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NFL Overtime Rule the NFL

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Justification is an important part of the game and a number of fans say that if a team's defense cannot stop the opposite team from launching a drive into the end zone, they are worthy of being given the loss. In spite of everything, it could have just as simply gone the other way. Unmistakably it is to a team's difficulty to misplace the coin toss and have to deal with catastrophic consequences in case they fail, but supporters of defensive football claim that it is a genuine way to decide the game. The NCAA and the CFL work in the perfect way, according to followers of equal-opportunity overtime; every team is arranged an equal number of possessions ahead of the winner being determined. If, though the primary team to have the ball scores and the second team does not, it is game over. In case the first team does not score and the second team does, after that it is game over. However, if both teams score, they do it once more. Nevertheless is it common sense to have the first team score, say 'Well, that is it!' And just finish the game? A lot of people would say…… [Read More]

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NFL Retirement Benefits Issues and

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Furthermore, ERISA issues aside, according to Linda Sanchez (D-California), "It concerns me when those who work hazardous jobs don't get the care they deserve, whether a coal miner, tire factory worker or football player... " referring to the questionnaire distributed to the NFLPA requesting medical data pertaining to their retirees, she said, "I look forward to timely responses to our questions so we can determine what steps might be necessary that those who made football great aren't neglected."13

AP, 2007

Carpenter, 2007


Professional football is, by all accounts, a violent sport whose participants frequently suffer significant physical injuries on the playing field. Because of the nature, frequency, and intensity of the collisions inherent to the game, especially at the professional level, the effects of football injuries often persist long after retirement. Most insidious are the cumulative effects of repeated cerebral concussions, only recently identified as a specific injury when they occur, especially with regard to the delayed after-effects of some of those collisions.

The recent deaths of several high-profile retired former NFL stars at relatively early ages and the disclosure of the debilitating physical condition of others have increased attention to the need to improve retirement benefits. In…… [Read More]


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NFL Foundation

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Their activities and support of the foundation; enable the league to demonstrate a higher purpose which is of greater social value. (Ferriter)

In the majority of cases, the NFL is using the various high profile marketing events to illustrate the importance of sports in promoting various charity related events. The Super Bowl is the biggest event with it using the game as an avenue to help the community which is hosting it. At the same time, it is an avenue for helping to promote social responsibility. Evidence of this can be seen with Babiak & Wolfe (2006) saying, "The NFL is becoming progressively more invested in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in an effort to establish itself as a socially conscious organization, one based on the twin pillars of football and the community. As the proverbial jewel in the NFL's crown, the Super Bowl is an institution composed of many interlinked parts: the league, competing teams, corporate entities, governments, and nonprofit organizations. Increasingly, the NFL is investing its efforts around the Super Bowl on social issues and concerns in cities that host the event. It is more than just a game to the National Football League (NFL) and the communities…… [Read More]

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Is Roger Goodell Competent to Reform the NFL's Policies

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NFL and Decision Making

The National Football League (NFL), probably the most popular and richest sports league in America, has been in the news a lot lately. The issues involving the NFL have not been about football per se -- and about what teams are dominant early in the season -- but rather about wrongdoing by football players and incompetence and poor decision-making by the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell. This paper reviews the domestic violence issues that have made headlines over the past few weeks and months, and the wrongheaded attempt at leadership the public has witnessed from the commissioner.

A History of Lenience by the NFL

It was April, 2007, and in the previous season more than 50 NFL players had been arrested for various crimes, so Commissioner Roger Goodell got tough on these players by instituting a "newly stringent personal conduct policy" (Pennington, et al., 2014). Goodell insisted that he could handle the wave of criminal activity by players himself, and that was installing himself as "…the judge and jury presiding over every case" (Pennington, p. 1). Goodell was quoted saying, "It is my job -- not law enforcement's job -- to protect the National Football…… [Read More]

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Regulation of the NFL From

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On the other hand, we might be able to "incubate" a cable network by playing a Thursday night series of cable games, and such a network could be a long-run success that would strengthen our product as well." (Tagliabue, 2004)

Tagliabue states that prior to proceeding with a new package it is necessary to ensure that this new package is based on "sound television premises and that it is structured to complement our other television packages rather than to cannibalize our Sunday and Monday night audiences and move us down the road to commoditization. As previously mentioned, commoditization is ultimately very negative in a 400-channel universe, and the challenge we face is how to balance the need for revenue and viewers to ensure the long-run success of our sport. In theory, greater revenues are available from cable television, which is both advertiser and subscriber supported, than from broadcast television, which is only ad-supported, but despite cable channels' gains in viewership over the years; more viewers are still available from traditional broadcast television." (2004)

