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Amazon Kindle Essays (Examples)

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Amazon's Strategic Advantage
Words: 774 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61386494
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history of amazon and a comparison to its major rival eBay.

History of Amazon

tarted by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon is a multinational electronic commerce company that is headquartered In eattle, Washington DC, UA. The company also provides cloud computing servicers and produced the widely popular Amazon Kindle e-book reader and Kindle Fire tablet computer. It has separate retail websites for United tates, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, pain, Japan, and China, and plans to open other sites for further countries that include Poland, Brazil, Netherlands and weden. was called after the largest river -- the Amazon River and after the Amazon gods for a purpose: it planned to become to the largest online retailer -- and succeeded (Jopson, 2011). Bezos, too, chose a name that would appear as first of the alphabet in order to make it easy to track in a web search (Byers, 2006).…


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An Evaluation of Amazon com
Words: 763 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44356688
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Identification/Description --, as of 2009, was the world's largest book retailer in the world. However, the company is far more than a bookstore in 2012 -- it is a retail giant, handling almost $50 billion in multinational electronic commerce, making it the world's largest online retailer. The company was created in 1994 as a bookstore, but soon diversified so that today it sells music, books, software, apparel, furniture, food, toys, electronics, and its own proprietary reading and tablet device, the Amazon Kindle (Investor Information, 2012). Amazon transformed itself from a specialty retailer into an online shopping portal, taking a cue from auctioneer eBay, which set itself up as a mediator between buyer and seller. Amazon's marketing strategy has been to provide a sophisticated website that cross-promotes products; materials at a significantly lower price, and an ability for the consumer to personalize their "store," receive updates about products they…

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Management of Amazon
Words: 3055 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36157245
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Amazon is the largest internet-based company in America with headquarters located in Washington and Seattle in the United States. The company was founded in 1995 by Jeffrey Bezos and it started as online bookstores then diversified to selling videos, CDs, MP3 and DVDs. Today, Amazon offers about 4.7 million books, computer games, DVD and a wide variety of items of all kids. Ever since Bezos opened the doors of Amazon, online retailing has been defined and redefined for the rest of the Internet retail worldwide, and today it offers the customers a superior shopping experience through the provision of a high level of customer service. This research paper will discuss the impact of the Amazon's mission, vision and primary stakeholders' overall success, while analyzing different forces of competition and how they impact the business of the company. SWOT analysis will also be performed to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and…

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Amazon and Ebay Both Companies Were Among
Words: 2718 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59471244
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Amazon and eBay. Both companies were among the first movers into the Internet. Amazon opened the doors to its online store in July, 1995 and completed its initial public offering in 1997. eBay was also founded in 1995 and went public in 1998. These two companies have always been among the leaders in e-commerce. Amazon began with a focus on books and music. It soon expanded its product lines significantly to become a general merchandiser. Amazon is also an intermediary for third party vendors. eBay has always played the intermediary role. Unlike Amazon, where goods are offered for sale, eBay has used an auction platform in order to move its goods, taking a fee on the sale. Both companies remain as industry leaders. Amazon has withstood challenges from leading bricks and mortar retailers to remain as the number one vendor on the Internet (Internet Retailer, 2012). eBay has struggled to…

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Amazon Could Follow in Order to Be
Words: 767 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63570857
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Amazon could follow in order to be socially responsible in marketing its Kindle fire family of tablets. This demand for such social responsibility has been coming for sometime for the secretive Amazon to reveal long-awaited information about its environmental compliance in the case of the new Kindle tablet.

Amazon has long been seemingly more secret than that CIA about facets of the company and the Kindle has been no exception to this rule. equests for this information have been repeatedly denied requests for information about the Kindle. Examples of this included an attempt by Joe Hutsko of the New York Times who tried to learn more Kindle's carbon footprint and reported that "phone calls and e-mail messages to Amazon inquiring about the materials in the popular Kindle device have thus far gone unanswered (Godelnik, 2011)." Also, Emma itch of the Cleantech Group wrote that "Amazon declined to provide information about…

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Amazon's Cash Cycle'so Much Shorter Than
Words: 818 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 37655552
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Amazon's cash cycle so much shorter than that of competitor Barnes & Noble? How does this comparison affect financial management decisions of other retailers?

There are several reasons which explain why the Amazon Company has a shorter cash cycle than its competitor Barnes & Noble. First and foremost, Amazon is a much bigger company than Barnes & Noble both in terms of income and in the number of products that it sells. hile Barnes & Noble sells some things besides book and ebooks, this is their primary product. Amazon sells everything including books, although this is a very small portion of their income. Another reason for this is that Amazon is doing better financially than Barnes & Noble. The ebook trend has bitten into Barnes & Noble's income, which they tried to combat by creating their own ereader, the Nook but this was far less successful than the Amazon ereader,…

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Amazon's Business Environment
Words: 2553 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92528084
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External and Internal Environments for Amazon

External and Internal Environments

Two segments of the general environment

Everything being equal, it is the primary objective of any company or business to gain a bigger market share, grow, affect its bottom line, and be successful. In order for the business to accomplish its goals, the business should deal with all its stakeholders who include suppliers, employees, shareholders, customers, competitors, and society. A business will encounter stiff competition in all its market be it locally or internationally for it to achieve its objectives and goals. For a business to gain competitive advantages over its rivals within the industry, it must be able to understand the present and predict future trends. The business should also take into consideration the internal and external environments of the business industry, which will impact the business activities directly and indirectly. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, which is the world's…


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Amazon Inc Marketing Plan
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 96625418
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Amazon as a Model for a Business Plan

Marketing Plan:

'Obsession' is the term that perhaps best describes Amazon's fervor to serve its shareholders and customers to utmost fulfillment. Growing from a flourishing dot-com enterprise in the 1990s into a 21st century multinational giant, a king in every sense - in the internet retail area, Amazon provides an exemplary marketing model for budding businesses. Its marketing manual is near legendary, pegged on the fundamental 'customers first' foundation, and a bizarre business philosophy to listen to the customer and not only work, but also invent towards their comfort, and on their behalf.

