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Domestic Terrorism Essays (Examples)

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Terrorism Organizations What Is Terrorism Legacy in
Words: 1768 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5633196
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Terrorism Organizations

What is Terrorism?

Legacy in the 21st century

Based Terrorist Organizations

Aryan Nation

Ku Klux Klan

Counterterrorism and Prevention

Definitions and Structures

Homeland Security

Patriot Act

The very nature of terrorism, of course, is to engender fear and panic into the population base. Thus, targets are so numerous that complete protection of all is impossible. Targets could include any of the governmental buildings in Washington, D.C., courthouses or public buildings in major cities, malls, churches, and transportation centers in any town. Unless the materials are manufactured in the United States, though, the most likely targets are those that exist in coastal cities with larger port access (Smith, 2001).

Terrorists tend to target places that are media hyped, affect the lives of citizens, and are usually transportation, entertainment, or financially based in larger urban areas. Indeed, for greater efficacy, targets usually involve places where there are large non-combatant crowds,…


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Domestic and International Terrorists This
Words: 1688 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85180237
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While both domestic and international terrorism pose a threat to America the threat of domestic groups is more serious.

The individuals in the domestic groups already live here and are able to mingle, plot, plan and carry out acts of violence with very little scrutiny until the act occurs.

International groups must deal with visa issues, customs and other things that make it more difficult to get into and attack the U.S.

There will never be a complete eradication of terrorism either on the domestic or the international level.

Each of them will live on and the nation is going to have to learn to live with the fact that they exist. Law enforcement and government will work together to minimize the threat of terrorist groups in America but they will never completely rid the nation of the threat because of the rights the U.S. constitution provides, the fact that…


Domestic terrorist groups (Accessed 4-18-07) domestic terrorists and internet (Accessed 4-18-07) (

Terrorism How Does Terrorism Affect Children Children
Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55134687
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How does terrorism affect children?

Children are often the victims of terrorism, and sometimes die in terrorist attacks (Dyson, 2001). When children witness or survive a terrorist attack, psychological ramifications like post-traumatic stress disorder may result (Hall, 2003). In some cases, children lose their loved ones and their lives may be turned upside down by terrorist attacks as all that is familiar to them -- schools, family, homes, community -- are destroyed (FBI, 2007). The war on terrorism can also affect the lives of children, as the media perpetuates a culture of fear. Children may, for example, be raised to be suspicious of people of different races or ethnicities because their parents, teachers, and the media perpetuate stereotypes about who is and who is not a terrorist.

What makes "martyrdom" such an effective tool for terrorists? Discuss in terms of social construction.

Suicide bombings and other examples of terrorist…


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Terrorism Has Been Defined as
Words: 1576 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31408404
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The left wing will considered the beggar to be at par with others on moral grounds, and will therefore demand the access of the beggar towards loans and welfare scheme. The right wing will condemn the free access of the beggar towards economic reforms, and will doubt that if access to these economic provisions will further involve the participation of the beggar into bad social habits. According to left wing the provided assistance to the beggar will make him contribute towards turning the world into better place for survival, where as the rightwing will consider such a measure as a threat to world peace.

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Terrorism Defining Terrorism Environmentalists Have
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26243820
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Fire is inherently associated with fear, although a major aspect of the action is the financial cost to the manufacturers and dealers and gaining attention. The aspect of political content may be more subjective. While it may be argued that the vehicles are legal, environmentalists may take a more ethical stance, arguing that was something is legal it is not necessarily mean that it is right. While legislation may force vehicle manufacturers to adopt more fuel-efficient standards for SUVs, it is possible for the manufacturers themselves to choose this path, adopting what the environmentalist may perceive ethical behavior. By creating a cost associated with continuing producing inefficient vehicles there may be a desire to create a fear that more attacks will occur, with the of these attacks possibly creating a motivation for the manufacturers to change, and for dealers to put pressure on manufacturers to change. In effect, environmentalists are…

Terrorism and Loss of Civil
Words: 1769 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 40678120
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They now work together in what has become an ideological battle against the U.S. In this vicious battle against the terror outfits, our people have been robbed of their cherished freedom, which has always been the cornerstone of our constitution.

