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Drone technology

Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30881274

Acquisitions and Technology
Drone technology is going to impact numerous industries and fronts in the coming years. Amazon is developing drones for last mile delivery (Oswald, 2017) and has a concept plan that resembles a beehive, with drones emerging from it to deliver packages to customers (Yurieff, 2017). The military has drone technology too, except it is not delivering consumer goods but conducting surveillance and dropping bombs on targets (Military, 2019). What all this shows is that drone technology has come a long way from being a concept to a reality, and they will likely continue to develop and play a major role in the acquisition of goods in the future.
Currently, last minute deliveries and last mile deliveries require drivers who must navigate the roads and traffic, all of which requires, time, manpower, energy and resources to do. With drones, however, a last minute delivery could be made by…… [Read More]

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DRNC Convention

Words: 837 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64608863


Security during a large political setting is paramount to establishing a safe forum in which opinions can be expressed. As evidenced by the case, security, particularly during election years can become a very contentious issue. This is particularly true during the DNC as the current political environment is notoriously quarrelsome. Aspects such as unprecedented government shutdowns, looming budget debates, rising inequality, and other issues are all very combative subjects. As such, individual groups or factions tend to be very aggressive in these views or opinions. These groups often resort to violence in order to gain momentum, media attention, or other means to gaining a desired outcome. Security is therefore needed to help prevent, detail, and otherwise curtail acts of violence. The drone proposal therefore within the context given in the case, seems as a viable option in protecting the well-being of participants of the DNC and the surrounding community.…… [Read More]


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3) Martin, Rachel (Dec 19, 2011). "Report: High Levels Of 'Burnout' In U.S. Drone Pilots." Retrieved from NPR
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Collection of Intelligence

Words: 1476 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 14118507

U.S. intelligence refers to some of the most formidable and top intelligence available in the world. The United States has long led the way in the practice of gathering the most up-to -- the minute and esoteric intelligence regarding the actions of other countries, other armies and the other enemies. The current modern age has demonstrated the steady advancement in this regard of a range of sound technological tools which America has harnessed consistently for the effective pursuit of the most current and hard to gather intelligence.


The use of combat drones has been something that America has long used to gather intelligence and to engage in warfare with enemies or suspected enemies. However, in the last 12 months, the usage of drones has steadily decreased. "The number of drone strikes approved by the Obama administration on suspected terrorists has fallen dramatically this year, as the war with al…… [Read More]

References (2013, October). U.S. 'drone strike' kills senior Shabab members. Retrieved from 

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Galbraith, P. (2013, October). NSA spying on Europe gives the U.S. more intelligence, but not better. Retrieved from
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Technological Innovations Have Had the Greatest Impact

Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83345063

technological innovations have had the greatest impact on this area in the last 100-200 years?

Technology and air war fare-

Originally, warfare was mainly perpetrated on ground due to the challenges in perpetrating war form the air. Within the last 100 years, however, huge progress has been made in technology that has led to a radical change in the field of air warfare in general leading to huge developments in that field. Three of the greatest inventions have been stealth technology, Rapture, and the drone.

tealth technology

tealth technology, also known as LO technology (low observable technology) involves a range of techniques that camouflages factors of air war such as personnel, aircraft, ships, submarines, and missile and helps make them more invisible to preceptors on the ground. It also makes them more immune to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection methods. (Rao & Mahulikar, 2002). tealth technology was first developed…… [Read More]


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Richelson, J.T. (2001). Science, Technology and the CIA. The National Security Archive. The George Washington University
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CCTV the Incursion of Technology

Words: 4289 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 79735708

these little slivers of plastic provide commerce at the swipe of a wrist, but every time that card is swiped, the time, date, location, value, and often the items of a purchase are recorded several times over, by banks, credit card companies, superstores, fashion chains, transport industries, and many other points on the economic tree (Trango, n.d.). These details, over time, can and are used to create a 'picture' of you and your buying habits; Can you be trusted to pay back a loan? What times do you usually come into a store? Do you take public transport because you can or because its cheaper? What bra size are you? All of these details can be correlated over time, and can often then be sold onto third parties for marketing purposes, and, depending on where you are, that information can all be sold including your name and address. (The EU…… [Read More]


1. Schenkel, G. (2009, September 17). Livewave cctv system. Retrieved from

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Conflict Which Has Repercussions in the Present

Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66997610

conflict which has repercussions in the present time or one that is indeed actual. The following chosen conflict can actually be regarded as conflictive on two grounds which makes it all the more so important. First, hydraulic fracturing has been demonstrated to have severe environmental consequences on a negative scale which subsequently affect people's well-being. Second, as a technological development of the twentieth century, hydraulic fracturing, provided that the aforementioned is indeed true, would constitute reasonable grounds to estimate that the effects of industrialization have been detrimental to the common interest of the mere population while it has only boosted more financial benefits for the rich. The two grounds mentioned before make hydraulic fracturing a very current dangerous conflict which is why it has been chosen here. Moreover, certain companies seem to be given the right to drill internationally while the population is not made aware of the consequences, especially…… [Read More]

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Warfare How Technology Has Changed

Words: 1516 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55926948

This has allowed for the U.S. To fight effectively in the guerilla type fighting that is occurring overseas near civilian populations.

