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A comparative essay is an essay in which you compare two or more items.  A strictly comparative essay will ask you to highlight the similarities between these two or more items, while a compare-and-contrast essay will highlight the essential similarities and differences between those items.  Comparative essays often focus on ideas rather than items, and may ask you to compare approaches, theories, or positions about an issue.  Some common comparative essays are to compare pro-life/pro-choice stances on abortion or anti-death penalty and pro-death penalty positions.  At the end of a comparative essay, you may be asked to draw a conclusion based on the evidence you have presented, however you need to treat all of the items or ideas evenhandedly throughout your essay or you will transform your comparative essay into an argumentative essay.  

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Comparing E-Learning and Camus Learning

Words: 1637 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18832470


A Comparison of Online Learning and Campus-Based Learning

The development and growth of online learning has created opportunities for both students and academic institutions alike. The online learning environment may be argued as offering many benefits such increasing accessibility to education and support of diversity as well as providing a potentially lucrative revenue streams for the institutions. These benefits have driven the growth, but the benefits are not without drawbacks, with online courses reporting a higher attrition. The aim of the paper is to look at online learning, discussing the advantages and the disadvantages of the online environment comparing it to campus-based learning and the blending environment.

An online course has been defined as one where there is a minimum of 80% of the content is delivered through the online environment (Allen & Seaman, 2014). Online delivery may include a range of different mediums, including, but not necessarily limited to live or recorded video streaming, podcasts, online discussion groups, text-based lectures and online text-based content. The key to the definition is the availability of the content which is usually available through an Internet connection. A ground-based or face-to-face instruction model more traditional where the majority, if not all, the…… [Read More]


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Comparison of Religious Ethics Throughout Denominations of Religious Doctrines

Words: 6730 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81184486

Religious Ethics in Comparison

Though the three religions reviewed and critiqued in this paper -- Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam -- have very different histories and quite original approaches to ethics, there are also a number of startling similarities when comparing them. One can easily find the differences, and this paper does indeed point to the differences. And yet, when it comes to the philosophical ingredients that go into each of the three and the values that each present as important, there emerges a tapestry of goodness and ethical beliefs as well.

Buddhist Ethics -- Background Information

It should be understood at the outset of any discussion of Buddhism that there are many approaches to practicing Buddhism. Philosophy Professor Michael G. Barnhart points out that there are "deep similarities" between various approaches to Buddhism -- for example Buddhists universally share a "reverence for the personal history of the Buddha" -- but there are obvious contrasts as well (Barnhart, 2012, 18). The "Hau-yen" Buddhist tradition focuses on issues apart from what the Buddha said or did, Barnhart explains. In fact the Hau-yen believers -- using the texts of their "Pali canon" -- take the position that at the time of his death…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Precepts Among Thai Buddhists." The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 17.1 (2007): 37-45.

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Studies of Life: Abortion, War, and Euthanasia. Chapel Hill, SC: University of South
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Compare and Contrast Psychological Impact of Katrina and Lusitania

Words: 2352 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88239008

psychological impact of Katrina & Lusitania

Hurricane Katrina which took place in the year 2005 is said to be one of the worst storm disaster that took place in the history of the United States. It led to loss of many lives, and it was unavoidable. The winds both from Louisiana to Alabama caused the level of water to arise at about 80% of the New Orleans and neighborhoods. The tragedy left many people with worries asking how the tragedy like that could happen to threaten the lives of many Americans (Brinkley, 2006).

The sinking of Lusitania on the other hand, contributed to various impacts on America as well as, the World War One. However, the Americans were never interested in joining the war unless they had finished another two years. The Lusitania sinking also enraged many Americans as well as, hastening the people from United States' entrance into the World War one. The disaster happened in few minutes as compared to Hurricane Katrina which took about two hours and forty minutes. This paper will analyze the Lusitania disaster and Hurricane Katrina as well as, giving the similarities and dissimilarities of the disasters. The paper also summarizes the psychology of…… [Read More]


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Comparing Nurse Practice Acts

Words: 1444 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52660010


The Nevada Nurse Practice Act is similar to the Indiana State Board of Nursing in that the two documents cover definitions of terms (such as Board of nurses, advanced practitioner, and accredited school). In addition to defining terms clearly to remove ambiguity in their application, the two documents also outline provisions for nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

The Indiana State Board of Nursing oversees nurse licensing, including issues related to education. Moreover, the State Board of Nursing in Indiana outlines the role of continuing education in the nursing profession. The Indiana State Board of Nursing's Licensure and Administrative Rules include an administrative code for both registered and licensed practical nurses. Ancillary practices and areas of specialization are also included, such as nurse-midwives.

Number of members in the Indiana State Board of Nursing is something that is covered in the document related to licensure and administration. In IC 25-23-1-2, the document refers to the Indiana State Board of Nursing membership selection procedures. The State Board of Nursing consists of nine (9) members, who are appointed by the governor. Each of these nine members serves a term of four (4) years (subject to death, resignation, or removal by the governor). Six…… [Read More]


Indiana State Board of Nursing (2005). Licensure Statutes and Administrative Rules

Nevada Nurse Practice Act.
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Compare Discipline and Management

Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97974018

DISCPLINE vs. Management

Compare Discipline and Management

Discipline in the classroom is often equated with punishment, although punishment is only one of the tools of discipline that can be used by a teacher. One common definition of discipline is "teaching others right from wrong" with "methods to prevent or respond to behavior problems so they do not occur" (Behavior management, Sage Publications, 5). Discipline's "most typical current meaning seems to be most associated with the notion of bringing children into line" (Allen 2010). In my own personal classroom vocabulary, I think of discipline as informing students of expected consequences, both good and bad, such as if a student turns in all of his homework on time he gets a sticker at the end of the week but if he does not he has to do an extra assignment. In other words, discipline is a way of dealing with problems and reducing the risk problems are likely to occur or reoccur with different reinforcement mechanisms such as behavior management.

In contrast, "classroom management has two distinct purposes" as "it seeks to establish and sustain an orderly environment so students can engage in meaningful academic learning, it also aims to enhance student…… [Read More]


Allen, K.P. (2010). Classroom management, bullying, and teacher practices. The Professional

Educator, 34(1), 1-15.

