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Cruise Line Essays (Examples)

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Cruise Stats Market Analysis Cruise
Words: 763 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70062495
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Industry Overview

According to the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association, an estimated fifteen million passengers took cruises in 2010, which is a record-breaking figure (FCCA 2011). Over forty-percent of all cruise passengers booked itineraries that included Caribbean destinations, making it far and away the most popular region for cruises and cruise destinations (FCCA 2011). The FCCA also notes that increasing numbers of ships will likely increase cruise takers dramatically (FCCA 2011).

The numbers projected by the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association is fairly well in keeping with numbers projected by both Carnival and oyal Caribbean. oyal Caribbean actually estimates that more than eighteen million passengers were carried on cruise lines during 2010, though its estimate for the number of additional passengers that will (or can) be carried due to the addition of several ships is more directly in line with the FCCA's numbers; Carnival does not publish the same direct figures, but…


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Cruise Ship Dear Mayor of
Words: 574 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 2128499
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Our motto is to leave things as they are, without trying to substantially change the local economy and cultural structure of the land. Of course, Sustainable Cruisers are interested in learning about local handicrafts and practices, but they come as observers, and do not demand any additional accommodations are made for their presence. Staff members are all oriented in the culture of the region, and many have family members who are local to the area.

Depending on the nature of the your island's infrastructure and the comfort of residents and leaders, cruisers can go 'free cruising' and wander on their own throughout the island, or they can be required to follow a guided tour. Local members of the population can act as ancillary guides to the on-board cruise leaders. Sustainable Cruises always seeks to incorporate local members of the island when presenting the region to tourists. Additionally, locals are often…

Strategy Carnival Cruise
Words: 1210 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86577165
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Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the largest cruise ship lines in the world. Headquartered in Miami, the company operates under the Carnival, Holland America, Cunard, Princess, Seabourn, P&O and Costa brands. The cruise ship industry is highly-competitive, and risks being at overcapacity, but Carnival has been consistently profitable over the years, earning $15.4 billion in revenue and $1.07 billion in net income (MSN Moneycentral, 2014). It is estimated that Carnival is the largest company in the industry, with a share of around 47.7% by passengers, and 41.8% by revenues (CMW, 2014).

Despite this success, there are still several challenges for Carnival. First, the company needs to extent both market share and profitability. The company's share has dipped slightly, and so has the company's profitability (MSN Moneycentral, 2014). This is a function to many large new boats from competitors starting to eat away at Carnival. The market is growing, and…


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Carnival Cruise Customer Relationship Management
Words: 1628 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 14786471
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1. Should Carnival do “CRM?”
Carnival should definitely do CRM. Carnival obtained its identity as the “fun ship” when its maiden voyage ran onto a sandbar: the management team turned the disaster into a enjoyable experience for passengers by opening the bar for them. It was an inspired reaction to a difficult situation—and it helped to earn the cruise line its reputation.

However, having developed over the decades and become a mid-tier line (neither on the cheap nor on the expensive side—though it does offer an experience that competes just as well against any of the luxury brands), Carnival wants to expand its services to the untapped market in North America—i.e., all the people who have never been on a cruise before. To attract those customers and get one-time cruise customers to become repeat customers, CRM is necessary.

CRM is customer relationship management and it is data-dependent. That means it…

Empress Luxury Lines Case Study the Situation
Words: 704 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62561798
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Empress Luxury Lines Case Study

The situation faced by Antonio definitely is a difficult one. On the one hand, Kevin could be jeopardizing the health and well being of the company if he chooses to approach the insurance company and tell them about the incident. Yet, on the other, Antonio would essentially be condoning criminal behavior I he simply sweeps the situation under the rug to avoid potential consequences. With everything taken into consideration, Antonio should take an individualistic approach and allow Kevin to make the choice he is going to make, thus protecting the ethical and moral sanctity of the company despite any consequences that may arise.

There are two main approaches that would govern potential decisions to be made by Antonio. First, there is the utilitarian approach that aims to produce the best result for all members in the organization. This ethical approach looks at the overall utility…


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Four Significant Challenges Confronting the Cruise Industry
Words: 720 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88455309
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21st century, significant challenges confront the modern cruise ship industry. The four most prominent are industry concentration resulting in a lack of product diversification, an ever increasing expansion in the tonnage of ships requiring further investment in port facilities, a limited number ports of call producing tourist over-crowding and an environmental record that demands improvement and may be an expensive source of litigation. Through an understanding of these issues, the cruise ship industry can ensure its viability looking forward.

The cruise ship industry is dominated by four major companies: Carnival Lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruises and MSC Cruises. The remaining 4% of the industry which is not controlled by these behemoths faces significant challenges to operate. modern ship able to carry thousands of passengers can cost over 1 billion dollars and takes 4 years to launch from order to delivery. Due to this high buy-in cost, this phenomenon results in…

A third area of concern for the cruise ship industry is over-crowding both in regards to ships and tourists. There are only so many islands to visit and harbor facilities that can accommodate ships of the current magnitude. This results in significant demands on existing port facilities to manage multiple ships as well as an overcrowding of port cities and attractions when multiple ships arrive. This can result in decreased tourism as customers may look elsewhere to visit tourist attractions without the throngs of fellow tourists surrounding them. Two steps that could be taken would be to develop new ports of call and to establish some system of organization between cruise ship companies to better manage ship traffic reducing the strain on any one port.

Finally, an issue that has received little attention in the industry is that of environmental impact. The small islands that cruise ships visit are particularly sensitive to environmental degradation in light of the thousands of visitors and the significant demands of the ships themselves in terms of water and waste disposal. Eventually, ports will reach a maximum capacity that will either require further investment or will simply be un-modifiable based on either local politics or environmental reality. Furthermore, the industry has extremely poor environmental self-monitoring. In 1999, Royal Caribbean paid U.S.$18 million in fines for the illegal release of hazardous waste and then lying about it in its records. As nations and states such as Hawaii and Alaska adopt more stringent environmental regulations it will inevitably drive up the operating costs in these markets as well as negatively influence customer perspective of the industry.

