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Child Soldier Essays (Examples)

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Children's Literature - Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia
Words: 2357 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72932879
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Children's Literature - Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown

The Shore oad Mystery

On page 12 of The Shore oad Mystery there is moment of potential stress between brothers Joe and Frank, and their Aunt Gertude, over the boys' bad move of tracking in dirt on mother's freshly vacuumed carpet. In any family, boys (and fathers) especially are prone to forget to take their shoes off (in the winter it's snow and ice; in the spring, summer and fall, it's dirt, mud, and leaves). "Frank and Joe! Look at yourselves!" their aunt barked out. And when Joe compliments his aunt of the aroma of food cooking, she urges him not to "change the subject" (a ploy boys are quite adept at), but soon she sees Joe's skinned arm and bruised forehead and notices Frank's limp (the result of the accident), and her tone changes.

The brothers loved their aunt and knew…


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Delacorte Press, 1998.

Children's Literature Author Study Most
Words: 2120 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74081081
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In spite o the accusations of being a misogynist and encouraging the young minds to embrace such theories related to gender stereotypes, Polly and Diggory, the first two children to populate the series, are far from impersonating stereotypes. Polly appears to be a smart and sensitive young girl, wiser to some degree than her friend, Diggory. In opposition to the children who regardless of their gender, seem to share similar degrees of intelligence, courage and common sense, the adults they describe as part of their reality are more likely to express what to some degree could be the result of certain personal convictions of the author in the two fields of gender that are not very flattering for women in general.

Nevertheless, the novels of the Chronicles are valuable, among other things, because of their potential to enchant, keep the reader interested and intrigued all the way up to the…

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Slavery Among Women and Children
Words: 2646 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Other Paper #: 18732287
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Globalization and Social/Human Injustices

Human slavery/sex trafficking

The menace of slavery and trafficking for purpose of sexual exploitation is a menace that greatly neglected or not talked about by the high and mighty yet it is a problem that ravages families on a daily basis. Across the globe, there are people who benefit from the modern day slavery and there are countries that act as source, most of them being the underdeveloped nations where poverty is high and unemployment is also significantly high. These two factors when combined, often push affected families to willingly or otherwise let go of their daughters into the forced labor or sex slavery in more developed nations. The women and children are the most affected groups in the slavery business since they are the most vulnerable in the society. Against the common belief that slavery is obsolete, the opening up of more borders and easy…


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Soldiers Who Fought in World War II
Words: 942 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93767701
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soldiers who fought in World War II and Vietnam. The writer illustrates many of the differences as well as similarities in the two war soldiers and uses movies and book sot underscore the point. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

The life of soldiers during times of combat has often been compared. It seems that many people believe all experiences of war are identical and if a soldier is in one war, then his experiences were identical to the experiences of a soldier in a different war. At first glance there is some merit to this mind set. Many experiences are the same without regard to the war in question. Soldiers who have to kill, and those who go through boot camp have similar training. While there are many similarities in the soldiers of war and their experiences there are also many differences. These differences are founded…


O'Brien, Tim (1999). If I Die in a Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home

Broadway Books; ISBN: 0767904435; Reprint edition (August 31, 1999)

Stone, Oliver. (1986). Platoon

Rodat, Robert (1998).Saving Private Ryan.

Soldiers' Poems Isaac Rosenberg's British
Words: 467 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 18451017
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"Red fangs have torn His face. / God's blood is shed."

In contrast, the German soldier August Stramm presents words in rapid-fire succession in his poem "ar grave." The poem's list is designed to hit the reader like a round of gunfire. Instead of the crafted image of the snow that begins Rosenberg's poem, Stramm merely says: "Flowers impudent/Dust shyly./Flare/ater/Glast/Forgotten." The impudent flowers mock the sacrifice of the men who lie amongst the dust. There is a flare in the background, the flowers are watered by rain, and time goes on as men are forgotten. Not a single wasted word exists in this tribute to the waste of young life.

Ideologically, the great difference between Rosenberg's conventional ode to the dead and Stramm's symbolic work is the presence of God: in Rosenberg's poem, God is a palpable presence: "He mourns from His lone place/His children dead." For Stramm, there is…

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Soldiers Came Back From World
Words: 1493 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72116941
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Westerns soon developed into a staple of TV land. The independence and strength of the characters epitomized the ideals that made America so unique. Families sat down with their TV dinners to watch such shows as " Gunsmoke," the Lone Ranger," the Rifleman," Have Gun, Will Travel," and " Maverick." You were not anybody unless you could sing the theme songs of each show.

Moviegoers were also being drawn into the theaters by the monster/science-fiction movies. About 500 film features and shorts were produced under this broad theme in the 1950s and early 1960s, explains the 50s B-Movie website. ne might argue convincingly that never in the history of motion pictures has any other genre developed and multiplied so rapidly in so brief a period. As Paul Michael comments, "n a sheer statistical basis, the number of fantasy and horror films of the 1950s... has not been equaled in any…

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Parent With a Young Child and a
Words: 994 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17632597
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parent with a young child and a demanding job -- whether it is a mother or a father -- has challenges that a family with both parents on board does not experience, in most cases. And when you add to the equation the fact that the single parent in this case is a male in the U.S. Army, there are complications and serious work-life balance issues to be addressed. After all, the health and care of the child in question must be at the top of the list of priorities, along with the employment of the father and the balance of the conflicting challenges and issues.

As a single dad with a young child, I already face challenges when it comes to raising my child, providing a good home and good health for the child; but in addition I am in the U.S. Army and my duties and responsibilities necessarily…

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Black's Law Dictionary 1991 Child
Words: 5968 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76815004
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Moreover, it is unclear whether Jim has attempted to reestablish any meaningful contact with his children; rather, his entire focus has been on becoming a better person. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that goal in and of itself (it is, after all, a universal human quality), he appears to have pursued this goal to the total exclusion of making any substantive reparations to his family. Finally, it is interesting that Jim somehow feels compelled to tell others -- including potential employers -- about his criminal past and his current status in treatment, as if this ongoing commitment to all-out honesty somehow absolves him from a deceptive and duplicitous history, or at least helps to explain it (which it does if one is interested). According to Jim, "Entering into society again was very difficult. I had lost my business, my friends and was now divorced. After leaving jail, I…


Black's law dictionary. (1991). St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co.

Bryant, J.K. (2009, June). School counselors and child abuse reporting. Professional School

Counseling, 12(5), 130-132.

Bryant, J. & Milsom, a. (2005, October). Child abuse reporting by school counselors.