As history has time and again illustrated, 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. This can be extended to the patriot act, which has given absolute power to the law enforcers at the cost of the freedom and privacy of its citizens. Ethnic profiling and 'speculation without any accountability' have undermined the rule of law and overridden civil and constitutional rights of thousands of citizens. The much-touted 'preventive paradigm' of which the patriot act is an important tool has resulted in much wrongdoing. The former president's acceptance that Iraqi invasion was a 'terrible mistake' is enough proof of the strategic misadventure of a failed intelligence system backed by emergency terror…


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Terrorism Intentions of the Group Profiling Terrorists
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Intentions of the Group

Profiling terrorists can be helpful for counter-terrorism efforts. While there is no one terrorist profile, there are "risk factors for involvement," (Kershaw, 2010). One of the risks that has been most explored in scholarly research is the need for a collective, shared identity in the terrorist organization (Post, Ali, Henderson, Shanfield, Victoroff & Weine, 2009). This is true for the Aryan Nation, recognized as a top domestic terrorism threat by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The Aryan Nations Group dubs itself a "Premier Christian Identity Church Organization," with the word "identity" featuring firmly (Aryan Nations, 2013). Members of the Aryan Nation also emphasize the "nation" part of their identity, creating an artificial in group-out group status that enforces personal and collective identities.

Although Vaisman-Tzachor (2006) claims that race is not a necessary component in the profile of a terrorist, it certainly is with the…


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Terrorism Russia S Big Problem
Words: 2710 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12876979
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Terrorism in ussia on an International Level

[Author Name(s), First M. Last, Omit Titles and Degrees]

Terrorism in ussia has existed since the ussian Empire. Its long history has brought violence against countless civilians in order to accomplish ideological or political objectives through the generation of fear and panic. Tactics so often seen in terrorism such as hostage taking saw extensive use in Soviet secret agencies. The greatest example of this was during the Great and ed Terror campaigns against their own countrymen as stated by historians like Karl Kautsky. As the end of the 20th century approached, major terrorist activity took place in the capital of ussia, Moscow. These events involved the Moscow theater hostage crisis as well as apartment bombings. Aside from Moscow, Dagestan, Chechnya, and other areas of the nation experienced terrorism. The worst part of it all is that scholars and journalists believe some of these…


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Domestic Violence Is a Silent
Words: 317 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18762955
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Communities are silent as well; people are still reluctant to intervene in domestic violence situations, assuming that adult victims have the ability to leave abusive scenarios and that parents should have the right to parent their children without intervention. In addition, neighbors and other potential interveners oftentimes fear the possible consequences of intervening in a violent situation. Finally, American society refuses to publicly condemn domestic violence; Michael Vick received more negative press for dog fighting than did Warren Moon, an even more famous football player, for his domestic violence behavior. With this permissive atmosphere, it is no wonder that women and children still suffer from domestic violence in fear and silence.

Question One: What individual changes can you make to create a society that is more condemning of domestic violence?

Question Two: Can you think of four reasons that a domestic violence victim would be reluctant to leave his or…

Terrorism the Objective of This
Words: 1796 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43697324
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It is reported that there are two typical organizational structures that terrorist groups use: (1) networked; and (2) hierarchical. (Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2005) the hierarchical structure organizations are those with a "well defined vertical chain of command and responsibility. Information flows up and down organizational channels that correspond to these vertical chains, but may not move horizontally." (Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2005) a network structure is a "variation of several basic nodal concepts, a node being an individual, a cell, another networked organization, or even a hierarchical organization." (Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2005) a terrorist network may be comprised by parts of other organizations including governments which act in a manner that can be exploited to achieve the goals of the organization. Three basic types of network structures exist: (1) chains; (2) hub; and (3) channel. In the hub structure the outer nodes are reported to communicate "with one…


Counter-Terrorism (2005) Joint Chiefs of Staff publication 3-26.

Terrorism Human Trafficking and More Anti-Social Behaviors
Words: 1565 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17298717
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International Relations

According to the Oxford ibliographies research, there is not one specific definition of "nonstate actors" that fits all situations. Nonstate actors are defined in relation to international law, because they are "…often able to impact legal values and must accordingly be regulated" (Santarelli, 2005). Throughout history, nonstate actors have "impacted international law" and they have also participated in "international legal processes," which is why Santarelli believes there should be more study of nonstate actors. One scholar claims that nonstate actors include "all entities" that are different from states; or are entities that are operating outside the legal jurisdiction of the government. That definition would include think tanks in the U.S. On the one hand and violent, bloodthirsty extremists such as ISIS, the Taliban and al Qaeda on the other hand (Fisher, 2014).