The future warfare will undoubtedly continue to be changed by technology developments. One arena that has just begun to be explored is space. Many have expressed the idea that space is "perhaps the battlefield of the future" (oland, 2009). In reality, it is already happening, thanks to changes in technologies. There are designs for destructive satellites that take out enemy communications (McCoy, 2012). Moreover, "the age of space warfare dawned in April 2010 when the Pentagon quietly launched the X-37B space drone, an unmanned craft just 29 feet long, into orbit 250 miles above Earth" (McCoy, 2012). Thus, technology is continuing to shape the way we see and fight modern wars.


Gao, Peter. (2011). Law and technology: The changing face of war and its legal ramifications. The Triple…… [Read More]


Gao, Peter. (2011). Law and technology: The changing face of war and its legal ramifications. The Triple Helix. Web. 

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U S Approach to Terrorism Post 2001

Words: 3011 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86839720

U.S. Approach to Terrorism

U.S Approach to Terrorism Post 2001

The incidence of September 11, 2001 led to an anti-terrorism campaign by the government of U.S. And was called the war or terror. Since 2001, U.S. government has taken several steps to maintain security and counter terrorism by implementing certain strategies at national and international level. These approaches and steps, whether useful or not have been discussed in this paper.

President Bush's Justifications For Invading Iraq Post 9/11

After the September 11, attack in 2001, the Bush government declared "war on terror" which was intended to counter terrorism. Bush also declared in his address on 20th September 2001 that, the "war on terror" will begin from dealing with al Qaeda but it will stop only when terrorism is dealt with properly. According to Bush doctrine, whichever country contained weapon of mass destruction (MD) is a threat for U.S. And therefore…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Normal I Offer Why Because I Potential

Words: 2023 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69223221

normal I offer. hy? Because I potential a false flag attack London Olympics worth researching. Okay,'s deal. You write a paper length normal extra credit assignment explained Extra Credit Unit.

Conspiracy theory or terrorism? -- The 2012 London Olympics

There has been a lot of controversy in the recent years regarding conspiracies and how some of the world's most influential individuals are actively engaged in a plot to exploit mankind. False flag attacks are believed to be attempts performed by these individuals with the purpose of justifying their intervention in particular areas that they are interested in. This year's London Olympics represents one of the most intriguing opportunities for certain actors to put their strategies into work, considering that the world's attention is focused on the event and that the number of people present there would surely draw significant responsiveness from an international public concerned in penalizing individuals and groups…… [Read More]

Works cited:

Donald, Brooke, "Q&A: Stanford terrorism expert Martha Crenshaw on Olympic security," Retrieved August 6, 2012, from the Stanford University Website: 

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Execution of Al-Awaki The Obama Administration Has

Words: 1067 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4368557

Execution of al-Awaki:

The Obama Administration has increased the use of killer drones in lieu of putting the country's boots on the ground. In one of the most debatable issues, the Obama Administration killed, Anwar al-Awaki, a suspected al-Qaeda member, in 2011. The suspected al-Qaeda member had been accused of being a significant organizer in various terrorist attacks, and was identified as one of the main al-Qaeda leaders. The controversy associated with this murder is attributed to whether the Obama Administration had the right to sanction the execution of the suspect without a court trial. This issue is further complicated with various set of factors that surround the case including the fact that al-Awaki was an American citizen before his death. As an American citizen, he was granted due process rights by the U.S. Constitution. According to the provisions of the due process, a suspect has the right to a…… [Read More]


Goldberg, Jonah. "Goldberg: Obama's Terrorist Dilemma," Los Angeles Times, April 4, 2013. 

Gorman, Siobhan & Perez, Evan. "Obama Relents on Secret Drone Memo," The Wall Street

Journal, April 4, 2013.
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Huckabee Mick Huckabee Has Surprised

Words: 2234 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28298855

Meanwhile, Huckabee supports local political jurisdictions passing laws that punish undocumented immigrants, and he asserts those laws "protect the economic well-being, physical safety, and quality of life" for citizens in those communities. By using "physical safety" Huckabee frames this issue in the context that immigrants are criminals out to harm people. But the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) (Rumbaut, et al., 2007) reports that "Foreign-born Mexicans" had an incarceration rate" of 0.7% in 2000, "more than 8 times lower than the 5.9% of native-born males of Mexican descent." And while the "undocumented population has doubled to 12 million since 1994," violent crime in the U.S. has declined 34.2%, the IPC reports.

Moreover, according to the American Immigration Law Foundation (Esbenshade, 2007) local ordinances such as the ones Huckabee believes in (that make it illegal to rent to undocumented immigrants, for example) - if they conflict with federal immigration law - are…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Dougherty, Michael Brendan. "The Audacity of Huck: The Religious Right roils the Establishment by backing one of its own." The American Conservative 7.2 (2008): 6-8.

