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Business Memo Essays (Examples)

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Business Law Memo the CEO
Words: 1448 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9990533
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hen this happens, actuaries can use the data that was collected to provide a clear picture of what is taking place inside the various segments of the firm. ("Sarbanes-Oxley Act") (Holland)

Obtaining a complete list of all business units is where the off the books activities and any type of outside partnerships are disclosed to managers. This helps them to determine the extent of these arrangements on the company and the impact of the actions of other entities. Once this takes place, is when actuaries will have a better understanding of what is occurring and how this is contributing to the corporation's growth. ("Sarbanes-Oxley Act") (Holland)

Performing a risk assessment is when executives will determine if there are any kinds of actions that pose a threat to the firm. This allows them to see if questionable areas are a possible danger and the lasting impacts it will have on the…

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Business Communications the Company Is
Words: 1245 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17598072
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A useful recommendation in this sense is represented by the contracting of a local law firm to ease the company's penetration into the region and to help us understand and overcome the initial barriers. But aside from understanding and complying with the regulations, it is also essential to understand and comply with the cultural features.

India is one of the oldest and most impressive global cultures. And its culture has also impacted the means in which business is conducted. One specific means is represented by the language barriers which are raised. And not only that the representatives of the two countries would speak different languages, it is highly possible that the representatives of India speak different languages among themselves. This is because the states of India have different official languages, and some states even have more than one official language (Kwintessential).

In terms of actual relationships between the Indians, these…


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Business Skills and Tactics in
Words: 5051 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 99035950
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Having this traditional silo-structured environment makes it very difficult to properly develop a curriculum surrounding service management. Because of this there is a significant gap that exists between the education received by business school graduates and the skills that they need to succeed in today's service heavy environment.

Non-traditional Business Skills and Tactics

Nontraditional business skills are often referred to as soft skills or people skills. These consist of the ability to communicate and understand people on an emotional level. These are often the skills that can determine the success or failure of a career (Thilmany, 2009). The skills are all related to human interaction. This includes most forms of communication, negotiation and leadership. Soft skills can be distinguished by different types such as informative, negotiating, listening, and communicative. Informative soft skills are those that send a message that has to be conveyed accurately. Negotiating or convincing soft skills is…


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Business and Ethics the Business Ethics Checklist
Words: 1694 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38030525
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Business and Ethics

The business ethics checklist

Organizational Decisions-Making on Substandard Products

Unaccountable products from companies or manufacturers are often regarded dangerous, unsafe and substandard, both by the target consumers and government. Unfortunately, toy products stand among the most affected group of items within the field of production. Sub-standard products are those that do not meet the legal and safety standards and/or qualities set by the pertinent authorities. Such products may result due to failure in quality control during the production process, or failure in legal handling pursuit. According to Cockburn (2005), these are genuine items produced by legitimate manufacturers; however, they do not satisfy the quality disclaimers that the producer defines. It may not be intent of the company to cheat, but may be as a result of problems during the manufacturing process. Thecase of metal whistle herein is thereby regarded to fall under the category of sub-standard products,…


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Business Communications Today the Area
Words: 817 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98387363
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Massive amounts of daily emails from various sources would arrive, often reiterating the same information or even forwarding the exact same memo. This is actually an instance of the slowdown of communication and operations due to the advances in communication technology that now exist; the ease of communication has led many organizations to over-communicate to the point of redundancy and extreme inefficiency. The emphasis in research literature on communication technology is also partially to blame for this perspective (Preston et al. 2009). This is still a problem at my current organization, though to a far lesser degree, and there is a company awareness of the problem.

The message types that result from this trend were largely ineffective, impersonal, unguided, and unreasoned. They did not really take into account who the recipients were, nor whether or not it was necessary for them to receive the communication, or if they had in…


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Business Planning Canvas Basics
Words: 781 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 69129621
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Business Model Canvas

Combative Fighting Systems

Martial arts school that teaches Jeet Kune Do concepts / Kali / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Opened July 1995

Westminster Ave, Westminster, Ca. 90630 (714) [HIDDEN]

Martial art instruction for children through adults.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, coaching. Physical fitness

Business owner/operator

More info online Google Ken Gabrielson Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.

"Dirty Dozen," Gracie Jiu-jitsu Black Belts. Combative Fighting Systems.

Fighters trained: John "Machine" Lober

Todd Medina El Tiburon


Key Activities:

Provide mixed martial arts training and coaching, including: Jeet Kune Do concepts / Kali / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Provide an avenue for children and adults to develop physical fitness

Key esources:

"Dirty Dozen," Gracie Jiu-jitsu Black Belts, and Combative Fighting Systems

Superbly trained staff: John "Machine" Lober, Todd Medina, El Tiburon (have I got this right

Facility in Westminster, California

Partner Network:

Chamber of Commerce, Westminster

Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMAFA)

International Mixed Martial Arts…


Osterwalder, A. And Pigneur, Y. (2010). Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers. New York, NY: Wiley.

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Business Report Adelaide Convention Centre How Resource
Words: 1038 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74280055
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usiness Report: Adelaide Convention Centre

How Resource Requirements Are Determined

Why resources are acquired and allocated

How resource usage is and reported

The Adelaide Convention Centre was founded in 1987 with an aim to promote tourism and industry related economic activities in the area of South Australia. The center hosts banquets, cocktail functions, conferences, exhibitions, green events, meetings, product launches, school formals, weddings, and corporate events[footnoteRef:1]. [1: Adelaide Convention Center. "Our Green Commitment," Adelaide Convention Center. n.d. (accessed January 14, 2014).]

