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Data Mining Essays (Examples)

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Data Warehouse a Strategic Weapon of an Organization
Words: 10375 Length: 38 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99774450
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Data Warehousing: A Strategic Weapon of an Organization.

Within Chapter One, an introduction to the study will be provided. Initially, the overall aims of the research proposal will be discussed. This will be followed by a presentation of the overall objectives of the study will be delineated. After this, the significance of the research will be discussed, including a justification and rationale for the investigation.

The aims of the study are to further establish the degree to which data warehousing has been used by organizations in achieving greater competitive advantage within the industries and markets in which they operate. In a recent report in the Harvard Business eview (2003), it was suggested that companies faced with the harsh realities of the current economy want to have a better sense of how they are performing. With growing volumes of data available and increased efforts to transform that data into meaningful knowledge…


Agosta, L. (2003). Ask the Expert. Harvard Business Review, 81(6), 1.

Database: Business Source Premier.

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Beitler, S.S., & Lean, R. (1997). Sears' EPIC Transformation: Converting from Mainframe Legacy Systems to Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Journal of Data Warehousing (2:2), 5-16.

Data Miners From Overwhelming the
Words: 1721 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 11173634
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Data mining is one of the ways that a company can check into this consideration, but it is far from the only way. Companies that over-utilize it as a means to solve all of their problems are usually the companies that fail or struggle because they start making bad business choices.

These can be corrected but it takes time, and companies that do not learn what they did wrong will often continue data mining in an effort to discover where they went wrong. This can compound the problem and allow data miners to truly overwhelm the organization with facts, figures, calculations, and ideas for change. Some of these will certainly be good ideas, but they will get lost in the shuffle, and if a business implements one good idea and three bad ideas, that good idea will probably not be recognized because sales will continue to fall. Companies that are…

Data and Retail a Case Study With Amazon
Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73482585
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Profitable Growth

Return on nvested Capital

Return on Equity

Only accept strong NPV projects

15% ROC

20% ROE

Simplify the organization structure

Provide an open environment for idea generation and brainstorming

ndustry leading innovation

Update product upgrade cycle. Refresh or introduce a product at least once every two years.

Highest Quality products and services

Higher Gross Margin

nvest heavily in R and D with excess Free Cash Flow

Establish strong customer and brand loyalty

Adopt the net promoter score and customer satisfaction rating survey

4% Market Share growth per year

Rewards programs and partnerships with other service providers

Establish a well recognized brand

Strong brand recognition

Become the number 1 or number 2 rated brand in each product category

nvests heavily in marketing and advertising

Question 2

A major retailer such as Wal-Mart would be best served by using a transactional database. Wal-Mart unlike many other retailers…

I would use linear regression as it allows a practitioner to see clusters of date scattered around a particular area. Although many problems can persist with linear regression, I believe it provides the best means of explaining the overall relationship between loans and default risk. The practitioner must first eliminate non-stationary variables in addition to co dependence. Variable that depend on the proceeding variable can cause problems and errors in the overall regression analysis. However, solutions such as use of the adjusted R squared metric, the Dickey-Fuller test and others can help eliminate these concerns. Regressions, through the use of the R squared metric can help an analyst better determine what percentage of the loan defaults can be explained by variables such as income, debt, or other variables. Regressions are also flexible allowing for multiple variables to be used in an explanatory fashion.

The data mining items I would need to conduct a regression analysis are varied. For example, I would need variables relating to debt levels on and individual basis. I would also need income, education, and demographic information. For example, homes in the New York will be more expensive than homes in North Dakota. As a result, a loan will be much higher in New York. With the higher loan amount, the possibility of default and capital loss is also higher. With a higher default risk, the bank will demand higher collateral, more money down, etc. The bank must be sure that the collateral backing the loan is appropriately priced given the market conditions that are prevailing and will prevail in the future.

In 2008, regression analysis failed at financial institutions because they failed to see or account for "tail risk." These risks are those that are three standard deviations away from the mean. Their regressions didn't take these occurrences into account because they were very rare, or had never happened before. By omitting these risks from the regression analysis, the outputs were in error. In particularly, a wave of massive loan defaults occurred that nearly crippled the United States financial system. Due to these occurrences, regressions must take into all the variables, no matter how farfetched or rare they may be.

DBMS and Data Warehouses 1 in This
Words: 992 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38113777
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DBMS and Data Warehouses

(1) in this writing assignment, you will create a brochure advertising your services as a data repository.

Powered By Excellence

Data epository Service

Powered By Excellence is the only data repository service with globally-located data centers across each continent, each with specific security, reliability and fault redundancy systems in place.

Our staff includes world-class experts on the following platforms: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Sybase, Teradata and SAS expertise in-house as part of our consulting services division.