Behavior management. Sage Publications. Retrieved from:
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Compare Healthcare Grade of Maryland to Florida

Words: 758 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94661525

Healthcare Data Compare Healthcare Grade of Maryland to Florida

Healthcare grades: The Commonwealth Fund

The Commonwealth Fund grades all states on access to healthcare, avoidable hospital use and costs, healthy lives, and prevention and treatment. For example, Pennsylvania ranks 12 on access: nearly

percent of nonelderly adult patients are insured and 92% of children. Florida has around 74% and Maryland around 83% of adults insured and 82 and 91% of children, approximately. In Pennsylvania, 86% of at-risk adults have had a checkup within two years versus 87 and 88% in Florida and Maryland respectively; 90% of patients in PA have not had to forego seeing a physician within the last two years because of cost versus 84% in Florida and 89% in Maryland (approximately). The low rates of insurance coverage in Florida reflect higher unemployment and poverty rates, combined with a higher percentage of workers who labor part-time and do not receive employer-provided insurance, the predominant method of coverage in the U.S. Greater concerns about costs of going to a physician in Florida reflect how a lack of insurance can act as a deterrent to going to the doctor.

In terms of prevention and care, interestingly enough, Maryland had the…… [Read More]


State scorecard. (2011). Maps and Data. Retrieved September 26, 2011 at 

All figures are rounded up or down, based upon the available data
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Comparing Richter and Gardiner in Bach's Cantata Recordings

Words: 1606 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98701370

Bach's Cantina Recordings

Comparison of Bach Cantata Recordings: Richter and Gardiner

Just a few generations ago, Bach's Cantatas had seemed to silence; but "since that time, in the intervening four decades, there has been an explosion of interest in this neglected music, borne out by numerous recording projects" (Lehman & White 508). Although the Cantatas were written generations ago, their music is still relevant in today's cultural environment. Bach's brilliance is allowed to shine on, and has become flexible in the various interpretations of his works. Karl Richter and John Eliot Gardiner are two composers that have made modern recordings of Bach's Cantatas from much different stylistic vantage points. The two recordings are compared here in order to understand the variety that they have brought to Bach's much older works.

There has been a recent jolt of interest in Bach's Cantina's within the last century or so. Here, the research suggests that "we live in a golden age of cantata recordings. And despite the current state of the music industry and the world economy, this momentum seems likely to continue, exemplified by the interesting variety of new recordings" under way (Lehman & White 508). In the last century, as recording…… [Read More]


Antila, Heikki. "Karl Richter and the Cantatas." Bach Cantatas Website. 1998. Web. 

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Compare and Contrast PCS and Mainframes

Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25380116

Personal Computers and Mainframes:


Ah, yes...the good, old mainframe. Although the days of whirring giant cabinets in the Six Million Dollar Man, or even the out of control "WHOPPER" computer in the classic cold war movie, War Games, have largely gone the way of the dinosaur, the mainframe computer is still in use today. Although the PC has become the modern definition of "the computer," both forms of the technology have specific uses, advantages and disadvantages.

In the early 1980's, the business world in particular was embracing computer technology at a rapid pace. Other technologies, including microfilm, microfiche, and hard copy records and documents began to be phased out by the mainframe. Indeed, companies quickly became aware of the tremendous power the mainframe computer could bring to their management of data and records (Bennett, 2000), and set up systems at individual "work stations," allowing access to the information in the mainframe.

One major drawback to the widespread use of the large mainframe, however, was the immense cost. To be sure, the early mainframe computers were significantly more powerful and useful than the first "mini-computers," however, their high cost and complexity made their implementation prohibitive for small companies and individuals.…… [Read More]


Bennett, J. 2000. "Compuware sees the future, and it is the mainframe." Detroit Free Press. Retrieved from Web Site on March 28, 2004

Katnic, J., Nadel, D. 2000. "Is the mainframe just a high performance PC?" IBM Mainframe Newsgroup. Retrieved from Web Site on March 28, 2004
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Comparing Russian City and US City

Words: 930 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87469497


The two cities I am going to compare are Irkutsk and Tampa. Irkutsk is located in Siberia, along the shores of the Angara River, near the shores of Lake Baikal. Tampa lies on Tampa Bay, near the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Its inland location and northerly latitude characterize the weather of Irkutsk, which is very cold for most of the year, with five freezing months from November to March where the temperatures drop significantly. Summers are mild. Tampa's southerly location gives it a warm climate, with freezing temperatures seldom if ever occurring. The climate is warm, sunny, and humid. Summers are hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms. The average July temperature in Irkutsk is 64.5, and the average January temperature is -0.9F. The average July temperature in Tampa is around 90, and in January it is 70 (U.S. Climate Data, 2012); World Climates, 2012).

Irkutsk has a population of around 600,000, but has only limited suburban sprawl, so the metropolitan area has a similar population. This contrasts with Tampa, where the city's population is 335,000 but the metro area has a population of 2.7 million. The people of Irkutsk are mainly Russian in their ethnicity, and the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Babrs. (2006). History of Irkutsk. Retrieved March 29, 2012 from (2012). Irkutsk city, Russia. Retrieved March 29, 2012 

US (2012). Tampa (city), Florida. U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved March 29, 2012 from

US Climate data. (2012). Tampa, Florida. U.S. Climate Data. Retrieved March 29, 2012 from
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Compare the Environments and Organizational Settings in Which Library and Information Professionals Practice

Words: 576 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3112974

Environment and Organizational Settings

Compare the environments and organizational settings in which library and information professionals practice

There are various types of libraries demonstrating different environment and organizational settings. In order to make the libraries diverse and dynamic, each library has the ability to reflect characteristics of their user community. This research will focus on differentiating environment and organizational settings of the four critical library organizations: academic libraries, school libraries, special libraries, and public libraries.

Public Libraries

In the case of the United States, public libraries have the ability to offer services to the people following their establishments by law. The main objective of the public libraries is to enhance accessibility of citizens to information through facilitating reading and borrowing of resources free of charge. This is critical towards the achievement of the public libraries in relation to creation of a more informed citizenry. Moreover, these libraries have the ability to offer entertainment through programming and materials to the public. The source of finance for the operations of the public libraries is taxpayer's money. Public libraries have the obligation of offering support to the persons, groups and governmental agencies in the context of the community. This is through creation of…… [Read More]

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Comparing Seneca and Perpetua

Words: 1057 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54903488

Seneca and Perpetua

Comparison of Seneca's "On Tranquility of Mind" and Perpetua's Passion

What does the Stoic pagan philosopher Seneca have in common with the Christian martyr Perpetua, other than the fact that both individuals wrote during the latter part of the height of the Classical Roman Empire? Both writers perceived themselves as attempting to live, in real and philosophical terms, an alternative existence to their more contemporary, worldly peers. However, while the Stoic focused on his readers achieving a state of correct philosophical mind, the interpreters of Perpetua's visions and dreams focused on what the young woman's martyrdom meant in a political and physical sense, regardless of Perpetua's own interpretations of her behavior.

