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Betrayal Essays (Examples)

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Duality of Love the Principle
Words: 2363 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18907266
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But it was from the difference between us, not from the affinities and likenesses, but from the difference, that love came: and it was itself the bridge, the only bridge, across what divided us" (Le Guin).

The "love" referred to in this quotation that arose between the female Estraven and Ai stemmed from distinctions of gender, since it originated due to the attractive nature of Estraven as a woman and of Ai as a man. However, this love actually transcends mere gender, which is evinced by the fact that the love is not sexually consummated in a physical form, but is rather consummated in an unconditional form of love that is the basis of the "friendship" that arose between Ai and Estraven. This love is perhaps the ultimate expression of the loyalty and fidelity that Estraven always demonstrated towards Ai, and which now is finally reciprocated by the latter. So…

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God of Small Things Arundhati Roy Shows
Words: 1520 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79947930
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God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy shows a surprisingly profound understanding of human nature for such a new author. Her complex novel intertwines the past and present with the subtleties of Indian class and culture to create a rich tapestry of betrayal and spirituality. It is perhaps in her portrayal of the many facets of human betrayal that Roy is at her most proficient and convincing in the novel. Betrayal is a common theme throughout Roy's novel, The God of Small Things, and is seen as adults betray children, society betrays individuals, classes betray castes, and children betray parents, and history and tradition are betrayed.

The impact of betrayal is seen throughout the differing settings of the book; both when the twins are seven years of age in 1969 and when the twins have reached 31 years of age in 1993. Betrayal involves most of the characters in the novel:…

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Red Azalea Is the Memoir
Words: 1490 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43635411
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Min enthusiastically goes to the Red Fire Farm in order to prove her willingness as a city girl to do the hard work of the proletariat. (52). While there, she meets a similarly zealous and ambitious woman, Comrade Lu, who continually shows off her knowledge of the Party and her own Party credentials. (60-65).

In contrast to deputy commander Lu, commander Yan is not only a model comrade, but a strong, selfless, and compassionate leader. A tall, handsome, "conqueror"-like woman, Yan never tried to prove her credentials as a party comrade. Min remembers, with affection, how Yan would trek alone to the well and carry back two 80 lb buckets of water on a pole, balancing it on her broad shoulders. (117). Yan's presence was so great that she did not even need to tell the other comrades to get back to work.

In a sense, Min looked at Yan…


Red Azalea. Bt Bound, 2006. Print.

E-Learning Platforms According to National
Words: 1286 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 9045116
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462). The pattern of adjusting to the feelings and needs of the advisor rather than the advisor adjusting to meet the needs of the advisee is seen repeatedly in the different types of relationships between women who are pursuing doctoral studies on college campuses and their female advisors.

One type of advisor was described as an iron maiden, while the advisee assumed the role of handmaiden. In this type of relationship, the advisors support the goals of the student, but they have little time for interpersonal communications or sympathy for the advisee's personal issues. The advisees who worked under the tutelage of such women often found themselves sacrificing "their own personal power and their own work for iron maiden advisors" (p. 454).

The inadequate advisor-over adequate advisee relationship was in direct contrast to the iron maiden/handmaiden relationship. In this scenario, the advisor was too focused upon the interpersonal relationship and…

Young, a. & Perrewe, P. (2004). The role of expectations in the mentoring exchange: an analysis of mentor and protege expectations in relation to perceived support. Journal of Managerial Issues, 16(1), 103-126. Retrieved May 16, 2010 from ProQuest.

Similarities and Differences between EBSCO and ProQuest

EBSCO and ProQuest differ in their search engines. ProQuest has a basic and an advanced search feature. The basic feature allows the reader to look for articles by database, while the advanced search feature provides the options of browsing by features such as citation and abstract, author, subject and language of origin. Much like ProQuest, EBSCO's search engine is set up to allow the reader to choose documents based upon features such as author, Unlike ProQuest EBSCO does not have an advanced feature, but the reader can filter documents based upon whether the article is peer-reviewed, what educational level the document was written for and who the intended audience is, as well as by ERIC number and publication type.

Exercise the Harsh Rays of
Words: 401 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 75718433
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It carried with it the scent of blood and betrayal. How I would have condemned such cowardice in the past. Now I could not face my own home. The breeze brought to me the sound of my child's tears and my wife's blame.

Things darkened and chilled. A cloud blocked the sun, like the thing in my heart that rose and blocked all that used to be decent and good. I had not known it was there. But now I was too aware. The sun of my life had been to bright up to now. Now it would be permanently blocked by the hatred of a family who used to adore me. The earth beneath my feet poked out between thin patches of grass. It was hard; stepped on by too many aching feet. It would make a good grave. A cat came from nowhere and rubbed against my leg.…

Khaled Hosseini's 2003 Novel the
Words: 581 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72774497
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Fo Ami, this is the only way to edemption.
The boy, he leans, is living in an ophanage in the Taliban afflicted
Afghanistan. In esolution, Ami detemines to tavel to Kabul to bing
the boy back to Ameica and adopt him. Anothe chaacte of impotance is
Ami's wife Soaya, who seves as a souce of suppot and comfot to the
guilt-idden man.
The stoy evolves pimaily on Ami's esponse to his actions both
duing a childhood in Afghanistan and an adulthood in Ameica. In both
contexts, he is afflicted by a sense of his own shotcomings. Thee is no
small degee of jealousy on his pat fo the gifted and vituous Hassan.
Though he had loved his fiend like a bothe, he had also sensed some
degee of competition to which he could neve live up to. This is an
undecuent in the plot which takes place acoss counties ae…

references to the
historical and current conflicts Afghanistan would help to make the
personal story more compelling. The reverse can likewise be said. The
personal connection offered in the conflict and resolution between Amir and
Sohrab helps to drive home the realities of a war which continues to be
waged even today in a devastated Afghanistan.
the main ones and thier roles in the story.