Part A: How Resource Requirements Are Determined

Current Processes:

The current operational plans are mainly targeted towards providing a place for the business and local community to organize their events in the center. The center provides the place for the event including food and beverages. There are various partnering suppliers for floral, lighting, music, and other special arrangements. The resources required for the center can be divided into…


Adelaide Convention Center. "Our Green Commitment," Adelaide Convention Center. n.d. (accessed January 14, 2014). .

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Business Communications C E O Opening a
Words: 762 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 84139213
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The procedure to attain a Malaysian visa is quite hassle free unlike many countries. Many countries around the world enjoy visa exemption under Malaysian law and the visa fee for most countries is minimal (Noorbakhsh).

Malaysian government is doing all it can to promote the Malaysian tourism. Moreover, the fact that holiday packages in Malaysia are much cheaper as compared to other holiday destinations have resulted in attracting more tourists, who otherwise travel to European destinations, which are now very expensive. The fact that Malaysia is also emerging as an international trade hub has also increased the number of corporate tourists visiting the country.

Over the years Malaysia has been successful in gaining advantages from cheaper sources of energy. Presently, Malaysia's energy sources are cheaper that what is prevalent in most parts of the world. Currently, United States of America is one country that has cheaper energy resources. The low…

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Business Case Studies - Proposal
Words: 590 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2129709
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As we may hope to avoid future suits concerning gender and racial-related hiring practices and policies, I believe it would be a good idea to institute a program of training future managers. This would also solve some of the cultural diversity problems which have been noted in this division. Many other corporations have such a policy concerning educational advancement and I feel it would be to our advantage to institute such a policy company-wide.

Thank you for hearing me out on this crucial problem which I feel needs attention.


As a new officer in your administration, I would like to commend you on the hard work and dedication to Oak Brook Medical Systems which I have observed in each one of you.

With this letter I am proposing an offer to any employee of Oak Brook Medical Systems - Hospital Supply Division…

Business Management -- Policy Memo
Words: 657 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49952277
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Rationale -- the organization faces considerable potential liability unless the supervisor immediately initiates appropriate measures to resolve the problem and, if necessary, refer for training or discipline any staff member involved. By consulting legal counsel, the supervisor can avoid any insufficient response that could expose the company to liability for failing to take appropriate and timely action.

4. Racial, Religious, or Cultural Discrimination or Harassment

General Recommendations -- in cases of any report or complaint of racial, religious, or cultural discrimination or harassment, the supervisor is to consult with the employee and (separately) with any and all individuals implicated in the complaint. The supervisor is also to consult internal legal counsel for advice and to implement the solution recommended by counsel.

Rationale -- the organization faces considerable potential liability under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 unless the supervisor immediately initiates appropriate measures to resolve the problem…

Business Critical Thinking
Words: 1679 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 41575190
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Business Critical Thinking

To whom it may concern:

'Logically speaking...' How often do we say this simple phrase? There is a presumption that logic is not only good, but that the human mind can easily calculate the pros and cons of most decisions. However, the human brain did not evolve to naturally gravitate to an emotion-free, Spock-like way of evaluating options. "hen people face an uncertain situation, they don't carefully evaluate the information or look up relevant statistics. Instead, their decisions depend on mental short cuts, which often lead them to make foolish decisions. The short cuts aren't a faster way of doing the math; they're a way of skipping the math altogether" (Lehrer 2011). The sooner we admit this, the better we can cope with the challenges with which life presents us; the sooner a business organization admits this, the better it can guard against irrationality, or at least…

Works Cited

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[4 Jul 2012] 

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Business Correspondence External Correspondence Big-1
Words: 471 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Corporate Writing Paper #: 73625258
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Please do not hesitate if I can be of any further assistance.

Yours truly,

Internal Document -- Memo

To: Frank Page

Re: B-1 Rental Agency Follow-up

Date: June 15, 2012

Please be advised that B-1 Franchise Oversight Manager has been contacted pursuant to your instructions to resolve the Twin Cities Airport B-1 franchise issue involving their repeatedly furnishing vehicles with inoperable systems and otherwise in need of maintenance. The following points were emphasized in that correspondence:

The situation is serious and has recurred numerous times

The situation has already been brought to the attention of management without any appreciable response

B-1 and CCC have a long-standing business relationship and mutual interests in the way B-1 vehicles are represented to the public in this region

We expect B-1 to take immediate and appropriate action to rectify this situation

An operational audit is in order to identify the source of the problem…

Business Ethics Wal-Mart But We Do Give
Words: 570 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 3442627
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Business Ethics

"Wal-Mart: But we do give them a 10% employee discount" reveals a highly quantitative standpoint, by pointing out the facts behind Wal-Mart's management of its human resource. The editor places an increased emphasis on revealing years, amounts, facts and figures and all these are intended to provide a clear image to the reader. Additionally, they are intended to preserve the objectivity of the authors in presenting the situation at the company.

Aside from the vast integration of facts and quantitative data, the author nevertheless presents the details of Wal-Mart's numerous ethical issues. For instance, the company asks the employees to work longer hours, which are unpaid; the employees will often be given tasks to complete right before the end of the shift, and will have to complete the job during unpaid overtime.

Then, the company is also blamed for discriminating against its employees. The more relevant examples in…


Case study: Wal-Mart: But we do give them a 10% employee discount

Business -- Apple Computers Historically What Was
Words: 902 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 70633272
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Business -- Apple Computers

Historically, what was Apple's competitive advantage in the computer business?

