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Airbus A380 Essays (Examples)

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Production and Procurement Management of
Words: 3772 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78140722
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Airbus A350 will consist of new all-combined wings that will be common to all the variations of the A350 airliner family. The newly designed wings will be the biggest wing to be ever created for a mid-size / wide-body aircraft capable of boosting the typical cruise speed and increasing the maximum operating speed. The new wings design will incorporate an innovative trailing-edge system and an improved dropped-hinge flap that allows the closure of the space between the trailing edge and flap with the spoiler.


The production of Airbus A350 family of airliners will incorporate a revised configuration of the cockpit to adopt LCD screens that are different from the Airbus A380-sized display. The revised design will include two central displays and a solitary flight/navigation display for each pilot. While the two central displays will be built up on top of each other, the solitary flight/navigation display will have…


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Management and Organizations Brief History
Words: 1077 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15832676
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Comparison to oeing

The general perception is that oeing is the undisputed international leader on the aerospace market and that Airbus is generally unable to properly function and its success is only based on state subsidies and sponsorships. However, in his book oeing vs. Airbus: The Inside Story of the Greatest International Competition in usiness, John Newhouse proves the opposite. He states that Airbus deserves the title of international leader as they produce similar products of sometimes superior qualities than oeing. In addition, they do this by using fewer financial resources and with the aid of fewer people than oeing. Also, to prove their superiority, he cites the years 2004 and 2005, when Airbus outnumbered oeing's sales and orders.

8. oeing 787 Dreamliner vs. Airbus A380

The A380 is the largest airplane on the market, having the ability to transport 550 up to 800 travellers, depending on the model; whereas…


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Management and Organizations the Boeing
Words: 1143 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58145396
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Comparison to Airbus

oeing is headquartered in Chicago and Airbus is headquartered in Toulouse. oeing was founded 54 years sooner than Airbus. It numbers over 166,000 employees, whereas Airbus only numbers 48,500. oeing's net sales for fiscal year 2002 amounted to a total of $54 billion, Airbus' were less than half ($24 billion). The American company has a total of 14,000 aircrafts on the market; Airbus' aircrafts do not exceed 3,000. oeing also holds other six units, whereas Airbus holds no additional units.

8. oeing 787 Dreamliner vs. Airbus A380

The new oeing aircraft 787 Dreamliner is the company's latest airplane and it is designed to be safer, offer travellers more comfort, consume less fuel (by 20%) and increase its luggage capacity by 40 up to 60%. The Airbus A 380 is the largest airplane on the market, being able to transport up to 800 people at one flight. However…


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Product Price Promotion Place Of Singapore
Words: 977 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96034488
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PRODUCT, PRICE, PROMOTION, PLACE ) OF INGAPORE AIRLINE & #8230;focus on Product ( brand, service quality, service excellence ) .Why product ( brand, service quality, service excellence) price, promotion, place of ingapore Airlines is important ?


ingapore Airlines is a full-fledged carrier service that combines a high-level product with excellent flight service. As of 2011, IA possessed 108 modern passenger planes (mostly Boeing 777 (PREWIRE, 2005) whose average age was six years and three months (ingapore Airline, 2012). IA has, accordingly, achieved the reputation of possessing one of the world youngest fleet of aircraft (PREWIRE, 2005). IA is a member of tar Alliance. he is also the first airline company to internationally operate the world's largest passenger aircraft called Airbus A380 that is comfortably equipped to cater to its passengers' needs.

IA has also diversified into aircraft handling and engineering .Meanwhile, her subsidiary, ilkAir, operates local flights with smaller…


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Boeing Planning Function of Management
Words: 1537 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7596221
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The Large Cargo Freighter (Dreamlifter) delivered major assemblies in the first half of 2007, and the company expects final assembly of the first 787 later in the second quarter of 2007. Boeing also expects to fly 787 engines on an airplane test bed sometime in the first quarter of 2007.

