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Societal Collapses Caused by Misuse of Environmental Resources

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Societal Collapses

Environmental determinism has long been out of favor among historians and social scientists, although well into the 19th Century even the majority of Westerners were highly dependent on the climate and environment for their survival. Since the entire world economy was based on agriculture, a shortfall in harvests meant famines, epidemics and death for those who were at or below subsistence level. Such famines were a primary cause for the overthrow of the monarchy in France in 1789, for example, and they led to rebellions, riots and instability wherever they occurred. As late as the 1840s in Ireland, the great potato blight led to the death or immigration of half the population, and the near-destruction of Irish society. In the case of Easter Island, Norse Greenland and the Classic Maya civilization, climate change combined with deforestation and agricultural practices that destroyed the environment led to the total collapse…… [Read More]


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Communication Problem Related to Small

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This is exacerbated by the problem that Carmen is close friends with the owner Kenneth. Kenneth has a similar conflict management style to Carmen. He can be extremely nice when dealing with people casually, but whenever a problem arises like Carmen he makes excuses, avoids the problem, tries to pass it on to someone else, or resorts to texting or faxing messages rather than confronting complaints. Their favorite 'nonverbal' communication strategy is simply not being there.

A failure to listen is one of the most common workplace communication problems. "When people or groups are in conflict, communication between them tends to get worse and worse. As a conflict escalates, people limit their direct contact with people on the other side, because such conflict is uncomfortable or threatening….Eventually all direct communication between parties may be cut off. Sometimes, communication is cut off in protest" (Lack of communication channels/avoided communication, 2005, OTPIC).…… [Read More]


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Nannie Helen Burroughs

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Nannie Helen Burroughs: A Review

Born on May 2nd, 1879 in Orange, Virginia, Nannie Helen Burroughs was the daughter of two former slaves. At the age of five, Burroughs lost her father, and was subsequently moved to ashington, D.C. By her mother, who sought a better education for her two young daughters. Many years after the move, Burroughs graduated in 1896 with honors in business and domestic science from what was then called the Colored High School in D.C. This move in pursuit of Burroughs' education seems to be the jumping off point for the great accomplishments she would achieve later in life. hile not a traditional biography of any sort, Opal V. Easter's analysis of Nannie Helen Burroughs' life and accomplishments is an extensive study of a trailblazer seeking to make education accessible to her people. The book takes necessary aim at Burroughs' revolutionary exploits throughout her life, and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Easter, Opal V. Nannie Helen Burroughs. New York: Garland Publishing, 1995.
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Minor League Baseball Business Case Study

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HBS Case Study: The Springfield Nor'easters

HBS Case Study: The Springfield Nor'easters

The Facts

Minor league baseball teams can be a potentially lucrative source of revenue in the right market. As going to major league games becomes increasingly expensive, more and more people, particularly parents who want their children to have the experience of going to a live baseball game, are increasingly turning to minor league games as a way of filling the gap (Cespedes, Lovelock, & Winig, 2008, p. 3). Springfield is a large city in Massachusetts and because of the Boston ed Sox, Massachusetts has a very strong baseball culture but the city was still a significant drive from Boston. It had many college students as well, another potential fan base. This case study revolves around the creation of a minor league team known as the Springfield Nor'easters. The team has been created as a way…… [Read More]


Cespedes, F. V., Lovelock, V. & Winig, L. (2009). The Springfield Nor'easters: Maximizing revenues in the minor leagues. Harvard Business School Case Study.
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Mitten by Jan Brett Jan

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Certainly, other types of animal flash cards could be used. An even better idea might be to have hand puppet or stuffed animal examples of the animals in the book to pass around for the children to look at. During their break, they could play with the toys as an added refresher for the animal concepts that they learned during the classroom and field trip sessions. Besides providing an excellent review, it would be a seamless method of integrating the reading with field trip sessions and prop and toy purchases. This type of activity will give the teacher indicators of the students' abilities as a class and individuals prior to beginning the reading unit. It might be wise to do the field trip as the follow-up idea to the book with Brett's work as preparatory for that activity.

Annotated Bibliography

1. Brett, J. (1989). The mitten. New York, NY: G.P.…… [Read More]

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Beauty Mean in Art Today

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Sally Mann's portfolio abounds of photographs of little girls, including here photographs such as the New Mothers and Sorry Game. All these, as the Easter Dress, are in black and white. In my opinion, the choice for black and white is an attempt by this modern artist to move the viewer's attention away from coloration and into the game of shapes and forms. If we compare this photograph with Dine's painting, the latter puts all emphasis on color (red in that particular case), while Mann insists exactly on everything that is not color: shapes, forms, movements.

The photograph depicts a little girl in a white dress playing/dancing in the foreground, while other characters, most likely members of her family (probably her grandparents, among others) are also present in the framework. As a modern art, photography has a characteristic that many other visual arts, including painting, do not: the ability of…… [Read More]


1. Gilmore, Richard. Philosophical Beauty: The Sublime in the Beautiful in Kant's Third Critique and Aristotle's Poetics. World Congress of Philosophy, in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10-15, 1998. On the Internet at http://www.bu.edu/wcp/Papers/Aest/AestGilm.htm.Last retrieved on October 9, 2006

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Artificial and Human Identities in Literature

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Artificial Intelligence / Robotics

Robot Outline Name: Complitar (aka the LoveBunny 3000).

Personal Statement: Greetings, human. I am the LoveBunny 3000, and I offer advice on relationships and also sex. You are here gazing at my glass containment because you are troubled in your relationship, or you seek advice for how to drive your lover wild, or perhaps you just need concrete advice for how to find a lover -- although in these days of social media and nonstop connectedness, if you can't find someone to sleep with you, you're doing it wrong. And that's where I come in. You can ask me any question pertaining to the relationship genre.

My form is that of a classic automaton -- a spooky sort of robotic doll that performs certain functions within a limited and circumscribed physical field. Some may recognize my appearance from a standard fairgrounds type fortune-teller or more specifically…… [Read More]

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How Paganism and Mystery Religions Influenced Christianity

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paganism and mystery religions influenced Christianity.


Paganism and mystery religions

Pagan Mystery religions have been associated with paving the way for Christianity presentation across the ancient and present world. They played the role of preparing the people emotionally and mentally in understanding the kind of religion which was represented by Christianity. They existed in varying degrees, examples was the Galilean cult which was to replace them. There encouragement was for a shift from the philosophical and state religion systems towards the craving for personal salvation as well as promise of immortality. It is believed that Christianity have been manifested through the paganism and mystery religions, since they were involved in doing the groundwork which paved the way for Christian missionary work. Most of the perception, as passed from paganism into Christianity got a highly insightful and spiritual meaning by Christianity.

