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Air Force Essays (Examples)

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Air Space and Cyberspace Power Studies
Words: 1863 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35094856
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Air, Space, And Cyber Space Security

Air, Space, and Cyberspace Power Studies

"Since the birth of military aviation, airmen have claimed that airpower offered a new approach to warfare. Even in the earliest days of aviation, airpower's range of action, its ability to react and refocus quick across a wide area without having to consider the terrain or access, and its inherent above -- the surface perspective all pointed to a new era in warfare" ("AFDD 1, Air Force asic Doctrine"). Within the military, the United States air force has a great strength and makes a considerable contribution to the well-being and safety of citizens of the United States. As society progresses into a new technology age, where computers no longer take up entire rooms but can fit in the palm of our hands, the USAF must also change with the times. How is the air force going to keep…


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Air Warfare in World War
Words: 1934 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7895958
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The First World War was neither won nor lost by the air warfare. What this war did for military aircraft design and development was to open up new possibilities of warfare.

It was the promise rather than the actuality of air power which most struck contemporaries. The war had not been decided in the air. Nevertheless, the race for supremacy had produced astonishing developments in a short space of time. The general purpose plane had given way to a sophisticated set of types -- the French Nieuport and Spad, the ritish Camel and the German Fokker, to name but a few fighters. It was grandiose to speak of aircraft factories in 1914, but not by the end of the war. Speed, range, and rate of climb increased, giving advantages first to one side and then the other. (Robbins 101)

The Second World War was to see further and more extensive…


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Air Traffic Controller Representation Pro-Or
Words: 1794 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36762936
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In this regard, Osorio adds that, "The strike put deregulation on hold, giving the airlines a respite from intense competition and more time to plan for the post-deregulation era" (2000, p. 114). The PATCO strike also severely hampered further governmental employee unionizing activities for decades (Osorio, 2000).


The research showed that in 1981, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization engaged in an illegal strike for more money, better working conditions and updated equipment that violated Title VII of the Civil Service eform Act of 1978. Notwithstanding the legitimacy of the union's demands, the manner in which they pursued them was violative of the law of the land and the President of the United States took matters into his own hands as chief executive officer and fired the lot of them in response, replacing them with supervisors, military air traffic controllers and newly hired controllers. The PATCO strike also had…


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Journal, 32(2), 37.

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Forces of Change Research How
Words: 1899 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31863663
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The second step taken may be to convince staff that changes are essential for surviving in the business and this would provide a new force in support which may be called survival with strength of 2. Then there may be an action to convince the workers that new machines would increase variety to their jobs and this would introduce a new positive force with strength of 1. Even existing negatives can be changed into positive and wages can be increased providing a positive of 1 and a simultaneous loss of 2 due to removal of overtime. (Force Field Analysis - Understanding the Pressures For and Against Change)

Another possible change is of filters which would eliminate pollution and this would remove a negative strength of 1. All these actions would make the balance which was against the change by 11 to 10 to a balance in favor of the plan…


Cost/Benefit Analysis-Evaluating Quantitatively Whether to Follow a Course of Action.

Retrieved at . Accessed 20 October, 2005

Force Field Analysis - Understanding the Pressures for and Against Change" Retrieved at . Accessed 20 October, 2005

Minimizing Stress in Your Working Environment" Retrieved at . Accessed 20 October, 2005

Air Traffic Control According to
Words: 2614 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37207699
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GP will significantly improve the accuracy of air traffic control, and also provide a platform for the efficient increase of aircraft traffic. It is however somewhat unclear why it has taken so long to implement a technology that has such obvious advantages and that has been in existence for such a long time. Perhaps the time and cost involved was a determining factor. From the current viewpoint, it has become essential to upgrade ATC technology.


Like the ground-based ATC system, the current separations system for aircraft is becoming unviable in terms of the anticipated and current increase in aircraft using airspace. Alternative ways have therefore been investigated to safely handle the increase in aircraft, and also to address the increasing delays that have plagued American airports. The Free Flight concept is one such possible alternative.

According to J.M. Hoekstra (2002), commercial aircraft to date have been operating under the…


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air traffic
Words: 28110 Length: 102 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 54322150
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air traffic has continued to increase and it now constitutes a considerable proportion of the travelling public. The amount of long-hour flights has increased significantly. Based on the International Civil Aviation authority, air traffic can be anticipated to double amid till 2020. Airline travel, especially over longer distances, makes air travelers vulnerable to numerous facets that will impact their health and well-being. Particularly, the speed with which influenza spreads and mutates, via transportation routes, is the reason why the influenza pandemic is considered to be a huge threat to the human population. Pandemic is a term, which is used for a virus or microbe when it spreads over a large area, in severe cases even the whole world and large number of people start getting affecting by it (CDC, 2009).

In the past 300 years, there have been ten significant influenza pandemics outbreaks that have taken place in this world.…


Airports Council International (2009) Airport preparedness guidelines for outbreaks of communicable disease. Available at: (Accessed: 28 November 2011)

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Bush, George W. (2003a). Homeland security presidential directive -- 5: Management of domestic incidents. Available at:  (Accessed: 28 November 2011)

History of Air Cargo Industry
Words: 3692 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84106237
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ir Cargo, Inc. only flew cargo from December, 1941 (when Pearl Harbor was attacked) through November, 1944. t that time, Siddiqi explains that individual airline companies authored their own freight services, and on page 2 the author of this article notes that in time the major passenger airlines began offering freight forwarding service and that pretty well eliminated the need for a whole fleet of airline companies that just forwarded freight (Siddiqi). Only Flying Tiger stayed aloft as a strictly air freight company until the 1980s when Federal Express entered the picture. More on FedEx later in this paper.

The Literature -- the History of ir Freight Transportation -- Berlin ir Lift

When the long, bloody war was over it was time for the winning llies to divide up the territory that once was Nazi Germany, the negotiated, agreed-upon divisions gave the llies (U.S., Britain, and France) the Western…

April 20, 2012, from

Wilde, Robert. (2005). Berlin Blockade / Berlin Airlift. Retrieved April 20, 2012,

From .