Services Offered

Analytics Advisory Services

Big Data Consultancy - Map and Hadoop expertise for gaining insights from very large datasets)

Custom Software Development

Database Hosting

SaaS Application Support

Scalable File Storage

Private Cloud Hosting (Dedicated storage and unlimited virtual machines)

Customer Benefits

High performance with a world-class platform

24/7 Administrator Access

Unlimited Virtual Machine Use

Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics available 24/7

Trusted Provider of Data epository Services:



(Benander, Benander, Fadlalla, Gregory, 2000)

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Surfing & Mining the Wave of Big
Words: 1674 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18067089
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What used to consider a simple annoyance or frustration has now become a respected field of inquiry. Consumer information has transformed into Big Data. As with many things that are vast, Big Data has the potential to intimidate. It is now the professional responsibility of people working in many fields to be aware of Big Data, and be able to use it to their respective organization's advantage. Navigating through and understanding what Big Data is a formidable challenge in of itself, yet not impossible. Effective management of the 21st century cannot fear or be overwhelmed by Big Data; managers must learn how to use Big Data like any other tool within their professional arsenal to maintain the status quo and even ahead or make establish new trends in business.

Big Data is in simple terms, mass quantities of data that are…


Byrne, N. (2011) Mining Big Data for Meaning. Technology_IRELAND, 4(42), 28 -- 31.

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Database Data Warehouse Design Our Company Data
Words: 1488 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82596978
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Database Data Warehouse Design

Our company, Data Analytic Limited, specializes in collecting and analyzing data for various organizations. Over the years, we have assisted various companies to turn raw data into valuable information that assists the companies in making effective decision profitable in the short and long run. Our research and data analytics are geared towards giving extra edge to various companies. Our services include processing and analyzing terabytes of data to provide customer meaningful information for business decision and enhance competitive market advantages. ecent growth of our company necessitates the needs to design and develop data warehouse that will accommodate large volume of customer data.

Objective of this project is to design and develop the data warehouse for our company.

Importance of Data Warehousing for our Organization

Comprehensive portfolios of our business include Business, Market, and Financial research, Data processing services and Domain based analytics. While the relational database…


Hillard, R. (2010). Information-Driven Business. UK. Wiley.

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Rostek, K. (2010). Data Analytic Processing in Data Warehouses. Foundations of Management, 2(1), (2010), 99-116.

The Downside to Big Data
Words: 437 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92585876
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Data Mining Habits

There are several advantages to the type of customer data collection process that Hill (2012) indicated Target is employing on its customers. One is that it enables the company to due highly specific, targeted marketing efforts. Thus, the company can become more effective in marketing products and services to customers. Also, customers can derive benefit from this sort of analysis. They can receive coupons and promotional offers that are tailored to their individual shopping habits and needs. As such, they can purchase more at Target for less money, while sating their shopping and lifestyles needs in the process.

However, there are both legal and ethical ramifications of the sort of data mining and analytics that Target is utilizing on its customers. These predominantly pertain to privacy. In the use case Hill (2015) references, the store was able to glean that a young woman was pregnant before her…


Atahan, P., Sarkar, S. (2011) Accelerated learning of user profiles. Management Science. 57(2), 215-239.

Hill, K. (2012). How Target figured out a teen girl was pregnant before her father did. Retrieved from #328d768134c6

HR Data My Organization Arab Bank PLC
Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4496015
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H Data

MY Organization (AAB BANK PLC ) a H Director. They requested review organization's approach collecting, storing H data produce a summary position statement

Collection and storage of H data

easons why an organization needs to collect H data

H data is collected for strategy purposes. The organization's management needs to know the qualifications of its current workforce to enable them make better strategies, and if need be they hire qualified employees who can deliver on the organizations goals and plans. This data will also ensure that the organization has the right people to handle the jobs assigned. The H department will need to capture this data as a requirement from the Government. In particular large companies are required to collect and store employee information that should be provided upon request by law. In case of liabilities, the data collected can be used in defense of the company against…


Agmon, N., & Ahituv, N. (1987). Assessing Data Reliability in an Information System. Journal of Management Information Systems, 4(2), 34-44.

Hochachka, W.M., Caruana, R., Fink, D., Munson, A., Riedewald, M., Sorokina, D., & Kelling, S. (2007). Data-Mining Discovery of Pattern and Process in Ecological Systems. The Journal of Wildlife Management, 71(7), 2427-2437.

Evaluating Data Analysis Software
Words: 516 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87757552
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Qualitative data is characterized by the deep, rich aspects that enable researchers to enter the realm of the participants in a study. Qualitative research projects are characterized by considerable coordination challenges and tight deadlines. Business clients of market research providers and academic research colleagues anticipate that the value qualitative researchers bring to inquiry is the ability to analyze and interpret, providing insights or contributions to themes. But often these processes are given short shrift with regard to time allotments in the overall inquiry process.

Challenges of Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA)

Data analysis software is a strong tool for textual analysis, and the benefits fall primarily into three categories: (1) Efficient systematic analysis, (2) effective retrieval and identification of data, and (3) capacity. Data analysis software is a grounded in machine learning -- algorithms and mathematical approaches to textual analysis that are interpretation neutral. That is, either patterns exist in…

NVivo: NVivo supports the cognitive activities associated with qualitative research and the productivity capabilities for managing large amounts of data are strong. The students-only license is $189. The full NVivo 9 license is $650 for 1 computer installation with indefinite use.

Source: NVivo. 