The early church developed from the Greco-oman world which…… [Read More]


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Cumont, Franz, The Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism, (The Open House Publishing Co., Chicago: 1911).
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Analysis of a Case Study

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easters, Springfield's new Class A minor league baseball team had to solve the common issue of earning sufficient revenues from concession and ticket sales that would help fund their jobs in Springfield. The issue was aggravated by knowing that the Falcons, the only other professional sports team in Springfield, would have to leave because they failed to gain enough revenue from ticket and concession sales. The limitations were that only the budget of players' salaries as well as ball and bat expenses were funded by major league teams. Any and all other expenses, the minor league teams were accountable for and had to pay. Therefore, Nor'easters had to figure out a pricing policy that will them to break-even or make profit in order to raise revenues for their other expenses. If they failed to do so, they would have to follow the Falcons and move out of Springfield.

While Buckingham's…… [Read More]

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Personal Portrait the Course of

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According to the Kohlberg theory, the post-conventional level is when a person develops social contract orientation and becomes principled. I believe I felt that I owed society an obligation to work and try to make it better, so I sought public welfare work (Fowler, p. 56).

Eventually, a better job opportunity came to me in the form of a state job in the Department of Youth and Family Services, so I decided to leave the school system. I transferred from my city job and was able work in my chosen field. Between working there and at Families Matter, New Jersey, I learned quite a bit. I would spend hours with parents who did not have the skills to help themselves and children who were in crisis. This motivated me even more to finish my bachelor's degree. This experience made me realize how lucky I was to have supportive family and…… [Read More]


Colby, a and Kohlberg, L. (1987). The Measurement of Moral Judgment, Vol 2. Standard Issue Scoring Manual. Cambridge University Press.

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Educational Scenario

Words: 1411 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84494278

Education Scenario

Response from District Superintendent

Bill James

How did the parents' letter make you feel? Be candid in your response.

How did I feel when reading this belligerent letter? My first impression after reading half way through the letter was, here is a member of (or an ideological believer in) the Tea Party and the school's multicultural programs give him a perfect opportunity to rage against immigration. Reading all the way through, and reading it a second time, it is apparent that the father has a chip on his shoulder because he served in combat missions and now that he is out of uniform he believes he has the right to rage against what he feels is too much attention paid to other cultures / subcultures in America.

He can say that he was in the service with others of different nationalities and ethnicities -- and therefore he can't…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Transmission of Information Through Families

Words: 490 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40603527

SEX: Male [X] Female [ ]

AGE: 18-30 [ ] 31- 45 [X] 46 and over [ ]

PLACE OF BIRTH -- Westminster, Colorado

US or Europe [X] W. Indies & Caribbean [ ] L. America [ ] Asia [ ] Africa [ ]

LENGTH OF RESIDENCE in the U.S.: Less than 5 years [ ] 5 to 10 years [ ] More than 10 years [X]



EDUCATION Up to 8th 9th to 12th Some college orgrade [ ] grade [ ] college graduate [X]



I grew up in Northglenn, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. I have lived here my entore life except for two stints of college. I grew up in a lower middle-class family. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. Both parents agreed not to drag it out through the courts, and came up with…… [Read More]

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Light in Christian Worship Candlelight

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It is not intended for the contemplation of the reserved sacrament. Under this new principle, Roman Catholic tabernacles are now set in separate chapels or other more appropriate places (ELCA).

Guidelines for Lutheran Churches

These Churches do not recommend the placement or use of eternal flame lamps in the worship area (ELCA 2011). Doing so will give the erroneous belief that God is present only because of the light or that He is absent if the light is off. Lutheran theology affirms the real presence of Christ in the sacrament and the maintenance of the elements for the sick and the homebound. Some Lutheran congregations keep a clear encased light near the elements to honor or indicate the area where these elements are kept but not to worship them (ELCA).

Symbols at the First Presbyterian Church

An acolyte carries a torch during a liturgical procession (FPCreidsville 2011). This light represents…… [Read More]


Anderson, Sherridan. The Use of Candles as a Symbol in Worship. Canadian Centre for Worship Studies: CCSW and Sherridan Anderson, 2003. Retrieved on May 19, 2011

from http://www.ccws.ca/ancientpractices/papers/TheUseofCandlesasaSymbolinWorship-S.Anderson.PDF

Anderson, Todd D. The Lord be with You! Church of the Master United Methodist:

Otterbein University, 2011. Retrieved on May 19, 2011 from  http://www.chmaster.org/education/articles/worship
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Runaway Jury the Movie the

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There were more serious instances: Easter managed to get one woman removed from the jury, and another woman took an overdose of pills after realizing that her personal secret might be revealed. Finch's team had no compunctions about breaking laws in the process of their jury tampering: they broke into Easter's apartment twice, stealing computer data the first time, and the second time stealing more information and then setting the apartment on fire.

Viewers might want to see some of the characters as individuals taking important moral stances and fighting corruption, but by the end of the movie all the major characters have been corrupted in some way. It could be argued that the defense attorney was not corrupted because he ultimately decides to not pay the price to purchase the jury decision he wants. However, he goes so far as to discuss the situation with others in his firm…… [Read More]

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Judaism Even Though the Presence

Words: 2361 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39984211

(Catholic Home Study Service: Sundays and Holy Days) Hence when a changeover was made from Sabbath to Sunday as the weekly day of worship, the traditional Holy Days began to be neglected, and Christmas and Easter evolved to be the significant festivals of the Christian community. (Christian Holy Days)

The Modern Christian church now orders its members to attend services on every Sunday and on all other Holy Days. The Church makes the Services mandatory on Holy Days and on every Sunday, since the Christians have prayers and offerings as a community and the Services is the crucial activity which shows the worship of the community. Since this crucial activity shows the worship of the community as a whole, the need to attend services on the Holy Days and on Sundays is looked upon by the Church as a serious obligation. Sidelining this is considered to be a grave sin.…… [Read More]


Catholic Home Study Service: Sundays and Holy Days. Retrieved from http://www.cin.org/kc61-2.html Accessed on 12/1/2004

Christian Holy Days. Retrieved from http://www.abcog.org/holyday.htm Accessed on 12/1/2004

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Religious Holidays - or God's Holydays? Retrieved from  http://jacksonsnyder.com/arc/eli/pages/holydays.htm  Accessed on 12/1/2004
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Runaway Jury 2003 Negotiation Type

Words: 2367 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88364839

As the negotiations became aggressive, Marlee countered Fitch's aggressiveness by unilaterally raising the price, setting deadlines ('the deal should be finalized the next time I call'), and threatening to sway the verdict against Fitch.

