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Reform in Egypt and the
Words: 4063 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 4946285
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At the time of this report on October 27, 2010, the Brotherhood spoke out against boycotting the upcoming election, but projected a rather optimistic attitude towards resolving the conflict that confronted them. Still, in light of this optimistic attitude, they did not deny that it would oppose the anti-government in other ways (Arrott). Senior Brotherhood leader, Essam el-Eryan commented, "hat is urgent and a priority is to change the rules of the political game. e are ready to accommodate with any real political system…but we are living in a police state."

On December 1, 2010, it was reported that the Brotherhood planned to boycott the 2010 elections run offs (CNN Newswire). The boycott is being held as a protest to the irregularities in the first round of voting held on November 24, 2010. (CNN Newswire).

The Brotherhood did not win a single seat in Parliament in the 2010 election after…

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Bny Mellon-Union Avoidance Program Bny Mellon Human
Words: 3088 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97002460
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Bny Mellon-Union Avoidance Program

BNY Mellon Human esource

Management rights to avoid union program

Severance of benefits and wages

Monetary losses

Non-availability of unemployment insurance

Limited monetary benefits paid by unions

Economic implications for the company

eferendum on Unionization

estructuring wage structure

During a union organizing drive in any organization, it is the right of company's management to convince their employees of the potential benefits that not being part of a union may have for both the company as well as the employees. This is the crucial period when the union organizers, in this case International Brotherhood of Teamsters, will try to convince each employee of the potential benefits of joining a union. The usual tactics employed by union organizers are shortlist the opinion leaders and active members of employees and convince them. These opinion leaders in turn are tasked with convincing their coworkers to register in the union. In…


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Organizational Structure and Efficiency in Labor Unions
Words: 735 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13783579
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Administration and membership of the Teamsters Union and its Organization

The Teamsters Union refers to one of the biggest labor unions across the world. It contributes significantly to the revenues realized by the U.S. The union has a unique structure that facilitates the effective running and management of organizational activities. The president leads the union who plays the responsibility of overseeing all the organizational activities and making decisions that influence the performance of the union and its ability to provide its services to its global consumers. The general secretary, international vice presidents, and international trustees play the responsibility of providing the required support to the president and implementation of the planned organizational activities (DeLancey, 2003). The Teamsters employ the use of top-down organizational structure to ensure effective communication and creation of order in the execution of organizational activities. The top-down organizational structure ensures…


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Controlling the Media in Egypt
Words: 4404 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87859540
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Media Control in Egypt

The media in Egypt is much more controlled than in many other countries, including the United States. That control began with President Gamal Abdel Nasser, moved through Anwar Sadat, and then on to Hosni Mubarak. During that time, the television and newspapers were strictly controlled, and only what the president wanted people to see was placed in them. There is significant evidence that the control of the media in Egypt was done largely to oppress the people, and to make sure they were only hearing and seeing what the government wanted them to hear and see. Social, political, and economic factors are all significant in the control of the Egyptian media, which many believe should be uncontrolled and independent. That would allow it to provide actual, factual information, instead of only what the government agreed that the people were allowed to know.


The Egyptian media…


Amin, Hussein, and I- Chapter One: General Status. "Report on the State of the Media in Egypt." The Arab Center for the Development of the Rule of Law and Integrity Project Title: Strengthening the Rule of Law and Integrity in the Arab World Report on the State of the Media in Egypt Second Draft Author: Dr. Hussein Amin. Arab Rule of Law. (n.d.). Web.

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Soldiers Who Fought in World War II
Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93767701
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soldiers who fought in World War II and Vietnam. The writer illustrates many of the differences as well as similarities in the two war soldiers and uses movies and book sot underscore the point. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

The life of soldiers during times of combat has often been compared. It seems that many people believe all experiences of war are identical and if a soldier is in one war, then his experiences were identical to the experiences of a soldier in a different war. At first glance there is some merit to this mind set. Many experiences are the same without regard to the war in question. Soldiers who have to kill, and those who go through boot camp have similar training. While there are many similarities in the soldiers of war and their experiences there are also many differences. These differences are founded…


O'Brien, Tim (1999). If I Die in a Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home

Broadway Books; ISBN: 0767904435; Reprint edition (August 31, 1999)

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Rodat, Robert (1998).Saving Private Ryan.

Knights Templar
Words: 1675 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45669864
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Knights Templar, condoned by the Catholic Church, represents a religious order committed to the seemingly opposing principles and ideas of Christian peace and brotherhood of man while remaining dedicated to war and death. Through efforts to demonstrate this thesis, an effort will be made to document the manner in which the Catholic Church has justified this order in spite of its allegiance to opposing principles.

The Order of the Knights Templar was both a military and religious order, founded in the early 12 century, for the purposes of protecting Christian pilgrims who were traveling to holy places after the Catholic conquest of the Holy Land. The Order of the Temple was a military order, a type of religious order and was condoned by the Catholic Church from its onset due to its protective role. The order received its name after the King of Jerusalem gave the order his palace in…


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MLK in His 1963 Letter
Words: 726 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19619678
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I can assure you that it would have been much shorter if I had been writing from a comfortable desk," (para. 47). The use of sarcasm allows King to retain his sense of confidence rather than to seem conciliatory to those who have thrwarted civil rights. Earlier on, King also uses sarcasm to enhance the confident tone of his writing. "I am sure that none of you would want to rest content with the superficial kind of social analysis that deals merely with effects and does not grapple with underlying causes." (para 4).

To achieve a balanced tone in the letter, King blends anger regarding discrimination with the hope of liberation. Doing so, King frames civil rights as a necessary part of achieving the social order and the goals of the Founding Fathers. He remains angry while also pointing out that liberation was the ultimate goal of American Independence. King…

Work Cited

King, Martin Luther. Letter from Birmingham Jail. April 16, 1963.

