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Development of 18-Month-Old Child
Words: 887 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20300054
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Developmental Checklist

Intelligence in Infancy


The child shows many signs of normal cognitive behavior. He seems to understand that when he bangs the blocks together that they will make sound and also seems proud of this activity. He also understood that when the blocks fell that something was wrong and said "uh oh." This is a sign of cognitive understanding of what the blocks are supposed to do.


The social and emotional skills are primarily illustrated by the connection and interactions with the child's mother. The child looks completely comfortable around the mother and interacts naturally. The child is able to understand the mothers questions like "where is the banana" and responds appropriately.


The child shows advanced ability to sit and stand as he wishes with minimal balance issues. The child also shows advanced visual and spatial skills that can be illustrated by his ability to work…

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Collections A History Reference &
Words: 1303 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62942250
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(2001) research has considerable questionable areas that require questions to the overall application of the specified survey research. he provided statistical analysis does not assist with validation of their research findings with the provided information having uniformity or little description in the application. For instance, there is an analysis of varying questions through the application of varying confidence levels with t-distributions only provided to support specified statistics. Another concern potential is the author's application of scholar's self-assessment as the core tool for data collection. Not only little information provided concerning the research design and methodology with the questionnaire content, but also there is also no indication given concerning the application tackled.

As a significant data collection instrument, care is considerable with the areas under research to enable the validation and substantiation of the given results. he last concern is on the Miller et al. (2001) general conclusions arising from the…

The statistical analysis of the experimental study had detailed information with the provision of future study base. The mediation analysis addition is a positive means of identifying inconsistencies to enable the avoidance of inconclusive results. While there is an omission of certain information, the experimental study is well executable with researched results.

Additional reference

Neuman, W.L. (2006). Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches (6th ed.). Boston: Pearson.

Development Communication and Participatory Approaches
Words: 3255 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51289490
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Participatory Approaches to Development Communication

It was confirmed by Everett ogers in 1976 that the dominating paradigm towards development of communication had passed. He negated all those theories, which have been prevalent in field of communication ever since the 10950s. These theories have been diffusion-ism, and it was replaced by the new participatory approach. It was a very important and significant declaration, especially when it came from ogers, who was a seminal personality in the field of diffusion study. Not only did this new theory point out the shortcomings of the existing belief, it has highlighted and brought forth the advantages of theories related to participation of community, and that of socio-economic structures towards analysis of communication process.

It is very important to study and highlight the findings of ogers almost thirty years after their being discovered, due to their validity till date and the substantial academic application. It is…


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Development of High Potential Employees
Words: 1994 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57378844
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The identification, development, and retention of high-potential employees is one of the most important areas of research in industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. Whereas the vast majority of the workforce will perform in ways that do promote organizational goals, the top performers in any organization are those that provide the firm with its competitive advantage. On the contrary, organizations that do not actively seek to identify, develop, and retain high-potential employees stand to lose a lot as top talent may seek opportunities to maximize potential elsewhere—often a competitor. Moreover, the high potential employees are those with the greatest potential to lead the firm in the future, paving the way for effective succession training and management.
Research on the identification, development, and retention of high-potential employees is burgeoning, but there are significant gaps in the literature. Filling those gaps would help organizations create and implement evidence-based practices to ensure the success of…

Developments in Optical Microscopy and Its Application
Words: 2972 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14806533
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Evolution, Principle and Application of the Optical Microscope

The application of optical microscopy has grown tremendously over the last few decades, this has been so in various disciplines where micron and submicron level investigations are applicable. The spreading out of fluorescence microscopy in research and laboratory applications has been fast-tracked by the instantaneous development of new fluorescent labels. Microscopists have also been able to get quantitative measurements faster and efficiently due to the developments in digital imaging and analysis. It is also possible to obtain very thin optical sections when optical microscopy is enhanced using digital video, the application of confocal optical systems is as well becoming common in a number of major research institutions. Before the nineteenth century, microscopists faced various shortcomings including, optical aberration, blurred images, and poor lens design (Davidson and Abramowitz, 2009). However, in the mid-nineteenth century there was partial correction to aberration through the use…


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Children Age Group Physical Development Milestones There
Words: 1019 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60112000
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There are many milestones for each age. I have selected some that have to do with movement on a small and large scale because I believe that they have to do with the way in which children may be inclined to move a good deal and perhaps exercise in later life.

Infants: [footnoteRef:1] [1: American Pregnancy. First Year Development: Infant Development. American Pregnancy Association., accessed January 28, 2012.]

Fine (Small) -- hands clench, strong grasp reflex, holds objects, pulls on clothing or blankets.

Gross (Large) -- Turns head, rolls back and forth on stomach, holds weight on feet, bounces when held standing, sits well by about nine months.

Toddlers:[footnoteRef:2] [2: Toddler Developmental Milestones. Parenting Magazine.,1, accessed January 28, 2012.]

Fine -- filling up and dumping out small items, trying to dress and undress, drawing or scribbling, stacking or sorting objects, poking and…

Psychology Development Early Childhood Medelein N Moody
Words: 986 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43288987
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Psychology Development

Early Childhood

Medelein N. Moody, (2013). A Relational Aggression Intervention in Early Childhood. University of Nebraska. ProQuest LLC.

The paper was aimed at interrogating the relational aggression in early childhood and if there are interventions within the school setting that can act to reduce the aggression. This intervention is referred to as the Early Childhood Friendship Project and entailed taking stock of the changes in the behavior of the children as they undergo the study and the project. The preliminaries within the article indicates that there is usually a significant differences between the relational aggression between the boys and girls in school with the later recording a higher rate of aggression.

The study was conducted through a survey method and formal testing as the children went through the project and the teachers concerned recorded the results and any noticeable changes over time.

The results that were observed showed…

Sebastian H. Scharf, (2013). Chronic social stress during adolescence: Interplay of paroxetine treatment and ageing. Neuropharmacology 72 (2013) 38e46

The research is centered on the effect of exposure to chronic stress during development especialy at the adolescent and the possibility of developing psychiatric disorders. This was motivated by the fact that little is known about the long lasting effects of the exposures to stress and their relation to age.

The study was focused on the direct and long-lasting impact of chronic social stress during adolescence as well as the chronic treatment of SSRI. Adult and aged animals were used since the experiment could potentially harm human subjects. There was use of CD1 mice at the age of 28 days and these were subjected to a chronic social stress for 7 weeks among other treatments with chemicals. It was observed that the chronic stress as well as the antidepressant treatment at the end of the development period could have a significant and long-lasting impact which is very relevant to healthy ageing.

