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Human Resources Management Employment Background
Words: 1195 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: A-Level Coursework Paper #: 18068757
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These are what will be used to gauge whether or not the candidate qualifies for the position in terms of their education background. Therefore, there is no need for a paper and pen integrity test since a successful candidate has already passed the integrity test if they have the required education qualifications.

Question 4

I would use a structured behavior interview that is designed specifically for this particular job. This is due to the fact that the H manager position requires someone who is straight forward in terms of their behavior. Any candidate who does not present themselves well and fails the structured behavior interview does not qualify for the position since they are not up to the challenge that the job entails. Therefore the structured behavior interview is quite essential for anyone who is interviewing for the job position (Heneman, Judge, & Kammeyer-Muller, 2012).

Question 5

I will use…


Heneman, H.G, Judge, T.A, & Kammeyer-Muller, J.D. (2012). FYI text book is Staffing Organizations (7th ed) .

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Officer Recruitment Background of Agency
Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5030786
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It is also advisable to create a USAJOBS member account so that resumes can be posted online, application status can be found, and automated job alerts received.

4. Interview process -- the best-qualified candidates will be forwarded to the hiring official for that particular job; interviews are done in person or by phone; and selection is subject to Federal Civil Service Laws.

Because Homeland Security is a Federal Agency, and because of the wide range of talent required, Homeland Security has four programs that fit most individuals regardless of the stage of their career:

1. Student and ecent Jobs -- internships, fellowship, and training programs are available in almost every law enforcement opportunity. Some jobs are actively recruited from colleges and universities.

2. Experienced Professionals -- Technical, managerial and other skills (medical, emergency, etc.) professionals are needed.

3. etirees -- Short, long -- and medium terms projects based on part-time…


National Strategy for Homeland Security. (2002, November). Retrieved from

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Department of Homeland Security Jobs. (2012, November 19). USAJOBS. Retrieved from Seattle Bsed Jobs:

Luggage Transportation Curbside Check-In If
Words: 820 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48196655
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Depending on the airline involved, domestic flights may not use cargo containers for luggage but international flights generally do.

There are two logistical purposes for using the containers. First, packing individual bags into shaped containers saves space because the containers are designed to fit the internal dimensions of the aircraft cargo hold compartment. Second, the use of containers makes moving luggage around much easier than transporting luggage piece by piece, in addition to being less hard on the bags. Once the luggage containers are filled, they are transported by specialized vehicles and conveyed along a belt loading truck into the cargo hold.

Security Precautions:

There is also a third purpose for using cargo containers within the cargo hold areas: security against terrorism. Specifically, the cargo holds are designed to contain the destructive force of explosive blasts such as where a bomb inside luggage is not detected by other security processes.…

Standards Check Complete This Form and Submit
Words: 784 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 1360359
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Standards Check

Complete this form and submit with the final copy of your Research Paper.

Submit Research Papers in folders with completed Standards Check.

My Central Question at Issue Is:

_My research is about cognitive development in children. The question is on what is the impact of the media on the cognitive development of a child. ____?

My Thesis Statement (Argument/Stance) Is: Electronic media is very essential in the learning process but it is imperative that there are regulations because it has a dominant role in the cognitive development of the child.

My Central Purpose in Writing this Paper Is To:

My main point of writing this paper is to determine the role of the media in the development of a child's cognitive development. Through the paper I will demonstrate that it is actually true that the media has a very high impact on the development of the child's cognitive…

Overarching Objectives and Background and
Words: 7976 Length: 29 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49101745
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Summary of work completed

To help ensure that affected personnel had an opportunity to communicate their needs for the solution, a telephonic interview with a work coordinator at Ames Central Travel Office was conducted recently; in addition, this telephonic interview was followed by a personal visit to the Ames esearch Center in order gain a clearer understanding of the current workflow process. The end users of the solution provided very insightful suggestion as to what features they would like incorporated in the system. This meeting was highly productive and helped illuminate the numerous steps that were involved in travel request processing and administration that were unclear or unknown prior to the visit.

Because the software development team for this project is currently working on other initiatives, a meeting has been scheduled with them to discuss the scope and duration of the entire project. Preparatory to this meeting, hard copies of…


Ames fact sheet. (2010). NASA. Retrieved from 

283944 main_NASA-Ames-factsheet-2008.pdf.

Center overview. (2010). NASA. Retrieved from  

Characters as Case Study Check
Words: 722 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 24726948
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It more appears that Hyde takes his own life simply to stay in control of it, and not for any particular moral reasons.

3. This quotation truly underscores the duality that is the principle concept behind the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What is of particular interest regarding this quotation is the fact that this duality exists on myriad levels. The most eminent of these, of course, is the personality split and physical transformation that takes place when Hyde drinks the potion and becomes Dr. Jekyll. The two are diametrically opposed -- Jekyll, the benevolent physician, turns into a repugnant, callous ruffian who is prone to commit murder and other unseemly acts. The crux of the novel is the fact that both personalities, proclivities, and people ultimately exist within the same man, which leads Jekyll to reflect in the preceding quotation that "…man is not truly one,…

Ras Gas Background The North
Words: 5016 Length: 19 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 76215572
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The spirit of competition also negatively impacted the manner in which employees communicated. The lack of specific definition as well as the highly isolationist company mentality ultimately resulted in a communication breakdown which prevented the effective running of the company.

Knowledge Sharing: Mentoring and cross-training have been declining leading to less knowledge sharing and familiarization opportunities for younger less experienced staff. Section members lack the opportunity to share knowledge and to share in lessons learned. This enforced specialization of employees will ultimately result in poorer results. Cross discipline work is essential in the successful integration and most efficient use of employed experts (Forrester, 1971). It could potentially take months longer to reach a favorable outcome if indeed the most efficient and effective outcome is ever reached at all.

Compartmentalizing of Data and Ideas: There are silos / compartments of information that was not readily communicated across departments (ichmond, 2001). As…


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Jungian Analysis Patient Background and
Words: 3474 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8293587
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" The subject describes how his mother also adamantly refused to consent to the use of Novocain or any other anesthetic when he visited the dentist (despite his pleas and pleas from the dentist) because of her distrust of "chemicals."