The company was founded under the tagline 'Earth's Biggest Bookstore', but as it turns out, books were only the starting point for Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO. It went online in 1995, a year after its inception, expanding into other media including MP3s, CDs, VHS, and DVDs; and…

Bringing Amazon com to Chile Sizing
Words: 1663 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35345439
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Amazon may have to also stock books and literature that pertains to the country and the education-based books both in Spanish and English. There may also be some online payment hassles with banks and these problems have to be solved and can be solved by Amazon. The delivery of books to the place may also create logistics problems though it is not a great issue as far as Chile is concerned. It cannot be assessed how the reader in Chile will take to the Kindle, and high cost of the device may be a deterrent. However the books online can be sold irrespective of the sale of the ebook reader.


The entry of Apple and Google and other ebook companies in the market necessarily makes it necessary for Amazon to expand its sales in all possible markets. Amazon must therefore not only create a physical presence in Chile for…


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Pricing the Kindle Fire the Kindle Fire
Words: 577 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50287510
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Pricing the Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire, priced at $199, is just 39% of the price of it's most well-entrenched and popular competitor the Apple iPad2, which sells for $499. Amazon has pursued a market penetration strategy with this product, looking to create a content consumption platform for the future. Apple argues that the iPad2 is a content creation and consumption platform. The price differential of $300 is steep to pay for content creation capability, which is one of the factors in Amazon being so successful with its pricing strategy. Apple could further refine this pricing strategy however and further expand the market.

Defining Kindle Fire Pricing Strategy

The initial pricing elasticity of products that have a high degree of innovation associated with them tend to be more unitary or highly elastic, as demand often outstrips supply of these types of devices (Antonelli, 1989). This factor in pricing often leads…


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Marketing Plan for a Digital Books Publishing House
Words: 2708 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 74766570
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Digital Book Production

Practical advice on publishing eBooks.

Which digital formats and platforms to convert to... pdf, ePub, Kindle, etc..

Lipton (2014) in his study assessed the current norms of the digital printing industry with focus on publishing and copyrights in America and European Union. He reveals that popular eBook formats are few rounding up in single digit figures. In case of United States, the industry frontlines such as Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble are quite open to their users in order to pave way for easier reading. Due to this simplistic idea, the nuisance of multiple file formats to be used is cut down as most book readers don't like to shift from one file format to another. It's just too much nuisance and hassle for a reader.

In case of European Union, he adds that the digital eBook market is slowly growing as publishers are indulged in…


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Beyond the Printed Page Kindling
Words: 1430 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 36633414
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"Specifically, it's an extension of the familiar Amazon store (where, of course, Kindles will be sold). Amazon has designed the Kindle to operate totally independent of a computer: you can use it to go to the store, browse for books, check out your personalized recommendations, and read reader reviews and post new ones, tapping out the words on a thumb-friendly keyboard. Buying a book with a Kindle is a one-touch process" (Levy 2007). It encourages consumption and purchasing of literary material filtered through one corporation's portal. Independent bookstores that showcased new authors will find it even more difficult to survive in the new, 'Kindled' world.

The Kindle's domination extends not only to fiction, but also to news. The Kindle "not only displays the news" but it "also speaks it with a computerized voice" with free downloadable new pronunciations for the week's newsmakers (Arango 2009). However, the domination of the Kindle…

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Etextbooks Marketing Plan for E-Textbooks
Words: 820 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 33589776
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Fourth, customer service needs to be designed for real-time response and be automated on the proposed venture's website as a student may need a book immediately if their Kindle DX is lost, stolen or malfunctions. All of these attributes taken together will give the proposed vendor a high-end, high quality position in the market and will also ensure a consistently excellent user experience, which is critical to customers purchasing additional e-textbooks in the future. Focusing on the highest quality content in a state-of-the-art platform will also make the selling process much more efficient as the proposed venture will be all the more trusted for taking these steps prior to launching the business.

Sales Tactics

Making virtual products or services real is a challenge and as a result many companies, including have turned to events-based selling and marketing. Early on realized that people wanted to actually see their online…


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Managed Cos In December 2008
Words: 1581 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 56196014
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The attraction of mazon lies in the way that the company has achieved its growth. They have taken a fairly simple concept and it the span of 14 years gone from nothing to one of the largest, most successful retailers in the world. mazon has done this by keeping their core business simple, but building upon this basic model. The result is a business that is simple, yet has achieved a level of complexity seldom seen in retailing. The way that mazon has been able to manage multiple, sometimes conflicting core competencies simultaneously while never losing focus of the fact that they must meet the needs of the customer is admirable. The way that mazon has been able to focus on being both a technological leader and an expert merchandiser; a domestic retailing giant and an international retailing giant is admirable.

There is much to learn from a company that…

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Tablet Devices Replace the Latop
Words: 16026 Length: 55 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 49088262
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It initially failed to attract the desired audience, but it is believed that the recent innovations of the re-launched tablet PC would ensure its success (Search Mobile Computing, 2010).

While Apple stated that they were the first creators of tablet computers, Microsoft comes to argue the same. Thorn Holwerda (2010) however states that neither of the two it monoliths were the creator of tablet PC. "Well, no. They're both wrong. oth Microsoft and Apple were late to the game when it comes to tablet computing, and so far, neither of the two companies have been able to popularize the paradigm in any meaningful way - but boy, did they try" (Holwerda, 2010).