Effects of Deployments on Children
Words: 2177 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37655377
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Military Children and the Effects of Long Deployments on Them

Over the last several years, the children of parents who are serving in the military are facing increasing amounts of scrutiny. This is because one or both of their parents are being sent on long deployments to Afghanistan. These shifts are directly resulting in them and their caregivers having to make dramatic adjustments. (Wells, 2012)

According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), they found that their ability to adjust will involve the family situation, age and their environment. These factors are leading to some adapting more effectively than others. Evidence of this can be seen with observations from the report which says, "Children's reactions to deployment-related parental absence vary by age, developmental stage, and other individual and family factors. While young children are likely to exhibit externalizing behavior such as anger and attention difficulties, school-age…


Report on the Impact of Deployment. (2010). Military One Source. Retrieved from: 


Baker, L. (2009). Developmental Issues Impacting Military Families. Military Medicine, 174 (1),

Parenting Programs Child Abuse Child Abuse
Words: 1277 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31634464
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For example, Leventhal (2001) analyzed different intervention methodology and implementation of home-based services aimed at preventing abuse and neglect as well as promoting the health and development of the infant and mother, by specifically looking at the Healthy Families Olds' models.

Kass and colleagues (2003) from Fight Crime: Invest in Kids argue that the cycle of violence can be prevented with intervention methods including parenting education. oberts, Wolman and Harris-Looby (2004, p. 101) state that "teaching students parenting skills may be the most cost-effective way to reduce violent and abusive behaviors and prevent the transfer of violent behaviors from generation to generation." They found that for less than $1,000, Project Baby Care, a parental training program developed for adolescents proved successful in improving parental knowledge and skills and attitudes toward caring for an infant.

Another study (Hughs & Gottlieb, 2004), regarding the effects of the Webster-Stratton parenting program on parenting…


Belsky, J. & Vondra, J. (1989), 'Lessons from child abuse: The determinants of parenting', in D. Cicchetti & V. Carlson (Eds), Child Maltreatment: Theory and Research on the Causes and Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect, New York: Cambridge University Press, 153-202.

Chalk, R. & King, P.A. (Eds) (1998), Violence in Families: Assessing Prevention and Treatment Programs, Washington DC: National Academy Press,

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Fine, M.J. (1980), Handbook on Parent Education, Academic Press, New York.

Returning American Born Children to
Words: 971 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 55212961
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The plight of American born children forced to reside outside of the United States because of their dependent and minority age statuses, begs the question of whether or not these children, if raised in third world countries like Mexico, Nicaragua, or Columbia, can ever achieve the promise of the American dream upon return to the United States, which has, in their absence, become foreign to them, and they foreign amongst their peer group?

The subject of immigration, especially that which moves daily across the Mexican-American border, is an emotional and tense issue, and one into which a new breath of life is breathed during every presidential election. There is no denying the economic impact of illegal immigration on the United States; it is a serious problem. This, however, does not make it acceptable to wreak potential economic havoc on a U.S. born citizen that is, on an individual level, just…

Reference List

Rodriguez, Gregory (2008). Mongrels, Bastards, Orphans and Vagabonds: Mexican

Immigration and the . Random House Publishing, New York, NY. Book.

Simon, Julian Lincoln (1999). The Economic Consequences of Immigration, University

of Michigan. Book.

Professional Ball Players Making More Money Than Soldiers in Combat
Words: 1603 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 95245425
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message to people in our society that professional baseball players and other athletes make more than soldiers in combat. This message must be fundamentally questioned, given the disproportionate degree of significance we give to the careers of athletes. Big name athletes are touted as role models, while ordinary soldiers are largely ignored, or at best given a few words in print if they distinguish themselves heroically in combat. The discrepancy between the utility of certain occupations such as soldiers and nurses, versus occupations such as professional baseball players and entertainers, and the disproportionate salaries made by the latter have caused many to question the fairness of how salaries are allocated within our society. Many of the arguments cited in favor of professional athletes' salaries could easily apply to other high-risk professions. This paper argues in favor of reducing baseball players' salaries through more aggressive salary caps as a way of…

Works Cited

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Irony in Soldier's Home -- Irony Is
Words: 2943 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29871604
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Irony in "Soldier's Home" -- Irony is a device used by writers to let the audience know something that the characters in the story do not know. There is usually a descrepancyt between how things appear and the reality of the situation. Often the characters do not seem aware of any conflict between appearances and the reality, but the audience or reader is aware of the conflict because the writer has used irony in the story. Whatever the emotion of the story is, irony heightens it.

There is a strong element of irony in Ernest Hemingway's painful story "Soldier's Home." Harold, who served in the Army in World War I on the bloodiest battlefields, comes home too late to be welcomed as a hero. We know he needed to be treated as a hero (because he makes up lies about himself) but the townsfolk and his parents do not. While…

Deployment on Soldiers and Their
Words: 596 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17023013
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In wartime, those hardships pale in comparison to the emotional anxiety associated with the natural concerns for the health, safety, and welfare of loved ones. Every news report about U.S. personnel killed or wounded in the theater in which their loved ones serve is a source of anxiety and fear until family members can confirm that the casualties did not involve their loved ones. Meanwhile, everyday civilian life must go on despite the fact that fathers and mothers cannot attend many of the ordinary events in the lives of their children that civilian families often take for granted. Upon their safe return, their prolonged absence is associated with higher than normal rates of marital problems and divorce, even without specific precipitating factors such as depression or PTSD (McGirk, 2009).


Unfortunately, there may be no solution for many of the natural consequences of prolonged military deployment simply by virtue of…


McGirk T. "The Hell of PTSD" Time; Vol. 174, No. 21 (2009): 40-43

Red Color News Soldier Questions
Words: 1162 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 32763642
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5. I was surprised at the idiosyncrasies of Zhensheng's self-portraits. His stance and defiant expression shows that China was not ideologically homogenous at the time. People like Zhensheng found a way to express dissent and anger, even if they often faced repercussions for their brave actions.

6. The Cultural Revolution was not fully extinguished until 1976, after a prolonged power struggle within the Chinese government. This illustrates the vulnerability of ordinary people's lives in a dictatorship: one minute it was 'counterrevolutionary' to support certain politicians, like Deng Xiaoping, and then, not so long afterwards it was considered patriotic to support Deng.

7. The role of women was surprising -- in the countryside, women were often required to labor as hard as their male counterparts, including pulling wheelbarrows to irrigate a field.

8. Early on in the Revolution, children supported the actions of the People's Liberation Army. This made me wonder…

Works Cited

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American Children Walk Into a
Words: 1855 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 33439657
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Hopefully, regardless of what happens in the rest of the communication world and media, such magazines either in print, electronic or digital form will continue to amaze children.

nfortunately, most young adult books have hit rock bottom, dealing with death, abuse, divorce, sexuality and all the other topics that these youth are bombarded with day after day. It is recognized that youths need to deal with the problems that are facing them, and living in a fantasy world is not helpful. However, do they ever have a time to "chill" as they say it? However, the Twilight Vampire Series is really not the answer to this. It has, what is said, little "redeeming value."

