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Multiple Myeloma

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The world heath today is experiencing of cancer as a very dangerous disease. This illness often affects those individuals who are 65 years of age and above. Other predisposing factors are being an African -American and being from a family whose members have been suffered this kind of illness. Cancer can start from any part of the body as it starts it growth in cells. This can spread to other body parts casing great pain to the patients.
Multiple myeloma is a special kind of cancer caused by the malignant plasma cells. In this cancerous infection, the malignant plasma cells concentrate in the bone marrow, isolating the normally abundant plasma cells that help fight infections. These cells are different from the normal plasma cells that exist in the bone marrow whose main significance is to enhance the immune system of the body. In addition to these important cells, the immune…… [Read More]


Abraham J (2009). \\\\"Advances in multiple myeloma treatment: lenalidomide and bortezomib\\\\" Community Oncology. 6 (2): 53–55 Retrieved 18 September 18, 2017 from


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Danger of Drinking Water from Plastic Bottles

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BPA is an acronym that stands for bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical used in plastics for more than 50 years—plastics such as water bottles. While plastics have their utility in modern life, the danger of using them is that chemicals like BPA have a tendency to seep out of the plastics and into the food or water contained by the plastics (Bauer). This is all the more worrisome because BPA can have adverse health effects. Though there are no known deaths directly correlated with drinking bottled water, chemicals such as BPA cause damage eventually that can lead to terminal illnesses such as cancer.
It does not take much exposure to chemicals from plastics used to contain drinking water for the harmful effects to occur. Numerous studies have shown that chemicals like BPA are hazardous. Mariah Blake of Mother Jones reports that a 2012 study “by 12 prominent scientists…… [Read More]

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