Seneca's statement in his essay "On Tranquility of Mind" that it "is a ridiculous thing for a man not to fly from his own badness, which is indeed possible, but to fly from other men's badness, which is impossible," seems to have been written for the Christian martyrs whom attempted to perfect their souls by allowing an imperfect world to sacrifice them as public examples of transgressions. Seneca advocated a quiet endurance in the face of societal ills, focusing on self-scrutiny rather than on raging against…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Salisbury, Joyce. Perpetua's Passion. New York: Routledge, 1997.

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Compare and Contrast the Concept

Words: 816 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50704952

nature in American literature, from earliest writings to the Civil War period. It is my purpose to outline the connection between spirituality, freedom and nature and explain how American writers have chosen to reflect and interpret these themes in relation to their historical realities.

At the beginning of the colonization process there were two congruent depictions of nature. Initially, the tribes comprising The Iroquois League lived in close contact with nature and believed in the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with it. In this respect, the Iroquois Constitution imposes a devout display of gratitude to all by-human elements of the world before the opening of any council. On the other hand, the early explorers and founders of the United States perceived an immense natural potential in the country. In this sense, Thomas Hariot describes the New World as a land of wealth, his words and images aimed both at inspiring potential English investors and settlers and endowing them with practical information required for survival.

Notwithstanding nature's practical functions, Nathaniel Hawthorne captures in his story Young Goodman Brown the American Puritan sentiment of fear in the face of wild, untamed nature, and possibly suggests that from a point-of-view nature corrupts…… [Read More]


Barna, Mark. (2001, May) Our Romance with Nature. The World and I, Vol.16, No.5

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Compare and Contrast With Ancient Mythology

Words: 1382 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10390886

Ancient Mythology

Comparison of Modern and Ancient Mythology

Imagination is still an inseparable aspect of his nature regardless of the claims on rationality and logic. Human beings are mythmakers. They have a tendency to imagine worlds that don't immediately exist which gives rise to mythology and religion (Armstong). Since the age of enlightenment; men began to believe in philosophy as the only method of disclosing world and nature. It can be shown that even philosophy stands on myth (Muszynski). Therefore, mythology still exists both at a personal level and a public level, in the form of religion. Mythology arises to explain ideas which cannot be explained with rationality alone - nature, the origin of people, and the existence of the universe. The root and grounds of development of mythology has not changed since the ancient times, therefore, mythology in the new world shares many similarities with the ancient mythology. Nevertheless, there are some apparent differences between the two, which arise due to the developments in scientific knowledge and the rise of philosophy.

The first major similarity between the mythologies of different times and civilizations is their common themes. It is surprising to observe that during the historic time when different…… [Read More]


Armstong, Karen. A short history of myth. Canongate U.S., 2005.

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Compare and Contrast William Faulkner to Ernest Hemingway

Words: 401 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10921739

Faulkner and Hemingway: Comparison

William Faulkner (1897-1962) and Ernest Hemingway (1898-1961) were contemporaries who chose to adopt writing style that was highly unique and totally different from many of other writers of their time. Both reached great heights of success and were awarded Nobel Prize for literature. Both Faulkner and Ernest were similar in many ways but there was something essentially different about their narration styles and the psychological influences, which their writings reflect. For example while Faulkner was totally obsessed with dark mysteries such as death and murder, Ernest created stories, which were closer to reality. That is the reason why latter received more appreciation for his work than Faulkner who was highly popular among those who enjoyed thrilling mysteries and dark adventures. But they were both totally original in their writing style and they are responsible for introducing unique powerful devices in literature. Ernest Hemingway enjoyed concealing important details and this is only too apparent in his short stories. In the story, Hills like White elephants, author never mentioned the word abortion throughout the long conversation between a woman and her husband, even though that was the only thing they were quarrelling about. Hemingway's stories contain…… [Read More]


William Faulkner, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Seventh Edition, 2002

Ernest Hemingway, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Seventh Edition, 2002
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Compare the Healthcare Systems in USA and Haiti

Words: 1342 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71073471

Health Care Systems in USA and Haiti:

Health Care System in Haiti:

Currently, it's estimated that Haiti spends approximately 11% of its national budget towards health care. Notably, 80% of this amount is spent on salaries with the rest of the amount used for furniture and drugs. Much of the amount that is spent on Haiti's national budget including on health care is from foreign countries like Canada, Cuba, United States and France among others. On the list of the priorities of the Haitian government, health care is listed as priority number eight after education, agriculture and sanitation ("Health Care in Haiti," n.d.). Recently, Haiti experienced a major crisis in health care delivery necessitating the need for recovery of the country's health care system. The deficiency in Haiti's health care system and medical services is largely attributed to the fragmentation of both the public and private sector.

Throughout the history of health care in Haiti, there have been varying beliefs, particularly among Haitian Americans. While people from rural areas always seek medical help from folk healers instead of physicians, people from cities always seek help from professional health care providers or physicians. Furthermore, the type of medical help that is…… [Read More]


Guly, C. (2004, April 27). Haiti Emerging from Chaos to Face Health Care Crisis. Canadian Medical Association Journal 170(9). doi:10.1503/cmaj.1040541.

"Health Care in Haiti." (n.d.). OFCB Ministries of Bayonnais Haiti. Retrieved April 10, 2011,


Hellander, I & Bailey, J. (2001). The U.S. Health Care System: Best In the World, or Just the Most Expensive? Retrieved from The University of Maine website:
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Compare and Contrast Sun Tzu and Clausewitz

Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87584754

Karl von Clausewitz & Sun Tzu

Comparative Analysis of Karl von Clausewitz's theory and Sun Tzu's art of war

Civilization has evolved throughout history with numerous incidents of wars, conflicts, and destruction of territories and societies. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire was met with endless conflicts of warring tribes and cultures; war has become rampant through the years that, in the 20th century alone, we bore witness to three major conflicts: the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War. Destructive as wars may seem, Karl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu considered the concept of war in a different perspective. Where war is synonymous to destruction, pillage, and suffering, Clausewitz and Tzu regarded war as a phenomenon that should be given more analysis than criticism.