The third stated consideration is the NFL's ownership structure and Tagliabue states that there are some unique rules which include "...debt ceiling limits and clear limitations in…… [Read More]


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Clean Hits The NFL and

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In that case, the NFL will, naturally, take the position that if they do not want to be included in a profit-making activity, the NFL will gladly take the profits without them. Whether this is truly collusion is perhaps the decision of the individual to whom the thought strikes; but certainly it seems to appear as collusion when in fact it is not by any means deliberately collusive. Players' claims notwithstanding, it is very unlike the NFL to procure less-than-maximum television revenues simply because they must split them with another group; in fact it goes contrary to all other signs that the NFL shows and actions that it takes.

I do not like Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL -- who does?

-- but it is not in my interests to claim that he is overseeing an organization characterized by collusion when in reality it is clean in that regard. That the NFL is a wealthy industry and that the owners have more than the players -- more money, more education, more culture, and hence more resources to draw on -- is well beyond dispute. That it pursues strong-arm tactics and is not clean as a whistle is likewise…… [Read More];_ylt=AmSIMv1NcfJaacFLpJE.HyH.uLYF

(Accessed May 9, 2011)
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American Sports of NFL and NBA and Their Influence in Popular Culture

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Sports and popular culture (NFL/NBA)


Pop Culture

Popular culture entails all forms of mass communication such as:





Books and Cartoons and comics


It is somewhat different compared to higher forms of cultural art such as:

Classical music


Conventional theatre

In terms of mass communication, popular culture means messages which are intellectually and artistically limited primarily designed to entertain and humor the viewers (Hollander, 2014). Following the industrial revolution, the people had a lot of time to spare which led to a huge demand for entertainment and amusement and gave height to media. The increasing supply of goods also made it necessary for the advertisers to attract the consumers and mass media could reach a large number of audiences at the same time (Hollander, 2014).


The physical activities have always been in the life of human beings in the form of different leisure activities. These activities consisted of hunting and war-like nature as well as dancing and other activities. The romans admired games that had gladiatorial and military effect to them while the Greeks loved the human body and its beauty. Later on in the Middle Ages, they had religious festivals and knight…… [Read More]

Sports have played a huge role in the American society on the whole as they have become a necessary part of the popular culture. American football is quite a popular game which brings NFL (National Football League) in limelight. NFL is same to same as other sports have an off season too when they are on a season break. Leagues such as NBA (National Basketball Association), MLB (Major League Baseball) and NHL (National Hockey League) follow the same pattern which builds the hype for them (Lee, 2012). It enables the public to forget all about sports for a while until it swings back in action again. The off season usually consists of training sessions, gym, trading players, NFL Combine and NFL Draft. These activities are heavily kept watch of by loyal fans followed by intense discussions (House, 2012).

Super Bowl is intensely popular in United States. Even the non-followers are somehow influenced by it as they hear news about it or by viewing it. The news channels mention regularly and social media is definitely on fire with news and updates. A famous band plays during halftime while a draw exists for watching the advertisements during the game and halftime (Lee, 2012). Companies are compelled to dish out loads of cash to display advertise themselves as the Super Bowl progresses. These ads are usually creative and funny and sometimes mixed. People for the sake of fun choose a particular team and cheer it till the end or otherwise friends pick a team and contend that it will win the title. It's sort of a public gathering event where food is enjoyed and drinks are taken in huge quantities. Tostitos and Doritos are chips found mostly at super Bowl parties while in case of drinks Coke, Pepsi and Budweiser. For the sports fans, it's their day off as they spend the entire day in front of a TV or mocking the opponent's team for fun. TV shows often give reference to Super Bowl just as Christmas and Halloween. Betting on a high level is also involved for the winning team, people are cut some slack from office, schools and colleges as it's the biggest event of the year (Hollander, 2014).