A typical nonstate actor can also be viewed as a nongovernmental organization (NGO); examples of NGOs…


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Terrorism Balancing Act
Words: 1157 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 40747424
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John I respectfully disagree with your opinion on the definition of terrorism. For me, it seems a mistake to label crime as terrorism because of the vagueness of the word. The U.S. Code appears to be flawed. As a personal victim of violent crime, I do not lesson my fear or pain. I was terrorized for months after. For you and other supporters of the U.S. Code, since the government was not victimized, this is a crime of a different nature. What you fail to realize is that the government itself is not a real or material construct, but imaginary based on the actions of its constituents. Any attack on an individual is a proxy attack on the government. In my humble opinion, the government is an extension of myself and not the other way around. Regardless, terrorism is flawed concept that is used to incite violence and rage against…

Terrorism Can Be Traced to History
Words: 2026 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31228197
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nomadic tribes wreaking havoc on each other to Zealots of Judea and the original Assassins, terrorism has been a part of human political strategy since the origin of the species. Whether it reflects the innate bellicosity of human beings or simply reveals the effects of class or religious conflict, terrorism is an unfortunate part of life -- even daily life for some people. Advanced weaponry and communications technology has made terrorism more widespread, more sinister, and far deadlier than ever before but terrorism is nothing new. The first recorded use of the word "terrorism" occurred during the French evolution and its eign of Terror ("Early History of Terrorism," n.d.). Yet terrorism precedes the eign of Terror by millennia. Many terrorist groups like the Zealots and the Assassins of the past or Al Qaeda and ISIL of today have some kind of religious ideology wrapped up in their politics, but religion…


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Identifying Terrorism
Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39366564
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The Schwartz, Dunkel & Waterman (2009) identity theory model of terrorism has merits. However, it also presents problems that can hinder understanding of the terrorism phenomenon. The primary problem with Schwartz, Dunkel & Waterman's (2009) assessment of terrorism as a function of personal, social, and cultural identity variables is that the variables used to predict terrorism also exist in a non-terrorist framework. Collectivist societies often promote strong in-group/out-group binaries, and those binaries foment a "foreclosed and authoritarian" sense of personal identity. These cultural and social variables are not necessarily rare in the world, but terrorism is rare -- which seems to disprove the generalizability of the theory (Schwartz, Dunkel & Waterman, 2009, p. 537).

A second problem with the Schwartz, Dunkel, & Waterman (2009) argument is that the authors define terrorism too narrowly. Schwartz, Dunkel & Waterman (2009) offer a two-part definition of terrorism that is crafted to meet…


Ruff, K.D., Sandole, D.J.D. & Vasili, E. (n.d.) Identity and apocalyptic terrorism. Retrieved online: 

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Handling gun terrorism within the organization
Words: 1075 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 83464655
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Domestic Terrorism Incident

With the sale of the mortgage business in the plan within the ABC Inc., there are a good number of people who will be affected and lose their jobs. Smith is one of the employees noted to have a history of violent behavior tough none of this has been noted in the historical background during employment. Once these details of utter secrecy are handed over to the Emergency Response Crisis Team, the team needs to immediately call Mr. Smith for further probing and see if they can get more details from him on the accusations. There is need for the Human Resources department to further find out the family ties that Smith has and the network of friends he maintains outside the work place. These are details that can help pint to possible links with groups with covert ill intentions or just a normal loner by character.…

An Annotated Bibliography on Terrorism
Words: 797 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 43954726
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Description of the issue and its global reach;

Bachmann, S., & Gunneriusson, H. (2014). errorism and Cyber Attacks as Hybrid hreats: Defining a Comprehensive Approach for Countering 21st Century hreats to Global Risk and Security. he Journal On errorism and Security Analysis,

his article discusses cyber terrorism and its growing threat in the digital age. he author present finding covering a continuous Hybrid hreat experiment undertaken by researchers at the Swedish Defense College focusing on cyber-attacks and its role in asymmetric conflict.

Graham, M., & Ramiah, V. (2012). Global terrorism and adaptive expectations in financial markets: Evidence from Japanese equity market. Research in International Business and Finance, 26(1), 97-119.

his article examines five terrorist attacks and the impact they had on Japanese industries. he information provides an indicator of how terrorist attacks affect global markets and economies.

Source 3: Pain, R. (2014). Everyday terrorism: Connecting domestic violence…

This article discusses the variations in NGOs' responses to post-2001 variances in counterterrorism regulation in various parts of the world like the United States and the United Kingdom. They present various type responses such as shirking, hiding, and vocal opposition.