Tallil Air Base Iraq
Words: 3117 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68936131
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Expeditionary Air ase

Tallil airbase in Iraq

Paper I.D.: 46255

Story of an Expeditionary Airbase

Tallil, Iraq Airbase

The purpose of this work is to research Tallil Air ase in Iraq providing a brief history of the base from the time of Operation Desert Storm to the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The question of how Tallil was built into OIF planning and when it was decided that Tallil would be a desired location for a base will be answered as well as why it was considered a key location and who initially took the base as to the military unit and whether it was a forcible entry. The questions of who secured the base, whether there was inter-service coordination, what was there when the U.S. military arrived to start building and how the base was then built will be answered as well. Finally the issues of whether there was…


Dobbins, John Col. (2004) Airpower 101: An Expeditionary Air Base Model Air & Space Power Journal September 2004.

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Budiansky, Stephen (2003) Air War: Striking In Ways We Haven't Seen 2003 April 6 [Online at:

Ooda Loop Was the Creation of Air
Words: 1139 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23089258
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OODA Loop was the creation of Air Force Colonel John Boyd and the acronym stands for observe, orient, decide, and act. Thus observations relates to the observation in depth of the current realities. Orientation deals with the background, specialized knowledge and genetic makeup of the user of the loop or the subject. The third is to decide. Based on the other two sets and requirements a decision is made and the course of action created. The next is too see that action is taken, and from then on the result observed, which means the observer goes back to step one. (Neenergyobserver, 2012)

Communication plays a vital role in this practice. The definitions apply not only to the Air force but all areas where critical decision making is involved. Thus basically the OODA is an iterative loop or decision process that has the components of observing, orienting, deciding and then acting…


Ferrell, C; Fraedrich, John. (2012) "Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases"

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Emerald Group Publishing.

Results Driven Principle and Task Force
Words: 1129 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77683425
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Driven (Principi & Task Force)

pplication Essay: Results Driven

In the Department of Veterans ffairs where I work, getting results is highly valued. There are various examples that could be used to point out how important results are in this organization and how I go about ensuring that I get results when I am asked to do something. There are two examples that are important to discuss here. The first of these is the Farewell Ceremony that I took part in. In late 2004, I was directly asked by those high-up in my organization to plan and execute a Farewell Ceremony for the Honorable nthony J. Principi, the 4th Secretary of Veterans ffairs. This particular event took place at the Veterans conference center at the V headquarters located in Washington D.C. Many members of the President's Cabinet were leaving the administration at this time. The ceremony had a strong impact…

A second example of this results driven issue was my participation in the Secretary's task force for the employment and advancement of women in 2002. This was designed to develop a comprehensive plan that would help to correct some of the imbalances that were seen between men and women in their employment opportunities and the advancements that they were able to make. In December 2002 the task force met in Washington D.C. In order to begin work and identified that there were several major categories that the comprehensive plan would need in order to address the current situation. These included data collection and analysis, business case, and an implementation plan that was related to the Department's strategic plan. A great deal of data and feedback was collected and analyzed by the task force from many different sources regarding the task force efforts.

The task force met again in January 2003 to help develop a draft report and refine the efforts for data collection in order to ensure not only accuracy and validity but relevance to the VA as well. Focus groups were conducted in March 2003 in Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and Little Rock. These cities were selected to ensure representation of both men and women from as many departmental organizational elements as was possible. These focus groups helped to validate the concerns that were raised during the first meeting that took place in 2002 with the Secretary and helped to assist the task force further in developing strategies that would succeed.

Personally, I led the subcommittee on researching best practices for the report that was ultimately created by the task force. I led focus groups, researched relevant information, and developed the best practices section that went in the final report. At that time, the committee had been in existence for one year. The report was accepted as a blueprint throughout the Department and this indicated that the task force report provided meaningful and effective strategies for success that were not only feasible but were cost-effective and cross-functional to other minority groups as well. The report also helped to link this information to the VA's organizational goals and objectives. By implementing these strategies, measurable improvements and results will be seen which will help individuals assess their behaviors and identify different and better approaches that they might take in the future.

Civil Air Patrol Has Performed
Words: 2375 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6855126
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ho can join the Cadet Program for CAP aerospace? Candidates must be between 13 to 18 years of age, or have at least finished the sixth grade, no matter what their age is. The cadets in the aerospace program get immersed in leadership programs, educational activities, "moral leadership and physical fitness." Along the way to getting their training, the aerospace cadets can earn advanced ranks (just like the regular military enlistees do), they can get awards and certificates, and they "may become eligible for CAP national or international special activities" and compete for scholarships," the article continues.

hat are the requirements for individuals to become an airborne part of the regular CAP? They have to have a private pilot license, journalist Phillips writes in Aviation eek & Space Technology magazine. They also have to have accumulated 200 hours of flying time, but they can begin training for missions after 175…

Works Cited (2005). Air Force Fact Sheets: Civil Air Patrol. Retrieved 2 Dec, 2006, at .

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Air Patrol Assessing Damage. Retrieved 2 Dec. 2006 at .

Air Force Print News Today (2006). Civil Air Patrol honored for hurricane relief contributions. Retrieved 2 Dec. 2006 at .

Implications of Dod Force Reduction Plan
Words: 1289 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4424515
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Defense Cuts

Implications of DoD Force eduction Plan

Defense budget spending: The inevitable need for reductions

Cuts in the defense budget are inevitable for the Department of Defense and it must accept this fact. Given the burgeoning deficit, reductions in tax revenue, and increased need for social services (such as unemployment assistance and entitlement programs), the Department of Defense must find ways to do 'more with less.' Granted, this will be challenging, given the current demands of modern warfare, but the Department must meet this challenge rather than attempt to lobby against such legislative initiatives. The "2011 Budget Control reduce[s] Defense Department future expenditures by approximately $487 billion over the next decade... Achieving these savings is hard, but manageable. It is hard because we have to accept many changes and reductions in areas that previously were sacrosanct" (Defense budget priorities and choices, 2012, Department of Defense: 2). Ultimately, rather than…


Defense budget priorities and choices. (2012). Department of Defense. Retrieved: 

Frank, Barney. (2012) Why Obama can -- and must -- cut defense spending. The Atlantic.