In conclusion, the modern cruise ship industry faces significant obstacles that must be overcome in the years ahead to maintain its profitability. Greater competition should be foster to improve product diversification, significant investment to expand port facilities must be found to handle newer massive vessels, newer ports of call and organizational principles should be established to reduce over-crowding of existing destinations and finally environmental standards should be enacted within the industry to protect both destinations as well as the industry's public image. It is only by understanding these issues that the cruise ship industry can take meaningful steps to secure its future in the 21st century.

Service Operations
Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 98132517
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Service Operations

Celebrity Cruises Inc. falls under the competitive premium or cruising industry. The company faces the task of surviving within the competitive market while executing effective and efficient differentiation process. The aim of the strategy of the organization is to stand out in the perspective of the consumers hence improving on chances to combat competition. The report seeks to evaluate the situation of Celebrity Cruises within the industry and offer effective recommendations to solve the problem at hand.

Celebrity Cruises, Inc. came into play after the initiative by the Chandaris Group in Greece. The company hit the market in 1989. At the initial stage, the company oversaw adoption of 47,000-ton vessels. The lower-berth capacity of the vessels was approximately 1,400 visitors. The destinations of the cruises at the initial stage were Alaska, Bermuda, and Caribbean. In order to improve the size of operations, the company saw the need to…


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Flags of Convenience and Mrs
Words: 2302 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 23671614
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"When a court strikes a contract provision for unconscionability it is declaring that provision is so unfair or oppressive that the court will refuse to enforce it." (Gillespie, 2007). The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that, "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." (U.S. Const. amend. XIII, 1). The contract that the parties signed purported to make Mrs. Lowell the property of Mr. Lowell. Because the Lowells are Americans and purchased their ticket in America, it is unlikely that an American court would recognize Mr. Lowell's ability to contract away his wife's right to be recognized as a legal individual in a contract dispute. Furthermore, the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees Mrs. Lowell the equal protection of the laws, (U.S. Const. amend. XIV, 1)…


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Communication Situation
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61311461
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What audiences will you need to consider in your response?

The primary target audience for my response includes current and future cruise ship passengers. The demographics will vary considerably, depending on the cruise line in question. Carnival appeals to a younger demographic; but there are other cruise lines that cater to a more mature crowd. Therefore, the language needs to be as neutral as possible.

The second audience I will need to consider includes shareholders and stakeholders. These are actual investors who own stock in our company, and they are our partners. They will need to retain confidence in us. Stakeholders include anyone in our supply chain line as well, as we do not want to mar our relationships due to a mishandling negative publicity.

Finally, I would also consider our staff. Staff members will need to know that we are on their side. We want to be diplomatic…

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
Words: 809 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46575397
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The three parties met at a round table with the mediator at the head of the table. Each party was allowed to speak without interruption for five full minutes, explaining the signature style they wanted for the firm and why. Then each party was encouraged to make a proposal to the other side in search of a potential compromise. For example, one side suggested that if they were allowed to the keep the signature style classic, they would allow the office and headquarter to be decorated in a minimalist style. All in all, the proposals made by all sides were not balanced enough and the mediator had to suggest several potential proposals before one was eventually agreed upon.

Part Three

Had I been the mediator of this case, I would have used some of the techniques taken by the mediator and thrown out others. For example, I like the way…

Strategic Management in Any Competitive
Words: 3731 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54123426
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These cruises can easily also appeal to families with pre-school children or young people who have left school and want to take a break before entering colleges, universities, or the workplace.

Some barriers to including these sectors in the cruise market are the perception that cruise holidays are generally not for children, that they are unaffordable, and that they are boring. In marketing, these attitudes towards cruises should be combated.

Cayamo's Current and Future Market Position

According to Henderson's (2008) case study, this is precisely what Cayamo has done. It has uniquely positioned itself by recognizing the importance of popular music and songs to a large sector of the cruise market. The author mentions Barbara Streisand, K.D. Lang, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to demonstrate the importance of popular music as a marketing tool. In this, the company has found a unique marketing position by combining the traditional purpose of a cruise,…


Fielding's Guide to Luxury Cruises (2009). The World of ResidenSea. Retrieved from:

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Accomplishments of Fred Olsen
Words: 3474 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70199323
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Fred Olsen

The accomplishments of Fred Olsen

The shipping business constitutes one of the most lucrative undertakings in the different regions of the globe. It has been associated with some of the most influential names in the history of this world. Norway, like other great nations of the world has been privileged to enjoy the possession a massive number of renowned shipping industries with one of them being the Olsen Group (Lorange, 2005). Whenever Olsen Group of Companies is mention, the name of its chairperson Fred Olsen has to crop up. The entrepreneur, whose family has engaged in the shipping business for at least five generations, has had a number of accomplishments, not only in relation to the organization, but also in other establishments in the industries and other aspects of life.

Fred Olsen

Fred Olsen, born Thomas Fredrik Olsen is a renowned business mogul, synonymous with shipping companies in…


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Hephaestus Books, (2011), Articles on Fred. Olsen, Including: Fred. Olsen & Co., Seawise Giant, First Olsen Tankers, Petter Olsen, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Fred, Olsen Energy, Bonheur, Ganger Rolf ASA, Fred. Olsen Express, Fredrik Olsen, Norwegian Air, Hephaestus Books, 2011

Tourism What Are the Many
Words: 3877 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 88980094
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The 2007 BCB survey averaged out to 7.5 out of a possible 10 "with regard to the perception of the services it offers." In the section dedicated to Barcelona's "worldwide image" the 2007 survey reached 8 out of ten from those visitors participating in the survey.

Spain isn't the only attractive meetings tourism destination by any means. There are countries all over the world seeking to attract business travelers that are part of conventions, conferences, seminars and other business-related gatherings. China is also an appealing destination for meetings tourism. The Jiangsu Tourism Company spells out some "useful tips for Meeting Planning in China" (

The old Japanese saying, "The protruding nail gets hammered down" is linked by the travel service to the possibility that some business travelers that are part of a meetings tourism group may commit a "major faux pas" during the business sessions. Hence, the ebsite explains, one…

Works Cited "What is Adventure Travel." Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from . (2010).

Bawaba, Al. "Malaysia Still Has Room to Grow in Health Tourism, Says Liow." Malaysian

Government News. Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from GaleGroup.

