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Global Capitalism Essays (Examples)

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Global Business
Words: 842 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16284911
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Global Business

Q1.Identifying global business opportunities

While the lowering of trade barriers through formal agreements such as NAFTA have been vitally important in expanding the possibilities of consumers to access a diverse range of products, technology has been an equally important factor in doing so. Through the ubiquity of the Internet, consumers can buy products from all around the world. They can view them and select them without ever having accessed a brick-and-mortar shop. Technology is not simply a way of making products more efficiently (although it does accomplish that objective). It is also an effective marketing ploy. Consumers can read about products and how they are consumed, and they often want to imitate those lifestyles.

For example, SUVs and Apple products are extremely popular amongst China's burgeoning middle class. "Sport utility vehicle sales surged to 2 million units in 2012, a 25.5% increase over the 1.59 million sales volume…


Chang, J. (2011). Why China loves Apple. CNN. Retrieved: 

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Global Cultural Politics the Process
Words: 2003 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64656937
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This in turn will lead to a rift between civilizations, one that would encourage them to rediscover their own individual cultural identity. Therefore, the globalization of the world can mean the fragmentation of cultures and the possibility of new conflicts along civilization lines.

The theory of Samuel Huntington however has had several critics who argue that in fact the neo-liberal approach of world economics and politics will increase the financial resources of the world and thus foster the creation of a global culture based on similar moral values and norms. However, it is less likely for the neo-liberal practices to have this effect on the short-term because it is rather clear from the image of today's world that globalization has led, in a constant manner, to inequality. This consideration is rather simple and revolves around the issue of the distribution of resources. More precisely, the developed world has limited resources…


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Global Governmentality Governing International Spaces
Words: 1679 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 78469826
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In this order of ideas then, he strives to come up with a theory that explains the construction of global networks, as well as the systems they use to grow and prosper. In order to make his case, Kendall looks at global structures constructed in various domains, including society and technology. He comes to the realization that global peace and order can only be achieved with the full cooperation and collaboration of all structures in the international system. Additionally, there must exist a will and a way in order for the mentioned goals to be achieved. While he recognizes that his arguments address a certain kind of economists and politicians who promoted the idea of a uniform and powerful globalization, he hopes that his points will the least make for an interesting reading.

inally, in the last chapter of the book's first part, The Security of Governance, author Michael Dillon…

Finally, in the last chapter of the book's first part, The Security of Governance, author Michael Dillon starts at the premise that there exists a direct connection between the three components of population, government and security. This conclusion was found throughout a previous study, which came to raise new questions that are answered in the current analysis. In a perfect world, peace would be achieved through fruitful partnerships between private and public players and would ensure the safety of all populations and all classes. Yet, this is not the case and Dillon argues that while governmentality is the collection of cooperations and collaborations, it represents more of a "technological ontology that proceeds through reflexive epistemologies."

In other words, there is a direct connection between technology and ontology as they validate each other and support each other in reaching the pre-established goals. "Here the dialogical interplay of the ontological and the technological is in evidence. If it takes a metaphysic to imagine a technic, it takes a technic to realize a metaphysic. But even that rendition fails to do justice to the co-evolutionary dynamic that exists in the power relations between technology and ontology. This is a mutually disclosive relationship in which each seems propelled by independent dynamics as well: the technologist continuously to interrogate and refine systems, the ontologist to secure the meaning of being.

