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Competitive Forces Essays (Examples)

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Competitive Intelligence Company Overview Avnet
Words: 1806 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 2595811
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Thus, the competitive intelligence assisted the company to align its strategic plan as well as keeping executive informed about the key element of decision-making. The company also derived advantages from market intelligence advantages and the advantages assisted the company to understand the market activities and competitive market environment. Typically, Avnet also used the competitive intelligence to create a Strategic Leverage Matrix (SLM) that the company literarily plots to understand the competitors in 2X 2 matrixes. Using this strategy, the company was able to understand the sales growth and the working capital of the competitors. The CI process includes:

Plan and Collect

Analyze and Access

Make ecommendations

Distribute EIS.

Using CI analysis, the company will able to analyze the industry and be able to make an informed decision about the market and the competitors.


The report shows how the Avnet could use the competitive intelligence tool to achieve a competitive…


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Competitive Strategy
Words: 793 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27884047
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Competitive Strategy

In a free economy, a multitude of firms compete for the business of the same customer segment. Therefore, if a firm is to succeed in attracting and retaining the maximum number of customers from the targeted segment, it must develop and successfully execute a strategy that has a distinct competitive advantage over its rivals. Thus, a competitive strategy is defined as a plan that attempts to define a position for the business, which utilizes the competitive advantages that the business has over its competitors (American Marketing Association, 2004).

Of course, it is important for any competitive strategy to focus on competitive advantages, which can offer customers greater value, either by means of lower prices or by providing a greater benefit or service that justifies a higher price. In other words, it is key that a competitive strategy is consumer centric. Developing a competitive strategy, therefore, involves closely analyzing…

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Competitive Market Analysis to Determine the Product's
Words: 788 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56554243
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Competitive Market Analysis to Determine the Product's Potential Success

Issues that the automobile industry faces that affect its competitiveness and long-term profitability

The relevance of a competitive strategy for Car Company A is to establish a position within the 4-cylinder engine car market. This will help the company to compete with Toyota Corolla (LE) 1.8L four-cylinder engine competitive forces. As a potential entrant, Car Company A is at a disadvantage in capital markets. Unless it penetrates the Cylinder engine market through diversification, its four-cylinder car will be at an inherently riskier position than the established (LE) 1.8L four cylinder engine of Toyota (Maxton & Wormald, 2013). This will be reflected in the risk premiums Car Company A will be forced to pay to attract capital.

Car Company A will face barriers because other players like Toyota enjoy economies of scale in the industry. This means a decline in a product's…


Maxton, G. & Wormald, J. (2013). Time for a model change: Re-engineering the global automobile industry. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press

Forces Analysis What Industry Definition Why Analyze
Words: 761 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40742163
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Forces Analysis: What industry definition? Why? Analyze 5 forces (list high low medium reasons bullets essay style. End a summary bottom's important analysis Snapple end case. 2. Draw recommended positioning diagrams Snapple end case.

Five Forces Analysis: What is your industry definition? Why?

Snapple is competing in an almost perfectly competitive market, with a high degree of competitive rivalry and few barriers to entry.

The threat of the entry of new competitors: The thereat of entry of new competitors is extremely high. Snapple sells a beverage that can be easily replicated using iced tea or fruit juice. Although it markets itself as a unique natural beverage, people have been making fruit drinks and other iced drinks for a long time, and could easily carry such drinks with them in their own containers. Local brands as well as national brands could compete with Snapple in almost every subset of the market.…

Competitive Balance Theory Evolution and
Words: 1975 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87984386
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This is in direct contrast to the efforts afforded by the leagues to try to reduce competitive advantage all around. One reason why the teams with larger media and crowd resources do well could be the fact that as more talented players are able to move into free agency, they seek higher and higher compensation and attention through larger media and crowd outlets (Grant, 1991). A very talented player may not want to play in a small town because there would theoretically be less exposure to media and fans, and as a marketable good or commodity, that player knows that his or her talent would not be compensated for as well as it could be in a larger town.

The basis for argument with ottenberg's presentation of competitive advantage mitigation lies in the basic economic theories that govern other markets. It is only logical that these theories be applied to…


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Competitive Strategy for a Fast-Paced
Words: 2293 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 21524586
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Cost leadership

Attracting more customers and gaining financial advantage over the competition as profits would increase


Forces the company to drastically reduce costs, meaning that product quality could suffer demises




Focus strategy

Can achieve either of cost advantage or differentiation


Addresses a niche market




Differentiation strategy

Product uniqueness which allows for the charging of a premium price to cover for the additionally incurred expenditure


Additional costs which will reduce overall financial gains (they will however be recuperated from the premium price)



7. Description of the Selected Strategy

Based on the analysis conducted at the previous stage, it becomes obvious that the most adequate course of action at this stage is that of implementing differentiation strategies. These actions basically translate into the promotion of new products onto existent markets, meaning that Porter's differentiation strategy is the analogue of Ansoff's product…


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Forced Early Retirement & Employment -- the
Words: 768 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61399140
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Forced Early etirement & Employment -- the Catch

etirement & the Changing WorkForce


A logical paradox arising from a situation in which an individual needs something that can only be acquired by not being in that very situation that will allow access to what is needed.

Older American workers are in a quandary and embroiled in a policy making conundrum. Social Security funding is not expected to keep up with the current and future payout to beneficiaries. Fearful policymakers, frustrated economists, and pessimistic actuarial have cobbled together public policy that reflects the multiple and competing exigencies. Older Americans are encouraged to work longer by a Social Security schedule that is lowest at earliest payout and has pushed the official retirement age to 66 -- with regular and loud threats to push it higher still. For someone retiring at age 62 years who was born between 1943 and 1954, the…


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Competitive Advantages of Nike Is
Words: 1686 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8250087
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In addition, it will be necessary for the company to continue to use technology to stay on the cutting edge of shoe innovation.


