the sports offered by the agency, Winson also graduated with expertise in Sport management.

Profile: Winson got graduated in 2012 from the North Carolina State University as Bachelor's of Science in Sport management. He has extensive experience in volunteering and other activities that complement his position as a managing director at Sport2Sport. He actively plays with all participant member of the agency. Children are specifically fond of his play.

Gym staff

Bulk of labor work is done by the gym staff that is particularly involved in carrying out day-to-day sporting activities by training and helping the customers. The gym staff is comprised of 10 team members each having relevant expertise and interest in the field of


Despite having an engineering degree, he has main interest in sports and coaching. Taylor Clark is an old member of Sport2Sport team and has special interest in managing and assisting families and children in sports events and camps. She is unique in sense that she has worked both in the administrative capacity as well as coach. Her ability to multitask has enabled her achieve much at the agency. She has requisite education in Exercise Sports Science and has well grounded knowledge of health and wellness issues. With eight other gym staff members, the company has two administrative staff members that are Mackenzie Marceau and Heather Salmon (Sport2Sport, 2013).

Interrelationship of executives and staff

The relationship between the staff and executives is cordial and professional. There is least coercion used by the management to pursue organizational goals. A participative role is adopted by the executives.

V- Personnel practices

The company uses its Facebook page and activity programs to recruit more interns. It does not spend many dollars on advertising the vacancies and positions in dailies. Instead the agency uses its own activity programs to advertise the vacancies. Usually the intern is one who visits the agency's programs with their relatives, parents, or siblings. The company maintains an announcement board that is near the front desk. By using only the company's programs and Facebook page as a main source of recruitment and selection, Sport2Sport is able to attract interested and relevant candidates only. There are many researchers that have mentioned the effectiveness of social media tools such as Facebook for advertisement, recruitment, and selection of relevant pool of candidates (Fenner, et al. 2012; Ramo & Prochaska, 2012). Although this is a usual practice for the health clubs and fitness agencies, it seems that Sport2Sport has successfully adopted this policy. There seems to be budgetary constraints that curtail the ability of management to use expensive mediums for advertising the services of the company or placement of ads for open positions.

This practice has allowed the company to attract relevant candidates only. This also allows the company to attract intern that have different academic degrees, those not complementing the sports management function but having practical experience and interest in sports. In traditional recruitment mediums, such candidates are screened in the initial processing of CVs. For instance, Stevie Clark and Joelle Tooman both have different academic backgrounds that may not complement skills required in a sport agency but having been to the agency's programs, both were able to display their professional skills in sports. This allowed the agency to have people with differing backgrounds but with common interests.

Program procedures

The agency adopts a robust program schedule and this is only possible through standardized and recurrent procedures adopted by the operations team. The operations team is comprised of gym staff and front desk officers. The front desk staff, after collaboration with the gym staff and managing directors, publishes a document titled "Schedule for the Upcoming Year" (CarySport2Sport, n.d.). The currently published programs schedule of the agency includes all the major sporting programs offered from August 2013 till May 2014. This indicates that a professional and disciplined approach in communication and customer relationship in maintained by the agency's operations team.

The company also offers programs that are specifically designed for homeschooling children. These programs are then communicated to the target population through local schools and Facebook page of the company. The schedule that Sport2Sport agency publishes also helps the staff to plan their vacations from their work. Hardly any other agency in the Cary, NC area offers a year advance program schedules.

VI- Facilities and areas

The agency maintains a centralized gym and open courts for arranging the sports activities. Badminton courts are maintained on the site and there are certain provisions for using this badminton facility.

Fun zone: The agency maintains a facility called 'fun zone' that provides children with a chance to practice athletics and other related sports under the guidance of gym staff. Gymnast bars are the main attraction of this facility and there are restrictions on the use o these for children under 5 that have to be accompanied by siblings or parents.

Court 3: Court 3 is another facility of Sport2Sport that is used as an extended area for sports activities. In court 3, there may be organization of differing activities as this facility is mainly used in peak rush hours.

Martial art training: The Company has arranged in court no. 2 for the training of martial arts. These programs are recent one and were only launched in February 2012.

Swimming pool: The agency maintains a dedicated swimming pool for the participants and has trained instructors that help parents teach the children the art of swimming. The facility is adequately maintained hygienically and conforms to international standards.

Basketball court: The agency has maintained one basketball court that is used as basketball coaching…

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