Tecumseh Red Jacket Speeches the
Words: 1030 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 74742401
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Both orators in some ways blame the hite Man for the destruction of his own peoples and remind the audience of the hite Man's seemingly unquenchable desire for more land and more power, at the expense of the Red Man. They also diverge in that Red Jacket is much kinder in his observations and conclusions, likely very much associated with the divergent audiences while Tecumseh is universally unkind to the hite Man for his historical actions, which have taken so much from and spilled much Red Man blood. Red Jacket ends his ethical rant by withholding judgement, while Tecumseh calls for a united war on the hite Man were revenge will be had and much hite blood will be spilled, through a united effort of war.


The character of the Red Jacket speech is dependant upon the emotional ties that the Red Man and the hite Man have with…

Works Cited

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Red Jacket "Speech to the U.S. Senate (1809)

Tecumseh "Speech to the Osages" (1811?)

Namely That the Effects of
Words: 388 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59605016
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But he juxtaposes this with other, brief examples of how his brothers knowingly brought harm to him. He then concludes that if everyone treated each other as brothers, it would be a horribly cruel place.

In this paragraph the author dramatically changes his focus and tone. He deliberately undermines his previous position by mentioning several of the helpful deeds his older brothers did for him as a child, and how he enjoyed their company. Yet, all the while, he maintains the tone of one who is genuinely upset about his treatment.

The author goes on to mention how he has continued to idolize and follow his brothers' examples throughout his life. He continues to use the words of one who is upset, but gives examples of obviously positive aspects of their influence.

Here the author generalized his case, once again. He points out that there are probably millions of people…

Big Brother

Combat. A French Resistance Newspaper from 1944


Big Brother: The Physical Embodiment and Symbol of the Party in Oceania

Big Brother's Predecessors: Hitler, Stalin and an Old British Recruiting Poster Featuring Lord Kitchener


By O'Brien X

Unlike the real dictators Hitler and Stalin, Big Brother does not really exist and has never existed, except as the symbol of English Socialism (Ingsoc) and the Party that controls all aspects of life in Oceania through totalitarian, police state methods. After all, a dictator with a physical body will eventually become ill, decline with age and die, Big Brother will live forever as the image of a Party that intends to remain in power forever. Its members will die off, even at the privileged Inner Party levels, but that matters no more than cutting off dead fingernails. As…


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Islam and Politics the Islamic
Words: 2281 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67614134
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There is an obvious contradiction between what we think of Muslim women and their actual life. In order to better understand them and their social and civil life, we need to understand their religion and the way of thinking for both men and women.


In the introductory chapter of the book "The war of Muslim Minds, Islam and the West," Gilles Kepel talks about the online article "Knights under the Prophet's anner," published on the Internet in December 2001 by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda's most valued ideologue and Osama bin Laden's mentor.

According to his statements, the explanation for the attack of September 11 on the World Trade Centre is a simple and rather nationalistic one. Jihad activists came to face the disappointing conclusion that wherever they would go, Afghanistan, osnia or Saudi Arabia, jihad activist were unable to motivate and gather up the masses in order to fight…


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Zuleyha Keskin, "Status of Women in Islam," 2005

Democratic Education Question No What Are the
Words: 2620 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60875072
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Democratic Education

Question No.

What are the principles of democratic education? How are these principles and values in tension/contradiction with our social construction of children and youth? For example, what assumptions do we make about teaching, learning and youth that democratic schools challenge? How does "one size fits all" centralized curriculum contribute to what Apple called the "de-skilling of teachers"? What is lost when this approach is adapted, especially when it is combined with the "intensification" of teaching? Explore the contradictions between what we say we want our students to be when they are finished their schooling (engaged, critical thinkers, active contributors and problem solvers) and how we are often educating young people. How does democratic education address this? What are some of the challenges educators who want to introduce democratic principles into their schools face? What are some of the potential rewards? How does democratic education address the notion…


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September 11 and the New Emerging International
Words: 4078 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83500963
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eptember 11 and the New Emerging International Order America and Europe in the New World Order

This is a paper that outlines the international order in American and Europe in the formation of New World Order. It has 11 sources.

As the War in Iraq takes place, and people hope for a quick end to all conflicts around them there is deep thought continuously being given to the emergence of a new world order. People aren't really sure in which direction military conflicts are going to talk them. Most people are afraid, and they are rightly so, because presently nothing is certain at all.

IT seems on one hand there is a dominant American nationalist move to take control gradually of all the weaker countries that it might be able to exploit. On the other hand it is hardly seems likely that Europe would stand by and watch the Americans…


Mcguire, Stryker. And Meyer, Michael. Is This the New World Order? Newsweek International. 2003.

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Power and Weakness by Robert Kagan:

Madagascar's Exposure Is the Problem Needs to
Words: 1066 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6802797
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Madagascar's exposure is, the problem needs to be understood. The problem is phrased as "The rise of Islamic regimes in Egypt." This phrasing makes no sense. The military is in charge of Egypt, following the takeover from the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013. This is in the background material. A better phrasing is found in the text: "The rise of Islamic regimes in the post-evolution Arab world." For some reason the writer of the document latched onto the qualifier "particularly in Egypt" and despite the fact that Egypt no longer has an Islamic regime has concocted the misleading topic. At any rate, Madagascar has a low level of exposure to this issue. Madagascar is only 7% Muslim (CIA World Factbook, 2014), and was not subject to the revolutionary politics of North Africa during the Arab Spring. Madagascar's Muslims are not Arab, but came to the country as laborers and slaves from…


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Why Do Some People Join Fraternities and Sororities and Do Others
Words: 5266 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5741651
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people join fraternities and sororities, and do others not?