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Porter's Five Forces in Auto
Words: 2221 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87162809
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For this reason, they have stepped out to pursue alternatives, especially foreign cars. On the contrary, as consumers become price oriented, they have minimal purchasing power because they are not buyers of large volume automobiles (Porter, 1985).

3.3 Threat of New Entrants

It is extremely difficult for new entrants penetrate the auto industry because of the existing high level of brand loyalty. Nevertheless, the few popular overseas firms and entered the American auto industry easily. For example, Honda Motors entered Ohio by opening a new office. This marked the beginning of a major stiff competition in the industry. Foreign entrants have expanded leading to decreased markets for American auto companies (ubenstein, 2011).

3.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers

In the current marketplace, consumers have been given various options, models, and brands to make their selection. However, various factors affect the buying decisions of consumers. They include price, appearance, and effect on…


Beecroft, D. (2008). History of the American automobile industry. Toronto: CCH Canadian Limited.

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Five Forces it Is Important for Students
Words: 810 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72107867
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Five Forces

It is important for students to understand the relationships that formulate a business strategy. The five competitive forces that shape strategy, or more commonly known as Porter's five forces, help clarify and explain how business strategic approaches are influenced similarly across all industries. The purpose of this essay is to examine how business strategy and information technology relate in achieving competitive edge. I'll examine this subject by examining each of the five forces through the lens of information technology industries. Next, I'll identify and briefly describe the five specific areas in which information technology represents both a risk or may promote a company's competitive advantage within a particular industry. Furthermore, I'll identify certain steps to reduce the risk and promote how these processes can be leveraged to improve a firm's competitive edge.


According to Porter, (2008) the five forces that determine the quality of the…

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Five Force Analysis of a
Words: 1755 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45683547
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This is a positive factor for the sales of bird feeders but also a negative element by way of creating competition for the Solar Bird Feeder.

The company can combat this particular factor by providing widespread marketing of its product and information to the consumer about why it is better than the other products on the market.

Below is a diagram of the five forces and how they are interlinked. It also illustrates how they are all linked to the center factor which is the competition in the industry rivalry.


The Solar Bird Feeder Company must create an analysis of the market and industry if it wants to remain competitive and viable in the growing bird feeder industry. In the analysis there are many factors to be considered including the elements of the micro and the macro environment issues. The Solar Bird Feeder Company must examine these elements…

FedEx Company Five Forces Analysis the Company
Words: 657 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 74639226
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FedEx Company: Five Forces Analysis

The company examined is FedEx and the relevant industry is the overnight and express ground delivery business. There are a few different types of market participants. The first of these are the overnight and ground providers, FedEx and UPS. These are the market leaders and offer the most comprehensive route networks and packages of services. TNT and DHL offer some competition but have a much more limited market presence. There are other firms in the business as well. USPS does not have an overnight business, but handles express ground deliveries. There are also many local courier companies, handling a range of deliveries including same day service. Many of these offer rapid service, but within a single geographic area.

The bargaining power of buyers is moderate in this industry. Most customers have regular or semi-regular business -- these are the revenue drivers. The switching costs are…


Porter, M. (2008). The five competitive forces that shape strategy. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved February 12, 2014 from

Business How Forces in and Outside of
Words: 1451 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41730495
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How forces in and outside of business firms are changing the management task, altering business operations, and modifying stakeholder expectations?

Business, particularly those heavily emphasizing technology, are constantly changing. In many instances these changes are occurring due to a combination of internal and external factors. These factors often modify stakeholder expectation because the fundamental business itself has shifted. A very dynamic force that is changing the management task is that of globalization. Globalization is particularly contentious because it has no geographic limits. Competition can now come from anywhere at anytime. As such, management must be cognizant of the changing dynamics prevailing in their respective industries. The auto industry, for example, has directly felt the impact on globalization and stakeholder expectations. The auto industry prior to foreign competition was characterized by large fixed asset costs, hefty legacy and pension obligations, and slow innovation. However, through globalization the Japanese's were able…

Five Forces Analysis Porter 1980
Words: 1857 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57406247
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Five forces' analysis (Porter 1980)

Five Forces Analysis of Competitive Structure

Michael Porters Five Forces Analysis of Competitive Structure is a paradigm for competitive position, which states that overall a company's profitability may be determined as a measure of the industry it is competing in and its strategic position within that industry (Strategy4u, 2004). According to the model some industries by nature will have a higher profit potential than others, primarily because they have a stronger competitive position and are placed within a more profitable industry.

Porter's Model also suggests that profitability is assessed via several factors, including the following: buyers/customers power, supplier's power, and rivalry among competitors, threat of new entrants into the market, and the threat of substitute products (Strategy4u, 2004). The company or industry will have a greater profit potential the less influential each of these items are. For example, if a company sells a product for…


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Strategy Corporate and Competitive Management
Words: 1301 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 28315505
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Others feel Five Forces is too cumbersome in its need for data and heavy-duty analysis and does not fit today's rapidly changing, dynamic market.

So where do we go with this thought that some of today's tools may not suffice as the market moves faster and companies need these dynamic, flexible analytical tools to update their strategies?

Where Is the Field of Strategy?

Disruptive Innovation? Four actions framework? Factor conditions? Demand conditions? Preemptive strategies? Five Forces? Ten Schools? Are any of these concepts/theories new and innovative? Do they pave the path toward the future of corporate and competitive strategizing? The answer is probably yes...and no.

It is difficult to find a brand new strategizing tool or model or school that is not just a rehashed version of our current standard, and quite effective, methods to analyze strategies. One innovative strategy to arise out of an existing concept is "lue Ocean."…


Corporate Level Strategy. (2003, January). Retrieved 11-07, 2008, from BNet Business


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N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Five Forces Model Analysis of the Smartphone
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90040924
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Five Forces Model Analysis of the SmartPhone Market

The Five Forces Model (Porter, 2008) provides a useful framework for evaluating the dominant competitive forces that influence the size, direction and intensity of competition in a given industry. The Smartphone industry is analyzed in the Five Forces Analysis completed in this paper, and is shown in Figure 1.