Marlee also proved to be an adept negotiator when dealing with ohr. She skillfully defined the value set by digging into ohr's true motivation, and then appealed to his sense of greater achievement by offering him a scenario of 'Greater gun control'. She, however, underestimates ohr's sense of righteousness, as he refuses to go through with the deal, based on his conscience. The difference between the Marlee-Fitch negotiation and the Marlee-ohr negotiation is starkly evident, as the former is conducted in an aggressive environment with plenty of hidden motives, withholding of information, and threats, while the former, despite the initial threat of mistrial by ohr, is conducted in a much more open and honest environment.

As…… [Read More]


Runaway Jury, the Movie

Burgess, Heidi, 2004, 'Negotiation Strategies', Knowledge Base Essay

Spangler, Brad, 2003, 'Integrative or Interest-based Bargaining', Knowledge Base Essay

Cindy, Fazzi, 2003, 'Negotiation Theory and Application: The Next Generation', Dispute Resolution Journal
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EBD Directory

Words: 2457 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89300850

EBD esources

The following is a partial list of organizations that provide services for the parents of children with Emotional Behavioral Disorders (EBD). These resources offer a diverse selection of services that range from direct instruction to parents, referrals to professional help, and involvement in legislation and advocacy. The specific strategies of the organizations are listed in the descriptions; however, as can be seen by reviewing these descriptions the public agencies mostly rely on education, training, and referrals to professionals in order to assist children with EBDs.

The Child Developmental Institute (CDI) originated in 1999 and has a website that provides information for parents regarding a number of issues, especially for parents with children that have EBD's (CDI, 2015). The CDI is an important resource for parents who are looking for information, services, or products related to the development of their child, the child's health, parenting, learning, media, psychological issues…… [Read More]


American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. (2015). AACAP homepage. Retrieved on March 25, 2015 from  http://www.aacap.org/Default.aspx .

Center for Parent Information and Resources. (2015). About CPIR. Retrieved on March 25, 2015

from  http://www.parentcenterhub.org/about-us/ .

Child Developmental Institute. (2015). Retrieved on March 25, 2015 from  http://childdevelopmentinfo.com/about/#ixzz3Vxc3I9rt .
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Springfield Larry Buckingham Is About to Launch

Words: 1883 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43574972


Larry Buckingham is about to launch his season ticket drive for the Springfield Nor'Easters, a minor league baseball team. The city's only other minor sports team, the Falcons hockey club, is threatening to move and is about to launch a high-profile season ticket drive of its own. The ticket drive is critical because tickets are one of only three major sources of revenue for minor league baseball clubs. Another source is concession sales, which are highly correlated with ticket sales. Season tickets form the basis of the attendance -- the higher the rate of season ticket sales, the more profitable a baseball club will be in general. There are only small amounts of advertising and sponsorship revenues, totaling $46,000.

The Springfield market is challenging. The city has seen its economic base slump, and as a result real earnings are down and 25% of the city's population lives below the…… [Read More]

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Clay Sizemore Is Torn Between

Words: 1916 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30208863

Knowing about his past and acknowledging the pain it has caused him help him mature as a person, and it gives him the ability to truly love someone and settle down with them.

Clay's redemption comes from another who cannot accept either world as her own. All through the book, it is clear that Clay loves aunt Easter and her family, and his extended family. However, Clay never had what most children have -- his own father and mother. He never knew his real father, and he lost his mother when he was far too young. Alma, another outcast from the spiritual world, gives him the greatest gift he could ever receive, the gift of love and a real family of his own. The three literary critics continue, "At last, Clay has that which he has never truly had -- a family of his own. Now the void inside him…… [Read More]


Blythe, Hal, Charlie Sweet, and Kevin Rahimzadeh. "The Sacred and the Secular in Clay's Quilt." Notes on Contemporary Literature 36.1 (2006).

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England Was Intricately Involved in

Words: 948 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50201677

Assisted by the receipt of some arms from Germany, the group seized several buildings in Dublin which they were able to hold for nearly a week before British forces were able to put down the uprising.

The leaders of the rebellion, who had declared the establishment of an Irish Republic during the time that they occupied the Dublin buildings, were captured and subsequently summarily executed by the British government. These executions were a major political mistake for the British. Prior to the executions the popular sentiment in Ireland was to continue with British rule but the summary nature of the British actions subsequent to the Easter uprising caused a radical change in Irish attitudes. The executed men were quickly regarded as martyrs and the arrests of the remaining rebellion participants raised the ire of the Irish citizenry. hat began as a small and poorly organized demonstration escalated into a rallying…… [Read More]

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Chocolat There Is No Better

Words: 4622 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50575299

Clarence-Smith 6)

In so doing the commodity market and global trade developed a new history for chocolate, one that makes it a very fitting liberator in the small French village depicted in the film.

This new history is a story of sweetness and power, that is, the power to define what constitutes refined taste (Mintz 1985). All these accounts relate how Spanish nuns or monks were the first to domesticate a bitter, cold drink judged to be "more fit for pigs than for human consumption" (compare Constant 1988, 29; Robert 1990, 20). Chocolate was supposedly tamed by adding heat, sugar, and more refined flavorings such as vanilla, cinnamon, amber, and musk. This triumphant transformation heralded the introduction of chocolate to European nobles at court. "Hot, flavored, sweet; virtually nothing recalled its savage origins and, throughout the seventeenth century, the brown ambrosia would attract new followers" (Schiaffino and Cluizel 1988, 18).…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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History of the Irish Republican

Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54705152

It has also set off bombs in towns in the North of Ireland. The group is said to be the only military group in Ireland never to have yet killed or targeted a civilian. As of 2004, the CIRA is not believed to have an established presence or capability of launching attacks on the island of Great Britain. In 2004 the U.S. government believed the CIRA to consist of fewer than fifty fully active members. The U.S. government suspected the CIRA of receiving funds and arms from supporters in the United States. It is also believed that, in cooperation with the "Real" IRA, the CIRA may have acquired arms and material from the Balkans.