In understanding the history of the tablet computer, it is first necessary to differentiate between the concept of the tablet computer and the resulting final product. The concept of the tablet computer was introduced by Alan Kay and…


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E-Books vs Traditional Books
Words: 1322 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22981658
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eBook vs. traditional books

The rise of eBooks and the death of print

Despite the surprising success of a number of book 'franchises' such as the Harry Potter novels, The Hunger Games, and Fifty Shades of Grey, commentators continue to predict the looming death of printed books. Americans are buying fewer books, and even the major book chains like Barnes & Noble are struggling to stay relevant in an increasingly crowded, visually-driven media landscape. A number of small, independent bookstores as well as the major bookstore chain Borders have gone out of business. The Internet has superseded many of the traditional functions of print and reading online does not entail additional costs to readers. However, there is one subset of the book market which is growing -- the eBook. Soon, eBooks are likely to dominate the marketplace at the expense of most print books, and this revolution will fundamentally change…

Solutions to the Problems of Rising Costs of Books
Words: 4301 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41378081
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Alternative Solutions to the Rising Costs of Books

The concept books comes into an existence because of the needs to store information and pass the same information to the next generation. Books have been used for several centuries dated back to the time of bronze age. However, books have passed through revolutionary changes starting from when people write on clay to the time when books have been converted into an electronic format. Earlier books were meant to keep observations and records. Several years afterwards, books have found their places in academics, literatures, politics, and poetry. Over the years, books have witnessed changes of being imprinted from clay to paper. However, rapid development of information technology has transformed books from paper to paperless format and delivered to users in an electronic form generally referred as e-books. E-books refers to the transfer of books into an electronic format where readers are able…

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Analyzing the Communication Process
Words: 1038 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 13894197
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Communication Process

The procedure of communication involves a sender transmitting data in a fitting structure to guarantee the message is comprehended by the recipient. The sender should likewise consider potential "noise" or limitations to the transmitted communication. Compelling communication relies on upon:

clearly characterizing the goal of the message

taking record of the requirements of the recipient

selecting the best medium and strategy for communication

being mindful of how "noise" can contort the message

Ensuring feedback, to assure comprehension of the message (Business Case Studies, 2016).

Example Site:

The site decided for this task is The firm is a U.S. based trade and distribution organization dealing in computers and electronics located in Seattle, Washington. It is the biggest Internet-based retailer in the United States. began as an online book shop, later enhancing its services to offer DVDs, Blurays, CDs, video downloads/spilling, and MP3downloads/gushing, book recording downloads/streaming, furniture,…


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E-Books vs Traditional Books
Words: 1953 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42294165
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iPad -- a Greener Option?

There is much debate on whether the iPad is a greener option than printed books. Where some believe that iPad is the greener option, some still believe print books are still the better option, especially when borrowed from a public library that spreads the carbon footprint over an entire community. Print books use 8.85 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per book, but only when being produced. The iPad uses much less at production, but carbon dioxide emissions are spread over the lifecycle of the product and are not as easy to calculate due to how consumers use the device, electronic power sources, and the toxins involved in the materials used to produce the device.

Print book waste stems from large print overproduction in manufacturing, editorial error, and how consumers dispose of unwanted print books. Manufacturers print large quantities of books that may are not all…


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E-Commerce Management Describe How E-Markets
Words: 2678 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20830035
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Last, James B. Ayers begins by offering a working definition of supply chain, and then breaks it up into three explanations. The definition sees that supply chain management represents the "life cycle process supporting physical, information, financial and knowledge flows for moving products and services from suppliers to end-users" (Ayers, 2002). Life cycle is understood in terms of market life and usage life of the respective products or services. In terms of the physical, information, financial and knowledge flows, the mentioning of these variables was necessary as the traditional definitions only include the physical component; yet, this is often a limited presentation of the supply chain, which is significantly improved though the inclusion of adequate capitals, knowledge and access to information. Finally, the third element, services, was introduced to emphasize the fact that supply chains are also applicable to services, regardless of the initial stand that they could only hold…


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Technology in Education Assessing Three Emerging Technologies'
Words: 1329 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 652107
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Technology in Education

Assessing Three Emerging Technologies' Contribution to Learning

There are a myriad of new technologies emerging that have the potential to completely re-order and increase the level of learning effectiveness and performance of students. With so many new technologies emerging as diverse as mobile-based learning systems on smartphones to the ability to tailor online learning systems and complete networks, the opportunities for educators to innovate has never been more full of potential. What unifies the highest performing technologies in the area of learner involvement and performance are those that allow for students to define the pace, depth and repetition possible for a given subject. All of these technologies share a common characteristic of being able to align and support learner's specific goals and objectives, creating a highly effective educational scaffolding platform in the process (Najjar, 2008). The best technologies can be quickly tailored to each individual student's needs,…


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Marketing Is'so Ingrained in
Words: 507 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 3944736
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In fact, the greatest marketing appeal that smaller, privately owned bookshops have, is just that; unique charm and a way to connect. Connections are missing from many aspects of modern urban society, and what a perfect way for marketers to take advantage of a rather captive psychographic audience than to utilize an idea paradigm in which people are wanting to come together to share their own thoughts (ebb, 2012). In one of the most successful enterprises of the late 20th century, Starbucks has proven this to be true. Culturally, this entrepreneurial spirit is accentuated by the Starbucks model believing that each of its shops (outlets) is the "Third Place," for people to spend time (first place being home, second being work)(Schultz, 1999, intro).

This is the marketing message for the bookstores -- be unique, find a niche, and become more than a bookstore, become part of the community. Offer classes,…


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Women in Education Educational Opportunities
Words: 2563 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 3124359
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The disparity in income of male vs. female heads of household is striking. Analysis of census data revealed that, in 1949, approximately thirty percent of households headed by white males were living in poverty, compared to just under thirteen percent a decade later. For women, more than half lived in poverty in 1949; by 1959, that figure declined to thirty-eight percent. The prosperity of the 1950s was not universally enjoyed. Female heads of household at the end of the decade were not better off than their male counterparts had been ten years earlier.

