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Coffees Prices and Demand Have
Words: 1740 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 59593901
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This is important, because it means that the demand is there for Mystic Monk to be able to achieve their objectives. The real key is that they must be prepared to embrace this strategy fully, to create some kind of noticeable difference between themselves and other competitors. At which point, they will be able to see an increase in sales, helping the Carmelites purchase the ranch they are discussing.


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Java Coffee Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Words: 1437 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70246154
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Java Coffee

Failure modes and effects analysis refers has been defined as a "methodology for analyzing potential reliability problems early in the development cycle" (Crow, 2002). FMEA can be outlined on a spreadsheet. The objective of the FMEA methodology is that the company can understand the potential problems that can occur early in the production cycle, and take steps to ensure that the problems are avoided or mitigated (Ibid). The process for conducting a FMEA analysis has two parts: analyzing the current process and tracking improvement over time (IHI, 2011).

For Java Coffee, ten potential failure modes were identified in the coffee production process. iSixSigma argues that the first failure mode for a coffee shop is "clean coffee pot," so that is a good second step after purchasing the ingredients. That site points out that an important part of the FMEA process is to evaluate how severe each problem is,…

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Marketing Plan Sweet Treats Coffee
Words: 4922 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85743183
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3 Competition

As stated before, the competition in the coffee shops industry has increased drastically during the past recent years. In 2003, the industry had registered total sales of over $6 billion (Ferguson, 2004). The top five competitors of Sweettreats would be: Starbucks, Nestle, McDonald's, Dunkin and Gloria Jean's.

Gloria Jean's is among the leaders of the industry and they basically address their products to the young population. The corporation is based in Australia but present in numerous countries of the globe through franchise contracts (Official Website of Gloria Jean's, 2008).

Dunkin Donuts is a U.S. based company, namely headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. In 2006, they registered annual revenue of over $4 billion. They address all types of consumers and sell a wide palette of coffee-based beverages and foods (Official Website of Dunkin Donuts, 2008).

Starbucks is the undisputed leader of the industry and in 2006 they registered annual revenues…


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Roasting Coffee Is One of
Words: 2285 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82588838
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The purpose of the bowl is to catch the chaff as the coffee begins to roast. In addition some coffee beans may shoot out of the popper and the bowl will catch those beans (Romanoff). It is important that the person doing the roasting does not touch any of the beans that come out of the chute during roasting as they are likely to get burned; coffee beans hold a great deal of heat.

The article further explains that once the machine is on and roasting has begun, the author points out that the individual doing the roasting may need to tilt the popper backwards to stop the beans form falling out of the popper and the hot air moves the beans around (Romanoff). The need to tilt the machine is dependent on the depth of the machine that is used.

It will take about 3 minutes before the beans…

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Decaffeinated Coffee Is Popular in the United
Words: 1086 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15346128
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Decaffeinated coffee is popular in the United Kingdom. The market is growing and has no signs of abating. However, the market is competitive and filled with consumer choice. It is a diverse market with diverse tastes for everything from gourmet third world coffee with the Oxfam seal of approval to GM grown decaffeinated beans imported from Japan. In this market with so many choices, it will critical for us to cleverly enter and define ourselves in this otherwise potentially bewildering market. Without carefully targeted marketing, millions can lost instead of made.

The aim and objectives of the research is to see how to market more of the companies products in the crowded U.K. Market. While the market has a lot of potential, there is a necessity to market the product correctly. Consumers have a lot of choice. The company is trying to tap into a specific group of customers and…


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New Marketing Strategy for Caribou Coffee

Situational Analysis

Company Analysis





Marketing Proposal

Marketing Mix





To survive firms need to adapt and change in line with the general marketplace. Many successful firm have been able successful deal with dominant competition and high levels of challenge. One firm which faces these challenges is Caribou Coffee, although the second largest coffee house chain in the U.S. it is an underdog when compared to Starbucks, with just over 400 stores across 18 states in the U.S. and 203 stores in 10 international countries, many of which are franchises (Caribou Coffee, 2016). The company has faced some setbacks due to the high level of completion within the coffee house market, closing some 80 stores in 2013, and a further 88 were converted to Peets Coffee and Tea (Leavitt, 2014; Leonard, 2013). This indicates the firm needs to…


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Starbucks Coffee's Weakness
Words: 1393 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83164395
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Starbucks has recently shown profound growth that is tempered by concerns over stores in foreign markets and the rise of a tea culture in the United States. In the past year, Starbuck's revenues have soared, and the number of stores has increased dramatically. On potential cause for concern is a new focus on opening stores in rural and low-income areas, as opposed to the well-established success for high income, urban areas. In the global market, cultural differences have impacted Starbuck's potential success, especially in Japan. The strong coffee culture that played a role in Starbuck's success in America is not necessarily present worldwide. In the U.S. The potential growth of a tea culture may damage Starbuck's hold on the beverage market, especially given that the company faces stiff competition from competitors who may better embody the values of the tea culture.

Starbucks Overview

ecent news shows Starbucks performing well. evenue…


Chou, Hsio-Ching. What's brewing with tea? Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Wednesday, May 12,

2004. 11 November 2004. 

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Starbucks Coffee Company Starbucks NASDAQ Sbux Operates
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Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) operates global chain of coffee shops, both store-owned and franchised. After an extended period of rapid growth, the company has entered into a period of relative stagnation. One of the world's largest coffee buyers and the world's largest coffee retailer, Starbucks has a wide range of stakeholders to whom it is responsible. This paper will analyze the degree to which the company is able to meet the needs of these various stakeholders, whose needs are at times mutually exclusive.

The Company

According to the (2010) website, the company's mission statement is as follows:

"To inspire and nurture the human spirit -- one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time."