Larner, W., Walters, W., 2004, Global Governmentality: Governing International Spaces, Routledge

Global Terror War Policy Advice
Words: 1797 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 48239500
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The resolution of this policy counsel meeting is the endorsement of a refinement of Australia's terror policy with respect both to the preservation of constitutional rights and in terms of approach its relationship to the United States with balance and diplomacy. Recognizing the severity the security threat but simultaneously recognizing the need to refine policies so as to diminish the tendency toward inflaming the political and ideological anger of the developing world, Australia must spend the coming decades finding ways to quell such hostility. This will mean a closer consideration of the economic, political and trade policies that often have run aground of the interests of the developing world. Likewise, it means that Australia must function as a continued partner to the U.S. But also as a voice of conscience with respect to the discretionary use of military force or diplomatic finesse.

orks Cited:

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Global Negotiation How Workable Negotiation
Words: 1234 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73387082
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He disapproved of it because it went against what he termed "conventional wisdom." He was reacting to the views expressed in an article published in Asia Times about the failed expectation of U.S. trade policy. The intended benefits on the U.S. side in trading with China were in two groups. These were the multinational companies, which were set up in China, and the financial institutions, which funded their investments, trade flows and deficits (McCormack).

When Cassidy was the lead negotiator for the U.S.-China 1999 Market Access Agreement and entry into the WTO, he assumed that China would be subjected to the governing laws of international trade (McCormack, 2008). There were encouraging predictions at that time that such entry would increase U.S. exports and American jobs. It would improve trade deficit with China and the "421" safeguard mechanism, focusing on industry, would be enforced by the succeeding president. The safeguards were…


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Global Consumer Buying Behavior Research
Words: 2303 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 12582853
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The study methodology is predicated on a literature review of over two dozen previous studies, stratified across both the French and U.K.-based respondent populations. Of particular interest with regard to the methodology is the researcher's detailed work on defining variations in cultural differences, which is an area that Dr. Hofstede and the Model of Cultural Dimensions is specifically designed to take into account (Marieke, Hofstede, 2010). The study is highly qualitative in nature and uses academic databases as its primary research instrument (Gloria, Wulf, Mullen, 2013). The studies cited throughout the analysis indicate the potential to break out senior citizen segments by psychographics, an areas of emerging interest for Internet marketers. There is also a thorough analysis from numerous secondary studies of the correlation of income, gender, education and Internet usage. Demographics within the study are defined more in age-based terms when psychographic delineations create through primary research and factor…


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Global Business 8081 Technological and Economic Changes
Words: 1673 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12866778
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Global Business 8081

Technological and Economic Changes in Educational Sector of North America

Impact of Technological Change in Education Sector of North America

Impact of Economic Change in Education Sector of North America

Impact of Technological and Economic Changes in Educational Sector of China

The paper is providing the impact of changes in the aspects of economic and technology in the educational sector of North America. The discussion is further followed with the identification of the impacts of technology and economy changes in the China similar to that of North America.

Impact of Technological Change in Education Sector of North America

It is observed that the popularity of Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs along with the other types of distributed learning is the form of major drivers of technological change in education sector of North America. The potential of MOOC provided the potential to open higher education to several…


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Global Democracy in In Praise
Words: 352 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37250486
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" Both Whitman and othkopf, like Fukuyama, refer to potential of globalization to build bridges between previously isolated worlds, and to harmonize what were once disparate cultures.

Huntington is joined by countless others in a chorus of pessimism about the future of the world. Mcibben warns about the ill effects of population growth on both human societies and the environment. Huntington, Mcibben, and analysts like them make valid points about the dangers posed by globalization. Their points can be heard and taken into account while at the same time embracing the positive vision espoused by Fukuyama and othkopf. As Whitman suggests, globalization means "Passage to more than India!" Uniting the world under a blanket of common goals and ideals of freedom, liberty, and creativity, all conscientious citizens can welcome a new paradigm of peace.


McKibben, Bill. "A Special Moment in History." Atlantic Monthly. Boston. May, 1998.

othkopf, David. "In…


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Global Food Global Justice and
Words: 1567 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9222667
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The orld Bank is a likely source of support for such an initiative. Recent research has focused on the promise of rural development through a restructuring of agri-business (Jarosz, 1996) and the results are promising. Rural labor practices are subject to change and some of those changes do not require a global revolution. Instead of waiting for the IMF to collapse or fertilizer companies to go bankrupt, sustainable agricultural development advocates should focus on the community level.