Berger, Karen. "Types of Adventure Travel Tours: Challenges, Features of Soft, Medium, and Hard-Core Adventure Trips." Retrieved Nov. 16, 2010, from  (2009).

Consumer Behavior the Transition of
Words: 2900 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 89603188
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Suppot fo global phones

Medium to High. Social events ae pevasive duing skiing season

Medium to High; on Tous thee is much planned out and taken cae of; a chance to enjoy the sites and visit histoic places

High fo shopaholics; boing fo anyone who doesn't enjoy this type of activity


Fom $2,000 to ove $10,000 pe peson

Less than $100 fo camping out in a tent to ove $2,000 fo a cabin ental

Fom $3,000 to ove $10,000 each depending on the package selected

$2,000 to $4,000 depending on the package selected

$650 to $1,000 fo high taffic aeas including London o Pais;

Fom $2,000 to ove $10,000 pe peson


A full week including flights up and back

Fom a weekend to ove a week

A minimum of a week o moe due to tavel

Fom one week to a month

Fom one week to a month…

references. The need for self-actualization, consistent with applicability of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs to the travel industry as studies previously have successfully done (Huang, Hsu, 2009) illustrate how powerful the need for self-actualization and peak experiences are in differentiating one travel experience form another. Segmentation of travel alternatives by the layer of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Model is critical for travel providers to be effective marketers and speak in terms their clients can understand and act on. The provider of Alaskan cruises would be wise to discuss how the cruise is a "trip of a lifetime to reward the decades of service to others" as the Asian women has most likely given huge blocks of her time and effort to her family and the family business. The self-actualization and "grand experience" of the Alaskan cruise is exceptionally successful as a marketing and messaging strategy that aligns to the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Model, hence the very high participation rates on these events from senior citizens who are empty nesters.

Likewise the Maslow Model when applied to the university student and successful businessman has comparable analysis and results. For the university student the need is less on self-actualization, more on safety and psychological needs to challenging one's self against foreign countries and getting a glimpse into what traveling globally in freedom are. The university student may aspire for a self-actualized and exceptional experience, yet their focus the majority of the time will be on the development of their own self-confidence in tackling challenges of getting around and potentially staying in a foreign nation for a period of time. In studies that have applied the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs to travel programs and initiatives, insights have been gained into which demographic and psychographic groups have the greatest need for self-actualization, self-esteem, love & belonging & safety (Huang, Hsu, 2009).

While the Asian woman is clearly most interested in self-actualization and the sense of accomplishment and reward that comes from the cruise to Alaska, the students are looking for the esteem and confidence of being able to navigate through foreign nations. For the business man and the exotic diving trip to Thailand the need for esteem of conquering or mastering the specific region or waters of interest, combined with self-actualization of confronting uncertainty and risk underwater and still being able to see incredible sights, the businessman is unique in his mix of Maslow Needs Assessments. Yet for travel marketers to excel in their selection and marketing of travel destinations and experiences, these factors all must be taken into account and communicated with clarity and focus. This is in effect best practices in travel marketing today; the integrating of needs assessment of behavioral models including the Maslow Hierarchy of needs and the relative market positioning of travel experiences relative to potential clients.

The Herzberg Two Factor Theory that integrates Hygiene Factors and Motivators into the same model has also successfully been integrated into the travel industry's knowledge base of research (Chan, Baum, 2007). Specifically concentrating on how to most effectively satiate or satisfy travelers with the Hygiene Factors to meet minimum expectations of travelers has proven to be critically important in the development and fine-tuning of marketing messages. The aspirational values of the Motivators of the Herzberg Model are what the Asian woman and the businessman are looking for. Herzberg primarily completed research on

Tourism the Effects of Tourism
Words: 2833 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 96594064
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9% of total GDP in Colombia (U.S.$3,524 million) and generates 386,000 direct jobs, equivalent to 1.8% of total employment in the country (Tourism Industry in Colombia).

The Composition of Tourism in Colombia

With 3,208 km of coastline (1,760 km on Caribbean Sea and 1,448 km on Pacific Ocean),

and 400 km of Amazon forest and Andean mountains, Colombia has a vast array of possible tourist destinations.

Some of the reasons tourists are interested in visiting Colombia would be its privileged location on the continent. All the environments of the tropics are present: glaciers, beaches, plains, rainforests, and deserts, which all add to its desirability (Where to go?).

Colombia also has countless tourist destinations offering a wide array of activities. Even the most jaded traveler can't help but be swept up by the magic of Cartagena, steeped in history and gentle people. Oozing romance, the old city is a warren of…


"1995-2000 Tourism-Sector Development Program." 2000. Mexico's Tourism Policy. 16 Apr 2009 .

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Daily Operations in a Hazardous
Words: 1981 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26499985
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In Florida, responsibility is held by the Bureau of Solid & Hazardous Waste, which falls under the auspices of the Department of Environmental Protection. Moreover, the state sets some of the environmental definitions - a key one to CBI is the state of Florida's stringent definition of petroleum contact water.

Among the key points of the regulations is that used oil must be tested to determine the hazard that it poses, before disposal is commenced. CBI tests used oil both at the customer site and then when it arrives at the Miami facility.

The county and city governments also have their own environmental regulations, and Cliff Berry must adhere to those as well. There are specific statutes with regards to the Miami iver and air pollution in both the city and Miami-Dade county.

Plans for the Future

Cliff Berry Inc. has undertaken significant expansion in the past few years. They…


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CSR and the Disney Company
Words: 2947 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49064877
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Walt Disney Company CSR

The Company

Walt Disney Company began as a small cartoon studio in 1923, produced its first sound-synchronized short five years later, its first full-color cartoon short in 1932 for which it received an Academy Award, and from there the Company catapulted to greatness with hits such as Snow White, Dumbo and Pinocchio. Disney expanded into live-action production, television, theme parks, and global productions over the decades with Walt Disney World among its major attractions, even as it grew the Disney Channel, merged with AC (in 1996), purchased Pixar in 2006, acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and LucasFilms in 2012 (rebooting the Star Wars franchise).[footnoteRef:1] It appeals to a broad-based audience from young children to older generations, with cross-cultural demographic appeal as well. The vision of the company is to be a "leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise," consisting of media networks, parks, resorts, studios,…


Brown, J. Nuttall R. Beyond corporate social responsibility: Integrated external engagement, 2013.