Atlas.ti: Use Atlas.ti collect, manage, analyze, and share both primary and secondary qualitative data. The learning curve is short, operations are intuitive, and it has embedded survey and transcription components. The cost is $99 for a student license and $1,800 for a regular single user license. Source: Atlas.ti.

Capture Data Sources Using the Digital Forensics Tool
Words: 3217 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98473105
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Digital Forensics to Capture Data ources

Network Intrusion

Prioritizing Data ources

Account Auditing

Live ystem Data

Intrusion Detection ystem

Event Log Analysis

Malware Installation

Prioritizing data sources

Activity Monitoring

Integrity Checking

Data Mining

Insider File Deletion

Prioritizing data sources

Use of Uneraser program Recovers the Deleted Data

Network torage

A recent advance in information technology has brought about both benefits and threats to business organizations. While businesses have been able to achieve competitive market advantages through the internet technology, the hackers are also using the opportunities to penetrate the organizational network systems to steal sensitive data worth billions of dollars. A recent wave of cybercrimes leads to the growth of forensic investigation dealing with a collection of evidence to track cyber offenders. The study investigates different data sources that can assist in enhancing digital forensic investigation. The study identifies event log analysis, port scanning, account auditing, and intrusion detection system…

Stallings, W. (2011). Cryptography and Network Security Principles and Practice (Fifth Edition). Pearson Education, Inc. Prentice Hall.

Vigina, G. Johnson, E. Kruegel, C. (2003). Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection: 6th International 6th International Symposium, RAID 2003, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, September 8-10, 2003, Proceedings, Volume 6. Springer Science & Business Media.

Xu, M., Yang, X. Wu, B. et al. (2013).A metadata-based method for recovering files and file traces from YAFFS2. Digital Investigation. 10 (1); 62-72.

Miller Inc Data Repository
Words: 1813 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73678277
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Miller Inc. is a company that wishes to develop a new and more efficicent data repository for all data collected, stored, and transferred. Their desire to create a data warehouse that operates quickly with less effort is the purpose of this project. Adaptation of database modeling along with designing their data warehouse will lead to higher consumer and employee satisfaction. The project goal is to create a database schema to work as well be designed alongside other components such as identifying metadata in order to let IT model the data warehouse, implement and test it.

to identify and gather database requirements, design the dimensional model, develop the system architecture, design the relational database and online transactional processing model, develop the data maintenance application, develop analysis applications to test and deploy the system through a series of steps intended to reduce error rate. The types of applications for use will be…

Article Bringing Big Data to Personalized Healthcare
Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 58432216
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healthcare model that could enable physicians determine their patients' susceptibility to future disease on the bases of their medical records, and most importantly, their similarity to other patients. They acknowledge that despite numerous studies indicating a shift from the traditional disease-based to the more effective patient-centered approach of healthcare delivery, there still exists a knowledge gap, particularly because of the lack of a computational tool that can effectively discover patients' disease patterns without "falling prey to the noise" (Chawla & Davis, 2013, p. 660). The authors put forth the CAE model, which they posit addresses these concerns better than the existing models. They base their development on a number of findings from exiting literature.

The CAE model establishes risk factors by leveraging a patient's symptoms and traits with their interactions and biological disease information. To this end, its operation rides on the findings of a 2009 study by Schadt, which…


Anderson, J.D. (2006). Qualitative and Quantitative Research. Imperial COE. Retrieved 6 June 2014 from 

Chawla, N.V. & Davis, D.A. (2013). Bringing Big Data to Personalized Healthcare: A Patient-Centered Framework. JGIM, 28(3), 660-665.

Bigger Data
Words: 1215 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 88649065
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component graded.

The amassing of data has become an integral process of life in the 21st century (Nunan and Di Domenico, 2013, p. 2). This fact is partially reflected by the fact that in contemporary times, people are generating much more data than they previously did. Every time someone goes shopping and makes a purchase with a credit card, receives a call or sends a text message, or visits a web site on a computer or downloads information to a mobile phone application, they are generating data. This data is stored and, through sophisticated processes of analytics that involve data mining and even predictive capabilities, is analyzed to determine aspects of consumer, individual, and collective behavior. The generation of these massive quantities of data in the myriad forms such data takes at the rapidity of real-time access is known as big data, which government representatives claim they are analyzing to…


Byman, D., Wittes, B. (2014). Reforming the NSA. Foreign Affairs. 93(3), 127-138.

This source considers a number of possibilities for reforming the NSA which are viable in the wake of Snowden's security breach. It examines other country's approaches to espionage as well. In provides an in-depth read into the considerations the NSA must make for securing the country

Hackett, K. (2013). Edward Snowden: the new brand of whistle blower. Quill. 101(5), 26-31. This source examines the ramifications of the actions of whistle blowers, and attempts to deconstruct the privacy issues associated with security concerns in the U.S. It details the actions of Snowden.

Nuna, D., Di Domenica, M. (2013). Market research and the ethics of big data. International Journal of Market Research. 55(4), 2-13. This source considers the practice of amassing and analyzing big data largely from a marketing research perspective. It details the wide scope of data that is regularly stored and scrutinized regarding the lives of citizens.