Source 3: Cole, J. (2013). 9/11 and the design of counterterrorism institutions. Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism, 8(1), 99-101. 

This article highlights the design of counterterrorism institutions after the 9/11 attacks. It discusses the Karlsson theoretical framework and how it might aide in define differences as well as the drivers behind them.

Domestic Terror the Hammerskin Nation
Words: 2086 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43721963
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Del O'Conner, head of the British chapter of the Hammerskins, carried out a nail-bomb attack on a gay pub in England that injured several; he was hidden for years in Texas by his Hammerskins brethren (Reynolds, 2002).

All of these crimes by Hammerskins leaders meet the definition of terrorism for the following reasons: the violence was repeated; the violence was criminally and politically motivated (the crimes were committed against groups like gays and blacks that the Hammerskins politically oppose); and the victims were targets of opportunity or symbolic, such as black or gay people who happened to be using a park or having a drink at a pub at the wrong time. Further, the acts of terrorism committed by Hammerskins leaders have the effect of encouraging terrorism among rank-and-file members. The average member would be right to deduce that those who practiced violence would be protected by the group and…

Works Cited

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Terrorism and Democracy Terrorism Is by Its
Words: 1546 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69258397
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Terrorism and Democracy

Terrorism is by its very nature is anti-democratic as it seeks to achieve political ends by violence. It has no interest in any of the bedrocks of democracy such as building consensus, stimulating debate or protecting the rights and interests of minorities. In the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the TC twin towers, the 'clear and present' danger to democracy, freedom and liberties has become even more pronounced. There is consensus among all those who cherish democracy that urgent steps are necessary to counter the threat of terrorism. The key question is: how to accomplish this? In this essay we shall examine how terrorism undermines democracy and whether setting up an international committee can help to fight terrorism. e shall also look at short definitions of democracy and terrorism.

Definition of Democracy

Democracy (Greek demos, "the people"; kratein, "to rule") is a political system in which…

Works Cited

Amnesty International's concerns regarding post September 11 detentions in the U.S.A." AI Web-site. April 6, 2003.

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Terrorism Americans' Views of Terrorism Were Forever
Words: 612 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66133867
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Americans' views of terrorism were forever established on September 11, 2001, when terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Towers in New York, collapsing them both, and one plane into the Pentagon, causing severe damage. A fourth plane crashed into the countryside in Pennsylvania instead of hitting its target, probably in Washington, D.C., only because passengers challenged the hijackers and fought back. Over 3,000 people lost their lives that day.

Until that day, terrorism had been a somewhat distant concept to most Americans. We heard about terrorism in srael, and perhaps some of us had friends or family to worry about, and we heard about .R.A. attacks in Great Britain, but September 11 was the firsts time international terrorists had done major damage on U.S. soil. Virtually everyone in the United States became vocally opposed to terrorism on that day even if they hadn't given it much thought…

In fact, it is difficult to think anything positive about terrorism, especially in the era of smart bombs, when our military is able to bomb with such precision that civilians are rarely killed and injured, and only the target is taken out. The fact that our military is able to conduct war with a precision never before achieved is one reason why terrorism seems more shocking than ever before. There's a jarring difference between warfare and terrorism in 2004. When the United States wages war we go to great lengths to protect the civilian population as much as possible. The opposing forces have taken advantage of that fact in Iraq, storing weapons in mosques and allowing combatants to use them as a staging arena for their efforts.

The truth is that terrorism has changed since its beginnings. The United States was born out of terrorism and revolution. If the American Revolution were taking place today, the British would describe the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act, and the guerilla-like tactics used by small bands of civilian men against British encampments during that time would be viewed as crimes. In more recent times, many French citizens were outraged at how easily their country gave up and surrendered to the Nazi German army, and even more distressed to see how completely the Vichy government cooperated with those who had defeated them in war. The French resistance movement was one result. Private citizens who were determined to continue to fight for their country. At great risk to themselves and their families, they worked under cover of darkness to blow up bridges so the German army could not use them, snuck British spies into the country and reported troop movements to the Allies. Because the Allies won the war and France was liberated, they are called heroes, but if Germany had won, they would have been terrorists. The victors write history.