You may be a fresher in college or a student who has got transfer. Certainly you have taken up the college to attain a degree. Also you may be in search of some work to perform with all the leisure time you possess when you just are not doing anything in the class. There are umpteen groups of particular interest situated in the campus. You can enroll in one of these to enhance your extracurricular activities or render something for a valuable cause. It is recurrently convenient to make a decision about which group of particular interest you want to enroll in. But we see that the chosen lot of college students challenges the viability of joining a brotherhood group or sisterhood campaign. Each and every person has their own cause to enroll in or turn down these sororities or fraternities.…


Advantages of Being Greek" Retrieved at . Accessed on 12/02/2003

Parent's Guide to Greek Life" University Union and Student Centre: Clemson University. Retrieved at Accessed on 12/02/2003

Boan, Cliff. "In Praise of Greek Organizations." The Retriever - Opinion October 30, 2001

Retrieved from Accessed on 12/02/2003

Donne Island No Man Is an Island
Words: 1311 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95709228
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Donne Island

No man is an island unto himself," a line written during the Renaissance by poet John Donne, reflects the brotherhood of all men. hile this line was written at the height of the Renaissance, it has remained meaningful in both public and private spheres in the decades since. Today, contemporary attitudes in society often reflect this theme of the brotherhood of man, including the humanitarian reasons that George Bush gave for the invasion of Iraq. In my personal experience, the idea of brotherhood put forth by Donne, plays an important role in personal hopes for the future of my generation. Ultimately, both Donne's poem itself and the ideas about brotherhood that it espoused have had a lasting influence in western history and culture that remains valid today.

Donne's Mediation XVII

Meditation XVII is a poem that delves into the theme of the brotherhood of man. In Meditation XVII,…

Works Cited

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Journalists Their Terminology and Terrorism in the
Words: 4658 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93239435
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Journalists, Their Terminology and Terrorism

In the age of terrorism and in the age of the Internet, journalists are coming under more and more intensive scrutiny and are increasingly urged to act more sensitively to the power they have and the power which they can wield when it comes to reporting current events -- particularly those related to terrorism. As some scholars have illuminated, journalists are indeed arbitrators of rhetoric, and ones which have limited success: "Evidence of arbitration is seen in comparisons between how media personnel describe terrorist events and their perpetrators and how government officials make similar descriptions. Journalists serve as creators of rhetoric whenever they report terrorist events. The rhetorical tradition employed determines the nature of that rhetoric. The role of formats, the presentation conventions that are used to package information and determine the significance and the information that news packages carry, are also important" (Picard 1989).…


Ahramonline. (2013, August 14). Egypt police attack Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. Retrieved from 

Ahramonline. (2013, August 14). Egypt police attack Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. Retrieved from Ahramonline:

Social Times and the Culture
Words: 4845 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5402298
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They were followed in 1936 by the Harlem River Houses, a more modest experiment in housing projects. And by 1964, nine giant public housing projects had been constructed in the neighborhood, housing over 41,000 people [see also Tritter; Pinckney and oock].

The roots of Harlem's various pre 1960's-era movements for African-American equality began growing years before the Harlem Renaissance itself, and were still alive long after the Harlem Renaissance ended. For example:

The NAACP became active in Harlem in 1910 and Marcus Garvey's Universal

Negro Improvement Organization in 1916. The NAACP chapter there soon grew to be the largest in the country. Activist a. Philip Randolph lived in Harlem and published the radical magazine the Messenger starting in 1917.

It was from Harlem that he organized the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car

Porters. .E.B. DuBois lived and published in Harlem in the 1920s, as did

James eldon Johnson and Marcus Garvey.…

Works Cited

Baldwin, James. "Sonny's Blues." Online. Retrieved February 3, 2007, at .

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954)'. Wikipedia.

December 7, 2006. Retrieved December 7, 2006, from: http://en.


Implementation of Pension System
Words: 2035 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88066580
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Pension Systems

It is expected that by 2025, nearly fifteen percent of the world population will likely to be over sixty years of age. With increasing life expectancy the population of developing countries is aging much faster than that of industrial countries. It is expected that in 2030, approximately eighty percent of the total elderly population will reside in developing countries. A more relevant measure of the sustainability of old-age support systems is the dependency ratio, which calculates the elderly (normally those above 65) as a percentage of the working age population (between 15 and 64 years old). The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America (the "International") has two pension plans, the Teamster Affiliates Pension Plan (the "Affiliates Plan") and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Retirement and Family Protection Plan (the "Family Plan").

Pension plan is a retirement plan that is paid by the employers for…

DRIVE- Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education. The Ladies auxiliary DRIVE program was started in 1959 by Josephine Hoffa as apolitical action committee. The group grew and became very successful working through grassroots organizing and lobbying to defend and promote workers rights legislation on capital Hill.

Teamsters Funds. This includes health and welfare funds and pension funds for all members.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), the largest private sector union in North America, can make a convincing case for the most notorious, feared, and recognized union in U.S. history. The IBT, with such renowned officials as Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Fitzsimmons, and Tony Provenzano to its credit, has been the focus of numerous investigations by the FBI, Internal Revenue Service, and law enforcement agencies across the nation. The controversies and charges brought forth by government against the IBT can fill several pages, but the Teamsters seem to successfully negotiate each obstacle that is presented to them. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has survived a turbulent history that has included indictments, convictions, and a death that has yet to be solved. It has even incited former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy to say the Teamsters were once "the most powerful institution in the country, next to the government itself." The IBT has in some way managed to overcome adversity while continuing to grow and fiercely oppose unfair labor practices in the meantime.

Delimitations Today Modern Business Systems
Words: 20751 Length: 75 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 13650636
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A favorite target for conspiracists today as well as in the past, a group of European intellectuals created the Order of the Illuminati in May 1776, in Bavaria, Germany, under the leadership of Adam Weishaupt (Atkins, 2002). In this regard, Stewart (2002) reports that, "The 'great' conspiracy organized in the last half of the eighteenth century through the efforts of a number of secret societies that were striving for a 'new order' of civilization to be governed by a small group of 'all-powerful rulers.' The most important of these societies, and the one to which all subsequent conspiracies could be traced, is the Illuminati founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt" (p. 424). According to Atkins, it was Weishaupt's fundamental and overriding goal to form a secret organization of elite members of Europe's leading citizens who could then strive to achieve the Enlightenment version of revolutionary social…


American Psychological Association. (2002). Publication manual of the American Psychological

Association (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

Anderson, J. (1981, 1723). The charges of a Free-Mason extracted from the ancient records of lodges beyond the sea, and of those in England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the use of the lodges in London: To be read at the making of new brethren, or when the master shall order it. Reprinted in The Radical Enlightenment: Pantheists, Freemasons, and Republicans, by M.C. Jacob, 279-285. London and Boston: Allen & Unwin in Harland-

Jacobs at p. 237.