Air Where Dreams Die --
Words: 1354 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77850462
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Everest was no longer just a motivational cliche, it was also a commercial venture, and those running such ventures had little incentive to turn climbers away, even overly idealistic and incompetent amateurs.

Boyhood dreams die hard, I discovered, and good sense be damned" said Krakauer when given the opportunity to make the climb (Krakauer 31). This attitude, on the surface, seems admirable. e as a society admire people who set lofty goals. But setting lofty goals can come at a great cost to others. e sacrifice time with our loved ones to study hard or work late, for example. The climbers on the team sacrificed their time and wages to train and scale the heights of the mountain. Before the expedition met with disaster, friends and loved ones praised many of the climbers for their single-minded pursuit of the peak. This fueled their ambition.

Of course, every time someone sets…

Works Cited

Krakauer, Jon. Into Thin Air. Anchor 1998.

Force of the Winds Is
Words: 2142 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71762344
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Speed here is of essence and spices like flying fish are able to jump out of water to escape predators. Others that lack like jellies are transparent. Turtles will have a shell to protect them. Gills enable animals to manage different water pressures like the sharks while whales have the capability of holding their breaths for longer periods. On the other hand, since the benthic zone does not allow sunlight to reach it due to its depth (beyond 600 feet), some fish and crustaceans, at this level do not see, in fact half of the species at this level are blind. In this sense, the organisms have adapted to produce their own lights from their specialized parts in their bodies known as photophores. In addition, since there is lack of phytoplacton to start the food chain, life is limited and fish have adapted to fulfill their needs. For instance, some…


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Use of Preemptive Force in Iran
Words: 1719 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18497405
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preemptive force in Iran after the event of eptember 11. It has 11 sources.

Though the United tates would have to bear the economic repercussions of pursuing another invasion, a preemptive effort in Iran would be in their best interest if they endeavor to rid the world of terrorism with weapons of mass destruction.

In recent times there have been great concerns over countries that possess weapons capable of mass destruction. Particular concern has been prompted over countries that hold grudges against the United tates. This is because of the fact that in recent times the United tates has fallen prey to such countries. Countries in the past that had been considered a threat to western interests have in recent times proven to be dangerous. Examples of these are countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. In the past they warned and threatened the United tates that they would have damnation…


Decade of Deception and Defiance; Saddam Hussein's Defiance of the United Nations," The White House, September 12, 2002, 21 pp.

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction," The Assessment of the British Government, September 24, 2002, 50 pp.

Russia's Risky Iran Connection," The New York Times, June 10, 2002, p. A24.

Chubin, Shahram and Robert S. Litwak. "Debating Iran's Nuclear Aspirations," The Washington Quarterly, Autumn 2003, vol. 26, no. 4, pp. 99-114.

Requiring Air Bags in Cars
Words: 2889 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6056535
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Air Bags in Cars

The Politics of Air Bags

Air bags weren't always in cars. They have come about as a fairly recent development, and the rise of the air bag was due to politics. hile this may sound strange, many things that individuals take for granted today have come about because special interest groups were concerned about a specific aspect of public policy or public safety. These individuals or groups then worked to change laws or to have laws enacted that made the world, in their opinion, a better place.

The purpose of this paper is to examine air bags from a political standpoint. In other words, the goal of this paper is not to make a judgment as to whether air bags in cars are good or bad, but rather to look at the political changes that caused them to come about in the first place.

In order…

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War Is a Force
Words: 2207 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39831451
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Force that Gives Meaning

Today I received an e-mail message about a funeral for a soldier in Texas. The sender who forwarded it wrote that his "faith in America had been restored" when he read this account by the deceased's wife:

When we turned off the highway, suddenly there were teenage boys along both sides of the street about every 20 feet or so, all holding large American flags on long flag poles, and again with their hands on their hearts ... Hundreds of young people, standing silently on the side of the road with flags. At one point we passed an elementary school, and all the children were outside, shoulder to shoulder holding flags ... kindergartners, handicapped, teachers, staff, everyone. Some held signs of love and support. Then came teenage girls and younger boys, all holding flags. Then Adults. Then families. All standing silently on the side of the…


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Crash of Arrow Airs DC 8 Flight 12 12 85
Words: 1607 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44258445
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Crash of Arrow Airs DC-8 flight on December 12, 1985. Thesis: "The crash of Arrow Airs DC-8 flight on 12 December 1985 was caused by terrorists." (Gander, Newfoundland) Research concludes that this flight carrying soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division actually crashed due to terrorists act. Five sources are used. MLA.

The Crash of Arrow Airs DC-8 Flight December 12, 1985

It had been nearly two decades since an Arrow Airs DC-8 jet crashed just after taking off from a refueling stop in Gander, Newfoundland on December 12, 1985. The plane rose less than 1,000 ft., then crashed, tail first, into a small hill, disintegrating in flames about a half-mile from the end of the runway (Magnuson 22). It has been listed as the worst military air disaster, killing 248 American soldiers along with eight crew members. There is still much speculation as to the cause for the crash, although…

Work Cited

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Magnuson, Ed. "NATION: THE FALL OF THE SCREAMING EAGLES A charter-jet crash kills 248 members of a famed Airborne unit." Time. December 23, 1985; pp 22.[email protected]:bigchalk:U.S.;Lib&dtype=0~0&dinst=0&author=Ed+Magnuson%2E+Reported+by+Peter+Stoler%2FGander%2C+with+other+bureaus&title=NATION%3A+THE+FALL+OF+THE+SCREAMING+EAGLES+A+charter%2Djet+crash+kills+248+members+of+a+famed+Airborne+unit++&date=12%2D23%2D1985&query=gander+crash&maxdoc=8&idx=6. (accessed 09-26-2002).