Centralia 1947 Mine Explosion Throughout the Annals
Words: 1144 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 81243426
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Centralia 1947 Mine Explosion

Throughout the annals of the American industrialized age, countless tragedies have occurred within the workplace and these incidents have forced the public at large to consider the weighty issue of applying moral precepts to the realm of public administration. While the tomes of American jurisprudence are littered with examples of corporate enterprises and bureaucratic entities failing to uphold their basic responsibilities, perhaps no case has demonstrated the capacity to generate both outrage and activism as readily as The Blast in Centralia No. 5: A Mine Disaster No One Stopped. Authored by John Bartlow Martin, this seminal case study examines the unique confluence of internal and external circumstances which eventually resulted in the 1947 explosion of Centralia Mine No. 5, a catastrophe which claimed the lives of 111 coal miners. By carefully retracing the series of events preceding the actual explosion, including a history of the Centralia…


Hartley, R.E., & Kenney, D. (2006). Death underground: The centralia and west frankfort mine disasters. Chicago, IL: Southern Illinois University Press.

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Martin, J.B. (1948). The blast in centralia no. 5: A mine disaster no one stopped. In R.J. Stillman

Sound of Music Released in 1965 Became
Words: 1202 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95826651
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Sound of Music released in 1965, became an Academy Award winning icon in American movie musicals. As an historical account of the singing von Trapp family, the film is highly inaccurate and has several other strongly negative characteristics. However, the film's positive characteristics, chiefly its music and scenery/cinematography, override the negatives to make film a well-loved classic.

The Sound of Music: What the Movie is about; Which Parts are Historically Accurate and Inaccurate; a Review

"The Sound of Music" is about the singing von Trapp Family of Austria, who escaped Nazi control during Hitler's rule. The movie is historically accurate in some respects. Maria, an Austrian postulant with a religious order of nuns, was sent to the Salzburg home of widower Georg von Trapp, a military officer, and his 7 children. Maria and Georg eventually married. Also, the family was singing family and did win an Austrian musical competition. Finally,…

Universal Truth in Hamlet
Words: 1601 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67106433
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Universal Truth in Hamlet


Hamlet's story is different from most of the stories of revenge and betrayal in a way that throughout the novel he was not sure about a lot of things. Thus, the way the story unfolded eventually really showed that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Hamlet goes on in the uncertainty and in doing so he wonders what the purpose of life is. This dwells on the uncertainty Hamlet portrays and also the questions many of the people in play put forward. Secondarily, this uncertainty however foreshows that the nation is corrupt and so are all the people in it. These corruptions and problems lead to the story moving forward. Hamlet throughout the book stays in a melancholy and a malicious judgment about women as well. To him, the knowledge that he has is sufficient to rule out and judge others in his life.…


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Treason Terrorism Wartime Crimes
Words: 1513 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66217620
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Treason, Terrorism and Wartime Crimes


Treason is the term legally used to describe different acts of unfaithfulness, treachery and betrayal. The English law was the first to make a distinction between high treason and petit (petty) treason in the Statute of Treasons (1350). It described petit treason as an act in which one's lawful superior is murdered by him/her. For instance, if an apprentice murdered his/her master, it was stated as a petit treason. On the other hand, high treason was defined by the English law as any grave threat to the permanence or stability of the state. High treason consisted of "attempts to kill the king, the queen, or the heir apparent or to restrain their liberty; to counterfeit coinage or the royal seal; and to wage war against the kingdom" ("treason," 2012).

Treason is regarded as both a prehistoric misdemeanor and an acknowledged epithet (Eichensehr, 2009). The…


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War Crimes. (2012). In BBC. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from

Under Fire
Words: 879 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 60468177
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Rules of Engagement (ROE) are necessary to a certain degree during wars and skirmishes in order to determine what actions military personnel can take when confronted with immediate and personal dangerous or violent situations. Determining a correct ROE, however, is the key to successfully addressing the overall mission and purpose for military interventions in the first place. As one recent author states "these rules are in place for reasons that both protect the military and respect the international conventions of war" (Vallely, 2013). hat is interesting about this subject is the fact that in the same report, Vallely goes on to state "ROE can be conveniently manipulated by the political objectives and military mission limitations essential to the construction and application of ROE" (Vallely, 2013). That is what seems to be happening in the current war situation in Afghanistan if what experts are saying is to be believed.

Michael Jenkins…

Works Cited

Bobbitt, P.; (2010) The new rules of engagement, Newsweek, Vol. 155, Issue 2, pp. 42-43

Experience of Change Management
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77127819
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Personal Reflection on a Managing Change

Change in any organization can be challenging, especially when there is resistance to change by employees. Effective management may help the change to be accepted and embraced and increase the potential for success (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010). Many cases regarding change look at major changes, where there is significant disruption, but even small changes can be unsettling for employees and cause resistance. In the case used in the paper, the change was simple; a change in the shift patterns at a work place. The employer wanted to increase the coverage by existing employees by staggering work start times. Some employees would start up to 2 hours earlier and finish earlier, others would start later and finish later, the system was designed on a rota basis, with sufficient flexibility available for any employees that had special circumstances. As a manager, the resistance to this…

Frank Stockton's The Lady or the Tiger
Words: 1833 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65832578
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Frank Stockton's "The Lady or the Tiger?" A young man, the forbidden lover of a princess, is sentenced to a trial by ordeal: in front of thousands of onlookers, he must choose between two doors. Behind one waits a tiger, behind the other waits a lovely maiden. Only the princess herself possesses the knowledge that will save her lover's life, though in doing so, she will send him into the arms of another woman. Stockton leaves whether or not she saves her beau to the reader's imagination.