The company emphasizes the role that the core product -- coffee -- plays in this mission and then outlines the ways that some of the different stakeholders contribute to this mission as…

Works Cited: website, various pages. (2010). Retrieved November 3, 2010 from /mission-statement' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Business Management -- Caribou Coffee
Words: 1381 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88714051
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On the manufacturer side, the challenge presented by the weakened economic climate would be best managed by focusing even more on the main business strategies that have already proven successful within the specialty coffee market. Both Caribou and Starbucks emphasize customer service and the "customer experience" approach to promoting their specialty coffee houses. It seems that increased competition attributable to decreasing customers would be best addressed by ensuring that the customer experience is sufficiently attractive and fulfilling to justify the unnecessary expense of continuing to purchase specialty coffee on a BTC basis in coffee houses.

To capture or maintain the maximum market share in the supermarket or grocery store sales of specialty coffee bean product sales, it would be advisable that manufacturers increase the range of their products to permit consumers to "scale down" their spending without necessarily suspending their purchase of specialty or gourmet products altogether.

4. Who are…

Prior to the current economic recession, the specialty coffee market was very attractive. From the period 2001 to 2006 alone, the entire specialty coffee market experienced a growth rate of 48%. Moreover, more than two-thirds (69%) of that market represented consumer sales of the products with the highest cost and the highest profit margin: BTC sales in specialty coffee houses. The combination of a strong (and increasing) national coffee consumption habit, high wages, economic optimism, high real estate prices, and consumer spending in virtually all market segments in both regular and specialty products and luxury services with the optimistic projection of continued growth of the specialty coffee industry until at least 2015 made this industry very strong.

At that time, the segment of the market with the greatest profit potential was the specialty coffee house. Since the complete economic upheaval in the U.S., that has changed dramatically. While it may be possible to retain a significant percentage of specialty coffee consumers, it is likely that since 2007, market share in that segment has decreased sharply and that market share in the coffee bean product sales had risen substantially in relation to BTC sales, even within the same respective manufacturers.

With consumers likely shifting their purchasing interests from the "experience" consumption model of the specialty coffee house to the bulk bean product purchase instead, competitors in this market should have anticipated that shift immediately and adjusted their production levels, range of product lines, and marketing promotions to reflect the greater potential of that market segment. Since the bulk coffee bean product profit margin is significantly less than the BTC sales profit margin, there is less room for error or miscalculation in the attempt to capture or retain the largest possible portion of consumers. Therefore, strictly on the basis of the data available in the 2007 case study, the specialty coffee market was very strong. However, on the basis of the known effects of economic instability on consumer spending habits, the specialty coffee market is much less strong today and much more dependent on bulk coffee bean product sales.

Starbucks Coffee Company Key Executives
Words: 361 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 95032285
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his keeps the costs low, and is facilitated by the fact that the company operates a relatively simple business model, with most of its business focus on operating its coffee shops.

Financial Strategy and Practice

he company's fiscal year was just completed and the financial results were:

Consolidated FY2011


Net Revenues


Cost of Sales

Store Operating Exp

Other Operating Exp

Depreciation and Amortization

General & Administrative Exp

otal operating Expenses


Gross Profit

Gain on sale of properties


Income from equity investments

Operating Income

Interest Income, net

Interest Expense



Non-controlling interst


Income axes

Net Income

he most recent quarterly revenue (Q4 FY2011) was $3,031.9 million.

he most recent quarterly net income was $358.5 million.

he current stock price (as of market close December 2, 2011) is $43.91. he stock price is trading near to the all-time high, but the company is continuing to expand…

The most recent quarterly revenue (Q4 FY2011) was $3,031.9 million.

The most recent quarterly net income was $358.5 million.

The current stock price (as of market close December 2, 2011) is $43.91. The stock price is trading near to the all-time high, but the company is continuing to expand and its financial performance has improved significantly over the past three years. Thus, the stock price is probably going to go higher in the coming year.

Latin Coffee Is King The Rise and
Words: 1053 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27122187
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"Coffee is King": The rise and fall of coffee in Colombia, economic growth and social change.

Colombia first became an exporting area in the sixteenth century, under the Spanish arrangement of mercantilism. Spanish imperial rule defined a great deal of Colombia's social and economic development. The colony became an exporter of raw materials, predominantly precious metals, to the mother country. ith its colonial position came a highly planned socioeconomic system founded on slavery, indentured servitude, and restricted foreign contact. Colombia's contemporary economy, based on coffee and other agricultural exports, did not materialize until well after its independence in 1810, when local entrepreneurs were free to take advantage of on world markets other than Spain. The late nineteenth century saw the development of tobacco and coffee export industries, which really enlarged the merchant class and led to population growth and the enlargement of cities. ealth was concentrated in agriculture and…

Works Cited

"Colombia -- Economy." Mongabay. Library of Congress, n.d. Web. 3 May 2012.

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Handed to Ten Coffee Drinkers Visiting Panera
Words: 712 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67090531
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handed to ten coffee dinkes visiting Panea Bead on a Satuday moning to analyze the habits of this paticula population.

Please ate the quality of Panea Bead coffee in the scale of 10 (whee 1 is unacceptable low quality and 10 is pleasantly high quality)

Please ate the hygiene of the Panea Bead in the scale of 10 (1 stands fo extemely dity and 10 is high standads of hygiene.

Please ate the Panea cews appoach to the customes in the scale of 10 (1 is extemely unfiendly and 10 is pleasantly fiendly)

Please compae the impotance of following items to be pesented at the Coffee stand in the ank of 10 (whee 10 is vey impotant to have and 1 is not impotant).

Half and Half Milk

Skim Milk

2% Milk

Milk Powde



Low Cal Suga

Heat Holde

Cup Lid


What should be pesented at the…

references varied; however, muffins and cookies were slightly more preferred (see Table 3).


Overall results of the study showed that the customers were satisfied with the quality of Panera Bread products and services. In addition the ranking questions showed the expectations from the coffee stand and the bakery. Further analysis and questions are granted to understand the quantity satisfaction and its relation to quality satisfaction.

Starbucks Coffee Company Is a Leading Roaster
Words: 1112 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61719559
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Starbucks coffee company is a leading roaster and retailer of specialty coffees. It has its base in Seattle and has many stores within the U.S. And internationally. The objective of starbucks is the establishment of Starbucks as the most recognized and respected brand of coffee in the world. For this goal to be achieved, starbucks continues to expand its retail operations by selectively pursuing other opportunities so that they can leverage and grow the company's brand by the introduction of a variety of new products (Balaban, s & Kieta, C., 2008).