Smartphone Five Forces Analysis

(Apple, Investor elations, 2012) (Bernoff, Li, 2008) (Lee, Kwak, Kim, Kim, 2009) (Porter, 2008)

What is immediately apparent from evaluating the role of Substitute Products, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, Bargaining Power of Buyers and New Market Entrants is the speed and breadth of innovation occurring in this industry. Social networking's pervasive adoption globally is also completely reordering the supply chain for smart phone components and assemblies, hastening product lifecycles in the process as well (Bernoff, Li, 2008). Apple's continual focus on innovation and the rapid product lifecycles they have…


Apple, Investor Relations (2012). Investor Relations. Retrieved January 13, 2012 from Apple Investor Relations and Filings with the SEC Web site: 

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Porter Five Forces Analysis of
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12657322
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The Bargaining Power of Buyers is also an area that Apple has significant control over, as it has built up one of the most loyal and cost-insensitive customer bases there are in technology. Customers willingly pay over $500 for new iPads and will wait in line for days to buy them (Apple Investor elations, 2012).

The next factor of New Market Entrants is an area of much activity globally today, as Asian contract manufacturers seek out opportunities to create iPad and iPhone clones (Apple Investor elations, 2012). The new market entrants from Microsoft/Nokia alliance and the onslaught of Google Android-powered devices will also change the market landscape over the long-term as well.

Finally the Substitute Products also are a critical factor in the overall Five Forces Model analysis of Apple with counterfeiting flourishing throughout the region and online globally. There are also the low-cost contract manufacturers who are driving down…


Apple, Investor Relations (2012). Investor Relations. Retrieved March 28, 2012, from Apple Investor Relations and Filings with the SEC Web site: 

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Strategic Management in Any Competitive
Words: 3731 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54123426
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These cruises can easily also appeal to families with pre-school children or young people who have left school and want to take a break before entering colleges, universities, or the workplace.

Some barriers to including these sectors in the cruise market are the perception that cruise holidays are generally not for children, that they are unaffordable, and that they are boring. In marketing, these attitudes towards cruises should be combated.

Cayamo's Current and Future Market Position

According to Henderson's (2008) case study, this is precisely what Cayamo has done. It has uniquely positioned itself by recognizing the importance of popular music and songs to a large sector of the cruise market. The author mentions Barbara Streisand, K.D. Lang, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to demonstrate the importance of popular music as a marketing tool. In this, the company has found a unique marketing position by combining the traditional purpose of a cruise,…


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The analyses of The Home Depot and Lowe's will involve value chain analysis, Porters 5 forces framework and economic analysis framework. These three perspectives complement rather than conflict with each other. Furthermore, they view a business internally and externally within a specific industry. The combination of all three perspectives will give an effective "picture" of The Home Depot and Lowe's individually, head-to-head and within their industry.

Value chain analysis -- Information and Value for Financial Analysts

Value chain analysis separates a business into a series of value-generating activities called a "value chain," often including primary and support activities. This assists a financial analyst in discerning which activities a business uses to create a competitive advantage and generate shareholder value. The activities ideally offer more value to customer than cost to the business, causing a profit margin (Internet Center for Management…

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Five Forces in IMC Strategies
Words: 984 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44299600
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IMC Strategy

The existence of an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is aimed at providing a designed approach that delivers a consistent message to consumers transversely in advertisements including different media types like the Internet, TV, mobile phones, and magazines among others. In reality, any ad must communicate a consistent message to its varied audiences. IMC strategy is essential in today's business world because of the existing communication technology and the instant access to data using such devices such as the Internet. It is only by delivering consistent messages about an organization or brand that has helped many establish their brand in consumers' minds and that of their potential customers. It is from the computers and phones that many business professionals and consumers pursue information and link with other people and even businesses. As such, it is evident that the work and social surroundings are rapidly changing, and more people have…

Reference List:

Miller, F.P., Vandome, F.A. & John, M. (2011). Porter Five Forces Analysis. VDM Publishing.

Competitive Market Environment That Victorian Diary Giant
Words: 1640 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62448937
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competitive market environment that Victorian Diary Giant operates by answering four questions in the case. Victorian Diary operates under the perfect competitive market. In the last few years, the firm has cut the milk prices by 8.5% making the new price to move to $4.50 per kilogram leaving farmers at break-even level because of the glut of the milk in the world markets. While 8.5% cut of price is relatively good, however, the struggling famers does not achieve much comfort from the new price.

Competition occurs when there is a rivalry among firms producing similar products. In the competitive environment, firms always try to take away the market shares of other firms. However, a perfect competitive market is the kind of market where firms are price taker. The following requirements operate in a perfect competitive market:

Firms operating in the market produce identical products,

There are no barrier to enter…


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Competitive Strategy of Kraft
Words: 1777 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 28340733
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Kraft Foods' Competitive Strategy

Kraft Foods is a one of North America's largest packaged food companies. To reach its current competitive position the organization is changed to great deal of the last decade, with increased focus on the core products, and the sale or spin-off of the non-core divisions, for example the sale of the frozen pizza division 2010 to Nestle, and in 2012 the demerger of Mondel-z International (Kraft Foods, 2014). This has left the company with a high level of focus in selected product categories and North American markets. The shift in the company's focus has impacted on the way in which they compete, but despite this change narrowing of focus, the organization still be seen as one which serves the mass market, with some type of Kraft Food product 90% of all households in the United States, 99% of all households in Canada (Kraft Foods, 2014).



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Competitive Strategy
Words: 3365 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 49637438
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Competitor Analysis and Competitive Strategy

The competitor analysis for the Kia-Motors has been conducted in order to analyze and identify the key factors related to the strengths and weaknesses of its competitors i.e. Toyota and Dacia Automobiles. The competitive strategies are being suggested for Kia-Motors in order to grow its business in Turkey and attract customers and carry out production processes in ways that ensures the profitability and competitive advantage in the long run.