It's difficult deciding on a best YA book and not going back to the classics. The best bet is finding a book that offers imagination, education and entertainment. There are few, but Rebecca Stead's When You…

Unfortunately, most young adult books have hit rock bottom, dealing with death, abuse, divorce, sexuality and all the other topics that these youth are bombarded with day after day. It is recognized that youths need to deal with the problems that are facing them, and living in a fantasy world is not helpful. However, do they ever have a time to "chill" as they say it? However, the Twilight Vampire Series is really not the answer to this. It has, what is said, little "redeeming value."

It's difficult deciding on a best YA book and not going back to the classics. The best bet is finding a book that offers imagination, education and entertainment. There are few, but Rebecca Stead's When You Reach Me comes close. It combines the best elements of recent classics, such as A Wrinkle in Time as well as fun TV game shows like the $20,000 Pyramid, and a story about a girl, Miranda, whose structured world becomes a little more interesting. Miranda's bestest friend Sal stops talking to her he is beat up by Marcus. Marcus then challenges Miranda with arguments about her favorite book, A Wrinkle in Time, and finds flaws in L'Engle's time-travel narrative. Next, Miranda starts receiving notes from someone who seems to know the future. The book's earlier setting in 1980 gets away from all the heavy themes of today and back into "easier" life with Mom on the $20,000 Pyramid.

This is a book that can be enjoyed by readers and nonreaders alike and can be utilized in a variety of different ways for book reports. The teen and pre-teen readers can rely on many different visual arts, TV/film and drama to convey what they have learned from the book. It is also a great book for smaller groups of students to work together for a team project. Forget the horrible Twilight and instead focus on multithematic books like When You Reach Me.

Buffalo Soldiers Atsa-Dt-Ls Memorandum for
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33834903
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b. Synopsis.

i. The Civil War is over, Congress establishes peacetime troops, and arranges for black soldiers to serve in their own units led by white officers. The black troops, filthy, without uniforms, and underfed, meet their new Sargeant Major Roscoe Brassard. Brassard is angered by their sad appearance and the fact that they are hungry and quickly goes about correcting their living conditions. They make the trip to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.

1. Augustus Talbot is a slave. He was kidnapped by Kiowi Indians and kept several years by them, then sold to a farmer, who required him to shoot buffalo for the skins. A party of Buffalo Soldiers comes upon him, there is an altercation, and Augustus' master dies. The soldiers take Augustus back to the fort with them and recommend that he be inducted because of his sharp shooting abilities and because his years living with…

4. The Indians come back the next morning and attack the Agency. The Buffalo Soldiers "responded with withering fire from their Spencers, repulsing the attack," and thus prove their mettle. Selona's father Moss Liberty dies from his wounds after extracting a promise from Augustus that he will take care of Selona. Augustus and Selona get married the following week. And begin a life together.

5. While out on patrol, Augustus meets the brother of his former owner who tells him that his former owner's farm has been foreclosed by the bank and that he (the brother) is going to buy the farm, plough it under, and plant cotton. Augustus' parents are both buried there. Augustus digs up their graves and takes their bones home for proper burial.

A iii. In Part 3, (1880-1882) at Fort Davis Selona and Augustus have one child Adrian and adopt another, David, born the same week, whose mother died. They have a

Hispanic Soldiers PTSD the American
Words: 3058 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84885304
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Although the absolute magnitude of group differences on measures such as the BDI may appear moderate, the finding that 22% of troops deployed to the Persian Gulf reported at least mild levels of depression on the BDI compared to 9% of those who served stateside within the first year of such military duty is of clinical significance (p. 422)."

Amy B. Adler (1996), writing for Military Psychology, points out that soldiers experiencing the highest levels of combat stress were those exposed to dead troops and civilians, but exposure to their own fallen comrades, people with whom they had bonded, resulted in the highest levels of stress (p. 2).

The goals of the study were to identify the extent of PTS symptomatology following redeployment and to identify the relation between such symptoms and rank and type of traumatic exposure. It was hypothesized that soldiers who had been exposed to the most…

Works Cited 

Adler, Amy B. "Combat Exposure and Posttraumatic Stress Symptomatology among U.S. Soldiers Deployed to the Gulf War." Military Psychology 8.1 (1996): 1-14. Questia. 7 Mar. 2008

Hemingway Analysis the Returning of Soldiers From
Words: 2978 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60519256
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Hemingway Analysis

The Returning of Soldiers from Combat in America

"Soldiers Home"

Although Earnest Hemmingway's, "Soldiers Home" (187) was written in 1925, and the war at that time was different, there are several things in the story that still ring true today for servicemen. In "Soldiers Home" (187) Krebs, the main character in the story goes through some changes while he is away fighting in the Marine Corps. Krebs was a young man from Kansas who is in college at the time that he is drafted into the Marine Corps. So he leaves his friends and family to go overseas to fight for his country, as do the young men and women of todays armed forces. As told by the author Krebs fights in some of the toughest battles that were ever fought, "Belau ood, Soissons, Champagne St. Mihiel, and The Argonne Forrest" (187), he feels out of place when…

With Krebs not really trusting his parents, and his loss of love as well the author shows the reader several issues that can affect a soldier returning home from combat. Along with the loss of interest in relationships, and not having a reason to interact with the towns people or even listen to his parents, they all show some of the struggles facing returning servicemen and women then and today, and that they have faced upon their return from foreign places where they have been busily waging war for the entire twentieth century (Associated Content)

The problems with the American soldier returning home from combat are worse than people may think. They go a lot deeper than people may think. They can range from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, hearing loss, anxiety, depression, and even isolation. These are the problems that are unseen by society and have been written about since at least 1925. Hemingway's story is not prescient or "ahead of its tie" because it recognized and described the issues of coming home from war in ways that can be identified with modern diagnoses and that reflect modern experiences. Instead, it is the simple commonality of the experiences of warfare that existed in the First World War and that still exist in today's military conflicts that makes this work still relevant. The fact that Hemingway so accurately describes a case of post Traumatic Stress Disorder doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that this disorder still exists, and for the same reasons it existed nearly a hundred years ago. Until mankind learns to end warfare, traumas like those experienced by Krebs and by real soldiers in ongoing wars will continue to lead to the development f psychological disorders like PTSD as described in "Soldier's Home" and by countless servicemen and servicewomen that have served honorably in places of combat today.

As Krebs returns home from war in 1919, he is faced with issues of being back in the civilian society. Whether a soldier fought in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Somalia, or Iraq and Afghanistan, the problems of the returning veteran are handled the same then as they are now personally, within the soldier and with the general public.

