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Biology Essays (Examples)

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How Does the Brain Work
Words: 533 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20934065
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Brain Functions
Terminal buttons are on neurons and form the small balls at the end of the axon where chemicals are released. These chemicals are neurotransmitters. Thus, the terminal button acts as the presynaptic neuron of the synapse.
The myelin sheath is a layer of insulation that covers nerves in the brain. It consists of protein and fats, which allow electrical pulses to pass through and on to the nerve cells. The myelin sheath thus protects the nerves in a way that allows messages to get through.
The axon are nerve fibers that look like long, hairs on a nerve cell. They are like the antenna of the neuron, and conduct electrical pulses away from the soma. Axons act as the transmission lines of the nervous system.
The axon hillock is part of the soma that connects to the axon. It is the last point in the soma where membrane…

Bacterial Transformation
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This specific experiment aimed to discover the entire process of microorganisms (or bacteria) change. The objective of this laboratory experiment had been to investigate the results of microbial change upon E. coli bacteria. The research had been done by placing pGLO DNA inside the genome from the E. coli microorganisms by using inoculation loops, Laurel Broth, "Transformation Solution" as well as processes like heat impact and incubation. The anticipated outcome had been that the microorganisms with arabanose sugars and pGLO inserted within it would create radiant colonies of bacteria or microorganisms. The remarks made had been that just the LB (pGLO -) plate experienced development in it. The final outcome of the research had been that change happened since there had been bacterial colonies around the plate with both ampicillin and pGLO.
Genetics happen to be codes within the DNA that determine the kind of proteins that are…

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