The Irish Republican Army first emerged as the army of the Irish Republic that had been declared at the Easter Rising of 1916 and affirmed by the irst Dail in January 1919. It was an amalgamation…… [Read More]

For a minority of nationalists, the home rule conceded was judged to be too little, too late. In the Easter Rising of 1916, these nationalists staged a rebellion against British rule in Dublin and in some other isolated areas. Weapons had been supplied by Germany, under the auspices of a leading human rights campaigner, Sir Roger Casement. However the plot had been discovered and the weapons were lost when the ship carrying them, the Aud, was scuttled rather than allow the arms to fall into British hands.

The rebellion was largely centered on Dublin. The leaders seized the Dublin General Post Office (GPO), raising a green flag bearing the legend "Irish Republic," and proclaiming independence for Ireland, though ironically some republicans in the GPO talked of making Prince Joachim of Prussia the King of Ireland if Germany won the First World War. Although many Irish people believe that the Rising and its leaders had public support, in reality there were calls for the execution of the ringleaders coming from the major Irish nationalist daily newspaper, the "Irish Independent" and local authorities. Dubliners not only cooperated with the British troops sent to quell the uprising, but undermined the Republicans as well. Many people spat and threw stones at them as they were marched towards the transport ships that would take them to the Welsh internment camps.

Public opinion gradually shifted, initially over the summary executions of 16 senior leaders, some of whom, such as James Connolly, were too ill to stand. Opinion shifted even more in favor of the Republicans in 1917-18 with the Conscription Crisis, when Britain tried to impose conscription on Ireland
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Religion and Symbology

Words: 1794 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67083339

Space and Things: Incarnating the Sacred

When faced with the term "religion," it is more common than not that a person would associate the word with some kind of symbol. Christianity, for example, is associated with the cross, Judaism with the Star of David, and so on. Festivals also play an important part in making religion real to its adherents. Many Christians, for example, celebrate Easter as the victory of Christ over death. There are also many, many Catholic festivals that celebrate various events in the Christian tradition. Buddhism also includes many different festivals, including the Plowing Festival and the Festival of the Tooth. These, as well as traditional ceremonies and festivals, are often extremely colorful. Symbols are also often made into material objects such as jewelry that the adherent can wear to demonstrate his or her affiliation to a certain religion. And example of this includes medallions, such as…… [Read More]


A Virtual Village (n.d.) Retrieved from:  http://virtualvillage.wesleyan.edu/topics/religion.html 

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Le Morte D'arthur the Legend

Words: 3262 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77893118

No other hero is so frequently mentioned. He is the only person so important that triads are enlarged into tetrads to fit him in. (Ashe 45)

The account that did the most to establish Arthur as a prominent historical figure was the History of the Kings of Britain written in 1135 by Geoffrey of Monmouth, a elsh monk, and the book provides a history of the earliest kings of Britain, some 99 in all, including King Coel, known to us today from the nursery rhyme as Old King Cole. About one-fifth of the book is devoted to Arthur, and Geoffrey provides the first organized version of the story. Many of the elements that would be part of the later tradition were missing, however. Arthur's court is not at Camelot but at a place called Caerlon-on-Usk, or City of Legions. Geoffrey contributed at least three new elements to the existing histories…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Jesse Jackson

Words: 2058 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5652746

Jesse Jackson -- Minister, Civil Rights Activist, Author

The life of Jesse Jackson has always been associated with a strong belief in the Christian faith. His activism in the Civil Rights Movement -- like that of his mentor, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. -- was based not just on social / racial justice, but in a powerful belief that God intended for all his children to be free, to have a chance at a good and decent life, and that heaven awaits those who fight for justice and fairness and live wholesome, productive lives. Among his many accolades, awards, and appointments, he was appointed "Special Envoy to Africa" by President Bill Clinton, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2000 (Gale Biography). This paper sheds light on Jackson's career, his faith, his ministry and the impact he has had on American society.

Jackson's Early Life and Times

Reverend…… [Read More]

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One European Country

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10840525

Republic of Ireland

he history of the Republic of Ireland is said by many to have begun with the Easter Rising of 1916. And it is true that, at the start of that momentous conflict between Ireland and England, the Irish Republic was declared by the self-proclaimed Provisional government. But a single event such as that was born in the planning, and in this case, it had it true effects in the aftermath. he personalities contributing to it, too, had a major impact on the birth of that nation. So, it might well be argued that the Easter Rising of 1916 got its start in about 1913, and culminated about 1917 or so...or even, to stretch a point, in 1921 when the War of Independence (the Black and an War) was over. (imeline, 1995)

On April 24, 1916, 1,550 members of two Irish paramilitary groups, the Irish Volunteers and Irish…… [Read More]

The British had most of the ordinary Irish on their side. But then they made the blunder that cost them, eventually, the land that would become the Republic of Ireland. Between the third and tenth of May 1916, they executed the rebel leaders including Pearse, Casement and James Connolly, who ha been wounded and had to be tied to a chair to be shot. (Neville, 2001)

While arguably most of the rebels were Roman Catholic, as opposed to the Protestantism of the British, that was not universally true. In fact, Connolly was both an agnostic, at best, and the leader of the Marxist Labor movement in Ireland. While it is not surprising that Pearse invoked the "Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Blessed Virgin" to sanctify the rebellion, it is surprising that the "general Catholic piety" extended to Connolly. When he was sentenced to death, he "accepted unreservedly the teaching and authority of the Catholic Church, asked for its sacred rites in preparation for his execution, and died in its communion' according to the Franciscan priest who visited him on the night before his execution. (Boyd, 1995)

Another member of the Easter Rising leadership was Eamon De Valera. His religion wasn't what made him unusual; it was his citizenship, which also kept him alive. Because he had been born in New York City, he was
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Epic Statuary Via Google Earth

Words: 943 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27848822

This is another large sculptural representation of a religious figure, but it is not nearly as accessible. Though still visited by intrepid tourists, this statue is perched precariously on the top of a mountain, arms impossibly outstretched and utterly dominating the view in that direction. The Catholic religion that mny Brazilians are members of and that was the cause of the statue being erected takes a much different view of religion than the Buddhists, and this is reflect in their statue. O Cristo Redentor is meant to be awe inspiring, dominating, and perhaps even a little intimidating. The Buddha, on the other hand, smiles in welcome to his visitors, and it is easy to walk right up to (or at least underneath) the statue. Here, it requires an arduous and even dangerous climb; a willingness to suffer and sacrifice if one wants to be close to the symbol of their…… [Read More]

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English Grammar Letter From Birmingham

Words: 4733 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60817463

The first independent clause begins in a strong active voice, with a strong decisive verb, (Graff, 2006).