The movie Gladiator also revolves around public spectacle and matters of justice and injustice. The main character, Maximus, a respected general and loyal subject of the Roman Empire, has been betrayed by Commodus, the Emperor. Sold into slavery, his family murdered, Maximus longs for revenge. He is forced to become a gladiator and use his strength to kill for the amusement of the…

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In China From 1962-1989 Did it Live Up to Marxist Ideas
Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6246534
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China's Daughter of the River -- a Personal Snapshot of Memoir of Marxism's betrayal in the form of Maoism

Maoism is its own political animal. Maoism cannot be called synonymous with Marxism, Leninism, or even the communism as previously envisioned in the Soviet Union and the other communist nations of the past century. When one considers how communism functioned in the nation of China from the years of 1962 to 1989, as described in the prose and envisioned in the images of Hong Ying's Daughter of the River, this thesis becomes crystalline clear as the river of the title.

Ying's book is an autobiography and memoir, not a political text. It was written when the author was in her thirties although it is told form the retrospective of an eighteen-year-old. Yet Ying's narrative makes clear that the China of the author's experiences did not live up to Marxist ideals. Marxist…

Counterintelligence in Terms of National
Words: 1641 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93867091
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Instead, it has been suggested, he was more interested in his significant value to the Russian agents to whom he passed his information on to (Court TV). In short, Hanssen felt an elevated level of importance; one that the FBI was incapable or, in his eyes, unwilling to provide for him. As a consequence, Hanssen became a rather devastating mole within the FBI, and was largely unsuspected -- because of his background -- until his brother-in-law, who also worked for the FBI, discovered large amounts of cash within Hanssen's home.

Although the reasons Hanssen and Ames became double-agents were not identical, precisely what made them ideal moles within their respective organizations was the fact that these reasons were not obvious to those around them. They were more psychological in nature than the most common reasons for treason and betrayal. Ames, simply, wanted to please his wife with the best possible…

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Almereyda's Hamlet the Play Hamlet
Words: 4999 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58785192
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Hamlet lives vicariously through the devices that he uses to capture or replay reality. However, those devices actually serve to separate Hamlet from the very world he is seeking to capture. This concept is dramatically displayed by Hamlet's use of headphones. Though headphones generally provide a listener with music or other entertainment, Almereyda's makes it clear that they also serve a secondary purpose: to shut out the external world. Therefore, although Hamlet appears connected all the time, Almereyda makes the point that Hamlet uses technology and technological devices to shut out the other characters in the movie.

While Hamlet's use of the headphones displays his overt attempts to block out society, they are not the only way that technology interferes in interpersonal relationships. In fact, Almereyda consistently has technology, whether the hum of a jet or the ringing of a phone, interrupt human interactions. These constant interruptions cause a variety…


Abbate, Alessandro. "To Be or Inter-Be: Almereyda's end-of-millennium Hamlet."

Literature/Film Quarterly. 32.2 (2004): 82-. Questia.

Almereyda, Michael. "Interview with Michael Almereyda." Popmatters Film. By Cynthia


Anna Segher's the Outing of the Dead Schoolgirls
Words: 836 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 25501264
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Anna Segherss's memoir "The Outing of the Dead Schoolgirls" begins in Mexico, where the author reminisces about a defining incident in her life. Her memory is triggered by two symbols, the first of which is an innkeeper who was "staring motionless at the one thing that presented him with vast, insoluble problems: complete emptiness," (Seghers 614). Then, she hears someone call her by a name she had not heard since she was a schoolgirl. The memory thus triggered, Seghers delves into a traumatic past with courageous detail.

Seghers's narrative style is full of bitterness and tension that are appropriate for rendering the traumatic events described in the story. Repetition is one of the cornerstones of Seghers's writing style, as the author frequently alludes to Marianne's immanent betrayal of Leni: the central event of the story. Yet it is not just Marianne's betrayal of Leni that Seghers talks about. Marianne's…

Work Cited

Seghers, Anna. "The Outing of the Dead Schoolgirls." The Kenyon Review. Vol. 31, No. 5, p. 613-642.

Dating as Early as November
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28237380
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ince very little research has yet been done for the online community, the study will be simplified by discussing the aspects of fidelity in an online environment for the sake of direct outreach. The methodology of the study combines with the literature about human interaction to provide a new insight into the role of Internet-based interactions in the modern day. The fieldwork, careful analysis, and interaction with the surveyed users will allow for a greater understanding of this developing portal and the way it has come to intersect society.

Review of Literature

Danah Boyd is a doctoral candidate in the IM program at UC-Berkeley. Her goal is to understand the new anthropology of cyberculture, particularly through the presentation of the online self in its relation to the physical, bodied self. Her papers have been published by a variety of credible sources and presented at conferences internationally, including the 2005…

Since very little research has yet been done for the online community, the study will be simplified by discussing the aspects of fidelity in an online environment for the sake of direct outreach. The methodology of the study combines with the literature about human interaction to provide a new insight into the role of Internet-based interactions in the modern day. The fieldwork, careful analysis, and interaction with the surveyed users will allow for a greater understanding of this developing portal and the way it has come to intersect society.

Review of Literature

Danah Boyd is a doctoral candidate in the SIMS program at UC-Berkeley. Her goal is to understand the new anthropology of cyberculture, particularly through the presentation of the online self in its relation to the physical, bodied self. Her papers have been published by a variety of credible sources and presented at conferences internationally, including the 2005 Media Ecology Association Conference in New York, Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences in 2002, the University of Surrey's 2001 symposium entitled Sexualities, Medias, and Technologies: Theorizing Old and New Practicies, and the upcoming IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization. She has had editorials published in New Media and Society and Salon; the Express Mail-sponsered "Infotecture" exhibit at New York's Artists Space Gallery in 2002 showed her collaborative "Social Network Fragments" display, a social network visualization fueled by the connectivity between

Compare and Contrast an Opera
Words: 1739 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26008477
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Mozart Arias

olfgang Amadeus Mozart is universally considered to be a musical genius because he is so great in his work. During his short time on the earth because he died very young, he was responsible for the writing of some of the most beautiful works of music ever written. He wrote symphonies and stand alone pieces too. His work has been put to ballets and other plays and in movies. In addition to these, he also wrote some of the world's most beautiful and emotional operas. Each opera is built around unique and fully-developed characterizations especially of the women characters. Remarkably even though the language may not be understood because the operas are sung in foreign languages, the music and the voices which sing each song of the opera perfectly convey the meaning and the emotional core that Mozart intended to express in the opera. Two distinct examples of…

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54; 110-11. Print.