2005 John Ellsworth Father of Deceased Soldier
Words: 1142 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1430515
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2005, John Ellsworth, father of deceased soldier Justin Ellsworth, made national news when he asked to be granted access to his deceased son's e-mails. Twenty-year-old Justin had been killed in Fallujah on November 13, 2004, by a roadside bomb. The least, Mr. Ellsworth could do, the father felt, was to collect these e-mails that his son had written whilst in Iraq and fashion them into some sort of memorial. Yahoo! refused. They had promised privacy to their clients and they could not break the promise regardless of the situation. It was only after a Michigan probate court ordered them to release the e-mails that Yahoo complied.

The case reveals two types of ethics. Yahoo! On the one hand epitomized the deontological way of thinking that norms of right and wrong exist and cannot be breached regardless of the situation. The judge, however, took the family's happiness into account and, by…


Ferrera, JJ & Darrow GF (2005) WHO OWNS A DECEDENT'S E-MAILS:



HU, J. (Dec. 21, 2004) Yahoo denies family access to dead marine's e-mail

Effects of Current Deployments on National Guard and Reserve Soldiers and Families
Words: 1259 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54234436
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Deployments on National Guard and eserve Soldiers and Families

The use of reserve components for support of "overseas contingencies has increased significantly since September 11, 2001, and the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq."[footnoteef:1] This has resulted in a great impact on the members of the reserve forces and their families upon deployment of these members of the National Guard services to Afghanistan and Iraq. It is related in the work of the "Defense Science Task Force on Deployment of Members of the National Guard and eserve in the Global War on Terrorism "that while children's "behavioral responses and mental health status during noncombat or routine deployments relate to the level of concurrent family stressors and/or maternal psychopathology…" that "…less is known about children from U.S. military families during a time of war or about the impact on children and families of a parent's combat experience or the combat deployment…


Defense Science Task Force on Deployment of Members of the National Guard and Reserve in the Global War on Terrorism (2007) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Washington, DC Retrieved from: 

Elliott, Matt (2010) Q&A with Stacy Bannerman. PBS. 19 Aug 2010. Retrieved from:

Gever, John (nd) Extended Military Deployments to Combat Areas Increase Stress, Anxiety and Depression among Families. MedPage Today. Retrieved from: 

Mansfield, A.J. et al. (2007) Deployment and the Use of Mental Health Services among U.S. Military Wives. All Military. Retrieved from:

Mil Spouse the Life of the Soldier
Words: 847 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25559681
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Mil Spouse

The life of the soldier is often examined throughout society today in many different formats, but often left out as a part of the story is the better half of the subject. Military spouses have their own unique story which helpfully contextualize the role and dedication to duty these entire families must endure. The purpose of this essay is to help bring understanding to the subject of military spouses by contrasting the beneficial and non-beneficial traits of this role. I will explore this subject by demonstrating the additional physical, emotional and spiritual requirements I have learned that are needed to attain in order to reach a sense of normalcy and purpose within their lives and relationships.

Military life can be divided into two distinct periods. These periods are defined by when the soldier is either home or deployed away from home on a mission. The roles of the…

Feminist Heroines in Children's Literature from Baum to Montgomery
Words: 2243 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57827103
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Children's Literature Research

The Changing Representation of Female Characters and Feminist Heroines in Children's Literature from Baum to Montgomery
Once children can read, they are cast into the literature world – characters, themes, settings, and plots. Children's literature brings concepts like friendship, nature, education, discovery, religion, and the structure and operation of society so that the child feels connected to the material. Some have argued that children's literature only comes to existence when it can portray child or child-like characters or appeal to the child's point of view (Grenby, 2007, p.277). children's literature has a long, global history that originates in the traditional and folk oral tales. In Britain, children's books can be traced back to the eighteenth century, with such classics as John Newbery's A Little Pretty Pocket-Book (1744). In the nineteenth century, children's books formed a distinguishable genre within the literary world. Expansion of children's literature to…

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English Men Women and Children
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The scientists could then begin a genealogical study to exclude the possibility of a later introduction of the Y-chromosome into the family line (DNA Project website).

An archaeological dig was begun last summer at the oanoke site to see if any additional information can be determined about what took place. Scientists have done several excavations since the late 1940s, finding artifacts undoubtedly left by the colonists such as remains from Hariot's science laboratory. In 2000, National Park Service archaeologists with ground-penetrating radar found rectangular-shaped objects buried beneath several feet of sand. Yet they have not found the site of the colonists' village. Since some relics have found under water, it is possible that what is left of the settlement has eroded and is under water. Disagreement exists about this between researchers (National Geographic).

Despite their debates about where the colonial village may have been located, the experts agree that the…

References Cited

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Aristotle & Cicero on Rhetoric as Children
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Aristotle & Cicero on hetoric

As children we are conditioned to a particular form of discourse that is framed by a significantly complex set of variables including our culture, gender, ethnicity, birth order, political identity and power, religion, and personality. How we employ words, in what context, and with what relative level of effectiveness is determined by all of these factors and more. hetoric is, however effectively argued over, a tool to be used within verbal discourse with the intent to convince others of a particular point-of-view. Political speech is perhaps the most obvious form of rhetoric we experience, but it is also employed in attempts to sell us things, to get others to go on dates, to win jobs and promotions, and to teach our children lessons on how to live life. hetoric's power is in its ability to convince - to win over people to a particular "side,"…


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Human Trafficking
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Child Soldiers:

One of the most alarming trends across the globe in the past few years has been the increased participation of children in armed conflicts as soldiers. According to a report by the United Nations, the exploitation of children and involvement in armed conflict is an issue that must come to an end. The report states that the increased involvement of children in armed conflict as soldiers is created by adults, which implies that it can only be eradicated by adults ("Children at Both Ends of the Gun" par, 2). As children have been increasingly exploited to participate in war as soldiers, there is an ever-growing need for an international campaign to demobilize child soldiers and stop their use in such conflicts. One of the major ways to stop this trend is for governments to denounce the practice of forced recruitment, which constantly put children in armed conflicts against…

Works Cited:

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Suspect Just Like Any Other
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The convention entitles those who have not attained 18 years to special protection. State parties admitting those under the age of 18 into their national armed forces under voluntary recruitment must ensure that such recruitments are genuinely voluntary. Informed consent of the parents of such recruits has to be sought. ecruits have to be fully informed of their engagements in such military service. The protocol forbids armed groups that are not armed forces of states from enlisting those under the age of 18 years into their ranks as to take part in armed conflicts. State parties are called upon to ensure that legal measures are taken against armed groups that recruit individuals below the age of 18. State parties must ensure that the principles and provisions of this protocol are known and promoted. Other than the optional protocol there exists international humanitarian law that safeguards the rights of a child.…

References List

Badescu, C.G. (2010). Humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect: security and human rights. New York, NY: Taylor and Francis

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Expanding the Boundary of Ethics
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" Of course the Convention claims that children are a special interest, with the need for special rights, but in the world of public opinion, special interests are too often framed as only benefiting one interest at the expense of others. Acknowledging that the establishment and maintenance of special rights for children is merely the development of further tools for the successful maintenance of an equitable society precludes this pigeonholing, because it frames helping children as a means of helping everyone.