However, it's a poor analogy. American revolutionaries of the 18th century never deliberately harmed thousands of civilians to make a point. They did not blow up civilian public transportation. The members of the French resistance, while they dealt swiftly with people who gave away their secrets, worked very hard to avoid any harm to innocent citizens. On September 11, the attackers defined anyone who disagreed with them as the "enemy" and had no problem with the fact that nearly all the people they killed or maimed had no quarrel with them. Comparing today's terrorists to Revolutionary War heroes or the French resistanceis a little like comparing a cobra with a garter snake. The only thing terrorism can accomplish is to draw attention to a group's cause. People so passionate about their causes ought to be able to think up better ways to express it.

Terrorism Is Spreading in Today's
Words: 753 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91117434
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People everywhere wish to rationally use, rather than misuse their lives. Were I to have unlimited expense, I would absorb much personal research into investigating and creating an insightful, practical, and scientifically based theory of human behavior (based on, although not necessarily limited to integration of cognitive psychology / sociology of knowledge / epistemology / sociology of brainwashing -- but certainly multi-disciplinary). This cognitive model would present a new way of thinking demonstrating how, despite the fact that you are brought up in a certain environment you can separate yourself from that environment and obtain an objective mindset. The benefits of doing so are basic: they center around the fact that we may be unknowingly 'mentally contaminated' by personal experiences or by the society that we grew up in and are, therefore compelled to act in certain self-destructive manner. We live only one life. How would we feel if, at…

Resources would then go to advertising and marketing the book on an unlimited global and public scope with lecturing and TV opportunities established and with positive reviews of book presented in local media in countries where terrorism occurs.

It is my assumption, based on experience and research, that people growing up in terrorist countries are frequently unhappy with their lives and are great consumers of self-improvement literature. Money, too, would be put into conducting research on results of the project and to expand the subject from self-improvement to business and other applications.


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Terrorism Terrorist Alliances Between Domestic
Words: 334 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69050163
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There is strength in numbers, and a larger, better funded organization can often accomplish more than a smaller, splinter organization ever could. It seems that there are so many terrorist factions in the world, they are too far divided to ever join forces, and perhaps that is the only thing that is helping keep much of the world relatively free from terrorist activity.

Thus, the partnership makes sense for both parties who are intent on attacking a country or people more effectively. They also make sense for small groups who may not have enough power or influence on their own. Terrorist alliances may become more common in the future, creating more danger for everyone on the planet.


Gardner, Hall. "Aligning for the Future: Assertive Unilateralism or Concert of Powers?" Harvard International eview 24, no. 4 (2003): 56+.

apoport, David C., ed. Inside Terrorist Organizations. New…


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Terrorism Ever Since the Year
Words: 2243 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 26368328
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These are designed to be confusing for terrorists who attempt to circumvent them. The unpredictability is enhanced by varying them for location to location. What makes the threat especially insidious is the fact that current full body scanners used in airports across the world cannot detect items concealed inside the body with great accuracy. However, improving existing technology can change this capability for the better, according to aviation security experts.

The main likely reaction to the latest intelligence is to expand and improve security at airport checkpoints. As security measures after 9/11 have expanded and improved, terrorists have responded by creating innovative evasion measures to avoid common screening practices at airports.

The publication Today Online (2011) refers to the surgically implanted devices as "belly bombs." The report quotes Transport Security Administration spokesman Kawika iley in asserting that there has been a trend among terrorist groups to respond to increased security…


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Terrorism Encyclopedias and Dictionaries Define
Words: 4573 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21286311
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At times terrorist succeed and at times they fail. Some times they have larger and long-term goal and some times they have short-term aims. For example, a group hijacking a plane wanted some immediate results like release of the prisoners or financial gain but blowing a plane into a building would definitely mean that terrorists wanted something big out of it. Sometimes terrorists want to just cause panic and fear. They attack to make people realize that they are vulnerable. They just want people to become fearful & terrified to go about their usual and routine activities.

War on Terror

War on Terror' is the phrase that has been used and abused since Americans were attacked on their soil on September 11 in New York's Twin Towers. Today America's foreign policy is defined by the term 'War on Terror'. The attack on twin towers made America vulnerable and they had…


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Terrorism and Domestic Soft Targets
Words: 3109 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55851226
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In the first instance an attack of this nature usually serves a symbolic purpose from the terrorist's point-of-view in that he or she is seen to be attacking the bastion of global Western commerce. Secondly, many business concerns are more vulnerable to attack as they are usually not as heavily secured as military or energy installations. There is also the factor that American financial institutions are invariably identified with the international polices and political stances of the U.S. government, making them a prime target for terrorists and radical groups. (Kirkpatrick, 1983, p. 94)

American multinational Corporations (MNCs) in particular are an increasing focus of terrorist attention. As Harvey (1993) states, "If the trends of the past are any indication of the future strategies of terrorists, United States MNCs will continue to be their primary targets" (Harvey, 1993 p. 465). In this regard studies have found that financial and commercial institutions…


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Terrorism Tech Technological Innovation as
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The foolishness of this reversal of priorities would be clearly demonstrated in the contrast between the results of intelligence efforts on 9/11 and those just two years prior.