Kia Motors

Analysis of Competitors


Suggested Competitive Strategy

Automobile Dacia

Suggested Competitive Strategy

Kia Motors

Kia-Motors with the sales of 2.75 million in the year 2013 is 33.88% owned by the Hyundai Motors and is known widely for its product Kia-Optima and Cadenza. The company possesses strong market position with respect to the quality that it has been providing to its customers. The company has followed the competitive strategy for pricing at which product quality…


Bondoc, M.D., & Banuta, M. (2007). Changes in the Romanian automotive parts sector in the context of globalization.

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Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses of
Words: 3039 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20390628
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XM has taken a more target product strategy, attempting to increase depth of programming services over the pervasive offering of devices. Industry analysts have commented that Sirius is now competing with Apple and their iPod series based on the breadth of their devices (Sirius Satellite adio Investor elations and SEC Filings 2008). Sirius' approach to personal satellite players has only been marginally successful and clearly given the operations expenses shown in Table 1's analysis of Income Statements. The breadth of the product line is forcing Sirius to also develop expertise in supply chain operations and fulfillment, two series of business processes that are significantly different than broadcasting and entertainment. Having to contend with a value-based business model with entertainment channels while also concentrating on a price-based model that must focus on continual price reductions forces Sirius into multiple and often confusing accounting systems and practices. It is highly recommended that…


Andrew Edwards, Mike Barris. (2008, May 13). Earnings Digest -- Media: Losses Dog Sirius, XM. Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition), p. B.7. Retrieved June 1, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1477481521).

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Forces Analysis Wellpoint Is Subject
Words: 3232 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66689933
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They are striving to be the best of both worlds. In their heavily regulated industry, there is a relatively high degree of commoditization between different health care plan offerings. There is high intensity of rivalry in the industry as well. This intensity of rivalry pushes down costs, but the cost structure of the industry is fairly rigid, such that it is difficult for a health care plan provider to fully engage a cost leadership strategy. Consumers are demanding both low costs and superior product offerings. ellPoint is attempting to meet these conflicting demands to their best of their abilities.

This strategy stems in part from ellPoint's position within the industry. The industry itself is relatively fragmented, despite significant barriers to entry. ellPoint is the #2 player in the industry, behind the United Health Group. ellPoint holds at 9.75% market share. Other competitors are Aetna, Humana, Kaiser, and many smaller firms.…

Works Cited

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Forces That Now Shape and
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The challenges are many for those in the industry for the first quarter-century of the new millenium but the hope is that information technological advances will smooth the transitions that must be made if healthcare is to be effective or successful in future initiatives of delivery quality healthcare.

Public Health Issues

The Global Face of Healthcare

Statement of Thesis:

Finally this work will describe several different countries' public health systems and compare and contrast the similarities and differences noted as well as the political economic, service, expense and other major issues linked to the various structures and forms of the healthcare systems around the world. The various public health tradeoffs that are made on the societal level based on limited resources and competitive priorities will be briefly examined as well.

While the business world has streamlined processes and become more customer-centric the healthcare agency is seeking to do the same…


Wechler, Jill (2004) Healthcare Issues 2005 Formulary on Highbeam Research Engine

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HealthCare's Top Business Issues and Responses for 2005 A Capgemini Forecast.

Forces and Factors That Affect
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This, however, is not entirely the case and in fact a great deal of process and product variety exists even in most of the niche markets in the manufacturing sector (MacDuffie et al. 1996). This variety increases as product complexity increases which has a twofold effect on a given manufacturing organization's market position and profitability: first, productivity tends to decrease as product complexity increases, limiting profitability due to the basic rules of economies of scale; second, it increases competitiveness in most industries as it increases the number and degrees of variations possible (MacDuffie et al. 1996). Complexity also affects the cost of manufacture and thus profitable price points for the product and thus the level of variety in most manufacturing processes and products is a major contributor to competitiveness in manufacturing industries and between manufacturing organizations. Variety is clearly as influential in manufacturing operations as it is in the provision…


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Building a Competitive Strategy
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DYNOMITE Haircuts Stage

This case study concerns the needs and objectives of a particular business known as Dynomite Haircuts. Dynomite Haircuts first opened in a college town where it was the only business of its kind in a 10-mile radius. This was ideal as it allowed the company to establish roots, gain a solid reputation and client base and begin to expand in a marked and concerted manner. Now there is a much higher level of competition which has developed over time in this area. In spite of this increased competition, the business is still performing well. However, it could be performing even better: it could still reach a higher level of competition and effectiveness necessary to bring in a higher level of revenue. The areas that need to be improved are: scheduling, supply ordering, inventory management, collecting customer information and marketing. Once these areas are improved, and these obstacles…


Ehmke, C. (2014). Strategies for Competitive Advantage . Retrieved from (2014). Porter's Five Forces. Retrieved from 

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Lolacc Competitive Advantage a Competitive Advantage Is
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Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage is something that sets the company apart from its competitors. In order to entice customers, a company needs to have something that it does better than its competitors. The more competitive advantages the firm has, and the stronger they are, the more competitive the company will be in the marketplace.

Lola Savannah has a number of competitive advantages that help it in the marketplace. One advantage that Lola has is with respect to freshness and the quality of the roast. Freshness is important because freshly-roasted coffee tastes better, and this is especially true for coffee that has been pre-ground. Coffee from major food companies or importers like Sunbelt Imports lacks the freshness of Lola's coffee. Lola ensures that it receives its beans as quickly as possible from the harvest by working with wholesalers to shorten the supply chain. The fresh beans are then roasted…

Inputs for Porters 5 Forces Analysis on Kraft Foods
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Sources of Information for a Porters Five Forces Analysis on Kraft Foods

To undertake a Porters Five Forces analysis it is necessary to identify potential sources of information that will give the required information. The Five Forces analysis will require an assessment of the five areas; degree of rivalry among competitors, threat of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, and availability of substitutes. This process can be examined by looking at the sources which may be used for a Porters Five Forces analysis of Kraft Foods, a firm that competes in the food industry. Each of the forces will be considered separately.