There is likely a direct connection between the subject's development of a highly abrasive and uncontrollable on-air persona and the degree to which the subject's control over basic aspects of his life was denied to him throughout his formative years (Casement, 1998; Mitchell & Black, 1995). More specifically, the subject was denied the right to express himself and he was often forced to abide by very conservative rules of proper conduct both in the home and also outside the home, such as by his mother's repeated warning that he was her "representative" outside the home. The self that developed seems to reflect both the explicit absorption of certain ideas from…


Andrews, J.D.W. "Integrating visions of reality: Interpersonal diagnosis and the existential vision." American Psychologist, Vol. 44; (1989): 803-17.

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Theoretical Formulations and Clinical Strategies. New York: Norton.

Casement, a. (1998). Post-Jungians Today. Papers in Contemporary Analytical

Refusal to Hire Based on
Words: 1987 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22887657
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The topic of ex-offenders becoming productive members of society presents a circle of issues. The ex-offender is expected to obtain and maintain employment to show evidence of being productive, while employers are allowed to refuse to hire anyone who is an ex-offender. Some states, including Wisconsin make it illegal to discriminate against an ex-offender however, the company is still liable if it hires an ex-offender who then commits a crime while in that company's employ. The time has come to provide mandates that prohibit the discrimination against ex-offenders on a federal level, while at the same time allowing it if the crime conviction is directly related to the position sought, IE child molester applying at a toy store. In addition the time has come to limit the potential liability on a federal level of company's that do hire ex-offenders had provide them with a chance to become productive members…


Employment Update (Accessed 11-24-06)

____(2005) Maryland's Laws Discourage Employers From Hiring Ex-Offenders, According to HPRP Report. U.S. Newswire |

SHRMN Online (Accessed 11-24-06)

Brady Act
Words: 1153 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57670545
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Brady Act

Policy Evaluation of the Brady Act

The United States has struggled to curtail its distinct cultural vulnerability to gun violence through a combination of public information campaigns, criminal rehabilitation programs and federal legislation. To date, it remains unclear exactly what the impact of these efforts has been. This is especially true where legislative policy is concerned. The debate over gun control in the United States tends to invoke passionate response from people on both sides of the debate. Perhaps this was never better evidenced then in 1994 when President Clinton authorized the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. Named for the bodyguard of former President Ronald Reagan who sustained paralyzing injuries from the 1981 presidential assassination attempt, the Brady Act was designed to create sweeping changes in how firearms may be purchased as well as who may lawfully purchase them.

Unfortunately, today, almost 20 years after the passage of…

Works Cited:

Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). (2013). Data Collection: Firearm Inquiry Statistics (FIST) Program.

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Levin, C. (2005). The Success of the 1994 Brady Act.

Constitution the United States of America Is
Words: 1402 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70293869
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The United States of America is a democracy, a form of government which is supposed to be controlled by the people of this country. It is not a true democracy where the people vote on every issue, but a representational democracy the citizens vote for other people who will be responsible for the running of the nation as well as for the creation and passing of most laws. On the federal level, the functions of the government are broken into parts, each responsible for different functions. America's government is composed of three separate branches: the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial (Greenberg & Page 2010). The separation of powers as written in the Constitution is designed so that each branch can give their attention to the functions of their branch and also prevents any of the branches from becoming too powerful which would then lead to the destruction of the democracy…

Works Cited

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proposed immigration bill
Words: 988 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 28247557
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A lot gets lost in the current debates over immigration in the United States. When we regurgitate what we hear on the news or on Facebook, we fail to think deeply or critically about the issues. This nation is a settler nation; of that there is no doubt. European settlers displaced, forcibly removed, betrayed, and in many cases killed indigenous people whose land this was for centuries before.

Those same Europeans cultivated a sense of entitlement to these lands, pushing farther and farther west until they hit yet another ocean. And they did not even stop there. They pressed onwards, eventually taking over the Polynesian kingdom of Hawaii. During the era of Manifest Destiny, Americans also encroached upon and had war with Mexico, and it would appear that many Americans have forgotten that much of our southwestern lands were once Mexican territories too. This is reality. This is history.…

Security Plan Target Environment Amron International Inc
Words: 2339 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80195487
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Security Plan Target Environment

Amron International Inc.

Amron International Inc. is a division of Amtec and manufactures ammunition for the U.S. military. Amron is located in Antigo, Wisconsin. Amron also manufacturer's mechanical subsystems including fuses for rockets and other military ammunitions as well as producing TNT, a highly explosive substance used in bombs.

Floor Plan Target Environment

The target environment in this security plan is the manufacturing operation located in Antigo, Wisconsin, a manufacturing plant with personnel offices adjacent to the facility. The work of Philpott and Einstein (nd) reports the fact that more than 50% of U.S. businesses do not have a crisis management plan and for those who do have a plan, it is generally not kept up-to-date. Philpott and Einstein states that even fewer businesses and organizations "have integrated physical security plans to protect the facility and the people who work in it.

The challenge is reported…

Police Selection the Selection Process for Aspirant
Words: 1282 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26067583
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Police Selection

The Selection Process for Aspirant State Police Officers

Becoming a police officer at the state level requires dedication, courage and tenacity. Indeed, the process for state officers can often be more streamlined, bureaucratic and selective than that engaged at the municipal or local levels. Therefore, becoming a State Trooper will call for a commitment to the recruitment, preparation, testing, and training processes that are streamlined and specific to each state. As the discussion here shows, there are a number of eligibility requirements, guidelines and expectations which can help the aspirant officer navigate the process.

According to the Law Enforcement Preparation Center (LEPC), the process of being hired into a department as a state level officer can actually take up to 9 months. This is because of the lengthy testing, monitoring and training periods which follow the acceptance of the candidate's application. According to the LEPC, "the requirements to…

Works Cited:

Indiana State Police (ISP). (2009). State Troopers.

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Learning Express Editors (LEE). (2010). Becoming a Police Officer: The Selection Process.