Starbucks aims at entering more and more foreign countries. Among countries that Starbucks may consider venturing into is Italy. The initial idea to set up starbucks was from the Italian coffee tradition which was infused with the leisure approach found in Seattle. Despite the fact that the idea came from Italy, Italy has been considered a mountain that starbucks…


Alini, E. (2012). Italy Meets Starbucks. Retrieved November 9, 2012 from

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Starbucks 2010 Most Ethical Restaurant Starbucks Coffee
Words: 3305 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64054846
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Starbucks Coffee Company was chosen Most Ethical Restaurant for 2010, according to strict screening methods and criteria (Ethisphere, 2010). These criteria were corporate citizenship and responsibility, corporate governance, innovation in public well-being, industry leadership, executive leadership, regulatory and reputation track record and internal systems and ethics or compliance program. Starbucks is the lone recipient of the award in the restaurant and cafe category (Ethisphere).

Company History

Starbucks Coffee Company started as a single an narrow store at the Pike Place Market in Seattle in 1971 (Starbucks, 2010). Its name was inspired from the novel, "Moby Dick," which describes the romance of the high seas and the traditions of the early coffee traders. From the start, the company offered and served some of the world's finest fresh-roasted whole bean coffees. Current chairman, president chief executive officer Howard Schultz first entered a Starbucks store in 1981 and…


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Project Management - Starting a
Words: 2430 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10425785
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P basically means doing a good thing and speaking about it. In other words, no matter how great the new coffee shop will be, unless it is very well advertised, it will not be worth a dime. The new coffee shop will be advertised on: business cards, T-shirts, travel mugs, coasters, glassware, sport bottles, ceramic cups, and others. Also, the coffee shop could be advertised on radio for greater success.

Macro (Top Down) cost estimate

Starting a coffee shop is a business that requires significant amounts of money. In accordance with the coffee shop's size, the following macro costs are estimated:

For a coffee cart the start-up cost is $20,000-$25,000

For a coffee kiosk, the macro costs are usually between $50,000-$60,000

For a coffee drive-thru, the costs for opening such a location may be very different in accordance with the unit's size, reaching $30,000-$180,000

For a sit down coffee shop,…

Reference List

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E-Procurement Project Report Staffing Organizations an Increase
Words: 1583 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99644604
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E-Procurement Project eport

Staffing Organizations

An increase in work opportunities and the economics of globalization have transformed employment relations in the recent past. In addition, the aspect of globalization has further shifted the main factors in achieving a competitive edge of technology and knowledge towards human resource management (Mondy, Noe, & Gowan, 2005). An analysis of the corporate market like the one that the coffee shop is operating indicates that all the market players have similar technology and engage in the production and delivery of near similar products and services. Therefore, having the right human resource acts as the main differentiating factor for success. This report on staffing the coffee shop presents business entity with an analysis of the various factors for consideration in its staffing. It also identifies approaches in order to ensure that the establishment achieves a competitive advantage over its rivals through quality service delivery.

The type…


Mondy, R.W., Noe, R.M., & Gowan, M. (2005). Human resource management. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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House; .

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Business Proposal Food Emporium -- Business Proposal
Words: 971 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 18045415
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Business Proposal

Food Emporium -- Business Proposal

This business proposal outlines an emerging model for food preparation. The business will be called the "Food Emporium" and will be located in the downtown Kuwait City area. The overall trend in food services is one that is learning towards health and this trend is expected to develop exponentially as more and more consumers become more health conscious and discover the advantages of living healthier lifestyles. The model consists of some combination or blend of a coffee shop, a cooking school, and retail shop mixed into one spread across two floors. Customers can partake in any of the activities within the store; however it is recommended that they enjoy all three simultaneously to receive the full experience that the location has to offer.

The layout is carefully designed to ensure that the most effective use of space is maintained. On the top floor…

Leading Organizations -- Starbucks in
Words: 907 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67222723
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One women stood with hands on her hips and stared at the women making the call, and then even pointed at her watch. The Starbucks employee smiled and waved, saying over the phone that help was on the way.

As the line started moving again when the Starbucks' employee hung up the phone, two young women showed up in their barista aprons and immediately started working on orders. It was evident these two young women had years of experience in making complex drinks -- they knocked down the backlog of custom drinks in about seven to ten minutes. It was impressive to watch. The line was steadily moving at this point and even the lady who had pointed to her watch and given a very defiant look smiled. By 9:30am the first and second wave of flights had left the concourse and the line dwindled to between three and five…


Ramsey, R.D., EdD. (2010). Are you missing out on the power of purpose? SuperVision, 71(10), 19-21.

Remote Industry Description
Words: 1278 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10583976
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Coffee Industry:

Assessing Competitive Dynamics on the Future of Starbucks

The United States is one of the most profitable markets for coffee globally, generating $29B in sales in 2012, yet it is also one of the most volatile from an economic and supply chain perspective as well. The many challenges Starbucks faced in 2009 and the decision to lower prices was one driven by the mercurial nature of the U.S. coffee market consumption patterns specifically (Starbucks Investor elations, 2013). The purpose of this analysis is to analyze the current trends in the coffee industry and predict future trends based on economic and market analysis. The second objective of this analysis is to evaluate future trends in terms of their implications on the future of the U.S. coffee industry. The third objective is to complete an analysis of how these trends will evolve into threats or opportunities for Starbucks.



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Lolacc Competitive Advantage a Competitive Advantage Is
Words: 1493 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89140460
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Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage is something that sets the company apart from its competitors. In order to entice customers, a company needs to have something that it does better than its competitors. The more competitive advantages the firm has, and the stronger they are, the more competitive the company will be in the marketplace.