Degree of rivalry among competitors

Source 1; CSI Market; UL is

This is a very useful web site which has the primary aim of providing information to potential investors. The page on Kraft Foods is particularly useful in assessing the firm's position…


Baertlein, L, (2014, Sept 30), Kraft challenged by "healthier" macaroni and cheese brands, didReuters, accessed at 

CSI Market (2014), Kraft accessed at  on 7th Sept 2014

Food and Drug Administration, (2004), accessed at  / on 7th September 2014

K-Mart, (2014), accessed at  on 7th Sept 2014

Kraft Porter's Five Forces Analysis Threat of
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Porter's Five Forces Analysis

Threat of Competition (Moderated)

To begin, the threat of competition is moderated by the large size and market position of Kraft. The food and beverage industry should grow, at least as fast of the overall population. Combined with market share growth, the company is well positioned to grow 3% to 5% a year. Kraft is one of the largest food and beverage distribution companies in North America. It is a publicly- traded limited partnerships in the U.S. However, Kraft faces competition in the industry, as there are other companies that offer similar services in addition to proprietary products owned and operated by large integrated companies, and also it is the possibilities of merge or acquisition to other companies. Information that can be used to better ascertain the companies position are trade publications such as the overall census report to determine population growth. Food and beverage,…

Resources with explanation

1) this resource provided information regarding population growth and the subsequent expenditures of the population. This information provides an overview of the overall industry as it relates to Kraft. This information is very reliable as it is provided by the United States government.

2) - this resource provides information as to capital expenditures and investments as it relates to competition. These investments all Kraft to better gauge occurrences in the industry overall. This source is very reliable as it is very specific in regards to industry.

3) - this resource provides trends within the overall food and beverage industry. Kraft can utilize this information to better ascertain its ability to compete in a changing and dynamic industry.

4) - this resource provides information regarding foreign direct investment. This allows Kraft to view competitor's expenditures in other markets outside the United States. This information is very reliable by may be subject to mistakes. Areas such as China are not entirely accurate with their disclosures regarding investment.

PG& E Competitive Bypass of PG& E
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Overall energy supply is also increased, keeping prices lower in areas of heavy usage and also decreasing costs associated with distribution over wide networks. Demand can increase without the need for an expansion of existing power plants or the creation of new points of generation and distribution.


Cogeneration has led to a definite loss of business for major utility companies, as some of their largest customers are bypassing their systems and causing profitability problems due to the low marginal costs of power production. This has led to perceived (and real) fiscal weaknesses in these companies as future profits and security become increasingly uncertain. In addition, cogeneration by businesses is generally not as efficient a means of electricity production as can be procured from utilities, and in many operations the amount of electricity needed cannot be created without a surplus of heat from cogeneration. Ultimately, however, cogeneration is a more…

Motivating Sales Forces at Starbucks
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Motivating Sales Forces: Starbucks Coffee Company's Use of a Total ewards Program

Motivating salespeople through effective total rewards programs just makes good business sense. Properly implemented and administered, a company's rewards program can serve to not only motivate a sales force to sell more, it can also help retain these valuable employees and avoid unplanned turnover. Although studies have shown time and again that pay continues to be ranked among the most important components of a compensation plan, there are a number of other factors that comprise an effective total rewards program that must be taken into account as well. To this end, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning the compensation plan and rewards program used by Starbucks Coffee Company to motivate its legions of salespeople around the world. A summary of the research and important findings concerning motivating the sales force at…


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Flamholtz, E.G. & Randle, Y. (2011). Corporate culture: The ultimate strategic asset. Stanford,

Uefa Regulations of Competitive Balance
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The impact of the UEFA implementation of the Fair Play Financial egulations could have a ripple effect that hurts soccer teams around the globe.

The Zimbalist article entitled, "Sport as Business" (2003) also brings up a good point about the socialization of sports leagues. Before the UEFA regulations take effect, the league operates in a relatively capitalist manner. Certainly many of the monetary imbalances that exist are not readily apparent when officials audit the books of the different teams, but as a business model, the new UEFA regulations may very well hurt the revenues of the entire league, not just certain teams specifically (Zimbalist, 2003). This would occur as club owners looking to turn a profit would be severely limited by financial restrictions put in place that force owners to stay debt-free. Owners will have less opportunity to attract talented players, especially owners of teams whose revenue is rather small.…


Conte, Niccolo. 2010. "UEFA's Financial Fair-play and why we should care." Soccer Lens

Homepage. Found Online August 15, 2010 at < >.

Ducrey, Pierre; Ferriera, Carlos Edward; Huerta, Gabriel; and Kevin Tallec Marston. 2003.

"UEFA and Football Governance: A New Model." Centre International D'Etude Du Sport.

Konad Gaining a Competitive Advantage
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Something else that has the potential to set a company like Konad apart is information. People want information. With something like nail art, the various tools and techniques used often need to be explained. After a bit of research of the competitors of Konad, it is apparent that nobody in the stamping nail art industry is big on information. Providing information can really set this company apart. Suggestions, tutorials and instructions can go a long way. If people are able to see how the products work and how easy they are to use, they are more likely to make a purchase. Konad should want to be seen as a leader in their industry, and the dearth of information available online regarding this product in particular, especially on their own website, does not contribute to that expertise.