Nonetheless, a potential drawback of using an NGO to work for the rights of the child remains in the fact that focusing on this issue does mean that other specific issues will not be granted the same time and money, but even here one may note that focusing on the rights of the child can actually work towards improving the time and money available for other issues, because once…

Works Cited

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of the Child. 1990. Print. .

Abduction of Innocence Though Adults
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D., a senior child-protection specialist with the Christian Children's Fund. "You don't falter. You don't disobey. Any show of weakness and you're killed" (Amber, 2004).

Hamer (2010) writes "Child soldiers were portrayed as having no connections in society, without skills, incompetent and prone to violence, and it was strongly implied that they were trapped in a vicious circle and that they would always experience difficulties in returning to a non-violent routine because they had been actors and witnesses of too many atrocities during the war (p. 54).

Post Traumatic Stress

It is possible to identify with captors by other means as well. Due to their age and size children are basically powerless in the world. By identifying with their tormentors it is possible for children to gain a strong sense of power, denied to them by other means. By following orders they may come to believe they will receive additional…


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High Degree of Misinformation I Had Received
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high degree of misinformation I had received from traditional teachings about the church and the beginning of Christianity. Moreover, I was struck by the notion that most other people in the Western world receive this same degree of intentional misinformation, so much so that I have even heard people defend the idea that knowledge of the historical church is irrelevant to modern Christianity. Reading through the class material, I was struck by how critical this historical information was to the understanding of the actual church. One critical piece of information is the idea of Jesus as the head of the church, despite him not establishing Christianity as a separate religion. Another critical idea was that prophets could play a continuing role in Christianity, when my traditional understanding had suggested that after Jesus there would be no more Jewish prophets. I also found myself wondering about the very obvious and significant…

Nurse Take Risks Every Day
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Caring is not simply a demonstration of sympathy and empathy for an individual's particular situation, as focusing on such might impair the ability of the nurse to look at long and short-term health goals that could be uncomfortable but might realistically assist the patient to maintain a better quality of life in the near future. Caring for those who are limited in ability to do so themselves, children, soldiers, the poor and the elderly and this is the historical precedence of nursing in general. The text of this course stresses that the development of nursing, like many other caring professions had a great deal to do with the need to provide professional caring to those who were at risk, and lacking the family and economic connection that was the basis for the maintenance of health in earlier times.

Urbanization, war, immigration and the reduction of the numbers of extended families…

Jake Barone Mrs Ritter Humanity and Empathy
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Jake Barone

Mrs. Ritter

Humanity and Empathy

ar Tears Families Apart

The thought of "war" conjures images of men in combat, but what of the families left behind? Throughout history, families have watched their men go to war. In more recent history, they have watched their women go to war as well. These soldiers are sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, and fathers and mothers. The families they leave behind are affected when someone goes to war. There is continual worry when a soldier is deployed; families worry for their soldier's safety and pray for his safe return. People go to war all over the world and the stress experienced by families is the same. There are no cultural or ethnic boundaries when it comes to the effects of war on a family. ar tears families apart and family life may never again be the same as…

Work Cited

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Tamil Tigers
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Tamil Tigers

hen the word terrorism or terrorist is spoken, the immediate image for most people is the likes of Al Qaida and the bombings of the London Subway or the 9/11 attacks on American soil. This is a very limited understanding of terrorist groups. In almost every nation, religion, and ethnic group, there are factions of individuals who are dedicated to a political cause. They are so dedicated that they are willing to commit acts of violence on a large scale in order to make their point and force those in power to satisfy their demands. Most often, these groups have an agenda which is antithetical to the aims and best interests of the larger population; something that does not matter to them. Terrorists will do whatever it is they deem necessary in order to achieve their ends. The base word terror explains exactly how they choose to force…

Works Cited:

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Relations. 2009.

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Conflict in Drc Case Study Conflict in
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Conflict in DC (Case Study)

Conflict in DC

Conflict in the Democratic epublic of Congo

Background of DC Conflict

The Democratic epublic of Congo (DC), otherwise also known as epublique Democratique du Congo from their French masters and formerly Zaire is a nation situated in Central Africa boasting of a very brief coastline that runs approximately 37 Kms. DC is the third largest country in the entire Africa and stands at 12th position in terns of size in the world scale with 2,345 Square Kms (U.S. Department of State, 2010). It is the eight in the world in terms of population and fourth in Africa with the 71 million populations.

DC is neighbored by Central Africa epublic and Sudan from the northern side, the Atlantic Ocean is on its West, to the south Zambia and Angola border it and wanda, Uganda and Burundi are its neighbors to the East.



Claudia Rodriguez, (2007). Sexual Violence in South Kivu, Congo, Forced Migration

Retrieved February 11, 2011 from 

Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa, (2011). Democratic

Republic of the Congo. Retrieved February 10, 2011 from

Thomas Wolfe It Was He
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Many expatriates are able to find large communities of their own nationalities far flung from their homes, and this in another significant factor in the choice of expatriates to stay away from home (United Nations, 2006).

When people of any origin begin to build their own community in a new place, it is harder for them to move away from that which has become safe and familiar.

Perhaps, of all people, the African-Americans who were originally brought to the new world as slaves suffer from not being truly able to return home again. Brought to a country against their will, forced to take on names unfamiliar to their tongue and work for men who claimed dominance and supremacy above them, the African-American population is quite possibly the most interesting diaspora of all. The Museum of African Diaspora provides and interesting look into a culture trying to regain itself, by slave…


Mulcahy, M. & Fitzgibbon, M.T. The Voice of the Irish People: Songs and History of Ireland. Dublin: O'Brien Press. 1982

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Accessed via the Internet on 23 October 2006 at

Global Governance Human Security
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.....pursuing graduate studies for professional and personal advancement. A graduate program for professional improvement will prime me for a profession in business, civil service, and nonprofit settings. The programs merge discipline-specific and complex coursework with competence such as critical thinking, multitasking/time management, and analytical thinking that are carried over even with change of profession. Moreover, completing a graduate degree signifies steadfastness, purpose, strength of mind and resilience, and individuals who possess these notable qualities are in great demand to fill innumerable positions. According to NYU (2015), my advancement within an organization lies in my ability to prove success in a long-term state requiring strength, discipline, and the willingness to work cooperatively with others.