The global food system is unjust by almost every measure. Billions of people are starving to death while another billion are suffering the ill health effects of too much food. Our domestic and international institutions have not only created this reality, but are situated now to support policies that perpetuate this reality. Change will not be easy and transformation will be even harder. Small, locally-led reform can begin in any community that…

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Global Business Culture Analysis of
Words: 4614 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6188631
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There are also some words that are used, which do not translate into English such as privacy. This is because the cultural traditions of Russia do not understand such concepts, which makes translating certain ideas more challenging. (Richmond, 2009, pp. 109 -- 117)

1.3.1: Russian

Russian is a Slavic language that has close ties to all of the different European languages including: English and German. This means that many of the root words are similar to what is used in the common languages spoken throughout the West. However, as far as the alphabet is concerned, the language will utilize what is known as the Cyrillic alphabet. This is different from Western languages, as each of 32 different symbols will represent particular roots of certain words. When reading the language and learning Russian, the basic alphabet will help foreign business executives to navigate their way around. With the alphabet is pronounced…


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Global Politics and Economy Late 20th and
Words: 917 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32286190
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Global Politics and Economy:

Late 20th and Early 21st Centuries

The world politics and economy of the late twentieth century were highlighted by the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the promise of a 'new world order' and the rise of 'globalization.' These developments were accompanied by a worldwide trend of increasing democracy, trade liberalization and booming economies. The start of the twenty-first century, on the other hand, has seen the emergence of the so-called 'clash of civilizations' and the long drawn out 'fight against terrorism' with the inevitable slump in global economies. In this essay we shall briefly discuss the major trends of the global politics and economy in this tumultuous period of world history.

Collapse of Communism

The 'Cold ar' period involving intense political and economic rivalry between the two superpowers, the U.S.A. And the Soviet Union, lasted from the end of orld ar…

Works Cited

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World History

Global Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
Words: 2591 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55621509
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Global Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Microsoft Corporation

An in-depth analysis of all possible factors responsible for the Social efforts

Socio-Economic, Cultural, Technological and Legal Factors

Strategic ideas involved in addressing corporate social responsibility issues

The Unique Composition of Microsoft

Creating etter-Quality Products

Using Conventional and Contemporary Resources

Political acumen

In recent years, augmented degree of interest has been shown on the subject of "Corporate Social Responsibility," also known as "CSR." This interest has been shown, both in the international/national business and academic circles, because almost all the current studies indicate that "Corporate Social Responsibility" increases the credibility of the business in the eyes of the stakeholders, both within and outside the organization (Isabelle and David, 2002).

Another reason for the increased interest being shown in the direction of "Corporate Social Responsibility," both by international/national business and academic circles, is because of the constant emphasis by the global society towards…


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Consumer Society or Capitalism
Words: 2650 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81909579
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Consumer Society or Capitalism

Consumer society which evolves out of capitalism has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. But even with its disadvantages, consumer society has now become an accepted from of modern society.

Under the pressure of corporate politics, the commercialization of culture and the influence of mass media, the conventional literary values of Western society are deteriorating. For the public in general, the mixing and transformative experiences of culture have been restored by the joint viewing experience and by contribution in consumer trends. (Cronk, Consumerism and the New Capitalism) George Orwell described consumer society as the air we breathe. High worker output and high general levels of consumption typify efficiently improved societies of late 20th century. Though this prosperity is endorsed with making benefits like raised education and health care, it is also linked with much extended work hours, raised lose-lose social rivalry, uneven communities, economic disparity,…


Cronk, R. "Consumerism and the New Capitalism" Retrieved from  Accessed on 20 April, 2005