Samson in the History of
Words: 1797 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15535443
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He struggles to maintain his consecration and lets his love for a Philistine woman overrule his consecration to God. In the same way, temptation to follow different ways of life leads Israel to fall into the trap of sin and worshiping foreign gods. Hence they trespass against God and must be punished. What is interesting about this is that their salvation comes in the form of Samson, himself a much flawed individual. After several individual and private victories over the Philistines, Samson falls into Delilah's trap and commits the ultimate betrayal of his people and his God. By however offering himself as a sacrifice for the sake of theological, material and collective victory over the Philistines, Samson's final act is to redeem not only himself, but also to pave the way towards the collective liberation of his people. As one of the judges, Samson then fulfills a somewhat unique role…


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Non Canonical Books Introduction Study
Words: 2692 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49472131
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Christianity was in its infancy when the New Testament was created, and it would have been important to the leaders of the Christian community to inspire some level - even a lot - of fear of retribution for failing the community and their faith.

This is supported by Joseph Gaer (1952), whose book the Lore of the New Testament, provides the insight into the stories of the New Testament, and those stories are frightening to people whose change in direction from religious paganism, to a monotheistic following is relatively new. For instance, as concerns Judas Iscariot, the New Testament has Jesus casting Satan out of the demonically possessed Judas when they meet.

Satan took possession of the sick boy and, as he was accustomed to, the boy tried to bite the person nearest to him. But as soon as he touched Jesus, Satan jumped out of the possessed boy in…

Works Cited 

Dart, John. "Long-Lost Gospel of Judas to Be Published." The Christian Century 27 Dec. 2005: 12+. Questia. 23 Feb. 2008

British Literature Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury
Words: 3052 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44430818
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Neither lust, nor greed, nor vanity, is necessary to account for betrayal: it is the simple and inevitable reflex of the changeability that is the very life of human beings."(Mann, 19)

Thus, the discourse of the ife of Bath should be seen rather in this light, than as an antifeminist one. In fact, her prologue is to be read rather like a purposeful unmasking of the many antifeminist stereotypes circulated in that epoch. As Jill Mann has noted, the fact that the ife of Bath recounts all the things that her husbands have told her, the specific nagging that takes place between men and women:

That is, she [the ife of Bath] does not live in the insulated laboratory world of literature, where she is no more than a literary object, unconscious of the interpretations foisted upon her; she is conceived as a woman who lives in the real world,…

Works Cited

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Fiction's Come a Long Way Baby the
Words: 2433 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92033509
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Fiction's Come a Long Way, aby

The development of fiction from its nascent stages until today's contemporary works is a storied one. Many features mark contemporary fiction and differentiate it from the classics of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries: For one, modern writers use different perspectives to narrate: In some works, the narrator switches from third-person omniscient to first person, and in some contemporary works, even the challenging second-person. Experimentation in styles also marks contemporary fiction: Nabokov, perhaps fiction's greatest ever stylist, has written one novel penned to ladies and gentlemen of the jury, and another as literary criticism on a purposefully mediocre poem. (Nabokov: Lolita and Pale Fire).

ut one of the most pronounced shifts in fiction over these centuries has been the move from stuffy, high art to a fixation on and immersion in pop culture. George Eliot, for instance, in "Daniel Deronda," interspersed a very staid…


Cisneros, Sandra: Woman Hollering Creek. New York: Vintage.

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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1
Words: 1412 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: Array
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Othello" by William Shakespeare, "Oedipus the King" translated by Robert Fagles, and Girl by Jamaica Kincaid. These are dense and rich pieces of writing that have stood the test of time. These works continue to influence and offer insight in the modern moment. These plays and this novel are filled with many themes, motifs, symbols, and other literary techniques. The paper will primarily focus upon themes of jealousy and betrayal, gender and power, vision, and at the heart of it all, fear. The paper will limit the scope of the comparison to the aforementioned themes and mostly primary characters within each. What do these literary texts have in common and what do they teach readers about the human condition?

Jealousy and betrayal are rampant in "Othello." Iago is very jealous of Othello and betrays his trust. He convinces Othello that Desdemona, Othello's fiancee, conducts romantic affairs outside of their relationship.…

Piaf Pam Gems provides a view into
Words: 46193 Length: 125 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 73251446
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in "Piaf," Pam Gems provides a view into the life of the great French singer and arguably the greatest singer of her generation -- Edith Piaf. (Fildier and Primack, 1981), the slices that the playwright provides, more than adequately trace her life. Edith was born a waif on the streets of Paris (literally under a lamp-post). Abandoned by her parents -- a drunken street singer for a mother and a circus acrobat father -- Edith learns to fend for herself from the very beginning. As a natural consequence of her surroundings, she makes the acquaintance of several ne'er do wells. She rises above the lifestyles of the girls she grows up with who prostitute themselves for a living in the hope that they will eventually meet a benefactor with whom they can settle. Edith has a talent for singing and she indulges this interest by singing loudly in the streets.…


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Katherine Porter's The Grave Many
Words: 2009 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66909008
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In a sense, Paul buried it when he buried the rabbit. She will look back at that place and see it as a time when things shifted in her world. Miranda lost the tomboy little girl and exchanged her for a girl facing all the pains and pitfalls of adulthood. Again, it is impossible to find blame in this tale. Miranda wanted to see the bunnies as much as Paul wanted to kill the rabbit. Perhaps Porter dismissed the memory because in real life, her bother was punished. In reality, he could not have stopped her from looking. The bright light shining behind his 12-year-old face is a symbol of redemption. As an adult, Porter can see why she told on her brother and she can also see how the event could not have played out any other way. The symbols in this story help us see these truths.