On the personal level, earning a graduate degree will not only expand and strengthen my education, but it will also instill significant skills and fresh knowledge to become a successful frontrunner and innovator at the conclusion of…

Human Security in Asia
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Threats to security are seen to come not only from external military aggression but also from a myriad of internal challenges -- separatist movements, social unrest, or the collapse of the political system." -- Anwar 2003,

With the international attention given to "military aggression," especially external military aggression, in recent years, it is easy to allow one's idea of was security means to become clouded with Hobbesian and Machiavellian notions of armed conflict, with "war on terror" images of military and intelligence operations hunting down terrorists, and with the debate on nuclear proliferation in developing (or underdeveloped) nations like Iran and North Korea. What these definitions of security lack, however, is a full understanding of the term; military operations and protection from terrorist attacks are most certainly important factors in a nation's security, however, they are far from being the total measure of peace and stability in a society.


Stockholm Initiative on Global Security and Governance, 1991. Common Responsibility in the 1990s. Stockholm: Prime Minister's Office.

Timothy, K., 2004. "Human Security Discourse at the United Nations," in Peace Review, 16(1), pp. 19-24.

United Nations Development Program, Human Development Report, 1994.

International Law and Human Trafficking
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The new law has prosecuted 426 traffickers in 203 cases. These traffickers had 844 victims in that year alone. This law imposes penalties from 10 years imprisonment to life imprisonment (Kyodo).

Myanmar: Effective or Not?

The capacity of the national government in fighting the problem of human trafficking has been limited (UNODC 2007). It is particularly limited in implementing policy changes in remote areas where traffickers operate. Anti-trafficking groups are looking into the situation. The UNODC addresses the issue by implementing projects and participating in partnership initiatives in the country. These projects and initiatives include increasing public awareness of the problem, provision of technical assistance for the law enforcement sector and the judiciary, greater and easier access to service providers and enhancing their capabilities (UNODC).


Reports say that Cambodia is a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking ( 2009). Human traffickers consist of organized crime syndicates, parents,…


CIA. Russia. The World Fact Book: Central Intelligence Agency, 2009. Retrieved on April 23, 2009 from 

Gekht, Anna. Shared but Differentiated Responsibility Integration of International

Obligations in Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings. Denver Journal

International Law and Policy: University of Denver, 2008. Retrieved on April

Human Trafficking Essay
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The Inextricable Correlation between Human Trafficking and Prostitution


Despite ongoing efforts by the international community, human trafficking remains a global problem today. Tens of thousands of men, women and children are routinely exploited by human traffickers each year, and the practice generates billions of dollars in criminal proceeds at home and abroad. In fact, after drugs and gun-running, sex trafficking is the largest source of money for criminal organizations in the United States. Given the enormity of the problem and the vast sums of money that are involved, it is not surprising that the international community has not been successful in eliminating this practice. To determine the facts, this paper provides an analysis of the relevant literature concerning the correlation between prostitution and human trafficking to demonstrate that the two have an inextricable but difficult to quantify effect on each other. A summary of the research and important findings…

Systems of Power and Inequality in Early
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Systems of Power and Inequality

In early March of 2012, a 28-minute video on the plight of African children received more than 21 million YouTube views. The video vividly depicts how the guerilla warlord Joseph Kony, leader of the Lords esistance Army (LA), reportedly abducted over 60,000 children who were subsequently forced to become child soldiers or sex slaves over the course of the civil war. Captured children who did not cooperate as said to have been mutilated and murdered. Production and dissemination of the video was a result of the efforts of an American charity called Invisible Children. In interviews with the press following the viral reception of the video, Invisible Children campaigner Jason ussell stressed the importance of the video as an example of how social media allows people all over the world to actually see other people -- see, as in the struggles, challenges, plights, and victories…


Anderson, M.L. And Hill Collins, P. (2009). Race, Class & Gender: An Anthology (7th ed.). Wadsworth Publishing.

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English Humanities Honors Class Teacher Mrs Vogt
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English Humanities Honors class. teacher Mrs. Vogt, period 1, Spring 2012. questions, call [HIDDEN]

Gun laws around the world

Gun laws are a particularly divisive issue around the world, as they are often associated with more or less alarming crime levels. hile people are generally inclined to support the expression "guns don't kill people; people kill people," it is only safe to assume that crimes are largely dependent on gun laws. Some countries are known to express zero tolerance regarding gun ownership while others promote the belief that it is perfectly normal for guns to be accessible to the masses. Particular groups believe that harsh gun laws are imposed by bigoted politicians who are unable to understand matters from an objective point-of-view and certain communities consider that gun ownership needs to be controlled using severe means. All things considered, gun laws worldwide differ on account of Constitutions and depending on…

Works cited:

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Corruption When We Think of
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" It should be noted that Perriello supported a "Republican version" ( of PAYGO that supported stronger restrictions on spending. In defense of this vote, he says, "This was a great chance to really get our budget under control, and I was glad to stand up and vote for the kind of smart fiscal policy that folks in the Fifth District expect" (Perriello qtd. On Perriello even posted an update on Twitter, stating that he was "very pleased that PAYGO passed the House" ( Perriello believes that responsible spending is not an issue for Democrats or Republicans but rather an "American issue" (Perriello qtd. On Perriello states that while both of these bills contain good ideas, he wishes "we could have combined ideas from both sides of the aisle to produce a better, bi-partisan solution" (Perriello qtd. On hile still a freshman in ashington, Perriello has demonstrated…

Works Cited

Gibson, Bob. "Perriello Enters Race for 5th seat; Hopeful Seeks to Bring Faith, Global Experience to D.C." The Daily Progress. Charlottesville, Va.: Oct 7, 2007.

Goldsmith, Will. "Can he go the Distance? Tom Perriello hits Southside in his effort to beat Virgil Goode." Charlottesville News and Arts. < >

Lithwick, Dahlia. "Goode Riddance." Slate Online. 2008. 

Mission and Vision.

Nursing Home in Liberia in
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4. Identify effective approaches to bridging the cross-cultural gap that may prevent families from using nursing home facilities when they are in the elders' best interests.


The following strategies will be used to help achieve the above-stated goals:

1. Develop expertise in writing grant applications.

2. Identify nongovernmental organizations that provide funding for these types of social programs.

3. Formulate a community education program to inform the people of Liberia of the need for long-term care facilities for the elderly when immediate family members are unable or unavailable to do so.

4. Develop a training regimen that can be used to help employees become familiar with the day-to-day care needs of the elderly and what part they will play in the process.