Blackwater the Private Contractor Dilemma
Words: 3059 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 67030567
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Vermont's Junior Senator, Bernard Sanders introduced to the Senate the Stop Outsourcing Security Act S. 2398. The Stop Outsourcing Security Act will help solve the lack of oversight of contractors in Iraq by requiring that by June 2008, "the President shall submit to each specified congressional committee a report on the status of planning for the transition away from the use of private contractors for mission critical or emergency essential functions by January 1, 2009, in all conflict zones in which Congress has authorized the use of force" (s 2398). This bill will examine contractor activities and ensure that renewals will only happen if the president certifies that contractors have undergone background checks and are clear of any crimes that could lead to additional problems with their work in the future. It will also allow congress to have access to information of private military companies including, the number of persons…

Works Cited

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Unethical for Employees to Use Facebook During
Words: 630 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 272289
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unethical for employees to use Facebook during work hours provided that 1. It does not interfere with their work duties and 2. They are not expressly forbidden from doing so according to company policy. However, the issue is not employers exercising their legitimate rights to monitor employee posting on work computers, but what prospective employees (and existing employees, depending on the policy) say and do on their social media accounts away from work, on their home computers and mobile phones.

It is not 'easy' to find out personal things, necessarily, online. Some people do attempt to enact a certain amount of screening in terms of how much is visible to the public on Facebook. Some people use privacy settings so that only close friends and relatives are privy to what they post. When employers ask for Facebook passwords they are intruding into a private sphere in which there is a…

Talent Acquisition Bringing Aboard New
Words: 532 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 37186983
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If this aspect of the job is conducted correctly, retention should be a natural offshoot of bringing aboard candidates with the proper personal makeup, experience and skill set.

Talent Development:

Training and development cost money and time, the latter of which could be used to begin the new hire down the path of functional familiarity. Therefore, it could be detrimental to the advancement of this process to retain a possible candidate to be retrained in areas where knowledge and skill have already been claimed. Therefore, the effective organization will consider the various skills sought and claimed during the selection process. If a candidate has expressed an expert level familiarity with a certain type of software or networking system, money and time could be spared in the training process by skipping these steps. Individualizing training and development can be worth the added specificity given the potential for saving both time and…

SOX Case This Set of
Words: 585 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41463491
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.3763.EN 2002). Washington's valuation of companies for XYZ could potentially be argued as not compromising Big 4's integrity in the audit according to the standards set forth by Sarbanes-Oxley, but the performance of background checks on prospective XYZ employees by Johnson, another partner at Big 4, is a clear performance of human resources duties, and this entanglement is explicitly forbidden by Section 201 (H..3763.EN 2002). Then there are the obvious issues of dishonesty that are tantamount to fraud in some cases, and perhaps even qualify as fraud. Certainly, the i=outright attempt to persuade Smith to ignore certain material facts in his audit is in violation of Section 303, and if Smith carried through with this request he (and arguably anyone who asked him to falsify information, though this is not entirely clear in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as written) would also be in violation of Section 802, which carries a potential…


H.R.3763.ENR. (2002). Bill text. Accessed 4 February 2011. 

Kuschnik, B. (2008). The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: "Big Brother is watching" you or Adequate Measures of Corporate Governance Regulation? Rutgers Business Law Journal 5, 64 -- 95. Accessed 4 February 2011.

Military Recruitment Issues and Concerns Time Is
Words: 303 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55844347
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Military Recruitment Issues and Concerns

Time is a valuable commodity that is always a factor in recruitment operations. In addition to regularly visiting (in my case) twenty-two high schools and two junior colleges, a recruiter must also factor in the time necessary to meet with the family of each future soldier. In many instances, each recruit can represent a full eight-hour commitment on the recruiter's part required to travel to his home, pick him up, and escort him to the office to take a Military Entrance Processing System (MEPS) practice test. That process also includes scheduling time to complete the physical fitness, psychological, and ABVAST exams for each recruit.

Subsequently, each recruit represents additional time necessary to conduct a thorough background check and to verify all of the information provided by the recruit. In many cases, recruits have issues in their past that do not necessarily preclude their serving their…

Ineffective Public Policy
Words: 1643 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13405547
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Ineffective Public Policy -- No Child Left Behind

One of the most widely criticized educational policies of recent years was / is No Child Left Behind. It is widely referred to an ineffective policy (or legislation). Despite high hopes and bipartisan support, the policy has not worked out as planned. This paper delves into the problems with No Child Left Behind -- and will present the changes that could make it stronger and more effective.

No Child Left Behind -- The Problems and Criticisms

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation (signed into law by President George . Bush in 2002) was launched, according to authors Deborah Meier and George ood, in a bipartisan spirit in order to do something "positive in the wake of the terrorist attacks" of September 11, 2001 (Meier, et al., 2004). In the Introduction to their book, Meier and ood, founding members of the Forum…

Works Cited

Alexander, Lamar. "A Better Way to Fix No Child Left Behind." The New York Times.

Retrieved November 1, 2013, from . 2011.

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Left Behind Act is Damaging Our Children and Our Schools. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.

HRD Report
Words: 2626 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Corporate Writing Paper #: 17374058
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2.2.2 esearch into the Problem

Employee attitude is a well-researched topic which has shown that, on an organizational level, collective employee attitudes can greatly affect job performance, customer satisfaction and work quality (yan, Schmit & Johnson, 1996). Employees believe that the overall positive or negative attitude of the company comes from management (line management and human resources management) due to the policies adhered to (Nishii, Lepak & Schneider, 2008). Therefore, as can be seen from the complaint research, many of the established employees hold management just as responsible for the overall negative attitude in the plant as the newly hired employees. This is consistent with the research that has been conducted in the past (yan, Schmit & Johnson, 1996).

Some established employees are also report seeing some negativity surrounding their relative ages. The average age of the established employees is 43.2 years while the average age of the newly-hired employees…


Bibby, C.L. (2008). Should I stay or should I leave? Perceptions of age discrimination, organizational justice, and employee attitudes on intentions to leave. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 13(2), 131-142.