Teams Development Teams Are Usually the Main
Words: 1185 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52129942
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Development teams are usually the main building blocks of the strategy of any successful organization. The focus of the organization may be on service, cost, speed, performance, efficiency and value among other goals (Moller & Tollestrup, 2012). Nevertheless, development teams always remain the central methodology in the organizations, in either private, non-profit and government organization.

When development teams become more aligned, there is the emergence of commonality of direction (Moller & Tollestrup, 2012). This leads to the harmonization of individual energies. Through this, there is a shared vision of team members as well as proper understanding on how to complement the effort of each other. Once an individual knows the type of the development team he or she is in, it helps in choosing how to plan work as well as what is expected.

The decision making process of development teams assists organization in solving day-to-day problems. The advantage…


Schilling, M.A. (2006). Strategic management of technological innovation. Boston, Mass. [u.a.: McGraw-Hill Irwin.

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Economic Development Agency Economic Development Constitutes One
Words: 2310 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70028755
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Economic Development Agency

Economic development constitutes one of the most important aspects and without it life would become unbearable to all individuals living in the society. This process however does not happen in a vacuum and the involvement of various stakeholders, say the communities and policy makers is mandatory (O'Sullivan & Sheffrin, 2003). The roles of the State Economic Development Agency (SEDA) in promoting positive economic development is one, whose relevance cannot, to any extent, be disputed. In achieving their mission of promoting economic development, throughout the entire state, the need for appropriate data was evident (Nafziger, 1993). It is indeed true that the agency ought to have had access to the data considering the significant role they intended to play using the same information. The unfortunate thing however is the reality that laws, that restrict access of information, though intended for good, has served to curtail the progress of…


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Town Village Development in UK in the Medieval Ages
Words: 3089 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 21897883
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Town/Village Development in the UK in the Medieval Ages

Leicester Development in the Medieval Ages

Leicester provides an excellent example of fort-settlement-town-city development through the Medieval Ages. Controlled at different stages by the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Danish and, of course, Great Britain, Leicester shows the combined contributions, primarily of the Romans, Anglo Saxons and British in its development. Realizing the importance of these contributions, the University of Leicester has undertaken various archaeological projects to continually learn about the city's Medieval development and the Leicester City Council has undertaken a considerable preservation project, particularly of the marketplace area. Both the University and the City Council intend to uncover and preserve Leicester's rich history.

Backdrop: British to Roman to Anglo Saxon to Danish to British

Leicester is a city located at 52°38"06"N 1°08"06" in modern-day East Midlands, Great Britain (Google, Inc., 2006). However, it did not become an organized settlement until it…

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Early Literacy in Preschool Development
Words: 820 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8141559
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Language and Literacy Development of Head Start Children: A Study Using the Family and Child Experiences Survey Database." The report opens with a description of the Head Start program, established in 1965, and sums up their goal: to provide a comprehensive development program for low socioeconomic status (SES) children and their families.

In 1995 it was decided to evaluate the Head Start program's quality and effectiveness. To that end, the study defined a conceptual model that defined school readiness in terms of five developmental domains:

Physical well-being and motor development

Social and emotional development

Approaches to learning

Language usage and emerging literacy

Cognition and general knowledge

The Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES) was then developed to provide information about Head Start children and their families, and to gather data about the program. The study included four cohorts for collection periods 1997, 2000, 2003, and 2006, with each cohort consisting…

Tool Development and Testing
Words: 619 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87169631
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Developing and Testing Data Collection Tools

In research and planning, data collections tools are essential because they are the media that bridges the researcher to the target respondents or groups of the study. These tools serve as "building-blocks" that enables the researcher to visualize the outcome of his/her study: how the tool aligns with the study's objectives and how it generates data and information that will be used for analysis later. It is critical, then, to establish how faithful and appropriate the tools are to the objectives of the research at hand. To achieve this goal, it is therefore imperative for a researcher to develop and test data collection tools that will be used in the study.

While developing a data collection tool, the goal is to maintain fidelity of the research objectives. Questions that will be asked should answer the objectives, but they must be also organized coherently…


"Poverty assessment tools." 2014. Poverty Tools Website. Accessed from: 

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Malta Business Development Report European
Words: 3215 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 81346158
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"A particular strength of secondary data is the objectivity. The data are written by experts in various fields." (McQuarrie, 2005, P 61).

"The relatively low expense in comparison to primary research is also the main advantage of this research as no new research needs to be commissioned. However, its main disadvantage is that the data used in the analysis may be out-dated and therefore return inaccurate results. Furthermore, previous studies may not have targeted the exact issue that the current research requires." (DJS esearch, 2011, P 1).

Despite the disadvantages identified in the secondary data, the author makes use of secondary research as a method of data collection. To collect data, the author employs several techniques. First, the research searches several electronic databases for secondary data. The paper searches the electronic database such as Emerald database, Sage database, Social Science esearch journal database, and the database of science direct. The…


Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, (2011). Background Note: Malta, U.S. Department

of State.

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Humint Intelligence Collection
Words: 2457 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 48588530
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human intelligence particularly in the context of Afghanistan war. Afghanistan is a Muslim Asian state which has been victimised by external forces of USA and ussia. The internal state of Afghanistan is very unfavourable for the development of country and it is most likely that for rehabilitation, it needs the assistance of many other countries.

In the context of human intelligence, it is important to mention that this topic has not been much explored in the literature. The reason can be its possible connection with the car, while the literature mainly casts light upon the causes and outcomes of the war. The strategies are mostly confidential and it takes centuries to explore them.

The paper will explain the concept of human intelligence and its implications in war against the countries. The paper revolves around USA policies and practices maintaining focus on its invasion in Afghanistan in the background of Iraq.…


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Understanding Literary Development With Social Media
Words: 2279 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 51989998
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changing because of advances in technology. How we communicate with each other has changed dramatically with the implementation of powerful and popular social media platforms, like Facebook. Today, both teams and adults spend a surprising amount of time on the social media sites. The question here is whether or not such activities can actually be a positive potential in regards to the growth of literacy and language development.