Lola Savannah has a number of competitive advantages that help it in the marketplace. One advantage that Lola has is with respect to freshness and the quality of the roast. Freshness is important because freshly-roasted coffee tastes better, and this is especially true for coffee that has been pre-ground. Coffee from major food companies or importers like Sunbelt Imports lacks the freshness of Lola's coffee. Lola ensures that it receives its beans as quickly as possible from the harvest by working with wholesalers to shorten the supply chain. The fresh beans are then roasted…

Build or to Buy Today's
Words: 1533 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 23189237
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The employees who will be working in the coffee shop will be required to have previously worked in a coffee shop before. Any decisions to be in the business are agreed upon by the partners.

Marketing and Sales

The business will be marketed through extensive advertising through posters showing what the business has to offer and at what prices. The shop aims at increasing sales through offering discounts on purchases, use of loyalty cards, promotion of multiple sales and target take away sales. All these sales strategies are aimed at increasing the number of sales in the shop.


Griffin, D. (2012). Four Generic Strategies That Strategic Business Units Use. etrieved May 4, 2013 from

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Baskerville, P. (2012). What's the Secret to a Successful Coffee Shop? etrieved May 4, 2013 from

Adrian, W. (2011).Buy…


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Business Plan Marketing Plan Business
Words: 2233 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66961137
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They do not assume the coffee, their life style. The primary customers are those people, who are youngsters, and middle-aged people as 13 to 21 are youngsters and 22 to 35 are middle aged people. They treat coffee as modish way of living. They prefer to drink coffee as compare to tea. People of upper and middle class will also be targeted and will offer affordable prices which will be suitable for both classes.

B.4 SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of MOCHALICIOUS is described below which includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


The strengths of MOCHALICIOUS will be the quality which will be provided to their customers. People use to drink coffee for refreshing their minds. Therefore, when they will visit the coffee shop they expect to drink coffee in a peaceful environment. It will be also one of strength for MOCHALICIOUS that it has innovative flavors that they…


Commonwealth of Australia (2011) Australian food statistics 2009-10. Australian Government.

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Staffing Organizations
Words: 1598 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47303463
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Staffing Organizations- Part I

Staffing Organizations

Type of employment relationship between the coffee shop and employees from a legal perspective

The success of any organization depends on the relationship it has with its employees. A cordial relationship where employees feel that they are respected by the management is a recipe for success. I will put this aspect into consideration when establishing a relationship with my employees in the coffee shop. While striving for success, I will ensure that employees are aware of their rights and those, which must be upheld at all times. Employees performing beyond the expectations of the management will also be rewarded accordingly. All actions relating to employee appraisal and rewards must be done in accordance with the law. It is important to keep in mind that some actions may be considered as bribes, yet they might be bonuses or rewards to employees for exemplary work. This…


Bechet, T.P. (2008). Strategic staffing: A comprehensive system for effective workforce planning. New York: American Management Association.

Caruth, D.L., Caruth, G.D., & Pane, S.S. (2009). Staffing the contemporary organization: A

guide to planning, recruiting, and selecting for human resource professionals.

Westport, Conn: Praeger Publishers.

Business Decisions the Employee Is
Words: 1460 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78370514
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e-Business should focus on marketing through social networks and a website; through identifying potential suppliers. e can't sell food and drink online so the site is mainly for promotional purposes. The cafe's main metrics will be page impressions, Facebook fans, Twitter followers. Reaching out to customers using social media can help to inform them about promotions and new products. Social media is also the modern-day equivalent of knowing all of your customers by name (though that would not hurt either) as it helps to foster a relationship allowing for improved retention. A portal is not of much value for the employees. At best, they can check the schedule online. e don't have that many people working at Broadway, an expensive back end system for staff we see everyday is poor value. I would not use kiosks in the cafe. I would focus on a ifi network and let the customers…

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N Why Should I Be Nice to
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N" hy Should I Be Nice to You?: Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service"

By Emily Raine, Issue #74, December 2005

In her essay, "hy Should I Be Nice to You: Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service," author and former coffee shop barista Emily Raine argues that cafe employees, in an effort to re-assert their individuality, should be rude to their customers. It goes against what we all think of as good customer service, perhaps, but Raine builds her argument by demonizing the coffee shop industry and illustrating how their current business model is only a facade of good customer service. hile I appreciate Raine's point-of-view, I wonder if there may be a better way to provide good customer service than what she suggest. Being rude, if that is really what she means, just goes too far.

e've all visited the kind of coffee shop that…

Works Cited

Raine, Emily. "Why Should I Be Nice To You?: Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service." Bad Subjects. < > Issue #74: December 2005.

Cafe Situational Overview in Today's Market Environment
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Situational overview

In today's market environment, widespread interest in healthy, sustainably-raised food products has coalesced in an explosion of demand for fair trade products -- the kind of coffee that can be found at Just Us! cafes. Fair trade is a specific market arrangement in which retailers deal directly with Third World purveyors to ensure that the sellers receive fair compensation for their product. etailers offer purveyors mentorship in surviving in the competitive market economy. Just Us! Cafe is a Canadian coffee retailer that makes use of this arrangement to craft its core brand identity. Fair trade is not simply a 'side business' or one aspect of the Just Us! brand -- it is part of the foundational concept and mission behind the organization.

State of the market

The socially-conscious Canadian buying public has been particularly instrumental in making fair trade a more popular way of doing business. However,…


Loudyl, Sarah (et al. 2009). Market planning at Just Us! cafes. Richard Ivey School of Business.

Competitors PC Bang - PC Bang Is
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PC BANG - PC Bang is a Korean Internet cafe with 21460 outlets across Korea.

Kinko's - Kinko's is a copy centre chain with 1100 stores across the United States and overseas.

Office Max - Office Max is a retail chain which also has a major online presence. Office Max offers a full range of business services.

Staples - Staples is a retail chain providing office supplies and services. It also has services available online.

Local Coffee Shop - Local coffee shop providing food and drinks to local customers.


PC BANG - PC Bang provides Internet services, specializing in entertainment. Its main service is providing an online gaming venue.