In summary, the three dominant factors of commercial aircraft demand, business jet demand, and supply chain planning, forecasting, and manufacturing fulfillment are central to Boeings' strategic and contingency planning. In addition to all of these significant new opportunities, the role of the Internal Governance Officer to provide a higher level of oversight and ethical guidance is making the audits from the Justice Department less intrusive on daily work in the company. The governance office now has 90 employees full-time working on ethics programs and preventative action plans to keep the company out of the ethical problems faced in the past,…


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Importance of Fleet Management for Airlines
Words: 822 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81007870
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Aircraft Fleet Management

The fleet planning of an airline deals with the way airlines decide which type of aircraft to acquire and then utilize their aircraft on different routes. The main aim of fleet planning is usually to add value to the airlines operations by increasing efficiency. For example, operating a large wide bodied jet on a short route with only a few passengers would be highly inefficient, due to the higher overhead costs than a smaller, lighter jet. Likewise, if only smaller aircraft are available for the most popular route the airline may not be maximizing their potential to generate revenues and profit due to limited capacity (Clark, 2007). This demonstrates that fleet planning requires forward thinking and can be a strategic element of airlines ongoing operations.

Different strategies may be adopted by airlines. Southwest Airlines, known as the first low cost carrier, adopted a strategy which saw…


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Study on Improvement of Low Cost Airline in Thailand
Words: 11802 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 57365723
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Low Cost Airline in Thailand

The Study on Improvement of Low Cost Airline in Thailand

Geography of Thailand

Nature of Airlines

Variables under Study

The Profitability of Low Cost Airlines in Thailand

Thai Economy

Operating esults, Selected Airlines, Financial Year 1999

The Economies of Scale Attained By Airline Industry

Human esource Practices

The future of low cost Thailand Airlines

Contrasting Qualities of State Owned and Non-State Owned Airlines

The Study on Improvement of Low Cost Airline in Thailand

Thailand is a global source for customers seeking cheap labor or material inputs. The country is rich in natural resources -- tin, rubber, natural gas, tungsten, and timber being a few examples. The country is a major source for agricultural products1a.

Thailand also has an abundant supply of low-skilled labor with high participation rates in the workforce 86% for males and 67% for females in 1995. At the same time, the country…


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Hangar Space - A Physical
Words: 9159 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21028571
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egulations and requirements

The Federal Aviation Authority -- FAA passed the "Vision100 - Century of Aviation eauthorization Act," which among other regulations also allowed for the allocation of the AIP funds for the facilities like hangars and fuel farms. This is stated in the law that the secretary can pay the funds "apportioned to the airport sponsor under section 47114 (d) (3) (a) and if the Secretary determines that the sponsor has made adequate provision for financing airside needs of the airport." ("Airport Improvement Program," 2004) Therefore all planners and builders are required to submit a business plan. In the event where the promoter of the proposed airport is not requiring the genera fund, still considering these guidelines will help in determining the profitability and the types of facility and structures required. The foremost concern is to evaluate the need. The plan must show the demand envisaged for the facility.…


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Development" UCL Press: London.

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Comparing Etihad and Emirates
Words: 5255 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 45697747
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Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways 
This paper discusses Etihad Airways, the number 2 airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and compares it to Emirates Airlines, the number 1 airline of the Middle East, and fourth largest airline in the world. The paper provides examples of the 7 P’s of the extended marketing mix for each airline, and provides a detailed marketing plan for Etihad Airways. The marketing plan includes how the plan will meet business objectives and marketing objectives of Etihad Airways as well as an Action Plan that can be used to to monitor and evaluate the company’s progress for meeting its business goals and objectives.
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways is the 2nd largest airline in the UAE and the second flag carrier airline of the UAE with its HQ in Abu Dhabi and its main hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Founded in 2003, Etihad Airways…