In Clausewitz's "On War" and Sun Tzu's "The Art of War," both authors expound their view of the war. This paper centers on a comparative analysis of the discourses of Clausewitz and Tzu about war in general. The analysis found that while both authors subsist to the belief that war must be based on effective tactics and strategy and strong morality, they also differ in that Clausewitz considered war a scientific…… [Read More]

Works cited

Clausewitz, K. von. E-text of "On War." Available at: .

Tzu, S. E-text of "The Art of War." Available at:
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Comparing Poems

Words: 769 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19059535

Robinson, Whitman, And Wordsworth

Poems are often vehicles of personal reflection and expression. Poets often write poetry to communicate their personal messages to the world. Edwin Arlington Robinson, Walt Whitman William, and Wordsworth, are three poets who write messages for the world through their poetry. This paper will examine the theme, tone, and literary devices in the poems, "Richard Cory," and "Oh Captain! My Captain!" And "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud."

These poems focus on themes of a serious nature. For example, Robinson's poem, "Richard Cory," we are presented with the subject of suicide committed by an individual that was rich and considered by the townspeople to be "everything/To make us wish that we were in his place" (Robinson 11-2). Richard Cory was a gentleman yet the town envied him because he was rich and "admirably schooled in every grace" (10). The poet also describes how the townspeople worked through the night and went without eating meat. The poem concludes with Richard Cory Putting a bullet through his head, emphasizing the point that money will not make one happy. In fact, it may often alienate individuals from others as it did Richard Cory from those in the town. In…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Robinson, Edwin Arlington. "Richard Cory." Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Kennedy, X.J., et al., eds. New York: Longman Publishers. 2002.

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Wordsworth, William. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud." Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Kennedy, X.J., et al., eds. New York: Longman Publishers. 2002.
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Compare 2 Stories

Words: 2224 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38670579

Poe and Fowles

Detective stories and novels were first created in the 1800s. Readers continue to enjoy them. Even today, 150 years later, millions of people across the world want to read the newest detective books. Many people call Edgar Allen Poe the inventor of the detective story, because he developed a formula that is still followed. An example is his "Murders in the Rue Morgue." Many authors later created their own style. John Fowles' "The Enigma" shows one way that a writer can experiment with the crime story. This paper will compare and contrast these two works to explain Poe's formula and to show how it was altered by Fowles, to let the reader have more freedom of choice.

"The Murders in the Rue Morgue" was story was so different from others that were popular at the time that Poe's usual publishers did not want to print it. Instead Poe published it in Graham's Magazine, where he was an editor. Although many people liked the story, it was criticized for being too gruesome and detailed. However, it was still printed many times in other places and was translated into other languages.

In Poe's story, there have been two terrible…… [Read More]

References Cited

Daniel, Robert. "Poe's Detective God." Furioso VI. Summer, 1951, 45-52.

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Compare Woolf's Jacob's Room and Forster's a Room With a View

Words: 2658 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62164289

Forster, Woolf

At the beginning of E.M. Forster's book A Room with a View, the inn's guest Mr. Emerson states: "I have a view, I have a view. . . . This is my son . . . his name's George. He has a view, too." On the most basic level, this statement is just as it appears: Mr. Emerson is talking about what he sees outside of his window. However, the comment also suggests one of the major themes of this book, as well as another early 20th-century novel, Jacob's Room, by Virginia Woolf: That is, the view one social class has of another. These books by Forster and Woolf described the times in socio-economic terms as well as how the characters related to them.

Forster's novel A Room with a View details the happenstance of the young middle-class Englishwoman Lucy Honeychurch in the early 1900s on a visit to Florence, Italy, as she tries to resolve the inconsistencies between what she has been taught about her social status and what she personally would like from life. In a light, yet poignant manner, Forster clearly depicts the conflicting social standards in Europe at this time. In fact, in her…… [Read More]

Woolf, Virginia. The Death of the Moth, and other essays. Harcourt 1974.

Woolf, Virginia. Jacob's Room. The Literature Network. Website retrieved

April 12,
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Comparing and Contrasting Java With C Net

Words: 737 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87178286

C# and Java have more similarities than differences, Java programmers my shun C# is situations where they require high-quality program design, cross-platform portability and runtime extensibility for remote applications. Developers that require a more expressive language than Java are likely to appreciate Microsoft's many expressive features such as metadata availability, event handling, and property access.

The most serious deficiency of C# is the lack of exception handling, meaning that the compiler will not notify the programmer if an exception occurs. Java, on the other hand, allows exception checking and the compiler will generate a compile-time error if the programmer hasn't specified how to handle the exception. The lack of checked exceptions in C# may lead to program designs which are flawed. C# developers must tale extra care to document all exceptions that callers should be aware of.

Java applications are portable across a number of operating systems and platforms. Sun supports Linux, Windows and Solaris and other vendors have implemented Java on a range of platforms such as OS/2, AIX and MacOS. Similar Java versions provide binary compatibility across platforms. In contrast, C# cross platform depends on the OSS community to write cross platform libraries for C#. Here, Microsoft is…… [Read More]


Eaddy, Marc. "C# Versus Java." Dr. Dobb's Journal. Feb. 2001. Business Source Premier

Database (EBSCOhost) 3931159

Obasanjo, Dare. "A Comparison of Microsoft's C# Programming Language to Sun

Microsystems' Java Programming Language." Jonas Mockus 18 Feb. 2003.
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Comparing Things Fall Apart by Achebe and Nectar in a Sieve by Markandaya

Words: 994 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28746651

Role of Women in African and Indian Society

Both Things Fall Apart and Nectar in a Sieve weave rather vivid imagery of the life of women in the traditional, patriarchal society of Africa and India during the colonial period. The vividness of the images of cultures where a great deal of importance was placed on women bearing sons and devoting their lives to the care of their families, leads the modern day reader to easily conclude that women in traditional African and Indian cultures were without any voice and far too oppressed. While there is ample evidence in both works to validate such a conclusion, there is a strong case to counter argue that women in both works are also shown as playing an important social role and depicted as possessing a great deal of strength of character. For one, women in African and Indian rural cultures seem to have contributed to both the domestic and economic well being of their families. Second, it is not as if the women in Achebe and Markandaya's works are seen to be completely devoid of any spunk, judging by the bravery and courage they demonstrate when sufficiently provoked into doing so. Third, and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Achebe, Chinua. "Things Fall Apart." Oxford: Heinemann, 1986.