Another way that Konad can gain a competitive advantage is to establish high switching…

Five Forces Analysis Porter's Five Forces Model
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Five Forces Analysis

Porter's Five Forces model analysis business opportunity "Start business provide music movies online internet"

Porter's Five Forces model:

A new business for downloadable music and movies online

Porter's Five Forces model:

A new business for downloadable music and movies online

According to the management theorist Michael Porter, "the model of pure competition implies that risk-adjusted rates of return should be constant across firms and industries. However, numerous economic studies have affirmed that different industries can sustain different levels of profitability; part of this difference is explained by industry structure" (Porter's five forces, 2008, Quick MBA). Thus, it is necessary that every new company offering either an innovative or an existing type of product or service understands its current position in its specific industry market. The new company must strive to position its product in an optimal fashion by conducting what Porter calls a Five Forces analysis. Five…


Competitive advantage (Porter) explained. (2008). Value-based management. Retrieved February 3, 2011 at 

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External Forces There Are a Number of
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External Forces

There are a number of forces that will impact the strategy of Hot ings. The legal and regulatory environment governs a number of different aspects of the business, from licensing to human resources policies to food handling and other aspects of the business. There are regulations at the federal, state, municipal and possibly county levels. Food handling and alcohol are the most important elements within the regulatory environment as violations of these regulations can result in shut down, legal action or the closing off of revenue streams. Proper training must be given to all staff with respect to the different food and alcohol regulations in order to keep the business running.

The economic environment is of critical importance because the number of times people eat or drink outside of the home is dictated in large part by their disposable income. In good economic times, people go out more…

Works Cited:

Chathoth, P.; Tse, E. & Olsen, M. (2005). Turnaround strategy: A study of restaurant firms. International Journal of Hospitality Management. Vol. 25 (4) 602-622.

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Strategic Advantage Competitive Advantage Within the Global
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Strategic Advantage

Competitive advantage within the global retail sector

The resource based theory

Conceptual framework- esource-Based Theory

The e-retail strategy

In this paper, we explore the concept of resource-based view in gaining of strategic advantage within the global retail industry. Our focus will be in the use of information technology as a resource in drawing an e-strategy for the purpose of gaining a strategic advantage with a focus on the global retail sector. The organizations in our focus being global leading retailers; Wal-Mart, Metro AG, Carrefour and Tesco.

The high level of competition within the global retail industry has seen several players resort to the use of certain resources and competencies in order to maintain a lead over their competitors. These resources are strategically harnessed and applied in order for the affected firms to maintain a strategic advantage. In this paper, we explore the concept of resource-based view in gaining…

References Amit, R. And Zott, C. (2001) "Value Creation in E-business," Strategic Management

Journal, Vol. 22 No.6/7, pp 493-520.

Barney, Jay B. (2002). Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, 2nd ed. Reading, Mass.:


Barney, J.B. (1991), "From Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage," Journal

Financial Times in Today's Hyper-Competitive
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These units tie up capital that could be better spent elsewhere. Below is the placement of Financial Times' business units (See Figure 1).

Figure 1. BCG Growth-Share Matrix - Financial Times


None. The Asian Market

The Online Market


The UK Market The American Market

The European Market

Ansoff Matrix:

Ansoff's matrix provides four different growth strategies: Market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. With market penetration, the organization seeks to achieve growth with existing products in their current market segments, aiming to increase their market share. Market development involves growth by targeting its existing products to new market segments. Product development is the strategy whereby the organization develops new products targeted to its existing market segments. And, diversification, is where the organization grows by diversifying into new businesses, by developing new products for new markets.

Financial Times has implemented both a market penetration…


Robinson, J. 5 June 2005, "Out of the red and into the pink: Editor Andrew Gowers is restoring some colour to the FT's cheeks," The Observer, p. 9.

Griffiths, I. 20 May 2005, "Analysis: FT's first cuts were the cheapest," The Guardian, p. 24.

Miller, J. 16 May 2005, "Media: Webview: Why the press must wake up to the web," The Guardian, p. 13.

Strategies for Achieving Competitive Advantage
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Business Operations in Your Organization: Strategies for Achieving Competitive Advantage

Organization Selected

The company I have chosen to examine is Walmart Stores, Inc. Walmart Store Inc. became originally established in the year 1945 and is in the present day undertaking its operations in retail stores in over twenty seven countries. The company is split into three key segments. These are Walmart International, Walmart United States and Sam's Club. The business undertaken by Walmart as a company encompasses restaurants, superstores, retail stores and also warehouse clubs. The company also undertakes e-commerce through its website In terms of retail products, the merchandises being sold in Walmart's retail stores include baby products, healthcare products, household goods, electronics, books, automotive products, clothing, furnishings and decor, alcohol, grocery, paper products and so much more. Walmart is a United States global retailing corporation that operates chains of massive discount department and warehouse stores (Walmart Website,…

Porter's Five Forces of Competition
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In fact, many of them are more likely to make sure that as much space is provided when it comes to taking over the Internet. For example, these individuals want to make sure that they are likely to get what it is they want by having a Web presence. This means that they are going to do everything possible to have as many contacts as possible from off the Internet in order to get as much revenue as possible that it could lead to a monopoly. In essence, if a monopoly does occur, then they are going to face breaking the law in the process. Furthermore, privacy issues are concern because of how much of a giant they have become since the inception of the organization as of 2004 (Facebook, 2011d).

By studying Porter's Five Forces, one learns that Facebook is an MNE that is as big as Google. They…


Facebook. (2011a). About Facebook. Retrieved June 25, 2011, from Facebook: 

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Porter's 5 Forces Are Threat of New
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Porter's 5 forces are threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, substitution threats and rivalry determinants. In my opinion, as a small food retailer, you can count disadvantages vs. major food retailers in all these categories.

As such, first of all, entry barriers refer to such things as economies of scale, brand identity or access to necessary input information. As a small food retailer, you are not able to realize the economies of scale that larger food retailers successfully provide basically because a larger food retailer has several activities and is able to successfully transfer costs from one to the other. On the other hand, as a larger retailer, you are able to spend and invest in your brand, to the point that a small retailer will be practically inexistent as opposed to a strong brand, a brand which has received consistent investments. In terms…

Global Branding of Stella Artois Porter's 5-Forces
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global branding of Stella Artois

Porter's 5-forces analysis of the beer industry

Bargaining power of buyers

The bargaining power of buyers is very high in the beer industry. Consumers have many choices, spanning from other alcoholic beverages to other brands of beer, including smaller labels as well as the major brands. Also, beer is not strictly a necessity. Consumers can conceivably 'do without' if the price is too high.

