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Policy and Law of WTO

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Law and Policy of World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) has a system to settle disputes between member countries regarding their rights and obligations under the WTO agreements. The purpose of the WTO dispute settlement system is the prompt settlement of disputes between WTO Members concerning their respective rights and obligations under WTO law. WTO believes the dispute settlement is one of the core pillars of the multidimensional trading system and plays a critical role in promoting the stability of the global economy.[footnoteRef:1] As part of the dispute settlement process, WTO has established panels and Appellate Body, which make judgments and decisions that are enforced by the organization. [1: World Trade Organization, ‘A Unique Contribution’ (2018) accessed 22 Jan 2019] Based on the WTO’s Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU), disputes are to be determined before impartial panels of experts, which makes enforceable decisions.[footnoteRef:2] One of the way decisions by…… [Read More]

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