Apple's competitive advantage began almost immediately after the company's launch in 1976. Within months, the first 200 units produced by Jobs and Wozniak enabled them to secure venture capital to grow the firm into the leading producer of computers in a market that quickly grew to $1 billion in annual sales, of which Apple's Apple II product accounted for 100,000 units sold. Apple subsequently overcame the initial setback of the challenge from IBM's Windows-based products by opening new markets after 1985, in connection with which its expansion into desktop publishing and education and peripherals allowed Apple to recapture more than half the entire computer market and accumulate $1 billion in cash reserves and recognition as the world's leader in computer manufacturing.

The company's competitive advantage was further invigorated by the release of the iMac in 1998…

Business Law and Labor & Employment Law
Words: 1008 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 42206595
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Business and Employment Law

Business Law and Labor & Employment Law

Employees are classified in different categories. Federal and state law does not explicitly define the categories, but employers generally categorize employees on the basis of duties performed, number of hours worked, and duration of job. Accordingly, employees fall in three main groups: permanent (full-time), part time, and temporary employees (PayScale, 2009). A permanent employee is an employee who works a typical work week for an indefinite duration, while a part-time employee works fewer hours than the typical work week. Temporary employees may work full-time or part-time, though for a definite period of time. Though federal law does not define the above categories, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) classifies employees as either non-exempt or exempt employees (Society for Human esource Management [SHM], 2014). The former denotes employees whose work is covered by FLSA and who are subject to overtime…


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Business Communications the Purpose of
Words: 642 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 17230355
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Business Management -- Employee Cross
Words: 1942 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 83244544
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Because cross-trained employees are more knowledgeable about the overall business processes of the organization, their conceptual understanding of the mission of their organization is enhanced by every incremental increase of their involvement and knowledge of its operations (obbins & Judge, 2009). Beyond that element of increased involvement, the fact that cross-trained workforces tend to improve the morale and organizational connectedness of individual employees also contributes directly to organizational benefits through the positive impact on individual performance. Finally, cross-trained workforces also collaborate better and exhibit increased interpersonal rapport with coworkers. According to generally accepted principles of organizational behavior, this element also improves individual work performance beyond what is capable of achieving without such interpersonal rapport among coworkers (ussell-Whalling, 2008).

Conclusions and ecommendations

The review of the available literature on the beneficial effects of cross-trained workforces on their organizations strongly suggests that, as a general rule, cross-training should be implemented in business…


Caggiano, C. "Sign of the cross-training times." INC. (Dec/1998): 122-123.

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Behavior. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Business Law Re Career Institute
Words: 306 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81644110
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Further, CIA should incorporate as a closely held corporation. Although they will still have to create officers, have annual meetings, and issue shares, this can all be done privately. In other words, the founder will be able to maintain his close involvement by being the sole shareholder and performing all the officer roles.

In order to ensure that the instructors are hired as independent contractors, CIA should take the following steps:

Have every instructor sign a contract clearly labeled "Independent Contractor."

Have all instructors turn in a W9 form, the standard federal tax form for independent contractors.

In the contract, clearly lay out that each instructor is not an employee, will not receive any employee benefits, that the agreement may be terminated at any time and have it signed as "Independent…

Business Law and Enforcing Contracts
Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87990401
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Whichever party files the claim has the initial burden to establish that a valid contract existed (Halbert & Ingulli, 2009). In that regard, any credible evidence such as a tape recording of the original telephone call or of any subsequent calls referring to the existence of the agreement will suffice to establish the existence of a valid enforceable verbal contract for services to be provided by Eddie. Credible testimony in court from witnesses who actually heard the conversation or to whom either party admitted the existence of the agreement would also establish the existence of a valid and enforceable contract (Halbert & Ingulli, 2008).

If Eddie breaches, Grace would be seeking the remedy of the compensation for any benefit of the bargain lost, such as where she subsequently ends up paying more for the same services. If Grace breaches, Eddie would be seeking his lost profit from the sale of…


Friedman, L.M. (2005). A History of American Law. New York: Touchstone.

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Cincinnati, OH: West Legal Studies.

E-Mail in Business Communication E-Mail History Relation
Words: 4599 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21246394
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E-Mail in Business Communication

E-mail: History, elation, and Impact on effective Business Communication

Email in Business Communication

Electronic Mail

Impact of Email to Business Communication

Implications of Emails as Business Communication Tools

Email is an important form of communication in today's organization that is increasingly seeing a geographical dispersal of the workforce. To communication tool has replaced traditional business letters and memos in preference for email memos. The research carried out a review of literature on email and business communication and found the tool is used in 100% of businesses today. However, despite the wide acceptance, the tool lacks in social and visual cues which lender the messages toneless. The lack of tone and physical gestures leads to misinterpretation, ill will, disconnectedness, loss of intellectual capital and integrity for the business. The research finds that the informal history of emails, heterogeneity among users, technological limitations in social-emotions, and lack of…


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Business in Mexico Our Company Is Considering
Words: 1014 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67734323
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Business in Mexico

Our company is considering outsourcing and selling products abroad, and I would like you to represent us. In specific, our country of choice is Mexico. In order to be successful there, whoever, and make an effective launch as well as hit the right people and best sell our products (never mind interest the locals to our company), it is important that we become acquainted with the Mexican social and business customs of the country as well as their etiquette in related manners.

This, therefore, is a summary of the research that I have done that should give us some rough knowledge of how to be in the various business and outside-business situations.