Kinko's - Kinko's operates from a store front, offering a full range of office services. Those services include photocopying, scanning, printing, mailing and fax services, FedEx drop boxes, videoconferencing, electronic document transfer, paper and office…

Psychographic Segmentation of Starbucks
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Starbucks, a Market Analysis

Starbucks is a major, world wide coffee retailer specializing in a variety of brands of blend coffee and iced beverages, among other related products. Within the market sector Starbucks exists stands several competing companies such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Caribou Coffee. Each company shares similar strategies, appealing to a similar demographic, and hails themselves as the high-end of coffee-based shops/cafes. They also share a similar promise of quality ingredients and service. The difference is, while a company like Starbucks focuses on the behavior of consumers to market their product, a company like Caribou coffee relies on the taste and quality of their product, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf rely on location and ease of access.

Starbucks was selected as the primary company to analyze due to its immense popularity and success over the last decade. It has become one of…


Mayo, E.J. (1977). The impact of the consumer's psychographic and demographic characteristics on buyer behavior: A comparative analysis of psychographics and demographics as segmentation variables in a rail passenger market. Ann Arbor, Mich: Xerox University Microfilms.

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Nursing -- Observing and Listening
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She looked up at every person who passed within her vicinity, some of whom had not even noticed her. The observer was not able to identify anything about her likely occupation or the circumstances that lead to her choosing this particular coffee shop, except that her confusion at the counter suggested that it was not part of her daily routine.

The Unavailable Woman:

Another woman entered the coffee shop. She had apparently not been caught in the rain because she was completely dry and her umbrella was still neatly wrapped in its case. Her hair was longer than the previous subject, but instead of allowing it to swing out when she changed her physical orientation, she moved in a much less exaggerated motion that did not impart any inertia to her hair. Instead of repeatedly preening her hair away from her face, she allowed it to cover her ears and…

Protecting Police & Engaging Citizens the Nature
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Protecting Police & Engaging Citizens

he nature of police work must ensure that is as adaptable, sophisticated, networked, and transnational as the criminals and terrorists it fights. A modern approach to policing must contain elements of traditional, mainstream efforts to fight crime along with a set of tools for carrying out an effective community policing approach. his paper provides a brief discussion about what such a hybrid model looks like in practice and touches on elements of complexity of police work in an increasingly global arena.

Addressing Escalated hreat Levels.

Some dynamics of society seem inevitably linked, moving in tandem as though some invisible lynch-pin had been driven through their respective cores. Poverty and crime. Violence and counter-violence. Wealth and indifference. Frustration and destruction. Fanaticism and irrationality. Naturally, there are exceptions. Some Buddhists live in poverty but are peaceful and law-abiding. Where culture or religion calls for acceptance of one's…

There is an inherent tension between a retreat from the tenets of community policing and policing strategies intended to keep a safety buffer between the police and the community they serve and protect. The research includes work from authors who believe that a shift toward policing that could be characterized by paramilitarism occurred prior to September 11 (McCulloch, 2001a, Weber, 1999, p.2). Describing how community policing works in the Australian environment, McCulloch (2001b, p. 4) referred to an "iron fist" covered by a "velvet glove." Murray (2005) presented a comparison between the transitions that have occurred with regard to traditional policing and community policing. His work also includes a comparison of the cultures of both approaches to policing. Murray's conclusion is that the two orientations to policing are not incompatible; he proposes a hybrid model of policing that would enable both approaches to coexist.

Murray suggests that community policing continues to be the best way to prevent crime and to prevent acts of terrorism. He bases this conclusion on the enhanced capacity of a community to effectively communicate concerns and observations when there is a basic level of trust between citizens and the police in the community. The issue is that it is increasingly difficult to distinguish those with malevolent intent from those who must be protected from malevolence. When community members see themselves as partners in the efforts of the police to keep them safe in their own communities, the efficacy of community policing is both possible and enhanced.

The pressure on a police force that currently operates in a community policing mode to transition back to a traditional policing model is substantive. This pressure comes from the citizens -- who desire to see evidence that the country is taking effective steps to fight the war on terror, and from politicians for whom crime fighting and homeland security issues are "election sensitive." Paramilitary approaches to national security can readily be seen in other countries, as discussed, and it may be difficult for the

Alcohol and Drug Addictions Specifically
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In Alberta, liquor stores have been privatized, although the government still maintains strict regulations on anyone who sells liquor. It is available in liquor stores, retail outlets, and in bars and restaurants. Many people felt this would lead to widespread addiction and abuse, but studies indicate that may not be the case. In an economic study completed in 2005 comparing Ontario and Quebec's monopolies with Alberta's privatization, the results were surprising. People believe that revenues would decline if the monopolies went public, but in fact, because Alberta sets a flat rate for liquor prices, revenues actually went up in Alberta, not down. In addition, a wider variety of products and brands is available in Alberta than in either of the other two provinces, and there are more locations available to buy liquor in Alberta ("Privatization of alcohol trade"). In fact, since privatizing the liquor industry, Alberta's sales have almost doubled,…


Author not Available. 2005. Quebeckers and privatizing the retail trade of alcohol. Montreal Economic Institute.  (Accessed February 18, 2009).

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Anthropological Observations Walking Downtown Is
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Additionally, many were on their cell phones; it seemed like they were purposely trying to find ways to keep them from interacting with each other. This showed a clear disconnect between the different subgroups that are in such close proximity of one another. Only a few actually spoke to each other, and when this was observed it was typically using only brief statements. Social manners say a lot about a society's culture. Watching what interactions that did take place showed the clear signs of what is acceptable within this society. People would ask each other questions with polite statements ending in "please" and "thank you." This signifies a sense of manners, but also a sense of coldness that only is present within interactions between strangers. The interactions between these individuals were very formal, showing a use of language that separated the individuals from other members of society who might otherwise…


Eichberg, Henning. (2010). How to study body culture: Observing human practice. International Society of Eastern Sports & P.E. Web.

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O'Neil, Dennis. (2006). What is culture? Palomar University. Web.

Negative Comments About Children How
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The store should also sell funny or compelling t-shirts which have the brand emblazoned on them, so that customers can engage in a certain sense of solidarity. There need to be compelling articles posted on the website that offer benefit-driven content to customers about the best brewing techniques, the history of coffee, or even recipes for some of the baked goods that are sold in the store. The online end of the business needs to be a financial, educational and social hub for customers to gravitate to even when they're not in the store. This would be a solid means of attracting more customers and increasing sales.