Bargaining power of suppliers

The bargaining power of suppliers is also very high in the beer industry. Beer companies are critically dependent upon obtaining specific input goods to create their brews. They need a high volume of input goods to produce their product, and they need a timely and steady supply. Good relationships with bottlers and distributors are also required to take the product to market.

Competitive rivalry

Competitive rivalry is extremely high. All of the major beer brands are fighting…


Caves, R.E. & M.E. Porter. (1977). From entry barriers to mobility barriers: Conjectural decisions and contrived deterrence to new competition. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 91 (2): 241-262. Retrieved:

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Retrieved at:

Aligning Competitive Strategy With the
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That is not so much a contradiction of the research but a limitation of it in terms of applicability to practitioners running small manufacturing companies.

Critique of Environmental Scanning: Frequency and Scope

Beal (2000) bases his methodology for assessing environmental scanning on twenty eight specific items that CEOs of 101 small manufacturing companies responded to as part of the research effort, and later analyzed them using factor analysis. Using Varimax rotation in factor analysis to explain variances across the results, company's management capabilities and resources (.824) and company's financial capabilities and resources (.811) were found to be the greatest two factors across all twenty-eight measured in terms of explaining variations in environmental scanning resulting impact on related environment/competitive strategy alignment. Scanning multiple situations or events occurring in an environmental sector will be positively related to environment-competitive strategy alignment, which is the second hypothesis of the research project (H2) looks at…


Beal, R (2000).Competing effectively: Environmental scanning, competitive strategy, and organizational performance in small manufacturing firms. Journal of Small Business Management. 1, 27-476.

Five Forces Analysis of Palm Palm's Strategy
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Five Forces Analysis of Palm

Palm's Strategy

Palm's corporate strategy is what Michael Porter would call Cost Leadership. According to Gavin Reid, "Cost leadership is often driven by company efficiency, size, scale, scope and cumulative experience (learning curve). A cost leadership strategy aims to exploit scale of production, well defined scope and other economies (e.g. A good purchasing approach), producing highly standardized products, using high technology."

In the first element of its corporate strategy, Palm states that it will "strive in order to reach a leading position in attractive markets." It does not indicate which market in particular, as with Focused Strategies, but any market which happens to be attractive to Palm at a given time (i.e. A market that they believe they can be competitive in.) Notice that Palm is not trying to create new markets or innovative product categories. Instead, Palm intends to scout existing mobile market segments…


Gavin C. Reid. "Small Business Enterprise: An Economic Analysis." Published by Routledge, 1993

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Factors That Prevent Perfectly Competitive Markets in the United States
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Prevent Competitive Markets in the United States

The United States follows a system of "free market economy" in which most businesses are privately owned and where individual producers and consumers determine the kinds of goods and services produced as well as the prices of such products. Competition is a key factor in market economies as it keeps the prices of products in check, forces the competitors to enhance the efficiency of their production process, and drives the inefficient producers out of the market. However, "perfectly competitive market" is largely a theoretical economic concept which does not exist in any country and most countries, including the U.S., follow a system of mixed economy. In such 'mixed economies,' there are several factors which prevent the existence of a perfectly competitive market and the U.S. is no exception to this rule. In this paper, we shall discuss some of the factors that work…


Karier, Thomas. Beyond Competition: The Economics of Mergers and Monopoly Power. Armonk, NY M.E. Sharpe, 1993.

United States (Economy)" Article in Encyclopedia Encarta. CD-ROM Version, 2003

Such markets are known as 'oligopolies.'

As long as it is not created specifically to monopolize commerce in interstate trade

Applying the Five Forces of Competition
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Essentially, Porter’s five forces affect my company’s financial strategy for being competitive in the marketplace by summing up its principal concerns. What Porter has done by elucidating the five forces which shape industry competition is to outline the main themes one’s financial strategy must be prepared to address. By denoting exactly what these forces are, Porter has provided a baseline of prudent concerns with which to shape my organization’s financial strategy around. His efforts have prepared us for the coming challenges of both today and tomorrow in this regard.

Specifically, in order to maintain competitiveness my organization needs to focus on the correlation between the central challenge, rivalry among competitors, and the threat of new entrants. In the publishing field for information technology, there is always the reality that a new publication can emerge and provide similar content which could potentially detract from the revenues our organization earns. Naturally, those…

Google Video in Terms of Porter's Five Forces and Porter's Competitive Strategy
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Porter's 5 Forces

Google failed to break into the video streaming industry for many reasons. Using an analysis of Porter's five forces one can better understand the failures of Google to secure a foothold in the online video streaming industry as an independent entity.

The first force that needs to be analyzed is the threat of new entrants to the market. "Except for the early stages of market development, when new entrants can help a market to expand, new entrants bring additional capacity and resources that usually heighten the competitiveness of the market and diminish profit margins" (Lehmann & Winer, 2005, p. 56). In January 2005, when Google entered the online video market, there was little competition from other corporations. In July 2003, Metacafe, dedicated to streaming short-form original content was launched and in January 2004, MSN began to offer an Internet video download service. Instead of attempting to compete…


Cool, K., Seitz, M., and Mestrits, J. (2010, March 11). YouTube, Google, and the rise of internet video. Kellogg School of Management.

Lehmann, D.R. And Winer, R.S. (2005). Analysis for Marketing Planning. 6th edition. New York:

McGraw-Hill Irwin.