I was astonished to discover that sharp differences sometimes exist between American culture and Mexican culture and that this intrudes into business relationships and ways of conducting business that can quite possibly spell the differnce…

Business Select a Particular Web
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29433220
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An expert system that takes into account the constraints of schedules, previous commitments to training and programs that the post office employees must participate in on a periodic basis would all need to be taken into account. A constraint-based expert system would be able to optimize the staff levels, where a rules-based expert system would continually need to be updated to reflect the latest status and schedule of each person.

A c.

Identify potential criminals in an airport.

The use of an advanced AI system would be required specifically for this application as the many attributes, factors, variables and weightings of these specific data elements would need to be analyzed in conjunction with one another.

A d.

Investing in the stock market.

Actually these are systems in each of these categories specifically used for investing in and forecasting various aspects of the stock market. From decision support systems that can…

Business Crises Evaluation
Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71231492
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Crisis Management

Argenti raises many sound points regarding the proper protocol during crisis management. The bulk of chapter ten demonstrates a sound understanding of how crises unfold, and how every crisis is different. While this is true, there are still strong areas of overlap among crises. "Few circumstances test a company's reputation or competency as severely as a crisis. Whether the impact is immediate or sustained over months and years, a crisis affects stakeholders within and outside of a company" (Weiner, 2006). In such a case, clients cancel orders and cancel subscriptions. Employees start asking questions or worse, quitting. Competitors start circling like sharks and government agencies and other regulators often start knocking, with attorneys at their heel (Weiner, 2006). Given all the aggravated circumstances connected to a crisis and the variety of ways that any potential crisis could be handled, Argenti makes a continually strong and pervasive argument about…


Argenti. (2007). Strategic Corporate Communication. New York: Tata McGraw-Hill


Friedman, K. (2013). Dealing with the Media During a Crisis. Retrieved from

Businesses Run by Women
Words: 4288 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52432892
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.....entrepreneur one must endure multiple hardships. These hardships define people as leaders or failures. Women in the last few decades have amidst gender inequality, started businesses. This had led to a major growth in the number of women entrepreneurs in a predominantly male-dominated area. However, while women entrepreneurship has written, the persistent inequalities and continued views of women have led to the assumption that entrepreneurship may still be gendered. Meaning, society views only men as the main bread winners and capable of being effective leaders that entrepreneurs are defined as. This paper supports this assumption and will provide evidence of gendered entrepreneurship as well as literature that goes against such notion, demonstrating the potential for the gender gap to narrow in the future.

To first understand the potential of gendered entrepreneurship, one must first define it. Gendered entrepreneurship is a hypothesis considering entrepreneurship to have gendered patterns. The UK was…

Memo for Enhancing the Success of a Sports Club
Words: 878 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96348697
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Improving Competition and Community Engagement

Sports experts, analysts, and observers agree that club football, especially in Europe, is characterized by increased prosperity and popularity. Football has experienced tremendous prosperity and success over the past decade. The increased popularity and prosperity of football clubs has been characterized by the emergence of numerous commercial opportunities and more involvement of fans in the management/running of football clubs. Sports clubs are increasingly exploiting the commercial opportunities through lucrative sponsorship and television deals. Therefore, the success of football clubs in the current sports environment requires increasing capacities to compete with better funded clubs and enhanced community engagement.

Competing with Better Funded Clubs

As the sports industry has become more prosperous and popular, clubs have attracted lucrative sponsorship and television deals as well as other kinds of funding. Currently, there are better funded clubs in the league, which have the money to attract and keep the…

Business Leadership and Organizational Change
Words: 2988 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27685324
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Importance of Effective Change Management

An old adage goes that "change is inevitable." It is a constant phenomenon. Organisations exist in an ever-changing world. Factors such as competitive pressure, regulatory changes, shifts in consumer tastes and preferences, technological advancements, workforce changes, globalisation, and industry adjustments compel organisations to initiate change initiatives targeting strategy, leadership, management, workforce, structures, and processes (Lam, 2009; Nehar, 2013). The initiatives are primarily aimed at improving organisational efficiency, productivity, and performance. Indeed, the ability to adapt to change has been termed as an important source of competitive advantage in today's world (Nehar, 2013). This largely explains why the subject of change management has attracted a great deal of scholarly attention in the last few decades. Nonetheless, managing change may often not be an easy undertaking for organisations. If improperly managed, change may not generate the desired outcomes. In fact, many change initiatives have failed due to…

Business Internationally the Search for
Words: 4281 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81000508
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Viewing work as a load or limitation assumed more marked in the U.S. within 1982 and 1989. We have observed that work can be felt as a compulsion or a prerogative. Disparities among nations on these values are vital issues to assist us in comprehending contractual relationships between employees and the enterprise. Whereas there is increased concord among the Western and Asian communities regarding what plays a role to the prerogative and what fits in to the commitment side of the equation, this prominent depiction becomes distorted in the erstwhile communist states and Israel. In case of the latter, respondents had a tough circumstance separating between what the rights and duties of work. (Heller; Antonio; Quintanilla, 1995)

This can be comprehended as a result of blend between an individualistic and increasingly joint approach in the prevailing ideology. Being capable of tell apart between the rights and duties presumes that people…


Ardichvili, Alexandre. (2005) "The Meaning of Working and Professional Development Needs of Employees in a Post-Communist Country" International Journal of Cross Cultural Management. Vol. 5; No. 1; pp: 105-119.