Predictive Analytics
Words: 1291 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45022627
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Data Mining

Predictive analytics help companies to understand the behavior of consumers. The way that predictive analytics works is that data from the past is used to help refine predictions about the future (CGI, 2013). Companies basically analyzed demand in terms of a wide range of variables in order to arrive at a better estimate for future outcomes than otherwise would have been found. It is basically the same principle as predicting that a colder, snowier winter will help Wal-Mart sell more snowblowers, but with hard data, sophisticated algorithms and reliable outputs -- such as x number of snow days will equal y number of snow blowers sold.

One of the interesting elements of predictive analytics is with associations, and this has been used fairly extensively in retail. Associations discovery is where correlations between things are noted that might not have been apparent. So that link between snow blowers and…


CGI. (2013). Predictive analytics. CGI Retrieved June 2, 2014 from 

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Economic Impact Australian Mining Boom
Words: 2442 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 88340090
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In the period between 2002 and 2012, Australia experienced a mining boom; a period in which the level of exports increased more than threefold and also the investment made in mining as a percentage of the nation’s GDP increasing from 2 percent to 8 percent. Imperatively, during the mining boom period, there was a significant increase in demand for minerals. This is because of the demand for minerals not only locally but also internationally. Therefore, this caused a rightward shift in the demand curve. This leads to the positioning of a new equilibrium price. The comparative theory best explains the exportation of minerals by Australia and the importation of other commodities from other nations. In this regard, Australia is considered to have a comparative advantage in the production of minerals because it can produce minerals at a relatively lower opportunity cost compared to China. Another aspect that was influenced…

Keeping Digital Data Secure
Words: 2444 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3974927
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Future of Data Storage in Computer Networks

There are a number of problems facing the future of information technology including the fact that networks are increasingly asked to expand in order to accommodate more and more data. Many experts believe that such increases will mean two things; one that the networks will become increasingly secure, and two because of the security, the data contained on the network will become more difficult to access. This study sought to determine the various processes that are currently being used to secure data on various networks, and to determine if that security will, or will not, ensure that data will become incrementally more difficult to obtain. To this end, this study used the most current literature available to determine if there is a problem with the data being stored in the current manner, or if there is a perception that the data will be…


Axellson, A-S. & Schroeder, R. (2009). Making it open and keeping it safe: E-enabled data-sharing in Sweden. Acta Sociologica, 52(3), 213-226.

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Folk, M. & Barkstrom, B. (2003). Attributes of file formats for long-term preservation of scientific and engineering data in digital libraries. Paper presented at the Joint Conference

on Digital Libraries, Houston, TX, May 27-31.

What Is the Future of Big Data
Words: 1298 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32539179
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ig data: What does it mean for your business?

Once data about consumers was relatively difficult to amass. Now, in the digital age businesses are assaulted with a plethora of sources of consumer data. "Data now stream from daily life: from phones and credit cards and televisions and computers; from the infrastructure of cities; from sensor-equipped buildings, trains, buses, planes, bridges, and factories. The data flow so fast that the total accumulation of the past two years -- a zettabyte -- dwarfs the prior record of human civilization" (Shaw 2014). The big data revolution has the power to be as revolutionary as the Internet in the ways that businesses conduct commerce and consumers view themselves. "ig data is distinct from the Internet, although the Web makes it much easier to collect and share data. ig data is about more than just communication: the idea is that we can learn from…


Corbin, K. 2014. CIOs must balance cloud security and customer service. CIO Magazine.

Available at:  [2 Nov 2014]

Cukier, K.N. & Schoenberger, V. 2013. The rise of Big Data. Foreign Affairs. Available at:  [2 Nov 2014]

Copper Mining in Southeastern Arizona
Words: 1408 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 72229971
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This solution is then subjected to a process called solvent extraction (SX). The SX process concentrates and purifies the copper leach solution so the copper can be recovered at a high electrical current efficiency by the electrowinning cells. This is accomplished by adding a chemical reagent to the SX tanks, which selectively binds with and extracts the copper. This reagent is easily separated from the copper (stripped), as the operation looks to recover as much of the reagent as possible for re-use. The concentrated copper solution is dissolved in sulfuric acid and then sent to the electrolytic cells for recovery as copper plates (cathodes).

The Morenci operation has quite a large crusher, which can output at maximum approximately 63,000 tons of ore per day. This crusher pulverizes the ore and more conveyors send it to a nearby stump-leaching site called the Stargo leaching pad. This ore is agglomerated and made…

Works Cited

Groundwater Awareness League Homepage. (2007). "Phelps Corporation Environmental

Liabilities." Accessed via web: < > on August 9th, 2010.

Mine Engineer Homepage. (2010). "Copper Mining Information." Accessed via web: < > on August 8th, 2010.

Facebook Data Breach Essay
Words: 2294 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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In this Facebook data breach essay, we discuss how Facebook allowed applications to mine user data.  The essay will explain what data was breached, how it was breached, and how that data was used.  Furthermore, the essay will also discuss the repercussions of the breach, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing in front of the United States Senate, issues involving Cambridge Analytical, and information that is being revealed about additional data breaches.