Thus, one the e-business site, one would want to track metrics which would display which articles got the most views, which merchandise items got clicked on the most often, and which brands of coffee were most popular. This would help the company better…

Beautiful English Rose Is an
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he was lucky too that a dedicated and gifted teacher came his way who recognized his skills and effort fully interceded on his behalf.

If not for Jack MacFarland, ose may never have gone onto Loyola or become the kind of person that he became today.

In contrast, ichard odriquez's memoir "the achievement of desire" derogates education and amplifies the true value of the 'ordinary' person that is often overlooked...

The two articles have one thing in common: both indicate that there is more thantn one kind of knowledge and that we do ill by abrogating people's capacities and skills to a Western construct of 'knowledge'.

The conventional school system, at least in the Western world, perceives 'knowledge' to be comprised of certain skills in certain subjects at a certain level that they rate to be applicable This they have pronounced to be the 'norm' and so anything that…

Rose, M. "I Just Wanna Be Average" 

Rodriquez, R. The achievement of desire -- Materials/Open%20Questions/the%20Achievement%20of%20Desire.pdf

Setting the Story
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Yellow allpaper and Paul's Case: Emancipation of Mental Captivity

The two texts, Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow allpaper and illa Cather's Paul's Case, portray the main characters with hysteria. Both cases are reactions to the pressures put on them by their families as well as the society. They seem to build mental barriers that cannot be brought down, so called safe heavens, escape from harsh realities and this puts them on a self-destruction course. The narrator in The Yellow allpaper is the main character, an upper middle class woman confined to domesticity and "women's role. The text reveals her inner struggles and from her eye, the reader is able to see her plight. Similarly in Paul's Case, the main character has personal issues that are products of the society he lives in. He is motherless, thin pale and dreamy adolescent who rebels from his conventional surroundings in Pittsburgh. The major…

Works Cited

Cather, Willa. Paul's Case . 1905.

Gilman, CP. The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Stories. New York: Dover Publications, 1892.

Business Report Compares the Two Australian Service
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Business report compares the two Australian service providers where by various aspects are critically looked at in respect to the design elements of a retail store environment. The elements are categorized into exterior facilities, general interior, store layout, interior displays and the social dimensions. Each of these design elements are categorically looked into differently taking into account the services being offered by the two chosen service providers namely Fadez Barbershop and Gloria Jean's Coffees.

The two chosen service providers are unique in their own way having been selected from different industries. Various design elements in comparison with the ussell's Model of affect are discussed and how they relate in different ways. ussell's model of affect talks about the various arousal levels that the consumers achieve when in contact with the mentioned design elements of a retail store environment, the interpretations and the impact they have that affects the buying decisions…


Adam W. (2011). Fadez Barber Shop. Retrieved September 16, 2012 from 

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Starbucks and Gloria Jeans in Singapore The
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Starbucks and Gloria Jeans in Singapore. The focus will be on the marketing elements of these two stores. For Starbucks, the store visited was in Raffles City. The Gloria Jeans was in Suntec City Galleria. The focus of the report will be on describing the elements of the marketing mix, including product, price and promotion. A table will be presented, and then there will be descriptions of the findings. Last, an analysis and conclusions will be presented about the marketing traits of these two coffee shop chains.

Reflective Journal

Starbucks. Exit the MRT and the Starbucks is visible right away. There is a counter in front and a large store with indoor seating area, and a door to the outside. This is a busy area, and there are a lot of customers both European and Asian. The colours have a lot of browns, and some bland, background art on the…

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Origin and Growth of Star Bucks
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Starbucks Coffee Company Introduction & Overview

Starbucks came into being in 1971 and was named after the first mate in Moby Dick by Herman Melville. The first store of Starbucks was opened in Seattle's Pike Place Market. Gordon owker, Jerry aldwin, and Zev Siegl were the first three owners of Starbucks. It is Starbucks' mission to be "an inspiration as well as nurturing force for the human spirit." The coffee beans roasted and later on sold by Starbucks are of very high quality. These beans are also used in making Italian style espresso beverages. The store also sells equipment and accessories associated with coffee, pastries and other edible items that compliment coffee. Usually all these products are sold by the company through retail stores that are operated by the company. The main objective of the company is to make Starbucks the most respected and popular brand around the globe (Nielsen…


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Starbucks in India Identification of
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This is the largest chain of specialist coffee shops in India. Other brands, such as Cafe Coffee Day Xpress Kiosks offer takeaway coffee and other hot drinks and are found at busy locations, such as airports and railway stations. Additional competitors, neither of which are as dominant as Cafe Coffee Day include Cafe Mocha and Qwiky's. Cafe Mocha operates 50 upscale locations in major metro areas and caters to the upscale younger workers who have higher-than-country average per capita incomes. Qwiky's operates a smaller chain of outlets called coffee pubs, with the goal of creating ambience and a sense of relaxed atmosphere while selling higher-end coffees and specialty drinks.

The rise in coffee drinking is part of the transition to more branded consumption in India, and is led by the growth of branded coffee cafe chains such as Barista, Cafe Coffee Day and Qwiky's (KPMG 18).

3e. Context (Environmental) Analysis…

Starbucks Management
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Starbucks is a successful coffee chain. The organizational structure is geographic, and decision making is mainly centralized with respect to strategy, and many operational decisions even at the local level come with strong guidance from head office. There are a few key issues, however, that need to be addressed. One is the relatively weak leadership pipeline within the organization, another is the distribution of resources to facilitate expansion and finally there is also the issue of maintaining quality standards despite a still-rapid pace of expansion.