Business Review (2013) The Walt Disney Company -- A leader. Web. Accessed

5 Jun 2016 from

Freeman E. R. A Stakeholder Theory of Modern Corporation." In L.

Court Briefs - 7 Different
Words: 1075 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89470982
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S. No. 04-1739 (2006)





Minority Rationale:


wo examples of where rights are limited in the ownership of land or property:

Servitudes and easements are put into place...

Servitudes and easements can be protected by...

It is vital to protect Servitudes and easements because...

III. Intellectual Properties

Eric Eldred, Et Al., Petitioners V. John D. Ashcroft, Attorney General

U.S. 01 -- 618 (2003)





Minority Rationale:


he differences between copyrights, trademarks, and patents include:

he title to real property is permanent, whereas some intellectual property is limited in the time that it is protected due to...

IV. Business and the Bill of Rights

Humana Inc., Et Al., Petitioners V. Mary Forsyth Et Al.

U.S. 97 -- 303 (1999)





Minority Rationale:


he major difference between business speech and political speech is that...

Whether or not "Closely regulated industries…

Timothy Booth, Petitioner V.C.O. Churner et al." (2001). Retrieved 07 July 2006 at .

What is the Difference Between a Copyright, Trademark and Patent?" (2006). Retrieved 08 July 2006 at .

Court Briefs - 7 Different Cases

Walt Disney international business
Words: 811 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94509845
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Walt Disney Company

When Walt Disney returned from work with the ed Cross during World War One, his brother got him a job at a Kansas City art studio, and he started to experiment with animation. He and his partner made a deal with a local movie theater to run their cartoons, and the popularity of these allowed Disney to create his own studio. After losing the rights to many characters, Disney pursued the Mickey Mouse character and the third Mickey Mouse film, Steamboat Mickey, was an instant success. Many of the famous friends were created shortly thereafter. The company's first feature was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937, and it was an incredible hit, allowing the studio to produce a string of other now-classic films (, 2017).

The company expanded into television and by 1955 it had opened a theme park. Disney has since evolved into an…


2016 Disney Annual Report. Retrieved April 27, 2017 from (2017) Walt Disney. Retrieved April 27, 2017 from 

Interbrand (2016) Global 100 Brands. Interbrand Retrieved April 27, 2017 from 

Le, V. (2015) The world's largest media companies of 2015. Forbes. Retrieved April 27, 2017 from

Happiness Except the Simple Harmony
Words: 1196 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43447658
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When I see inequality in the world, I am visibly moved and affected. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that in America, we do value equality and many groups have been able to attain equality under the law on a collective level as well as respect on an individual level.

Introspection is a value that I deem extremely important and I believe it comes from a variety of sources from my parents to Oprah Winfrey and her progeny. My parents repeatedly advised me that it is alright to make mistakes as long as we reflect upon them and find a way to learn and grow from the errors of our ways. Furthermore, I have a closet addiction to watching self-help shows, buying self-help books, and following self-help websites. Inside of me is a budding psychologist who finds great pleasure in finding out the real emotional process…

Virtual Private Networks Use in
Words: 1672 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48776956
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There are over 400 airlines, 60,000 hotel properties, 32 rental car companies, nine cruise lines, and 220 tour operators that comprise the database of offerings in Sabre data architecture. VPNs are used for completing the necessary order and booking capture, booking management, pricing updates and validations with each agent, and the coordination with the literally thousands of travel partners to company has.

Sabre opted for Web-based VPN architecture to deliver real-time updates of data to their MySabre travel agency booking portal that was recently introduced to the 70,000 travel agents that participate with the travel network. The use of an SSL-based VPN architecture for supporting the many quoting, ordering, and services processes was critical for Sabre, as their broader application development plan focused first on speed and security for their agent base. Sabre also wanted to have a single sign-on capability to ensure their agents, the majority of which are…


AMR Research (2004)- Time to Move Beyond Point Security Systems. AMR Research. Lance Travis, author. From the Research Alert of the same name. February 25, 2004

Aberdeen Group (2003) - Buyer's Guide to Managed Delivery. Aberdeen Group Research Report. March, 2006. Aberdeen Research

Columbus (2003) - Re-evaluate How Your Measure Your Channels' Performance. AMR Research. Boston, MA December 2, 2003. Accessed from the Internet February 21, 2007 from location:

Marketing Plan -- Translator Connect Services Marketing
Words: 3431 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13087857
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Marketing Plan -- Translator Connect Services

Marketing Plan -- Translator Connect

Marketing Plan for Translator Connect Services

This section outlines the marketing plan for Translator Connect Services. The plan consists of four components: Target market analysis, promotional strategies, marketing communications, and sales and marketing channels. The section below briefly describes the services and attributes of the translation services business.

Translator Connect Service Offering.

Translator Connect Service provides translation services to business, government officials, and travelers who must transact business in foreign lands. Translation services are offered to clients in two ways: Live translators may be accessed via a toll-free phone number in order to provide direct translation during the business transaction. The estimated translation accuracy for this option is 75%. Customers may also access translation services by using a phone application that instantly converts in-put voice to digital text which can be read aloud to the native speaker. This second…


Derval, D. (2007, July 12). Wait marketing: Communicate at the right moment at the right place. Business: Marketing eZine Articles. Retrieved 

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School-Based Bullying Prevention Programs the
Words: 9042 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8170287
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They predict age and gender variations relate to bullying concerns. Of the 25 cartoons implemented in the study, two depict characters with different shades of skin color where skin color appeared to be an issue. One cartoon relating to sexual orientation was not used in several countries. Smith et al. report Olweus to assert bullying to be characterized by the following three criteria:

1. It is aggressive behavior or intentional "harmdoing"

2. which carried out repeatedly and over time

3. In an interpersonal relationship characterized by an imbalance of power. (Smith et al., 2002, p. 1120)

In their study, Smith et al. (2002), participating researchers in the 14 countries to completed the following

1. Listed and selected bullying terms as well as social exclusion in the applicable language.

2. Used fundamental focus groups with participating children to confirm usage and extensive comprehensive of terms.

3. Using cartoons, sorted tasks to…


Anti-Bullying programs for schools. (2009). Retrieved March 3, 2010 from 

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Customer Relationships
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Customer Relationships

Nordstrom, Inc. has long enjoyed a reputation for providing superior customer service. This paper examines Nordstrom strategies that the retailer employs to build customer relationships and promote customer loyalty.