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Dierks Bentley's Prodigal Son's Prayer
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The whole concept of Christianity is that all people are sinners, but that God will forgive those sins and those sinners if they only ask for redemption. The lyrics say, "I lost my way but now I'm on my knees / if it's not too late won't you tell me please / You gotta place for me / a little grace for me" (Bentley). That lyric is not about the prodigal son, it is about all who have lost their way, which is every Christian. hat this song makes clear is that the idea of redemption as it has been portrayed in Christianity may have its beginnings in the parables told by Jesus, but those parables were broadened by the crucifixion and resurrection, and they changed them in the same way that they changed all of the other traditions of Judaism.

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Contracting Officer Integrity in Business
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The government official has a legal as well as an ethical responsibility to put the interests of the public first, as a public servant. To fail to do so will result in greater cost to the taxpayer, and perhaps even an inferior product. This type of waste takes money away from other, more worthy public projects as well, including aid to the poor.

Government contracting officers have unique responsibilities and special, additional privileges as a result of their duties: "Of all government personnel, only a Contracting Officer has the authority to enter the government into a binding contract. He or she will be the one to sign the final contract agreement, and only a Contracting Officer has the power to change the terms of the contract" (Government contracting personnel: Understanding roles played, 2011, ONVIA). The contracting officer is thus acting on behalf of the entire government, and has unique powers…


Business ethics in government contracts. (2011). ONVIA. Retrieved

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Hamlet's Soliloquy Is Touted as
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To die, to sleep: perchance to dream:" He is doomed to a sleep that is plagued by fear and reprisal, to seek out revenge for worldly actions against him. Hamlet knows that if he were to die today he would likely be doomed to walk the halls, as his father dreaming of the day that he was killed and the betrayal that ended his life, "ay there's the rub; / for in that sleep of death what dreams may come." Hamlet knows that reaching out to seek the sleep and dream of death he would be dooming himself to an eternal seeking of revenge, not unlike that of his father who reached out to him in death to tell his story of betrayal and exact revenge upon the wife (mother) and brother.

The soliloquy reveals that Hamlet is mortal, that he is afraid of the un-avenged death and that he…

Othello Iago's Soliloquies in Othello
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He does so to mask his true malicious intentions. Here he shows how his manipulation is actually paying off, "[...] He [Othello] holds me well; / the better my purpose shall work on him," (I.3.382). Iago shows his audience yet another motivation for his ensuing treachery in this passage as well. Earlier in the play, Iago spoke about his own jealousy towards Cassio when Othello choose him over Iago for the position Iago desperately wanted. Despite Othello's reasoning behind his decision, Iago's jealousy has obviously not subsided at this point in the play, "Cassio's a proper man. Let me see now: / to get his place, and to plume up my will / in double knavery-" (I.3.384-386). Iago reveals that he will commit double treachery, ruining both Cassio and Othello in his plot to frame Desdemona's betrayal with the innocent Cassio.

The last chunk of the passage is where Iago's…

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Mercantilist School To What Extent
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Therefore, a country which is able to produce one good with a lower opportunity cost than another country, should specialize in producing that good which will turn into a competitive advantage.

However, when assessing this theory at the level of international trade, it is harder to depict the competitive advantages. The model may seem to be unrealistic. The resources employed in real world are not restrained to labor and the markets in which the goods are supplied are not perfectly competitive. Moreover, there may be countries able to specialize in the production of one or several goods and other countries unable to find any competitive advantage. Other disadvantages are the ones assembled when trying to form a general framework of the labor costs. Due to the fact that these costs are similar within the boundaries of a certain country and vary from one country to another, it is problematical to…


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Messiah in Old Testament the
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In Genesis 3:15, God said, "I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel." According to some biblical experts, this is an oblique reference to the coming of Messiah.

This is taken by many as one of the earliest Messianic prophecies describing Satan's brief victory over the Messiah and the Messiah's ultimate victory over Satan. It is mentioned here because the offspring (Messiah) is described as being of the woman (Eve). This is extraordinary as the nation of Israel has always been patriarchal; people are mentioned in terms of their fathers, not their mothers. Because of this, many see this verse as also being a prophecy of Messiah's birth through a virgin

Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus)

The Book of Genesis also makes reference to the importance of the lineage or the heritage…

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Hamlet Frailty Thy Name Is
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She...handles Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with skill and diplomacy...has the accent of command with her son...witty and perceptive about Polonius...she is not stupid at her job: there she gives out and reserves herself in good proportion." (Pennington 160) Gertrude's performance in the court shows Branagh makes a commitment as a director to giving the female characters of the play individualistic integrity beyond their ability to mirror different Oedipal aspects of the central protagonist's development. "There isn't an iota of sexual energy or tension in Hamlet's confrontation with his mother," unlike Oliver's version, where a bed is featured in the confrontation scene between Hamlet and his mother in Act IV, Scene 3. (Rosenberg, 1996) Julie Christie's Gertrude is morally conflicted about what she has done, and increasingly aware that she might have married a murderer after the confrontation of the closet scene. But Oliver's Gertrude is simply infatuated with her son. She…

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Cultural Modernism and the Snopes
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This feeling of anger and resentment is effectively illustrated through the conflict between Abner and the Negro, De Spain's helper.

In this conflict, Abner is seen resisting the Negro's attempt to stop him from trespassing De Spain's home. Evidently, the Negro's status in life is much better than Abner, who has to toil very hard in order for him and his family to survive everyday. This fact infuriates Abner, and his resentment against the Negro's condition in life is reflected in his hateful statement about his poverty and De Spain's seemingly unfair status as a wealthy man: "Pretty and white, ain't it?...That's sweat. Nigger sweat. Maybe it ain't white enough yet to suit him. Maybe he wants to mix some white sweat in it" (175). This statement is Abner's own way of protesting against his condition in life, a bitterness that reflects not only class conflict between the wealthy and…


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Collin Powell Career Incorporating the Book of
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Collin Powell career incorporating the book of the seven habits of highly effective people with the leadership secrets of Colin Powell using his leadership examples.

