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Vic's Creation

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Frankenstein- Chapters 11-15

The feeling of disconnectedness and loneliness that Frankenstein's monster felt is nearly solely attributed to his experience with the cottagers he watches and, sadly, interacts with during chapters 11 through 15 of Mary Shelley's masterpiece, Frankenstein. Granted, the monster had bad experiences with people before. However, his experience with the cottagers and their society -- which was essentially the nucleus of the family -- offered him, on the one hand, the best of experiences in that he saw that they were not lonely and could depend on each other. On the other hand, it proved the worst of experiences because it taught him that no matter how much he did to help and desperately become a part of the family of the cottagers (or of any family, for that matter), his physical appearance was too grotesque and instantly nullified any good he could do.

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Realism in Literature Realism and

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This was Shelley's observation and the reality she experienced during her time.

Dickens and Bronte, meanwhile, experienced reality through social change, in the same way that Shelley had observed the changing times of 19th century society. However, while Shelley contemplated about the dominance of science over nature in "Frankenstein," both Dickens and Bronte reflected the breaking down of class divisions happening in the society, illustrated through the novels "Great Expectations" and "Wuthering Heights," respectively.

Dickens depicted the dissolution of class divisions through the characters of Pip and Estella, individuals who represented the underprivileged and the elite classes, respectively. In the novel, readers witnessed how Pip's ascent to a higher social class became possible through a secret benefactor, while Estella's higher stature eventually led to her poverty when Miss Havisham died. The once poor Pip eventually attained a better life, while Estella, once rich, became imprisoned in an abusive relationship with…… [Read More]