In 'Popular culture and the rituals of American Football' by Mark Axelrod, several cultural practices in America regarding football are mentioned. Before the ports went global, there were a lot of rituals and myths
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Change Management in the NFL

Words: 8314 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85473156

Leadership and Organizational Change Potential in the NFL

Organizational Problem or Opportunity

Description of the Problem or Opportunity

Purpose of the Investigation



Summary of Section Highlights

Problem or Opportunity Background

• Current State of the Target Organization

• Relevant Organizational Processes or Systems or Functions

• Relevant Theory

Risk Management

Organizational Change

Lewin's Change Management Model

McKinsey 7-S Model

Kotter's 8 Step Change Model


Corporate Social Responsibility

Investigative Steps

Investigative Approach and Design Strategies

• Investigative Approach

• Theory Thread Strategies

• Data Collection and Preparation Strategies

Investigation Parameters or Limitations


Findings of the Investigation


Relevant Analysis

Overall Findings: A Synthesis


Interpretation and Recommendations 34

Organizational Implications 34

Recommendations 34

• Implications for Decision Makers 35

• Future Research 35

Summary 36… [Read More]


Bass, B. (1985). Leadership and performance beyond expectations. New York: Free Press.

Bass, B. (1999). Two decasdes in research and development in transformational leadership. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 9-32.

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Business Dictionary. (N.d.). Change Management. Retrieved from Business Dictionary:
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Analyzing the NFL and Its Contributions to the American Society

Words: 2060 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19636911

National Football League refers to professional football league based in the U.S. And forms the major professional football sport leagues in the U.S. The league comprises of the 32 teams that are divided equally between the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Formed in the 1920, the league has expanded to become one of the largest and most renowned football leagues across the world. The organization rewards its champions using three trophies and rewards that include the Brunswick-Balke Collender Cup (1920), Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy (1934-1969), and Vince Lombardi Trophy that is currently used. Organizational success is attributed to the excellent leadership structure that aims at ensuring the adoption of activities that contribute to the realization of the desired organizational objectives (Layden, 2006).

Structure of the essay

This research paper analyzes various issues related to the National Football League. In specific, it describes the nature, structure, products, and services provided by the organization alongside its salient stakeholders basing on its roles and relationships with the company. The paper also explains the various ways in which the stakeholders influence the performance of the organization, controversial social responsibility concerns of the organization alongside a plan of a coalition force for…… [Read More]


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Analyzing NFL News Article

Words: 988 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81757202

AFC Championship Game, the Denver Broncos will host the New England Patriots, and these two will be meeting for the second time in a period of three years. This is bound to be a major tie. What is at stake is huge with the winner of the NFL game progressing on to Super Bowl 50 (Orr, 2016). Amongst the teams that have battled it out in at least eight conference championship matchups from the time of the merger, it is the Broncos that have a better record compared to the Patriots. The Broncos have seven wins and two losses while the Patriots have eight wins and three losses.

However, statistics indicate that the Patriots are the only second team since the conception of the Super Bowl to make it to five consecutive conference championships. The other team was Raiders, between the years 1973 and 1977, who only managed one title during that period. The Patriots are also presently stuck at one and Sunday offers an opportunity to make history and break the record (Wagner-McGough, 2016).

The New England Patriots have thus far journeyed to eight Super Bowls, the highest-tied number of appearances in the history of the NFL. On the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Kurt Warner NFL Christian and

Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92971226

Today, when they go out to eat it is not unusual for the Warners to pay for the meal of another family in a restaurant, to show their seven young children the value of charity (Battista 2010). Warner has also unapologetically proclaimed his devout Christian faith throughout his long career, crediting God with his success. This has earned him the respect of even his non-believing teammates.

Brenda, a former Marine, is known for being a strict yet loving parent. The Warners are determined to instill humble Midwestern values in their children: one reason that Warner's faith is accorded such respect is because of his sincerity and lack of hypocrisy. Before every meal, the family prays, and children must obey certain rules such as "after ordering at a restaurant, be able to tell Mom the server's eye color," and "throw away your trash at the movie theater and stack plates for the server at restaurants" (Crouse 2008).

After retirement, Warner will continue to work for the many charities that he has supported in the past, including Habitat for Humanity and the Special Olympics. Warner "believes that his career has gone the way it has for a reason, that he was meant…… [Read More]


Battista, Julia. (2010, January 10). Cardinal's Warner walks away after 12 improbable years.

The New York Times. Retrieved April 9, 2010 from

Crouse, Karen. (2008, September 26). The rules of the family.

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Sociology and Sports

Words: 630 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62554587


American football is a professional sport that was derived from the game of Rugby by Walter Camp in 1879 (Bellis). Walter played football at Yale University where he attended college. He was involved in developing the football rules as we know them today. The rules of football were taken from the sports of Rugby and Soccer. Football has grown into a sport that is widely viewed and attended in the American society. Today, people go to football games at middle schools, high schools, and college stadiums. The college games have become professional games that are attended and viewed through media by millions of fans across the American nation.