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Memo of Potential Liability of a Negligence
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Liability of a Negligence

Judy Taylor

From: Smith & Associates LLP

Seeking Legal Advice whether the school has a Potential Liability for a Negligence


Under N.Y.S.3d 307, does Montauk High School has potential liability for a negligence of supervision of the school student? The issue is to investigate whether Montauk High School can be accused of negligence of the student wounded by the other student.

Short Answer

No, the Montauk High School has no potential liability for Andrew Miller, a 9th Grader because school has already suspended the student out the school, and the incident happens outside the school's premises.

Statement of Facts

On September, 2015, the Montauk High School received a letter from Andrew Miller parents threatening the school a lawsuit. The school wants an advise in order to decide whether the school needs to offer a quick settlement to avoid a legal battle with the…


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Business Ethics in Drug Companies
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Office Memo

Sub: comment on John's claim as a whistle blower against PharmaCAE and the ethical and legal implications of the case

As a member of Dewey, Chetum, and Howe you asked me to find out suitable ethical and legal implications that John's case could bring for the firm and for John himself. Detailed in the report are the issues regarding:

The Ethical issues relating to marketing and advertising, intellectual property, and regulation of product safety in relation to PharmaCAE

Business ethics can be defined as the art, system, method and the discipline that is applied to along with ethical principles to solve complex business issues and dilemmas. It defines the actions that are taken that tries to reach a balance between the organization achieving its business and economic obligations and social obligations (Moon, 2001).

One of the ethics that is applicable in this case is related to the advertisement…

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Memo Letter About ERP
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Mr. X


XYZ Plc.

Choice of HIS for Performance Improvement Compared to EP


This memo is intended to establish the kind of process development software that the company can use right now to enhance the performance of the H department and be able to better monitor the performance of employees and be able to provide feedback in real time.

For this purpose, I make the following suggestion.

While it has been suggested by some that the company can make use of the enterprise resource planning software for enhancement of performance, I suggest the use of HIS for the same purpose. The reasons for this are that I am of the view that the HIS is better suited to serve the company in its present growth phase than an EP software.

While EP can be described as a process of management which is used for better management of the…


Lengnick-Hall, C. & Lengnick-Hall, M. (2006). HR, ERP, and knowledge for competitive advantage.Human Resource Management, 45(2), 179-194. 

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E-Businesses Challenged Create Trust Customers People Don't
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E-businesses challenged create trust customers. People don't send money strangers . ead article: Mangiaracina,

When considering a business model for you company it is highly important to pattern it on that of other successful companies that are also based online. Jeff Beer's article "Outlook 2011: The new dotcom boom" provides several case studies of online companies with robust business models that have proven records of success. The unifying factor of all organizations mentioned, and the ones that provide the most tangible examples of success, Groupon and Twitter, is that their models are all based on solid marketing. One of the most critical elements of marketing for online businesses is to create a sense of community with one's customer base. Doing so in turn increases that customer base by readily involving more members of the general population as part of an organization's community. However, there are a set of management concerns…


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Corporate Performance Systems Memo to
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Actions that warrant for boundary should be on a written document and be available to employees at all time. This system should also take care of verbal and nonverbal agreement of contract expenditure, and no cost approval beyond the budget unless being approved by senior management and financing unit

These boundaries must be revised on an annual basis and edited if necessary. When employees understand the core beliefs and boundary system, then they do not just worry about delivering the bottom line results. Instead, they will strive to deliver corporate objectives without crossing boundaries.

Diagnostic control system should also be employed into the company whereby, new processes and performance measurements must be developed for the following:

Unit occupancy rate: this strives to achieve economy of scale.

Internal auditing: There should be a team of internal auditor reporting to the accounting VP. This team must constantly review the transactions and ensuring…

Case Study in Memo Form to the Walt Disney Company
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Internal Memorandum

Michael Eisner, CEO

Case Overview

The purpose of this memo is to provide an outline of the case Walt Disney Company: The Entertainment King and the outline the alternatives that Disney has at its disposal. The best alternative for restoring ROE growth is to tap back into what made Disney great in the first place, which is creative ideas that are nurtured and brought to market.

The company has been suffering from a decline in ROE, which is currently below 10%. The rebound Disney experienced last year was almost entirely due to the success of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, which has masked underlying weakness in the rest of our businesses. The company lost several key executives, creating a talent void. This in turn affected creative output, and the company began its slide at this point. The company's rebound in 2000 was aided by strong performance…

Messages and Memos the Long-Term
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Write the memo with the purpose of convincing the vice president of operations to keep one if the company facilities implied the use of numerous concepts regarding persuasion. First and foremost, there was the order of the presented arguments, as well as the organization of the information. The introductory part took care of the parts revealing what, why and how. The content presented the arguments for and against the discussed matter. The arguments against the desired outcome were presented first, which allowed for their deconstruction through the presentation of the pro arguments, which were also more numerous and better supported. The problem was stated from a bigger perspective and it has been insisted upon the long-term advantages of reaching the desired goal. The problem was explained through a variety of perspectives, thus making it easier for the reader to understand its complexity. The expected outcome has been described in terms…


Bowman, J.P. Writing Persuasive Messages, 11 Jun. 07, 

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Sac This Memo Will Discuss the Financial
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This memo will discuss the financial condition of Sparklin Automotive Company (SAC) for the years 2005-2006. Sparklin produces spark plugs for the original equipment market (OEM) for automotive manufacturers, as well as for the automotive aftermarket. The company has recently introduced a new spark plug that offers superior performance. The content of this memo will include both a ratio analysis and other forms of financial analysis. At the conclusion of this memo will be recommendations for the company to improve its financial performance. These recommendations will be based on the financial analysis contained in the memo.