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Owler, K., Morrison, R., & Plester, B. (2010). Does fun work? The complexity of promoting fun at work. Journal of Management and Organization, 16(3), 338-349.

Developing Human Potential
Words: 6427 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59857196
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Human Potential

Developing Human Potential

When an organization makes the decision to take an individual on as a part of staff, effectively they are making a human capital investment in that individual (Lepak & Snell, 1999). Where the organization pays for the training of, insuring of, and salary to that individual they in turn are expected to perform the tasks within their job description efficiently and accurately thus allowing the organization to function successfully and more importantly profitably. However, when a human element is involved, there is always a degree of risk present. In the case of developing the potential of employees to maximize their value within the company there are many factors which must be addressed in the overall assessment of their potential and potential value relative to the risk at which they place the company (Abowd, & Kramarz, 2003).

The factors influencing employee performance and there by the…


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4. Abowd, J., & Kramarz, F. 2003. The costs of hiring and separations. U.S. Bureau of the Census, 1- 45.

Drug Screening Is Used More
Words: 3363 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39455260
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In most cases, recreational drug use is seen as a victimless crime and a harmless activity. This attitude changes in the workplace if the drug use impairs performance to the detriment of other workers or if the work involves public safety, in which case tolerance for drug use drops significantly. Another reason why tolerance for some drug use is so high is because the attitude is a reaction to the apocalyptic warnings emanating from law enforcement and government, given that people know that mild marijuana use, for instance, is not the mind- and life-bending experience often claimed. Many do not see the problem as being as dire as it is made out to be, and so they do not see it in the way earlier generations did.

Casey J. Dickinson notes the increasing use of pre-testing for applicants as a way not assuring that the person hired does not use…

Works Cited

Dickinson, Casey J. "New Vision Gets Results Before Employers Hire." The Central New York Businesss Journal (10 Dec 2004), 5.

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French, Michael T., M. Christopher Roebuck, and Pierre Kebreau Alexandre. "To Test or Not to Test: Do Workplace Drug Testing Programs Discourage Employee Drug Use?" Social Science Research (March 2004), 45-63.

Ethics of Headhunting Structure Business
Words: 9767 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2686528
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Accepting Client Assignments

Outstanding client service begins with a full understanding of the client organization, its business needs and the position to be filled. An AESC member should:

Accept only those assignments that a member is qualified to undertake on the basis of the member's knowledge of the client's needs and the member's ability to perform the specific assignment.

Disclose promptly conflicts of interest known to the AESC member and accept assignments only if all affected parties have expressly agreed to waive any conflict.

Develop an understanding with the client that, among other things, makes clear the organizational entity that is defined as the client organization, the fees and expenses to be charged, and any ongoing assurances or guarantees relating to fulfillment of the assignment.

Agree with the client concerning any "off-limits" restrictions or other related policies that govern when and how the member may recruit from the defined client…


Atkins, B. (2006) "Corporate Social Responsibility: Is it irresponsibility?," the Corporate Governance Advisor, pp.28-29.

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Mantech What Steps or Processes
Words: 417 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20916727
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This branching out to find other individuals, which the government says can go on "ad infinitum" is presumably to ensure that the individuals listed as references will not simply be friends who verify that the candidate should be given access to classified information or assigned to a sensitive position or position of trust. Then the subject him or herself will be interviewed and questioned about family background, past experiences, health, use of alcohol or drugs, financial affairs, foreign travel experiences, and other matters deemed pertinent.

To create a more efficient way to conduct such checks, yet within government law and standards for security clearances, ManTech could maintain a secure database of all applicant's information, to make it easier to update security clearances. The company could also request that the applicant, if willing to openly volunteer information about his or her financial history, travel, and other matters, in a way that…

Works Cited

ManTech. (2005) Official Website. Retrieved 10 Nov 2005 at

Security Clearances Descriptions." (2004) Information Courtesy of the Defense Security Service (DSS), the U.S. Army, and the Department of Defense. Retrieved 10 Nov 2005 at (DOD)

Business Mentoring Is a Critical Job and
Words: 969 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65606888
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Business Mentoring

Mentoring is a critical job and is important for the one providing it as well as the party seeking it. The business parties seeking mentoring are normally those that are beginners and they wish to avoid problems by seeking expert advice. On the other hand the mentor's credibility and business experience is proved when he offers mentoring and advice. Theft and fraud are two most common issues faced by the starting businesses. The paper discusses what advice can be offered to beginners to avoid theft and fraud in business.

What advice can be offered to beginners to avoid theft and fraud in business?


Mentoring is an advisory job and should be backed by proper knowledge and experience. Based on the three decades of business experience, it can be said that fraud and theft are most common in business however only a little more carefulness can help avoid…


Epstein, L., (2013), "Protecting Your Business from Theft and Fraud," Retrieved from: 

Matthews, C., (2002), "Preventing Small-Business Fraud," Retrieved from:

Gun Control Legislation the Availability of and
Words: 1708 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7755433
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Gun Control Legislation

The availability of and access to firearms which is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution by the Second Amendment has created a multitude of consequences for modern Americans. The impacts of a loosely regulated gun market include the highest per capita rate of gun-related deaths in the world, major metropolitan areas like Detroit and Chicago struggling with unprecedented murder rates, and toddlers routinely finding their parent's weapons and dying after accidental discharge. Several longitudinal studies have demonstrated that the U.S. is by far the world's leader in both gun ownership and gun-related fatalities, and in fact, America's rate of 10.2 gun-related deaths per 100,000 citizens is more than double the rate of any other developed nation. The Congress has historically been averse to the passage of restrictive gun control legislation, as a powerful firearm lobby led by the National ifle Association has successfully kept the advances of gun…


Boodman, S.G. (2006, May 16). Gifted and tormented academic stars often bullied -- and more likely to suffer emotionally as a result. The Washington Post, p. F1. Retrieved from - dyn/content/article/2006/05/15/AR2006051501103 .html

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Homicide trends in the United States, 1980-2008: Annual rates for 2009 and 2010 (NCJ-

236018). Retrieved from Government Printing Office website:

Identifying and Controlling Violent Health Care Patients and Employees
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Controlling Violent Health Care Patients and Employees

This is a paper discussion on the identification and control of violence amongst health care patients and employees. It has 11 sources.