Social media is a trend that is only continuing to grow. It is used by most adolescents and young adults, who are still rolling in terms of their literacy and reading skills. This current dissertation aims to explore how we use and prevalence of social media can actually assist in developing literacy skills. As teenagers and young adults spend so much time on social media sites like Facebook, they are bombarded with visual and textual material. The current research was aiming to…


Ronda, Natalia Sinitskaya. (2011). Facing the Facebook challenge: Designing online social networking environments for literacy development. Graduate Programme in Language, Culture, and Teaching. York University.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Spencer's Model of Staff Development
Words: 2917 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57475253
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Model of Staff Development

This essay attempts to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Spencer model of staff development as it pertains to my work environment in the retail jewelry business. In other words, by understanding the fundamentals of staff development and the Spencer model and principles, I will attempt to correlate any associated relevance to my department. Staff development in the retail industry entails many areas; however, even though the jewelry business is basically the same sales process as compared to a clothing or shoe retail outlet in many respects, this industry also requires even more focused staff development because of the end product, the level and sophistication of the consumer as well as the extra security and integrity requirements. Jewelry retail is more a 'One-on-One Consultancy' process where sales staffs are appointed to work as one-on-one consumer-focused services. This means that that under training or inexperience…


Tyler, Kathryn (1998, May). Take New Employee Orientation Off the Back Burner. HR Magazine.

Youth Leadership Training and Development the Following
Words: 391 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26856385
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Youth Leadership Training and Development

The following is a research plan for the proposed youth leadership training and development study. It is based on the checklist provided in the text esearch Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches (Creswell, 2009).

To determine if early leadership training has a significant influence on the building of self-esteem, motivation, moral values and self-confidence in youth.

To quantify how a lack of skills in solving problems, self-esteem and communication skills impacts short- and long-term leadership skills in adolescents.

To measure and correlate the extent to which life experiences and the capacity for emotional empathy contribute to and support the attainment of transformational leadership.

To design the methodology to ensure all respondents under age have parental consent, outcomes of the study and data collection do not reveal respondent's identities and the broader environment of the research study (including analysis and presentation results) do not violate…


Creswell, John W. 2009. Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed

Methods Approaches (3rd edition). Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.

New Ways of Workplace Development and Innovation by Using Work Technology
Words: 2466 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 21376127
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New Ways of Workplace Development and Innovation by Using Work Technology

This work in writing proposes a research study on technology in terms of its impact on workplace development and workplace innovation.

The work of Meckl (2008) states that innovation system theory "indicates a transition from individual study to systematic research. The innovation system theory combines the dynamic and complexity of innovation. According to this theory, technological innovation interacts with institutional innovation, and the key factors in this system include knowledge, learning, and ability." (p.134) Meckl (2008) states that the entrepreneur is "a core factor in a firm's technological innovation and competitiveness; it is a necessity in technological innovation." Additionally reported in the work of Meckl is that in practice "not only a firm is embedded in the social structure as an organization, but also the entrepreneurs' innovation activities are socially embedded." (Meckl, 2008)

According to Meckl (2008) the technological…


Benko, C. And Weisberg, A.C. (2007) Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Today's Nontraditional Workforce. Harvard Business Press. 2007.

Claver E. et al. (1998) Organizational Culture for Innovation and New Technological Behavior. Journal of High Technology Management Research 1998 (8) 55-68 in: Meckl, Reinhard (2008) Technology and Innovation Management: Theories, Methods and Practices from Germany and China. Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag 2008.

Freimuth, J et al. (2002) Organizational Memory and Betriebliche Wissenstruktur, ZfG, 2002 (2), 96-104 in: Meckl, Reinhard (2008) Technology and Innovation Management: Theories, Methods and Practices from Germany and China. Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag 2008.

Glynn (1996) cited in: Meckl, Reinhard (2008) Technology and Innovation Management: Theories, Methods and Practices from Germany and China. Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag 2008.

Gap Early Childhood Intervention and the Development
Words: 6336 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82658447
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Gap: Early Childhood Intervention and the Development of the Disabled Child

Children with special needs include those who have disabilities, developmental delays, are gifted/talented, and are at risk of future developmental problems. Early intervention consists of the provision of services for such children and their families for the purpose of lessening the effects of their condition. Early intervention may focus on the child alone or on the child and the family together. Early intervention programs may be center-based, home-based, hospital-based, or a combination. Early intervention may begin at any time between birth and school age; however, there are many reasons for it to begin as early as possible. Early Intervention is the key to achieving the most positive outcome in aiding the disabled child to develop as normally as possible.

There are three primary reasons for intervening early with an exceptional child: to enhance the child's development, to provide support…

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Cooper, J.H. An Early Childhood Special Education Primer. Chapel Hill, NC: Technical Assistance Development System (TADS), 1981.

Utero Development on the Health
Words: 1915 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10393552
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The program includes five components namely 'Family Support', 'Maternal Interview', 'Records review', 'case review' and 'Community action'. (FIMR, 2010)

The FIMR Process

FIMR Informed of Fetal/Infant Death

Family Support

Data Collection/Record Review

Maternal Interview

Records Review

Case Review

Community Action

Improved Maternal & Infant Health



Fetal origins of health and disease has developed into a new medical frontier for researchers. The growing body of research evidence has affirmed positive associations between the gestational environment and the development of various physical and mental disorders in the infant, adolescent and the adult population. The new knowledge that even gestational diet composition has the ability to alter the human epigenome resulting in the expression of undesirable genes and the onset of obesity, diabetes, cancer and other chronic health conditions, is convincing scientific evidence for pregnant women to be careful and cautious in their diet choices. Results from the studies on maternal…


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Differing Courses of Political Development in Medieval France Germany and Italy
Words: 2348 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25390216
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The Golden Bull of 1356 fixed the number and identity of the electors. And while the Empire finally received an orderly method of choosing its sovereigns, the power of these sovereigns had largely passed from the center to the periphery. The old empire existed in name only.

Italy too is part of the story of the German rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. The part of Italy north of the Papal States was an actual part of the Holy Roman Empire, while Sicily, in the extreme south, was at times under the rule of the Emperors. In particular, Frederick II was famed for the glorious, and learned, court he maintained in Sicily. Italy was very strongly affected by political developments North of the Alps. The same divisions between Church and State that plagued the rest of the Empire were prominent in the Italians city states as well. For Italy, like…

Information involving curriculum development
Words: 1283 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46763471
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An educational institution’s curriculum comprises every experience encountered by a pupil under the institution’s direction. All academic systems’ curricula are designed based on societal needs. Thus, owing to society’s dynamic nature, curricula are dynamic as well; educational institutions normally alter their curricula every once in a while. In this paper, the process of math and English as a Second Language (ESL) curriculum development will be addressed, with the following curricular development stages highlighted: determining scholastic aims and goals, determining desired pupil learning experiences, organizing and testing the designed curriculum, implementing it and curriculum evaluation. Further, it will deal with a few curriculum development models.