This represents his shift from true passiveness to a form of non-violent action. Then, the dependent clause "realizing that except for Christmas," begins with a gerund. The verb to realize is transformed into a noun with the adding of a "-ing." This is aimed at showing the general modality of the speaker. The speaker and all involved had a previous knowledge of the realization involved in the process. Then King Jr. refers back to the object Easter with the subject and verb of "this is." This is a form of a relative clause which is therefore a form of adjective clause, (Lewis, 1986).

The next sentence continues the modality of the gerund verb. This sentence is a dependent attached to an independent clause first beginning with a gerund, "Knowing that a strong economic…… [Read More]


King, Martin Luther Jr. (1963). Letter from Birmingham jail. University of Pennsylvania. African Studies. 12 June. 2008.  http://www.africa.upenn.edu/Articles_Gen/Letter_Birmingham.html 

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Language Teaching Publications.

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Comparing Richter and Gardiner in Bach's Cantata Recordings

Words: 1744 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62896876

ichter and Gardiner in Bach's Canata ecordings

The Baroque was a style expressed in art, music, architecture and even literature from the Age of Discovery in the 16th century until the early 18th century. Most describe it as more dramatic, florid, embellished and a move away from the total religiosity of the Middle Ages and into a more secular and emotional, time frame. However, the spread of the Baroque in music, art and architecture was certainly tied to the spread of Catholicism and how art was used in the Church to help express emotion and tell the Biblical stories through painting or music for those not literate. Later in the era, the idea of music and art being reflective of religiosity became even more important with the split between Catholics and Protestants. Just like the philosophical materials that arose, the Baroque in music tending to use the past as a…… [Read More]


Cantata BWV4. (2008). Bach Cantatas Website. Retrieved from: http://www.bach-


Buelow, G., ed. (2004). A History of Baroque Music. Bloomington, IN: University of Indiana

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Warhol and Koons How Does

Words: 3543 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44192116

But the cool tone of the images in arhol's works is one reason why a viewer might be tempted to read a kind of backhanded affection for advertising and consumption in arhol's series, as well as satirical parody. hat Hughes calls this affectlessness, a fascinated and yet indifferent take on the object, arhol does not obviously express a point-of-view, rather he simply deploys sameness in different contexts -- advertising in an art gallery, movie stars tinted with flat paints. hether he does this with love as well as humor might be possible, but because there is such a visual parallel between the parody or the art and the real, it is hard to assign a definitive tone, other than coolness, to arhol.

For instance, a viewer might ask, is there, in the repetition of stars' faces such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O. And of course Marilyn, as well as Marlon…… [Read More]

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Western Religions Given the Remarkable

Words: 2540 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86307427

Jews worship in synagogues, which rarely share common architectural elements in common with one another. ather, the presence of the Arc within a synagogue remains one of the only features present in synagogues around the world. Some of the ultra-liberal synagogues from the eform tradition may not even have an Arc.

Christian churches vary widely, too. Catholic Churches constructed in Europe during the height of the Church's power from the late Middle Ages through the Enlightenment often share some elements in common including cross-shaped floor plan and altar. Mosques may differ widely but most have minarets topped with the symbol of the crescent moon. Unlike Christianity, neither Judaism nor Islam tolerates the presence of any anthropomorphic representations within their holy places. Thus, the interiors of synagogues and mosques contain only geometric and abstract designs in contrast to the prolific imagery of Christ, the apostles, and the saints in Catholic churches.…… [Read More]


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The Islamic Calendar." Calendars through the Ages. Retrieved Aug 7, 2006 at  http://webexhibits.org/calendars/calendar-islamic.html 

Kennedy, D.J. (1912; 2003). Sacraments. New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia. Retrieved Aug 7, 2006 at  http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13295a.htm
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Anathasius & His Contributions to

Words: 1494 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56514535

Because of this unwavering position that Anthanasius took on this matter he was labeled as an agitator, and was, over time, banished from Alexandria no less than five times by various emperors, only to be restored and banished again.

Eventually, Christians who believed in the Deity of Christ came to see that once they were prepared to abandon the Nicene formulation, they were on a slippery slope that led to regarding the Logos as simply a high-ranking angel. The more they experimented with other formulations, the clearer it became that only the Nicene formulation would preserve the Christian faith in any meaningful sense, and so they re-affirmed the Nicene Creed at the Council of Constantinople in 381, a final triumph that Athanasius did not live to see. (Behr)

As far as the council of bishops were concerned this was a major, and final triumph for the Orthodox faith. Of course…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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MIS Hershey Is One of

Words: 667 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33189204

This meant nine months of training and implementation that would just not be possible. This does not appear to have been taken into account by the managers.

External risks include the fact that Hershey's customers would lose their trust in their supplier. This culminated in the loss of significant shelf space, which would be difficult to regain after the crisis had passed. Furthermore, despite promises that Hershey made to supply by Valentine's Day and Easter, this could not be guaranteed. The loss of business and good faith resulting from an inability to properly implement the new system resulted in a loss of reputation for the company as well. This should have been anticipated, particularly with the new deadline.

A significant internal risk was the loss of revenue. Hershey had invested $112 million for the implementation of the whole project. This amount should have merited a proper assessment of possible risks,…… [Read More]


Levin, R. (2008, Sept. 24). Leapfrog Makes a Flying Leap onto the SOA Pad. Retrieved from  http://www.cio.com/article/451088/Leapfrog_Makes_a_Flying_Leap_onto_the_SOA_Pad?page=2&taxonomyId=3016 

The Hershey Story. (2010). Retrieved from
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African-American Women Literature Didion and

Words: 1418 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58006144

That being said, it is quite difficult to be honest with oneself, even thought as we stand in front of the mirror, naked and bare, Didion says we remain "blind to our fatal weaknesses." One might think that being too self-critical would damage the ego, but for Didion, it is completely the opposite -- by knowing out flaws, accepting some and working towards the goal of solving others, we become more actualized and powerful. Without this realization, "one eventually discovers the final turn of the screw: one runs away to find oneself, and finds no one at home."

Both Didion and Walker focus on self-respect, self-actualization, and in a very real way, a pseudo-Marxian approach to alienation from society. There are several points in common for the authors: one's own approach to self; seeking and finding self-respect; and taking an active role in our own place in the universe. Conversely,…… [Read More]

Hooks, B. Rock My Soul: Black People and Self-Esteem. Washington Square Press, 2004.