General Description

Starbucks is a company operating in the quick service restaurant business, where it is the 3rd-largest firm in the industry in the U.S. By revenue (Oches, 2014). The company name is Starbucks Corporation. To nobody's big surprise, it is a corporation. Starbucks is publicly traded, on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol SBUX. The company has a 97.33% float, with 2.74% inside…


Choi, C. & Skidmore, S. (2012). Starbucks buys Teavana Holdings for $620 million. Huffington Post. Retrieved December 12, 2014 from 

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Globalization and International Business the
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In Japan for example, where Starbucks opened its first international outlet, the concept of group harmony and social cohesion is more important in business relations. In China the business relations revolve around personal relation while in Korea for example hierarchical relationships or obedience to authority becomes more crucial. In Northern Europe a participatory style of management is in place. Southern Europe on the other hand has workers that resent the concepts like pay-for-performance and commission salaries.

Managers on international missions face the responsibility of having to exert authority while at the same time trying to be liked by the subordinates. U.S. managers put more weight on being friendly and liked whereas Asian and European managers exercise authority.

Managing Cultures

Businesses have become global with globalization taking the business world by storm. With global businesses the communication takes place across the boundaries of the continents and countries. This creates a more…


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Steep Analysis Conduct Technology Trends T Part
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Steep analysis Conduct "Technology trends" "T" part a STEEP Analysis (bullet point - a comment supported APA / MLA In-Text citations valid- referenced sources, addresses pros & cons Technology trends.

Starbucks: Innovation and enterprise in the world of coffee

hy the company was chosen

Starbucks began as a largely free-standing empire of stores. The original concept of the corporation's coffeehouse model was to replicate the 'home away from home' feeing in the store's flagship Seattle location at every Starbucks. The franchises were initially conceptualized as urban gathering-places. "For each targeted region, Starbucks selected a large city to serve as a 'hub'; teams of professionals were located in hub cities to support the goal of opening 20 or more stores in the hub in the first two years. Once stores blanketed the hub, then additional stores were opened in smaller, surrounding 'spoke' areas in the region" ("Starbucks Case Study," McGraw Hill,…

Works Cited

Anderson, Rick. "Bellevue baristas antitrust suit against Starbucks heading to court."

Seattle Weekly. 28 Nov 2007. [6 Apr 2012] 

Bishop, Todd. "The 'fourth place:' Starbucks as technology giant. Geek Wire. 2011.

Marketing Simulation Coffeetime Is Interested
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In tems of image and maket chaacteistic eseach this would need to be entiely done fom a pimay eseach pespective, assuming CoffeeTime is inteested only in thei specific bands' image and maket chaacteistics. Thee ae seconday data studies howeve available fo these attibutes fom a boade standpoint. CoffeeTime's stategic needs fo infomation needs to dictate this decision.

Pat 2:

Finally, what additional stategy (o vaiation on a given stategy) would you ecommend to the key decision make in the simulation to solve the challenge given? Pepae a 350-wod memo to the simulation's key decision make advocating you ecommendation.

Based on the initial analysis completed of the Indian maket fo coffee consumption, thee is a futhe seies of eseach stategies needed to moe fully intepet and espond to coffee consumption though India. The steps equied fom a eseach plan pespective ae as follows:

Focus goups in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangaloe, Pune…

references of Indian consumers.

Pricing clinics in Mumbai. Delhi and Pune. What is entirely not addressed to this point in any of the research strategy for the Indian market is pricing across the spectrum of cities in the sampling methodology. Pricing elasticities, pricing thresholds and the message pricing plays in branding within the Indian economy all need to be addressed. The focus on pricing as it relates to frequent coffee consumption also needs to be addressed.

Psychographics by demographic segment need to be defined. Psychographics is the study of how consumers group themselves into various groups, and this is an area that CoffeeTime must address as it strives to acquire new customers in the 25-34 and 34-45 segments, two generations of consumers with markedly different approaches to defining themselves through group affiliation. Understanding which psychographic segments are most attuned to coffee drinking as part of their lifestyles needs to be further explored and quantified as part of the overall branding strategy.

Unmet needs analysis as it relates to competitors both from an independent and franchised outlet standpoint. Answering the question of which independent and franchised coffee shops aren't offering and what their competitive strengths and weaknesses are, from the potential customers' perspective is, also needs much greater emphasis. The development of a competitive monitoring research effort, through the use of online and in-person surveys, needs to be immediately developed to accumulate in-country knowledge of the market to give CoffeeTime a greater chance for market success.

Developing a Sustainable Marketing Plan
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Sustainable Marketing Plan

he following pages focus on presenting a marketing plan for introducing organic coffee on the market. he paper starts with an analysis of the organic foods market situation, and also of the coffee segment. his section is intended to help readers identify important aspects that this marketing plan addresses. he plan continues with the discussion of the company's strengths and weaknesses, and of the opportunities and threats provided by the business environment. Furthermore, the plan focuses on establishing and discussing the marketing objectives that are addressed by this plan. hese objectives also refer to people and planet, providing a complex image of the company's intentions regarding corporate social responsibility.

he plan continues with the presentation of the Marketing Strategy. his section discusses the customer segments targeted by the company. In addition to this, the section also addresses the marketing mix that the company intends to use. he…

The marketing plan developed for introducing organic coffee on the market addresses different factors of importance to this activity. The marketing plan focuses on the characteristics of the customer segments targeted in the case of this product in order to establish the objectives and strategies that can determine the company's success on the market. The objectives that must be reached by the marketing activity of the company are addressed by the marketing mix and by the strategy.

Reference list:

1. Industry Statistics and Projected Growth (2011). Organic Trade Association. Retrieved September 2, 2011 from .

8-Stage Model of Change Starbucks
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Change Management

Management Theory

Change management: Starbucks case study

Kotter & Cohen (2002) outline an 8-phase change process to explain why some organizations succeed and others do not at change management. These stages of change include increasing the sense of urgency for change; building a guiding team for the change; getting the change vision right; communicating to stakeholders to generate enthusiasm or 'buy-in'; empowering action; creating short-term wins; not letting up; and making the change 'stick' (Kotter & Cohen 2002: 6). All of these principles can be seen in the case of Starbucks, a popular coffee retailer that saw its fortunes flagging until it decided to drastically improve the quality of its coffee and focus on international rather than domestic expansion.