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The Global Economic Crisis
Words: 630 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84596405
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Economics and Global Capitalism
The problem with the kind of thinking that postulates that human nature is based on self-interest is that underlying this supposition is the assumption that human nature is completely rational and logical and would never do anything to harm itself. This is not the case and economic booms and busts indicate as much. Self-interest is not always aimed towards a positive end. Sometimes, for instance, short-term self-interest is detrimental to long-term self-interest and vice versa. Sometimes people are motivated not by self-interest (at least in a temporal sense) but by charity, kindness, selflessness, self-sacrifice, or altruism. It could be argued that people sometimes believe they will be rewarded in a spiritual sense for these actions, but the basic idea is that they are essentially unselfish acts. Thus, to assert that self-interest is the rational motivating force behind human behavior is to really not understand humanity: humans…

23 Things They Dont Tell You About Capitalism
Words: 621 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 56710941
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Introduction to Economics and Global Capitalism
The book 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism is a very captivating and thought provoking read that purposes to provide the reader with some fundamental truths regarding capitalism that may not be easily perceptible or known. This is information regarding capitalism that most people would overlook and hardly take them into consideration in an extensive manner. However, there are a number of things from the list that I was unaware of and gained insight from the information contained in the book. One of the key surprising aspects was Thing 4 that delineated that the washing machine has transformed the world more than the internet. This is largely for the reason that we are used to being in awe and fascinated by the spectacles of computing. We consider technological aspects such as the internet and telecommunication advances to be the things that have…

Global Strategic Planning
Words: 477 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99758053
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global strategy, retail giant Wal-Mart has a few different factors to consider, as is evident in the Newsweek article, "Wal-Mart World." Not only does Wal-Mart have certain factors that must be taken into account when considering their global strategy, but these choices differ from country to country.

According to the article, "Wal-Mart is the No. 1 retailer in the United States, Canada and Mexico, growing rapidly in Asia, but still a minor player in Europe and South America." This can be attributed to the ways in which Wal-Mart attempts to expand into these regions. For example, when considering whether or not to move into a region and how the process shall be achieved, Wal-Mart must look at things such as the country's current economy, local labor laws, how the country's market operates, what sort of government regulations are in place, and the country's culture, to name just a few.



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Global Health Program Intent Letter
Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 79381005
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I believe my background and extensive business acumen, make me an ideal candidate for admission into your PhD program. As an international student, I believe that I also possess a unique approach to healthcare that differentiates me from other applicants to the program. The combination of a strong business background, unique skillset, and a passion for health will drive my continued success in the program. I will also help facilitate the growth of other members in my cohort through my diverse background from the Middle East.
To begin, I have a very strong track record of working together with others to derive mutually beneficial results within the healthcare industry. I have experience building entirely new healthcare departments, which requires vision, foresight, and strong communication skills. Through my leadership, I have also developed healthcare infrastructure programs design to provide aid to the poor and less fortunate. Here, I was able to…

Culture and Capitalism
Words: 1494 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90554407
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Capitalism and Culture

The works of Smith, Marx, Freud and Wolf center around the history of capitalism and its meanings as it has emerged from the west: first from western Europe and subsequently from the United States of America. However, this is not the only light in which world economy might be seen. There are various economic systems that are viable in various cultures. These will be considered in terms of the above-mentioned authors, together with authors who write from a different perspective, including Sahlins and Appadurai.

Western Capitalism.

The main characteristic of the capitalist system is that those who produce actual goods are employees. They do not own and cannot buy their own equipment and materials. Through this system, and especially through the advent of the machine, workers have been separated form the production process. Such displacement has occurred through coercion, especially during the early stages of the system,…


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Nature of Capitalism Susan Strange's Theories of
Words: 1660 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55851784
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Nature of Capitalism

Susan Strange's theories of capitalism

Giovanni Arrighi's theories of capitalism

Capitalism, an economic which has dominated the Western world after the catastrophic failure of feudalism (Encyclopedia Britannica,2006). No consensus exists for an accurate definition of the term as well as how the term has been employed as a historical category (owman & Littlefield, 1999, p.1). . In this paper however, we analyze and define the capitalism while also comparing as well as contrasting the theories of Susan Strange, Karl Polanyi and Giovanni Arrighi on capitalism. We also explain how the three of them handled the issues of capitalism.