In addition to explaining the data breach, the essay will also discuss whether Facebook has a responsibility to users to keep data safe, and the steps that Facebook is taking to resolve data breaches in the future.  This example essay should not only provide you with an overview of the Facebook data breach, but also provide you with a technical guide on how to write an academic essay.  It will include the following parts of a standard academic…

Relationships and Distinctions Between the Information Systems
Words: 2071 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25691673
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relationships and distinctions between the information systems concepts of data warehousing and data mining, which combined with online analytical processing (OLAP) form the backbone of decision support capability in the database industry. Decision support applications impose different demands for OLAP database technology than the online transaction processing (OLTP) model that preceded it. Data mining with OLAP differs from OLTP queries in the use of multidimensional data models, different data query and analysis tools at both the user-facing front end and the database back end, and different mechanisms for data extraction and preparation before loading into a data warehouse can take place. The construction of data warehouses entails the operations of data cleaning and data integration, which are key pre-processing steps for enabling data mining. Furthermore, the concept of metadata (data about data) is essential to the functioning of a data warehouse, and must be managed appropriately for an effective and…


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Consumer Privacy Regulations and Ethics
Words: 2099 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 34924563
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Conger, 2009).

ecommendations for Organizations

The many factors of data mining and their use for profiling customers and their needs also create opportunities for organizations to build greater levels of trust with their customers as well. And trust is the greatest asset any marketer can have today. The following are a series of recommendations for how organizations can address demographic influences that impact their marketing strategies in light of concerns surrounding the ethics of data mining.

First, it is imperative, across all demographic segments that marketers make a deliberate a very clear effort to explain their opt-in and opt-out policies and also provides evidence that they do what they claim to in this area. The greatest challenge for the consumer is controlling their personal information online and ensuring it is well managed to their preferences (Pratt. Conger, 2009). Marketers who give consumer control over their data in this way will…


Adams, N.M. (2010). Perspectives on data mining. International Journal of Market Research, 52(1), 11.

Bose, I., & Chen, X. (2009). Hybrid models using unsupervised clustering for prediction of customer churn. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 19(2), 133.

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Kiron, D. (2012). Why detailed data is as important as big data. MIT Sloan Management Review, 53(4), 1-3.

Business and Database
Words: 709 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24637326
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Data storage for today's businesses [...] why a business has separate databases and a data warehouse, and why it does not have just one large database for all its data, both current and historical. Data warehouses help staff evaluate specific data more effectively, and bring together large amounts of data that might not be easily accessible in one massive database.

Storage of Data

The storage of data for today's businesses is a complicated issue, compounded by the need to access data quickly, while still ensuring the data is easily accessible to the staff that need it, and can be combined to utilize all the data from several single databases that might not be easily mined and evaluated from database to database. Keeping separate databases along with a data warehouse makes good business sense for a number of reasons.

One of the main reasons many businesses utilize data warehousing is to…


Chopoorian, John A., et al. "Mind Your Business by Mining Your Data." SAM Advanced Management Journal 66.2 (2001): 45.

Higgs, Edward, ed. History and Electronic Artefacts. Oxford, England: Clarendon Press, 1998.

O'Sullivan, Orla. "Data warehousing - without the warehouse." ABA Banking Journal 88.12 (1996): 42+.

Turning data into knowledge." Canadian Business June 1997: 2+.

Role Contributions and Drawbacks of
Words: 1676 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 43325466
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When it comes to strategic information management, there are many options that a company has. Data mining, data warehousing, and the various OLAP options are only some of the tools that can be used, but they are three of the most important - if they are used correctly. Because there are several options with OLAP it is very versatile and most companies can find a way to make it work for them so that they can quickly get the answers that they are looking for and help to keep their company moving forward. The other two business intelligence tools, data mining and data warehousing, are also very important, but like any of the other tools there are contributions that they offer and drawbacks that they have. The key to using them all effectively is getting a good understanding of what they can bring to an organization and what they…

Functions of an Information System List and
Words: 3167 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77633707
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functions of an information system. List and describe three types of enterprise systems.

he four basic functions of an information system are gathering data, storing data, processing that data into information, and outputting the information (O'Leary & O'Leary, 2008). he system has to be able to collect data, or have the data placed into it, or it does not have anything with which it can work and with which it can provide output information after an analysis takes place. Storing data is a big part of what an information system does, because the data is important and must not be lost. A system that could not store data would not be valuable to a company for collection and retention of data (O'Leary & O'Leary, 2008). Once the data has been collected and stored, it can then be analyzed in order to draw conclusions from it based on the type of…

The four main points of IT strategic plans are the mission statement, the SWOT analysis, the list of actions to be prioritized, and the "road maps" that are used to examine and readjust the strategic plan in the future (Bradford & Duncan, 2000). The mission statement is a very important part of the plan, because it is the basic definition of what the company stands for and where it is headed in the future. Without it, IT cannot plan for continued structure and development, which can cause the company to stagnate (Bradford & Duncan, 2000). The SWOT analysis comes next, and addresses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are being faced by the IT department of the company. These can include both internal and external issues, both of which have to be dealt with correctly in order to allow the company to continue to see success (Bradford & Duncan, 2000). Because IT is such an important part of companies today, what happens in that department affects nearly everything else that takes place within the company.