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Ordinances." American Immigration Law Foundation. Retrieved 7 February 2008, at

Guidelines for Writing a Rhetorical Analysis. "The Guidelines." Retrieved 6 February, 2008 from
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Dialogue Between People Like John Locke Karl Marx Mohandas Gandhi Elizabeth Wolgast Dorothy Day

Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83848056

Colleen -- but then again, when you're dealing with food services, every day's a long day. As she made her way toward the stairs and away from the brooding purgatory that is the HUB (name of cafeteria), shutting off the lights behind her like a row of fluorescent dominoes, the clock on the wall read "10:45." The sound of the door shutting at the top of the stairwell signaled the end of another day at the HUB.

Actually, perhaps this was not true. Just as the door was shutting above, the lights down below flickered on once again to reveal a ghostly line of customers stretching from the "Pizza Hut" station to the cash register. Near the end of the line, Mohandas Gandhi stood with a cup of tea and a veggie wrap balanced on his tray. Martin Luther King stood next to him, his tray empty except for a…… [Read More]

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Technology High Tech and Exponential Change

Words: 1063 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72346675


(a) Technology is "the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science" (, 2014). 1)(b) High-technology is "scientific technology involving the production or use of advanced or sophisticated devices especially in the fields of electronics and computers" (Merriam-Webster, 2014). 1)(c) A can opener, an electric can opener, and a radio are all examples of technology. They involve mechanical parts and some simple electronics or electronics that have been in use for a substantial period of time, and are not considered advanced or sophisticated. A 3D printer, a drone, a satellite radio, and a 3D TV all rely upon advanced computer technology to work and would be examples of high technology because they would be unable to work without supporting advanced technology and,…… [Read More]


Apple. (2014). Watch. Retrieved October 1, 2014 from: (2014). Technology. Retrieved October 1, 2014 from: 

Kurzweil, R. (2001, March 7). The law of accelerating returns. Retrieved October 1, 2014
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Strategic Plan

Words: 2172 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86764462

The technology market is one of the most competitive landscapes. Without constant innovation and introduction of new products, it may be quite difficult for technology firms to thrive in the long run. Nevertheless, introducing a new product presents a significant moment for an organization as shifts in strategy, organizational structure, business units, and processes are often involved (Hill & Jones, 2012). Accordingly, the process must be carefully managed to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved, especially in terms of stakeholder involvement and communication (Thompson & Martin, 2010). These two aspects will be particularly important as Tex Technologies Limited (Tex) introduces a new product in the increasingly promising consumer drones market. This paper provides a plan for the introduction of the new product, specifically focusing on the strategy for the new product launch, key internal stakeholders to be involved, and communication strategy.

Company Background: Name, Mission, and Vision

Established in 2000,…… [Read More]

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Eye in The Sky Film

Words: 2142 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35944067

Political Issues Based on the Film "Eye in The Sky" In Which Government Attitude, Which Decides Who Lives and Who Dies for The Cause of The Nation Is Examined

The film "Eye in the Sky" is somewhat a literal depiction of war fare between the drones. This is a flagrantly contrived film that examines the ethics of using remote control to kill. The subject was dramatized a year ago in Andrew Niccol's film "Good Kill." In this film, there is a simplistic device of the little girl in which it is made clear that the new ones have no chance of winning hearts. The debate is getting awful to change any mind; even though, there is no attempt to try and change the mind. That is where its strength lies. In the film "Eye in the Sky" the case is argued on all fronts: the merits and the perils of…… [Read More]

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Key Points of the Presidents Address

Words: 1241 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64047645

President's Address

The counter-terrorism speech given by president Obama came with a couple of messages. His first address touched on the restrictive policy strikes using drones; of course this was not new or restrictive according to prior experience. His second focus was directed at the need to close down Guantanamo Bay detention center. The latter was also not a new stand taken by the president but it surely opposed a long standing position by the powers that be. Here are the major highlights of President Obama's speech.

esponding to the Threat: Leveraging Effective Partnerships and Targeting Terrorists

Effective response to terrorism needs a lot more than just military response and law enforcement. There is need for a concerted effort to be directed towards winning the war of ideology and the battle of will. The first item should be to complete the task of defeating the Al Qaeda forces.

Standards for…… [Read More]


Hudson, J. (2013, May 23). The 4 key points of Barack Obama's counterterrorism speech. Retrieved from Foreign Policy: 

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War in Afghanistan

Words: 3312 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 62121514

ar in Afghanistan

After the terrorist group al Qaeda attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, the American military was sent to Afghanistan to attack the Taliban, and destroy their governing position. The Taliban became the target of the U.S. because they had allowed Osama bin Laden to use their country as a training ground for terrorist activities directed against the United States. However, the U.S. is now bogged down in what seems to be an unwinnable war against Taliban insurgents that cross the border from Pakistan. Moreover, there are militants in Afghanistan who object to foreign troops being in their country, and they have apparently joined with the insurgents and continue fighting the American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. This paper reviews the historical and contemporary causes of the war in Afghanistan, and critiques the positive outcomes as well as the negative outcomes of the U.S. engagement in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Associated Press. (2011). Suicide Bombers Kill Worshippers In Afghanistan. Retrieved November, 2011, from .