Capitalism, an economic which has dominated the Western world after the catastrophic failure of feudalism (Encyclopedia Britannica,2006). No consensus exists for an accurate definition of the term as well as how the term has been employed as a historical category (owman & Littlefield, 1999, p.1).However, a general agreement exists…


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Ethics Must Be Global Not Local Ethics
Words: 3966 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29060631
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Ethics Must Be Global Not Local

Ethics Must Be Global, Not Local

International Business equirements

Global Operations

Global Business Ethics

The large business units expand their operations in global markets through their own presence as well as franchising and distributors. The business operations are expanded on the basis of various standard practices. The business freedom provided by countries and various global practices are utilized as a basis for taking global operational decisions. The business also encounters various legal, operational, and ethical issues related to the local market. However in order to expand business beyond borders and physical boundaries of countries it is required to maintain a degree of uniformity in products and ethical practices followed throughout the manufacturing processes. It is advised to understand various aspects of international business requirements, global operations, ethical practices, and recommendations to assert a standard for global ethical business operations.

International Business equirements:

The global…


Beer, L.A. (2010). A Strategic and Tactical Approach to Global Business Ethics. USA: Momentum Press.

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The Good and the Bad of Capitalism
Words: 595 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61088416
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Statement: Capitalism has great productive potential, but because in it, production is for the purpose of making a profit, it often does not meet human needs

The production stage in a capitalist society, according to Carl Marx comprises of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. While the latter is used in reference to the owners of the production means, the former refers to the working class. The relevance of capitalism cannot be overstated especially when it comes to the efficient utilization of resources. This is more so the case given on this front, innovation and individualism is promoted; hence further optimizing the economic system. Producers in this case also seek to further enhance their returns by increasing output and investing more in innovative initiatives - hence effectively improving the quality of goods and services offered for sale. In the ideal capitalist economy, inefficiencies are eliminated through the inherent operation of supply…

Income Distribution Gap the Global Fiscal Crisis
Words: 2771 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70168155
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Income Distribution Gap

The global fiscal crisis will be borne by the millions of people who do not have a share in the benefits that were derived from the global economic expansions that occurred previously. Not only has the gap widened between low wage earners and high wage earners in nations across the globe, the world's income gap distribution has widened. Economists have long concluded that a limited degree of income inequality contributes to worker motivation, promotes innovation, and rewards talent and effort. Nevertheless, when income differences become too great, the dynamics become counter-productive. unaway income inequality is considered to be a destructive force, such that "rising income inequality represents a danger to the social fabric" ("Board of Canada," 2012). The repercussions from excessive income inequalities include children not attending school so they can contribute to household earnings by going to work, increased crime rates, lower life-expectancies, and malnutrition.



Acemoglu D (2009) Introduction to modern economic growth. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

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Death of Capitalism It Is
Words: 662 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 43416198
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I agree with the authors that the main problem with capitalism is its lack of an ideological basis, and really its denial of any process by which ideology could be implemented. That is, the basic tenet of the free market concept is that enforced regulation limits profitability and growth, and that the markets themselves will correct any mistakes by rising to meet demand. This has proven already not to be the case for certain unprofitable ventures, such as public transit, which is nearly always operated at a loss. The fact that you can take a bus to work is a testament to the fact that capitalism does not answer everything. Even worse, though, are the instances where capitalism provides an incomplete answer. The issue of health care is very important in this country and around the world; under the capitalist and globalist economy, many people are unable to afford the…

Financial Crisis a Crisis of Capitalism Compare
Words: 3172 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92559053
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financial crisis a "crisis of capitalism?