Within the context of modern education, a school curriculum comprises every experience encountered by a pupil under the institution’s direction. Moreover, this modern notion of a school curriculum covers course program, instructional techniques adopted for individual courses, the institution’s guidance program, and extra-curricular activities. Curricular…

Early Childhood Development -- Curriculum
Words: 322 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1457222
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Another important strategy is that of exploring spatial relations. In such activities, children gain a better visual and practical sense of the spatial relations within mathematics. Scholastic's article portrays two girls discussing the appropriate spatial placement of a couch in a dollhouse. Such thinking methods can be influenced utilizing activities asking the children to map their house, their school, or their neighborhood in proportions. This will help open the child's mind to a more organized way of approaching spatial relations.

Using such strategies help lay the foundations of mathematics essential for later higher levels of learning. It is important to introduce elementary topics and concepts as early as possible, without boring young children to loose their interest. Early math lessons should include engaging activities which help keep the child moving and the learning environment active.

TUI Course Development What Is Usability This
Words: 1638 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34616342
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TUI Course Development

What is usability?

This is a process of how well a product is used and making it meet the needs and demands of the user and achieves the requirements. This gives one time to think about what he or she values most. It also makes someone think that usability is a set of tools and as a process that needs to be well balanced regardless of other needs for business. An instance maybe, many people are so much afraid on where to get money for usability but not afraid enough on how to spend the money they get. That line of question is of great importance because it helps you to think on how u can invest money for usability (hodes, 2005).

Situational experience has enabled professional usability to input an ignored budget to run their study usability. It normally happens after a period of money allocation…


Chisnell, D. (2009). Usability testing: Demystified. Retrieved from

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Irish Corporate Governance Irish Development Ngos Notes
Words: 2173 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72120810
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Irish Corporate Governance

"Irish Development NGOs," notes a 2008 associational guidebook from the Corporate Governance Association of Ireland (CGAI), "exist to create a better world. They operate on a global scale with diverse missions, but are united by a shared commitment to social justice and the eradication of poverty" (CGAI, Irish Development NGOs).

But as noble as these intentions are, they are coming up short in their missions because they do not have in place the kinds of effective and efficient types of governance expectations needed to ensure that they are being profitable in their own success. Many NGOs, just like many for-profit businesses, are struggling with extraordinary financial challenges. And they are finding out that just as they need to learn to be more effective in their operations, they have few guidelines in place for improving the services they provide and for professional conduct in general (CGAI, Irish Development…


CGAI. Irish Development NGOs: Code of Corporate Governance. The Corporate Governance Association of Ireland. In partnership with Dochas, The Irish Association of Non-Governmental Development Organizations.

CGAI. Professional Code of Conduct. The Corporate Governance Association of Ireland. .

Freedman, R.E. And L. Stewart. Developing Ethical Leadership. Business Roundtable. Institute for Corporate Ethics. 2006. Downloadable at

GIIN. The Global Impact Investment Network. 2011. Viewable at .

Marketing Development of Beverage Dear Marketing Team
Words: 1334 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47803758
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Marketing Development of Beverage

Dear Marketing Team

ABC Company

Marketing Development of Beverage

As our company is in the process of marketing development of a new beverage, I am determined to have the impressive launch of the product. In this regard, I am analyzing the advertisement strategies of various players in the same industry. This practice is carried out with the perspective of applying the plus points of the advertisement in our advertisement and avoiding the pitfalls. As we have ready samples collected from industry, we can evaluate the effectiveness of advertisement and manage to get the desired results out of it.

In my discussions with people, I got to know that they like advertisement of Coca-Cola. I also felt that Coca-Cola has monopoly in certain areas and people are loyal to it (Mennen, 2010) as their forefathers were also fond of this drink. I searched for the ads of…


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Management and Organizational Development
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Management and Organizational Development


Fresno County Department of Children and Family Services emancipates twenty and thirty eighteen-year-old foster children each month. These children face many challenges as they work through a transition into the adult, working world. Children in a foster care setting have not had the stability needed for them to develop the life skills necessary to adjust to life on their own. Many of the emancipated youth have either not graduated from high school, nor hold a G.E.D. certificate. In addition, they do not have adequate basic living skills.. The youths typically do not have employment, nor have they built a history during their teen years of successful part time entry level jobs.

The housing experiences of these children, as they have moves from home to home, have not taught them the basic skills needed to keep a home, or apartment. These young…

Resources Needed:

director for this program, recommended by his or her peers from within the foster care system. This person should be someone who has demonstrated a high level of commitment to the foster care system, and has a track record of frequently going "above and beyond" the normal course of daily activities in order to benefit the well being of children in the system.

Funds for an additional training program to teach foster care workers about the benefits of mentoring relationships.

Standards, goals and objectives must be written for the Mentor, and for his or her case worker to follow and use as guidelines for the ongoing relationship

Connection event planning. Location, supplies, budget for event foods, decorations, and other ambiance.

Social Variables in the Development
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To citically investigate the cuent state of intenational business elationship development liteatue.

2. To exploe the chaacteistics that detemines sustainable intenational business elationships within the Libyan business context-fom the Libyan point-of-view.

3. To pesent a model based on the findings fom the two objectives above. This model will seve two main functions: (I). It will help fill in gaps in the cuent liteatue elating to the development and maintenance of business elationships with Libya. (II). It will be of pactical value to foeign businesses wishing to develop elationships with Libyan companies.

1.4.3 Reseach Questions

Fou eseach questions ae fomulated as a means of pusuing the above objectives, these being:

What ae the key vaiables that influence Libyan companies when they intenationalise, and why ae these vaiables so impotant fo Libyan oganisations?

What ae the majo steps/stages that Libyans go though when establishing business elationships?

How can foeign oganisations establish/maintain sustainable…

references and details.

- Retrievability or loopback: can be low.

- Biased selectivity, if collection is incomplete.

- Reporting bias: reflects bias of the author.

- Access: may be deliberately blocked.