Financing for decent, inexpensive homes was readily available to servicemen returning from World War II. Coontz (1992) argued that this boom in home ownership led to "increasingly pervasive and sophisticated marketing [that] contributed to socially constructed perceptions of "need" and to unprecedented levels of consumer debt (Edwards, 2001). It was new consumer values that helped propel mothers…


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Kindle editions version.

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Technology Have the Form Factor
Words: 1072 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26080274
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This trend towards smallness is not necessarily irreversible. Once upon a time, technology enabled things to get 'bigger.' The Industrial Revolution drove the creation of the major urban industrial complexes of the world. Public transportation like railroads was a way to move people faster than horses and buggies. Even the recent infatuation with SUVs could be seen as part of the age-old trend of 'bigger as better.' "Mary Czerwinski, a senior researcher at Microsoft, is working on large computer displays that could double as art in people's homes. The displays could post personal information on the edges that people might want to consult quickly, and that can be removed if there is a visitor, she said" (Roth 2006).

Regardless of whether the future trend is in favor of largeness or smallness, human physical and social needs and constraints shape how technology is used. hat does seem unchanged is the…

Works Cited

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August 4, 2009. October 27, 2010 

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E-Markets Are Redefining Organizations the
Words: 945 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47462897
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This ensures the entire supply chain can react to market conditions and the order rate Dell is experiencing on specific configurations of their systems. Second, there is a high premium placed on supply chain visibility, so Dell can for example see several layers deep into their supply chain, seeing how demand for a popular laptop or PC could potentially impact their overall production schedule and ability to meet shipment dates. In addition, Dell concentrates on creating supply chain processes that concentrate on speed, quality and customer service by ensuring a very tight integration between all of their supply chain partners. In conclusion, Dell has been responsible for many of the innovations in supply chain management, concentrating on perfecting the concept of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) for example due to their very high level of inventory turns required to stay profitable. In addition Dell relies on replenishment, e-procurement, collaborative planning, collaborative…

Technology on Customers in Regard to the
Words: 1838 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77199896
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Technology on Customers in egard to the Following

The greatest change in technology has been in the delivery of information. This has impacted the developed and developing world alike. So the firms in U.S., for example, spend more on office-based functions of information handling which has been the major change and has dominated the patterns of development and brought about a change in the structure of work and growth. The modern business depends upon the way information is processed and made useful. (Allen; Morton, 1990) Based on that, companies have changed their strategies of manufacture and technology to suit the needs of customers.

The mobile bandwidth gave more impetus to the merger of the internet, music and the basic telephony and the 'mobile phone' has been converted to a workstation that has become multipurpose. Thus gadgets like PDAs, iPods, and camera phones, Blackberry and Wi-Fi have made the consumer technology's…


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Marketing of the Apple iPad
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Apple has positioned the iPad Mini as a solid competito to the Amazon Kindle HD, which is vey compaable in fom facto and weight, in addition to the Google Nexus 7 tablet and the ove 50 diffeent Google Andoid-poweed devices now available as of late 2012 (O'Reilly, Apple has diffeentiated the iPad Mini with an enhanced sceen, a faste pocesso than the majoity of competitos, and the unique value poposition of being a device that can be just as easily used fo ceating digital and witten content as consuming it. Apple has concentated on positioning this as a low-end vesion of the highly successful Apple iPad2, which has sold seveal million units since its launch (Allsopp, 28). The iPad2's unique value poposition is delibeately designed to povide customes with the expeience of having an iPad2 at a significantly lowe pice, with geate convenience. An infomal poll of fiends…

references of customers (Tariq, Ishrat, Khan,

DESIRE2LEARN Solution as Offered and Administered Represents
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Desire2Learn solution, as offered and administered, represents the cutting edge of an all-inclusive and full integrated online learning solution for egis University students. Getting the solution to coalesce and operate on a continuing basis in a way that allows for continuity and ongoing success and upgrades requires a lot of moving people and parts that must be arranged and wielded in a way that is transparent to the students when it needs to be but "wows" the students when it works as it should. While it's a very complex system, Desire2Learn is a boon for student learning and represents the best of online and ground-based learning at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The Parts of the System

The first, and most important, part of what makes Desire2Learn operate and function is the department and staff that design, update and maintain the system. The key parts to assembling and maintaining an…


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Promotional Campaigns Predictions From the
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Bestseller Bargains

Former bestsellers, now in paperback, discounts on hardcover.

For those who prefer having hardcover books.

Allows price of Hardback to be within range of trade or PB.

More for gifts of collectibles.

Friday Sale

Deep discounts at Amazon's outlet

All product categories

Deals dependent on close out, etc.

Designed to drive traffic to site on low e-commerce day.

Gift Cards

Gift cards sent or emailed to anyone, anywhere

Keeping fiscal shopping with Amazon even if one cannot decide on a particular gift.

Gift cards are extremely popular in the contemporary gift giving market.

Also can be used as part of a wedding or baby registry.

Gold Box

Timed deals in all merchandise, changes every 4 hours.

Up to 70% discounts on many items.

People who like to shop; ex. HSN and ShopNBC types.

Sometimes great bargains, but one must check regularly to find them.

Music Deals/



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Tottering Giant by a Whole
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Such deep discounts on a type of product responsible for such a large percentage of the company's profits will clearly have a negative effect on the company's profit margin.