La Cosa Nostra
Words: 1122 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71880002
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La Cosa Nostra

The name La Cosa Nostra aka LCN for short refers to a group of American (with Italian backgrounds) crime brotherhoods which have been in existence in America since the early '20s. This group has other named like the outfit, the mob, the office or simply the Italian Mafia. For over 75 years, specifically during the period of Prohibition and the early '90s, no criminal group held more power than the LCN. In fact, the name was a very popular representation of organized crime. Lately however, the LCN's operations have been greatly impaired by the law and its agencies and it now finds itself in a battle of supremacy with several other organized crime brotherhoods (Finckenauer, 2001).

Hierarchy and Structure

The system of hierarchy which the LCN works with is similar to the official structure used in several legitimate companies. The head of the hierarchy is the God-father…


Don, D. (2010, September 12). Structure of the New York Italian Mafia. Retrieved June 16, 2017, from 

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Union Labor Contemporary Voices Routinely
Words: 3659 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59545153
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To intimidate striking workers or escort strike breakers, workers who would replace the individuals striking, across picket lines some employers contracted private companies like the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

The United States Department of Labor reports that the Coal Strike of 1902 proved to be a turning point in U.S. policy. On October 3, 1902, to address the strike in the Pennsylvania anthracite coal fields that he perceived to threaten a coal famine, President Theodore oosevelt resolved to end the strike by setting a precedent for the Federal Government's interventions. After a bitter battle, with President oosevelt's intervention, both sides of the coal labor dispute agreed to the findings of the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission. As a result, labor and industry accepted that the public possessed overriding rights as well as vital interests. President oosevelt's voice and negotiation skills returned peace to the coalfields (the Coal Strike of 1902…, 2010).



A Brief History of the Labor Movement. (2006). NPR. Retrieved March 8, 2010 from 

Florida State Union. (2009). Retrieved March 8, 2010 from 

Greenhouse, S. (2010). Most U.S. union members are working for the government, new datashows. The New York Times. Retrieved March 8, 2010 from 

History at the Department of Labor. (2010). United States Department of Labor.

Old Man and the Sea
Words: 778 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3312030
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Early in the book, the fishermen look at him with sadness, or with derision (Hemingway 1980, 11), but there is still a camaraderie and togetherness in their group that indicates they are all brothers in the same quest for a living.

Finally, religion and spirituality is an important aspect of the novel that many critics acknowledge. Critic Bloom continues, "In the Old Man and the Sea, Santiago, the principal figure, is a primitive Cuban, at once religious and superstitious. Yet neither his religion nor his superstitious beliefs are relevant to his tragic experience with the great marlin; they do not create it or in any way control its meaning (Bloom 1999, 13). Thus, the religion and spirituality that form the backbone of the novel form the backbone of the people, as well. They believe, but their spirituality does not control every aspect of their lives. Hemingway alludes to this faith…


Bloom, Harold, ed. 1999. Ernest Hemingway's the old man and the sea. Philadelphia: Chelsea House.

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How Did the Terrorism of the Middle East Develop
Words: 2054 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61244410
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drives a person to terrorism?

As Hamid (2008) notes, the drive to become a terrorist can be part of a personal journey that has roots in personal beliefs. For Hamid, those beliefs were religious and rooted in his Islamic conviction. He believed in the words of Mohammed and though he liked Christians as a boy, he was warned against befriending them: "By restricting my contact with Christians, I felt that I was doing a great deed to satisfy Allah" (p. 3). Thus, by not mixing with Christian society, the terrorist-to-be was steeling himself to later inflict harm on a people that he did not really know. So part of what drives a person to be a terrorist might be ignorance. eal-life education on what others are like and why they are not bad could help to prevent people from moving towards terrorism -- but in the case of Hamid, it…


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American Terrorism for Many People
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The USA Patriot Act: This was a law that was passed after September 11th. It is giving the police and intelligence officials the power to go after terrorists organizations easier. As it lifted various Constitutional protections when investigating these offenses.

Counter Terrorism: These are the activities that: federal, state and local officials are taking to prevent future terrorist attacks.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD): These are weapons designed to inflict large amounts of casualties. These include: chemical, radiological, biological and nuclear.

These different terms are important, because they will help to avoid confusion and will focus the reader on understanding the overall scope of the problem.

Limitations of the Study

The limitations of the study are that the information we are presenting, could be pointing out a number of different problems. Yet, beneath the surface they are failing to identify possible changes that could have already been implemented by federal…


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Flew Over the Cuckoo's Next
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inston is impressed by a man named O'Brien who is supposed to be very powerful member of the party, but he believes in his heart that O'Brien is actually a member of the Brotherhood which is a group dedicated to overthrowing the Party (Orwell, 1977).

inston looks to O'Brien in the same way that Bromend looks to McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. O'Brien is someone that inston comes to admire and follow.

He is still afraid to rebel himself at first. He has thought crimes about the way he is paid to change the history books so they will fit the Party's version of history but he is afraid to speak up about his own memories which tell a completely different story.

inston uses every evening to walk through the poor neighborhoods where the lowest members of society live. They live extremely poverty stricken lives but because…

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Mafia Within the History and
Words: 4043 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29802557
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176) it is also interesting that the legitimate first response to the dissolution of prohibition was to officially tax it and therefore gain legitimate revenue from a vice. It would not surprise any historian if the idea to tax vice's such as alcohol, which even today the government makes a great deal of money doing, was not born of the substantial success the early mafia made of making money from its illegal production, sale and distribution.

The Irish Mafia:

The Irish Mafia, though usually not thought of as the quintessential mafia "family" were no less influential in some areas that the Italian mafia, one reason for this had to do with the sheer numbers of Irish immigrants to the country following the Potato Famine 1847-1849, and the essential disenfranchisement they felt when they arrived. Having just lived through one of the most grueling of all events, likely to have lost…


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Kung and Edwards an Analysis
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Kung has no regard for Church doctrine -- only the doctrine of men and the "rights of man."