The rules that were adopted and changed included; one side, or team, retained the undisputed possession of the ball until that side gives up the ball as a result of violations. The line of scrimmage was also created. The number of team members on the playing field changed from 15 members to 11. Walter created the quarterback and the center positions. The forward pass was also implemented as well as numerical scoring. Walter created the safety, interference, penalties, and the neutral zone. Tackling as low as the knee was permitted starting…… [Read More]


Bellis, M. (n.d.). History of Football. Retrieved from Inventors:

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Extra Credit Statistics

Words: 906 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34567076

NFL Team With Sports radar for Location-Based Statistics in 2015

This article discusses how the NFL will unveil a more expansive statistics package this season. This package will include location-based data such as speed, acceleration and distance traveled for each play. Statistics are core to the fan experience and the NFL is looking to capitalize on the trend.

The statistical analysis used by Sports radar will rely on regression analysis to provide player statistics. Through this regression Sports radar will prepare weekly histograms designed to showcase the top quarter of players in regards to acceleration, speed, and yardage.

The Very Stark Numbers on Young Black Men and Gun Violence

This article focuses on a statistically analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center regarding race in America. The article articulates the disparate lives between blacks and whites in America. The article explains how a young black man is fives more likely to be killed by a gun than a white man. The article concludes with startling statistics regarding death by firearm between blacks and all other races combined.

The statistical analysis used in this article relates mainly to the probability distributions of deaths between blacks and whites, separated by age. The…… [Read More]

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Player Restraints in Professional Sports

Words: 3014 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30447372


National Football League (NFL) free agency and player mobility restrictions

Sports have managed to become gradually a lucrative business, which has seen to the interest by investors to protect this business. Team owners, who are the main stakeholders, have imposed rather extreme measures or approaches to protect their teams from supposed manipulation from their players. Through the NFL, team owners have imposed the mobility restrictions on the players to retain them and generate revenue from the players, and subsequently retain them in the team.

The intention of the study is to critique relevant literatures on the topic, and provide credible data about the aspects of NFL, free agency and mobility restrictions on players.


This study relied on prior literatures. The search strategy employed used terms such as "NFL and mobility restrictions on players" to find relevant studies. The main exclusion imposed in the studies is the literatures submitted by students, for example, dissertations and thesis.


It is apparent that information from the studies suggests that the team owners generate revenue at the expense of their players. The main and consistent suggestion from most of them is that there is a need of free…… [Read More]


Chalian, S.C. (2012). Fourth and goal: Player restraints in professional sports, a look back and a look ahead. St. John's Law Review, 3(7), 1-46.

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Eckard, E.W. (2001). Free Agency, Competitive Balance, and Diminishing Returns to Pennant contention. Economic Inquiry, 39(3), 430-443.
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Nlf Europa by the End

Words: 2614 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69007428

Soccer balls can be made of rubber or leather; to develop soccer skills a regular ball is not required. For a European nation to develop into a football playing or football loving nation, the country has to develop the sport at the grassroots. It seems to be too much effort for countries that already have an established interest in several different sports.

The sports that come close to football are rugby, which is played in Europe and many other parts of the world and Australian Rules football, otherwise known as footie. Both sports require far less infrastructure than football. Only a specific kind of ball is required. Both rugby and footie does not use specialized protective equipment. Most other countries also play basketball, the European nations play hockey and a few nations even play baseball. But none of these sports require the specialized infrastructure of football.

Quality of Players

In the creation of the WLAF, World Football League, and persisting with NFL Europe and NFL Europa, NFL was trying to kill the proverbial two birds with a single stone. They wanted to sell the notion of football in an attempt to make it into a world sport; the NFL was…… [Read More]

References> "American Football History." 2009. April 10, 2009. <.

HIndustan. "Ipl Moves to Sa, but What About 'City Loyalties'?" Johannesburg, South Africa, 2009. Hindustan Times. April 10, 2009. . "The Original World League of American Football." 2009. April 10, 2009. .
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Sports Marketing

Words: 4268 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16731856

Sports Marketing

NFL or the 'National Football league' as it is referred to, is America's pride and cause for the inculcation of the inherent patriotic spirit in the heart of the American. The NFL conducts football games as a part of the tradition every year, and every year Americans gather at the stadium where patriotism is at its height and nationalistic fervor is at its peak. In the game that was conducted on September 24, 2001, soon after the attack on the World Towers by an Islamic militant group that left more than thousands dead and severely injured, the national spirit was at its ultimate peak, and the Americans gathered there underwent heightened emotions and feelings, and this was the time when pamphlets were distributed among the audience with the words of the 'Star Spangled Banner', and the 'God Bless America', and 'America the Beautiful'. Small American flags, almost a million of them in number, were also brought to the stadium to be distributed among the audience. There were a lot of tears and memories of the injured and the dead in the attacks were brought up and shared among the large number of people gathered there. (Patriotism abounds as…… [Read More]