Nordstrom is one of the nation's leading fashion specialty retailers, with 204 stores that are located in 28 states. It was founded in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle, and today operates 115 full-line stores, 86 Nordstrom Racks, two Jeffrey boutiques, and one clearance store. Nordstrom also serves its customers through its website and through its catalogs (Gonzales, 2).

Nordstrom's business strategy has been called "greed through love" (deFelice). The 110-year-old retailer owes its success to customer-friendly policies that are well-known, widely admired, and frequently imitated in the U.S. retail industry. Nordstrom employees work to form customer relationships, and the company is known to have one of the most customer friendly merchandise return policies in the global retail…

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Marketing Strategy Marketing Plan
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Marketing Strategy: Travel Today

The focus of Travel Today is to grow its business extensively through i) differentiating its services from those offered by competitors and ii) nurturing clients by understanding and tending to their specific travel needs. e intend to market our brands and services extensively so that clients are aware not only of our existence, but also of our ability to address their specific travel needs and deliver value for their money. Having been in existence for over two decades, we enjoy a more established reputation than most of our competitors. A recent audit into the company's operations revealed that business has been slow for us because of our slow response to changes in technology. Our competitors have built on this inherent weakness to draw competitive advantage. For this reason, our marketing strategy will be focused on three core areas -- offering competitive and reasonable prices to our…

Word-of-Mouth Referrals: the organization intends to retain face-to-face referrals as a primary form of promotion for its brand. The organization will offer initiatives such as discount facilities to clients who successfully refer new clients to the organization. Owing to its heavy reliance on word-of-mouth advertising, the organization will be keen to ensure that it maintains high levels of customer satisfaction by staying at par with changing client needs. Word-of-mouth referrals will also be a crucial way of monitoring customer satisfaction (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012)

Personal Selling: this is a promotional strategy where the organization uses its sales force (its people) to meet physically with the consumer and promote the brand through their specialist knowledge, appearance and attitudes (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). We will make use of sales agents who will be sent regularly to conference facilities, business meetings, sporting events, and so on to solicit potential clients and obtain first-hand information on what they think of the organization's services in terms of meeting their travel needs. This, the organization reckons, will provide ample opportunities for obtaining first-hand insight on customer needs and expectations (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). In cases where there is an opportunity of obtaining a large order, the organization's top management may go out personally to show the potential client just how much the organization values them.

Events: the organization will promote itself and its brand through expositions and trade shows both on the local and national fronts. This will create ample opportunities for us to not only make our brand known to potential clients, but also interact physically with clients

Continental Airline Has Evolved as
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Continental recovered from each event in good time and generated overall benefits worth tens of millions of dollars. ("Continental Airlines wins INFOMS best practices award," 2002, website)

The company has managed against great odds to continue to serve customers, some would say even more effectively than previous to the 2001 disaster, even recently expanding services. (FACTS: A Quarterly Digest of Interesting Information from Continental Airlines 4th Quarter 2004) Though, in the past the Continental has made significant contributions to charities and needy organizations, at this time of economic hardship within the aviation industry in general the company has suspended accepting applications for sponsorships they hope to resume in the near future. ("Continental Airlines: Community Service" website) the historical commitment to community service and customer relationships shows the marketing tactics of Continental Airlines to be some of the best in the world, and current conservation shows the companies ability to weather…


Continental Airlines wins INFORMS best practices award," 2002, website) 

Continental Airlines: Community Service" 

1 CF7D48546C68E6E7C6F95C28895

Continental Airlines / Travel Center / Make Reservations"

Valuation of Art
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The appraisal and valuation of art can be a tricky thing. When it comes to real property such as vehicles and land/real estate, there is usually a much more precise set of values, expectations and market factors that can help establish what something is worth. Cars and real estate in particular can be valued fairly precisely based on the age of the item and the demand that is present for the same. Further, an appraisal that is clearly out of line with reality can be easier to spot when such things are in place. However, there other items that are a bit harder to value. Some of those items are real property. While there is a tried and true way to value art, the competence and motives of the appraiser is something that must be considered.


A good example of the concept noted in the introduction would be exotic…

Profit CVP Analysis Is Noted by Cafferky
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Profit (CVP) analysis is noted by Cafferky and Wentworth (2010) to be an important decision making tool for managers. CVP helps managers in understanding the connection between the cost and volume with organizational profits in mind.In our previous exercise, we contemplated going back in time and then coming up with the best choices regarding the manufacture of the three handheld devices- X5, X6 and X7. In this study, we use CVP analysis in guiding our decisions on the manufacture of the three product ranges.As Harngren, Datar and Foster (2006) noted, CVP analysis is important in the formulation of product strategy and policy. Our reliance of CVP analysis is based on the fact that it can help in the making of the right choices on our 3 product ranges since the year 2006.This is done without the need for concentrating on the beginning and end of each and every year's product…


Cafferky, M and Wentworth, J (2010.Break Even Analysis. Business Expert Press, 2010

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Valkyrie Planning the 2008 Film
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As Baigent and Leigh point out, von Stauffenberg's co-conspirators were "aristocratic" men who despised what they now knew to be a murderous regime (26). However, it was Stauffenberg who was "the most active leader in the conspiracy against Hitler," which is exactly how Operation Valkyrie is portrayed (Hoffman xiv). The close relationship between Nina Stauffenberg and her husband is rendered thinly but at least accurately in the film, based on what historian Hoffman has to say. Although there are several other ancillary characters that were not addressed or developed in Valkyrie, the filmmakers chose what are arguably some of the most historically important in terms of the attempted assassination of Hitler.

Of course, the central event of Valkyrie is the attempted but failed assassination of Hitler. Interviews with Berthold von Stauffenberg, the Colonel's son, verify the accuracy of the historical events that shaped his father's life. For instance, Jones claims…

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Personal Thoughts Dear Sirs Attached
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Positions such as Administrative Assistant and Front Office Manager for Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean International consequently strengthened my job qualifications and established me as an effective communicator.