Born on 5 April 1937 in United States, Colin Powell became the 65th secretary of states in the U.S. General Powell was an open-minded member to the party of Republican. This took place between 2001 and 2005 under George W. Bush presidency. Apart from Powell being the General of the Army of the United States, he also performed the duties of national security advisor from 1987 up to 1989. Another of his achievement is that he chaired the joint chief of staff and raise to be the highest ranked African-American government official. This made a mark in the history of the United States (Wallace & Gravells, 2006).


In Colin Powell's bibliography, few citations support the idea of Powell undergoing adolescence. His story is not…

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Man's Ability to Treat Humans Like Animals
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Man's Ability To Treat Humans Like Animals

It is a vivid fact that the feelings of cruelty, discrimination and racial distribution are embedded well in to human nature since its very inception. This world depicts several cases where humans treat other humans like animals and ignore their right of living peacefully and according to their own will. This article highlights the work of several writers who have depicted the different ways in which humans have been treated brutally by other humans. Majority of the cases deal with racial discrimination and poverty-based cruelty issues encountered by humans. The article presents an in depth analysis of the works of seven different writers and how their works represent the ill treatment encountered by the human race.

Charles Chestnutt's "Po Sandy" and its Linkage to Human Cruelty

"Po' Sandy" written by Charles Chestnutt is basically the story of Sandy, who is made the slave…

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John Greenleaf Whittier's Ichabod to Understand the
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John Greenleaf Whittier's "Ichabod"

To understand the poem "Ichabod," it is necessary to understand the historical context that led John Greenleaf Whittier to write it. Whittier was a poet who lived in New Hampshire during the 1800s, during a time when the slavery issue in the United States was a matter of serious and heated debate. Although he was white, Whittier was very strongly against slavery. However in New Hampshire, which had originally been a slavery state, there were many people who were still in favor of it. The poem was written in 1850 after a speech was delivered by the politician Daniel Webster, who publicly announced that he was in favor of a law known as the Missouri Compromise.

The Missouri Compromise was a law that would allow the practice of slavery to continue, and Whittier felt angry and betrayed by Webster for his decision to support the act.…


Reuben, Paul P. "Chapter 4: John Greenleaf Whittier" PAL: Perspectives in American

Literature- A Research and Reference Guide. Retrieved electronically on May 6, 2012 from 

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Cyberfeminism Digitizing Race and Internet Media
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Cyber Feminism, Gender and Technology

Cyberfeminism, Gender and Technology

Feminist movement found on the internet is known as Cyberfeminism. In recent times, the term has gained controversial status. Cyberfeminism, a fundamental issue from the feminist perspective, is mostly ignored by researchers and academics. It concentrates on empowerment of women through the cyberspace. Furthermore, it deals with female enlightenment and concentrates on creating awareness on how the digital technologies can influence the rights and social status of women. The digital technologies act as a medium of re-embodying the issue of racism and gender. Internet is the new medium used to erase the identity of women; that is; women are the erased race. However, the internet has played a significant role in promoting Cyberfeminism by pointing out that several feminist studies and internet activities are done by the online media. It cannot be denied that technology plays an important role in promoting…

Work Cited:

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Film Comparison
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movies Gladiator and Braveheart both focus on the highly popular and time-honored, classic theme of humankind's unending struggle for freedom. Braveheart and Gladiator share numerous similarities, but are very different movies, in several important ways. In both movies, the average man becomes a true hero, after he is horribly wronged, and is thereafter forced to fight for freedom for both himself and others, against what seem to be almost hopeless odds.

In these movies, the average man becomes a hero, both through circumstance, and the strength of his individual character. The average, unassuming man who evolves into a classic, but tragic hero is charismatic. It is this charisma that allows him to attract loyal followers, against their common and powerful opponents.

In both Braveheart and Gladiator, the tragic and unassuming hero ultimately suffers a horrible and dramatic death, as a result of his struggle for freedom and justice.

Certainly, both…

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Hemingway the Snows of Kilimanjaro
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For many critics, no other short story by Ernest Hemingway is as overtly autobiographical as the Snows of Kilimanjaro. Richard Hovey goes as far to say that the story "must have been (Hemingway's) effort to purge himself of long-accumulated guilts" (83).

This paper examines how the parallels between the story's protagonist Harry and Hemingway reveal a theme of the conflict between financial comfort and the artistic calling. It shows how Hemingway depicts a writer, literally rotting from within, as he reflects on his own moral corruption and the loss of his artistic integrity.

As the story begins, the reader quickly learns that the protagonist, a writer named Harry, is dying. A scratch sustained earlier has become infected and has poisoned his blood, causing a gangrenous infection. Harry knows that death was coming, but he could no longer muster any horror or fear. Instead, all he feels is "a great…

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Othello by William Shakespeare Specifically it Will
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Othello, by William Shakespeare. Specifically, it will contain a major and minor character analysis. Othello and Desdemona are intertwined in the play, and the tragic fall of Othello could not occur without Desdemona's ultimate betrayal.


The major character of Othello in the play "Othello" is a tragic hero who allows himself to be manipulated by those around him, especially Iago and Desdemona. Othello is an interesting character, in that he is a "moor," or a black man in a largely white world, who indeed marries a white woman. He is a strong leader, who is given command over Cyprus, and is generally accepted by those around him, as this passage shows, "And, noble signior, If virtue no delighted beauty lack, Your son-in-law is far more fair than black" (Shakespeare Act I, scene iii).

Unfortunately, Othello trusts his "friends" too much, and they plan and plot against him, ultimately leading…


Bloom, Harold. William Shakespeare's Othello. New York: Chelsea House, 1987.