Thus one of the corporation's key vulnerabilities at the present time is the competition that it faces for bestselling titles from big box retail stores like Wal-Mart. It shold be noted, however, that this race-to-the-bottom-of-the-price war for bestselling books carries risk for other companies as well, as Surowiecki (2009) describes:

Wal-Mart began by marking down the prices of ten best-sellers -- including the new Stephen King and the upcoming Sarah Palin -- to ten bucks. When Amazon, predictably, matched that price, Wal-Mart went to nine dollars, and, when Amazon matched again, Wal-Mart went to $8.99, at which point Amazon rested. (Target, too, jumped in, leading Wal-Mart to drop to $8.98.) Since wholesale book prices are traditionally around fifty per cent off…


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Barnes and Noble
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independent book stores are not suffering at this point, and are seeing a small upswing in business. Big book stores are struggling and becoming a relic of the 1990s, but smaller independent bookstores appear to be carving out a niche away from Amazon. However, among the major sellers, Barnes & Noble has taken a more aggressive stance in its competition with Amazon. It is refusing to sell books published by Amazon at its outlets. The truth is that this is a minor decision, not worth a lot of money, and Amazon couldn't care less, but it made for good headlines about the competition between these two companies -- note the hyperbole of the Business Week writer (Haq, 2012).

I think for Amazon to get into publishing was wise. There's a few reasons for this. First, backwards integration is something Amazon has done well. They are generally the price-setter in their…


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Self-Publishing Assessing Children's Book Self-Publishing
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Being sure that their book is current on all distribution sites, in addition to on the self-publishers' site is critically important.

Leading Self-Publishing Companies Globally

Of the over 60 self-publishers or print-on-demand publishers in existence globally only a handful are considered world-class in their operations, from editing to production and distribution. The vast majority of self-publishers do not offer manuscript screening, hardcover binding, color printing or support for ISBN and Library of Congress (LIC) submission of books. The self-publishing companies who dominate this industry are CreateSpace, Authorhouse,, iUniverse, and Xlibris. Of these companies two are world leaders in children's book publishing with producing a total of 15,240 children's books to date (as of April, 2010) and iUniverse producing 1,020. has produced orders of magnitude more children's books as a result of their expertise in on-demand color printing and production. One of their ancillary businesses is the…


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Difficulties With Sam a Putative
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Probably the most useful advice O'Donohue (2011) provides is to accept that Sam was incapable of changing. As I began to realize that Sam was going to be a significant source of stress in my life, his mere presence or sighting would cause my blood pressure to rise. In a way, Sam was controlling how I experienced my time on campus.

If I had learned to accept that Sam was not going to change, or cared little about me and the trouble he was causing, the heated confrontations would have ended because I would have learned to walk away. There were times that I sensed Sam was deliberately baiting me into arguments in order to damage my reputation with my coworkers. In addition, I should have been more forthcoming with my supervisors about my experiences with Sam because my word would have carried some weight. Doing so might have minimized…


O'Donohue, William. (2011). Difficult Personalities: It's Not You -- it's Them [Kindle version]. Lucky Bat Books. Retrieved from

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Ideas are part of the grand process of business. Businesses create unique products and services that are then marketed to a customer base. This involves the use of innovation, commercialization and intellectual property rights to both create something unique, have the ability to market, and have the rights to protect it. Without either of these aspects, it can be difficult for a business to generate something worthwhile.

The case study of Apple Inc., and the iPhone is one that provides the tell-tale sign of innovation. People like Steve Jobs work hard to contribute something to their respective industries that is one of a kind, thus making their companies highly successful. To be a pioneer in an industry is to gain a chance to dominate in an emerging or established market. The iPhone represents the epitome of a new product revolutionizing the cell phone and electronics industry.

Without the hard…

E-Reader Marketing
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The product we are selling is an e-reader that comes with a library subscription. The product faces an uncertain market for e-readers, but it has been demonstrated that there are opportunities for companies in this market if they have a unique offering, which we do. We will market specifically to groups, either hobby groups or reading groups, wherein each group member would receive an e-reader and a subscription to a library of content pertaining to their interests. This offering is unique, and we feel substantially differentiated to succeed.

The company has an ambitious target for sales, and figures to reach an audience of 2 million within the first couple of years. The budget for marketing is $243,000 for the first year, including costs associated with the launch, and a number of seasonal promotions. The overall strategy will also require, in order to be successful, partnerships with content providers (publishers)…


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Technology Presentation Information Technology Cannot
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We agree that people still purchase books.

The reason is that today the author gets paid upfront and if people do not read the book, the publisher has to bear the loss. Secondly publishers are able to 'sell the books' to the bookstores' based on 'consignment system', whereby the 'book store' is able to return the books which are unsold against a 'full refund'. (Grossman, 2009) Jeanie Comstock (2009) says that some of the changes that became mandatory include the quality, readability and accessibility of documents. The changes in publishing technology have also called for changes in the roles for technical workers, communicators and even writers. Thus the intervention and role of the technical communicator has changed so that the matter or book published to day is readable, articulate, and navigable both in the printed and in the electronic media. The composite problem is also to keep up the author…


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Online Antitrust Issues Antitrust Law Is a
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Online AntiTrust Issues

Antitrust law is a United States legal code that helps to maintain market competition by regulating anti-competition actions by organizations. The Sherman Act of 1890 was one of the first attempts to restrict large companies who fixed price, output and then manipulated demand to maximize their products. Standard Oil was one of the prime early examples of a company that controlled markets to the point that the government felt was detrimental to the entry of other competitors (Bork, 1993). In our current example, companies like Facebook and Google are being investigated, similar to Microsoft and AT&T, for controlling the Internet search process and/or network effects. This does not stop with Facebook and Google, but moves into many of the giant e-tailers (Amazon, EBay, etc.) that often use predatory or collusive practices to force customers into either advertising on their site, pricing to their scale, or in the…


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Decision Making Barnes and Noble Inc Is
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Decision Making

