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¶ … parent with a young child and a demanding job -- whether it is a mother or a father -- has challenges that a family with both parents on board does not experience, in most cases. And when you add to the equation the fact that the single parent in this case is a male in the U.S. Army, there are complications and serious work-life balance issues to be addressed. After all, the health and care of the child in question must be at the top of the list of priorities, along with the employment of the father and the balance of the conflicting challenges and issues. As a single dad with a young child, I already face challenges when it comes to raising my child, providing a good home and good health for the child; but in addition I am in the U.S. Army and my duties and responsibilities necessarily conflict with the time I need to spend with my child. My job in the U.S. Army can take me away on a moment's notice, so I am hopeful to link up with an appropriate...


Moreover, I am researching this issue because I need a broader understanding of what the literature provides in terms of others in my situation, and in terms of solutions for daily problems that I have to tackle as the only on-site parent of a child. The project will entail the scholarly literature on the subject, a critique of the most pertinent points in the literature, and within the available literature I will hope to locate solutions to the constant problem I face -- a way to balance work and life with a young child as the beneficiary of my knowledge on this subject.

Research Questions

QUESTION ONE: What do single parents find works for them when it comes to balancing work and the needs for the child -- and what does the published scholarship reflect vis-a-vis the work-life balance that single parents seek and need?

In the peer-reviewed journal Human Relations Management the authors point out that a "mismatch between family and work roles" can lead to levels of stress along with: a) "…feelings of burnout"; b) Job satisfaction levels that are lowered considerably; c) poor work performance; d) a falling off of commitment to one's employer; and e) the possibility of absenteeism that is due to "work-family conflict" (Lieke, et al., 2010).

Of course when a person is in the U.S. Army, being absent from work, or exhibiting a poor work performance is problematic and frankly unacceptable;…

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