After the resignation of Tenet, who submitted as his official reason for departure the desire to spend more time with his family, his spokesman noted that "no one in the U.S. government was more aggressive in calling attention to and dealing with the threat of terrorism prior to 9/11 than was George Tenet.' The CIA's counterterrorism budget increased 50% between fiscal 1997 and fiscal 2001, while staffing went up 60%."

This ultimately resulted in an increased level of effectiveness during those years of assessing and averting terrorist plots, highlighted by the 1999 foiling of al Qaeda's millennium hijacking plan. Here, a carefully synchronized set of airliner takeovers was to strike at prominent and highly populated points within the U.S. Or utilize the…

Works Cited:

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Terrorism Coady Notes That it
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The government has authority to impose a civil penalty on a domestic entity or organization, and may bring charges pursuant to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act based on predicate crimes that "include the offenses of providing material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, or intentionally or knowingly collecting or providing funds for use in carrying out terrorist activities, as well as money laundering" (Crimn 2004). Moreover, the Internal Revenue Service may suspend the tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code of any organization that is identified or designated as a terrorist organization (Crimn 2004).

The attacks of September 11th were a wake-up call to authorities to the need for cooperation between the various agencies. The Patriot Act provided American local, state and federal agencies an arsenal of tools to investigate, prosecute, and deter terrorist activities.

orks Cited

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constitutional considerations. The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. Retrieved November 10, 2006 from HighBeam Research Library.

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Terrorism Asia the Political Complexity
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" (IST, 1)

Nonetheless, India holds that Pakistan has both a significant motive to see attacks on Indian soil carried out without proper retribution and that its commitment to eroding the forces of terrorism generated by its own people may be regarded as nominal at best. Quite indeed, the political pressure imposed by the United States may be matched or even overshadowed by the political pressures instigated by its own populace. One may deduce in fact that there are substantial sectors of the population which if not supportive of extremism or participating and funding in any such activities, may nonetheless find some sympathy for the idea that political and economic causes are the primary impetuses for acts of 'terrorism.'

Nonetheless, Pakistan's opportunity for growth and improvement does hinge on these efforts, at least according to the United States. Even under new leadership, the U.S. has continued to make its Pakistan…

Works Cited:

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Terrorism Is a Global Problem That Most
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Terrorism is a global problem that most Americans only vaguely recognized prior to September 11th. We had been aware of the occasional international flight hijacking or a bombing at an embassy far removed from our everyday lives. It also fell low on the Bush administration priority list during the president's first year in office, as Attorney General John Ashcroft favored an agenda far more active in the war on drugs and domestic criminal prosecution than threats of fundamentalist violence. However, when the World Trade Center came tumbling down, the fact that America has enemies became inescapable. Moreover, these enemies were not the bumbling camel jockeys we had been persuaded to dismiss. Rather, they were units of a network both diabolical and sophisticated enough to orchestrate an attack that simultaneously froze the world in shock, shattered the American economy, devastated a cocky culture and did so all in the space of…

4. Goodenough, Patrick.

Philippine Group Believed to Be Funding Al- Qaeda" Apr. 2, 2002.

5. Oscapella, Eugene. "The Links Between Drug Prohibition and Terrorism" Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy. Oct. 29, 2001.

Terrorism There Are a Number
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Fundamentally, the insurgents are fighting an enemy with superior weaponry, technology, and resources, so therefore, must seek avenues to mitigate these disadvantages. In other words, insurgent forces out vastly outdone in the traditional aspects of warfare, so they are forced to resort to unconventional modes of attack.

Early in his book, the Army and Vietnam, Krepinevich provides the broad game plan an insurgent force must follow to achieve final victory:

As developed by Mao in China and adapted by Giap in Vietnam, contemporary insurgency is a third world phenomenon comprising three phases: first, insurgent agitation and proselytization among the masses -- the phase of contention; second, overt violence, guerrilla operations, and the establishment of bases -- the equilibrium phase; and third, open warfare between insurgent and government forces designed to topple the existing regime -- the counteroffensive phase."