My main goal as a Front Office Manager and Customer Representative was to establish credibility. Due to my people-orientation skills I was able to effectively measure - with maturity - those circumstances surrounding my communications, including situational and cultural context. Through hard effort, patience, and serious consideration of the multi-national environment in which I was required to operate and engage, I consequently adopted an individual style of communicating.

My daily tasks included messages conveyed through channels; verbal face-to-face meetings, telephone, written letters, e-mails, memos, and reports were but a few of the communication opportunities encountered.

Clearly recognizing the actions or reactions influenced by my message, I worked to ensure that my communication was always unambiguous and clear. Keeping in mind that people…

Rise of Ricers in the Car Culture Scene
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Car Culture: How and Why "Ricers" Came into The Scene

Since the advent of cars, people have always wanted to play around with them and make modifications of their own preferences. Car modification has been taking place ever since we started manufacturing vehicles and the reason has been varied. There are some who did it for prowess or just for some mischief. For example, NASCAR evolved from the building of super-fast cars that were mostly a result of bootlegging. The initial modifications that people would perform on their vehicles were mainly conducted due to criminal activities. In the old cars, there was no matching of cars to engine numbers, transmission, or body frame. This made it possible for thieves to change engines and repaint a vehicle, which in turn meant they have a new car. This car modification was referred to as hot rodding. However, all this changed when the…

Performance of Joe Schmoe Was Improved Upon
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performance of Joe Schmoe was improved upon significantly. However, in some ways this was easy because Mr. Schmoe made a number of glaring errors in his analysis. Much of the success of the past four years is attributed to simply rectifying those mistakes. The next four years will be more challenging. There is still room for improvement, however. To analyze the performance of the past four years and decide on a strategy for the next four years, the same basic tools will be used as before.

The X5 is the safest performer. It is in the maturity stage of the product life cycle at the beginning of 2006 and will head into maturity for 2008. This product does make a few million in 2008, so as long as that slim margin of success is maintained, there is no reason to discontinue the X5 prematurely. Indeed, because the R&D allocation is…

Works Cited:

Marketing (2011). The product life cycle. Marketing Teacher. Retrieved July 30, 2011 from 

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Reagan & the 80s Movies
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Many young people voted for Reagan as he represented rebellion against the authority figures in society but was a rebellion characterized by valiance and effectuated through skillful communication. The approval rating of Reagan was approximately 42% when 1982 began but dropped to the record low 35% later that same year. The U.S. entered a recession. If one is to set their focus upon obtaining a chance at being the President of the United States, then that individual must take a political stance and hold a view that is somewhat differential from the opposing party. In the case of Ronald Reagan, who had been a democrat for most of his life, it was the democratic party that he must debate against in the attempt to establish a better public platform that the opposing candidate. Ronald Reagan may be viewed as a 'come-lately' at the time he entered the political scene at…


Jordan, C. (2003) Movies and the Reagan Presidency: Success and Ethics. Praeger June, 2003.

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Kashani, Tony (2004) Hollywood as an Agent of Hegemony: The War Film. Dissendent Voice Online available at

Printing Press and the Internet
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"Sonnet 130" by Shakespeare and "Sonnet 23" by Louis Labe both talk about love, as so many sonnets do. Their respective techniques however, differentiate them from each other. Shakespeare uses a rhyme scheme that became known as Shakespearean rhyme scheme or English rhyme. He writes about love in a sarcastic manner though. He is mocking the traditional love poems and the usual expressive manner in which women are often compared to. It is ironic in a way because Shakespeare himself also uses the very techniques in his previous writing when he is writing from a man's point-of-view and describing a woman. But in this sonnet he uses the technique of mocking this exaggerated comparison. Usually women are compared to having skin as white as snow, however, in reality, Shakespeare points out, women don't really fit this description, "If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun."

Louis Labe…

Nicholas Graham's Place What Types
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However, there are also many market competitors who create colorful and inexpensive underwear with product logos. That is why Joe Boxer has made such an effort to distinguish itself through clever 'experiential' marketing techniques.

Question 3: What other strategies would be important to a company such as Joe Boxer?

Joe Boxer must define some clear market segments, and create clearer and more targeted marketing campaigns. For example, one distinct consumer demand segment is that of male college students. Promoting Joe Boxer dorm room furniture, creating arrangements with universities to create Joe Boxer school paraphernalia (such as sports sweatshirts), Joe Boxer coffee travel mugs with university Joe Boxer logos, and Joe Boxer co-branded university shower caddies are all possible items to sell to this demographic. This could be called the 'Joe U' line and would tap into school pride as well as affection for the brand.

Another possible arena for expansion…

Taxes Direct Democracy and Federalism
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This is designed to help support individuals who are dealing with financial challenges. The problem is that select amounts of recipients will use as a way to live off of the government. (Wolf, 2005)

How might a socialist and a capitalist government differ in its treatment of the problem of unemployment?

Socialists want to see massive amounts of government spending to create new jobs, training programs and provide unemployment benefits. A capitalist is opposed to these kinds of programs and believes that charities / private enterprises can address these issues.

In your opinion, should the government have the responsibility of providing health care for every citizen? Why or why not?

Yes, the government should provide health care. The reason why is because prices are increasing exponentially and the number of uninsured is rising. These factors are a sign that there is very little competition inside the sector. To address these…


2012 Puerto Rico Statehood Amendment. (2012). Boards. Retrieved from: 

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Profit Analysis Is a Tool
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In this case, we have a base logic for R&D allocations -- the X6 needs to be feature-rich in order to attract buyers. The X7 needs only to be current in its features. The X5 is more or less locked into a particular sales, revenue and profit trajectory. Adjustments made at this point in the product life cycle may impact total company profitability by a few million in either direction, but the real profit potential lies in the X6 and X7. Under Joe Schmoe the X6 had a contribution margin of $400 -- 250 = $150. I hypothesized that if the features were improved I could raise the price and therefore the contribution margin. I delivered a margin of $450 - $250 = $200 or $50 more contribution margin than the Schmoe strategy. This came at a cost of a $6.6 million increase to the R&D cost. In 2007 for…

Speech on the New 7
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" (Fletcher in Gogeometry Website, 2008). The trail to Machu Picchu is known as one of the best trekking sites in the world, particularly for its landscapes that showcase the remnants of its historic past as well as its diverse ecology (ibid).