Prioritizing the actions needed is next on the list when it comes to IT strategic planning. There is no need to work on something just for the sake of working, when there are more important issues to be faced (Bradford & Duncan, 2000). Prioritizing everything means that the IT department will be focused on the most important issues first, so that the concerns that really need to be addressed do not languish. Finally, road maps are required so that the company can see where it intends to have its IT department at specific intervals in the future. These are usually at the one, two, and three-year marks, but they can be placed at other intervals, as well (Bradford & Duncan, 2000). There is no specific rule for when they need to be seen, and every company is different.

Bradford, R.W. & Duncan, J.P. (2000). Simplified strategic planning. NY: Chandler House.

Impediments to Integration of Business Analytics With
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Impediments to Integration of Business Analytics With Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Data

Business Analytics

Impediments to Integration of Business Analytics

The consumer is out to emphasize that 'he is the king'. Accordingly, his demands for enhanced quality and timely deliveries of the products' order by them has revolutionized the management gurus to evolve new business strategies to enhance the intensity of coordination and communication between the seller and the consumer. Two key business strategies that have evolved from this exercise are business intelligence and knowledge management, which have contributed effectively to the progression of new and competent management strategies. Great benefits have also been achieved in for form of cost reduction, thereby increasing the sales and profitability of the organization.

Information routing is a critical link between the production department up to the client and the optimal course of production steps are directly related to business intelligence and knowledge…


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Computer Dynamics in Business
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high quality (error-Free) data entry.

Data entry is a vital part of a number of businesses. As such, it has to be of the highest quality and error-free. While there is generally no guarantee that data can be 100% error-free all the time, the more any data avoids errors the more likely the company will be to provide its customer with a good experience (Kos, Kosar, & Mernik, 2012). Additionally, companies that have data errors can end up in trouble because they are using the wrong details to make decisions about what they can and should be doing to move their business forward. If a company is not focused on entering data in a way that is free from errors (and omissions), that company can get a reputation as being sloppy and not well-prepared to handle its business and its customers (Kos, Kosar, & Mernik, 2012). Consumers who provide data…

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is designed to manage a business through every stage it reaches and moves through. It is generally presented as a suite of applications that are all integrated with one another, and that provide real-time information on the processes that are at the core of the business (Loh & Koh, 2004). Originally, ERP was designed to be something that was for back-office use only (Loh & Koh, 2004). It helped to keep a business running, but it was not for the customers to see. It also did not provide any kind of interactive tools that could be used with customers. However, over time that changed and customer relationship management (CRM) and other functions were integrated into ERP (Loh & Koh, 2004). That made a significant difference in how companies did business, especially online, because customers could reach these companies so much more easily than they were able to do in the past. That advanced business-related technology rapidly.

The main objectives of ERP are to help a company operate more smoothly and interact with its customers in the best way possible. These software suites store information, help a company plan and implement multiple considerations, allow for customer feedback, track the success of ideas and plans that the company has provided to the public, and make sure customers are getting what they asked for from a company (Loh & Koh, 2004). As such, ERP software needs to be upgraded from time to time, in order to ensure it is still providing the company and the customers with the best experience possible (Loh & Koh, 2004). If that is found not to be the case, it becomes time to make changes in order to continue advancing the company and moving it forward, as well as keeping customers happy with their interactions.

Loh, T.C., & Koh, S.C.L. (2004). Critical elements for a successful ERP implementation in SMEs. International Journal of Production Research, 42(17): 3433 -- 3455.

Trouble With Philadelphia's Water Billing System Is
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trouble with Philadelphia's water billing system is a technical problem or a people problem? Why?

From the case study it is at first difficult to separate the two and decide whether the issue rests mainly with the people involved or the system. The people who developed the system did not anticipate using it for such a broad application, so they are responsible for not preparing the system for such an application before they tried to use it. The system itself cannot handle the complex load required of a water billing system to the 500,000 customers that reside in Philadelphia. In the end, it seems more likely that this was "operator error" more than something that was wrong with the system itself. This will become apparent in the following discussion.

The first group of people who made an error were the city officials who did not conduct an adequate amount of…

Homeland Security and FISA
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Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 there has been a significant effort to protect America from any further terrorist attacks. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the U.S. National Security Agency's ability to identify and monitor the communications of terrorists and prevent terrorism from occuring. The research will also investigate how the implications of employing these techniques for foreign intelligence surveillance suggests that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ("FISA") is inadequate in addressing recent technological developments. These developments include the transition from circuit-based to packet-based communications; the globalization of communications infrastructure; and the development of automated monitoring techniques, including data mining and traffic analysis. The research will also focus on how FISA is challenged by technological developments.

The Monitoring of Communications

The National Security agency was created to "protect U.S. national security systems and to produce foreign signals intelligence information." The strategic plan of the…

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Opposing H.R. 6304, FISA Amendments Act of 2008. Retrieved March 4, 2009 from;

Information Technology IT Solutions
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In the event that Myra decides to expand her business, portability becomes more important. However in this situation portability is not as important due to the single location and the access to cloud technology.