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal He
Words: 1144 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 72769061
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Alwaleed also donated $500,000 to the George Herbert Walker ush Scholarship Fund in 2002. In December 2005, he donated $20 million each to Harvard University and Georgetown University to finance new initiatives aimed at enhancing the study of Islam in the Western academy and to foster understanding between Muslims and Christians. (Mujtaba 2008)

The Weill Medical College of Cornell University also received a donation $10 million in 2006 to establish the Institute for Computational efforts in wake of the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan. He also gave $2 million dollars for the development of the remote regions of Pakistan that include Kahuta, Jhelum valley, and the mountainside region of the Swat River valley. Alwaleed financed the building of the headquarters of the Fondation Pour l'Enfance, an organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of Malian and African children in Mali. (Mujtaba 2008)

Princely Lifestyle

The billionaire prince has a colorful life…

Bibliography Alwaleed bin Talal. 2008. - talal (Accessed November 24, 2008).

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Airplane an Airline Is Looking to Introduce
Words: 3215 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86291312
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An airline is looking to introduce a new fleet of twin engined wide body aircraft into its fleet. Three different engine options are available and none is compatible with existing engine types in operation. Discuss the likely factors to be evaluated or taken into consideration and/or negotiated to ensure lowest ownership and operating costs over a ten-year period.

First of all, commercial engines are far cheaper, as analysis of Boeing 747 and Douglas DC-10 shows, than are acquisitions of military crafts such as the B-52 bomber and the turboprop C-130 ( The Boeing Company ). This should be encouraging news to the buyer.

Both direct and indirect operating costs should be taken into account when reaching a decision. The type of engine itself is one of the most important components. Here, should be considered costs that are associated with the size, speed and payload- range capability of the engine…


Aircraft pricing and economic analysis. -- %2C1305322412&fr=yhs-avgb-chrome&u=,9ecfd1af&icp=1&.international=us&sig=tJc4SOu3BkzcB3ll2r5w4w 


Air Transportation Association:

Application of Ethnographic Methods
Words: 1584 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95222838
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Practicing Ethnographic Methods

JFK (John F. Kennedy) International Airport is one of the busiest international airports in the United States and serves as a gateway for the New York City and other Tri-State within the metropolitan regions. Apart from enjoying services from the Jet Blue, and Virgin America, the JFK airport is the major destination for visitors from various continents such as Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The JFK airport receives over 41 million visitors yearly making the airport the busiest international gateway in the New York. However, airports are the social-based organization where the visitors and employees come from various social and cultural backgrounds, which influence the airport decision making.

Objective of this paper is to carry out the ethnographic research by presenting the results of the observation of the social and cultural settings at the John F. Kenney International Airport.


I use the ethnographic…


Kusenbach, M. (2003). Street Phenomenology the Go-Along as Ethnographic Research Tool. Ethnography, 4: 455-485.

Operation Management Case Study
Words: 1151 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 54217489
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Airbus is currently implementing new logistics processes tat it expects to cut costs by 20%. Part of tis is because Airbus as been flying parts for planes to central locations to facilitate assembly. However, it is peraps more important tat tis increases inventory turnover; because like all airplane manufacturers, Airbus as a backlog: if tis backlog is eliminated or lessened by more expedient manufacturing, Airbus produces at a faster rate and is able to sell more products. Te backlog is also counter-cyclical; customers get teir orders faster wen less are buying. Te current backlog is over four years wereas cycles generally last ten or less wit prolonged recessions rare. Only a sustained recession of more tan several years can treaten Airbus'es production pipeline. Tis is unlikely as air travel as already recovered from its early-2003 low. Accoring to te exercise, a new airplane needs a total of 85 days in… 

Airbus Jet Sales Soar. CNN International. January 17, 2002. 

James Wallace. Airbus sales chief scoffs at rival's 7E7. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. June 18th, 2003.

Aerospace Business
Words: 2279 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 14323476
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Airbus is one of the leading producers of commercial and military aircraft in the world. The company has been successful because of the commitment it has to excellence and a global vision. The purpose of this discussion is to focus on the ways and which Airbus functions in various parts of the world given the differing cultures, political, economic and trade issues that differ from country to country. The research will also focus on the ways in which Airbus can deal more effectively with these issues as they arise.