Markandaya, K. "Nectar in a Sieve." New York: The John Day Company, 1954
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Compare and Contrast the Two Primary Crime Data Sources Used in the United States

Words: 3773 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49906355

Crime Data Sources in the United States

The collection of crime data in the United States is carried out through different approaches including Uniform Crime Reports and the National Incident-Based Reporting System, which also act as the two primary sources of crime data for crime reporting. The data obtained from these sources are used for research and documentation of crime status at the county, state, and national levels. Notably, the National Incident-Based Reporting System emerged as an advancement of the conventional summary of Uniform Crime Reports that were used to track crime in the country. In addition, the Congress uses data from these sources together with those from the National Crime Victimization Survey to guide policy decisions and create suitable responses to crime. While the use of these sources helps in dealing with crime in the United States, they have some similarities and differences between them with regards to methodological processes and implications.

Uniform Crime Reports (UCR):

Uniform Crime Reports were introduced in the late 1920s as the initial national, standardized measure of crime incidence (James & Council, 2008). This approach was initially regarded as a means of measuring the effectiveness of local law enforcement to offer enforcement through data…… [Read More]


Addington, L.A. (2008, February). Assessing the Extent of Nonresponse Bias on NIBRS

Estimates of Violent Crime. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 24(1), 32-49.

"Data Collection Guidelines." (2000, August). National Incident-Based Reporting System.

Retrieved from U.S. Department of Justice website:
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Comparison of Nursing Degrees

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Nursing Degrees


The ADN vs. The BSN:

A comparison of both nursing degrees

Students wishing to enter the profession of nursing are often faced with two clear choices: that of an ADN (associate degree in nursing) and a BSN (Bachelor of Science nursing degree). An ADN generally takes two years and is often offered by a community college or state school. As a result, it is substantially cheaper than a four-year BSN. Obtaining an ADN still allows a nurse to sit for the NCLEX-RN. "The coursework of an associate's degree in nursing covers the following general subjects: fundamentals of nursing, infection control, nutrition and dietetics, basic microbiology, basic medical nursing, pediatric nursing, and more" ("What you need to know," 2014). It should be noted that an ADN does not have to be a terminal degree and there are ADN 'bridge' programs that allow practicing nurses currently possessing a ADN to go on to obtain their bachelor's. Getting an ADN first may enable a nurse to determine if nursing is truly 'for her' before making the financial commitment.

For career-changers leery of taking on more debt on top of the undergraduate debt they already possess, the cheaper price…… [Read More]


ADN vs. BSN: Which should you choose? (2014). Monster. Retrieved from:

The future of the associate degree in nursing program. (2014). Nursing Licensure.

Retrieved from:
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Compare and Contrast Rules of Law

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Rules of Law

It was January 23, 1973 and before the world knew, Roe v. Wade would change the laws surrounding the issue of abortion eternally. The decision and choice to terminate a pregnancy was illegal in Texas at the time, which was then challenged by the pregnant Jane Roe. She wanted to end her gestation in a safe and licit manner, and coincidentally the Supreme Court agreed in her favor. The ruling was the first time the court recognized the right to privacy incorporated a female's right, should she choose, an option to end her pregnancy or not. This landmark case not only validated and legalized the right to an abortion, but it interdicted prior laws regarding the act. Previously, abortion was only permissible when a woman's life was in danger and was necessary to save her life. Furthermore, the act of termination was acceptable if the female was with child under circumstances of rape, sexual incest, or if the fetus experienced abnormality in the womb. Due to this case, the services of abortion offered to women everywhere can be done in a safe and legal manner. Roe v. Wade was the precedent case that went on to affect…… [Read More]


Planned Parenthood v. Casey . (n.d.). Wikipedia. Retrieved March 18, 2011, from

Roe v. Wade. (n.d.). Wikipedia. Retrieved March 18, 2011, from

Roe v. Wade: Its History and Impact . (n.d.). Planned Parenthood. Retrieved March 18, 2011, from
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Compare and Contrast the Jewish and Hindu Conception of the Sacred

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Jew Hindu God

Concepts of God in Judaism in Hinduism

The concept of a deity or deities is one of the most foundational and fundamental elements of many religions, and is often the basis for most other lower-level religious beliefs held by those in religions with specific beliefs in a god or gods. As common and as fundamental as this belief is, however, a true understanding of how the concept of a deity impacts on religion, and even what the specific concept of gods or God in specific religions is. The following paragraphs provide a brief description and comparison of the views of God/gods in Judaism and Hinduism, noting some surprising similarities in these two very different religions.

Judaism or at least Jewish concepts of God might be more familiar to many members of Western civilization than the idea of God or gods that appears in Hinduism, given the relation between Judaism and Christianity. The concept of God according to the Jewish tradition is a complex and shifting element of the religion, however with the God directly observable in the Old Testament colored by the rabbinical commentary of the Talmudic period, leading to a multifaceted God that covers many of…… [Read More]

Judaism or at least Jewish concepts of God might be more familiar to many members of Western civilization than the idea of God or gods that appears in Hinduism, given the relation between Judaism and Christianity. The concept of God according to the Jewish tradition is a complex and shifting element of the religion, however with the God directly observable in the Old Testament colored by the rabbinical commentary of the Talmudic period, leading to a multifaceted God that covers many of the seemingly paradoxical elements with which this God is imbued by many today (Avery-Peck, n.d.). God is at once all-pervasive and all-powerful, able to directly intervene in human affairs and to direct even the most minute of processes or actions, while at the same time the Jewish God is unknowable and indiscernible, working in "mysterious ways" and avoiding direct involvement in human affairs, for the most part (Avery-Peck, n.d.; Coogan, 2008). At the same time, God both rewards and punishes mankind through the manipulation of history (Avery-Peck, n.d.).

In Hindu, the concept of God or gods is also multifaceted and complex, which is clearly demonstrated in the fact that it is not always possible to talk of a single deity but at other times this is the most appropriate perspective (Kesarcodi-Watson, 1976). For Hindus, there is one eternal substance or power that fills the universe, and indeed is the universe, called Brahmin, and this Brahmin is essentially equivalent to the Judeo-Christian concept of God, especially when it takes the form of a single entity, Isvara (Kesarcodi-Watson, 1976; Woodburne, 1925). The devas, which are commonly thought of as gods, are more accurately described as "angels," in a certain sense, in that they are lesser than Brahmin even though they are more rigidly codified as conscious entities (Kesarcodi-Watson, 1976). If Brahmin can be thought of as the "true" God of Hindu or the closest analog to the Judeo-Christian concept of God, then it can be seen that the Jewish and Hindi traditions are not as far removed as might initially be thought. Both God and Brahmin are all-pervasive and ultimately all-powerful, and both are singular and unified in a cohesive consciousness or substance (Coogan, 2008; Avery-Peck, n.d.; Woodburne, 1925; Kesarcodu-Watson, 1976).