Compare and contrast the theories of Susan Strange, Karl Polanyi and Giovanni Arrighi. Explain how three of them accessed issues of Financial crisis and its relationship with capitalism

Starting from 2008 onwards, we are currently experiencing an unremitting state of economic recession. Each of the three theorists stated in this essay have different perspectives of whether or not the recession indicates crises of capitalism. Whilst Susan Strange and Karl Polanyi have a more optimist perspective on the subject and indicate that rather than crisis, the recession may, in effect, be, in the first case, a misplaced paradigm (or different, tortured perspective) and in the second case, only a slight wrench that necessitates government intervention for amending a temporary situation, Arrighiri sees the situation as indeed manifesting something that is intrinsically, irremediably, and inherently wrong in the structure of capitalism itself. Each of these views…


Giovanni Arrighi (2000) Workers North and South) in C. Leys and L. Panich, eds., The Socialist Register. London: The Merlin Press

Giovanni Arrighi (1996). Capitalism and the Modern World-System: Rethinking the Non-Debates of the 1970s" 

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Canadian Perspectives of Capitalism as
Words: 1932 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23279868
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One of the failures of the current system is that it often does not account for cultural and resource differences between nations - instead a one-size fits all economic system is imposed universally. Over time, each society will find its own path. Some societies will fail to adapt and ultimately disappear. That is part of the evolutionary process. The key is that right now all societies are not given the same opportunity to succeed whereas the fundamental principles of capitalism suggest they should be.

As more people realize that happiness is more important than money, we will see profound shifts towards knowledge and culture, and the pursuit of wealth will be taken up by other cultures. As they too achieve the type of sustained comfort experienced today in many estern societies, they too will shift towards the pursuit of happiness over money. There will be a major obstacle to overcome…

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Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism
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Tariffs, like labor unions, are set up to benefit a select few workers according to Murphy. Just as labor union unfairly penalize those who are not a part of them, tariffs build an imaginary economy world of high wages and great benefits for products that are no better than something any other untaxed, un-tariff corporation could provide. It is in this way that Murphy argues that tariffs unfairly burden the American economy and create both distrust and anger in the economic powers that trade with America. If unfair tariffs are allowed to exist, those countries that now import American goods at high prices will begin to import them from elsewhere, or could even decide to produce the goods more cheaply in their own land. This does nothing to benefit American workers and corporations, and is not a behavior associated with free market capitalism.

Racism and the Environment

Murphy's take on…

Social Catholic Catholics Capitalism and
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Vatican II

Vatican II, officially known as the Second Vatican Council, was a meeting of many leaders of the Catholic Church to discuss both theological and social issues pertaining to the Church in the modern era. Convened by Pope John XXIII in the 1960s and continued by his successor Paul VI, the main goal of the Second Vatican Council was to establish the Church's role and meaning in the modern world, which it recognized as fundamentally changed from the role of the Church in previous eras. Many different topics of concern were examined during the many phases of Vatican II, and the Council produced a number of documents on these varying subjects that help to define Church doctrine and perspectives on the modern world. When it comes to the social thought and action of the Catholic Church following Vatican II, one of the most important documents produced by the Council…

Shop Goes Global Tells the Meaningful Story
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Shop Goes Global" tells the meaningful story of the tenacity, beneficial opportunism and importance of capitalism. The article opens memorably, discussing one of the most historical moments of the 20th century -- the destruction and removal of the Berlin Wall. While the eradication of the Berlin wall symbolized many things to many people, for the most part it symbolized the unraveling of communist rule in Eastern Europe. And the unraveling of communist rule in Eastern Europe meant opportunities for all -- not just opportunities for citizens of Eastern Europe, but for everyone, because the 20th century demonstrated how the world was becoming more and more of a global society. The article tells the story of Paul Panitz, an American who went to a government-run copy center in Budapest, which was apparently one of the very few copy centers in Hungary at all; however this was no surprise. As the article…

Globalization Profoundly Alters Relationship Global North South
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Globalization profoundly alters relationship global North South