History of Air Cargo IT's
Words: 3792 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62401065
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It's oeing. Starting from their first aircraft models oeing &W and Douglas DT/C-1 and up to the modern airfreight oeing 747-400, company oeing and oeing-related enterprises had been always on the frontier of air cargo industry, and nowadays oeing airfreights stand for 90% of commercial air cargo companies.

Everything started with mail delivery. Today lots of us associate aircrafts with people transportation, but primary oeing was responsible only for cargo.

The company was started in 1916, when ill oeing and his partner George Westervelt made a first model of future civil aviation's world leader- jet &W. &W had later become the first plane that was delivering cargo and mail to New Zealand. Three years later ill oeing and Eddie Hubbard delivered 60 letters from Vancouver, Canada to Seattle, which became the first event in the history of international air shipping.

Nearly at the same time, company Douglas Aircraft had signed…


Allaz, Camille The history of Air cargo and airmail Christopher Foyle Publishing, 2002

IATA International Traffic Statistics: December 2004 and Year-end 2004 available on web: 

Boeing History articles from

Solid Air in His Book
Words: 2239 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41902423
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So, clearly, a progression of thought has occurred to bring mankind to the brand of reality that Berman endorses; however, he seems unable to clearly delineate or characterize what this progression has been on a historical level. Doubtlessly, he is successful in pointing out some early examples of modernist thought and expression, and that such points-of-view culminated in social changes -- the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution -- but specifically what the boundaries are between his three different stages of modernity remains exceedingly vague. This may seem like an arbitrary objection to Berman's argument, but it is meaningful because his attempt to place modernism into a historical context demands that the abstract aspects of his dialectical system be grounded in physical events. If the reader is to believe that the individual social actor behaves in a way that balances the overarching power of society, then there should be some…

Works Cited

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Direct Air Management and Marketing Mistakes
Words: 2797 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 14787673
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Dierct Air - Management & Marketing Mistakes

The following case study employs the array of industry metrics discussed above to determine major factors that contributed to Direct Airways filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy during the time period from 2007-212. This time period was chosen because SEC filings at that time available, providing valuable insight into the stark differences between the two airlines. Direct Airways was a major U.S. carrier that was founded in 2001 and operated for 7 years until it fell into bankruptcy in 2001. This terminated an unrestrained years for Direct Airways, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year of 2012 (Jayanti).

I understood that already the subject of a federal investigation by transportation regulators, the outdated charter service Direct Air long ago would soon may be facing a far-reaching investigation of its finances by the bankruptcy trustee (Bomkamp). The lawyer governing Direct Air's bankruptcy went ahead…

Work Cited

Barla, P., & Koo, B. (1999). Bankruptcy protection and pricing strategies in the U.S. airline industry. Transportation Research.Part E, Logistics & Transportation Review, 35, 101-120.

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Baran, Michelle. Uncertainty over refunds surrounds Direct Air's bankruptcy. 2 April 2012. . 29 November 2012.

EVA Air Competitors the Industry Is Highly
Words: 1031 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81996425
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The industry is highly dependent upon the United States' economy, as economic health and growth in this country and its businesses is largely responsible for supplying customers -- and especially more profitable customers, as business travelers pay higher prices than pleasure travelers/tourists -- making competition somewhat fiercer in the current economic environment. Larger competitors with more substantial reserves that are capable of offering more diverse flight opportunities on more diverse schedules are definitely better suited to continue growth or at least maintain profitability during this period. As a mid-sized high quality provider serving a broad enough array of destinations to remain attractive to commuters with diverse needs, however, EVA is actually in a position to differentiate itself from competition and become the airline of choice for the selected area.

Large operators often offer greater overall flexibility and certainly operate with higher reserves -- especially as larger airlines…

Five Forces in the Airlines
Words: 788 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5611016
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Legacy Carrier Response:

Customer loyalty from years of traveling continues 10% of total traffic; not enough to propel the company into profitability.

Regional route strategies focused more on price protection vs. price competition relative to competitors.

Threat of New Entry - This is the factor in the five forces analysis that illustrates the threat of new competitors entering the markets served by both discount and legacy carriers. Examples of this would be the low-cost jet taxi services based on Eclipse Aviation's smaller and more fuel-efficient jet.

Discount Carrier Response:

Competitiveness in routes on price and availability of flights challenges the entrance of low-price competitors.

Low-cost, highly verticalized air carriers tend to focus and excel on one specific geography, as Southwest does in the U.S. And Ryan Air, Berlin Air, and others do in Europe, and JetStar in Australia.

Legacy Carrier Response:

Battling new entrants by using aggressive pricing strategies only…

Atomic Force Microscope Operates at
Words: 2602 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35719532
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Surface irregularities are often seen when using the scanning electron microscope, but these are absent using the AFM. One such analysis is described below:

Occasionally, the cartilage surface exhibits local discontinuities where an underlying fibrous network is distinguishable. Digestion of the cartilage surface with chondroitinase AC exposes this fibrous network more systematically so that the individual fibers are visualized with great clarity by AFM. When imaged at higher magnification, these distinct fibers exhibit a 60nm repeat, indicating that they are assembled from collagen fibrils. (Miller, Aebi, and Engel para. 4)

The AFM has been shown to be valuable in similar analyses of biological materials and processes. While AFM images also offer a view of the atomic detail of solids, the process is not useful for analyzing biomolecules such as proteins because they are designed to undergo conformational changes and form flexible supermolecular assemblies, meaning they are mechanically "soft" so that…


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Tales Forces Beyond Their Control -- What
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Forces Beyond Their Control -- hat does not kill you, makes you stronger in the fairy tale as well as the real world

The idea that what does not kill or harm you makes you stronger is a popular cliche. However, in many fairy tales, this theme is underlined by the introduction of a protagonist whom is regarded as weak or strange by society, but whose personal gifts not only enable him to overcome this negative self and societal impression, but also ultimately help him or her to deploy what at first seemed to be a negative characteristic, in a positive fashion.