E-Groceries Primary Data Collection Secondary Data Collection
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Primary Data Collection

Secondary Data Collection

Performance evaluation of the optimized supply chains

McLane e-grocery

Carrefour Ooshop e-grocery

Logistics Optimization

Structural decisions items of operations strategy in logistics

Hardware of the firm

Operational Facilities

Operational Capacity

Process technology

Supply Network

Infrastructure decision areas

Software of the organization

Planning and control


Organizational Structure

Comparison of structural and infrastructural logistical operations management decisions


Capital Investment

Globalization and Logistics Optimization

Logistical optimization models

Challenges in e-grocery Logistics

E-grocery logistical solution

Store-based order picking model

Figure: Store-based order picking model

Store-based order picking for attended goods reception

Store-based order picking for unattended goods reception

Dedicated order picking model

Figure: Dedicated order picking model

Delivery from dedicated centers for attended goods reception

Delivery from dedicated centers for unattended goods reception


E-basic needs frameworks so that organizations can get beneficial

Execution methodology

Distinctive logistical results

ecognize e-basic framework

E-basic framework

E-basic model…


Anand, G., Ward, P.T., Tatikonda, M.V., & Schilling, D.A. (2009). Dynamic capabilities through continuous improvement infrastructure. Journal of Operations Management, 27(6), 444-461.

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Perspective. (6th ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Validation Phases The Development Phase Entails Initiating
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validation phases. The development phase entails initiating the constructs to be covered in this study, so as to answer the primary and perhaps secondary research questions. The constructs include the demographic factors, cognitive factors, behavioral and affective factors, and achievement. The development phase specifically involves the generation of two new instruments, and the assessment and revision of the current instrument. This will be used in the subsequent implementation and validation phases of the study (Eiselen, 2006).

The implementation phase entails the collection of data to be used in the study. The implementation phase is itself broken down into two stages:

The issuance of measuring tools that were developed in the first phase (three questionnaires) to a selected sample of students through a survey. This initial implementation stage, therefore involves, the collection of primary data.

B. The second stage of the implementation stage involves the collection of data related to the…


Corwin, I.V., & Dudley, C. (2015). EXPLORE Test and Ninth Grade Success in English 9 and Algebra I as related to End-of-Course Exams and Final Averages in a Rural East Tennessee High School.

Eiselen, R.J. (2006). Predicting achievement in mathematics at tertiary level. Doctoral Thesis, Johannesburg: University of Johannesburg.

Rainwater & Rainfall Collection Engineering
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There appear to be no emotional arousing words or bias in the reading. Some new information was offered into the content I have previous read regarding rainwater collection and its many uses. The subject matter is well covered and clear in its direction and content. Various viewpoints and data are available in other readings regarding rainwater collection. This in turn afforded an opportunity for me to not just grasp the work of this author by analyzing and compare it to the work of others gave an opportunity to see the plethora of ways one may approach the subject matter.

This article is a secondary source; the article describes the finding of the author on his or her constituents supported by work done by others involved. The writing is well organized and easy to follow. All content flows and is associated with the previous content read in the article. The author's…

History and Development of Sound Technologies and Sound Design in Film
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sound technologies and sound design in Film

Sound in films

Experiments in Early Age


Crucial innovations

Commercialization of sound cinema: U.S., Europe, and Japan

Sound Design

Unified sound in film production

Sound designers in Cinematography

Sound Recording Technologies

History of Sound Recording Technology

Film sound technology

Modern Digital Technology

History of sound in films


Sound Design

Sound Recording Technologies

The film industry is a significant beneficiary of performing arts. The liberal arts combined with latest techniques and advancements experienced a number of stages. The introduction of films and sound in films was a significant development of its times. The introduction of first film along with sound was a unique event and it revolutionized the industry in such a way that it influenced every individual related to the industry to start thinking on creative and innovative grounds for improvements. The stages of films can be identified as silent films…


Alten, SR 2008, Audio In Media, Thomson Wadsworth, USA.

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Ballou, G 2008, Handbook for sound engineers, Focal Press, USA.

Beck, J & Grajeda, T 2008, Lowering the boom: critical studies in film sound, University of Illinois Press.

Resource Officer Data Collection the
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This is a codified part of student behavior that we may never fully penetrate but which is important to intervening in habitual bullying scenarios like the ones that helped to create Columbine.

c. What political realities impact your ability to be effective?

Again, most political matters are simply those related to our limited finances and resources.

5. What are the safety challenges which you see as most pressing to our students, teachers and resource officers as a whole?

Our most pressing collective safety challenge is keeping the school free from bullying or student-on-student verbal or physical abuse. These things can become habitual, are often ignored by staff as 'normal' student behavior and can nonetheless make school a hostile and unsafe environment for targets.

a. Is violence/weapon possession/threats of violence a serious reality for your school?

Every school must take threats of violence, weapons possession and shooting seriously, even if we…

Child Obesity and Its Affects on Their Self-Esteem Learning and Development
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Childhood Obesity and Its Affects on Self-Esteem, Learning and Development

Childhood obesity has reached alarming proportions in developed nations of the world and its prevalence is continuously rising from 1971. In the Scandinavian countries, childhood obesity is less than compared to the Mediterranean countries; yet, the amount of obese children is increasing in both cases. Even though the highest rates of childhood obesity have been seen in developed countries, and at the same time, obesity is increasing in developing countries as well. Childhood obesity is at increased levels in the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe as well. As an example, in 1998, The World Health Organization project assessing of cardiovascular diseases had showed that Iran was one among the seven countries, which had the highest rates of childhood obesity. (Dehghan; Akhtar-Danesh; Merchant, 2005, p. 1485)

In UK, observations state that there has been a noticeable enhancement in obesity…


Abell, Steven C; Richards, Maryse H. 1996. The relationship between body shape satisfaction and self-esteem: an investigation of gender and class differences. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. Vol: 25; No: 1; pp: 61-64

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Bullying and Overweight and Obese Children. Retrieved October 18, 2005, from the World Wide Web:

Component-Based Development How Is it Different From Oo Development
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object-oriented (OO) and component-based development. It begins by describing the evolution of the abstraction process and the emergence of OO programming. Next, the limitations of OO programming are discussed along with an explanation of how component-based development was born to serve as a complimentary extension to OO to overcome its primary disadvantages. Given the differences between objects and components, this paper makes recommendations for developing systems using both constructs. Finally, the future of objects and components is discussed.