An Introduction to Violence

Violence has become a common feature of our society found in every area of the nation from quiet neighborhoods in the suburbs to the urbanized cities of the U.S. To make the matter worse, the media including radio, TV, private cable networks, have become a part of the culture that promotes the concepts of violence, if there is no violence exhibited in either every day programs then these programs, including those of children are presumed to be a failure. Hence, it would not be wrong to assume that our entire culture has been virtually gripped in a sphere of violence to which there is no end.

This culture of violence continues despite the fact that the sociologists…


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Criminal Justice -- Sheriff's Departments Hiring Requirements
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Criminal Justice -- Sheriff's Departments Hiring Requirements

San Francisco County Sheriff's Department

The minimum qualifications for applying to the San Francisco Sheriff's Department (SFSD) are as follows: the candidate must be at least 18 years of age; must be a U.S. citizen or a "permanent alien who is eligible and has applied for citizenship"; must have a U.S. high school diploma (or GED certificate) or a 2-year or 4-year college degree; cannot have any felony convictions (and certain misdemeanor convictions); must be physically and mentally healthy and be of good moral character.

The selection requirements include: a) testing reading and writing ability (an acceptable score must be obtained on the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery); b) an oral interview (the department head and another department employee, or an oral panel, gives this oral interview; a candidate's "experience, problem solving ability, communication skills, motivation/interest, interpersonal skills and community awareness /…

Works Cited

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Services / What is Quality Police Service? Retrieved June 3, 2012, from .

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Join Our Team. Retrieved June 3, 2012, from

Arizona's Correctional Healthcare System Prison Healthcare Arizona's
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Prison Healthcare

Arizona's Correctional Healthcare System

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) is the agency ultimately responsible for providing healthcare to the state's prison population. Even though the Healthcare Services division within the ADC manages the medical clinics in Arizona's prisons, there are a number of sections and divisions that have important roles to play in ensuring inmates receive the care they are legally entitled to recieve. This essay describes the structural organization that ultimately provides healthcare to inmates and how it operates to ensure statutory compliance.

Arizona's Correctional Healthcare System

Arizona Department of Corrections Organizational Structure

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) is ultimately responsible for providing healthcare for the prison inmate population in the state of Arizona (ADC, 2011). This state agency is responsible for maintaining and administering all ADC institutions and programs, including community supervision for adult inmates released to their communities. The…


America Civil Liberties Union. (2009). Know your rights: Medical, dental, and mental health care. Retrieved 15 Dec. 2011 from 

Arizona Department of Corrections. (2011). Retrieved 15 Dec. 2011 from 

Arizona Department of Corrections. (2011). Medical Services. Retrieved 15 Dec. 2011 from

Michelle Violates the Company's Policy and Her
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Michelle violates the company's policy and her suspicions turn out to be unfounded, then Jerry can sue the company for violation of privacy rights as provided by Electronic Communication privacy Act and by various amendments under U.S. constitution. The ECPA clearly indicates that employers cannot intercept personal communication while they are allowed to view communication that happens occurs ordinarily in the course of daily work (Business law, p. 528). Secondly the company policy also clearly indicates that employees cannot expect privacy when using company email account but their privacy will be protected when using web-based email services. In this case, Michelle would be intercepting communication that occurred through a personal account and if she turns out to be wrong, she can come under fire. However there may be an exception to her situation based on reasonable suspicion. She can provide evidence of Jerry unstable condition and violent behavior which could…


Miller, R.L. & Jentz G.A. (2011). Business Law Today 9th Edition. Mason, OH. Cengage.

Transnational Crime
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Human Trafficking

Transnational crime

Human trafficking is defined as the trade in humans for the purposes of forced labor, sexual slavery, or organ extraction Avdan, 2012.

It has been estimated that human trafficking is a lucrative industry that represents around $32 billion per year. Human trafficking is a serious crime that violates human rights. This trade affects almost all countries in the world. There are thousands of people (men, women, and children) who fall in the hands of traffickers. The traffickers are mostly located in the home country of the victims. The recruitment, transfer, transportation, receipt, or harboring of persons by using threats, coercion, force, abduction, deception, fraud, or power is also referred to as human trafficking. The traffickers are mainly intent in exploiting these persons for their own benefit.

Human trafficking should not be confused with people smuggling. People smuggling usually involves people hiring an individual who will transport…


Avdan, N. (2012). Human trafficking and migration control policy: vicious or virtuous cycle? Journal of Public Policy, 32(3), 171-205. doi: 10.2307/23351562

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Feingold, D.A. (2005). Human Trafficking. Foreign Policy (150), 26-32. doi: 10.2307/30048506

Online Business Plan
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Electronic Business Plan

eBusiness Plan

Electronic Business Plan Introduction

What follows in this report is an elaborate and specific business plan for Acme Online Services. The goal of Acme Online Services (AOS) will be to provide a plethora of personal assisting and concierge services that are typically only available in brick and mortar-based stores. Acme Online Services will serve as a personal assistant to provide users a series of services for both personal and business applications that involve the arrangement of real-world personal services such as maid service, car detailing, home nursing care and just about anything else that a person might need. ather than a regular consumer needing to call all the separate vendors they need for home services and repair themselves, Acme does all of the legwork for them including meeting the service people called at the home and arranging all of the meetings in the first place.…

Wal Martit the Company Chosen
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According to one recent study there is little for the employees to fear concerning outsourcing.

The results show that although service outsourcing has been steadily increasing it is still very low, and that in the United States and many other industrial countries 'insourcing' of services is greater than outsourcing" (Amiti, 2005, p. 308). The core team concept helps to emphasize the fact that many companies are outsourcing by insourcing, and therefore alleviates the fears of the employees.