There is not much security risk in this approach to the problem. Beautician scheduling is not regarded as a high risk activity.

Data Quality


Names and time are all that are really needed in this software. As long as that quality is fine, there are no problems with this area.



Once again the lack of a need for high security denotes the lack of importance of this area. Authentication is not that important since the scheduling software is more like a common good to be used by all.



Only basic encryption is needed in a software application such as this. There is no reasonable excuse for any…

Terrorism What Is Involved in
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In modern terminology, and for foreign policy, political science and international law, crimes against humanity are any atrocious act committed on a large scale. They can be prosecuted in most any Federal Court ystem, depending on where they occurred and which population was part of the criminal activity. The implication for international law is that crimes against humanity are subject to universal jurisdiction, which means that tates can exercise their own jurisdiction regardless of where the crime was committed, and that all tates also have the obligation and duty to assist each other in the defense of these sorts of activities. It is also important to note that no human, regardless of affiliation, is immune from prosecution, even heads of state, and on person can plead a defense as obeying orders.

Part 3 -- Is it legally justified to invade/occupy another country in the name of arresting/hitting terrorists? International cooperation…


Dyson, W. (2012). Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook. Waltham, MA: Anderson


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Title of agency, not plagiarized

IT Security Lang David A
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This makes it easier for investigators to identify connections by clicking on a particular item in the three-dimensional link.

The difficulties of this process of proving such a chain indicates the importance of creating steps that can help companies simplify the task of conducting a computer forensic investigation, should one ever be required. The article stresses that the most important step is to ensure that network logging devices are turned on, even though these devices use disk space and processor time. If they are turned off, investigations can become impossible. Closing any unneeded ports on the company firewall and patching systems regularly, are also helpful.

This article paints an overall benign portrait of law enforcement, zealously protecting user privacy and safety. It demonstrates how an apparently invisible crime can be rendered visible through the use of technology, and both the law and law enforcement's attempts to stay one step ahead…

Works Cited

Burke, Dan. "Transborder Intellectual Property Issues on the Electronic Frontier." Volume 5. Stanford Law & Policy Review 

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Customer & Client Relationship Management
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Lastly differentiating on the extent of experience our customers have had with Internet-based software is useful in defining how much extra time is necessary for software application training.

Discuss your efforts to create customer intimacy.

As our company relies intensively on long-term relationships with customers, taking a very active approach to creating customer intimacy is critical to our business. Our approach is to first concentrate on total accountability for our software by having our CEO visit each and every customer just after an installation to show a high degree of support and accountability. Next, we offer each customer the opportunity to join a customer advisory council specific to their industry and special interests. At present there are three customer advisory councils which give customers an opportunity to discuss their concerns, interested in new product ideas and see what is presently in development.

How will you customize your offering for particular…

Cvm Scenario Background- Traditional CRM
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Build an expectation model through the focus groups that will be used for Step 2 (below).

Using data from the focus groups, further hone the CVM approach to a dual qualitative and quantitative approach to very select clients (database will be purchased); send out survey with goal of at least 10% returns. Provide small incentive (cash, coupon or gift card approach to encourage participation).

Analyze data, use data to rehone the value relationship that these clients want, encouraging feedback for future strategic decisions (Farace, 2007).

Conclusions - Value means many things to many people at all income and demographic / psychographic levels. Certainly, no one wants to pay more than they have to for a particular project. However, certain items flow well into good value, CarnivorTrue, being ideal. If we use a CVM value table for the product, we find that Watts' ideas are valid and with research focus, appropriate…


Luxury Brands: Marketing the Upscale During a Downturn. (November 12, 2008). Knowledge at Wharton Marketing. Retrieved from: 

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Administrative Evil as a Social
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Accordingly, Browder notes that "the discipline of public administration has little sense of its historical circumstances and constantly re-issues 'new' calls for science and rigour. Instead, we must focus more research on critical, historically-based studies." (p. 1) Browder argues that the insertion of administrative evil into such discussions provides just such a basis for consideration.

Key Scholars:

The key scholars of importance in this discussion are Adams & Balfour, whose 1998 text Unmasking Administrative Evil is identified as the seminal work on the subject by Dubnick & Justice. Indeed, Adams & Balfour have continued to examine these issues, resolving as recently as 2007 that "the ethical framework within a technical rational system thus posits the primacy of an abstract, utility-maximizing individual, while binding leaders and professionals to organizations in ways that make them into reliable conduits for the dictates of legitimate authority, which is no less legitimate when it happens…

Safe Use of Thromboembolic Disease
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Moreover, EBSCO, U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, PubMed, and Sage Publication databases also contain thousands of research articles on the TEDs, DVT, Pulmonary Embolism, Anti-Embolism Stockings and the safe use of TEDs within the clinical units.

To identify the articles and research papers relevant to the study, the paper uses the keywords to search for data from the database and the keywords include:

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT )

TEDs (thromboembolic disease stockings)

PE (Pulmonary Embolism).

