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I am having to write a research paper on traumatic brain injuries, and I have no idea what direction I want to go with it?


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Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs as they often called, are injuries to the brain that are caused by outside sources, such as a fall or a blow to the head.  This differentiates them from brain injuries that are caused by internal situations, such as a stroke.  TBIs include a broad group of different types of injuries, from seemingly minor concussions to injuries that clearly and significantly impact the ability to function.  Because they are so varied, there are many different directions you could take in a research paper about TBIs.  To help you decide what direction to go, we are going to provide some suggested topics for a paper written about TBIs. 

Research Paper Topics on Traumatic Brain Injuries

  1. How important is the loss of consciousness as a predictor when trying to assess the seriousness of a TBI?
  2. The cumulative impact of concussions and other TBI’s; can little harms add up to big damage?
  3. With the growing evidence that a number of football players at the professional and college levels have suffered significant brain damage due to sports related TBI’s, what are the ethical and moral considerations surrounding introducing children to these high-risk sports?
  4. Should the NFL be held legally responsible if a professional football player with known damage from concussions behaves in a violent way?
  5. How important is early intervention in the treatment of TBIs?
  6. What role does oxygen therapy play in the treatment of TBIs?
  7. How can TBIs impact communication skills and the comparisons of those impacts on some people with the communication difficulties experienced by some with Autism Spectrum Disorder accurate? 
  8. TBI is known to result in mood changes in some people, including depression.  How useful are antidepressants and other mood stabilizers in treating these mood changes? 
  9. What role do TBIs play in acquired sociopathy and are there therapeutic steps the medical community can take to prevent this result?
  10. What is the relationship between TBIs and dementia?

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