In 2008, Starbucks was in a state of crisis. The Seattle-based coffee chain had become wildly profitable and popular and spread across America, often opening stores very close to…


Allison, M. (2008). Starbucks stores to shut 3 hours on Feb. 26 for retraining baristas. Seattle Times. Retrieved from: 

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Starbucks Stakeholders Starbucks Operates Over
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Starbucks relies on their suppliers for a constant supply of consistent, high quality products. This stakeholder relationship is strong for both groups.

A key group of supply-side stakeholders for Starbucks are coffee growers. The company's size makes them one of the world's largest purchasers of coffee beans. It is not just size that makes Starbucks important, however. Their high visibility means that they are in a position of influence with regards to their coffee purchasing decisions. The coffee industry worldwide is representative of global agricultural issues such as sustainability and fair trade farming. Coffee producers are a major stakeholder for Starbucks because the firm has staked its reputation on high quality coffee. They need to develop sustainable sources of quality beans. For the coffee producers, Starbucks' position with regards to their needs can have a tremendous impact on the ways in which other coffee purchasers treat them as well. Starbucks…

Works Cited

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Some financials and corporate information from Reuters. Retrieved December 16, 2008 at 

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SWOT Starbucks SWOT Starbucks Is
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The points of difference can vary based on the nature of the company, its resources or the industry in which it operates.

Multinational corporations which possess vast resources, as is the case of Starbucks, are more and more focused on social and environmental responsibility in an effort to create points of difference. They promote the development and well-being of the communities in which they operate and they strive to improve their social corporate responsibility programs.

In line with this tendency, economic agents come to place more emphasis on ethical behavior as a means of responding to the threat of more social pressure from the communities. This emerges as a competitive strength as Starbucks is committed to ethical behavior in the relationship with all of its stakeholder categories -- employees, business partners, customers and the general public.

The organization has generally kept a reasonable distance between itself and ethical problems. It…


Ferrell, O.C., Hirt, G.A., Ferrell, L., 2006, Business: a changing world, 5th edition, McGraw- Hill / Irwin

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2011, NASDAQ 100, NASDAQ, last accessed on November 7, 2011

Organizational Environment Starbucks In-Depth Analysis of Organizational
Words: 2333 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19537026
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Organizational Environment Starbucks

In-depth Analysis of Organizational Environment - Starbucks

Starbucks Organizational Culture and Environment

Global Perspectives of Starbucks

Social esponsibility embraced by Starbucks

Starbucks Planning Process

Decision Making Process of Starbucks

Starbucks Corporate Strategy

Organizational Structure of Starbucks

Starbucks uses a mechanistic structure as a contemporary design

Starbucks Organizational Culture and Environment

Starbucks Corporation is considered as one of the leading coffee house chains that offer best quality coffee to its customers. This retail corporation is based in the United States, initiated in the early years of the decade of 1970. Due to its popularity, the company rapidly expanded to various locations around the globe. The vision, goals and strategies designed clearly indicated the fact that the owners did not believe in having growth that can abate the corporate culture, therefore, the corporate culture was considered to be one of the integral aspects for the company. The mission statement…


Anthony, W.P., Gales, L.M., & Hodge, B.J. (2003). Organization Theory: A Strategic Approach. 6th Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

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Business Economic Influences on the
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Starbucks has the potential to benefit from the improving economic conditions. The firm appeals to the mass market, selling a non-essential product. Sales of non-essential products suffer most during economic downturns. Furthermore, when there is a recovery, firms that sell items of a relativity low cost that are still perceived as 'luxuries' may benefit from even small increases in the level of disposable income (Kotler and Keller, 2011). A key indicator of the economy in the U.S. is the unemployment level; this has dropped to 7.5% in 2013 with a recent Wall Street Journal survey of economists indicating they expect a further 180,000 jobs will be created each month for the next 12 months in the U.S. (Casselman and Izzo, 2013). As increase employment emerges wages are also likely to increase; raising the level of disposable income where the increases are above the rate of inflation. There is a general…


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Managerial Decisions Run the Research
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There are many more challenges involved in the development of forecasting models and the development of predictive analytics as they relate to the impact of both CoffeeTime's and competitor's advertising spending. The following are additional considerations in the development of more thorough predictive analytics and statistical forecasting models of the Indian market for CoffeeTimes' beverages and sandwiches:

Advertising spending increasing overall market growth or cannibalizing competitive sales? This is a major question that needs to be addressed through more econometric modeling, specifically looking at the aggregate impact of industry-wide spending on increasing the total market size for served coffee in key segments of the market vs. forcing consolidation of the market and cannibalization of sales. This dichotomy of market direction could best first be tested from the standpoint of attempting to predict aggregate demand and consumption for coffee in India for three to five years. Next taking the approach of…

Tourism After September 11
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Terrorist Attacks on New York City

Consumer ehavior and Risk

Terrorism and Consumerism in the Melting Pot

How has September 11 Impacted Americans

Economic Impact of terrorism

Outlook for the New York Economy

Examination of the Effects on usiness

Regaining Consumer Confidence

Sampling Procedures

Survey Construction

Survey results

Recommendations for Further Studies

Survey of Consumer Patterns After The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Towers

Survey Results presented Graphically

Store Owner Interviews

The Impact of the Terrorist Attacks on New York City: One Year Later Chapter 1

The attacks on the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001 threatened the American People's sense of security in a way that had not been felt since the attack on Pearl Harbor. To say that the attacks changed the lives of many people would be an understatement. The attacks literally brought the country to a halt for nearly three days. It can…


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Sociology -- Observational Case Study
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Customers entered the establishment carrying shoulder bags and computer notebook bags and proceeded directly to the counter to make purchases. The vast majority of customers arrived alone and most of them left the establishment shortly after receiving their purchases. The customers who opted to take seats did not make any eye contact with other customers and proceeded to use their cell phones or notebook computers (apparently) to send text messages and emails. Some of them took out folders or paperwork from their bags and appeared to check through them. The observer also noted that all of the customers who occupied seats checked their watches fairly frequently; in many cases, they first glanced up at the clock on the wall before checking their own watches immediately afterwards.

On the basis of these observations, the observer concluded that the vast majority of the Starbucks Customers frequenting the establishment on the occasion of…