For instance, at the beginning of the first Harry Potter book, the young Harry Potter is a wizard whom is still unaware of his identity. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter is forced to live amongst Muggles, of whom he is the disfavored son,…

Works Cited

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Embracing Post Modernism a Forced Impact
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Post Modernism: A Forced Impact

The objective of this work is to describe a philosophy or philosophies that the writer of this work ascribes to and to explain why specifically incorporating values and beliefs held by the writer. As well, discussed will be the personal philosophy of the writer as it relates to the purpose of education, the student's role and the role of the school in society, locally, nationally, and internationally as well as the role of students and parents as well as teachers and administrators. Also addressed in this study is where ideals are derived from and examined will be development of curriculum and instruction, classroom management issues, school management and administration issues as well as diversity of education and how education can best cope with change. Finally, this work will examine education as an integral part of lifelong learning and who should be in receipt of an…


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Global Air Circulation Patterns We
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These jet streams, found over both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, redistribute and influence weather patterns. They have created currents and trade winds which people have used as oceanic trade routes for centuries.

At the other extreme of the spectrum is the Polar Cell, located in the much cooler areas of the Earth. It is located in the most remote regions of the Earth, starting at around the 60th parallel. The Polar Cells are dominated by cold air caused by "Strong radiational cooling near the poles causes polar air to become cold and dense, which in turn causes it to sink," (Washington & Parkinson 2005:17). Cold air becomes extremely heavy and falls back towards the Earth's surface. The cell itself is extremely weak "although it remains detectable in times of averages of the air circulation," (Washington & Parkinson 2005:17). Like the Hadley Cell, the Polar Cell is driven by heating…


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Washington, Warren M. & Parkinson, Claire L. (2005). An Introduction to Three Dimensional Climate Modeling. University Science Books.

Colgan Air Flight 3407 Accident
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On the hand, some plans may be slow to respond to the pilot's commands; complicating the piloting process, much like a sports car, for example, that under steers or a truck that over steers (Personal Communication, 2010). Bay contends that training on more than one plane of a particular model would prove to be a positive practice for airlines to implement.

Bay asserts that the following questions need to be answered regarding the cause of the crash of Flight 3407.

How much training and experience did the pilot/s have with this particular aircraft?

How many hours experience did the pilot/s have flying this particular craft?

Did a matter of pilot fatigue play a part in the incident?

Could alcohol have been a factor in the pilot's inability to "do the right thing"?

Were there any known defects with the plane?

Did any type mechanical malfunction occur?

On what date was…


Alcohol and Flying. (N.d.). Federal Aviation Administration. Retrieved February 13, 2010


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Special Forces in Vietnam
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War has undoubtedly shaped the course of human history. Conflicts, through sheer human nature often arise through disagreement. Occasionally these conflicts end with war as opposing sides believe so vehemently in their respective reasonings and doctrinal views. Oftentimes, these war's end with one "victor" and on defeated party, however, in war everyone losses.

The Vietnam War in particular is an example of how war is a zero sum game that only results in losses for all those involved. This paper examines how the conflict started, taking particular care to express both points-of-view regarding core issues followed by a discussion concerning Special Forces operations and their overall impact on the outcome of the war. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings about Special Forces in Vietnam in the conclusion.

Review and Analysis

Origins of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a long, costly armed conflict that pitted the…

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Gravity Is the Force Responsible
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Newton explained that apples fell from trees by virtue of the same universal attractive natural force that caused the planets to orbit the skies.

In his 1687 book, Philosopiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Newton presented complex mathematical formulae that described the observed orbits of the known planets fairly accurately. Newton also provided an explanation for why the attractive force of gravity did not cause the planets to fall in on themselves the way the apple falls to the ground. Since all the planets and stars in the universe exerted mutually attractive force and because there were an infinite number of planets distributed uniformly throughout the universe, there was no "center" of the universe and the planets and stars are all pulled in many directions, all of which, in effect, cancel out their tendency to fall together (Hawking, 1991).

Galileo Galilei:

Almost eighty years earlier, in 1609, Galileo Galilei invented the world's…


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US as an International Peace-Keeping Force
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U.S. ole as 'Policemen of the World'

Thesis and Outline Draft

Introduction and Thesis

currently holds the most important and influential role in international politics and represents a decisive player in all recent international conflicts. This role takes the form of political and military interventions, international and bilateral engagements as well as multilateral brokerage of peace talks. The basic principles of such an approach are the fostering of peaceful, democratic, and secure international environment. At the same time though, it must be pointed out that the entire international community does not always support such actions and often it has been said that the United States acts as the "policeman of the world" (Kissinger, 1995). It must be stressed that the current approach the United States have on foreign policy has not changed since the end of the Civil War and has guided the U.S. In military and political interventions in…


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Implementation of Forced Warm Air Blanket for Normothermia Care
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Evidence-Based Protocol Implementation

Influencing Multiple Systems Through Evidence-Based Change as advance practice nurse, work informed factors direct reach, influence extends context labor. Likewise, propose a nurse leader influenced multiple systems, turn, impact groups.

Nurses are encouraged to utilize and incorporate in their daily practice evident-based practice. The Evidence-based practice (EBP) is considered to be a scientific standard that determines and guides on the best clinical measure (LoBiondo-Wood and Haber). EBP has grown in its relevance to clinical decision making and support to the nursing profession since it facilitates efficiency in provision of care and quick recovery to patients. Successful implementation of EBP calls for monitoring of existing practices, documentation of relevant procedures and evaluation of possible change practices in clinical and nursing care (LoBiondo-Wood and Haber).