Barnes and Noble Inc. is one of the most successful bookstores in the world. The company operates throughout the United States and boasts roomy inviting stores. In addition to books, the company also sells DVDs and music. The company operates both brick and mortar stores and it is also the largest internet bookstore. Furthermore, Barnes & Noble, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company and the largest bookseller in the world. In addition, "The company is a leading content, commerce and technology company that provides customers easy and convenient access to books, magazines, newspapers and other content across its multi-channel distribution platform. As of January 29, 2011, the company operates 705 retail bookstores in regional shopping malls, major strip centers and freestanding locations in 50 states, and 636 college bookstores serving nearly 4 million students and faculty members at colleges and universities across the United States (For Investors)." The…

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Ethical Goal of Education
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principals who are equity-oriented, marginalized dynamics may crop up in schools that are changing demographically at a rapid pace (Cooper, 2009). This essay reflects upon how educators may play the role of transformative leaders by way of carrying out cultural work that tackles inequity, addresses and/or attempts to remove socio-cultural limits, and promotes inclusion. The theories of Cornel West on 'the new cultural politics of difference' appraise the topic, as do literary works on transformative leadership to promote social justice.

Highlighting the ever-changing policy responses in the history of educational leadership, along with their contextual settings, explains the necessity for another glimpse at the manner in which educational leadership should be considered in recent times. Gale & Densmore (2003) found that educational leaders are now faced with contradictory pressures -- on the one hand, to favor some student groups over others, yet, on the other hand, to ensure that disadvantaged…


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Libraries Changing Role of Libraries Changing Role
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Changing ole of Libraries

Changing ole of Libraries in Today's Society

Changing ole of Libraries in Today's Society

Changing ole of Libraries in Today's Society

From the time when the recorded history began, all kinds of artifacts of symbolic, religious, social, and educational have been assembled together and protected in the libraries in the form of books and documents. Sumerians were the one who developed and brought into actual formation of a library. People of Mesopotamia, several millennia before, revolutionized the means of communication by using symbols and pictures which represented specific units of speech. According to Derrida (1996), the humans have undergone an "archive fever" which means the urge to preserve all kinds of information regarding the history, facts, experiences of people, etc. This impulse gave rise to libraries like temple libraries which contained organized and arranged books and this was done by trained personnel. Libraries in the…


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Global and Technological Affects on
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Organizations will have a workforce with almost no experience of the tactile sensations of creation of words. If a virus or a failure of electricity were to occur, the workforce could become completely immobilized. Workers have a much wider access to large amounts of information, but there is a strong disincentive to stay focused on a single task for a long period of time while reading on a screen, even when a Kindle reader: "Amazon has already released a version of the Kindle software for reading its e-books on an iPhone, which is much more conducive to all manner of distraction. No doubt future iterations of the Kindle and other e-book readers will make it just as easy to jump online to check your 401(k) performance as it is now to buy a copy of on Beauty. (Johnson 2009). The workforce may be more educated in a shallow fashion because…


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The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved March 8, 2010 at

Technology Trends That Continue to
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This is unfortunate, as there has never been a more critical time for innovation, not litigation especially in an industry that can elevate the national and global economy if opened up for greater freedom from lawsuits (Vance, 2011). There are many factors dragging down the economy, lawsuits don't need to be one.

Annotated Bibliography

Farb, B.. (2011, July). MOBILE COMMERCE: The New Retail Therapy. Customer Relationship Management, 15(7), 26-31.

efines the dynamics of the disruptive innovations behind mobile e-commerce becoming increasingly dominant across all online channels, with social networks seeing the majority of traffic. The author also mentions how social networks, combined with mobile e-commerce can also lead to greater satisfaction levels of shopping without taking the time away from work to visit malls and fight traffic. The article concludes with an assessment of how this type of commerce will effect CRM systems over the long-term.

Hazels, .. (2011, March).…

Defines the best practices of companies who are working to create greater transparency with a greater reliance on supply chain metrics of performance and concepts including the Demand Driven Supply Network (DDSN). The article also shows through examples how companies can regain control over their supply chains and reduce costs while increasing responsiveness to customers.

Vance, a.. (2011, September). When Patents Attack: Could Facebook Be Next? Business Week,1.

This article gives an overview of the most recent activities of patent litigation that is slowing down the innovation in high technology, and includes an assessment of how patent holders will impact social network sites' high market valuations.

Marketing Strategies Borders Crossfit
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Porter's 5 Forces

One of the most volatile and unstable industries is that of the grocery industry. There are many substitute goods and the product is perishable. ivalries are high because of the availability of substitute goods, the ease of transfer of consumption habits, challenges in the supply chain, and rival new entrants. Whole Foods is an excellent example of a company which has had to carefully hold onto its niche marketing strategy of offering organic and specialty goods, versus solely competing on price. The threat of new entrants is high given that customers can choose to purchase organic goods at Wal-Mart and Target, not just Whole Foods, as well as patronize their local farm stands. Substitute products are plentiful not just in the form of other grocery products but also in the form of buying prepared foods from healthier chains like Chipotle. Competitive rivalry is more intense than ever…


Ozanian, M. (2015). How CrossFit became a 4 billion dollar brand. Forbes. Retrieved from:

Marian Keyes Evoking Ireland The
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She is so vulnerable, confessing that she "bloomed under the warmth of [Adam's] interest" (Keyes 111). Her family is so kooky we wonder if they will actually help her regain her crushed self-esteem. Yet, we somehow know that Claire will bee all right. She is too funny, too optimistic, and too likeable for Keyes to destroy by giving her anything but a happy ending. As readers, we may not be able to guess how the book will end, but we feel confident that the ending will be a satisfying one and that Claire's problems will be brought to resolution.

