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Yad Vashem Project Management

Words: 978 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10460381


Suggest three (3) specific change management techniques that Shimon Kornfield should have used in order to manage the morale of the team assigned to the Yad Vashem memorial site project.

One of the challenges that Kornfield faced was that there was fundamental disagreement about key components of the Memorial. This project was more emotional than most such projects and as a result the people involved had deeper personal feelings. The result was heightened emotions that made it more difficult to avoid conflict. Kornfield needed to foster a much greater sense of shared vision for the project from the outset. Once the conflicts became apparent, there were other things that Kornfield could have done as well. The first is that Kornfield needed to take a more positive approach to solutions. Many people on the project had reservations about being able to construct the building, but they were unable to offer…… [Read More]

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Child Monitoring Market

Words: 1023 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39192751

Creativity & Innovation

Marketplace esearch

The market for child monitoring devices is fairly robust. The product will likely target parents of children aged 3-11, roughly. The total number of children aged 0-11 in the United States is 49.4 million, and this figure is expected to grow over the coming years as the population of the United States grows (, 2014). The millennials, a large cohort, are going to start having children in the not too distant future, and with immigration the total market is going to be significant. If even 10% of parents were interested in this product, that would be a potential market of around 5 million units initially, with new growth each year of a further 500,000 units. A total of 68% of parents said they would use GPS to track their children for safety reasons, which implies a potential market of 3.4 million initially with growth of…… [Read More]


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Approaches to Teaching

Words: 1562 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43055397


Childhood education has taken an eclectic approach when it comes to music whereby they have included a wide variety of musical experiences teaching. A major musical experience involves movement; whereby there are specific movement activities for different age groups of children. For a two-year-old good movement activities include use of different body movements and moving in a more coordinated way to music that is played. For four-year-olds they have mastered new movements and rapidly and easily switch from a particular type to another when a word is changed. When it comes to seven-year-olds they are capable of improvising movements and matching them to beats in a song. They are given more complex instructions of movements and easily follow them. All these movement activities are all developmentally correct for the specific ages the children are in. Good movements in a two-year-old help in the development of perceptual skills. This is…… [Read More]


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Flow the Pleasure of Flow

Words: 992 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56946175

Reality can be transcended with the right mindset, even if the activity appears ordinary.

Achieving 'flow' may be especially important for children coming from difficult circumstances, which may need a safe space to forget about the adult demands in their lives, such as taking care of younger siblings. Students under a great deal of pressure to achieve can benefit from having a sense of 'pure' play -- unlike school activities, recreation is not supposed to have a 'point.' It is not designed to win a scholarship or to fulfill the demands of a class. For adults, unlike the confusion of competing pulls of work and school, the clear goals of sport or producing a craft within a fixed period of time can produce great inner clarity.

The psychological benefits of flow are so great, Csikszentmihaly states that they produce a powerful answer for parents that who might insist time is…… [Read More]

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Csikszentmihaly, Mihaly. (1991). Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

New York: Harper Perennial.
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Creative Growth

Words: 755 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 86613144

creativity be taught?

hen attempting to answer the question of whether creativity can be taught, first we must define what is meant by creativity. Examples of creativity which come to mind include Michelangelo 'liberating' David from a block of stone; Einstein developing his theory of relativity; and Shakespeare writing his famous plays. However, these actions did not simply come from nothing, like a bolt of lightning from the sky. Michelangelo studied art for years; Einstein needed to learn the basics of the scientific method; Shakespeare was an actor as well as a writer and based many of his plays upon previous works of literature. Although all of these examples of creativity feature originality, they also highlight the degree to which creativity involves mastering a set of skills that have been developed by others, albeit using them in new ways.

To me, this is the answer of whether creativity can be…… [Read More]

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Organization Ken Robinson Says Schools

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 69828304

This is not to say that the speaker believes that simply being wrong is creativity but that there must be a balance between that which demands a right answer and that which is achieved through creativity and innovation. Hierarchy of education is the same all over the world in order Mathematics, Languages, Humanities and at the bottom are the Arts…hierarchy in arts drawing and music then drama and dance. "There is not an education system in the world where we teach dance with the same emphasis as Math" and the speaker asks "Why not?" As children grow up we educate them from the waist up, then we focus on their heads and slightly to one side. The whole education system is designed to teach university professors. People who live in their heads. Their body is a form of transport for their heads. Education systems developed during the beginning of the…… [Read More]