Mexico's Chichen Itza also showcases its nation's rich, historical past in the same way the Machu Picchu does. Chichen Itza, roughly translated as "at the mouth of the well of the Itza," is considered as a political, commercial, and religious center of the ancient Mayan tribe in Mexico. In this city, one can locate the Temple of Kulkulan (Feathered Serpent), the Observatory, an astronomical observatory, and Temple of the Warriors and the Sacred Cenote (Well of Sacrifice). These structures have religious and scientific significance for the Mayan culture (ibid.).

Not too far from Mexico, we can find Brazil's huge Christ edeemer structure. "Christ the edeemer is a large…


Garrison, L. (n.d.). Petra - Lost City in Jordan and One of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Retrieved at  Nov. 12, 2008.

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Politics Foreign Policy Questions and
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The Al-Aqsa Intifadah (which began, I believe, in about 2000 when the Camp David talks were then stalling) was begun by PLO and still exists today (much less actively than from about 2000 to about 2004, roughly) under the PLO umbrella.

3) Democratic nations including Great Britain and the United States have long called for democratic elections in Palestine. Now that Hamas was the unexpected winner of the first elections, should it be recognized by the United States?

No; at least not officially, since Hamas has been from its 1987 outset, and clearly is today, an overtly, aggressively and ruthlessly terrorist organization recognized internationally as such. Still, Hamas should definitely be talked to by the United States, as horrendous a prospect as that might well seem (and is). And unfortunately, it has become almost risible in today's world that Great Britain or the United States could still even semi-seriously think…

Profit Analysis CVP Analysis Is
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The above table indicates that the sales volume which is required in order to achieve a $100 M. profit at a price of $245 with an &D investment of 30% is 1,676,190 units. This is calculated by dividing the total revenue accrued by the unit price.


The product X6 has been in the market for a total of 2 years. Unlike the product x5, the customers take great consideration of the product quality while making the purchase decision. The provision of a better quality can be achieved by increasing the &D investment for the product. There is also a need for a price increase in order to take advantage of the investment. The expected target profits is considerably higher than the one for X6 due to the fact that the product would soon reach its peak moments and then roll into maturity phase.

The X6 product will attract a…


Cafferky, M and Wentworth, J (2010.Break Even Analysis. Business Expert Press, 2010

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Nuclear Submarine Establish the Need
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Pieces must first be cut down to the sizes and specifications listed on the plans you have selected, and shaped into the various different parts for both the siding and the interior of the submarine. This shaping and cutting can require some heavy-duty laser and cutting-edge equipment -- again, keep those friends close, unless you happen to have enough funds to acquire several dozen different pieces of heavy machinery. The heavy equipment needs continue with the next step, which is joining the individual pieces called for in the design through heavy-duty welding, utilizing electric arcs. A watertight craft able to withstand the pressures of deep-sea dives is of course essential to your happiness in your new sub, so make sure those welds are complete.

Once the craft is built, you will need some fissionable material -- enriched uranium is most typically used -- to power the vessel (and, if you're…

Strategic Tourism Management Plan Today
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These initiatives are especially important now because unemployment remains high in the Northern Territory today (Mohatt, 1994), and a lack of educational and employment opportunities has resulted in a paucity of a skilled workforce by mainstream social standards that has contributed to an increased incidence in criminal activity throughout the region (Smith, 2001). According to one authority, "The notion of economic barriers such as job ceilings does not necessarily create disincentives toward schooling or create folk theories which make for ambivalence. Where subsistence living and mixed cash economies form a central part of people's lives, then these so-called economic barriers to school success are much less a factor in school failure in places such as the Northern Territories of Australia" (Mohatt, 1994 p. 183). Nevertheless, the Northern Territory has much to offer domestic and foreign visitors alike today, providing them with a unique glimpse into what is essentially another world…


Baker, R. (1999). Land Is Life: From Bush to Town the Story of the Yanyuwa People. St. Leonards, NSW: Allen & Unwin.

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Hall, D., & Richards, G. (2000). Tourism and sustainable community development. London: Routledge.

Physical Therapist Tribute to Physical
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So perhaps it was appropriate that then, at my lowest point, I found my beauty -- and my miracle.

I remember telling her my goal of learning to walk without crutches. She answered that I might not get there, but that it all depends on how hard I worked. Those words were magical. Not only did they relate honesty, a virtue which physical therapists have all but forgotten, but also empowerment.

For two months, Pam pushed me to my limit, encouraged me when I was down, and -- literally and figuratively -- got me back on my feet. And now, standing here, all I can say is: Pam, you're beautiful.

orks Cited

Quotations by Topic." Quoteland. 5 Dec. 2006

Works Cited

Quotations by Topic." Quoteland. 5 Dec. 2006 .

Fly by Traffic This Phenomenon Is Found
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Fly by Traffic

This phenomenon is found everywhere. It exists in every major metropolitan city, and somehow is able to make its way to residential communities, suburban areas, and even to rural locations from time to time, especially when it may be feeding time. There are a number of curative measures that have been employed by various municipalities that include rhetoric designed to 'spare the air', or by legislation regarding certain lane assignments or numbers of passengers allowed in a vehicle to partake in a certain lane on the freeway. Yet and still, the phenomenon of traffic still persists, doggedly stalling people during morning and evening rush hour commutes. Not satisfied with plaguing the working lives of people who must earn their bread every day, traffic can even be found on weekends, on holidays, and may even show up intermittently during non-rush hour time periods on freeways, city streets, and…

Marketing Mix Pubs Entice Gamblers 2 Ethical
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marketing mix pubs entice gamblers? 2. Ethical issues marketing pubs, impacts individuals, groups society a . The answers specific case situation. CASE STUDY: Drinking gambling: What core business pubs? Introduction Known slot machines world, 'pokies' a business continues grow Australia.