This is an article that brought to light the ongoing violence in Afghanistan, in specifics the proverbial suicide bomber situation, where an radical Islamic terrorist is willing to blow himself up in order to kill others. In this case the people killed with fellow Muslims -- worse yet, he killed people exiting a mosque following their worship services -- but clearly the message to the world was this: the NATO and U.S. presence in Afghanistan will never stop terrorists from doing whatever they want to do whenever they wish to do it.

Baktash, Hashmat, and Magnier, Mark. (2011). Suicide bombing in Kabul kills as many as 13

Americans. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved November 19, 2011, from
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Predator Unmanned Aerial Systems

Words: 1029 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65786051

Predators has led to Decrease in Road-Side ombings in Afghanistan

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) started firing drones missiles in Afghanistan in order to reduce civilian casualties and reduce roadside bombings. These missiles known as Predators incorporate accuracy, wide efficient surveillance and precision target meant to reduce roadside bombings. To minimize civilian casualties, the Predator targets mobile insurgents as opposed to focusing on residential areas. The use of Predator has minimized roadside bombings and civilian as a result of increased surveillance.

Roadside bombing casualties represent a reduction from a 10% casualty level in 2009, 7% in 2011 to almost 3% in 2012. In line with this, rook (2012 ), adds that improvised explosive devices were a major cause of troop deaths untill the introduction of the Predator.

The most important feature of the predator is the detection of all types of improvised explosive devices. Data indicate that from January through…… [Read More]


Abbot, S. Study: Militants, not Civilians, are Primary Victims of Drone Attacks. Associated Press, 2012.

Brook, Tom Vanden. "Drones detection cutting into IEDs in Afghanistan." July 16, 2012 . (accessed July 22, 2012).

Drew, C. "Drones Are Playing a Growing Role in Afghanistan ." The New York Times, February
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Technologies Used by ISIS The Terrorist Organizations

Words: 1492 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92589876

Terrorist organizations and terrorists are exploiting social media and the internet resources for the purpose of committing terrorist activities and for the facilitation of wide-ranging terrorist activities including radicalization, incitement, training, recruitment, communications, information gathering, planning, financing, and preparation (United Nations, n.d). Technology has quickly become a fundamental component of the modern day society. Technology governs itself therefore making it possible for terrorists to utilize it for the purpose of advancing their terrorism. Modern terrorism has become unpredictable and instantaneous thanks to technology. Technology has made it possible for terrorists to target large audiences and bring terror right into the home (InfoSec, 2018). Cyberspace is a technological environment that has no boundaries hence making it a place where terrorists can locate resources, disseminate propaganda information and launch attacks in any corner of the world.
5 main technological types and/or tools Used by ISIS for Information Sharing and Intelligence Gathering
Social…… [Read More]

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Thought Control and Media

Words: 1211 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63518946

Control and the Media

The media is an incredibly powerful force which has the ability to manipulate the minds and hearts of the American people. This type of "mind control" which is employed by news organizations in the United States is nothing less than propaganda.

Noam Chomsky writes that, "propaganda is to a democracy what violence is to a dictatorship." Indeed, nowhere is this more clear than in recent debates over the impending war with Iraq. On one side of the fence, the conservative Right argues that war is essential and that Iraq is in league with Al Qaeda. They argue that Saddam Hussein is developing weapons of mass destruction which he would like to unleash on the free world. On the other side of the fence, the liberal Left argues that such a preemptive war is "unjust," and that there is no definitive proof that Hussein was ever in…… [Read More]


Corn, David. "Bush's Irrelevant Case for War." The Nation. 7 March 2003. 

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Associated Press. "Powell Decries New Iraq Weapon Discovery." U.S.A. Today. 13 March 2003.
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Analyzing New Product Paper

Words: 1332 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 84425354

product name? Describe the product

The product discussed in this essay is "drone delivery'. This service, as the name suggests, achieves delivery of packages and bought goods through a drone in a span of about half an hour. The consumer, through this prospect, uses geographical position system (GPS) data and information from the mobile device, such as phone or iPad; the drone tracks it and delivers the package to the desired or designated location (Marsh, 2015). In addition, subsequent to placing an order for delivery, the consumer is not obligated to remain in one location. The package delivery system can be designated to a particular location, not obligatory to the location of the client. The packages to be delivered will have an average weight of 86 pounds, which is basically the normal weight of products that are delivered to households (Marsh, 2015).

Identify and explain which market segmentation variable you…… [Read More]


Marsh, Rene. Amazon drone patent application imagines delivery that comes to you with one click. CNN, 2015. Retrieved 22 January, 2016 from: 

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Fifth Amendment to the Constitution

Words: 1350 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93438019

Or, as Saletan points out, those three elements "by deduction, are the due process test" (2011).

