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Please help me with essay titles and outline for forensic psychology paper?


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Forensic psychology refers to applying psychology to legal issues.  Forensic psychology can be applied to civil and criminal legal cases but is most commonly associated with criminal cases.

Ten possible essay topics / titles for forensic psychology are:

  1. Future Dangerousness: Can Forensic Psychologists Assess Future Risk
  2. Beyond Criminal Profiling: How Forensic Psychologists Help Law Enforcement
  3. Legally Crazy Versus Mentally Ill
  4. Victim Profiling: What Makes Some People Targets
  5. The Psychology of Policing
  6. Best Interests of the Child: How Forensic Psychologists Can Help in Child Custody Cases
  7. Inherently Unreliable: The Problem with Eyewitness Testimony
  8. Undeveloped Brains: Why Juveniles Should Not Be in the Adult Criminal Justice System
  9. The Psychology of Jury Selection
  10. How Accurate Are Fictional Portrayals of Serial Killers?

We are including a sample essay outline for a paper on forensic psychology, focusing on the topic of Legal Insanity Versus Mental Illness.

I. Introduction

A. Mental illness

B. Legally insane

C. Define competent to stand trial

D. Thesis

II. Mental illness

A. Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in thinking, behavior, and/or emotions

B. 1 in 5 people will experience in their lifetime

C. Range of severity

III. Legally insane

A. Different standards in different states

B. Can the person control their actions? 

C. Can they differentiate between fact and reality

D. Assessed at the time of the criminal behavior

IV. Competent to stand trial

A. Is a person able to participate in their own defense? 

B. Assessed at the time of trial

C. Questions about whether a person can be forced to accept treatment to make them competent

D. Also arises in questions about death penalty eligibility

V. Conclusion

A. Restate thesis

B. Mental illness

C. Legal insanity

D. Competency to stand trial

E. Call to action

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