This Charming Man is a foray into the problem of domestic violence. The character who gives the book its title is Paddy de Courcy, a political figure who may call to mind John F. Kennedy -- handsome, charming, and popular with ladies. It is a departure from atermelon in that the…

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Technologies Redefining Notion Literature The Story of
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technologies redefining notion literature?

The story of literature is a long and well told one, as the written form used to produce it to some degree always transforms its definitions and defining characteristics at least incrementally. Each and every time a new novel, poem or article is put to press it changes what literature is to some degree, some more than others but still at least a small change each time. Yet, more recently a new written format is the source of the potential and real change associated with literature. Prior to the 20th century even the smallest written message, a short poem or just a sentence had to be written in some form on paper that was then only limitedly transferable, to allow for the dissemination of the message it developed. Yet, with the development of word processing, the orld ide eb and various other technologies came change. The…

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Technological Advances Assessing Which Technological
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Education is being revolutionized by the use of tablet PCs and smart devices as well. The iPad is now considered by many college and university students as the preferred approach to getting their textbooks delivered as well (Weisberg, 188). Thankfully the day is soon coming when all textbooks will be delivered electronically to the device of a student's choice, whether it is an Amazon e-reader like the Kindle or Fire, or to an Apple iPad, iPad2 or subsequent generation of tablet PCs they are planning today. Instead of having to have a backpack stuffed with 50 lbs. Of books all that will be needed is a folder and a slim line iPad or Kindle to carry all textbooks from class to class. Universities continue to experiment with teaching courses entirely on iPads with Georgia State University's obinson College of Business and Hult International Business School distributing entire course material including…


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Pluralist's View of Salvation
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Jesus the Only Savior?

Part I Pluralism

It must first be noted that the author, Ronald H. Nash, was a Calvinist/aptist philosopher and apologist and a professor on theology and history for more than four decades. He earned many more honors and occupied more positions than will open him to questioning as to his vast knowledge of the theological discipline.

His book introduces the philosophies surrounding salvation, i.e., exclusivism, inclusivism and pluralism. The first Part of the book discusses pluralism, which argues that all religions offer all men a way to salvation. Nash replies most adequately to the repudiation of pluralism, as presented by John Hicks, its most influential proponent, and inclusivism. Pluralists, like Hicks, and inclusivists wage ferocious attacks against the long-held iblical doctrine of Christianity that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, as explicitly stated in John 14:6. Pluralism holds that there are many paths to…


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Client Pitch Presentation
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IMC for the HP Slate

In 2013 HP had a second attempt at entering the tablet market. In 2010 they launched a tablet, which was competitive in terms of price and features, but failed to gain sufficient market share against the competitors and HP withdrew from the tablet market. Now, in 2013 they have once again entered the tablet market, but to be successful they need to have strong marketing, as well as a good product, especially when the firm will be competing against forms such as Google, Samsung and Amazon. The aim of this presentation is to present an outline for an integrated marketing campaign.

Before developing the integrated marketing campaign (IMC) it is necessary to review the product that it will support. The HP Slate is a tablet computer. It is available in either a dark grey/black color or red, with a soft touch backing which makes…

History of Change in Distance
Words: 1927 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 7782608
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Another recent change is that more studies are being completed about learning and how students learn in distance education, in an attempt to mold courses and course development into something that is even more appropriate for distance learners. These studies are giving a greater understanding of how distance learners actually learn, and how they perceive their learning experience, all of which can lead to more relevant classes.

Distance learning has become more acceptable, more institutions offer it, and more students are taking advantage of it than ever before. More schools are partnering together into consortiums to offer blocks of distance learning courses, and there are other developments, including online counseling and other guidance that can allow students to complete their entire degree programs without setting foot on campus. These and many other elements of distance education have changed in the past few years, and it is clear that trend will…


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Media Specialty Overview of Print
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This makes using the Internet much more desirable for advertisers, who may soon be unwilling to advertise in newspapers at all, especially as the current age demographic of news readers begins to taper off with the inevitable consequences of aging.

Of course, it could be argued that people have always had access to free content in the form of libraries, which did not result in the demise of paid, print media. The convenience of reading a book, however, has become less of a factor as laptops grow more streamlined and because of innovations like Amazon's Kindle, which enables users to access printed content on a small, easily transported computer device. In fact, even libraries themselves are becoming more digitally-based, as college students can research journals online from their dorm bedrooms, and many academic journals, facing small subscription pools and high costs of production, are shifting to an online format.


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Sengupta Somini 2012 Facebook Revenue
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Yet, this has had a serious negative impact on the stock value of the company, as investors are weary that the company can stand strong while not meeting its projected numbers. Stocks dropped about 16%. The article, however, has no graphics to help portray the dramatic stock decline.

rticle 4

Dietrich, Chirs. (2012). Blue chips drop 243 points. Wall Street Journal. Web. Retrieved October 23, 2012 from

Major company 3M failed to impress this third quarter. The filing of its revenue numbers showed a dramatic decline that has been continuing to affect the company's stocks since the beginning of the year. Not only did 3M's poor performance impact its own stock prices, it helped generate poor Dow Jones numbers in general within the industrials context. Poor management decisions have led to falling income, and as such the company's stock is suffering. The article presented a short video which helped…

Article 5

Lessin, Jessica. (2012). Apple drops an iPad Mini on rivals. Wall Street Journal. Web. Retrieved October 23, 2012 from 

In a general market decline for the third quarter, Apple just announced a major competitive product to help fight with its competitors that have cheaper tablets on the market. It announced the mini iPad to compete with Amazon's Kindle and other products, whose companies are showing higher stock percentage increases. However, as the article stated, "investors were underwhelmed, with most of the new products previously reported or rumored." This management decision may have been made too early, as the company will ultimately be competing with itself based on the recent launch of the iPad 2. As such, stocks fell about 3.3% after the announcement went public. The article has several vivid imaged that showcase the new iPad Mini alongside Apple sponsored videos unveiling the product. They help showcase the product in question, but really don't provide any insight into the negative impact the announcement had in terms of stock value.