Additionally it must be kept in mind that outsourcing can be a big boon to the company's bottom line. "A recent article portrayed this situation well, stating, "it is apparent the millions of Indian and Chinese engineers, software developers and service providers can do all this 'sophisticated stuff' as well as or better than the Americans at a tenth of the cost" (Prestowicz, 2004, p. 40). A tenth of the cost can be…

Works Cited

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Channel Member Marketing Plan
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Marketing Plan

Marketing plans can vary in complexity from fairly basic to very complex. There are several types of layers that may or may not exist, depending on the situation. Some of those important layers will be discussed in this report. Indeed, there are items to decide and decipher that include channel design strategy, exclusivity agreements and how best to handle the transportation and display of the product. When it comes to bringing the goods to a point of sale, this would include how the goods get there, who gets them there, who will state the items, when that will be done and how that will be done. While the individual steps to an exclusive retail sales arrangement, proper timing and management of resources and people is extremely important.


The scenario presented for this report is not terrible intricate or detailed. However, it is important to detail what is…

Job Candidates Online Has Become
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In addition, some such information may not be accurate. Data aggregators frequently make errors and information contained on the Internet could be either fabricated or entirely fictional. A photograph could be photoshopped or a statement taken out of context.

There are also significant ethical concerns with the use of the Internet to gather information about potential candidates. Zeidner (2007) points out that personal privacy rights may be violated if such searches are used without consent of both the candidates and the Internet service. Information that was intended to be private may be desired by the company, but the use of such information may constitute a violation of the candidate's rights. In addition, the right to privacy is considered to be sacrosanct by many Americans, so firms engaging in the practice of online screening of candidates may be avoided by top candidates on the basis of their desire to protect their…

Works Cited:

Zeidner, Rita. "How Deep Can you Probe?" HR Magazine, October 2007.

Nord, G., McCubbins, Tipton & Nord, Jeretta. "Privacy, Legislation and Surveillance Software." Communications of the ACM., 49, no. 8 (2006): 73-77.

Security on the Web
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Internet: Security on the Web

Security on the Web -- What are the Key Issues for Major Banks?

The age of digital technology -- email, Web-driven high-speed communication and information, online commerce, and more -- has been in place now for several years, and has been touted as a "revolutionary" technological breakthrough, and for good reason: This technology presents enormous new business opportunities. For example, by moving the key element of marketing and sales from local and regional strategies onto the global stage, and by providing dramatically improved customer convenience, the Web offers medium, small and large companies -- including banks -- unlimited growth potential.

That having been said, there are problems associated with online services, in particular online banking services, and security is at the top of the list of these issues. Some of the most serious security issues associated with Web-banking keep customers away from this technology, in…


Anti-Phishing Working Group (2004), "Committed to wiping out Internet scams and fraud: Origins of the Word 'Phishing'," Available: /word_phish.html.

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Illegal Immigration Amnesty for Illegal
Words: 1751 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88949512
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Many peoples' lives, destinies, and hopes for the future, and not only American ones, depend and will depend in the future on this taking place sooner rather than later, and now more than ever before in America's history.

orks Cited

Illegal Immigration." ikipedia. 4 May 2007.>.

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Review of Sociology. 21 (1995). 195-200.

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Baltimore Sun, 11 Jan. 2007. oped/bal-op.elsalvador11jan11,0,460257.story?coll=bal-oped-headlines.

Young Migrants Risk All to Reach U.S." ashington Post. 28 Aug 2006.

A http:


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Nursing Home Quality in the
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/nursing homes.

Clearly, since the focus of these articles are based on an institutional economics point-of-view of healthcare quality, a limitation of the study is that it does not take into consideration other variables that might influence the efficiency of nursing homes in providing quality healthcare. Among these unaccounted variables are the politics behind healthcare, specifically federal laws and policies related to the provision of healthcare. Apart from policies and laws, another variables unaccounted for in this study is a thorough look or analysis of the relational dynamics between patients and nurses, as well as other healthcare practitioners and professionals. This variable is vital in understanding the concept of quality healthcare because it provides an in-depth look at the 'experiential" dimension or perspective healthcare -- that is, healthcare quality as assessed by patients and healthcare professionals/practitioners.

In terms of socio-demographic characteristics, the literature collated regarding nursing home care does not…

History of Social Media and Its Impact on Business
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Privacy and security is a major concern for any person in the technological era that we are living in today. Everything today is revolving around technology in some aspect. Our academic career, professional life and even personal lives are affected by technology. Because of social media, people are likely to put very personal details and images on the World Wide Web. When people are not reluctant about uploading their personal information online, they also wouldn't have any problem uploading their financial and company relations.

Social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter is affecting the way people interact with each other on the global scale. They are also affecting the way company's brand, advertise and even distribute their products (Edosomwan, 2011) It has been stated that majority of the companies and corporations are receptive to online collaboration tools and social media. Nonetheless, when it comes to information technology, there…


Colombe, J., & Stephens, G. (2004). Statistical profiling and visualization for detection of malicious insider attacks on computer networks, 138 -- 142. (2011). Top threats to cloud computing: cloud security alliance. [online] Retrieved from:  [Accessed: 10 Aug 2014].

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Ho, P., Tapolcai, J., & Mouftah, H. (2004). On achieving optimal survivable routing for shared protection in survivable next-generation internet. Reliability, IEEE Transactions On, 53(2), 216 -- 225.

Vicarious Liability Corporate Criminal Liability
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Another, related doctrine to vicarious liability is that of negligent hiring, in which an employer does not take reasonable precautions to do appropriate background checks of the employee. If a hospital hires a nurse without the necessary qualifications, the hospital may be found liable for any errors the employee performs. However, the hospital might be found vicariously liable if it hires a qualified nurse, but expects the nurse to labor under unreasonable circumstances, such as working back-to-back shifts repeatedly with a skeleton staff, or has the nurse perform her duties with improperly maintained medical devices.

The need for the doctrine of vicarious liability is manifest in the fact that it is necessary for employers to be held liable for the consequences of their policies and not blame their own imprudent actions, conducted in the name of profit, to improve their bottom line. Simply put, it is not fair to hold…


Businesses whose employees text or place business-related calls while driving could be found vicariously liable. (2010). Business Wire. Retrieved May 2, 2011, from 

Employer liability for an employee's bad acts. (2010). Nolo. Retrieved May 2, 2011, from 

Leung, Susan. (2004). A new test for vicarious liability. China Staff.