But this ought to leave a bad taste in one's mouth because all three of these elements can be manipulated to violate one's due process right.

"hich leaves us with an awkward bottom line. If the target is a suspected terrorist, "imminence" can be redefined to justify killing him. If the weapon is a drone, feasibility of arrest has already been ruled out -- that's why the drone has been sent to do the job. So in any drone strike on a U.S. citizen suspected of terrorism, only one of the three questions we supposedly apply to such cases is really open: Has he been fighting alongside al-Qaida? If he has, we can kill him. That's the same rule we apply to foreigners. In effect, citizenship doesn't matter. The "due process" test is empty"…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Cornell University Law School. (n.d). Bill of Rights from Cornell University Law

School. Retrieved from: .

Lithwick, D. (2011, July 14). Murder Conviction Most Foul: What Justin Wolfe's case in Virginia tells us about death row cases everywhere. Retrieved from
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Innovations in Transportation Logistics

Words: 688 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22299496

Transportation logistics field has experienced a number of significant changes in recent years due to innovations in technology, and there are a number of emerging concepts that have surfaced over the past 1 to 2 years as a result. To determine the facts, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to identify several of these emerging concepts, including a detailed discussion concerning their respective importance in the transportation logistics management (TLM) field. An analysis concerning the direction these emerging trends will take in the future and their potential future impact within the TLM field is followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues in the conclusion.

eview and Analysis

The concepts that are emerging in the TLM field today may have appeared as so much science fiction just a few years ago, but concepts such as 3D printing, drone deliveries and driverless vehicles…… [Read More]


Frey, T. (2012, December). Creating cars that talk to the roads. Journal of Environmental Health, 75(5), 38-40.

Grace, J. (2014, Fall). The end of post-sale confusion: How consumer 3D printing will diminish the function of trademarks. Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, 28(1), 263-271.

Robinson, A. (2015, January 14). The future of logistics: Are 3PL companies ready to adopt these four emerging technologies? Cerasis. Retrieved from  / 01/14/future-of-logistics/.

Rule, T. A. (2015, January). Airspace in an age of drones. Boston University Law Review, 95(1), 155-160.
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Military Flight and its Impact on the U S Military

Words: 4224 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 71855404

-29 and -26 bombers were used by U.S. forces to decimate Korean cities through round-the-clock air war using incendiary bombs, delayed demolition explosives and an "infernal jelly" called napalm.[footnoteRef:38] Created secretly during World War II, napalm was basically a mixture of petroleum and a thickening agent, designed to fiercely adhere to the target and severely burn it. Though first used against enemy structures and humans in World War II, napalm was used in the Korean War to devastating effect.[footnoteRef:39] the results of the U.S. air war against North Korea were intentionally catastrophic: at the commencement of the War, North Korea had 22 major cities, 18 of which suffered at least 50% obliteration.[footnoteRef:40] Furthermore, the U.S. government seriously considered using the atomic bombs that had so decisively ended World War II in the Pacific Theater. Particularly in September and October of 1951, -29 bombers were used for multiple runs to drop…… [Read More]


Bizony, Piers. The Space Shuttle: Celebrating Thirty Years of NASA's First Space Plane. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2011.

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Chant, Christopher. The World's Greatest Aircraft. New York, NY: Crescent Publishing, 1991.
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Government Concern About Wal Mart

Words: 1931 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 92101307

Market Power

The author of this report has been asked to select a firm and answer two of the provided questions as it relates to that firm. The questions that will be answered relate to price strategy and governmental concerns about market power. Indeed, Wal-Mart is in the thick of both of these phenomenon and it shows as one looks at political reactions and news stories in the media. Wal-Mart has grown from a small chain of stores to a global juggernaut and the amount of power that they wield given the size of their operations, how many people they employ and the market power they wield is hard to ignore or miss. It has gotten to the point that the government and other sources are attributing social problems to Wal-Mart and what they do. While it is perhaps a bridge too far to assert that Wal-Mart is creating social…… [Read More]


Hess, A. (2016). The 10 largest employers in America. USA TODAY. Retrieved 27 March 2016, from 

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Neff, J. (2016). Why Walmart's Great Value Changes the Game. Retrieved 27 March 2016, from 

Picchi, A. (2016). --
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Future of Naval Aviation in

Words: 678 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 52452470

That is mainly because aircraft are much more expendable than pilots and combat operations can now be flown remotely by pilots stationed thousands of miles away from hostile fronts. Analysts predict that within the next decade or two, nations without the resources to compete with the U.S. In the development of sophisticated piloted naval aircraft will be able to launch hundreds of inexpensive drones without regard for how many are lost in combat (Crosby, 2007; Elgin, 2009). Large numbers of unmanned drones with offensive and "suicidal" capabilities could easily overwhelm even the most sophisticated multiple hostile aircraft tracking abilities of the U.S. Navy's manned air superiority aircraft (Crosby, 2007).