Sanford, L. Women and Self-Esteem: Understanding and Improving the Way We Think

About Ourselves. Penguin, 1987.
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Apache Farrer Profusely Described in

Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63206332

It is a divine and blessed land. Also, it explains the different forces at work in the world. The forces of the weather impact the lives of ordinary people with great significance. The people who told this first story wanted to find a reason for why weather was so powerful, thus the forces of the weather were the king's administrators, like administrators of a nation. The entire early society in this myth of origins is seen as a kind of kingdom, with officials administering the different elements that affect people's daily lives, like good and evil and sickness and death. People cannot control these forces but they can appeal to these benevolent ministers to help them.

Human beings are created through an act of great patience, namely the patience of the bear. The fierce tiger and the bear are given a great challenge, to live on a miserable substance in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Farrer, Claire R. (1996). Thunder Rides a Black Horse: Mescalero Apaches and the Mythic Present. Waveland Press.

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Jay's Legal Considerations Are Several On Some

Words: 1748 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1841605

Jay's legal considerations are several. On some of those issues he is on firm legal standing while on others he should reconsider his position. The first issue facing Jay is how he should resolve the payment of the $15,000 contract payment that Westside Construction Group was promised by Jay in the event that project was completed by March 1. Ordinarily, the terms of a contract are unalterable once agreed upon but the situation presented between Jay and Westside are different and present an exception. The parties' original contract called for the contract to be completed by March 1st so the new contract involving the Port Torrens Football Club does not mark a new completion date but WCG's guarantee of completion provides WCG the capacity to contract with Port Torrens that otherwise they may not be able to do. WCG's assurance, through Tom, makes Jay's contract with Port Torrens a reality…… [Read More]


Air Great Lakes Pty. Ltd. v. KS Easter (Holdings) Pty. Ltd., 2 NSWLR 309 (Supreme Court of New South Wales 1989).

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Contract Is a Legally Enforceable Promise That

Words: 2214 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33709781

contract is a legally enforceable promise that allows commerce to flow smoothly throughout society. ithout contracts, businesses and consumers would be embroiled in constant disputes with potential for fraud and frequent misunderstandings but the fact that contracts are available does not eliminate disputes and resulting litigation. The courts are full of cases involving transactions between parties that have been formalized by the existence of a contract but the existence of a contract, or what the parties believed was a contract, does not ensure that matters will progress without problems.

Although contracts are in their simplest form promises there are elements that must be contained in contracts that distinguish them from simple promises. All contracts must contain: 1) an offer; 2) an acceptance; and 3) consideration. In a perfect world, every contract would have clearly identifiable offer, acceptance and consideration but in reality this is not always possible and the terms…… [Read More]

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Pavilion on the Links

Words: 2853 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41812088

At times Northmour seems to lose control of himself and become almost uncontrollably violent for almost no reason. We encounter this facet of his character at the beginning of the story when the two friends part company. It is as if there is a dark side to his nature which he has to be kept under control. The following quotation from the story clearly shows this aspect of his character.

He leaped from his chair and grappled me; I had to fight, without exaggeration, for my life; and it was only with a great effort that I mastered him, for he was near as strong in body as myself, and seemed filled with the devil.

In the above quotation the inner evil, the other side of Northmour is revealed. This character therefore, like many others characters in the works of Stevenson, symbolizes the reality of the conflict between good and…… [Read More]


Biography of Robert Louis Stevenson. Web. 12 February, 2012. (http://www.heartoscotland.com/Categories/RobertLStevenson.htm).

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Man Is Not Truly One, but Truly Two. Web. 12 February, 2012. (http://www.epinions.com/review/Dr_Jekyll_and_Mr_Hyde_by_Robert_Louis_Stevenson_and_by_Vladimir_Nabokov_and_adapted_by_Kate_McMullan_and_illustrated_by_Paul_Van_Munching_and_edited_by_Carol_Hegarty/content_118519598724?sb=1).

Stevenson Prince of Modern Story-Tellers. Web. 13 February 2012.
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Technological Progress Ever Overcome Scarcity

Words: 3016 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29163652

Levine also notes that the result of the government patchwork of funding is that private firms jump into the technological progress market, with even worse economic results. "Private firms focus their research efforts according to short-term, market-driven priorities, motives which often contradict long-term sustainable development and economic growth" (Levine 1998 675). Result=inequality/scarcity.

Further, Levine (1998 675) notes that large academic institutions that are more likely to consider long-term concerns are put in the position of directing national innovation systems; please see above for the problems inherent in that (turf wars).

Despite all that, Levine does still believe technological progress is the answer to scarcity, at least in environmental arenas. Levine notes that "As far back as 1911, Joseph A. Schumpeter integrated innovation into economic development theory by showing a positive correlation between involvement in a commercial transaction and the generation of new products, devices or systems" (1998 675). But in…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Black Churches New Pastors

Words: 4891 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99514907

There are some generalizations from the survey that are useful in the sense that they offer solid social reasons why pastors should be in touch with today's unmarried parents, in order to provide services for them outside their attendance for Sunday sermons: one, unmarried parents are "twice as likely to live below the poverty line as married parents"; two, unmarried parents are "twice as likely to have dropped out of school as married parents"; three, unmarried parents are "twice as likely" to have reported being in some degree of trouble with alcohol or with illegal drugs; four, unmarried parents "are younger than married parents" by an average of 7 years; and five, forty-three percent of unmarried mothers "have children with at least two men," while just 15% of married mothers "have children with different fathers."

In conclusion, Parke writes that the data from the research helps to dispel the myth…… [Read More]


Baldwin, Lewis. 2003. Revisiting the 'All-Comprehending Institution': Historical

Reflections on the Public Roles of Black Churches, in New Day Begun: African-

American Churches and Civic Culture in Post-Civil Rights America. Durham, NC:

Billingsley, Andrew. 1992. Climbing Jacob's Ladder: The Enduring Legacy of African-
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World Nutrition

Words: 1035 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77229653


Food and dietary habits vary from region to region; mostly guided by cultural preferences, access to resources and income levels. It has often found that western countries rarely ever complain of malnutrition problem, while it persists in third world countries. The reason for this is grounded in income levels and access to resources. Most developing countries heavily rely on pulses and beans for calories while most western-nations exhibit a greater taste for meat and poultry. This demonstrates on the one hand, cultural tastes while on the other it also says a great deal about income and poverty. In a report and survey revealed in 1980s, it was found that there existed noticeable differences in per capital supply of calories and protein in different regions of the world (see Table 1). It was observed that developing countries had calories intake 9% lower than the world average. The developed countries on…… [Read More]


1. Food and Agriculture Organization, 1996a The sixth world food survey. Rome: FAO.

2. Food and Agriculture Organization, 1996b. Food balance sheets 1961-1994. Rome: FAO.

3. Grigg, D. 1995 The nutritional transition in Western Europe. Jl Hist. Geogr. 21: 247-61.

4. Grigg, D. 1996 The starchy staples in world food consumption. Ann. Ass. Am. Geogr. 86: 412-31.
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Shades of Green This Project

Words: 3642 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73116552

This also means that the prices must be reasonable. The resort also has an opportunity to make substantial revenue from this asset because it is open to the general public.