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Leading Change Protocol and GTU

Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78219126

Leading Change Continual Learning, Creativity and Innovation, External Awareness, Flexibility, esilience, Service Motivation, Strategic Thinking, And Vision

The purpose of this report is to discuss the process of leading change as a core qualification and how it encompasses an ability to develop and implement an organizational vision that integrates key national and program goals, priorities, values, and other factors. Even though the need for change is a concept that is recognized and acknowledged, instituting change and change policies is still a very difficult process and guaranteeing that a required change actually takes hold of the long-term is even more difficult a process to manage. In the 1995 book by John P. Kotter, professor of leadership at Harvard Business School showed that businesses often have many common errors when managing organizational change. For example, the Harvard report found organizations allowing far too much complacency, fail to create sufficient guiding coalitions, they…… [Read More]

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Film Review House of Mirth 2000

Words: 1102 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 15324129

House of Mirth

The film revolves around the early years of the 20th Century and the changing faces of the economy hence the social response to such changes. It is predominantly a depiction of the lifestyle that most ladies opted for with the increase in urbanization and amassing of wealth by a few individuals.

Lily Bart, the chief character in the movie, is depicted as one who is highly influenced by the change in the social aspect of life due to urbanization. She is a pretty, intelligent young woman who sets out on a primary mission of getting a man who is wealthy and prominent for a husband. The young lady sets out in pursuit of her dreams regardless of the measures she takes.

Lily is swallowed by the social hypocrisy that is predominant at that time in New York. She takes advantage of her age and beauty to attract…… [Read More]


Fandago, (2013). The House of Mirth: Cast and crew. Retrieved February 27, 2012 from 

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Nursing Leadership One of the

Words: 3316 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83478971

As noted above, one of the most prominent leadership theories that has been applied to the nursing profession is transformational leadership. Properly applied and managed, transformation leadership can also be used to facilitate creativity in the workplace. For instance, according to Vesterinen, Isola and Paasivaara (2009, p. 504), transformational leadership can create changes and, by definition, is capable of transformed individuals and the organization in which they work. By providing the leadership needed to motivate employees to bigger and better aspirations, transformational leaders can therefore encourage the creative spark among their followers in ways that might not otherwise be possible (Vesterinen et al. 2009). Indeed, Vesterinen et al. (2009, p. 504) specifically state that, "A transformational leader motivates inspirationally, stimulates intellectually and considers employees individually." Taken together, these positive outcomes are valuable in any organizational setting, but they can be particularly important in health care settings.

Why understanding organisational culture…… [Read More]


Fourie, WJ & Keogh, JJ 2011, October, 'The Need for Continuous Education in the Prevention

of Needlestick Injuries,' Contemporary Nurse: a Journal for the Australian Nursing

Profession, vol. 39, no. 2, pp. 194-201.

Hutin, Y, Hauri, A, Chiarello, L, Catlin, M, Stilwell, B, Ghebrehiwet, T & Garner, J 2003, July,
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Creative Powers it Is a

Words: 2842 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65825873

Full creativity allows the production of greater wealth, for a stronger and more evolved society.

Further in defense of the moral systems or perceived lack thereof in terms of newly created wealth, D'Souza asserts that most wealth currently created is the result of personal effort, rather than means such as inheritance. The wealth can then indeed be seen as the reward for effort, rather than wealth as a result of luck in its pure sense. Morality's role should then not be concerned so much with justifying the accumulated wealth, but rather with using it wisely for the benefit of humanity, creativity, freedom and evolution.

Another characteristic of freedom, as seen above, is the recognition of new and revolutionary ideas, and implementing those when they are superior to the old. In terms of economy this is as true as in terms of morals. Those in power for example refuse to accept…… [Read More]

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Creative Impulse Is Important for Students

Words: 1797 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25050223


Imagine a classroom like that straight out of Dickens' Hard Times, where the teacher does nothing but insist upon facts! "Facts alone are wanted in life," writes Dickens (3). Facts are all that matter, are all that the children need to remember. There is no need for creativity, no reinforcement of the imagination. And as a result the children are stifled and stymied. Their creative impulse is crushed beneath the iron-heeled boot of the instructor who insists over and over again on facts and nothing but the recitation of facts. He denies the children that very fundamental aspect of growth, which is the creativity. Such a situation is one that every teacher aims to avoid, at least one should hope. But just why is creativity so important to the learning process?