There are undoubtedly many differences between the Jewish and Hindu religions. The concept of God in these two religions is far from uniform and is one area of significant theological and philosophical differences between the two religions. At the same time, there are some significant similarities between the Hindu and Jewish concepts of God that are worthy of noting and considering.
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Comparison of Theories

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It is difficult to summarize psychodynamic theory without a brief discussion of Freud. Sigmund Freud is the father of psychoanalysis, the father of psychodynamic theory, and in effect the father of modern psychotherapy. Freud's notions retain quite a bit of popularity, especially his ideas that things are not what they seem on the surface. Because of his understanding of the mind and behavior, Freud considered that overt behaviors were not always self-explanatory (or perhaps "not often explanatory" would be the better term). Instead, these overt or manifest behaviors represent some hidden motive. Sigmund Freud was trained as a neurologist and specialized in the treatment of nervous disorders. His early training involved using hypnosis with the French neurologist Jean Charcot in the treatment of hysteria, the presentation of baffling physical symptoms (mostly in young women) that appeared to have no physical origin (Hall, Lindzey, & Campbell, 1998). Freud also partnered with the Viennese physician Josef Breuer who practiced a revolutionary "talking cure" to reduce patients' symptoms by talking with them about how they felt as well as using hypnosis to remove emotional barriers to their feelings. He eventually abandoned the use of hypnosis in favor of a process he termed…… [Read More]


Barry, P. (2002). Mental health and mental illness. (7th ed.) New York: Lippincott.

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Comparing Two Advertisements

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Advertisements for the Same Product

Advertisement is basically a one-way communication means that is geared towards informing probable customers regarding a product and/or service and how and where to find the product and/or service. Advertisements usually contain a persuasive message through an identified sponsor. The purpose of the identified sponsor is non-personal promotion of a company's products and/or services to probable customers. In most cases, medium and large companies use advertisements to promote their products and/or services while focusing on creating assumption among customers that will lead to purchase. While companies use advertisements to market their product and/or services, advertisements of the same product may vary depending on various factors. This difference is characterized by varying language, images, and sounds that focus on making the product desirable and appealing.

Considerations When Designing Advertisements

Generally, big companies or businesses utilize advertisements in attempts to reach markets and target audience through product appeal. Advertisements are basically part of daily life given the prevalence of adverts across television, radio, and newspapers among others. Companies and businesses create adverts that are specifically targeted to appeal to certain groups of people or niche markets. In addition to spending a huge amount of money researching where…… [Read More]

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Comparing Five Health Care Services

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elderly population is continues to rise nationally and this also true for the Sunnydale and Shadyville communities. In order to be prepared for both the rise in the aging population and any competition in the healthcare from Shadyville it is important to consider all potential providers. This paper will briefly look at the facets of nursing homes, assisted living, home health care, and hospice in this context.

Nursing homes

Nursing homes are the highest level of care for elderly adults outside of having them formally hospitalized (Santerre & Neun, 2012). The residents in nursing homes typically need significant help with their Activities of daily Living (ADLs). Nursing homes provide custodial care which means that the home assists with all daily activities including getting in and out of bed, providing assistance with feeding, bathing, and dressing. Most nursing homes also provide for activities for their higher functioning residents such as crafts, games, shopping trips or other types of activities.

The funding for nursing home services comes from four primary groups: the Medicaid program, the Medicare program, the consumers themselves, and private health insurers (Santerre & Neun, 2012). The single largest payer to nursing homes is Medicaid program (32% of nursing home…… [Read More]


Ayalon, L., & Green, V. (2013). Social ties in the context of the continuing care retirement community. Qualitative health research, 23(3), 396-406.

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National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (2012). Figures: Hospice Care in America. Alexandria, VA: Author.
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Comparing Myself to My Boss

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twenty-nine-year-old female from Ghana in West Africa. I moved to the United States fourteen years ago. And currently, I am employed as a bookkeeper. This paper seeks to compare my life with that of another person, utilizing fundamental social comparison theories. The other person I will be comparing myself to is my boss. He is a smart, kind and diligent man, whom I look up to as a mentor and role model. In this paper, I will utilize different theories and adopt changes if need be, as part of my attempts at self-improvement. Different types of relationships will also be discussed (Social Comparison Based on Attitude and Belief Systems, Interpersonal Relationships, Gender Issues, and Social Communication, 2012).


Social comparison is the assessment of self against another, utilizing psychological principles influencing behavior, experience and judgment of individuals. As human beings we always compare ourselves with others socially. For instance, any particular news we might hear relating to other people, or their failures or achievements, we end up comparing the situation to one of ours.

In the same way, I always try to keep myself updated about my employer's achievements and his way of life in general, so that I can…… [Read More]


Festinger, L. (1950). Informal social communication. Psychological Review, 57,271-282.

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Comparison of Time Warps

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Business Management

Comparison of Time Warp 2 and Time Warp

Time warp 3 has begun and the plan to make changes to the prices with the aim of optimizing the performance of Clipboard Table Co (CTC). The planned changes that were made at the end of time warp 2 will not be implemented, and the results of time warp three can be compared directly with time warp 2. The third time warp appears to have been more successful, with an accumulative profit of $1,970,217,066 compared to time warp 2 where there was an accumulative profit of $1,752,777,185, so the changes made during time warp 3 increased the profit for CTC by a total of $217,439,881. To compare the changes each year will be compared.