Setting the context

The gambling industry is often associated with the large American casinos, which attract wealthy individuals from across the globe, and which are luxurious and enticing. These casinos integrate the entire gambling act in an overall greater experience of luxury and elegance.

But the industry of gambling has suffered some notable changes throughout the past recent years, in the meaning that it became more accessible to the average consumer. Nowadays then, gambling occurs in corner street pubs all over Australia, normally through slot machines (pokies) and the phenomenon raises some notable social issues. For instance, the people most affected by financial loses as a result of pokies are…


Collins, P. (2003). Gambling and the public interest. Greenwood Publishing Group.

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Louis Warren DRNC Decision and
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With the threats looming in recent years, most cities have pumped up the level of security in and around conventions. The research suggest "ever since the September 11th attacks, security at all major events, political or not, has been turned up several notches" (Mataconis, 2012). Police take greater security measures, including more searches and restrictions of what can be brought into First Amendment Zones, essentially means that there will be greater interaction between police officers and protesters who may believe their rights are being subjugated. More police force means a greater chance of some protestors coming into conflict with security. With the increase of technology, many may also have smart phones or video cameras that can document rare situations which can later be used against the City of the Miami. All security staff involved must be informed of the strict adhesion to policies that do not infringe on the First…


Mataconis, Doug. (2012). Political conventions in the era of the national security state. Outside the Beltway. Web. 

Levine, Mike, (2012). Feds warn anarchists could blockade roads, use acid-filled eggs to protest conventions. Fox News. Web.

Leadership Styles and Power Bases of CO
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leadership styles and power bases of CO, XO, Chief of the Boat (COB)? (Consider the full range of possible styles.) Cite specific behaviors and statements, with specific reference to the leadership literature.

The CO's leadership style is very much ad hoc -- in terms of his contempt for what he sees as overly theoretical book knowledge, it is also firmly based on his own long experience. To some degree it recalls the fascinating research done by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Blink: Gladwell researches the possibility that snap decisions in many circumstances are more likely to be correct than laboriously researched and deliberated ones. Gladwell estimates that ten thousand hours of intense activity are required to gain real competency or fluency in an activity, and it is clear from the captain's age and the length of his command that he has seen many years of service and can now afford…

Intra-Industry Competitor Analysis as the World's Largest
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Intra-Industry Competitor Analysis

As the world's largest facilitator of online travel arrangements, Expedia Inc. has grown from its eponymous website to become an industry titan in just under two decades. Holding lucrative brands such as and the Hotwire Group among its portfolio of assets, and possessing a dominant share of the online travel booking market for several consecutive years, the executive management structure in place at Expedia Inc. has successfully adapted and evolved the company's concept to fend off challenges from its three chief competitors:,, and The following comparative summary is intended to highlight the core components of each of these three rivals, in an attempt to determine which competitor poses the most viable threat to Expedia Inc.'s share of the online travel industry.

One of the original entrants into the online travel arena during e-commerce's heyday in the late 1990's, operates from a…


Crum, Rex. "Priceline shoots closer to $1,000-a-share mark." 09 Aug 2013:

Web. 7 Oct. 2013. .

Schaal, Dennis. "Travelocity's owners split over whether to sell the struggling booking site." Skift: Travel IQ. 02 Jul 2013: Web. 7 Oct. 2013.

Ethics of Tomahawk Missile
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ethics of Tomahawk missile use. The writer explains what tomahawk missiles are and how they work. The writer than discusses the cost of those missiles and the ethics of using them in attacks against enemies. There were eight sources used to complete this paper.

As tensions mount between the United States and the Middle East, it appears that there will be a war. Using force to make nations comply is something that has been going on since the beginning of time. Sometimes it is done to bully a nation into giving up its rightful land, while at other times it is done for the protection of groups of people as well as the standard of freedom for mankind around the world. egardless of the reason wars and attacks are experienced there have been increasingly advanced weapons involved in those movements. Technology in recent years has allowed the advancement of many…


Tomahawk® Cruise Missile (Accessed 1-30-2003)

How Cruise Missiles Work (Accessed 1-30-2003);gid=17,pid=90,bid=602 by Marshall Brain

International Regulation of Tourism in Antarctica
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International egulation of Tourism in Antarctica

Since the mid-1980s, Antarctica has been an increasingly popular tourist destination, despite the relative danger of visiting the largest, least explored -- and arguably least understood -- continent on earth. Beginning with the 1959 treaty establishing Antarctica as an international zone free of claims of sovereignty by nation's that had been instrumental in establishing research stations there, there has been almost constant negotiation about how to administer regulations pertaining to the preservation of life forms on the continent, what those regulations should be, and what sanctions should be applied and by whom.

To understand the depths of the negotiations, and the potential for discord, it is necessary to understand what the continent offer the 65% of global nations that are party to the 1959 and all subsequent treaties. To understand the possible future of Antarctica, it is necessary to outline treaty attempts to minimize…


Antarctica. Siyabona Africa Web site. Retrieved September 28, 2004 at

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Transportation Systems
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Therefore, Trains are best for freight traveling long distances where loading and unloading efficiency and times are less of a concern. For shorter distances, rail travel is less efficient unless it is incorporated into the transportation network that serves passengers in gridlocked parts of town. In these instances, people can efficiently use light rail as a form of mass transit, and this mode of transport makes sense.

Each mode of transport has its pros and cons, and there is often much overlap between these pros and cons for each mode. The situation in New Jersey calls for a very definitive answer in transport management, and for a high level of understanding relative to cargo and passenger demands and the supply of transport vehicles.

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Indeed, according to later reports, this is indeed what the company has done. Whether this will have the desired effect or will simply drive Blockbuster further away from their competitive edge, remains to be seen. Indeed, Netflix has the advantage of diversity in terms of its rental titles. The Johnson piece reports that Blockbuster was planning to gain customers by offering better Internet deals than Netflix. In retrospect, the problem is however that the deals are so excellent that they badly affect Blockbuster's revenues (Cruise, 2007). Indeed, the company's current strength - its in-store customers - is being undermined by its efforts to increase its online customers to compete with Netflix.

B) Blockbuster believes that it can gain competitive advantage over Netflix by offering better deals to their in store customers, which could also entice online customers away from Netflix (Cruise, 2007). uch deals include in store coupons and free…


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