Primarily, this form of warfare consists of the formation of a political…

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Terrorism Law Terrorism Is the
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National security and intelligence policy focus on offices that the federal government controls. These policies have gained the support of the communities who have the resources used in implementing such policies. Therefore, the national security and intelligence policy aims at re-organizing homeland security and intelligence systems for different national entities and private sector. However, these policies do not stipulate the activities the communities will implement in an effort to provide national security (McCormack 57). hile the national security and intelligence policy call for local and state entities to be linked to the efforts of national security and intelligence, the policies have failed to envision that national security and intelligence are being controlled by federal entities. This means that local, state, and federal intelligence officials must share information amongst themselves for the purpose of attaining national security and maintaining intelligence at all levels (Cumming 69).

The national security and intelligence policies…

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Terrorism and Raymond James Stadium
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According to Stefanie Olson (2001), the Act provides government with increased electronic surveillance, search and data gathering power. Under the guise of tracking down "potential" terrorists, the expansion of Internet eavesdropping technology provides the government with full viewing rights into any private life they choose. In this way, immigrants who enter the country and conduct their business in a perfectly legal manner are now targeted for such surveys (White, 2008).

Local and National Changes in Law Enforcement - the basic mission of law enforcement and foreign/defense policy in the United States has dramatically changed since the events of 9/11 and the subsequent "War on Terrorism." Since 9/11, policies across the United States and abroad have changed from being reactive to being intensely proactive. There, are, however, several challenges faced by law enforcement and the legal issues of defense and foreign policy regarding this new approach to terrorism (Simonson, 2006).



"After 9-11, Security Job Openings Abound," cited in: 

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Terrorism Chapter 10 of Jonathan R White's
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Chapter 10 of Jonathan . White's Terrorism and Homeland Security focuses exclusively on terrorism in Israel and Palestine. However, the author begins the chapter with the Six Day War to immediately discuss the rise of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). Factionalism in Palestinian terrorism, the rise and function of Hezbollah and Hamas, Jewish fundamentalism, and the controversial counterterrorism policies in Israeli domestic and foreign policy comprise the bulk of this chapter. Especially given the paucity of space dedicated to this complex topic, White does a good job addressing both sides of the conflict and does so fairly, accurately, and with a minimum of bias.


One of the only faults with Chapter 10 is that the author does not have enough space with which to properly engage the reader in the multilayered complexity of the issue. The chapter begins as if in media res, with the 1967 war as…


Barhoum, K. (n.d.). The origin and history of the PLO. Trans-Arab Research Institute. 17 May, 2014. Retrieved online: 

"Hezbollah: History and Overview." Retrieved online: 

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Terrorism & Police Organizations Global
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Law Enforcement Practice, Procedure, Training, and Administration Standards:

Local police departments range in size from those employing fewer than ten officers to those employing over 30,000 officers, as in the case of New York City's

NYPD, the largest local police agency in the country. With absolutely no existing national standardization for police training, state and local police department training ranges from six-month long, live-in police academies such as those of the largest state police agencies and much smaller, independent local police academies with much shorter training programs. At some of the smallest local sheriff departments, officers may still be sworn into their positions by direct Sheriff's appointment, without prior training of any kind. In between those two extremes, police training and certification in different states range from four-week long, self-sponsored community college certification programs to independently run police academy training programs run by municipal police departments themselves.

Just as pre-employment…


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Means Today. Princeton: Princeton University Press

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Report; Retrieved February 26, 2007, at

Terrorism From an International Governance View
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Terrorism in elation to International Governance

The 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States highlighted the global threat of terrorism since it changed the ways in which the world views terrorism. Actually, the attacks demonstrated the evolution of the threat of terrorism that has become a major security threat across the globe. Given the global dimension of terrorism, state actors and the international community has become increasingly concerned and developed various ways to deal with the threat of terrorism from a national and international level. Domestic and international law has altered policy towards terrorism, leading to an evolution of counterterrorism efforts. However, the effectiveness of these counterterrorism efforts requires an understanding of what terrorism is, its impact on countries, and international laws. Since terrorism is a global concern, international response may be crucial to resolving such a troubling issue.