Financial analysis involves analyzing a company's financial statements to determine the health of the company. There are a number of different types of analysis, including ratio analysis and trend analysis. The former involves calculating financial ratios in order to better understand the firm's financial performance. Ratio analysis tends to use the same sets…

Works Cited:

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Knowledge Memo Knowledge Assets Memo
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The company does not currently have the knowledge assets to facilitate this expansion, having been built very carefully with limited growth and centralized control the primary goals of the founders and officers. Bringing executives with national branding and sales experience into the team is recommended in order to make these expansion efforts truly successful while maintaining the centralized control of the CEO and COO.

V. Implementation Tactics

In addition to building the company's knowledge assets by bringing experienced marketing executives on board, developing a more comprehensive knowledge management system that will allow sales and retail information to be communicated to the company's executives and to design and engineering departments as well. There will necessarily be some loss of centralized control from these changes; the company will have to become more responsive to consumer forces which means less responsive to direct control by the company officers. This will not diminish their…

Sustainability Memo Recommended Action as the New
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Sustainability Memo

Recommended Action

As the new Senior Vice President for Sustainability I believe the company should institute an Eco-Efficiency strategy. This innovative approach to the greening of our company, in a nutshell, is basically our firm doing more with less and becoming profitable at the same time.

Let me first say that a company should never seem to be "going green" just to look good or to give the impression of jumping on the bandwagon of the current wave of environmentalism and conservation. The idea of a company working towards sustainability is a noble idea, and while I realize there is a sense of caution within the executive management of our company, I trust that given careful thought and analysis, we can proceed in a sensible approach that will be beneficial financially and environmentally.

Eco-Efficiency in frank ordinary language simply means developing a sustainability program that clearly saves money…

Ethics Memo Before Making a Decision I
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Ethics Memo

Before making a decision I would want to review any disclosure statement I signed before leaving my old firm. Presumably, that disclosure statement would bar me from making any attempt to bring old clients to the new firm, and presumably, it would bar my using confidential information about clients.

However, there are limits to what disclosure statements can cover. It is likely that I don't know anything about this company my new company couldn't find out in other ways. Each company has to position itself in the marketplace, and most companies will try to have something that makes them special and unique, as it increases their competitive edge.

So, while I know these things, they aren't corporate secrets. Telling my new employer what I know about my old employer does not seem unethical to me. The real problem is that Jack McDougal may ask me to cross that…

Compliance Project This Memo Serves as a
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Compliance Project

This memo serves as a summary and a justification of the training associated with the current compliance project that is underway with Acme Corporation. This report will contain the name of the project, a brief description of the project, an identification of the stakeholders directly or indirectly involved in the project, the overall objective and expected or desired outcomes of the project, how success will be determined and defined and what is needed to decipher the value of the project to the organization.

The main reason this project is being under-taken is that Acme is in a very compliance-intensive industry, both as it pertains to Acme's own compliance concerns as well as that of the clients we serve who expect us to help them remain compliant with the law as we implement services for them.

ather than having a disjointed and, at times, disorganized set of compliance activities…


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Management Action and Productivity Businesses in Developed
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Management Action and Productivity

usinesses in developed countries tend to think of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a characteristic that is centered in their own businesses or, failing that, situated in the industries of wealthier nations. The CSR movement is substantively skewed in the direction of the developed world where the motivation for adopting a CSR initiative is driven more by altruism -- or "enlightened self-interest" (Vogel 2006: 18) -- than profit margins. It is unusual to find a perspective that considers CSR from the perspective of a sourcing company. In the centrically-oriented corporate arena of the developed world, CSR is seen as originating with the company that establishes a supply chain with a multinational company -- not the other way around. In order to manage and control ethical issues arising from doing business with overseas markets, many corporations rely on a social compliance model (PricewaterhouseCoopers 2007).

The social compliance…


Buying your way into trouble? The challenge of responsible supply chain management. 2004. Insight Investment, HBOS. London, UK: Acona Investment Consulting. Retrieved 

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Telework Telecommuting Business at
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There are advantages of telecommuting for both employees and employers. Advantages for teleworkers include: better administration of time and augmented flexibility of working schedule, productivity development due to the fact that they are not bothered by colleagues or by superiors, better focus on tasks to be done, reduction or even elimination of transportation costs, reduction of time required for going to the office and reduction of stress (Hortensia, n.d.).

Advantages for organizations include:

decrease of operating costs involved by the necessity of utilizing working spaces like rent, maintenance and insurance decrease of utilities expenses like gas, electricity and water decrease of the expenditure of consumable materials decrease of salary operating costs, as the teleworkers are paid for their task and not for their time spent at work possibility to have experts located in any part of the world and possibility to hire low cost but capable labor force, for example…


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Ethics in Business There Will
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 41279739
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Where, the organization could be placing their own objective over everything else (including: following various laws and regulations). When this occurs, you have a duty to report such improprieties to the authorities. A good example of how to wrestle with this type of moral and business dilemma can be seen with Sharon Watkins of Enron. During the spring and fall of 2001, she would distribute a series of memos encouraging top management to disclose the off the books limited partnerships (that the company was involved in). This is where they were hiding their losses, to inflate the earnings of the company. After not receiving any kind of favorable responses from management, Watkins reported what she knew to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This would help spark the investigation and eventual downfall of the company. (Ackman, 2002) This is significant, because it shows how various ethical conflicts, must be communicated to…


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Green Business - Townsend Townsend
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Use energy sound furniture; find ways to share resources when possible.

