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the ethics of the munoz case nursing

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On November 26, 2013, Marlise Muñoz suffered from a pulmonary embolism. Within two days, the patient was declared brain dead. Muñoz was 33 years old and 14 weeks pregnant. She also happened to reside in Texas. In Texas, a provision of the state’s Advance Directives Act known as the pregnancy exclusion apparently mandates that any pregnant patient must be kept on life support regardless of the fetus’s gestational age, and regardless of the patient’s or her family’s wishes (Mayo, 2014). Based on their interpretation of the pregnancy exclusion, the staff at the Texas hospital refused to abide by the family’s—and the patient’s—wishes, claiming they were constrained by law.
In addition to raising important questions about the efficacy of neurological death, the Muñoz case is instructive for informing future bioethical policies. The case touches upon abortion issues, patient autonomy, and right to self-determination, and also shows how legislation can sometimes…… [Read More]


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Code of Ethics for Managers in Acquisition

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Corruption takes many forms, and can have a devastating impact on economies, and on the effectiveness of government. For that reason, it is best practice to have a code of ethics for managers who are involved in acquisitions, purchasing and contracts. Ethical lapses contribute to a wide array of issues, including waste, a decline in confidence in the institution of government, and underperformance because the wrong vendors were selected. Larezos (2008) notes that when evidence of corruption arises, governments may need to recompete contracts, projects can be delayed or go way over budget, and there can be increased cost to taxpayers as well. If chronic weak governance leaves a populace disenchanted with government, then the political fallout can be severe as well. In essence, corruption represents the trade-off between the personal gain for the government officials in question versus the overall government or economy.
Combatting corruption is a complex…… [Read More]

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End of Life Decision Making Ethics

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When a family has to decide how much is too much, as Plakovic (2016) puts it during end-of-life care, there is a clear ethical dilemma that crops up for family members and care providers. That dilemma is related to the issue of how to approach end-of-life treatment. For instance, some individual have strict preferences when it comes to whether or not they want to be resuscitated or kept alive by a machine. Others have no instructions set aside before hand for care providers and family to go by. The ethical dilemma is complicated by the fact that care providers have an oath to care for all life—but at the end-of-the-life, what is the line between postponing the inevitable inhumanely and giving as much humane care as is possible? That blurred line is a complicated one to walk. The two major points that this paper will address when it comes…… [Read More]