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Psychology Development

Early Childhood

Medelein N. Moody, (2013). A Relational Aggression Intervention in Early Childhood. University of Nebraska. ProQuest LLC.

The paper was aimed at interrogating the relational aggression in early childhood and if there are interventions within the school setting that can act to reduce the aggression. This intervention is referred to as the Early Childhood Friendship Project and entailed taking stock of the changes in the behavior of the children as they undergo the study and the project. The preliminaries within the article indicates that there is usually a significant differences between the relational aggression between the boys and girls in school with the later recording a higher rate of aggression.

The study was conducted through a survey method and formal testing as the children went through the project and the teachers concerned recorded the results and any noticeable changes over time.

The results that were observed showed that there was a decrease in relational aggression at the level of the entire class as the children went through the project. Ironically, even though the analyses suggested that there was an increase in the physical aggression at the individual level, the teachers involved in the project reported a decrease in the physical aggression at the classroom level.

It was concluded hence that there is a possibility of increasing the pro-
...Gagne, (2013). Early -- but modest -- gender differences in focal aspects of childhood temperament. Elsevier Ltd.

This is a research directed at the investigating childhood temperament and how gender plays a part in this. The role of gender is examined here methodologically by assessing mother, father and the laboratory temperament assessment battery (Lab-TAB) and the ratings they gave in asesing the temperament in 3-year-old children. It was observed that boys had a higher level of activities and a lower level of shyness as well as lower inhibitory control as compared to the girls across all the methods of assessment. It was also observed that the shyer children had lower activity levels and a higher inhibitory control and these children with higher inhibitory control were active.

Topic 2. Late childhood

Karlen Lyons-Ruth, (2012). Borderline symptoms and suicidality/self-injury in late adolescence: Prospectively observed relationship correlates in infancy and childhood. Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

The research is basically on the development of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) in the adulthood and the possibility of this having a root cause at the late childhood stage of growth. The primary objective of the research was to observe if the quality of the parent-child interaction during the infancy and the middle childhood had anything to do with the BPD, suicidal or self-harm behavior that the children develop in the late adolescence.

The research was conducted using adolescents from 56 families who were studied from their infancy and were observed fro any symptoms of BPD. Of special interest to the research team was the attachment security…

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Sebastian H. Scharf, (2013). Chronic social stress during adolescence: Interplay of paroxetine treatment and ageing. Neuropharmacology 72 (2013) 38e46

The research is centered on the effect of exposure to chronic stress during development especialy at the adolescent and the possibility of developing psychiatric disorders. This was motivated by the fact that little is known about the long lasting effects of the exposures to stress and their relation to age.

The study was focused on the direct and long-lasting impact of chronic social stress during adolescence as well as the chronic treatment of SSRI. Adult and aged animals were used since the experiment could potentially harm human subjects. There was use of CD1 mice at the age of 28 days and these were subjected to a chronic social stress for 7 weeks among other treatments with chemicals. It was observed that the chronic stress as well as the antidepressant treatment at the end of the development period could have a significant and long-lasting impact which is very relevant to healthy ageing.

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