TEDs Anti-Embolism Stockings

Prevention of DVT,

The goal of using the keywords is to search the articles and research papers relevant to the study. When the author submits the keywords to the database, numerous articles come out from the database and the study only selects the articles that relevant to complete this study. Using the relevant search strategies, the author has been able to source for the quality research papers to…


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Miller, J.A. (2011). Use and wear of anti-embolism stockings: a clinical audit of surgical patients. International Wound Journal. 8 (1):74-83.

Boss I Think Someone Stole Our Customers
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Boss I think someone stole our customers

Flayton Electronics Case Study

Brett Flayton, CEO of Flayton Electronics, is facing the most critical crisis of his career when it is discovered that 1,500 of 10,000 transactions have been compromised through an unprotected wireless link in the real-time inventory management system. Brett has to evaluate his obligation to let customers know of the massive leak of private data, define a communication strategy that would notify customers across all states of the potential security breach, and also evaluate the extent to which the Flayton Electronics' brand has been damaged in the security breach. In addition, steps that the company can take in the future to avert such a massive loss of customer data also needs to be defined and implemented.

Assessing the Obligations to Customers vs. Keeping It Quiet

Ethically, Brett Flayton has a responsibility to tell the customers immediately of the security…


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Ecosystem Hub for Starbucks
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Proposed Ecosystem Hub for Starbucks
Each day, technologists working at Starbucks, in collaboration with other stakeholders, work on innovations that could only be described as groundbreaking. This is the team responsible for the unique Starbucks experience. However, without this level of dedication and inventiveness, Starbucks technology-centeredness would not have been possible. Thanks to these efforts, Starbucks now boasts of superior customer connection with the enterprise and continues to further promote customer experience. In line with Starbuck’s digital business transformation strategy, there is need for the development of a robust and effective Ecosystem Hub solution comprising of the software tools listed below:
a) Asana (Collaboration Portal)
b) Dropbox (Enterprise Content Management)
c) Board (Platform combining business intelligence tools with predictive analytics, simulation, as well as corporate performance management capabilities)
d) Mailchimp (Digital Content Marketing Management)
In an attempt to underline its commitment to digital business transformation, the company continues to…

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Predictive Policing Is a Trend That Uses
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Predictive policing is a trend that uses technology to predict hot crime spots and send police to the area before a crime is committed. By using data mining and crime mapping, police are deployed to areas based on statistical probability and geospatial predictions. This technology is based on the same technology used by businesses to predict sales trends and customer behavior patterns. Now, police departments can use the same technology to predict crime patterns and work to reduce crime in their area.

Predictive policing is putting officers where crimes are more likely to occur. "…it generates projections about which areas and windows of time are at highest risk for future crimes by analyzing and detecting patterns in years of past crime data." (Goode) The data mining generates projections using past crime data to analyze which areas and the time of the day, week, or month, etc. that crime is likely…

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Direct Selling a Lot of Companies Are
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Direct Selling

A lot of companies are resorting to marketing one-to-one or concentrating on a narrow niche. For this reason, the respective corporations find it preferable to make use of direct communication with their clients who are typically a small targeted group that are considered after much thought. Direct communication helps the companies in obtaining a quick feedback from the clients that quickens the pace of their decision making. Over the years, the paradigm of direct communication has come a long way because of the dramatic evolutions in technologies and because of the introduction of new marketing media, particularly the usage of Internet.

Direct mailing and electronic catalogs, facilitated by Internet technologies have allowed for the implementation of models related to direct marketing (Jonker, Piersma, & Potharst, 2006; Liao & Chen, 2004; 2011). esearchers in the past have made use of direct communication as a model of complete business or…


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Management and Decision Sciences From
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76). As automation increasingly assumes the more mundane and routine aspects of work of all types, Drucker was visionary in his assessment of how decisions would be made in the years to come. "In the future," said Drucker, "it was possible that all employment would be managerial in nature, and we would then have progressed from a society of labor to a society of management" (Witzel, p. 76). The first tasks of the manager, then, are to coordinate an organization's resources and provide a viable framework in which they can be used to produce goods and services effectively and efficiently. The second set of tasks concern guidance and control. In Drucker's view, this role is almost entirely proactive: "Economic forces set limits to what a manager can do. They create opportunities for management's action. But they do not by themselves dictate what a business is or what it does" (Drucker,…

Enterprise vs Departmental CRM Comparing Departmental and
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Enterprise vs. Departmental CM

Comparing Departmental and Enterprise Information Systems

Customer elationship Management (CM) Teams in Cincom Systems

It is paradoxical that the majority of enterprise software companies today have highly fragmented Information Systems (IS) departments with one entire series of departments dedicated to enterprise computing and a second, to specific departments or divisions. As enterprise software systems, specifically in the areas of enterprise CM are organized to ensure a very high level of data fidelity across departments, there is a conflicting set of priorities for ensuring real-time response to prospective customer requests (Power, 2009). Not only are the differences in enterprise-wide information systems significant in terms of the real-time vs. batch-oriented nature of their information needs, they also vary significantly in terms of the analytics used to evaluate their performance (Power, 2009). At Cincom Systems, these conflicts are accentuated by the speed of new product introductions in their five…


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