Use of Scripture

Likewise, Kung has no use for authoritative scripture -- it is outdated and too much a part of the past, which Kung wishes to displace in favor of "the future." The future must not be informed by the old prejudices of the past -- it must branch out, like Edwards' ecological theology, encompassing as many faiths and traditions as possible, uniting them all under the roof of the religion of the global ethic. What Kung aims to do, therefore, is reduce the importance of Scripture even more than Edwards does -- to an anthill amongst other anthills, while he himself provides the new doctrine: his doctrine is filled with a list of "we must's" -- the commandments of Kung -- the voice of the new revolution.

eligious Symbol


Reference List

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Cursillo Dear Anthony as I
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Only those who can blindly accept what is put on their plate are unable to benefit from the Cursillo Movement. You are a creative and dynamic person. You are someone who needs to see Christianity in action, through the words and deeds of your fellow human beings. Like I said, the Cursillo Movement is a highly practical one. You will see results in the ways non-profit organizations help build homes for the poor to the ways ethical bankers lend money without interest. When you see your friends or your teachers doing good for the world, that is when you see God in action. When you feel love for your friends and relatives, you understand that is God in action. I also know that when you start your own business or whatever you decide to devote your energies to after you graduate from collage, you will

I am not asking you…


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Change the Writings of Dr
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If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. The tortuous road which has led from Montgomery, Alabama to Oslo bears witness to this truth. This is a road over which millions of Negroes are traveling to find a new sense of dignity… [so] I accept this aware today with an abiding faith in America and an audacious faith in the future of mankind. I refuse to accept despair as the final response to the ambiguities of history…I refuse to accept the cynical notion that nation after nation must spiral down a militaristic stairway into the hell of thermonuclear destruction" (King, 1964).

On the subject of war, King received quite a bit of criticism when he came out against the war in Vietnam. On April 4, 1967, exactly one year…

Works Cited

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England Was Intricately Involved in
Words: 948 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: A2 Outline Answer Paper #: 50201677
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Assisted by the receipt of some arms from Germany, the group seized several buildings in Dublin which they were able to hold for nearly a week before British forces were able to put down the uprising.

The leaders of the rebellion, who had declared the establishment of an Irish Republic during the time that they occupied the Dublin buildings, were captured and subsequently summarily executed by the British government. These executions were a major political mistake for the British. Prior to the executions the popular sentiment in Ireland was to continue with British rule but the summary nature of the British actions subsequent to the Easter uprising caused a radical change in Irish attitudes. The executed men were quickly regarded as martyrs and the arrests of the remaining rebellion participants raised the ire of the Irish citizenry. hat began as a small and poorly organized demonstration escalated into a rallying…

Works Cited

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Art and Literature
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Humanities are Important:

An analysis of the Da Vinci Code, Beethoven's 9th, and 1984.

A novel by George Orwell (pseudonym), real name Eric Blair

Published in 1949

A reaction to the totalitarian state engulfing the global community

The Da Vinci Code

A (2006) film by on Howard

Based on the novel by Dan Brown

obert Langdon follows a series of clues that link Leonardo's masterpieces, the mystery of Jesus Christ, and a totalitarian regime in the guise of the Catholic Church

Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Completed in 1824 after the composer (Ludwig van Beethoven) had gone completely deaf, this -- his final symphony -- is often considered to be one of the greatest musical masterpieces of all time. The fourth movement is based on Schiller's "Ode to Joy" and invokes a chorus of universal brotherhood. If you listen long enough, you will hear the music swell into a magnificent burst of…

Reference List

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Analects of Confucius Revolves Around the Thoughts
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Analects of Confucius revolves around the thoughts and teachings of Chinese philosopher Confucius and it is the foundation for Confucianism that is followed by millions of people in East Asia today. This important text was written around 500 BC by the pupils of Confucius and a good part of it was written within a period of 30 to 50 years after his death.

Confucius was born in the province of Lu at a time when the Chinese culture and way of life was at its nascent stages. He wanted to impact the Chinese way of life politically and intellectually through his philosophy and teachings. He tried to pass on to his students the guiding principles of ancient sage kings who worked to maintain harmony in the community and by emphasizing on spiritual well-being over material wealth (Confucius, Ames and osemont, 1998).

The Analects do not contain any prose, poem or…


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Declaration of Human Rights How
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In that regard, the university strives to ensure that it creates an environment conducive to the exchange of meaningful information.

The Declaration's Article 26 clearly points out that "everyone has a right to education" (UDHR). In this case, the Declaration recommends that the accessibility of higher education be enhanced. Further, in the second part of Article 26, the Declaration states in no uncertain terms that:

Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups… (UDHR)

Saint Leo's core value of community attempts to establish a spirit of interdependence, unity as well as belonging. By ensuring that the relations between people are based on respect and mutual trust, the University succeeds in promoting tolerance. This in my opinion is in line with…

Works Cited

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Religious Fundamentalism and Violence
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Primary Source Analysis: Islamic Text

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most notable conservative Pan-Islamic groups -- it is based in Egypt but has a worldwide influence. As is the case with most fundamentalist organizations, the Brotherhood takes an extremely gendered view of women. According to one of its most influential members Hasan al-Banna in his tract "Towards the light:"

"Following are the principal goals of reform grounded on the spirit of genuine Islam...Treatment of the problem of women in a way which combines the progressive and the protective, in accordance with Islamic teaching, so that this problem - one of the most important social problems - will not be abandoned to the biased pens and deviant notions of those who err in the directions of deficiency and excess...a campaign against ostentation in dress and loose behavior; the instruction of women in what is proper, with particular strictness as…

Works Cited

Al-Banna, Hasan. Five Tracts of Hasan al-Banna. Translated by Charles Wendell Berkeley,

1978. Excerpt available: 

[20 Apr 2013]

Culture and Race
Words: 1049 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40172763
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speak the word of peace and write to enable to establish the end of racism, poverty, and everything seems wrote wrong with the world. People such as Malcolm X, Richard Rodriguez and others wrote beautiful pieces on the importance on peace and harmony surrounding everyone in the world. Through the written word and the methods of the Contact Zone, these writers tried to accomplish their goal of making a difference in today's society, which the changes were for the better. Along with that, these writers have a great impact on how people view the world today on issues such as racism and harmony. Therefore, people like Malcolm X and Richard Rodriguez made a difference through their writings and speeches of peace.

