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Can you give a good topic sentence about public health effect in the community?


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Understanding public health is often difficult because, when public health efforts are effective, there are fewer adverse events like illnesses or injuries to report.  In contrast, when public health efforts are not working, there is “news” about public health.  We hear about the obesity epidemic, the diabetes epidemic, lower life expectancies in certain communities, cancer clusters, or other topics that suggest a breakdown in public health.  Therefore, we tend to talk less about successful public health efforts than unsuccessful ones, which can lead people to believe that public health efforts are not successful.  This can make choosing a topic for a paper about the public health effect in a community more difficult. 

Some suggested topic sentences for your essay include:

  1. Increasing awareness about the negative health effects of smoking, as well as increased prices on cigarettes, have led to a decrease in the percentage of smokers, but these decreases vary widely among different demographic groups.
  2. It is impossible to separate the obesity epidemic from hunger, and the irony is that many people who are obese in the United States are also malnourished.
  3. The concept of the food desert may be difficult for people in the suburbs to understand, but for many urban dwellers it is very difficult to get access to fresh and affordable groceries.
  4. One of the problems with public health efforts is that some communities have been burned by public health efforts, most notably the “war on drugs.” 
  5. The current push to get COVID-19 vaccines to all adults in the U.S. who want a vaccine may be the largest coordinated public health effort in American history.
  6. The failure of the Trump Administration to respond in a timely manner to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and highlights how important public health is on a national level.

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