Dell Computer Competitive Advantages and Strategies Innovation
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Dell Computer:

Competitive advantages and strategies, innovation, sustainability and strategy effectiveness

When evaluating the competitive advantage of Dell Computers in relation to its competitors, virtually every market analyst emphasizes its mastery of its supply chain. Dell is not known as a particularly innovative company in terms of its product line -- unlike Apple, it has no signature iMac or iPod that is uniquely 'Dell.' &D occupies only 1.3% of Dell's revenues compared with 15% for its competitors Intel and Microsoft. Unlike Apple, Dell does not nurture potentially profitable long-term research projects. It practices a "ruthless form of corporate Darwinism" within its organization, "killing off its own straggling product lines with savage speed" (Schrage 2002:1).

At Dell, the goal has always been "to offer computers at irresistible prices -- and to leave the cost and the risks of innovating to others" (Jones 2003). Its careful micromanagement of its inventories has been…


Johnson, Keith. (2008). Dell's green payday. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved September 17,

2011 at 

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Porter's Five Forces Movie Rental
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'Throttling' has been one way that Netflix prevents the costs of shipping the rentals to the movie-goer exceeding the shipping fee -- in other words, delaying shipments to its highest-volume users. Netflix only recently publicized the fact that the fewer DVDs customers rent, the higher the priority they receive in being sent their movie selection. They did so "after a San Francisco subscriber filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company had deceptively promised one-day delivery of most DVDs" (Frequent Netflix customers, 2006, MSNBC). Through using this practice, Netflix garnered a great deal of negative publicity.

Threat of substitutes

The threat of substitutes -- spanning from other forms of media such as the Internet and television, to the library, to bootlegged copies, to films seen online and 'good old fashioned theater' seen in-house -- is considerable.

Critical success factors for edbox, Netflix, and Movies on Demand

Virtually every element of…


Bond, Paul. (March 8, 2011). Netflix stock drops. The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved March 11,

2011 at 

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Frequent Netflix renters sent to the back of the line. (2006, February 10). MSNBC.

Porter's Five Forces and Proctor
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Buying one brand of shampoo instead of another, for instance, is quite common. ivalry, therefore, is high.

Porter's value chain

Porter shows how firms such as Procter & Gamble can create competitive advantages for themselves. He categorizes a company's activities in the following way:

1. Primary activities: (a) Inbound logistics -- receiving the incoming material, including the handling and inventory of their material; (2) operations -- P&G's suppliers forming this material into their products; (3) Outbound logistics -- getting their products on their shelves and to the shelves of the different private stores and from thence to the customers; (5) marketing and sales -- P&G doing research on customer needs, satisfying their needs, communicating with consumers; (6) service -- fulfilling customers' needs after service has been completed, following up, and occasionally replacing products if need be. esearch too is ongoing in order to discover future trends and ways to best…


Quick MBA. The Value Chain. Strategic management

Quick MBA. Porter's Five Forces. Strategic management

Five Forces and Pharmaceuticals
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Five Forces and Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies spends many years and millions of dollars developing new drugs. In order for these companies to be successful they must sell any successful drug at a high price to attempt to regain some of the cost of the drug. Once other companies replicate the drug the cost of the drug can be driven down with competition. Most people use their insurance companies to pay for their drugs, pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM). The pharmaceutical companies try to make deals with the PBM, by offering them lower prices so that they would pressure doctors into writing those prescriptions. Below is the five forces that drives the pharmaceutical industry.

Supplier Power is where the pharmaceutical company that is supplying the medication controls the power because of the volume of demand. The supplier power is defined by many different aspects of selling a specified drug. Usually once…


Higgins, M. (2006). Stricter gift ethics urged for doctors; study sees influence on diagnosis. The Washington Times.

Porter, M.E. (2010). Strategic management. Retrieved from

Southwest Airlines Porter's Five Forces
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For short haul routes, customers have the option of driving or even taking the train. There are often low switching costs associated with driving. As the hassles associated with flying have increased, switching has increased as well. hile flights on longer routes are faster, there is often a price-performance tradeoff. The longer the flight, the lower the threat of substitutes.

The intensity of rivalry is high in the airline industry. There is little to differentiate airlines. Each airline has high fixed costs. Exit costs are high, as each airline has high fixed costs and only operates in the airline industry. In addition, the industry is subject to intermittent overcapacity. In addition, the service is highly perishable -- an empty seat cannot be resold later. This spurs intense competition to fill airplanes. ith low switching costs and a low diversity of rivals, there is a high degree of rivalry.

The airline…

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Five Forces of Competition Michael
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The bargaining power of suppliers

High, given that suppliers can exercise a great deal of leverage in promoting an antivirus product. Consumers are often unsure how to judge antivirus software, or even why they should purchase it at all. Including free trials for antivirus software on PCs, using in-store or website promotions, and other brick-and-mortar methods can be highly influential in encouraging consumers to buy a particular product. While free versions can promote themselves on the web, consumers who are security-conscious may seek a more reputable venue in which to purchase the product.


The popular computer magazine PC Magazine did not give the $39.95 Norton AntiVirus software a glowing endorsement. It was particularly critical of its un-installer. Norton's protection was deemed solid, nothing more (2010 eviews, 2010, PC Magazine). $29.95 VIPE AntiVirus + AntiSpyware was called "the lightest-running, best antivirus software for 2010" in the magazine's reviews section. McAfee…


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Gym 5 Forces Porter's Five
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Brand identity is not important. There are numerous gym chains but the industry remains highly fragmented. A new gym can expect to face only minor retaliation -- price promotions and other competitive tactics. This is because the industry is rapidly growing -- 8% per year since 1983 (Berkeley, 2008).

The threat of substitutes is high. hat a gym sells, at its basis, is fitness. This can be accomplished in a wide variety of ways, many of which do not involve a gym. There are low switching costs as many forms of exercise are free. Even expensive forms of exercise are competitively priced compared to modern gyms. Buyers have a high inclination to substitute, as a multitude of fitness options is not only desirable but is healthy. The price-performance trade-off of substitutes is high, since some can be very inexpensive. The gym is a premium fitness experience that must deliver premium…

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