On one hand, the apparent trend in contemporary military aviation foretells the obsolescence of some of the principal missions of U.S. naval aircraft. On the other hand, U.S. naval air operations will still rely substantially on aircraft in the meantime,…… [Read More]


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Individuals Are Unable to Comprehend

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For instance, the U.S. can use drones with the purpose of filming exact instances involving Assad's men violating human rights.

Considering that "the Syrian government isn't just fighting rebels, as it claims; it is shooting unarmed protesters, and has been doing so for months" (Sniderman & Hanis), it is only safe to assume that immediate action needs to be taken in order for conditions to change. Children are dying at the moment and the world appears to express lack of interest in their suffering. In spite of the fact that rebels are determined to bring Assad now, the Syrian president has successfully used the armed forces with the purpose of destroying rebel efforts up until this moment.

Assad continues to dominate Syria as outside forces sit and watch as innocent revolutionaries are being murdered. There is no limit to what Syrian armed forces are willing to do with the purpose…… [Read More]

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Counter Terrorism Describe the Strategy Tactics and

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Counter Terrorism

Describe the strategy, tactics, and tools that are available to agencies within the U.S. To perform counter-terrorism operations

The basic strategy for agencies within the U.S. is to focus on coordinating with states and local officials. This means that between the different levels of government, there will be increased amounts of intelligence sharing. At the same time, there is a concentrated effort in working with first responders to effectively prevent and mitigate the effects of a terrorist attack. This is accomplished by having threat level alerts that will let everyone know when to be vigilant. (Alexander, 2007, pp. 559 -- 597)

Some of the tools that are utilized during this process include: facial recognition technology, bomb / explosive detectors, dogs, surveillance cameras and laws that give officials greater powers. A good example of this can be seen with the passage and renewal of the U.S.A. Patriot Act. After…… [Read More]


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Rewards for the Watchmen

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Watchman Award

Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias) Receives the Nobel Peace Prize

Five prizes are awarded by the Nobel committees each year, and probably the most memorable is the Nobel Peace Prize. Although the selection is sometimes controversial, the committee has specific directions from the founder himself regarding the quality of person he wished to receive this award. In devising how the specific prizes should be awarded, Nobel wrote specific language regarding each category. For the Nobel Peace Prize he said he wanted it to go "to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses" (The Nobel Peace Prize). Thus, it is no wonder that the Peace Prize committee has awarded the prize to the man who is most responsible for the eradication of hostilities between the Soviet…… [Read More]

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Google's Strategic Plan Satisfying the Market

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Target Market

Google will focus on market segments that demonstrate the ability to expand with the business as it continues to invent products for the future technology. The well-informed student segment is subjected to vast technological advances and is easy technology adapters. This makes this segment an ideal market for the company to focus on. Besides its internet product, Google is revolutionizing its digital media platform. The perceptive student segment is always plunged in the digital media, and the company will maximize on this segment's needs for better technology. By concentrating on this market and acquiring recognition, the company will ensure this segment remains loyal to its brands due to its continuous quality products and technological innovations.

Market segmentation

Geographic segmentation:

The internet is a universal device so the company will appeal to highly diverse users.

Most of its customers will be global

The products provided by the company will…… [Read More]

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Use of Technology in Justice System

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Technology and Criminal Justice System

The American prisons are known to be hosting some of the highest number of prisoners in relation to the entire population. The criminal justice system has over the years proven to be punitive and offenders have often found themselves incarcerated upon presentation of evidence. With the improvement of technology, there have been even more people getting convictions, increasing the number of people behind the prison walls. The overcrowding at the prisons has severally prompted the use of alternative means of correction rather than sending people to the prisons. This has seen increased paroles and offenders being put under probations as a means to decrease the congestion in the prisons.

The challenges that the criminal justice system has faced over the years have prompted the initiative towards inculcating the culture of more technology use within the criminal justice system. The use of technology in the criminal…… [Read More]


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Culture Behind Americans at War

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American Way of War

The history of the American Way of War is a transitional one, as Weigley shows in his landmark work of the same name. The strategy of war went from, under Washington, a small scale, elude and survive set of tactics practiced by what seem today to be relatively "quaint" militias, to -- in the 20th century -- a full-scale operation known as "total war." True, "total war" was not a concept invented by the Americans in the 20th century. The North eventually practiced "total war" against the Confederates when Sherman's campaign left utter destruction of civilian territory in its wake. The ancient Romans practiced it when, under the direction of Cato, they destroyed Carthage because its mere existence, they felt, posed a threat to their prosperity. In the 20th century, however, "total war" received an enormous boost of technical support when the inventors of the atom…… [Read More]


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E Commerce Strategy That Amazon Utilizes

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Amazon is the world's largest e-tailer, and a technological leader in the field. This paper will outline the ways in which Amazon has built out its technological leadership, and how its different technology strategies help to support its overall business strategy. Ultimately, Amazon excels on the basis of the strong customer focus in its use of IT, as it recognizes that meeting customer needs is a critical component to growing its business in the long run.