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Apple remains committed to its differentiated positioning, and that will inherently limit their share of the market.

Tablets are Apple's second-largest market. The iPad was launched in fiscal 2010 and in fiscal 2011 it enjoyed 311% growth. It has now begun to emerge as a substitute for personal computers, even in the corporate market (Etherington, 2012). This has helped to drive growth. The iPad has always been a differentiated product within this market, based on its rich features and high price point. As with smartphones, Apple faces competition primarily from Android for this business, with Blackberry and indows trailing. The tablet business has better low-end options than the smartphone business. For example, Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook are low-end tablets that evolved from e-readers and have taken a large share of the tablet market. Apple is also going to face increased competition from Microsoft in this market, as…

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Future of E-Books
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Future of E-Book

The Internet bookstores, publishers and companies have high expectations from the eBook market. There is a complete new generation of eeaders who are equipped with the latest technologies which are complementing eBook reading. This study aims to analyze the potential of the eBook market and its future.

Even in this fast paced life, reading book has continued to be the top most leisure time activity all over the world in spite of the rise in the use and importance of the Internet in our everyday routine. eading books face a heavy competition from other activities such as listening to music, surfing on the Internet, watching television. In the year 2011, all around the world it is estimated that people spent around U.S.$110 billion on books. eBooks did not make a significant proportion of the sale however there seems to be a bright future for eBooks and the…


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"At the Tipping Point: Four voices probe the top eBook issues for librarians." Library Journal, August 2011

Meeting the Teks Through Deep Reading of Text
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Teaching English

Trade Books and Content Literacy

The content are is English.




Tools to read


Reading/Comprehension Skills. Students use a flexible range of metacognitive reading skills in both assigned and independent reading to understand an author's message. Students will continue to apply earlier standards with greater depth in increasingly more complex texts as they become self-directed, critical readers. The student is expected to:

(A) establish purposes for reading selected texts based upon own or others' desired outcome to enhance comprehension;

(B) ask literal, interpretive, evaluative, and universal questions of text;

(C) reflect on understanding to monitor comprehension (e.g., summarizing and synthesizing; making textual, personal, and world connections; creating sensory images);

(D) make complex inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding;

(E) summarize, paraphrase, and synthesize texts in ways that maintain meaning and logical order within a text and across texts; and make connections…

Fit Tea and Advertising
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Read Full Paper  ❯ chooses to advertise it is attempting to introduce a product or service into the marketplace to make potential customers more likely to buy and become loyal to the business. The aim is to increase visibility and generate brand awareness of the product and/or service, thereby increasing potential profits. Companies do this all the time when they are first launching a brand-new product or service. For example, Apple increases its advertising when they first launch a new iPhone. The same can be said with companies like Amazon when they launch a new version of their kindle.

The type of signals, advertisers make for their company are to create a connection with the consumer base. The customers need to feel a deeper connection to the product that will compel them to purchase and continue purchasing. Social media is being used to by companies now because social media savvy people already have…

Heart of Darkness Essay Example Completed in 2019
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Joseph Conrads novella Heart of Darkness is a fictionalized account of real-life historical events that took place during the colonial era in Africa. The novel centers on the protagonist Charles Marlow, known throughout the book as Marlow. As Marlow travels deeper and deeper down the river on a mission for the Company, he becomes increasingly horrified and shocked by what he sees. Having witnessed first hand the insane cruelty of colonial oppression, Marlow completely reconsiders his own role in the world. Through Heart of Darkness, Conrad conveys anti-colonial sentiments, showing how racism and exploitation are detrimental to all human societies.
Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness is one of the most important works of literature you will be asked to encounter in your academic career. Because of this, you may need some tips on how to write about Heart of Darkness. At first, writing about famous novels like…

History of the Rosicrucian Order
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ather than continue the process that began in the first two books, in which the osicrucian Order first announced themselves, gave their history, and then responded to certain criticisms while making their position within Christian theology clearer, the Chymical Wedding can almost be seen as the first instance of literature written within the osicrucian tradition, rather than as part of its manifesto-like founding documents, because it does not seek to explain the history of osicrucianism, but rather explicate how the teachings and underlying beliefs of osicrucianism contribute to and alter one's interpretation of Christian scripture (Williamson 17; Dickson 760). Specifically, one can see a distinct connection between the Chymical Wedding and seventeenth-century attempts to expand Protestantism throughout Europe. The Chymical Wedding can be seen as a the most explicit attempt on the part of osicrucians and osicrucian supporters to wed the new (or newly revealed) society to the larger religious…


Andreae, Johann. The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. N/a: Benjamin Rowe, 2000.

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Allegory and an Explanation of the Ten Rosicrucian Grades. York Beach, Me: S. Weiser,

1985. Print.

Brand Names Will 'Ipad' Become Generic Word
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Brand Names: Will 'iPad' Become Generic Word for Tablet?" was published by the U.S.A. Today, with the central premise concerning a relatively unknown yet ubiquitous phenomenon known as genericide. According to the article, which was compiled by the Associated Press (AP), Apple Inc. And its proprietary iPad tablet computing device is poised to alter the English lexicon through its supremacy within a particular market segment. Like the Band-Aid and Kleenex before it, the iPad has become so synonymous with a niche product that consumers invariably refer to competitor's offerings by the same name, and Apple Inc.'s executive management structure must now wade through the quagmire of intellectual property rights and trademark protection law to determine the course of action that preserves the company's duly earned domination of the market. The article presents the iPad's emergence as the standard bearer for tablet computing devices as a mixed bag of sorts for…


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