Assembly languages started the abstraction process by coding the binary-based machine code, or pulse train of successive 0s and 1s, into assemblies representing particular machine code sequences (Hoagland). Next, higher level languages made coding closer to human readable. The language and its compilers were coordinated such that the output would give a computational valid result. OO programming raised the level of abstraction in programming even further. OO programming is a programming language…


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Impact of Interactive Word Walls on Literacy Development
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The Effect of Interactive Word Walls on Literacy Development of English Language Learners (ELL) in Middle School – Data Collection Completion and Potential Actions
Part 1 – Data Collection
As previously indicated, a qualitative descriptive research design will be employed to examine the effect of interactive word walls on literacy development of ESL learners in middle school. Since the nature of the research issue is exploratory, the study will collect and analyze qualitative data to help answer the research question. Qualitative data for this study will be collected from existing data relating to this issue. The use of existing data sources is suitable for the study because of the time and finance constraints facing the research. Moreover, the researcher believes that existing data already contains significant insights on this issue and would help answer the research question. As previously indicated, existing data on the research issue will be collected from…

Hollingsworth, H. & Heard, J. (2018, December 10). Teacher Comments in School Reports: What’s Effective? Retrieved November 25, 2020, from 
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Survey Development
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Develop an operational definition of self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy is the estimated likelihood of successful completion of a complex task by an individual. In a counseling setting, this would mean successful treatment for a patient's complex personal or interpersonal complaint. A counselor with higher self-efficacy perception would be more likely to take diverse and complex cases, while a lower self-efficacy perception would result in a more uniform and less-challenging caseload.

Construct a 10-item survey to measure the self-efficacy of the counseling students.

Gender (F or M)

ate your overall preparedness to enter professional counseling (Likert scale 1-10)

Did you take the online or land-based program? (A or B)

Do you expect to graduate the program?

How well do you perform in most classes in general?

What is your overall GPA in the Master's program?

How motivated were you to finish this program? (Likert scale 1-10)

Was there more direct participation or…


Bandura, A. (1977). Self-efficacy: Toward a Unifying Theory of Behavioral Change.

Psychological Review 84(2), 191-215.

Bandura, A. (2002). Social Cognitive Theory in Cultural Context. Applied Psychology: An

International Review 51(2), 269 -- 290. Retrieved from:

Clean Development Mechanism Created Power
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Criteria of buyer/investor on project type and location

A huge variety of CDM project locations, types and sizes exists and these are open to potential CDM investors. The national investment climate plus factors at the national level influence decisions on where, what type of projects to undertake as well as whether they ought to be developed as CDM projects. The investor's role in CDM project influences the physical spread of the CDM market. For instance, a technology provider who is offered payment partly via CE revenues may have a broad list of options of potential areas where to locate the project but a smaller choice of project type to engage in. Some funds set aside and intended for CDM funding have been decided upon as intended for specific project types and specific geographical areas. For example, the Spanish Carbon Fund directs its energies towards establishment of CDM projects in North…


Austin, D. And Faeth, P (2000). Financing Sustainable Development with the Clean

Development Mechanism. World Resource Institute, Washington, D.C.

Banuri, T., Gupta, S., (2000). The Clean Development Mechanism and Sustainable

Development: An Economic Analysis. Asian Development Bank, Manila.

Growth & Development That Africa
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Governments will not provide public goods to those they mistrust, as they will not expect to be able to collect taxes at a later date. In Africa, this again can be related to ethnic tensions -- governments and regions from different ethnic groups may have mutual mistrust that predates the colonial era.


Every nation will develop in its own way. For the most part, however, specific antecedents to development can be identified. Strong government is essential as lack of security will reduce investment -- both domestic and international -- and thus stifle economic growth. Strong government must nonetheless not confuse the rule of law with a mandate to expropriate wealth. The government will need to tax, but must do so only in accordance with the needs of the region for public goods. At some point, trust will need to be developed between the government and the people of the…

Works Cited:

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Corporate Universities -Investigation of Their Development
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In summary, we recommend that the IESBA reconsiders the proposals in the Exposure Draft and provides more guidance on safeguards applicable to sole practitioners and small accounting firms to ensure that the benefits of the changes outweigh the costs to SMEs. Under a principle-based approach, there should be safeguards and practical relief for all practitioners rather than rules-based outright prohibitions. The rewrite of this Independence component of the Code is substantially rules-based rather than principles-based. In this regard, we also encourage the IESBA to prioritize the redrafting of the entire Code using a similar drafting convention to that used by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board in its Clarity project" (IESBA Exposure Draft of Sections 290 and 291 of the Code of Ethics on Independence - Proposed Additional equirements in relation to Internal Audit Services, elative Size of Fees and Contingent Fees 2007).

There will also be an all-time…


Kreitner, R., and Kinicki, a. (2004). "Organizational behavior," 6e; [Chap. 17]; [Chap. 18]. Accessed December 19, 2007, from MBA520, eResource, week 5, eBook Collection database.

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Frazee, Bonnie. (2004). "Organizational Behavior and the Learning Process" Accessed December 19, 2007, at

1 The Development of Social
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trade also has contributed to the economic exploitation of women, as the
textile industry for example, which is predominantly women has seen jobs
lost and wages cut. Women are often forced to be teachers or work in day-
care centres, but not on equal footing with men. Women are victims as are
ethnic minorities, and they are forced into hourly jobs with low salaries,
high unemployment, and little unionization or official organization.
Furthermore, women are dependent on household duties, and through
mechanical technological improvements in household work, women have been
able to work more. This means that women are in fact tied to the family,
and that the family dictates that women's economic needs are of secondary
concern. As the household labourer, traditional duties are a priority, and
this notion of women contributing to the workforce as secondary to
household duties has contributed to women being treated as secondary…

Organization Dynamics & Development it
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Despite their supposed differences, all of the foregoing organizational management techniques and approaches share some common themes involving getting a better handle of what is actually being done in companies and how better to manage these things. Unfortunately, another common theme these management approaches share is the inappropriate or misapplication of these approaches by managers who either do not understand how they work or by rabid managers who insist on absolute conformity with these processes and procedures without any room for flexibility according to the unique needs of the organization. In fact, according to Mills (2003), "Analysis of the data suggests that the implementation of organizational change, particularly selected change programs such as Culture Change, TQM and BP, does not follow the rational, orderly decision-making processes indicated by advocates" (p. 2). Nevertheless, some of the more recent management approaches do provide a more comprehensive analysis of what can reasonably be…


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Expansive Period Important Force Change Development Evolution
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expansive period, important force change development evolution world civilizations preclassical era middle ages ? agricultural developments, technology, industrial development .

From approximately 3500 BCE to 1500 CE, in this expansive period, what has been the most important force of change in the development and evolution of world civilizations from the pre-classical era through the middle ages and why?

The most important force of change during the vast span of years from 3500 BCE to 1500 CE was the development of the modern, bureaucratic state. Only with an effectively-organized government could a nation martial a fighting force to defend its borders, protecting the intellectual and artistic treasures of its civilization from ruin. And only with an effectively-organized state government could empires have been built. The building of empires, and the trade and cultural exchanges they fostered, created what today we would call the modern world. In the absence of effectively-organized state…

Work Cited

Bentley, Jerry H. (et al.) Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past.