Intelligent and articulate, Malcolm was appointed a minister and national spokesman for the Nation of Islam. Elijah Muhammad also charged him with establishing new mosques in cities such as…

Organizational Assessment Plan
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Organizational Assessment as Impetus for Change at a Vet Center

Organizational Assessment as an Impetus for Change at a Vet Center

Organizational Context. Every type of organization has, or should have, as a major goal, the need to optimize the productivity of its human resources (Farr, Schuler & Smith, 1993). One organization that has recently assumed critical importance in the U.S. is the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Today, the VA is responsible for administering an enormous healthcare and benefits network for its active duty and retired service members and their families at U.S. taxpayer expense.

Among the most prominent of such government-administered programs is the healthcare systems comprised of VA medical centers (VAMCs), outpatient clinics (VAOPCs), community and outreach clinics, and numerous Vet Centers. In fact, taken together, almost one-third of the American population (around 70 million persons who are veterans, dependents and survivors of deceased veterans) are eligible…


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The Shiite Islamic Sect in Nigeria
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Shi'ism in the World & the Shiite Islamic Sect in Nigeria

Shi'ism in the World

History, Objectives & General Outlook

Shiite Muslims make up the second biggest denomination of Islam, with the biggest numbers being represented by the Sunnis. The Shiite Muslims form about fifteen percent of Muslims. However, they are dominant in the nations of Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Bahrain. In addition, Muslims have a plurality in Yemen and Lebanon too (Cave, 2006). These two distinct groups within the Islam community first differed and deviated from each other following the death of Prophet Muhammad in 632. The divide arose from the fact that the followers were not able to come to an agreement as to whether it was right to select bloodline successors or able leaders most capable of following and propagating the tenets of the Muslim faith (Fuller and Francke, 2000).

The Shiite community commenced during the 650s,…


Akhavi, S. (1983). The ideology and praxis of Shi'ism in the Iranian revolution. Comparative Studies in Society and History, 25(02), 195-221.

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Wisconsin v Mitchell the Supreme
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Had the court applied consistency in their different rulings to local hate crimes, this case would have been settled in the lower court. As the previous decisions that Mitchell was using to justify his words; were clearly in appropriate decisions made by the court that did not protect free speech. Instead, it enabled someone to be a racist, because they could hide behind the First Amendment. It is through examining the Supreme Court case Wisconsin vs. Mitchell; in this light that highlights the overall complexity faced by various municipalities in regards to hate crimes ordinances.


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Wisconsin vs. Mitchell. Cornell…


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Hero in Popular Culture- One
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Camera angles that focus on wretched faces, of young boys in red coated uniforms begging for mercy, and of the arrogance of the British officer corps, not just towards Americans, but towards their own enlisted men, are shown with filming skill. As might be expected for this type of film, John Williams' score was masterful and very much in line with the generation of epics from the 1950s and 1960s -- painting a realistic picture of the film without dialog. Similarly, the audience is set up between the idyllic farm and hard work of a widower in the opening scene to the juxtaposition and hoped for return to normalcy in the final moments -- however, knowing that things will never be as they were (See: The scene, however, that most stays with the audience is not one of the grander battles, but a one-on-one battle between Benjamin and Tavington,…


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Between Myth and Ritual." Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies. 10(2): 214.


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Epistle of Paul to Philemon
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The divisions ere as such:

1. The highest class amongst the slave as of the slave minister; he as responsible for most of the slave transactions or trades and as also alloed to have posts on the government offices locally and on the provincial level.

2. This as folloed by the class of temple slaves; this class of slaves as normally employed in the religious organizations usually as janitors and caretakers of priestesses in the organization.

3. The third class of slaves included a range of jobs for slaves i.e. slaves ho ere appointed as land/property etc. managers ere included in this class as ell as those slaves ho ere employed as merchants or hired to help around the pastures and agricultural grounds. A majority of this class included the ordinary household slaves.

4. The last class amongst the slaves also included a range of occupations of the slaves extending…

works cited at the end.

If I were to conclude the significance of Paul's letter to Philemon and his approach to demand Onesimus' hospitality and kinship status, I can say that it was clearly his approach towards his demands that has made the letter such a major topic of discussion with regards to slavery. If Paul had taken an aggressive approach and straight away demanded the release and freedom of Onesimus, the letter would not been preserved in the history books for the generations to follow; that is a surety. I say this because it was Paul's approach and choice of language structure that caused for a large amount of debate to follow. It has been this debate, whether it has been on slavery or the various interpretations of his language structure, that has allows this letter and the relevant history to live on through the centuries. Of course, it is important to understand Philemon's role here as well, because it was his choice to treat the letter with a certain amount of respect and dignity that contributed to the letter's longevity as well. If Philemon had chosen to disregard Paul's requests and thrown away the letter as one that was not worthy of consideration, nobody would've even had the chance to debate the letter's significance in history. This again takes me back to the language structure adopted by Paul as he was able to soften his approach of the numerous demands as well that helped Philemon play his part of respecting what was demanded. Interestingly enough, Onesimus did go on to take on the duties as a bishop! To think that this line of action came about with only a choice of softening one's demands is extra-ordinary and the credit goes solely to Paul!


JM.G. Barclay, Colossians and Philemon, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997

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Ncc Book Waller Book
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The Israel government was not able to find the perpetrators, and the PIJ profited greatly from the event. On the Friday following the killing, "…hundreds of worshippers at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque demonstrated their support for Islamic Jihad" for killing an innocent Israeli (Milton-Edwards, p. 140). The demonstrators (who were worshipping prior to being engaged in support for a cold-blooded killing) were chanting, "Allahu Akbar" -- and according to a local newspaper police in Jerusalem said the "tone of the demonstrators was more religious than political" (Milton-Edwards, p. 140).