Comparing results for 2012

In time warp 2 the price for the X5 was $270, with R&D cut to zero, the X6 was priced at $440, and R&D was set at 33%, and the X7 was priced at $141, with R&D of 67%. In time warp 3 a different approach was adopted; the price for the X5 was reduced to $220, the price for the X6 was kept at $430, and the price for the X7…… [Read More]



Time warp 3 was more successful, the strategy of keeping prices low to sell more products and make a higher overall profit appears to work. The exception to the better performance of time warp 3 was 2013, when time warp 2 had a better performance. It is possible that the X5 was discontinued to early, and the lowering of the X7 price at an earlier point may also provide some benefits, however, the overall performance wit the firm gaining more market share on a lower profit per unit, but a higher overall profit has been a good strategy.
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Comparison of Efficiency and Cost Hybrid vs Gas-Powered Cars

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Hybrid vs. Gas Powered Cars

Currently, global warming and a shrinking natural resource base are two of the greatest headaches for governments and regulators alike the world over. The price of gas in the U.S., for instance, almost doubled over the last decade, from $1.86 in 2004 to $3.62 on average in the first half of 2014; and given that more than half of the country's oil consumption is taken up by motor vehicles, one question looms -- what will the situation on our roads be like when our oil reserves can no longer sustain our consumption needs? Then there is the even greater problem of greenhouse emissions and global warming. The transport sector accounts for approximately 17%-18% of total CO2 emission globally, and automakers have been under intense pressure to roll out emission-free automobiles, and thereby reduce the damage resulting from the Greenhouse effect. More and more regulators are putting in place incentives in the form of tax credits to lure automakers into developing energy-efficient, emission-free vehicles. Hybridization is seen by many as the answer to the energy and emission problems of the 21st century and experts predict that by 2015, more than 10% of vehicles on American roads…… [Read More]


IIHS. (2014). Hybrid Models have Lower Injury Odds than their Conventional Counterparts. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Retrieved 5 November 2014 from

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Comparison of Plato and Aristotle's Political Theories

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Plato and Aristotle's political theories

The most capacious account of Plato's established philosophical views has been published in "The Republic" as a comprehensive handling of the most basic values for the behavior of human life. As it deals with a large number of matters, The Republic can be interpreted in a lot of diverse manner: as a discourse on political conjecture and observation, as an academic manual, or the manner in which to protect moral behavior for instance. (Plato: The State and the Soul) Politics written by Aristotle gives a substantial assessment of the beginning and configuration of the nation. (Theme Analysis: The Politics) A significant matter to keep in mind while taking into account the opinion and involvement of Aristotle in Philosophy is the fact that he was there 2000 years back. One of the early foundations done by him was Lykeion that was involved solely with pure sciences, metaphysics, political science and logic. Appreciating this, we are required to pay attention to any relevance of Aristotle to our "modern" Philosophy. (Ideals of Aristotle and Hayek: A Synthesis)

The concept of Aristotle is different from that of Plato to the extent that Aristotle is an empiricist -- he appreciates…… [Read More]


Boeding, Ron. Ideals of Aristotle and Hayek: A Synthesis. Retrieved from  Accessed on 8 November, 2004

Conceptions of Equality/Plato, Aristotle and additions. Retrieved from Accessed on 8 November, 2004

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Comparing Tyack and Cuban With Dewey on Social Change

Words: 3919 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55242728

Tyack and Cuban with Dewey on Social Change

David Tyack and Larry Cuban do share similar views to John Dewey about the nature of the traditional education system in the United States as well as its origins. Public education as it exists today is a product of the 19th Century industrialization and urbanization process, which created schools that resembled factories, timetables and schedules, and teachers who acted like bosses on a factory floor. Dewey of course abhorred this system and criticized it unmercifully for decades, both in the way it was structured and the type of information it imparted to students. In the history of American education, there has never been a more vocal, prominent and outspoken critic of the traditional system than Dewey, and none has been the subject of greater wrath from conservatives and traditionalists, even decades after his death. Tyack and Cuban are well aware of the problems with traditional education, especially as the country was preparing to enter the 21st Century, but their idea of successful reform was always incremental and gradualist compared to Dewey. He was prepared to scrap the whole system and start over with a radically different blueprint, and one that has almost…… [Read More]


Dewey, J. (1938, 1998). Education and Experience: The 60th Anniversary Edition. Indianapolis, IN: Kappa Delta Pi Society.

Tyack, D. And L. Cuban (1995). Tinkering Toward Utopia: A Century of Public School Reform. Harvard University Press.
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Comparing Quality Improvement Graphical Tools

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Quality Improvement

Comparison of Graphical Tools used in Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Tool Comparison Matrix

Quality Improvement Tool


Bar Graph (StatSoft, 2014a)

Values for a single variable is represented by bars or columns

Each bar represents a single case and the value of the variable (time, temperature, etc.…) is denoted by the Y-axis

Histogram (StatSoft, 2014b)

Graphical representation of a frequency distribution for a variable, with columns or bars representing the distribution of class intervals and the height of the columns representing the frequency of each class

Control Chart (StatSoft, 2014c; Trusko, Pexton, Harrington, & Gupta, 2007, p. 146-149)

Compares the means and ranges for a variable using two line charts, although vertical histograms can be incorporated into the chart as well to facilitate visualization of how much values are deviating from the expected norm

Bar graphs are seemingly ubiquitous, in part because of the inherent simplicity of the data representation. Bar graphs can be used to represent the value of a variable for each case in a series (StatSoft, 2014a). For example, a bar graph can be used to compare the performance values of healthcare quality standards nationally, regionally, and within a health system (U.S. Department of Health…… [Read More]


Corniello, A.L., Moyse, T., Bates, J., Karafa, M., Hollis, C., & Albert, N.M. (2014). Predictors of pressure ulcer development in patients with vascular disease. Journal of Vascular Nursing, 32(2), 55-62.

StatSoft. (2014a). Bar/column plots, 2D. Retrieved from Plot.

StatSoft. (2014b). Histograms, 2D. Retrieved from, 2D.

StatSoft. (2014c). What is quality control and quality control charts? Retrieved from
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Compare and Contrasting Photosynthesis

Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1599316

Photosynthesis is the process by the help of which plants make their own food by capturing the solar energy. Solar cell as compared to the plants coverts the sunlight into electric energy in order to be used by the human beings. This paper aims to highlight the differences and similarities between a plant cell and a solar cell in addition to the application of laws of thermodynamics to each system.

Laws of Thermodynamics

In the case of photosynthesis and the solar cells, three laws of thermodynamics are applicable. According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy, or mass cannot be created nor they can be destroyed (Rana, 2008, p. 67). The first law of thermodynamics is fulfilled by the plant cells as no new energy or mass is being created but solar energy is being converted into chemical energy or electric energy in the case of solar cells. Second law says that not all of the energy absorbed from the reservoir can be converted into work. Plant cells and the solar cells fulfill this law as some of the energy is lost as heat and not all the captured solar energy is converted into electric or chemical energy. At absolute…… [Read More]


Nelson, J. (2003). The physics of solar cells, Volume 2 of Series on Properties of Semiconductor Materials. Imperial College Press.