Possible adjustments needful for patient's care protocol

Immediate care for patients coming from SICU is critical to their recovery from the procedure they undergo.…


Grossman, S., C. Bautista, and L. Sullivan. "Using Evidence-Based Practice to Develop a Protocol for Postoperative Surgical Intensive Care Unit Patients." Dimensions Of Critical Care Nursing 21.5 (2002): 206-14. Print.

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Schmidt, N.A., and J.M. Brown. Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses: Appraisal and Application of Research. (Eds.) United States: Laureate Education, Inc. custom ed., 2012. Print.

Tesla and the Porter Forces
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Project Deliverable 2: Innovation and Competitive Analysis
The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has faced significant pressure from both the public and the investing world to deliver on promises of meeting production deadlines on the Model 3. The Model 3 is meant to be the electronic vehicle (EV) for the middle class—a comfortable, suave, sophisticated and technologically advanced EV that is a step and class above the types of EVs produced by other car manufacturers—like the Volt, which has none of the sheen and sophistication that Musk has vowed to bring to the green energy sector of automobile manufacturing. However, going forward, Musk should consider that other luxury brand auto makers are beginning to catch up with his vision. Porsche and Jaguar are virtually on his heels and they have none of the balance sheet problems and debt issues that Tesla is facing. The competitive environment is heating up and…

Vietnam A Bird's Eye View
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It was an independent strategic interdiction campaign designed to disrupt the flow of Soviet supplies, as the North Vietnamese had few resources of their own at the time. Thus, although painted as an alliance between South Vietnam and America in the press, it was by and large an independent effort. "Operation Freedom Train began in April 1972 in response to the North Vietnamese Army's massive Easter Offensive invasion. Freedom Train consisted of U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine strikes against North Vietnamese targets. The operation was renamed Linebacker I in May 1972." (Phan, 2002) Again, in all of these missions, the United States armed forces dominated, the only variation being that the air force took temporary prominence over the usually dominant land conflict.

Command & Control of Air Assets

Cargo skips like Sky hawks manned with machine guns, cargo ships, and lightly armed planes designed to mark targets were all…

Works Cited

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Life of Daniel Chappie James
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He also developed into a masterful fighter pilot who was able to transfer his skills to others efficiently and in detail. His contributions in Korea and Vietnam were immediate and final. He killed over 100 North Korean troops in one single mission, and the Bolo sweep was the most successful MiG attack in Vietnam. He saved countless other pilots and soldiers lives by his actions, and he helped develop maintenance and flight techniques that worked in dogfight situations.

His long-term impact is still being felt. His son entered the Air Force in 1968 and became the first black Director of the Air National Guard, and he served 38 years, retiring in 2006. He is still remembered as a strong, tactical fighter who could maneuver his planes with skill and alertness, and who was fiercely loyal to his men and their mission. He developed tactics in Korea that helped provide close…


Editors. "Black Wings: Contributions of African-Americans to Air Force History. 

Phelps, J. Alfred. Chappie: America's First Black Four-Star General: The Life and Times of Daniel James, Jr. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1992.

Report About the Aircraft Br
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Air Force Brake Case

Case Summary:

The Air Force was providing a contract that featured the manufacture of brakes to be implemented in an aircraft. The B.F. Goodrich Wheel and Brake Plant in Troy, Ohio won the contract, on June 18, 1967, and the organization agreed to supply wheels and brakes for the new Air Force light attack aircraft.

However, the clause in the contract was that the testing that was to be done before the product was accepted must adhere to the stipulated standard. On failure of the trial test done on the provided products a controversy arose. A former employee, Kermit Vandivier, took the role of a whistle blower and it was claimed that the organization falsified reports undermining the ethical codes of the contract. A full investigation was conducted under governmental supervision and it was realized that the Air Force A7D Aircraft Brake Problem was the tip…

A Set of Questions
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Civilian Classification Position Review Audit Questionnaire



Darnella Monroe

Date Assigned to your current Position: 11 March 2011

Current Official Title: Security/Information Management Officer


Explain in detail any duty or responsibility you have which occupies at least 25% (ex: 2 hrs/day or 10 hrs/week or more) of your time.

The duties include being responsible for establishing and maintaining the Directorates vision, strategy, and security program to ensure and safeguard, people, information, and equipment. Develops, implements, and maintains security processes across the Directorate to reduce information and information Technology (IT) risks. I respond to incidents, establish appropriate standards and controls, manage security technologies, and direct the establishment and implementation of policies and procedures related to security. I also manage and assure the appropriate security levels for federal government and contractor employees, which are defined and in compliance with positions for each individual. The position as requires…

Human Factors Affecting Safe Operation
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This is significant, because it is showing how the best pilots will use the various tools on the aircraft to gain a greater understanding of the situation. (Drury, 2008)

Types of UAVs

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (2010), discusses the different kinds of UAVs that the military has been using. The most notable include: the Pioneer, the Tactical UAV, Global Hawk, Predator and Dragon just to name a few. These different aircraft are significant, because they are highlighting some of the various kinds of surveillance purposes that this used for. ("Unmanned Aerial Vehicles," 2010)

As a result, the information from this source is helpful, because it identifies some of the different kinds of aircraft that are being used. When you put these elements together, they are highlighting how this could contribute to pilot error by: illustrating how they may not have the experience in conducting various kinds of surveillance missions. ("Unmanned Aerial…


How to Become an Army UAV Pilot. (2011). E How. Retrieved from:

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Nevada WW2 During World War
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Magnesium was in great demand during World War II. It was described as the wonder metal and used for incendiary munitions casings and airplane engines, frames, and other parts. The processing of magnesium is multi-step task using significant amounts of energy. In the June 1944 issue of the Desert, Lelande Quick provides the following pictorial of how magnesium is processed:

everal employees of Basic Magnesium spent much time in England learning the skills required for the above process. Ironically, the Germans assisted England in building the plant prior to war. Locating the processing plant near Hoover Dam resulted in low cost energy. When the facility was at full capacity it produced over five million pounds of magnesium nuggets per day and employed over 13,500 people. This made BMI bigger than the employee base of the Hoover Dam and BMI's weekly payroll was greater than a month's payroll at the dam.…


