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Biology Experiments

Sex protein is as essential part of the female reproductive system. Vitellogenin is a protein found in the liver of female chickens (hen) which impacts the production of estrogen. Vitellogenin enters the hen's circulatory system and is then moved to the ovaries, where it is then converted to the egg yolk protein lipovitellin and phosvitin. As an experimenter the protein in male and female chickens can be compared through the process of electrophoresis. This process will allow the experimenter to look at protein from these two specimens and identify the vitellogenin, lipovitellin and phosvitin. There are pre-stained cells that can be purchased and it only needs to be viewed under a microscope for observations.



A rapid time of completion reflects how quickly the enzyme is performing its job. The time of completion is impacted by two factors the enzyme and the substrate used, therefore it is important to ensure you are using the same amount of substrate. Titration should be done using measurements of 5ml. Putting too much of the sample to titrate will cause permanganate and error. The experimenter would need the experiment would need "zero time" this will allow experimenter to calculate titration numbers and help them establish a baseline.…

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