Company information: summary, products, size, etc. Note: (no history)

Airbus is Headquartered in Toulouse, France. The company is owned by European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS). At the current time the company employs 52,500 people and has many fully owned subsidiaries throughout the world. These subsidiaries are located in the China, United States, Japan and in the Middle East. In…

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Marketing Questions 1 Describe the
Words: 3435 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78216664
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Whee Google elies on seach tems to tigge the display of a given
AdWods advetisement, it can be seen how Facebook wanted to ceate the
equivalent advetising business model though the use of social netwoking
and inteactions tiggeing which ad was shown. The ethics howeve of
tacking visits and activities on affiliate sites of cuent and pevious
Facebook membes, in addition to monitoing those visitos who have neve
opted in to Facebook yet ae being monitoed based on affiliate site click-
though taffic, is toubling. The lack of tanspaency about the entie
pogamme and the use of Beacons to become the foundation of a social
netwoking equivalent of Google AdWods is also toubling. In shot, all
these factos detact fom tust that Facebook visitos and uses have of
the site and thei futhe lack of communication on the issue just adds to
the deteioating tust visitos and paticipants on the…

references due to perceived
superiority combine to create a major roadblock in Nokia's efforts to re-
enter the market. When these factors are taken into account the key
obstacles Nokia needs to overcome in order to gain entry into the North
American market are made all the more difficult to overcome.
These key obstacles Nokia has to overcome in order to successfully enter
the North American market include addressing their weakness at successfully
partnering with service providers in general and content providers
specifically; the need for speeding up new product development and

The Decision to Build the 777x
Words: 1682 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53941367
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Boeing 777X is an aircraft currently under development. The aircraft is based in part on technology that was developed for the 787 Dreamliner. The company intends this project to be the "largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world," and also expects it to have enhanced cabin features that will improve upon the in-flight experience. The jet is intended as a competitor for the Airbus A350, which entered service at the beginning of 2015. Boeing hopes that the 777X will be ready for production in 2017. This paper will outline the process by which Boeing determined to proceed with this project.

Problem Identification

The commercial jet business is global in nature. The market for long-haul jets is basically a duopoly, with Boeing and France-based Airbus. The market for smaller jets is dominated by Bombardier (Canada) and Embraer (Brazil). The only other player in the long-haul jet market is Moscow-based…


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Emirate Airlines Customer Service
Words: 4373 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62757631
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Emirate Airline Analysis

What follows in this report is a review and summary of the customer services aspect of Emirates Airline. The firm in question has most certainly established a name for themselves and there is the common refrain about how adept they are. Even so, there are opportunities for them to get better and all firms should commit to a culture and mindset of continuous improvement, fettering out what problems what do exist and finding common sense solutions for dealing with the same. Regardless of what problems are found, there need to be evidence-based and realistic solutions put forth, and that shall be the goal of this report. While Emirates Airlines does a lot of things well when it comes to their customer services, they could do even better and strive to do so whenever possible.

Company Summary

Before getting into the minutia of what should change and why,…

Strategy From the Viewpoint of
Words: 1599 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 9347997
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Good managers must act quickly when faced with ethical dilemmas.

Leaders need ensure that dignity and respect are maintained at all times.

These different elements are important, because they are providing us with a basic foundation as to how manages can apply effective leadership inside their organization. Once this occurs, is when there will be a transformation in operating environment with everyone willing to work together on a regular basis. (Voyer, 2011)


Clearly, the different pieces of literature that we reviewed are illustrating how managers must be able to embrace certain ideas. That will help to improve the ability of the firm to deal with a host of challenges. The way that this is accomplished is through having everyone focus on certain characteristics that will enhance the operating environment to include: exercising effective leadership, having good communication and implementing a values-based system. These different elements are important, because the…


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