Given that vocal support by citizens, and its more visible presence in Palestine, the Islamic Jihad carried out a far more bold and brazen attack, mentioned earlier in this paper, tossing live hand grenades into a military ceremony at Jerusalem's estern all. "Activists were willing to take significant risks," Milton-Edwards wrote (p. 140). Moreover, by killing the father of one recruit and…

Works Cited

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Motivations and Capabilities in a Changing World, Issue 1782. Santa Monica: Rand

Purdah Purdah Is Practice of
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Benazir Bhutto: The first and only female leader of Pakistan, Bhutto was a strong political figure and fighter for freedom and women's rights in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Exiled and brought back by popular demand, she was assassinated in 2007.

Mo Yan: Mo Yan is an incredibly prolific and respected author in modern China, whose works are largely concerned with social commentary. He was formerly a soldier in the People's Army and is a member of the ruling Communist Party.

Khmer Rouge: The followers of Pol Pot and the Communist Party in Kampuchea (now Cambodia) were known as the Khmer Rouge. The regime is noted for the massive human rights violations and state-sponsored murders in the guise of social engineering.

Nigeria and Biafra: Biafra was a secessionist state in Nigeria populated largely by the Ibo people. The secession of te state, which was recognized by several neighboring African countries,…

Sikhism Is Sikhism a Religion
Words: 1411 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65318549
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Thus, it is a primary duty by Sikhs to keep their hair in best condition and long, as a symbol of faith of God's will and importance of humility and acceptance; 2) Khanga, or wooden comb, is used, because it can be easily worn easily in the hair at all time. Besides its practicality, the comb stands for cleanliness. As the comb eliminates the tangles, so too do the Sikhs comb their lives to eliminate impure thoughts by repeating God's name, NAAM in the mind; 3) Karra, which means a link or bondage, is signified by wearing a steel bracelet o the right wrist as if it were a wedding ring or connection between a pair of people. This symbolizes the Guru's ring to Sikh and the never-ending bond with the Guru and among each other who belong to the Khalsa brotherhood. Similarly, the circle represents personal restraint and continually…


Cole, W. Owen. Understanding Sikhism. Edinburg: Dunedin Academic Press, 2004. Cunningham, Joseph D. History of the Sikhs. London: John Murray, 1853.

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English Grammar Letter From Birmingham
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The first independent clause begins in a strong active voice, with a strong decisive verb, (Graff, 2006).

This represents his shift from true passiveness to a form of non-violent action. Then, the dependent clause "realizing that except for Christmas," begins with a gerund. The verb to realize is transformed into a noun with the adding of a "-ing." This is aimed at showing the general modality of the speaker. The speaker and all involved had a previous knowledge of the realization involved in the process. Then King Jr. refers back to the object Easter with the subject and verb of "this is." This is a form of a relative clause which is therefore a form of adjective clause, (Lewis, 1986).

The next sentence continues the modality of the gerund verb. This sentence is a dependent attached to an independent clause first beginning with a gerund, "Knowing that a strong economic…


King, Martin Luther Jr. (1963). Letter from Birmingham jail. University of Pennsylvania. African Studies. 12 June. 2008. 

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Language Teaching Publications.

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History of Economics Is a
Words: 4610 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17851639
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These methods are then examined with respect to future events using empirical observations and statistical tools. (History of Economics Society, 25)

It has to be accepted that such a method has been used to arrive at various conclusions. A lot of dedication is required by thinkers to derive the facts out of the information available. This concept of economics is not drawn out of nothing, but it has been derived from facts, and scientists have toiled to put together the casual details into formal approaches. Formal methods reduce the details in a systematic manner and so this is preferred than the informal method. However those is favor of the scientific method were against the formal method and argued that formal methods were not reliable since it was not sure whether the important aspects of the fact would be retained while reducing the information available. (History of Economics Society, 25)



Canterbery, E. Ray. A Brief History of Economics: Artful Approaches to the Dismal

Science. World Scientific. 2001.

History of Economics Society. Complexity and the history of economic thought: Selected

Papers from the... Routledge. 2000.

Professional Teams Keep Community Together
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The professional athletes shows that winning is not the only reason to play, they play the game for entertainment, sportsmanship and to keep the people united. They don't show any bitterness or hate for the rival team they are having a match with. This helps the community to realize that its always not about win (e.g. there is a practice followed in the games today in which the rivals shake hands before the game starts, which shows that they are not enemies and this promotes the value of peace and harmony).

The athletes not even build a sense of unity in their team but they also try to show it to the community that team work can lead to success. When the event of Olympics takes place athletes and sports officials from over 200 countries join hands and come together for the cause of sports.

It's an event in which…


Dyreson, Mark. Making the American Team: Sport, Culture, and the Olympic Experience. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1998

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Women and Islam the Western
Words: 4510 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52859105
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Esposito finds that the premodernist revival movements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries contributed to the pattern of Islamic politics that developed and left a legacy for the twentieth century. These movements were motivated primarily in response to internal decay rather than external, colonial threat (Esposito 40-41).