Elliott, Russell R. And William D. Rowley, History of Nevada. Nebraska: University of Nebraska, 1987

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Las Vegas Evening Review-Journal and Boulder City Journal, August 14, 1942

Person in Aviation
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Brigadier General William "Billy" Mitchell

Brigadier General William "Billy" Mitchell

It may seem that aviation has a long and storied history because it seems now to have been a part of the national landscape forever. But, the reality is that the history of flying is very short even considering the many different types of vehicles that have been used. When it comes to actual powered airplanes, that history is even shorter, but it does have a colorful history. A large part of the landscape that has given air travel some of its most storied moments is the military wing of aviation history. It is impossible to examine the story of air power without looking at the life and accomplishments of one person, Brigadier General Billy Mitchell. This paper examines the man as a child and young officer, his assent to the highest reaches of the war department, his fall…


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F 35 Joint Strike Fighter
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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

The F-35 Lightning joint strike fighter (JSF) is being developed by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps and the UK oyal Navy. The fighter is described as a "stealthy, supersonic, multirole fighter" which is being built "in three variants: (1) a conventional take-off and landing aircraft (CTOL) for the U.S. Air Force; (2) a carrier variant (CV) for the U.S. Navy; and (3) a short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps and the oyal Navy. (American Federation of Scientists, 2010) The concept demonstration phase is reported to have started in November 1996 when contracts were awarded to Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The contracts were made for the construction of demonstrator aircraft for three different configurations of the Joint Strike Fighter.

esearch Questions

The research questions in this study include those as follows:

(1) Is…


Gertler, J. (2010) F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program: Background and Issues for Congress. Retrieve from: 

Tiron, R. (2010) Senate Appropriators Reduce Funding for Lockheed's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. 14 Sept, 2010. The Hill. Retrieved from: -

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Billy Mitchell A Leader Ahead
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He used his skills of persuasion to convince U.S. Commander-in-Chief Jack Pershing that his ideas for a U.S. Air Force deserved attention. Mitchell then personally trained and organized the first pilots of the newly created air force, earning him the title as its "father." In addition, during the St. Mihiel offensive in 1918, he led the largest air fleet of the time, consisting of nearly 1500 allied aircraft. Perhaps most importantly, he envisioned the need for a progressively more independent air force, and he made no secret of his commitment to enacting this expectation. Unfortunately, in the process, he alienated many higher-ups in the army and the navy, making his leadership style one of questionable controversy rather than blind admiration.

Mitchell's difficulties with the military, which ultimately led to his court martial, were not, however, a result of poor leadership on the part of Mitchell, but rather a result of…


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Boeing Spending - 1974 to
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oeing had utilized vast amounts of time, labor, energy, money and resources into the Apollo Program of the 1960's for the program finally to be cut to practically nothingness in the 1970's.

I. The Apollo Program:

Expenditures for the cost of the Apollo Program were in the total amount of $25.4 billion dollars. There were 11 manned Apollo flights, 381.7 kg of moon material was recovered during the course of the Apollo missions and although there are those who believe that the motivations for the Apollo missions were that of a "psycho-political" nature, the one gift that America and the world were given by the Apollo program was the realization of the reality of "how fragile the earth is."

At the time the Apollo program essentially caved in oeing also was losing hope in the production of commercial aircraft as they had placed their hopes on the 747 and the…


Bernstein, James (1993) Newsday: With New Fighter, Boeing Flies Solo 15 Nov (1993)

Mondout, Patrick (nd) Boeing 707

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents 1993

Making it Fly: The Big Gamble the Seattle Times 1983 June 19 (Boeing Loses Millions of Dollars on Every New 757 it Sells) [Online] at

Professional Workplace Dilemma
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ethical issue concerned an otherwise reliable employee displaying signs of troublesome behavior, as well as unethical financial and personal practices. This included drunkenness, fighting during off-base time, financial indiscretion relating to workplace funds, and a number of occasions of tardiness.

The persons involved included Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Pat Jones, newly appointed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona, and I, Technical Sergeant Smith. Our relationship was that of supervisor and subordinate: I was SSgt Jones's supervisor, and also became a friend to him as our working relationship progressed. He impressed me with his enthusiasm and the excellence of his work ethic.

In terms of power and authority, I have a position of power relative SSgt Jones, as I am his supervisor. I therefore have considerable authority over him, as I am responsible for helping him maintain his work ethic and supervise his behavior at all times. I am also…

Upgrade to the F-18 the F-18 Phase
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upgrade to the F-18

The F-18 Phase Two Upgrade Program for oeing will cost $2.6 illion and the Aurora reconnaissance plane upgrades will cost $1 illion respectively per year for five years for the Part One budget. This will include high-frequency radios, new navigation and communications equipment ("Auditing the CF-18 IMP -- CF-18 Incremental Modernization Project," 2004). As the program upgrades will ultimately carry on until 2021 when the new F-35's come totally online, the Part Two budget will cover the second five-year span. The February inflation rate was set at 2.6% ("Canadian Inflation Rate Edges Lower In February" 2011). Certainly, this is at the low end of the spectrum, Conservatively speaking, the group feels that the program should include a 4% per anum calculation for the rate of inflation which would translate into 104,000,000 CAD for the F-18 upgrades and 40,000,000 CAD per year to allow for in the…


"Auditing the CF-18 IMP -- CF-18 Incremental Modernization Project." December,

2004.  (accessed March 21, 2011).

"Canadian Dollar Currency Exchange Forecast."

2011.  (accessed March 21, 2011).

Operational Art in Comparison With
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The Thai and American cultures differ greatly. Communications and the success of operations will be much facilitated with the help of translators and regional experts to facilitate communications and mutual understanding. According to The U..A. Joint Publication 3-0, such capabilities can even save lives during combat situations.