Entertainment- entertainment also has the capacity to generate revenue for the resort. The resort has banquet facilities that can accommodate bands and other types of entertainment. These banquet facilities were added on as part of the restoration of the resort and have proven to be a valuable revenue generating asset.

Gift Shop/Souvenir Items- ecause the resort is located so close to Disney land and designed to accommodate families the resort sells souvenirs and other products in its gift shop. Therefore the gift shop is a revenue generating asset. Once again the resort has to be careful to sell the memorabilia and other items at a discounted price because these items are available throughout the city.

Rentals/services-there are several things that…… [Read More]


United States ArmyFiscal Year 2004 MWR Annual. Retrieved September 11, 2005 from; Report.  http://www.army.mil/cfsc/documents/planning/Annual_Report2004.pdf 

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Armed Forces Recreation Centers Expand in Florida, Germany. Retrieved September 11, 2005 from;  http://www.defense.gov/news/Jul2002/n07012002_200207015.html 

Armed Forces Recreational Center Uses Federal Government ESPC to Achieve Goals. Retrieved September 11, 2005 from;  http://www.trane.com/commercial/library/shdsgreen.asp
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Food History in North America

Words: 1793 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33314197


Food History of North America Cuisine

What is the geographical location of North America and why it would have an effect on the North America cuisine? (i.e., what is the weather condition in North America and does that play an affect as to why they eat the foods they eat and what foods do they eat mostly).

North America is a vast area that has many different geographical areas and so, they have an amazing affect on the food that North Americans eat. The long shorelines provide every kind of seafood from Alaskan king crab to Maine Lobster. The interior of North America is made up of prairie, both in the U.S. And Canada, and it is fertile, flat soil that is easily farmed. The area provides food to the entire world.

Because the area is so vast, the weather is different throughout North America, and influences the foods…… [Read More]


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Sutherland, Amy. Cookoff: Recipe Fever in America. New York: Penguin Books, 2003.

Tannahill, Reay. Food in History. New York, Crown Publishers, 1988.
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Management of Health and Safety

Words: 2541 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66513500

It is essential fo company manages, safety pactitiones and manufactuing enginees to be infomed of and gain sufficient knowledge about cuent eseach developments in this field and implement safety stategies as well as systems to minimize occupational health and safety isks. (Bie; Kuneuthe; Phimiste, 103); (Stellman, 17)

Active and pocedual isk management stategies ae impotant elements in any manufactuing unit. Active isk management efes to implementing intelocks, alams and mitigation systems that can detect a hazad and immediately shut down o set the system into a safe position. Pocedual isk management efes to implementing safety checklists, opeato taining, standad opeating pocedues and seveal such people dependent management systems. Ceating "inheently safe design stategies" in a manufactuing unit would involve fou key stategies. These ae minimizing, modeating, substituting and simplifying systems. (Bie; Kuneuthe; Phimiste, 103); (Stellman, 17)

Despite all safety guidelines, accidents still occu mainly as a esult of human complacence…… [Read More]

references and further reading you must purchase this article.

Ellacott, Michael V; Reed, Sue. Review: Development of Robust Indoor Air Quality Models for the Estimation of Volatile Organic Compound Concentrations in Buildings. Indoor and Built Environment, vol. 8, no. 6, 1999. pp: 345-360.

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Thorntons Chocolates the British Company Thortons Chocolates

Words: 512 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19582376

Thorntons Chocolates

The British Company, Thortons Chocolates, was established in 1911 by Joseph Thornton. Today, it is headquartered in Derbyshire England, has 381 company and 261 franchise shops, over 4000 employees, and annual revenue of over 180 million British Pounds. It is the largest independent and confectionary shop in the United Kingdom, and one of the oldest continually operating confectionaries in the world. Up until the mid-1960s it was primarily family controlled, but after 1968 began franchising and expanding under new leadership, although the Thornton family continued to be involved in major Board decisions (Thorton 2009).

Key Business Issues- Up until the 1980s, the company was primarily a seasonal business with a few very large peaks (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Easter). New strategies and branding moved this model towards a more balanced, year -on approach and an emphasis on Christmas, Birthdays, and other non-traditional Holiday occasions. In 1982 Thorntons…… [Read More]


Thorntons PLC Strategy Review. (28 June 2011). Retrieved February 2012 from:


Danaher, T. (28 June 2011). Retrieved February 2012 from:

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People of All Ages and Backgrounds Literature

Words: 549 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22601179

people of all ages and backgrounds. Literature, like any historical document, allows reader to gain a larger understanding of cultures, history, society, and politics. Furthermore, literature helps to instill the reader with the ability to read and understand complex concepts and enables them to develop critical thinking skills.

One of the most fascinating things about literature is the structure of what is written and how that structure has evolved over time to become a way for the writer to express himself or herself. Poetry may be one of the most applicable examples of how form and structure complement content. There are many different types of poetry, from the sonnet to the epic, and each is intended to convey a certain message to the reader. These messages may be personal, contemplative, or even political in nature. For example, works written by George Herbert's encompass personal, contemplative, political, and religious concepts. Furthermore,…… [Read More]

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Market Communication

Words: 3209 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13024104

market communication plan for Divine Chocolate that produces chocolates for a noble cause of supporting the cocoa farmers of Ghana and promoting Fair Trade. The paper consists of an analysis of its business environment as well as a set of recommended strategies which it can use to beat the competition and effectively communicate its marketing messages to the most potential target customers.

Divine Chocolate is one of the leading Fair Trade chocolate manufacturers in the United Kingdom and United States. In addition to producing the best quality chocolates, Divine Chocolate also aims to promote fair trade in the Global community. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis of the current business and marketing strategies of Divine Chocolate and proposes a market communication plan which can help it better understand its target market, effectively run its advertising and promotional campaigns, and beat the competitor brands which are supported by numerous unknown credential…… [Read More]


Batra, R., Myers, J.G., & Aaker, D.A. 2009, Advertising Management, 5th Edition. New Delhi: Pearson.