Overview of the Company

Amazon was founded in July 1994 and came online in 1995. The company sold books initially, and its first book was sold in July 1995. This made the company an early adopter in terms of online retailing, and it soon began to leverage that position by plowing back the early revenues into technological innovation. The company responded to the reality of an increasingly competitive market with innovations such as the…… [Read More]

References (2015). History of innovation. Retrieved October 5, 2015 from 

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Investigative Task Force Include Information

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(rookes, 2001)

Mobile surveillance is when officials are monitoring the cell phone communication of a suspect. A good example of this; is when federal agents are listening in on the cell phone conversations of suspected terrorist leaders. (rookes, 2001)

Camera surveillance is when video cameras are used to monitor what is occurring at a particular location. A good example would be when; surveillance cameras are used to monitor public infrastructure such as: the subway system for suspicious activity. (rookes, 2001)

Social networking analysis is when you are monitoring the overall activities of someone on the different social networking sites. During the course of a terrorist operation, this would be used to establish the overall personality of the suspect; and determine how they are connecting with the rest of the organization. (rookes, 2001)

iometric analysis is when you are using biological features to identify suspects, such as: finger prints or facial…… [Read More]


Multijurisdictional Drug Law Enforcement Strategies. (1993). Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing.

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Airpower Debate Question Given That

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CFACC and AOC are, by their very nature, located several hundred, sometimes thousands of miles from the air battle. And, as emphasized prior, we understand that technology allows command far more specific details than in the history of the military. That being said, no amount of technology can translate a blip on a screen to an actual threat, and react with the appropriate response within milliseconds. One would think, for instance, that with the thousands upon thousands of dollars the service spends on training their pilots, the number of scenarios engendered, and the amount of air time required to pilot a multimillion dollar piece of extraordinary equipment that command would acknowledge that there needs to be a certain level of trust and allowance for experience and pilot assessment of various high stress situations. While it is certainly true that, at times, the individual pilot cannot see the "big picture," and…… [Read More]

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Terrorism Tech Technological Innovation as

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The foolishness of this reversal of priorities would be clearly demonstrated in the contrast between the results of intelligence efforts on 9/11 and those just two years prior.

After the resignation of Tenet, who submitted as his official reason for departure the desire to spend more time with his family, his spokesman noted that "no one in the U.S. government was more aggressive in calling attention to and dealing with the threat of terrorism prior to 9/11 than was George Tenet.' The CIA's counterterrorism budget increased 50% between fiscal 1997 and fiscal 2001, while staffing went up 60%."

This ultimately resulted in an increased level of effectiveness during those years of assessing and averting terrorist plots, highlighted by the 1999 foiling of al Qaeda's millennium hijacking plan. Here, a carefully synchronized set of airliner takeovers was to strike at prominent and highly populated points within the U.S. Or utilize the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Magnuson Stew

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However, this article makes a counter argument against such a use. Instead, it argues that the greatest benefit of unmanned aerial vehicles will come from developing ones not fast and flashy, but instead slow and steady. Instead of remote missions from the United States, according to the article, the operations should be capable of loitering over the same spot for months. In this sense, the unmanned aerial vehicle will act as a low-orbit satellite, or surveillance drone capable of capturing important security information without endangering lives.

"UAVs next step to stem terrorism." USA Today. December, 2003.

This article examines the non-military uses of unmanned aerial vehicles. Its main focus is on the value that unmanned aerial vehicles have for protecting the United States homeland. According to the Deputy Homeland Security Secretary, it is believed that unmanned aerial vehicles will be a primary aid to the department's ongoing efforts to provide…… [Read More]

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Counterterrorism the Future of Counterterrorism

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Each level of the counter-terrorism strategy present in the United States has its own flaws and its own weaknesses.

Law enforcement cannot be left behind in the pursuit for more professional counter-terrorist elite units. The New York Police Department sets the bar for what municipal police can put together in terms of counter-terrorism, NYPD Shield, as its known, has conducted several successful operations since its inception in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. Naturally, New Yorkers feel a special need to create a strong counter-terrorism unit beyond that of the United States government, due to the nature that the city is under constant threat from attacks. (Economist, the 2009). London, too is under this threat, however the London Police are not as well prepared for counter-terrorism efforts as the NYPD has proven to be. (Brant, 2011). Law enforcement's participation is a necessary part of counter-terrorism work for three reasons.…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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Military Budget Personnel Draw Down

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Military Draw-Down from Afghanistan

hen terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, there was very little hesitation on the part of then President George . Bush -- and the United States Congress -- to mount a retaliatory military campaign in Afghanistan, the place where bin Laden was training terrorists to kill Americans. The Taliban militants were control of Afghanistan at that time and they had provided training camps for bin Laden and al Qaeda to plan their terrorist activities against the United States. Bush gave the Taliban time to either hand over bin Laden (which they were not about to do) or prepare for a bombardment by U.S. military. The American public was fully behind the 2001 military engagement in Afghanistan, but few citizens at that time imagined that more than ten years later American soldiers would still be in Afghanistan, fighting the resurgent Taliban militants.

hen President…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Gallup Poll. Retrieved January 29, 2012, from .
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Ethics and the War on

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Finally, torture is the best means to try to get this information from the suspect (McCoy, 2006). Taken as a whole, these circumstances are so unlikely to occur that, even if the ticking bomb scenario would justify the use of torture, it has not ever occurred and, therefore, cannot be used to justify torture.