Rana, F. (2008). The cell's design: how chemistry reveals the Creator's artistry. Baker Books.
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Compare and Contrast George

Words: 1448 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42131561

George Orwell. Reflections on Gandhi and Freedman Speech are taken through a point-by-point comparison and the author gives the reader a chance to see likenesses and similarities in both ideas and writing styles. There were two sources used to complete this paper.


Throughout the years, historians and authors alike have used their skills to persuade the audience of certain truths as they see them. If we look back in history, we will find that different people often produced similar schools of thought at different times for different reasons. One of the most classic examples of this occurrence would be the Freedman Speech, by Frederick Douglass and the Reflections on Gandhi, by George Orwell. Each of these works reflect similar styles of writing, as well as similar points of admiration as well as critical thought toward the hero in question. While Douglass and Orwell discuss heroes of their time, in President Lincoln and Gandhi, they also use the works to point out some of the fallible qualities of each man. When one holds the works side-by-side, one will see that each man admired the person he spoke of but took care to uncover their humanistic qualities…… [Read More]


Douglass, Frederick. Independence Day Speech (Atlantic Monthly, 1866)

Orwell, George. Reflections On Gandhi. (1990),
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Compare and Contrast U S and Norway Healthcare Systems

Words: 1593 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82095003

U.S. & Norway Healthcare Systems

healthcare system has many advantages and disadvantages which are most revealing when compared to the other health care systems of the world. An analysis between the U.S. healthcare system and a government run healthcare system of Norway provides a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences in the two systems.

Almost every other developed nation in the world has some form of universal coverage which reduces this disparity in care. However, many of these systems are purportedly ridden with their own issues such as high cost and long waiting times. By comparing the U.S. system with the universal system like that of Norway, I can investigate the effectiveness of each in terms of the quality of care provided and the equality of distribution of that care.

A Comparison and Analysis of Healthcare Systems in the United States and Norway

A. United States

The healthcare system in the U.S. is made up of a combination of private insurance coverage based primarily on employment, along with public insurance coverage for the elderly (Medicare), the military, veterans, and for the poor and disabled (Medicaid, which varies greatly in its implementation across states) (University of Maine, 2001). The U.S.…… [Read More]


Goldman, Dana P. And Elizabeth A. McGlynn. (2005). U.S. Healthcare Facts About Cost, Access and Quality [Online]. Retrieved from

Johnsen, Jan Roth. (2006). Health Systems in Transition: Norway. Retrieved from 

Tanner, Michael D. (March, 18, 2008). Policy Analysis: The Grass is Not Always Greener: A Look at National Health Care Systems Around the World (policy number 613). Retrieved from

The University of Maine. (2001). The U.S. Health Care System: Best in the World, or Just the Most Expensive? [Online]. Retrieved from
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Comparing Cultural Differences

Words: 1952 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16272495

Learning Project

As our nation becomes increasingly more diverse we will be presented with the challenge of understanding our cultural differences. The purpose of this paper is to develop and design a learning project that compares cultural differences of two ethnic/cultural groups. For the purposes of this project we will compare the differences between Asian and Western cultures. The project will be based on the cultural impact of performance in workforce, production, sales, customer services, etc.

Before we can create a learning project we must first understand the cultural backgrounds of both groups.

Cultural Backgrounds

Asian Culture

The economic boom seen in various Asian countries during the 90's called into question the work ethic and cultural values that made these nations successful. One of the most definitive explanations for the work values that are prevalent in Asia, especially China, has been attributed to the concept of Confucianism. Confucianism is the dominant school of thought in China. This school of thought frowns upon the notion of individualism and instead focuses on the needs of the group (collectivism). An article published in the Journal of International Affairs explains,

Confucianism is said to look not at the individual but at the person, the…… [Read More]


Marcus, George E. "Meanings of the Market: The Free Market in Western Culture." Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 4.4 (1998): 804.


Marglin, Stephen A. "Development as poison: rethinking the Western model of modernity." Harvard International Review 25.1 (2003): 70+.

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Comparing and Contrast

Words: 1588 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29642885

Israeli and U.S. Educational Systems

Comparison of the Educational Systems in the United States and Israel Today

Schools are unique in any society since they educate and mold the next generation who will then be in charge of how the world will shape up and how these schools will be run in the future. Educators in every country help shape the character and the morality of their students beyond the intellectual and physical instruction provided. An education today must prepare a person for the realities of life, including how to balance a checkbook, answer an employment ad, and how to comport oneself at a job interview. These fundamental skills are just part of a huge body of knowledge which includes everything about a given society and the world in which people live. This paper will provide an overview and comparison of the respective educational systems employed by the United States and Israel today, followed by a summary of the research in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Background and Overview. There can be no doubt that basic literacy and solid grounding in reading and writing skills are critical to academic performance and future success in higher education and continuing careers. The…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Devitis, J. And P.A. Sola. Building Bridges for Educational Reform: New Approaches to Teacher Education. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Press, 1989.

Israel. 2003. CIA World Factbook. 28 March 2004.

Kaminsky, John S. A New History of Educational Philosophy. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993.

Kozol, Jonathan. Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools. New York: Crown Publisher, Inc., 1991.
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Compare and Contrast How Suicide Is Viewed Both in Buddhism and Christianity

Words: 2543 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88211957

Buddhist and Christina Ethic on Suicide and Euthanasia

The ethical issues associated with suicide and euthanasia are often viewed through the secular eyes of our modern world, yet many of the issues that are a part of the reasons why an individual might be for or against suicide and euthanasia are based almost entirely upon religious ethics. In this work a comparison will be drawn between the Christian and Buddhist views of the ethics of suicide and euthanasia. Comparing these two faith's standards and moral guidelines regarding these two issues will demonstrate a greater understanding of the ethics and standards associated with the modern secular moral stand on the issue in a political and personal way. The Christian and Buddhist ethic on suicide and euthanasia demonstrate a historical perspective of a very ancient ethical dilemma and the similarities and differences of the outgrowth of social and cultural responses to it demonstrate a foundational picture of the current standards associated with faith and free will.

The contrasts and compromises that exist between the Buddhist ethical view of suicide and Christina ethical view of suicide are many and are often confused by the motive associated with the act. Within both the Christian…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Becker, Carl "Buddhist Views of Suicide and Euthanasia," June 14, 2004


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