Retrieved May 2, 2011, from

Financial Planner the Career of
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A the direct support or supervision of individuals who deliver all, or any portion, of the personal financial planning process to a client.

A teaching all, or any portion, of the personal financial planning process.

Finally the applicant must agree to adhere to the CFP Code of Professional Conduct and submit to a background check. Any pending litigation must be disclosed.

The Financial Planner typically operates in four major areas: investment planning, estate planning, retirement planning and business succession planning. All of these areas are highly specialized and a planner may decide to specialize in one or more areas. Major firms will offer all of these services to clients, but the delivery method may vary by company. Firms such as Lincoln Financial Advisors, American Express Financial Services and AXA Advisors offer all of these services.

Another group of firms includes brokerage firms, also called wire houses, that may offer some…


Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. 20 April 2005.  

Work First Family Assistance Program TANF
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ethics aligned in a constructive way to gather, investigate and consecutively analyze the data of a precise subject. Methodology illustrates the method of the researcher, which the researcher intends to utilize in completion of the study. The methodology can be distinguished in two distinct ways:

It helps in detailing the techniques to conduct the research properly.

It assists in analyzing and consecutively justifying the choice of methods used for the critique.

This chapter is divided into 8 sections

esearch Philosophy

esearch type and Timeline

Data collection methods

Quantitative Validity

Sampling Strategy

According to Cohen et al. (2007) the sub-dividing of the methodology chapter renders an uncomplicated examination, which helps the researcher in understanding the complex methods in an easy practical layout. Even Saunders et al. (2012) mentions the research study is enhanced with divisional headings, which helps in providing an explanatory abstract of overall conduction of research study.

esearch Philosophy…


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Solutions to Help Students With Disability
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Case Study on James in IDEA

Case Study on James in IDEA

James is a six years old boy living with his parents in first grade. With his intellectual disability, he has been placed under special education classroom having 15 other students. James has some challenges related to learning due to the poor memory and delays in language development. One of the strengths that James has is that he is confident in school and is not easily frustrated. He can communicate effectively with adults but socializing with his peers is a challenge. One of the major challenges that he faces is the fact that he has low achievement in most of the academic areas. These include reading comprehension, mathematics, and written expressions. His interests are in sports, games although he is challenged by isolation from his peers. He has faced delays in cognitive, social and adaptive behavior…

A New Look at Implementation of the Brady Act
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Corrections/Police -- Criminal Justice -- The Brady Act

Seven-Stage Checklist for Program/Policy Planning and Analysis

The Seven Stage Checklist for Program/Policy Planning and Analysis was employed to examine The Brady Act. In Stage 1, Analyzing the Problem: the problem was found to be at least four serious gaps in the existing Brady Act. Those gaps include: the lack of required background checks for all gun sales, including private sales at gun shows and online; the lack of strong federal law criminalizing gun trafficking; the ready availability of military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines with more than 10 rounds; and the Tiahrt Order passed by Congress and preventing the public from knowing the identities of gun traffickers and how they operate.

Though the Brady Act suffers from several gaps, the lack of required background checks for all gun sales, including private sales at gun shows and online was addressed. Stage 2: Setting…

Works Cited

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Haberman, M. (2016, January 21). Gun control groups say Bernie Sanders is the wrong candidate to support. Retrieved from /politics/first-draft/2016/01/21/gun-control-groups-say-bernie-sanders-is-the-wrong-candidate-to-support/

Kessler, J., & Trumble, S. (2013, August 5). The virtual loophole: A survey of online gun sales. Retrieved from

hiring practices and ethical legal
Words: 1291 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20116485
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Human resources managers are increasingly called upon to contribute to ethical decision making in their hiring practices. Hiring policies and practices are a critical gateway to fulfilling organizational ethical commitments. Using standard screening methods like background checks or screening applicant social media accounts present ethical dilemmas, pitting the need for due diligence against the need to resist any form of discrimination in hiring. By engaging in hiring policies and practices that reflect legal ground rules and also ethical codes, human resources managers achieve critical security goals and also protect the legal and ethical rights of employees. Key issues to take into consideration in hiring decisions include the legal ground rules that govern organizational codes of conduct and codes of ethics. Many organizations also craft codes of ethics and codes of conduct specifically to craft organizational culture, promote security, while also insuring against legal breaches.
Codes of Ethics vs. Codes…

Gun Control
Words: 1587 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65665229
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Non-Sense Crime Drugs: A Policy Guide

Proposition #24: Attempts to ban the possession of handguns, or certain kinds of guns, are not a viable option for reducing crime.

According to sociologist Samuel Walker: "People intent upon committing a crime are particularly motivated to obtain a gun. In short, it is not very efficient or sensible to try to control ownership of guns by the public at large when the real problem is the behavior of a very small part of the population -- violent criminals" (Walker 2010: 236). This statement is problematic for a number of reasons. First of all, many individuals who do not intend to commit crimes still do so as a result of crimes of passion. Having a gun involved in a highly emotional situation almost invariably raises the ante of confrontation. Although they might not intend to commit a crime, the crime happens by virtue…


Background: CAP. (2013). Smart Gun Laws. Retrieved from: 

Background: Dealer regulations. (2015). Smart Gun Laws. Retrieved from:

Gun Control Changed by Customer
Words: 1082 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: A-Level Outline Answer Paper #: 3069062
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Congress can pass specific legislation to control what types of guns are sold, to whom, and how. The U.S. Supreme Court rules on whether congressional laws are in keeping with the letter and/or the spirit of the Second Amendment.

edefinitions of the problem

The current debate over gun control is so volatile because even supporters of gun control acknowledge that it cannot be 100% effective. The school shooter in Sandy Hook, for example, was able to obtain guns legally given that his mother was an avid gun collector. However, there are also examples of persons with questionable mental health histories, such as the Virginia Tech killer, who likely would have been prohibited from owning a weapon had he been forced to submit to a background check. "Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 people in 2007 on the picturesque Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, had been deemed mentally ill by a judge,…