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Little Mckinley
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Symbolism of Blood, Water and Weather

Virtually all of Shakespeare's most prolific works are accompanied by symbolism. In this respect, his vaunted Macbeth is no different. This tale of betrayal, murder and revenge is so timeless in large part due to the author's copious deployment of symbolism which helps to shape the plot and provide more than a little foreshadowing. The prudent reader can easily discern the fact that there is a repetition of three of the most widely used symbols in this play: weather, water, and blood. These symbols are more prevalent than any others through this dramatic work largely due to what they symbolize: bad omens, purity, and murderous guilt. Furthermore, at least one of these symbols is present in virtually all of the major developments in this play. A careful analysis of symbolism in Macbeth reveals that all of these symbols are potent reminders of the evil…

Renaissance Painting Leonardos Last Supper
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Leonardo's Last Supper (1495-1498) does something very different from the other Renaissance portrayals of this scene from the Gospel. Unlike Andrea del Castagno's or Domenico Ghirlandaio's Last Supper versions, Leonardo's is at once more earthly (neither Christ nor the Apostles wear halos) and chaotic than the others -- and yet at the same time it is substantially more divine and imposing in its stark simplicity. This paper will trace the compositional, stylistic and symbolic development of the story of the Last Supper as it is told by Leonardo da Vinci in his masterpiece of the same name.

The first thing to note about the composition of Leonardo's Last Supper is that there is a distinct separation between the space occupied by Christ and the Apostles and the viewer. They exist together, cramped, huddled, literally on top of one another on one side of a long table covered like an altar…

Song Lyrics Analysis
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"When I was your Man" By Bruno Mars

Gifted Grammy award-winning singer, Bruno Mars, in his "When I Was Your Man," has largely utilized sad and regretful lyrics portraying longing for the woman who left him. However, does this really indicate he's now more sensible and mature, or is it simply wishful thinking? "When I was your Man" strikes straight at the hearts of people who lost a special person or loved someone deeply but did not realize it and failed to value them till it was too late. This song's lyrics depict a multitude of emotions such as remorse, discontent and miserableness expressed effectively through the singer's voice (Louis).

Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now

The musician begins with the typical picture of a ruined relationship: an empty bed with a lone occupant, speaking of loneliness and sadness (Popdust).

Our song on the radio,…

analysis of gospel john
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1. For John’s immediate audience and contemporary readers alike, the significance of the Multiplication miracle is in the way Jesus assumes a position of leadership during a time of potential crisis. A distinction is made between the disciples and the “multitudes” who need to be fed, but whereas the disciples cannot see how their meager means can stretch for so many, Jesus immediately takes action. In fact, Jesus assumes responsibility for all five thousand guests, asking them to recline and relax to allow the abundance and beneficence of God to wash over them. Jesus transmits the truth of God’s love to the community, showing that it is limitless and universal in scope.
The miracle also occurs on the Jewish feast of the Passover, showing how Jesus transformed ancient provincial customs and practices into ones that would be more readily multiplied for the masses. When John relays the miracle to his…

Joseph the Lessons of Joseph
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Even after Jacob's death -- some 17 years later -- he only wept when confronted with his brothers' guilt and evident fear. He also rejected even the idea of balancing past wrongs with present ones, acknowledging that, ultimately, only God can judge:

Don't be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don't be afraid. I will provide for you and your children (Genesis 50:19-21a).

This sublime forgiveness has become a central theme in modern readings of the Joseph story; a rich tradition of sermonists (e.g., Seagren, 1993) has used it to tease out abiding lessons on how and why Christians can properly forgive.

These lessons, in turn, are reflected in the structure of the story itself. Joseph forgave crimes as serious as enslavement and…


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Transformation of Colonialism in Madama
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In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries most of the major European powers were part of this colonial grab for power and territory; and after the American Civil War, so was the United States. Almost immediately this translated into an East/West schism in which both sides harbored bias about each other, never really understanding the motivations of each other's actions. This is the world in which Pinkerton arrives -- a Nagasaki that has barely opened its doors to the West, but sees Western naivete and cultural values such that it is easy to manipulate them for money. In the case of the French, their long history of conflict in Indochina was seen by the Chinese as a perfect example of the Marxian view of the oppressed. Songs masters thought nothing of using her to glean information as well as disseminate disinformation. After all, Song was two things despised by the…


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Ethics Personal Differences and Preferences
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She has two strong motivating reasons to not report the bribery. She could lose her work status in the United States and she would jeopardize her ability to receive her education. She owes herself and her partner a duty of care as well, to place value on her education and her ability to live in Chicago and therefore maintain the relationship. For Valerie, these considerations are powerful, since Waters' actions do not have the same strong impact on her life as reporting him could.

Valerie must determine which duties are most important -- to herself, to her partner, to the company and to her teammates. The teammates would appear to be the least relevant, the company the most relevant. Valerie is acting as in this capacity as a representative of Wisson and should conduct herself on the basis of that position. She is acting in the best interests of the…

War Is War in Tim
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He lay in the center of a red clay trail near the village of My Khe. His jaw was in his throat. His one eye was shut, the other eye had a star shaped hole. I killed him." (O'Brien 180). Very similar observations can be made about Turner's poetry. Turner uses highly descriptive language when he expresses his view of "bone and gristle and flesh," the clavicle-snapped wish" and, "the aorta's opened valves" in Here, Bullet. These images are immensely disturbing yet at the same time, surprisingly lyrical. The ability to combine these two opposing sentiments into a seamless flow of expression is a rare talent; one that both O'Brien and Turner possess in abundance.


hile O'Brien chooses to express his experiences through prose, and Turner chooses poetry as his medium, the sentiments being relayed are remarkably similar. Each of the literary works discussed here demonstrates that it does…

Works Cited

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Life of Bees Both the
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That day is always in your possession. That's the day you remember," (p. 97). Thus, both stories keep alive the romantic vision of love as a positive and enduring force.