Given the current reluctance of the international community to make substantive investments in Liberia, the short-term tactics used to achieve the above-stated goals would require an…


Bray, M. (2009). The Mabel Bray Foundation. [Online]. Available: http://womeninactionfor

Liberia. (2009). U.S. government: CIA world factbook. [Online]. Available: https://www.cia.


Takahashi, K. (2008). Liberia: The impact of civil war. The Chicago Tribune. [Online].

Diamond Wars in Western Africa
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Diamond ars in estern Africa

Throughout estern Africa, the quest for diamonds has taken control of many of people and affected the stability of economic and governmental status throughout the nation. The diamond mines have caused civil wars, which have resulted in many casualties over the years.

Possibly the major cause of the diamond wars is human nature, as it is human nature that sparks the desire to own diamonds. Due to the amount of people who are seeking diamonds and the limited resources of the mineral, the diamond market has become a major source of conflict in estern Africa.

Throughout estern Africa, rebel groups have formed in an effort to gain control over diamond mines in Angola, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. The Diamond ars have destroyed these areas, which could potentially become well-developed nations if the conflicts did not exist. hile countries like Botswana and Namibia are using diamonds…

Works Cited

Campbell, Greg. Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World's Most Precious Stones. Westview Press, 2002.

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Kerlin, Katherine "Diamonds Aren't Forever: Environmental Degradation and Civil War in the Gem Trade," The Environment Magazine. Sept. 2001.

Conflict Mapping in South Sudan
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Conflict Mapping in South Sudan 7
1. An outlook of South Sudan
The Republic of South Sudan is the world’s youngest country that gained independence in 2011 but remains underdeveloped and plagued by civil war (Blanchard, 2016). South Sudan is an Eastern African landlocked country sharing borders with Sudan Uganda, Central Africa Republic, Kenya, DRC Congo, and Ethiopia. South Sudan is a resource-rich country with oil contributing to the largest share of the country’s GDP (King 2015). The country is a leading resource-rich country in Sub-Saharan Africa hosting the third largest oil reserves in the region. The country’s population is projected at 13.8 million 72% of the population aged below 30 years. South Sudan is characterized by ethnic diversity and accounts 60 diverse major ethnic groups with the Dinka accounting for 35.8% and the Nuer accounting for 15.6 % being the largest ethnic groups. However, it’s estimated that there are…

Members of Apple One of
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At which point, workers are either fired or arrested by the police. The subcontractor will then, hire other people to work in the place of employees that are creating problems. Over the course of time, this can cause feelings of animosity inside the community. Moreover, there are no social responsibility practices for these regions. This means that no one is focusing on understanding the social, economic and environmental impact of the company's activities on different areas. Once this occurs, is when there is the possibility that there will be some kind of backlash from these issues. This information is showing how Apple and its third party suppliers are walking a thin line when it comes to their practices in regions such as China. Therefore, this source is supporting the hypothesis that was presented earlier. (Stonebreaker, 2009, pp. 161 -- 177)


The different sources that were examined are showing how…

New, S. (2011). Harvard Business Review on Managing Supply Chains. Boston, MA: Harvard University Press.

Stonebreaker, P. (2009). Weak Links in the Supply Chain. Journal of Manufacturing Technology, 20 (2), 161 -- 177.

Yuan, Y. (2012). Risk Transmission Mechanism. Technology for Education and Learning 136, 95 -- 102.

GE Produced Report on One of Its Global Initiatives
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GE Global Initiatives

General Electric (GE) is a huge, multi-national company and its business decisions can have significant impacts, both positive and negative, not only on countries where it actively operates but also on countries within its supply chain. As a result, its global initiatives can be very broad and seemingly outside of GE's scope of operations. GE's human rights initiative is one such global initiative. Human rights violations are rife in the international community, particularly in areas of labor, and GE has made a commitment to reducing or eliminating human rights violations in its supply chain wherever possible. One way that GE has done so is by participating in a boycott Myanmar because of the relationship between Myanmar's old government and human rights abuses. However, recent elections may have changed the reality of business in Myanmar, and GE is taking steps to ensure that, if it engages in business…


General Electric. (2012). 2012 sustainable growth: GE citizenship summary. Retrieved October

1, 2013 from website: 

Human Rights Watch. (2013). Human rights in Burma. Retrieved October 1, 2013 from HRW


Relationship Between PTSD and Domestic Violence
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Life Scenario -- Decision to Divorce

Lot of Life Scenario

Setting the Scene

Dear Maria,

Because you and I have always been so close, I wanted to let you know about an impending event in our family's lives. Because of our past conversations, you are aware that Mario and I have had many disagreements about how to raise Dominic. The situation has not improved much, although I know that Mario is trying to be a better parent. But I can no longer ignore the impact that Mario's interactions with Nicky are having. Mario continually loses his temper with Nicky and is now swatting Nicky on the head, in addition to smacking him on his bottom. Nicky now flinches whenever Mario comes near him.

Your brother is usually on his best behavior when his family or when friends are around, but I know you have seen Mario lose his temper with…


Chang, J.J., Theordore, A.D., Martin, S.L. And Runyan, D.K. (2008 August). Psychological abuse between parents: associations with child maltreatment from a population-based sample. Child Abuse and Neglect, 32(8), 819-929. doi: 10.1016/j.chiabu.2007.11.003. Retrieved 

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Newton, C.J. (2001, April). Child Abuse: An Overview" Mental Health Journal. Retrieved

Childhood Stress Between a Touchy
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" (p. 420).

A study conducted by ekert et al. (2007) examined the following variables for 234 college students:

both mother and father care and overprotection, participant gender, family environment variables including conflict and control, adult attachment variables, attributional style and control-related cognitive variables, and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The results of the study confirmed other studies' results regarding the impact of overprotection. As was found with the other studies, overprotection resulted in anxiety and depression among college students.


This paper has shown the detrimental effects of overprotective parenting. Overprotective parenting results from a desire from parents trying to maintain psychological control their children. This may be a result of the parents own anxieties which creates worrisome parenting. Parents attempt to protect their children from experiencing stress. However, in this attempt parents are actually creating many harmful effects. These effects may begin prior to birth and be exhibited…


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Camp Hope From Home Family
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Children then meet with their devotional groups to discuss how to apply the lesson to their own lives.