"CBS, Fox clash over the marketing of NFL packages" (30 October, 2003) Retrieved From Accessed on 24 December, 2004

Collinsworth, Cris. "Celebrations about Marketing, not Team" Retrieved From Accessed on 24 December, 2004

'13 Lessons in Marketing, Super Bowl Style" Retrieved From
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Bowl Championship Series or the

Words: 2007 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10443900

It must be mentioned at this point that the original polls which were used until the 2004 to 2005 season, used certain criterion like for example, the team's average, the team's computer ranking average, its schedule rank, its number of losses, and also a quality win component. This sort of tough as nails formula would make sure that the teams would be prepared to play much harder and tougher games and compete more aggressively, with relatively more pressure on them to win.

Today, with the advent of the Bowl Championship Series methods of selection, it is stated that the games become like 'cream puff non-conference' games. In the year 2003, the USC was in fact ranked first in both human polls, but it only managed to finish third in the Bowl Championship series. LSU, ranked first, and Oklahoma, ranked second in the Bowl Championships, but were second and third respectively in the human polls. These two teams managed to square off in the Bowl Championship Series Title Game. The AP poll, demonstrating its reluctance to take part in the Bowl Championship Series polls, utilized this chance to select USC as the champion after it happened to win the Rose Bowl,…… [Read More]


About Bowl Championship Series, (BCS) College Football. Retrieved at Accessed 14 November, 2005

About the BCS. Bowl Championship Series. Retrieved at index2.cfm?page=aboutAccessed 14 November, 2005

Bowl Championship Series... The Final Word. Mike Sports Daily. 3 November, 2005. Retrieved from Accessed 14 November, 2005

Mason, James. Guidelines for Fixing the Bowl Championship series. Retrieved at Accessed 14 November, 2005
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Strategies for Effective Functioning of a Sports Organization

Words: 2567 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28982875

Octagon Sports Organization Structure

Octagon Sports Organizational Structure

The most fundamental aspect and/or tool for establishing a successful organization is the organizational structure. Organizational structure is a typical and hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, rights, duties, and communications within an organization, thereby defining how powers, roles, and responsibilities are assigned, coordinated, and controlled, and how information flows between the diversified levels of management. All these aspects are thereby directed towards the attainment or achievement of an organization's aims and/or goals. An organization's structure depends on the organization's core objectives and strategies. There are two categories of organizational structure comprising (i) centralized structure, and (ii) decentralized structure. Within a centralized structure, the top management owns, if not all then, most of the decision making powers, as well as staunch control over the organization's departments and divisions. On the contrary, in a decentralized organizational structure, the power for decision making is fairly distributed amongst the organization's divisions and every division or department may possess a different degree of independence. In this context, this paper analyzes the Octagon Sports' organizational structure through defining, as well as overlooking its existing structure and modes of performance. It is one of the global organizations, which…… [Read More]


Hoffer, C.W., Hunt, C. & Collins, W. (2009). Strategic approach to sports globalization.

Journal of International Marketing, 12(1), 57-74.

Job, P., Woods, J. & Howard, C. (2008). Description of roles of sports agencies, operational and educational programs to prepare for a successful organizational and field performance. Journal of Sports and Entertainment, 45, 27-34.

Octagon Worldwide, (2013). Octagon executive biographies. Retrieved on 15th March, 2014
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Management Are Strengths Within the Program Liverpool

Words: 1725 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9413503

management are strengths within the program?

Liverpool has several different factors that are helping the program to thrive these include: the ability to locate critical talent and increase the club's profitability. What makes Liverpool such a unique team is their ability to identify and recruit new players. This is accomplished through: the homegrown and transfer talent programs. Homegrown talent is when the club will have up and coming players working with some of their minor league organizations. This gives young players the ability to develop and it is providing the team with individuals (who could have an impact on the squad). The transfer talent program is when the team is actively recruiting individuals, who could have a positive effect for Liverpool (from the moment they arrive). These two programs are strengths that management is using to ensure that the team has the best players possible. This is taking place by having a strategy that will address the short- and long-term needs of the club. ("Liverpool Football Club," n.d.)