In fact, what many people who advocate in favor of torture fail to acknowledge is that while torture may be guaranteed to elicit information from even the most reticent of subjects, there is no reason to believe that torture will elicit truthful information. The theory behind torture is that, with the application of sufficient pain and fear, people will talk, and that does appear to be true in the vast majority of cases. However, it is more important to wonder what they will say than whether they will talk. In the non-terrorist scenario, "About 25% of…… [Read More]


Armbruster, B. (2011, October 3). Obama's successful counterterror strategy. Retrieved March 21, 2012 from Think Progress website:  -successful-counterterror-strategy/

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Review, 67, 101-138. Retrieved March 19, 2012 from:
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Condoleezza Rice

Words: 1488 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60347108

Condoleeza Rice's biography to date is a remarkable story of how she got involved in politics and how she got to where she is today, the Secretary of State for the United States and arguably the most powerful woman in the world.

Rice's rise to her current position reflects a love of education that goes back in her family for generations, in spite of the fact that all of her great-grandparents were slaves. She had "house slaves" on both sides of her family, and their positions allowed them to become literate. Condoleeza's grandfather, John Rice, Jr., saved money he made picking cotton to go to college. He became a Presbyterian minister (Herstein, 2004).

Condoleeza Rice was born on November 14, 1954, in irmingham, Alabama. She lived through considerable turmoil in irmingham; one of her classmates, Denise McNair, was killed when the lack Sunday School was bombed in irmingham in 1964…… [Read More]


Beard, Jack M. 2004. "The Presidency and Building a Coalition to Wage a War on Al Qaeda and the Taliban Regime." White House Studies, Vol. 4.

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Norolinger, Jay. 1999. "Star-in-Waiting: Meet George W.'s foreign-policy czarina. National Review, August 30.
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Homeland Security

Words: 2038 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 34045118

Pat Proctor of Kansas State University was published in the peer-Reviewed Journal of Strategic Security in 2012.

The point of this article is not so much posing a question but presenting a proposal. The proposal is directed at the United States, suggesting in strong terms how the United States (and presumably its allies) could and should engage in "…mass politics" which Proctor calls "war without violence" (Proctor, 2012, 47). The theme of the article is the remarkable transformation that has taken place in Arab countries (called the "Arab Spring") such as Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East.

The hypothesis / thesis and central argument is very clearly stated in this piece. The thesis is that the United States needs a new strategy for persuading the Muslim world "…to reject the salafist jihadism idea" without further exacerbating the tensions that already exist between the est and the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Cook, David. 2009. Islamism and Jihadism: The Transformation of Classical Notions into an Ideology of Terrorism. Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions, 10.2, 177-187.

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Proctor, Pat. 2012. War Without Violence: Leveraging the Arab Spring to Win the War on Terrorism. Journal of Strategic Security, 5.2, 47-64.
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U S National Strategy What Three United States

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U.S. National Strategy

What three United States national interests do you think will be at great risk over the next five years? Describe those interests and identify which instruments of national power can be leveraged to protect or advance those national interests and how those instruments can be used.

As President Obama stated in his addresses to Congress in February 2009, the most important problem that the country faced was the economy, which was in the worst recession since the 1930s. This affected both domestic and foreign policy, since the country would probably have to reduce military spending and its commitments overseas as it did during the Great Depression, so for the Obama administration economic recovery was the primary goal. He did promise that "the weight of this crisis will not determine the destiny of this nation" (Obama Address, 2009, p. 1). He promised that the government would deal with…… [Read More]


Address to Joint Session of Congress. Remarks of President Barack Obama, As Prepared for Delivery, Address to Joint Session of Congress, Tuesday, February 24th, 2009.

Comprehensive Regional Strategy on Somalia: A Strategy for U.S. Engagement Report to Congress, February 2007.

JP 3-0 Chapter I.

JP 3 Extract Chapter 2.
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Future of Security in Previous

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National security cards also have the ability to provide useful information and insight to policymakers on which areas of a given country will most likely be the least secure and which pose potential security threats (Ortmeier, 2009). This will also force nations to into strategic identity management systems and taxonomies of how they classify threats to their populations. The use of analytics and big data or exceptionally large and complex data sets, will become commonplace in five years or less as a result of the adoption of national security cards across more nations in the world (Ortmeier, 2009). National security cards will also be increasingly used for managing healthcare, human services and social programs, as the United Kingdom has successfully done for example. The broader implications to the future of security from the use of national identity cards are evident in how advanced forms of security authentication continue to flourish…… [Read More]


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