The copy-machine is a deadly waster -- try to publish as much as possible electronically (memos, presentations, etc.).

Chapter 7 -- Greening Your Products and Services- This is the face, and the crux, of the green company. Changes in philosophy and policy will help the environment internally, but to really "go green," the company must product a green or eco-friendly product. Within this, it is important to examine the product life-cycle at every step and green accordingly. Similarly, the supply chain needs to be green -- it does not work to have green practices but purchase materials made with toxins or in countries that use non-sustainable products or labor. It is, therefore, possible that some companies may face a very tough decision in discontinuing some of its products, and developing new ones, depending on the eco-audit process. In some…

Global Business Communication Global Communications
Words: 1787 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84014202
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Furthermore it has become critically necessary to be equipped technologically in handling today's increased IT demands for business communication.


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Avaya White Paper, "New Era of Intelligent…


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International Business Plan Company 'S'
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Interest in home improvement has increased dramatically in recent decades, particularly with the rise of home improvement and do-it-yourself television, magazines, and other media. But on the con side, disposable income may be reserved for fuel, not for new home amenities. Please remember that Americans are not used to paying so much for gasoline, unlike Europeans!

Furniture such as tables and chairs can also be acquired used, and there has been a new boom of second-hand merchandise exchange through online venues such as Craig's List, in addition to thrift stores and personal sales. Shopping patterns that could also threaten the's Company in America is the predominance of Wal-Mart, Costco, and other major department stores, where consumers are diverting more and more of the purchasing power. If the's Company chooses to sell mainly through its own stores, consumers might be less apt to travel to such locations, if they feel that…

Project Management Elements of Business Project Management
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Project Management

Elements of Business: Project Management

Postings to the Discussion Board

The Critical Path of PET charts

Successful realization of business goals of any organization, there has to be an efficient project management in control. Most performing organizations bare witness of how the good managerial functions and change has brought to them. The critical path will always entail the sequencing of duties and events, to ensure that a project is not delayed. The critical paths of most projects are designed in search a manner that the delay or acceleration of the entire project is determined by one activity. Once one activity is altered, it leads to the entire change of project timeline. The process of creating the critical path in most cases requires activity sequencing (Sawyer, 2009).

Prioritizing the correction of existing projects

In cases where the project has steps that follow a certain sequence, a certain task must…


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Organization Business Strategy the Organization
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Guidelines on oral and written communication with job applicants

One important guideline is that the human resources department is solely responsible for setting the policies and procedures regarding staffing and management of all aspects of the staffing process. herefore any written or oral communication to job applicants should come from the human resources department except where the management team may need to reply to an item that they are formally delegated for.

he second guideline is that all oral and written communication with job applicants should be clearly stated and in a conspicuous manner in the appropriate document. his is in order to prevent any misunderstandings or misinformation that comes from the job applicant not receiving or comprehending the message. he members of the organization should require the job applicants to acknowledge receipt or the message being passed and they should be given an opportunity to ask for clarification where…

The best way to conduct the criterion-related validity test is to seal the results then review them after a period of between 3 to 6 months after the new hires have been with the company. This way, the staffing manager will be able to assess the work performance of the new hires and correlate the results of the general ability test to their work performance. The general ability test becomes the predictor while the work performance becomes the criterion.

As in the study conducted by Ispas, Iliescu, Ilie, and Johnson (2010)

Job performance can be measured using supervisor ratings of the employees which can be collected as a part of the employees' annual or monthly performance evaluations. The performance appraisal can be based on a 5-point scale with four dimensions being evaluated. The four dimensions to be evaluated are quality of work, professional

Fli Communications Memo Communication Is
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It is therefore vital that our employees learn to communicate effectively not only with their superiors, but also with each other. Effective interpersonal communication will also stimulate the creative process much more effectively, which will help us to meet industry challenges like the ones before us now. The strength of a company is in its employees. The strength of employees is in their communication skills.

For managers, the suggestion is a number of initial meetings on a weekly basis to discuss the results of employee training and the way forward for the various communication components that will be optimal for the company. It is suggested that these meetings be held for one hour per week for four consecutive weeks. Thereafter, regular meetings could be held on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. These meetings should include various components: 1) the company's strategic plan for the immediate future; 2) the strategic plan…

Hesitant to Pursue a Career in Business
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Hesitant to Pursue a Career in Business

Whom it May Concern

Re: Why I Am Hesitant to Pursue a Career in Business

In a tough economy, most people would probably take any job they can get after they graduate from college. However, as it comes closer to graduation, I find I'm becoming more and more hesitant when I think about launching a career in business. That's because it seems there are so many unethical companies out there, that will do anything to make money, even if it kills people in the process. I'm not talking just about Enron and AIG here, who preyed on their customers and ruined the lives of many of their investors and employees. I'm talking about companies that knowingly engage in unethical business practices, just because they can. Look at the Chinese company that included melamine in its pet food, and killed hundreds of innocent pets.…

Briefing Memo
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pressures on the pulp and forest products industries at present, making prediction difficult. Some of the harsh effects of the 2001 recession began to ease in the second half of 2002, when paper prices began to firm. This segment is the largest revenue producer for the industry, so the relief was widely welcomed. However, any extraordinary effects are likely to be mitigated by the oversupply in the wood products sector. (Standard and Poor's eb site, "Current Environment.")

