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Administration and membership of the Teamsters Union and its Organization

The Teamsters Union refers to one of the biggest labor unions across the world. It contributes significantly to the revenues realized by the U.S. The union has a unique structure that facilitates the effective running and management of organizational activities. The president leads the union who plays the responsibility of overseeing all the organizational activities and making decisions that influence the performance of the union and its ability to provide its services to its global consumers. The general secretary, international vice presidents, and international trustees play the responsibility of providing the required support to the president and implementation of the planned organizational activities (DeLancey, 2003). The Teamsters employ the use of top-down organizational structure to ensure effective communication and creation of order in the execution of organizational activities. The top-down organizational structure ensures that the organizational decisions are communicated from the top executives of the organization downwards to the employees at the lower levels of the union. Despite the top-down structure, the union uses collaborative strategies when making organizational decisions. For instance, the General President, James Hoffa involves representatives from all the sections of the organization to ensure the adoption of strategies considered effective for all the organizational employees (Jacobs & Cooperman, 2011).

The Teamsters has an approximate 1.4 million members. The members belong to the organization, as it provides them with their expected benefits alongside protection from exploitation from their employers. The association also ensures the organizations act in ways that protect the needs of the employees and provide conditions that promote their professional and personal development. The local unions of the Teamsters are many across the U.S. For instance, there are hundreds of Teamsters local unions across North America. When compared to most unions of most countries across the world that has weak bases, the Teamsters have a strong organizational structure that promotes all the unions across the state, as well as, other unions outside the states. Among the responsibilities bestowed upon the union, include keeping dues money, providing professional services such as those related to law and business agents to its members (Search Results, n.d.). The presence…

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