5th Edition. McGraw-Hill New York, 2011

Infrastructure and Development
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Infrastructure Projects

Importance of Infrastructure

Infrastructure projects have direct impact on the economic growth of society. esearch shows that most societies have become better stewards of the environment as a result of sustainable infrastructure within the society. For security, the societies can no longer afford to ignore the aging dams, broken water mains, congested roads as well as, deficient bridges. Infrastructure projects developments have enabled the societies to remain a strong and a prosperous (Badre, 2012). This has happened as a result of the society involvement in moving forward with vision, community development, leadership and support. It is therefore, recommended for a community to work together in order to develop a path forward as they start the first crucial steps.

Importance of infrastructure projects to the development of society.

The objective of infrastructure projects is to ensure sustainable development of society. Globally, many states tend to consider roads and dams…


Badre, B. (2012). The Importance of Infrastructure for Economic Growth, Jobs, and Access to Markets and Services in Solomon Islands. The Importance of Infrastructure for Economic Growth, Jobs, and Access to Markets and Services in Solomon Islands. Retrieved May 17, 2014, from 

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Moral Development and Gender Care Theories
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Moral Development and Gender Care Theories

Moral Development

Moral development in humans occurs naturally together with physical, social and mental development. Individually as well as in social settings, mankind evolves a developed moral character and conscience in spite of numerous social and psychological barriers, which temporarily retard or disturb the process. In axiology, concepts of moral development give rise to feelings of being an active and developing entity. Through potential self-realization or perfection, a grand innate legacy is inherited, to be fulfilled in one's individual character and via the community, revealing one's unseen but tremendous intrinsic value (Fieser & Dowden, 2016).

Kohlberg's Six Stages of Moral Development

Crain (2015) holds that the child development scholar and moral philosopher, Lawrence Kohlberg, noted that kids progress across distinct moral development stages similar to the way they progress across cognitive development stages (defined by Piaget). Kohlberg observed…


Crain, W. C. (2015). KOHLBERG'S STAGES OF MORAL DEVELOPMENT. Theories of Development, 118-136. Retrieved from 

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Waterfall Methodology and Agile Methodology in Application Development

Waterfall methodology represents a process of sequential designing, much like manufacturing and construction workflows. This implies that as each step (idea formation, initiation, evaluation, design, creation, testing, execution, and maintenance) is accomplished, developers progress to the subsequent step. Since the process is of a sequential nature, a developer will not be able to revert to any prior stage after its completion -- at least, not without having to begin from scratch. One cannot afford to err or make changes; therefore, the venture's outcome and a broad plan should be established right at the start and followed carefully thereafter (Agile & Waterfall Methodologies -- A Side-By-Side Comparison, n.d). In true Waterfall ventures, each of the above will constitute a separate software development stage, with each stage normally completed before beginning with the subsequent one. Also, stage gates typically exist between each. One example…


Agile & Waterfall Methodologies -- A Side-By-Side Comparison. (n.d.). Retrieved April 28, 2016, from

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Investigation on the development of youth
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Youth Development


The pimay independent vaiable o vaiables of the study ae intentional spot, nonintentional spot, and intentional leadeship. The pimay dependent vaiable(s) ae injuy, inceased anxiety, stess and bunout, alcohol and dug use. one elevant vaiable (RV) in the study was the lack of valid and eliable PYD outcome measues is also ecognized as a limitation within the spot psychology field. The pimay unit(s) of analysis ae youth spot pope stuctue; (c) suppotive elationships; (d) oppotunities to belong; (e) positive social noms. The pimay hypothesis showed that diffeences wee pesent acoss these thee contexts, wheeby intentionally stuctued pogams (spot and leadeship) scoed significantly highe on pogam quality fom both the eseaches' and youth's pespectives, as well as on PYD outcomes, than nonintentional stuctued spot pogams.

The pimay natue of the study is to examine the diffeences in pogam quality and positive developmental outcomes…

references are not current but they are cited used in the text.


Structured programs scored higher on program quality and positive youth development out- comes than nonintentionally structured programs, with intentional sport scoring significantly higher on some measures of program quality and positive youth development than leadership programs.

Human Resources Development in the
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A number of companies put into practice an ethnocentric direction in which the management is focused on the home market. Ideas that begin from the headquarters are thought to be better than to those that come from the foreign subordinate. Top organization in the foreign business is usually managers that come from the head office. Some of the businesses take a polycentric approach, in which each market is thought to be exclusive. Supervision in home companies is typically taken on by local people. The third approach is geocentric, which is rather like the ethnocentric approach as it shifts the authority back to the head office for employing managers. These supervisors are hired from dissimilar areas around the world. Essentially the geocentric approach looks for the most part appropriate employees from a collection of gifted people and they are employed on their value and not because of where they came from.…

Works Cited

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Operational Plan Development and Implementation
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What happened?" What happened was that many hotel restaurants have focused on providing their guests with better food that has them returning in droves: "Many restaurants in hotels are extremely competitive in both the quality of food served and the dining service" (Lee, 1998, p. 38). In response to precedent-setting losses in 1995, the hotel industry has been "looking for innovative food and beverage concepts intended to first and foremost make the hotel a center community," the American Hotel and Motel Association. Hotel service reports, including food service, which must be sufficiently compelling to keep hotel guests in-house while remaining sufficiently innovative to keep them from walking out the door (Lee, 1998). This point is echoed by Meryment (2006) who reports of Australia hoteliers: "There was a time, not long ago, when to eat in a hotel restaurant was akin to suffering a social death. Nobody, but nobody, would choose…


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Frisbee History and Development of
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Three authors note, "Pete and his team have designed a device that can fling a nanosat [mini-satellite] off the back of its host rocket. 'It's a lot like throwing a Frisbee,' he explains" (Fisher, Phillips, and Schugart). Thus, the Frisbee technology may reach outer space in ways the inventors never could have imagined.

Today, the Frisbee is one of the most common toys around the world. You can see it used in dog agility championships, at the beach or park, and in many competitive Frisbee tournaments, including Frisbee Golf, Frisbee Baseball, and many others. Many people consider Fred Headrick to be the father of modern Frisbee competition. Headrick took over as Vice President of Sales at Wham-O in 1964, and he changed the design of the disc just a bit by adding "flight rings" along the shoulder of a new Frisbee Pro-model disc. These grooves gave the thrower more control…


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Staff Faculty Development for Raising Achievement
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Peers and staff at major universities will review information collected in order to test for reliability and validity. Follow up studies will be necessary in order to determine the future efficacy of the theory proposed.