Creativity is important because it is a "precious" and "inexhaustible resource" as Richard Florida states. Moreover, it is…… [Read More]

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Maison LANVIN Company Analysis

Words: 1880 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48863188

Maison LANVIN 2016 Company Analysis

Company Description

Lanvin is A French multinational company specializing in high fashion. Established in 1889, the company is presently more than 125 years old. At present, Lanvin is a reference to French fashion, Luxury, accessories and perfumes. Since its establishment, the company registered office remains the same at Faubourg in Paris. Jeanne Lanvin is renowned for her talents, and through her innovative talents, the company has become known for refinement, elegance and luxury globally. Start as a milliner, and later sell to Paris's upper class, the company has built its name as a top company that designs ultra-feminine clothing marked with elaborate trimming that includes beading, embroidery, beading, and fragrances. Despite the success of Lanvin House, the company experienced a decline in sales towards the end of 20th century.

In 2001, Lanvin found a critical and financial success with the help of designer Alber Elbaz…… [Read More]

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Neo-Confucianism Is a Philosophy Which Was Born TEST1

Words: 6352 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: Array

K-12 Curriculum and Instruction: Changing Paradigms in the 21st Century

This is not your grandfathers' economy or his educational paradigm however; today's curriculum still appears as such and therein lays a very significant and challenging problem that presents to today's educators and leaders. According to Sir Ken Robinson, "We have a system of education that is modeled on the interest of industrialism and in the image of it. Schools are still pretty much organized on factory lines -- ringing bells, separate facilities, specialized into separate subjects. We still educate children by batches." (rain Pickings, 2012) Make no mistake in the opinion of Robinson who believes that divergent thinking most emphatically is not "…the same thing as creativity" because according to Robinson in his work proposing a new educational paradigm. Indeed this is also spoken of in the work of Zeng-tian and Yu-Le in their work "Some Thoughts on Emergent Curriculum"…… [Read More]


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FedEx Innovation

Words: 3239 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50704588

Innovation & Creativity

FedEx was founded as an innovator in a logistics field that had never seen overnight delivery before. The company has always positioned itself as a premium provider in the business, based on its sophisticated technology, superior network size and quality of service. However, as the company has matured, its ability to be an innovation leader is being threatened. There are a few different issues at play. The first is that, as in any mature industry, the pace of innovation is generally slow. And as the only company that genuinely seeks to position itself as premium to its competitors, FedEx is the only firm truly trying to compete on innovation. Over the years, it has had some tremendous innovation successes, pioneering the ability to maintain communication with its drivers on road, with its tracking that allows customers to see where their packages are at every step of the…… [Read More]


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How Incentives Effect the Performance of Managers

Words: 1749 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27787564

Incentives and Performance

Kopelman, ., et al. (2012); Further Development of a Measure of Theory X and Y Managerial Assumptions. Journal of Managerial Issues. 24 (4): 450-62.

Certainly, there is no one best way to ensure that either employees or managers are properly motivated. Most scholarship, in fact, indicates that motivation is a balance between the task-relevant behavior and the maturity and acumen of the group in which the individual manages or participates in. In fact, motivation is the basic driving force that helps individuals work, change and actualize to achieve their goals. This motivational behavior may be intrinsic or extrinsic, depending upon the individual and the manner in which that individual's personality uses different sets of motivation to incur actualization. Much of the basic theory of motivation tends to be based on the work of Benjamin Maslow, not only on human needs, but on the manner in which those…… [Read More]


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What Makes a Creative Artist

Words: 1024 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99331182

Hyde, Morris, and Banes discuss the impact of community on creativity. Provide a central argument (or two) that explains the relationship among these theorists on issues of community and creativity. Be specific about the elements of community and how they differ/are similar from Banes' alternative community to Hyde's gift economy to Morris's "age of" theory.

According to Hyde, in contrast to an impersonal, modern capitalist economy where exchanges are based in values ascribed to particular goods and services, the gift economy is about reinforcing personal relationships. True creativity comes from speaking from the heart, all of the potentially embarrassing things which remain unsaid. Hyde idealizes poets such as Yeats and Pound, who saw themselves as intimately connected to a community and a lineage, versus just writing for the marketplace. Artists cannot feel driven to produce simply to replicate what is popular. "The fruits of the creative spirit is the work…… [Read More]