Description of the Issue

Terrorism has continued to evolve in recent…


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Terrorism Situation Analysis - Preemptive
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In the event the intelligence detailed by the Israeli administration proves to be accurate with respect to nuclear weapons development, this office is reminded of the words of the late President John, F. Kennedy, spoken almost exactly 45 years ago to the day, on October 22, 1962, addressing the Soviet threat in Cuba:

We no longer live in a world where only the actual firing of weapons represents a sufficient challenge to a nation's security to constitute maximum peril. Nuclear weapons are so destructive and ballistic missiles are so swift that any substantially increased possibility of their use or any sudden change in their deployment may well be regarded as a definite threat to peace." (Sorensen, 1965)

Extraordinary risks to national security demand (and justify) extraordinary actions to prevent them from materializing. A military response will be required to participate with Israel in destroying Iranian nuclear facilities either in possession…


Allison, G. (2004) Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe.

Henry Holt: New York

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Responding to the Challenge. Yale University Press: New Haven

Terrorism as a Result of
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The authors report that such an event would cause flooding and could kill many people (Copeland & Cody 2003).

The authors further assert that Bioterrorism or chemical threats could deliver massive contamination by small amounts of microbiological agents or toxic chemicals, and could endanger the public health of thousands. While some experts believe that risks to water systems actually are small, because it would be difficult to introduce sufficient quantities of agents to cause widespread harm, concern and heightened awareness of potential problems are apparent. Characteristics that are relevant to a biological agent's potential as a weapon include its stability in a drinking water system, virulence, culturability in the quantity required, and resistance to detection and treatment. Cyber attacks on computer operations can affect an entire infrastructure network, and hacking in water utility systems could result in theft or corruption of information or denial and disruption of service (Copeland &…


Anderson R. (September 29, 2003).

Mayors Meet in Chicago to Discuss the Nation's Water Problems. Retrieved August 30, 2006 from; 

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Combating Future Terrorism
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Combating Future Terrorism

The Continuing Threat Posed by Islamic Terrorists

Brinkley. J. (2013). Islamic Terror: Decentralized, Franchised, Global. World Affairs, 176(2),

Professor of Journalism Joel Brinkley explains that many countries around the world have been attacked by Muslim radicals (he includes Tanzania, where extremists beheaded a Christian pastor because he was training to become a meat butcher and the radicals asserted this trade was "theirs alone"), and that "…jihadist atrocities" have become a "status quo to be lived with" in many parts of the world. His point? There is violence all around the world due to the hatred and intolerance by radical groups, most of them Islamic, and Americans may as well get used to this chaotic and bloody situation. And indeed, he sees that more terrorist attacks against the U.S. are likely. He doesn't offer any way to avoid those attacks, however.

Loss of Some Civil Liberties and Americans'…

American Domestic Terror Groups and
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In your explanation, compare and contrast domestic and international terrorism. Also, please indicate whether either type of terrorism is subject to defeat. or, in a free society such as ours, must we simply learn to live with the annoyance and tragedies of ideological, political, and/or religiously-motivated violence?)

Domestic terrorism is much more statistically common than foreign terrorism, as those who feel they have cause to be angry enough to act against anything are much more likely to act against something they see as wrong in their own environment, Opportunity and ease of access also plays a role in this observation. Though terrorist acts are exceedingly rare they do occur on a somewhat regular basis if definitions are kept broad and are more likely to be domestic in nature than foreign born. (Lewis, 2000, p. 201) Domestic and international terrorism are similar in some ways, they both experience the kind of…


Daniels, D.J. (2002, December). The Challenge of Domestic Terroism to American Criminal Justice. Corrections Today, 64, 66.

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U S Foreign Policy on Terrorism
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International Terrorism

Discussion Questions on International Terrorism

Explain the origins and evolution of long-term separatists and ethnic and nationalistic terrorism. Also, provide group names and their respective parts of the world.

Ethno- separatist/nationalist terrorism is not specifically a modern phenomenon. Historically, two Jewish movements in Judaea that desired to provoke the local population to rise against the oman occupiers used ethno-racial terrorism. However, it was only in 60s and 70s that terrorism came to be associated with ethnic- separatist/nationalist movements (Conser, Paynich & Gingerich, 2013). During that time, terrorism was seen as paying off on the reasons for effective, aggressive campaigns launched and won. The Palestine Liberation Organization's terrorist movement between 1968 and 1980 confirmed to other nationalist groups that internationalizing their cause could be valuable. The variety of ethnic-national/separatist terrorist movements effective worldwide, therefore, increased from three in 1968 to 30 in 1978 (Cassara, 2006).

Psychologists argue that the…


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