International Paper is considered the largest pulp and forest products company in the U.S., followed by Georgia-Pacific (GP). (Hoover's online eb site) A quick look at their financials, however, demonstrates that they are not equally successful, although both serve virtually the entire range of possible market sectors, and International Paper (IP) also serves some extra niches, producing wood-derived chemicals including crude tall oil and crude sulfate turpentine, as well as a variety of…

Works Cited

Current Environment: Paper recovery stalls but outlook firming." Standard & Poor. (2003): 

Georgia-Pacific." (2003): -- /free-co-factsheet.xhtml

Consumer Protection Memo
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Consumer Protection

Memo: Consumer Protection

In their article in the Harvard Business Review, Robinson, Viscusi & Zeckhauser (2016) argue that consumer warning labels are not effective. They resoundingly assert that the labels do not communicate adequate information for consumers, especially in terms of benefits and risks. Essentially, the current labeling system is miserably ineffective in differentiating between significant and insignificant risks, or between "wolves" and "puppies" as the authors put it. Most of the consumer warning labels place the same emphasis on both small and huge risks. Such a warning system, according to the authors of the article, is of little benefit to the consumer. In the long-term, consumers tend to disregard warnings as they come across considerably more insignificant risks (puppies) than significant risks (wolves). In other words, treating both minor and major risks with the same weight tends to increase consumers' skepticism about warnings, which may cause truly…

Ethics Memo All Employees of XYZ Corporation
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Ethics Memo

All employees of XYZ Corporation

From: Joe Smith, CEO

Re: Sustainability Marketing Strategy

Sustainability has always been a core value of XYZ Corporation. To support this value, we will soon be making sustainability a key component of our marketing campaign. The concepts of ethics, sustainability and public relations are complex, but while our marketing messages may be simple and digestible, internally our programs will reflect this complexity. We have long had an ethical code, and this will form the foundation of our ethical and sustainability policies.

The specific details of the sustainability marketing program will be outlined at a later date, but the critical takeaway right now is that the company needs to back up this marketing talk with actions -- we need to walk the talk. We cannot market sustainability by doing it, but when we do it, we lend credibility to the marketing talk in which…

Ethics Memo Ethicacy of Five Hour Energy
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Ethics Memo

Ethicacy of Five Hour Energy "No Crash Later" Claims

ecently consumer rights groups are gaining greater traction in the media with their claims that Five Hour Energy's claims of "no crash later" are inaccurate, and at worst, overstated. These claims are based on a study completed six years ago, and whose methodology is not sound (Fabregas, 2012). What's at the center of this debate is the chemical composition of Five Hour Energy and if in fact customers experience a crash after using it or not. The ethicacy of the products' claims are under attack in the media, and with the empirical studies showing evidence this is accurate. The momentum on social media continues to increase on this issue as well and the Five Hour Energy brand is in jeopardy of being negatively affected over the long-term if nothing is done. There also continues to be negative press for…


Fabregas, L. (2012, May 12). Energy shot fails to live up to name. McClatchy - Tribune Business News.

Zmuda, N., & Bruell, A. (2012). Energy drinks battle dark cloud, try to remain beverage bright spot. Advertising Age, 83(45), 8-9.

Using Social Media in Business
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Social Media Strategy Memo

Internal Memo on the Value of Social Media

VP, Marketing

Using Social Media to Listen and Connect With Customers

The many social media sites that are proliferating today are opening up new opportunities for our company to attract, sell and serve our existing customers and find new ones. The following memo provides a brief overview of the social media options available to our company to connect with customers, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of social media, and a recommendation of how we can use these new forms of communication to build strong relationships with customers and prospects.

Comparing The Advantages and Disadvantages Of How Social Media That Can Help Connect With Customers

Of the many social media sites and applications available today, there are three that are best used for connecting with customers. These include LinkedIn and Twitter. LinkedIn is a social networking site…

Improvement Memo Mr J Carver School Principle
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Improvement Memo

Mr. J. Carver (School Principle)

From: Ariel Winchester (Student)

Heated Pool Repair

Currently, the pool at our highschool is used only during the summer months. Many students benefit greatly from this in terms of physical exercise, sports prowess, and simply having fun. The pool is situated at a location that can be closed into an indoor environment. During the summer months, the roof of the premises is removed to provide students with an outdoor pool facility. However, the heating system of the swimming pool is broken, which makes it impossible for students to use the facility, even indoors, during the winter months. Since roughly half of the year is too cold for swimming in unheated waters, this creates a situation during which the pool cannot be used and tends to fall into disrepair. If the heating system is fixed, the pool will benefit both students, the staff, and…

T C Memo 2010-54 Court Decision
Words: 548 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 871757
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T.C. Memo 2010-54: The court decision located at T.C. Memo 2010-54 is that of David J. And Letitia B. Crawford v. Commissioner of Internal evenue, appearing as the petitioners and respondent respectively.

The Court that Heard the Case: The United States Tax Court. This particular court according to aabe, Whittenburg, Sanders, Sawyers, and Gill (2011) hears and determines Federal tax cases. In the words of the authors, "its jurisdiction is limited to cases concerning the various Internal evenue Codes and evenue Acts that were adopted after February 26, 1926" (aabe et al., 2011, p. 156).

The Judge(s): B.L. Garber

Case Decided on: March 22, 2010

Issues Involved:

The respondent in this case discovered a deficiency of $2, 230 in the Federal income tax of the petitioners for the year 2006 (U.S. Tax Court, 2010). As the court further points out, the deficiency was, essentially, "attributable to the respondent's disallowance of…


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