At the same time, many areas of the Islamic world experienced the impact of the economic and military challenge of an emerging and modernizing est beginning in the eighteenth century. Declining Muslim fortunes also reversed the relationship of the Islamic world to the est, from that of an expanding offensive movement to a defensive posture. Muslim responses to these changes ranged from rejection to adaptation, from Islamic withdrawal to acculturation and reform. Some responded by secular reform, and by the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Islamic modernist movements had also developed in an attempt to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity…

Works Cited

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Motorcycle Clubs Reality vs Myth
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org, 2007). Their 10 founding principles read as follows:

Bringing together "Old School Biker Values" and "New World Attitudes

Diversity (bikes and membership)

Promoting Biker Brotherhood/Sisterhood


Promoting a Love of iding

Promoting Safety

Having Fun

Engaging in Community Service Activities

Supporting the Larger Biker Community

Improving Our Overall Motorcycling Skills

Likewise, the Mission Statement of the oad aiderz motorcycle club founded in 2005 and based out of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. also emphasizes community relations; it reads, in part, as follows:

The mission of the club is to bring in those different experiences and ideals and create a club of riders that demonstrates a positive attitude to the motorcycling community.... our members demonstrate a passion for riding and contributing their time and efforts to community service, unity amongst all riders and assisting those less fortunate. Beyond this we love the freedom and excitement that comes from being on…


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Saving Private Ryan Directed by
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Therefore, while the film depicts one of the most important elements of the war, it also symbolizes the personalities and strength of the men who fought in the war, and so, it is the epitome of a war film. It recognizes the individual and group effort that led to victory, and shows that even the most average men can be carried to greatness by the situation and necessity.

The film also recognizes the difficulties of war, and the seemingly senseless ways people kill each other in war. All of the men who died in this film, both German and American, died to save one man, who did not want to leave his unit. "Saving Private Ryan" is a graphic film, but it only shows a few of the many horrors of war. Watching it, the viewer gets an excellent idea of what the fighting forces endured during World War II.

Classical and Biblical Literature
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recurring themes in literature is the exploration of the relationship between the human and the divine. Several different literary works have explored that relationship. Interestingly enough, many of those works are from antiquity, so their stories are considered fictional. Others of those texts refer to living religions, so people are less likely to consider the stories from the basis of fiction or allegory, and approach them as if they are non-fiction. As a result, it becomes far too simple for a modern Christian to embrace the relationship between the divine and humanity in the Old Testament without critically examining that how that work actually portrays the relationship. A critical analysis reveals a much more complex relationship than the message conveyed by modern Christians, and makes it easier to compare that Old Testament with the polytheistic mythology that forms the background of a work like Gilgamesh. A religiously-invested inspection can hamper…

Joining a Fraternity
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Joining a Fraternity: What's the Draw?

The lure of the fraternity is one that remains a prominent aspect in the lives of many college students within the United States and on an international level. Each semester, young men flock to fraternities within their respective campuses, enduring long initiation processes and even hazing in some instances, and throughout it all, the question remains: what exactly is the draw? In beginning to understand the appeal of fraternity life within the college environment, one must first understand the basic elements that such an existence throughout one's college career can garner both socially and academically. In understanding this basis, along with the sense of brotherhood fostered within these fraternity communities, one can better understand the appeal of such an inclusion that keeps young men coming back for more on a yearly basis.

The Appeal

Upon arriving at college one's freshman year, the only thing…


Dailey, P. (2011). The fraternity leader: the complete guide to improving your chapter.

New York, NY: Create Space. Print.

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Joining A Fraternity

Freemasonry in Pre-1917 Russia Free
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I. Novikov. It is not clear whether Bolotov himself was a Mason, but he certainly personally belonged to the same social circles as many leading Freemasons in Russia. In his Entsiklopediia, 128, 990, Serkov mentions Bolotov as a possible member of the Konigsberg military lodge of Joanna Krestitelia (John the Baptist) working in Elagin's system around 1773. (Cross, 105)

The Freemasons continued to grow and improve Russian society until the death of Peter III, when his wife Catherine took over the throne. During the reign of Peter III, the numbers and lodges grew substantially and it became fashionable in Russia to be a member of the Freemasons. In fact, many nobles from other countries were traveling to Russia to be a part of the new and growing movement.

Catherine the Great

One of the longstanding rules and traditions of the Freemasons is that members must be men, as women were…

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Sayyid Qutb's Transformation From Pro-Western
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e. greed, lust and jealousy). To do this, Qutb advocated using a by any means necessary approach, in preventing the status quo from imposing its will upon everyone. This meant that there will be some kind of armed struggle against these forces.

What impacts has he had on Islamic thought?

The biggest impact of Qutb's ideas is in Islamic philosophy. What happened was Qutb, became involved in the Muslim Brotherhood when he returned to Egypt in 1952. During this time, he was actively involved in supporting governments and individuals that challenged Western policies. This led to him being arrested twice.

When he was in jail the first time, he wrote a number of pieces that discusses his radical ideas and how Muslims should stand up to this oppression. After being released in 1965 (for a brief period), is when he would publish these ideas. This led to his re-arrest and…


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Alexander the Great King Philip
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Alexander saw himself as that philosopher-king who would install a new kind of cooperation and brotherhood with one or unified Greek culture, Hellenism, and speaking a common language, Greek (Smitha 1998). He intended that his subjects in the East would be reared and trained to become like the Greeks and Macedonians.

In consolidating his huge territory, Alexander founded cities, mostly named Alexandria, in suitable and well-paved locations with sufficient supply of water. His army veterans, young men, merchants, traders and scholars settled there, infused Greek culture and, through them, the Greek language widely flourished. Through his mighty victories and territorial control, Alexander thus spread Greek civilization and paved the way for the incoming Hellenistic kingdoms and the conquest of the Roman Empire (Microsoft 2004).

He also felt that trade would unite his empire more strongly and so he forced new commercial possibilities and made abylon the center of brisk world…


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Islam in Africa Islamic Law
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In fact there are signs of turmoil among religious as well as ethnic groups. An internal war between the Hausa and another tribe called the Yoruba resulted in 300 deaths. More recently tribes called the Tiv and the Jukun have executed tribal raids. In fact, between the successful election of a civilian President in May of 1999 and the end of 2001, over 10,000 Nigerians died in regional conflicts based on religious/and/or tribal differences. The Islamic belief in Shari'a, including the idea that religion and state government should be one, contributes to these problems.

In fact the animosity between Christians and Muslims is quite strong in Nigeria. The province adopting Shari'a, Zamfara, uses Islamic courts to try criminals. The Christians who live in the south do not agree that Zamfara should use a religiously-based legal system. This disagreement demonstrates that the country is divided on multiple levels. It is the…


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