The ability to increase the club's profitability is based upon having the best players (who can make the team competitive). This means that officials must be constantly on the lookout for the…… [Read More]


Liverpool Football Club. (n.d.).

Manchester United for Sale. (2005). Independent. Retrieved from: 

Gratton, G. (2010). Research Methods for Sports Studies. New York, NY: Rutledge.

Kimmel, P. (2009). Accounting Principles. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley
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Aaron Hernandez Experts Believe That

Words: 1784 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59473049

Axis IV codes some of the major psychosocial stressors the individual may have been facing recently for instance, death of spouse, recent divorce, or possible job loss. It was clear that Aaron Hernandez was dealing with the death of his father and interviews have shown that even though it had been eight years later, he was still devastated by the whole event. What stresses Hernandez the most was the fact that his dead during a hernia operation.

Axis V codes the "level of function" and this is where the person has achieved at the time of assessment, and, in some cases, is utilized to specify the highest level of purpose in the past year. This is normally coded on a scale that goes from 0-100, with 100 being close to "perfect" operative (however none of us would actually even score that high!).


It is clear from the assessment that Aaron Hernandez could possibly suffer from some type of mental disorder. Due to his stressful and violent background, a fair diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar behavior could be possible. It is also obvious that injury to the head and the death of his father could have been triggers that caused…… [Read More]


Crockett, S.A. (2012). The journal of mental health counseling publication pattern review: A meta-study of author and article characteristics, 1994-2009. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 23(13), 34-45.

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Essendon Coach Successful vs Effective

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Again, this is a feature which I found differed significantly in my own experiences. Herein, our coach was frequently moved to considerable frustration and anger by individual losses and would even subject the team to lengthy critical tirades where specific players were singled out for mistakes. These post-game diatribes were often framed by the assessment that our poor performances on any given day might cause a whole's season's work to slip away. This assessment denotes a coach who defined his goals strictly based on tangible success as opposed to such markers as player improvements.

Process v. Results:

The distinction noted above speaks to another difference between successful and effective coaching, with the latter tending to emphasize process and the former, results. This means that successful coaching will gauge its satisfaction based on such results as victories, winning records and late round victories. Effective coaching, by contrast, will gauge this same satisfaction based on less immediately tangible factors such as a player's technical improvement in a specific area; a series of practices in which the team appears to have made sustainable improvements in its chemistry; a sequence of matches where the team has lost but has taken away usable lessons. To…… [Read More]

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Visual Depiction of 5 Personal Impact Groups

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visual depiction of 5 personal impact groups to which you belong.

My five impact groups.


This has its own culture, history, language (e.g. AAVE) and way of looking at the world. It supports me in difficulties and provides with a social support group that is easily recognizable in any state and all over the world. Our color binds us together. It has impacted the way I grew up, and accordingly my experiences and therefore the way I perceive the world as well as what I like to read, watch, study, and think about. It has certainly too influenced the way that I feel on race and racism and also the way that I feel towards other minority groups and to people who are 'outsiders', scapegoats of society, or oppressed by so-called more powerful, influential others. It drives my desire for justice. This is important for a social worker, and therefore my background -- aqnd empathy for others -- is contributive to my career.

Volunteer with substance abuse

I have seen my people of my race in less privileged backgrounds than mine who are pressured into drugs and crime. Some have also become alcoholics due to the stress. Many of…… [Read More]

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Business Plan Proposal

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Business Plan Proposal:

The Ducks Poker Room

Business Plan Proposal: The Ducks Poker Room

Executive Summary/Company Description

The Ducks Poker Room will be a new for-profit gaming club primarily hosting players of versions of the card game known as "Poker." The Ducks Poker Room will also offer alternate games, including but not limited to promotions for prize pools involving tickets to college basketball and football games. Finally, The Ducks Poker Room will host patrons who are not playing poker.

Business Plan Objectives

Provide exceptional facilities, equipment, service, staff and merchandise that create a highly positive impression on our core customers;

Consistent entertainment atmosphere and product quality;

Capitalize on excellent location opportunity;

d. Launch the venue with a highly publicized grand opening event in the spring of Year 1;

e. Maintain tight control of costs, operations, and cash flow through diligent management and automated computer control;

f. Maintain food costs below 33% of food revenue;

g. Maintain total beverage costs below 25% of beverage revenue;

h. Exceed $250,000.00 in weekly net revenue by the third year of plan implementation.

3. Product/Service Offerings

In order to achieve our objectives, The Ducks Poker Room will offer:

a. Facilities, located at:

b. An area…… [Read More]