For the situation in Thailand, the priority is ground force reinforcements and fires. These can however not be deployed properly without the necessary language and intelligence capabilities. It is therefore suggested that language and intelligence capabilities be deployed first. On this basis, intelligence can then be gathered regarding the existing capabilities on both sides, while communications can be established with local military leaders.

Once this is complete, the next step is to deploy reinforcements to increase the ground force troop numbers. Language capabilities by means of translators and regional experts should be installed in sufficient numbers to ensure optimal ground operations.



U.S.A. Joint Publication 3-0. 2008. Joint Operations.

The United States Naval War College. 2008. Service Capabilities Vignettes for North Africa and Thailand.

Swept Wing Technology Is 75
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This means that the forward sweep design is less apt to suffer from wing tip stalls as the rearward designs are. It also means that the forward sweep aids in low speed stability and handling characteristics (CFC, 2011). Notable aircraft with this design include the Grumman X-29 experimental fighter and the Let-L13 glider (Hallion, 2011).

Technological Impact

Swept wing design changed the course of World War Two and all subsequent wars where aircraft were employed. It also helped to influence the designs of the space race as well as the experimental designs of the 1950's and 1960's that radically shaped future air travel. As it was first experimented with in a relatively meaningful way during World War Two, it has grown to be incorporated in nearly every subsequent aircraft design, especially those that are built for trans-sonic and super-sonic use. Swept wing technology has shaped aviation and aircraft design as…


Doig, G.; Barber, T.J. And Neely, A.J. (2011). "Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Swept Wing

In Close Ground Proximity at High Subsonic Mach Numbers." Journal of Aerospace Engineering. Vol. 9, No. 1. Pp. 19-26.

Hallion, Richard, P. (2011). "The NACA, NASA, and the Supersonic-Hypersonic

Frontier." NASA. NASA Technical Reports Server. Retrieved 9 Nov.

Ability of USA to Counter Terror DHS
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Ability of USA to Counter terror

DHS and enhancement of Special Operations Forces structure

Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 proscribed the use of military in civilian law enforcement. Currently, there are terrorists who are born and bread within the United States territory. These terrorists sometime carryout their heinous acts using Weapons of Mass Destruction (Brown, 2005). They also have networks that cannot be easily broken down by the Homeland Security agencies. It is the Department of Defense that has such capabilities. That is why the Coast Guards use facilities that belong to the Navy to ensure that banned drugs are never shipped into the United States. Special operations forces can train officers within the Department Of Homeland Security on how to reduce vulnerability to terrorism. They can also help in evaluating the adequacy of existing physical security systems. Department of Homeland Security has got no capability of combating terrorists threats…


Brown, T.D. (2005). The Role of Special Operations Forces in U.S. Homeland Security and Homeland Defense. Retrieved October 22, 2012 from 

Mann, W.R. (2010). Duvdevan: Israel's Most Elite Counter Terrorist Unit. Retrieved October

22, 2012 from 

Malvesti, M.L. (2010). To Serve the Nation: U.S. Special Operations Forces in an Era of Persistent Conflict. Washington: Center fir a New American Security.

Project Management Project Libra To Terminate or
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Project Management

Project Libra: To Terminate or Not to Terminate

Visit to see the string of news stories related to Project Libra. Identify some of the sources of the problems the project faces.

Project Libra exemplifies several attributes of failed projects the most notable of which is the breakdown in project team, Fujitsu Services (ICL) system integrator and enterprise software vendors. Most evident of a filed project management structure is the ballooning size of payments made during the project with literally nothing to show for it.

These are the most significant lessons learned from the failure of Project Libra. First, the British government should have had a series of measurable goals and objectives in place first and required monthly updates on project status and delays. This would have drastically reduced the confusion over just what the status of the project was, as is evident from background readings on this…


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Airpower Debate Question Given That
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CFACC and AOC are, by their very nature, located several hundred, sometimes thousands of miles from the air battle. And, as emphasized prior, we understand that technology allows command far more specific details than in the history of the military. That being said, no amount of technology can translate a blip on a screen to an actual threat, and react with the appropriate response within milliseconds. One would think, for instance, that with the thousands upon thousands of dollars the service spends on training their pilots, the number of scenarios engendered, and the amount of air time required to pilot a multimillion dollar piece of extraordinary equipment that command would acknowledge that there needs to be a certain level of trust and allowance for experience and pilot assessment of various high stress situations. While it is certainly true that, at times, the individual pilot cannot see the "big picture," and…

Leadership Development Developing the Leader
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Given the extensive demands put upon the military, which is currently fighting two wars on two different fronts, prioritization of resources, even regarding recreational services, is essential.

The men and women served must believe that the organization has a strong sense of integrity, and truly believes that it has their best interests at heart: this is true of the military in terms of how it secures the safety of personnel, but also on a much smaller level in terms of the comforts enjoyed by them on base. When people trust their leaders, they are more apt to accept changes (Maxwell 2000, p.67). Being flexible to the ever-shifting social needs of the armed services is demanded in a world characterized by change. AAFES has begun offering discounts on laptops, for example, and other electronic services that are needed when members of the military take classes or use computers to stay in…


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Developing Yourself and an Effective Team
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Successful and Effective Personal and Team Development

The objective of this work is to write a critical reflection of the personal development and growth of the writers with the oyal Air Force with a view to broadening the knowledge and skills of the writer to be a more effective manager by undertaking a personal SWOT analysis. Accepted Learning Styles Theories should be used to explain how the writer will apply that knowledge to maximize the strengths and opportunities and minimize weaknesses and threats to future self-development. Useful tools that have been suggested are learning styles 'lens' workshop materials and cognitive learning style.

This assignment intends to critically reflect on the personal development and growth over the course of the 15 years of service with the oyal Air Force of this writer. This work will examine both the extent and depth of the skills acquired by the writer of this work…


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