The researcher suggests that the results of the study will reveal the critical factors that are likely to impact student's success in the classroom with regard to multicultural education. From the results of the fieldwork the researcher proposes that several factors will need to be adopted by faculty and staff in order to improve student outcome in the classroom.


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Cognitive Processes the Development of
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As a conclusion, the authors suggest a functional architecture of cognitive emotional control. The review ends with suggestions for future study, including a consideration of cultural differences and their effect on the individual's ability to control emotion in a cognitive way.

Since the study is a review, the research methodology involves an overview of recent studies in the field of cognitive emotional control. The researchers appear to have made thorough work of this purpose, while also offering insight and into potential future applications of such research. Furthermore, their synthesis of research information is logical and relevant to the questions posed at the beginning of the document.


In conclusion, it is always fascinating to consider the different ways and preference types in how individuals might view and experience the world around them. Having an understanding of cognitive types is particularly useful in fields like education and leadership. Such an understanding…


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Miles Davis or John Coltrane Select One on the Development of Modern Jazz
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Miles Davis

ith a career spanning several decades, and an influence spanning several continents, Miles Davis has arguably had a bigger influence on jazz music than any other musician. In the 1991 obituary in The New York Times, Miles Davis was described as an "an elusive touchstone of jazz," and someone who "defined cool," (Pareles). Davis' album The Birth of the Cool makes his name not just symbolically associated with the quality of coolness, but actually a synonym of the birth of cool jazz -- a specific genre of jazz that originally and bravely broke from established big band and be-bop traditions to enter the realm of the avant-garde via improvisation and experimentation. Jazz was forever transformed via Miles Davis' contributions and his musical legacy as composer and trumpet master.

Davis was born in Alton, Illinois on May 26, 1926. His upbringing was "middle class," and he was exposed to…

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Political Development
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The Variant Paths of Post-Communist Russia, Poland, and Hungary

The past ten years have seen great changes in the formerly Communist countries of Eastern Europe. Bound together for years under the Soviet yoke, these nations have now embarked upon their own individual paths as sovereign states. Representative of these emerging one-time Eastern Bloc nations are Russia, Poland, and Hungary. All three once shared a common form of government and a single social system. In each of these cases, Communism overlay a pre-existing civilization and set of traditions. This relatively brief interlude of Marxism, Leninism, and Stalinism was thus, a veneer, a covering over, if you will, of far older patterns of behavior and ways of thinking. It was these underlying cultural and historical characteristics that, combined with the shared history of Soviet rule, produced the countries we know today. Three distinct nations were put together into the crucible of…

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Differentiated Coaching as a Professional Development Tool
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Differentiated Coaching for eading and Literacy

One approach to professional development that is gaining widespread acceptance among reading leaders is differentiated coaching. This paper examines how reading leaders can better engage in differentiated coaching for teachers of reading to meet the learning and culturally diverse needs of reading students in an elementary school, including the existing degree of comfort at my school with this tool, the readiness of the school's culture to implement this tool and a recommend approach for carving out time to use differentiated coaching in my school. Finally, a discussion concerning what type of data might be collected while using differentiated coaching concludes the paper.

What is the degree of comfort that exists with differentiated coaching at your school?

Although my school has used peer mentoring in the past, there has been no effort to employ the differentiated coaching model so the degree of comfort is currently…


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Electronic Data Collection Consequences
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research database be part of the protocol development team. Perhaps the most eminent of these reasons pertains to the need to have the data collection process aligned with the efforts of the protocol development team. The sort of congruence that needs to exist between database collection and protocol development is essential to ensuring that the data that is captured for analysis directly relates to the research study as a whole. In this sense, the research database design process contributes to the development of a research study's protocol in that it provides a mechanism for determining what sort of data is possible to capture (and able to be analyzed) to support the purpose of the study. Again, it is critical to have these two elements in a research study aligned because the former directly influences the latter. If a research database is not able to capture data that is used to…


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Web-Based Professional Development
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oanoke County School System Faculty and Staff's Perceptions egarding the Use of Web-Based Professional Development

Educational Thesis

Implications for Improvement of Practice

Introduction (could be longer. Include mandatory teacher ongoing certification standards)

Ongoing staff development has long been a vital part of the educational environment. It is the means by which the faculty and staff of a school system are kept current in educational trends, technologies and philosophies. In a diverse society, social pressures felt in the classroom are continually making the teaching process more challenging.

In the past few years alone, the advance in computer capabilities and in-home computer gaming equipment has affected the attention span of the average student. Elementary and secondary education students have a different paradigm as to what is interesting. Thus the challenge in the classroom to grab, hold, and mold the students attention have changed. An effective teacher must be aware of these changes,…


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Workforce Education Training and Development
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exually Transmitted Diseases in Developing Countries

exually transmitted diseases (TD's) have been a problem for doctors worldwide and governments around the globe for many years.

Pre-screening, diagnosis, and treatment programs are required to stop the spread of TDs.

A host of sexually transmitted diseases have, unfortunately, exploded in large numbers in the continent of Africa. These TD's include the HIV virus and the HPV virus, or human papillomavirus. HPV causes cervical cancer, and the HIV virus causes AID (auto-immune deficiency syndrome).

It is estimated that there are 100 million cases of AID worldwide, and that AID is now claiming more lives than all wars and natural disasters around the world.

In Africa, the problem is quite tremendous.

In outh Africa alone, there are 4.7 million people infected with the AID virus. outh Africa is the world's country with the largest infected population.

adly, it is estimated that worldwide, less than…

See.American Social Health Association, 

See also Qualitative Methods, Cornell. Edu. Located at

USDA Information Quality Guidelines for Statistical Information, located at . Seealso Qualitative Methods, Cornell. Edu. Located at

Societies Development of Collectivism
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individual is a product of society, rather than its cause.' Discuss.

The relationship between the individual and the society are recurrent themes and profoundly linked concepts in the fields of anthropology and sociology. While the individual is defined as a human being who is considered isolated from and separate from the broader community, the society is thought of as the aggregate of these individuals or a more holistic structure that extends beyond the individuals themselves. However, both concepts are problematic since their significance varies according to whether the approach is holistic, focusing on society, or individualistic, focusing on the individual. Therefore, the causal relationship between the individual and society is of the utmost importance in the related academic fields. Since this subject is evidently central to the study of humans, many social theorists have taken a focused interest in these relationships. A classical debate brings into conflict, advocates of society's…