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Aldo Leopold and Environmental History in Answering

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Aldo Leopold and Environmental History

In answering the question of whether the United States has improved on environmental policy since the 1930s, the cyclical nature of the political system must be considered. A generational reform cycle occurs every 30-40 years, such as the Progressive Era of 1900-20, the New Deal of the 1930s and the New Frontier and Great Society of the 1960s and early-1970s. All of the progress that the United States has made in conservation, wilderness preservation and other environmental issues has happened in these reform eras. Barack Obama represents yet another reform cycle and his environmental record is better by far than any other president over the last forty years, although much of what he attempted to accomplish has been blocked by the Republicans and the corporate interests that fund them. In conservative eras like the 1920s, 1950s and 1980s and 1990s, almost nothing worthwhile happens with…… [Read More]

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Chile Now One of the Most Prosperous

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Now one of the most prosperous nations in Latin America, Chile has undergone a series of traumatic transformations during the course of its lengthy history. Indigenous Chilean people have survived attacks from both Incas and Spanish invaders, and the latter half of the twentieth century saw one of the most brutal military regimes in recent memory. A narrow strip of land in south-western South America, Chile sits directly south of Peru and borders Argentina and Bolivia to the east and north-east, respectively. Its 6435-mile-long coastline comprises both Atlantic and Pacific waters, including the Strait of Magellan shared with neighboring Argentina. Easter Island, or Isla de Pascua, is home to mystifying monolithic stone sculptures, and is also proudly Chilean, along with Isla Sala y Gomez. Chile boasts dramatic differences in its national terrain, from rugged Andean cliffs and Patagonian wilderness, to the terrifyingly dry Atacama Desert, one of the world's…… [Read More]

The Pinochet government, to attract foreign money, decimated forests and depleted water and mining reserves. Native forests were and still are being replaced by non-indigenous or unsustainable pine and eucalyptus. Soil loss, environmental contamination from chemicals used in agriculture and mining, and smog due to automobile and factory exhaust plague Chile. As soon as he was elected, Aylwin made improving the Chilean environment a top priority, and since 1990 some improvements have been made due to changes in political decision making. However, Santiago, a city resting in a natural basin and surrounded by high mountains, suffers from air pollution that exceeds WHO standards.


Never a leaf moves in Chile without my knowing of it." General Pinochet secured control of the nation of Chile for a decade and a half, during which thousands of people were killed, imprisoned, exiled, or tortured. This scar of Chilean history must not mar the beauty of its indigenous cultures or the richness of its natural splendor. The thin sliver of South America that is the Republic of Chile has survived centuries of trauma both at the hands of Spanish conquistadors and military dictatorships supported by the United States. Finally, in the 1990s and beyond, Chile has regained its footing on the world's stage and is an increasingly viable partner in global economics. Although Chile has a long way to go to alleviate an unnaturally wide income disparity, the country is a relatively peaceful and stable nation, one which appeals to tourists, artists, and scholars.
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Lord's Supper by Authors Oscar Cullmann and

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Lord's Supper by authors Oscar Cullmann and Franz Jehan Leenhardt

One of the most perplexing issues facing any Christian today is the issue of how to view the taking of the Lord's Supper every Sunday. The ancient images of wine, bread, and physical and spiritual sacrifice have undergoing extensive debate and reinterpretation throughout all of Christianity. These images, despite the controversy they have inspired, however, still are central to Christian ritual and communal life and doctrine today.

Their controversial nature has spanned from the doctrine of transubstantiation established in the early Catholic Church, to the more flexible and metaphorical definition of some of today's Christian communities. In their book, Essays on the Lord's Supper the authors Oscar Cullmann and Franz Jehan Leenhardt offer their own faith perspectives on the issue. Their duality of perspective is particularly instructive, not simply from a theological point-of-view, but because Oscar Cullmann was a professor…… [Read More]

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Religion Life of Historical Jesus

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Gerd Theissen and Annette Merz bridge a gap between trade book and scholarly discourse with their 642-page tome The Historical Jesus: A Comprehensive Guide. This joint effort by Theissen and Merz explores the subject matter of the historical Jesus in light of primary sources, especially relying on the Gospels, both canonical and apocryphal. The book is divided into four main sections, in addition to a meaty Introduction, a "Retrospect" called "A Short Life of Jesus," and two helpful indexes, one of Biblical… [Read More]

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Online Giants

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Yahoo vs. Amazon

This report will present a compare and contrast between Yahoo and Amazon. The core business and histories of the two businesses will be discussed. Following that, there will be a description of the key strategic differences between the two and how the respective strategies have impacted the relative success of each form. Two specific examples of these strategies will be covered. The manner in which each company's core competencies help shape their strategies will be described. One functional-level strategy will be recommended for each term. At least three references will be used to describe things along the way. While Yahoo and Amazon are in the same general online portal sphere, how precisely they address the genre and the offshoots they tend to branch into are entirely different.


Some information technology companies have been around for a while but most of the Internet-reliant and information firms have…… [Read More]


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E-Reader Marketing

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The product we are selling is an e-reader that comes with a library subscription. The product faces an uncertain market for e-readers, but it has been demonstrated that there are opportunities for companies in this market if they have a unique offering, which we do. We will market specifically to groups, either hobby groups or reading groups, wherein each group member would receive an e-reader and a subscription to a library of content pertaining to their interests. This offering is unique, and we feel substantially differentiated to succeed.

The company has an ambitious target for sales, and figures to reach an audience of 2 million within the first couple of years. The budget for marketing is $243,000 for the first year, including costs associated with the launch, and a number of seasonal promotions. The overall strategy will also require, in order to be successful, partnerships with content providers (publishers)…… [Read More]


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Reflective Journal Journey Through a Team Project for Organizations

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paired with a team of four. They were not just any team of four but a dynamic group, filled with such dedication, passion and zeal to come to work on time, and unleash any fresh ideas to finish the project. Our team got along and there was not one person that did not throw upon themselves to go the extra mile. In week one, we were given our assignments and then in week two I was placed with my group and as mentioned earlier, there were four. However, within the group, we all had various tasks given to us and mine was the Sofa Hotel. This was beneficial to the team because I personally know the company and I have contact with those that work in the organization.

In my experience with doing research on this hotel, I learned a lot just individually. For example, I found out that the…… [Read More]