While the camp is the main focus of the institution, an extension program for older children of deployed soldiers or those who have died as a result of their deployment is another important feature. This feature presents one-on-one counseling opportunities. The young adults have the opportunity to sit down with Biblical counselors and discuss problems that range from psychological disorders to difficulty connecting with their deployed parent. Although one-on-one counseling is the major component of the extension program, group counseling is also available. Further, the group runs a Bible study once a week that allows young adults to consider their predicaments through a spiritual lens. Knowing that these people are often in college, working, or trying to get their lives on the road, the institution offers some features of the extension program…

Baeh's Reflection of Childhood and
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" (4)

This disbelief would fade with relative quickness though as in a matter of less than a day from this intrusion into his life, Baeh would see more bloodshed and death than any child should ever know. The horrific sequence in which the war first becomes visible to the author tells with unflinching honesty the degree to which violence had come to rule his former home. This would be part and parcel to his rehabilitation though, with four years of war behind him. Baeh would have to remind himself that he had been a victim and not the perpetrator during the four years of his childhood that were deployed to this brutal conflict. A perfectly fitting metaphor for the moment of his innoncence being taken from his is that in which he describes a woman carrying a dead baby. Baeh tells that "the image of that woman and her…

Works Cited

Baeh, I. (2007). A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. Farrar, Giroux & Strauss.

1. Describe the conditions that forced Ishmael to turn from being a gentle 12-year-old boy to become a "solider" capable of gruesome acts of terror. Did he have any options? How was he rehabilitated into being a normal boy again?

Stress and the Breakup of
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227), creating a house-full of stress and tension.

Another study delves into how much children "matter" to their stepparents -- because "to matter is to be noticed, to be an object of concern, and to be needed by a specific individual" (Schenck, et al., 2009, p. 71). The authors posit that when children "feel secure and accepted in their parental relationships, they feel less threatened by stressful events" (p. 71). This study, published in the journal Fathering, involved 133 adolescents in stepfather families. The child participants were in 7th grade at the outset of the research; the end result of the research concluded, "mattering to both fathers [stepfather and biological father] was significantly related to adolescents' mental health problems" (Schenck, p. 84). Further, it was found (through teacher interviews) that when a child "mattered" to the stepfather the child was more apt to "externalize" his problems, which reduces stress and…

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Teaching Our Kids to Kill
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Further extending the application of the stimulus-response model, it can also be argued that weapons such as guns are being heavily associated with numerous components of flight simulators such as killing. Weapons such as guns are associated with the feeling of being able to kill or assault the enemy in the video game. Unfortunately, these interest or passion for weapons is oftentimes also associated with real life weapons. To prove, news of children playing guns or accidentally firing real guns are nothing new today. Just early this year, two-eight-year-old boys uncovered a gun and fired into the playground (see Pierce & Stoltz, 2009).

Statement 5

The fifth statement of this assignment is brief but very meaningful and insightful. It simply says, "Don't just stand there…do something."

I have learned that to some extent the issue of media violence and children exposure to them has become mundane to most of us.…


Heusmann L.R. et al. (2003). Longitudinal Relations between Children's Exposure to TV

Violence and their Aggressive and Violent Behavior in Young Adulthood:

1977-1992. Retrieved from  on Sept. 29, 2009.

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Deployment on Military Families Cause Deployment Effect
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Deployment on Military Families

Cause (Deployment) Effect (Stress on Families / Children)

The stress on military families when the father or mother is deployed -- whether the deployment is to a war zone or to another place -- can be very intense and psychologically stressful. There is a great deal of literature on what military families experience before, during, and after deployment, and this paper provides several peer-reviewed articles that discuss and assess the situations that military families must deal with during deployment. Thesis: families left at home when a military parent is deployed face social and psychological issues that do not necessarily end when that parent returns from deployment; however, there are strategies to reduce the stress once the parent returns home from the deployment.

The Literature -- Psychological Adjustment for Children

The psychological adjustments that children must make -- especially children with "…preexisting psychological conditions" such as depression…

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Family Communication During Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom

Military Deployment." Military Medicine, 177.2 (2012): 191-197.

Lincoln, Alan, Swift, Erika, and Shorteno-Fraser, Mia. "Psychological Adjustment and Treatment of Children and Families With Parents Deployed in Military Combat." Journal

California Crip Gang Crips in
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After receiving such pressure, a huge scandal broke within the ranks of the LAPD based on charges of corruption and misconduct. Although the LAPD still maintains a heavy presence within these streets, they are not as vehement as seen in the case of the HAMME era.

Many of those affected by L.A. street life are actually not gang members themselves. The aftermath of gang violence has proven to be too much for many Los Angeles residents, including former gang members, to handle. Many former members are left questioning the idea that the gang life is truly a family atmosphere. Former gang members all over the United States have begun to take action as to prevent future generations from making the same mistakes, (andle, 2003). Many of these former criminals also believe that being open with children about gang violence will help open up dialogue about the negative aspects of gang…


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Teenage Abortion Lindsey A Story
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Skylar, unfortunately, was a handful, and Gladys was already well into middle age. Gladys assumed that since Danielle had abdicated parental responsibility that Lindsey would do the same. She did not feel that she would be able to care for a second baby.

The abortion went through as scheduled, and Lindsey returned to school soon afterwards. For Lindsey, though, things didn't return to normal. The girls at school called her a baby-killer and started making threats against her. She sank into a deep depression. She had deeply wanted the baby and she thought she would have made a good mother. Lindsey was always a quiet person and not one to share her innermost thoughts, so it was a surprise and a blow to everyone when Gladys came home from work early to find Lindsey unconscious in her bedroom, with a suicide note on the dresser and an empty bottle of…

Organizations Over the Last Several
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A good example of this can be seen with the organization's program for addressing various health issues affecting families to include: the nutritional needs of mothers / newborns, preventing childhood obesity and vaccinating children against a number of diseases. This is significant, because it shows how Save the Children is playing a vital role, in helping to promote nutrition. Where, children are learning to maintain a balance between malnourishment and obesity, with these two challenges continuing to affect large numbers of children around the globe. ("Success Stories," 2010)

Clearly, UNICEF and Save the Children play a vital role in helping to support and promote various issues affecting them. Where, they will engage in similar activities such: as advocacy, education, health and nutrition. Yet, when you look a little further, it is clear that the mission of these two organizations will begin to deviate. As UNICEF will provide greater control to…


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Robert Kegan's the Evolving Self Problem and Process in Human Development
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Unrecognized Genius of Jean Piaget

Kegan reflects on the work of Jean Piaget, emphasizing the importance of his work. He first looks at Kegan's most famous study, in which he fills two identically shaped beakers with equal amounts of water. He then asks the child whether or not they are of equal volume, and when the child agrees, he pours the contents into a thinner beaker. The child then has to decide which has more, and usually opts for the taller and thinner beaker. Kegan is pointing out the relative adaptive balance that is being made by the child. Children have their own perceptions of the physical world, and often have difficulty discerning relative differences in shapes and forms, among other things. Kegan purports that, "For the preoperational child, it is never just one's perceptions that change; rather, the world itself, as a consequence, changes" (29).

Kegan then goes on…

Works Cited

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