The most extraordinary aspect of both of these stories is the way in which love is portrayed realistically. Love is never easy, whether between interracial couples, between parents and children, or between lovers. For example, "The worst mistakes I've made have been the ones directed by sweet-natured hopefulness," suggests that love is often over-idealized (Baxter, p. 80). In Feast of Love, marital infidelity is dealt with and so are other forms of betrayal including the perceived betrayal of death. Similarly, death is dealt with deftly in Secret Life of Bees. hen May commits suicide, the grieving process is an extraordinary expression of love by her sisters and also by Lily and Rosaleen. As Lily states, "People who think dying is…

Works Cited

Feast of Love. (2007). Robert Benton (Director). Portland, or

The Secret Life of Bees.

Postcolonial Literature Everytime I Think
Words: 1042 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23762671
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There is the feeling that Rushdie is toying with the concept of freedom of speech in this story as well as destroying the concept of the East as mysterious. Rushdie uses English to tell his story, but he incorporates the Indian oral tradition without any kind of chronological structure to the story. He deconstruct the binary opposition of East and est. He himself is between the Orient and the Occident and he chooses to use both structures, combining Britain and India (Buran 10).

The factors of race and gender complicate the relations of class in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, ole Soyinka's "Telephone Conversation," and Jean Rhys "Let Them Call It Jazz" in various ways. In Heart of Darkness, the story is centered on the typical male experience, which tends to alienate the female reader from the very "mannish" story. There is some speculation that Marlow and Kurtz's sexist views…

Works Cited

Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart. Heinemann; Expanded edition, 1996.

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Between Orient and Occident. Germany: Druck und Bindung: Books on Demand,


Necessary Lies by Eva Stachniak
Words: 1842 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49176987
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ies by Eva Stachniak

Eva Stachniak's book Necessary ies is a book whose main character is mostly based on the author's own biography. He book is about life in Poland in communist times, the cultural shock encountered by an immigrant to Canada from a communist country, a destroyed marriage as a consequence of the estrangement of the spouses, love and betrayal. Up to a point, the book is dealing with the difficulties every immigrant encounters when moving form Europe to North America, or even from a country to a different country from the same continent. The protagonist here is just carrying the burden of twenty-eight years of living in communist Poland, until she immigrated to Canada in 1981.

The main character in Necessary ies left Poland the year following the workers strike that led to the formation of the Independent Self-Governing Union Solidarnosc, under ech Walesa's leadership.

From the moment…

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Expectations Concerning This Performance and
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The script eliminates one of Ophelia's major monologues, when she details to Polonius how Hamlet came to her, after seeing the ghost, when she first fears he is mad. Instead, the movie script shows this seen as action, in the real time of the play. Yet the silent reactions of Ophelia speak volumes, even though Hamlet is the most active character in the room.

hat do you feel was the peak point, dramatically, of the play? hy?

In contrast to Carter's believable restraint during the 'mad scene' Gibson's most emotionally truthful scene is the apocalyptically emotional 'closet scene' with Glenn Close as Gertrude. Hamlet's anger at his mother's perceived betrayal is conveyed through intense physicality. This is Hamlet's most irrationally violent scene in the play, on paper, and the explosive anger that is consistently shown in Gibson's performance seems most appropriate in this scene.

Evaluate how well the costume designer…

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Lunatic Lover and the Poet
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The quick shifts of the young lovers' giddy affections thus take place in the 'real world' of Athens, just as they do under the power of Puck's magic. Love in fairyland is not that different from the real world, it only looks different on stage and screen. Even when there are misunderstandings, these misunderstandings are often merely illustrations of a larger truth, as when Hermia wrongly accuse Helena of taking Lysander from her -- she correctly accuses Helena of betrayal, just the wrong kind of betrayal. And Hermia unwittingly, temporarily won Demetrius from Helena in the real world, just as Helena wins the affection of both men in the forest, because of Puck's magic. The ways in which the never-never land of the woods parallel 'real' life in Athens point out how dreams and desire, while they may seem separated from real life, are also heightened reflections of real-world concerns.…


A Midsummer Night's Dream. Directed by Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle. 1935

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Portrayals of Females in Boyz
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Their view of the women is shaped by their perceptions of what category of woman they represent.

Symptoms of a Much Larger Social Issue:

In many respects, the gender relations illustrated in Boyz 'N the Hood are merely symptoms of a much more general problem of misogyny and the general lack of mutual respect for females in many areas of American social culture, especially in the Hip-Hop community. Both Tre's early relationship with Brandi and Rickie's relationship with the mother of his baby illustrate the psychological distance that males maintain between themselves and their female partners, even within romantic and domestic relationships respectively. Neither woman is involved in her partner's life in the same way as the male friends. Instead, they remain within a highly compartmentalized role and kept almost completely separate without significant integration into their lives.

If anything, that dynamic is only a relatively mild version of the…

Soviet-Afgan War Conflict Analysis Focus
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(Harvey, 2003) the suspicion of the United States of the "Soviet Expansionist tendencies" had increased by the 1970s and Harvey states as well that "The pervasive mentality of Washington officials during these years was dominated by the communist domino theory which led many Washington politicians to believe that the Soviet Union sought to take over the entire world." (2003) the United States had always received a safeguard provided by the shah for their Middle East interest of oil and it was this that resulted in the United States perceiving the Soviet-Afghanistan relations as a "considerable threat...before 1979." (Harvey, 2003)

Harvey reports that while Department of State records from the early 1970s report that the United States was indifferent to the relationship that was developing between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan that the truth is that "...Recently declassified ntelligence reports also reveal that the "official history record is false."

[26] Contrary…

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Othello This Fellow's of Exceeding
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Othello loathes the idea of marriage which makes men believe that they have their wives faithful to them forever and also tricks them into believing that their "appetites" are also saved for their husbands alone. The word appetite here refers to sexual urges and need for love. Othello thinks that by betraying his trust, Desdemona has shown that her need for love was not met by Othello alone and then she needs to satisfy her urges by having an affair.

Othello promises himself that he would rather be a toad living in a dungeon than keep an unfaithful wife which could be used by others. This is indeed a serious charge against innocent Desdemona because she had been very faithful to her husband all along and had it not been for Iago, Othello would have never ever mistrusted her.

But Othello has now started doubting Desdemona to the extent that…