Johns, Joe. (2013). Would background checks have stopped recent mass shootings? Probably not. CNN. Retrieved: 

Pickler, Needra. (2013). Obama taking action on gun background check system

Yahoo. Retrieved:  -- politics.html

U.S. Supreme Court in D.C. v. Heller. (2004). Cornell University Law School. Retrieved:

Brady Bill the Brady Handgun
Words: 1676 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23062547
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ut, even though we have the rady ill, homicides keep going up. Critics of the rady ill suggest that this means that the rady ill doesn't work and we ought to get rid of it. However, what it really means is that we need to do even more to strengthen gun control measures. For example, the rady ill ought to include sales by non-dealers as well as sales by licensed gun dealers and ought to incorporate mandatory sentences for attempted illegal purchases of guns. Organizations such as the NRA will no doubt attempt to frighten Americans into believing that they are losing their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. However, the wide-spread support of the rady ill indicates that Americans aren't that stupid. Americans want responsible sales of guns and are willing to tolerate some inconvenience to protect their safety. And, politicians have withstood the pressure of the NRA…


Anderson, J. (1996). Inside the NRA: Armed and dangerous: An expose. Beverly Hills, Calif.: Dove Books.

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Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act. Wikipedia. 

Did Brady bill block handgun sales? (1998, June 22). Capital Hill Blue.

Social Media and Employment Process
Words: 1320 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40719244
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The major reason why social media plays a vital role in the recruitment process is because of the fact that applicants reveal more information about themselves via social media than during the normal hiring process.

However, while it continues to exist in the public domain, many applicants oppose the use of their social media profiles as part of the recruiting process ("Social Media's Place," n.d.). This opposition raises public debate about public vs. private life and the right to an individual's privacy. Majority of job applicants argue that social media profiles shouldn't be part of an employer's decision making process since personal life should be regarded as private life. Actually most of them consider reviewing their social media profile as a practice that is equivalent to conducting a security check. On the contrary, employers use social media to vet a candidate when they feel that this person does not portray…


Jackson, R.M. (2010, January 11). Social Media Permeate the Employment Life Cycle:

Employers Must Address their Use and Misuse Before, During and After An Employee's Tenure. Retrieved June 11, 2011, from 

"Pre Employment Background Checks for HR -- A Much Better Choice Then Social Profiling."

(2011, May 19). Pub Articles: Better Articles Pub. Retrieved June 11, 2011, from  -- 1305791090.html

Tighter Regulations for Buying Guns the Argument
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Tighter egulations for Buying Guns

The argument essay tighter regulations buying guns proposed. An requirements word file.

In the recent past, there have been mass shootings that have taken place in different states within the United States. These mass shootings have caused many innocent people to loose their lives, and this has led to the citizens and leaders pushing for stricter control for firearms. In 2012, there were three major shootings that prompted legislators to take action against gun control. The first was the Chardon High School shooting, where a student went on a rampage killing three students and injuring several other students. The second event was the Colorado Theater shooting. In this event, the shooter killed 12 people and injured 58 others. The final event took place in December 2012. The incident occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School where the shooter killed six adult staff and twenty children. The…

References >Dockins, Pamela. "Us Lawmakers Consider Tighter Rules for Gun Buyers." Washington, D.C., 2013. Voice Of America.

Employment Landlord-Tenant Liability and Duties
Words: 1351 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 64635181
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Irrespective of whether or not AC Apartments satisfied its duty of reasonable care with respect to the safety of its tenants, the harm for which liability is claimed must relate directly to any failure to satisfy that standard. More particularly, to establish liability, the plaintiff must also establish that any negligence of AC in failing to exercise reasonable care was the proximate cause of the harm that resulted (Freidman 2005).

For example, had the apartment complex manager previously been sentenced for rape as a juvenile, even a thorough criminal background check performed by AC Apartments would have failed to disclose that information, through no fault of AC Apartments. A more interesting factual situation arises if AC failed to satisfy its duty of care owed to its tenants by neglecting to perform any pre-employment criminal background check of the manager but where the only relevant information available would have required…


Feliu, a., Johnson, W. (2002) Negligence in Employment Law. Washington, DC: BNF, Inc.

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Hiring an Effective and Good
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Hiring an individual with a criminal history could put your business' financial success and safety at risk.

The professional reference verification is another common form of pre-employment screening. The professional reference verification gives one the means to not only discuss the employee with the listed reference, but to check to make sure the listed individual is qualified to act as a reference. Without a professional reference check, one has no way of knowing whether or not the listed reference is in fact who they are claimed to be.

Another important pre-employment verification that should occur before making a hiring decision is to verify the applicant's employment history. Like the professional reference section, without a verification of this information there is no way for one to know for sure whether or not the applicant has actually worked where they say they have. Further, an employment verification search will also provide one…


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Employers and Employees Often Have
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A consistent policy applied to all employees and applicants makes it far less likely that a business will be subject to litigation losses.

The old cliche is that "All is fair in love and war," but one might add that this includes the area of business as well. Businesses exist to make a profit and for many businesses if this means sacrificing the privacy of one or all of its employees means greater profits than it is a small price to pay. Fortunately, there are those in the business world who are aware of this philosophy and who take positive steps to develop a set of ethical standards to govern the operation of business (Tabak). The underlying attitude supporting these ethical standards is that the maintaining of ethical standards in regard to protecting the privacy of the individual is important in order to protect both the organization and its employees…

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Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values Between
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Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between for-Profit and Not-For-Profit Organizations

For-profit and not-for-profit companies often operate very differently from one another. Here this will be shown with a comparison between the American ed Cross (a not-for-profit company) and the Coca-Cola Company (a for-profit company). The background of each one of them will be addressed, and they proposed solutions and recommendations will be discussed. Each company has its problems, whether it is for-profit or not, but there are unique problems faced by each kind of company. The differences in whether they are for-profit or not-for-profit can have a significant effect on the companies themselves and whether they are able to continue being successful or whether they must make changes in order to see growth and development in the future.

Case Study Analysis of Personal and Organizational Ethics and Values between For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations:

The ed Cross and Coca-Cola



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