The international exchange and integration of economies, societies, cultures, and governing policies play host to the worldwide phenomenon known as globalization. Countries interact through transportation, trade, and communication; inherently influencing the respective realms of economy and political agenda. Traditionally, globalization is highlighted by this integration of economic and political systems across the globe, however this exchange transcends into societies, ethics, cultures, industry, ecological effects, and a myriad of other global influences. Globalization is a process perceived as "good" or "bad" depending on geography, profession, and how one relates globalization in terms of values (othernberg 2002). A person in Los Angeles, London, io de Janeiro, and Hong Kong would identify differently with the concept of globalization, just as opinions vary between business leaders, elected officials, and the unemployed. Some understand globalization to be the Americanization of world culture and a source of United States…


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Divide', Studies in Comparative International Development, vol. 38, no. 1, pp. 3-31.

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Introduction to Global Business
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Chapter 1

Globalization is delineated as the socio-economic transformation and development process of eradicating trade, investment, cultural information technology, and political barriers across nations. The benefits of globalization include increased growth in the economy, political integration in various expanses, and interdependence among countries of the world. The key international institutions that facilitate globalization include the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization (WTO). To begin with, the IMF plays a significant role in global financial stability by facilitating global trade that promotes job creation, poverty reduction and economic growth. It also encourages exchange rate stability and an open system for international payments. Secondly, the World Bank aids in trade liberalization, transference of information and knowledge to developing countries to underpin sustainable development. Lastly, the WTO established the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which encompasses global trade in goods through the considerable decrease of…

adam'smith capitalism ethics and business
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One of the most interesting ethical dilemmas that continues to plague ethicists and policymakers is the struggle to reconcile the need for free enterprise with the need for social justice. Another ongoing ethical issue is related to organizational culture, shifting social norms, and whether individual actors in organizations define the tenor of the organization as a whole. Neither of these genuine ethical dilemmas can be resolved simply. The first bears itself out in what often appear to be glaring violations of every ethical principle and logical construct. Free enterprise has helped to bolster economic growth and development, as well as to empower individuals to innovate and contribute to society. Yet free enterprise has not been truly free, with access to power and resources constrained by factors like race (Kerr & Walsh, 2014), gender (Tufarolo, 2015), and class (Shin, 2014). Of these variables, race and gender remain salient barriers to achieving…

Future of Capitalism
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Future of Capitalism

Current Economic Crisis according to Schumpeter and Keynes

A justification of the economic crisis can be precisely explained by shedding light on the perspectives of famous economists. The information gained through this method will not only be informative but will also motivate further research. The two economic theorists chosen are Joseph Schumpeter and John Maynard Keynes (Blankenburg & Palma, 2009). Their thoughts appear to be most pertinent to this crisis. Keynes presents a very keen insight into the crisis through his rationalization of market psychology and concentration on cumulative demand. On the other hand, Schumpeter's thought on improvement and business cycle offers a different informative justification.

The existing economic crisis has its origin rooted in the assumption about the real estate sector. The review of the incidents that have happened, began with the permission of quite low interest rates to financial institutions for borrowing. By a small…


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Economic Crisis and Capitalism
Words: 3179 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95991899
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Economic Crisis

The recession of 2008-2009 and the subsequent government responses provides a good test for economic theories. There are no controlled experiments in economics, so we can only work with case studies in order to understand how economies work. A good starting point is to consider the issue through multiple different lenses, so that we can understand how the crisis occurred and what prescriptions might be best suited for response either to address the root problems or to engage in prevention. This paper will consider the works of Marx, Schumpeter and Keynes in analyzing the financial crisis. All three of these men would have been able to understand its causes, but likely would have taken very different approaches to solving the problem.

The second issue at hand is the question of the future of capitalism. We have a pretty good sense at this point of what the response of…


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Gender Work and Global Economy The Impact
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Gender, Work and Global Economy: The Impact of Globalization on Human Trafficking

The process of globalization has facilitated an integrated world economy and although it has had numerous positive impacts, it continues to produce negative impacts as well. For instance, it has led to the increase of human trafficking at such an alarming rate that it is now considered the third most wide spread and fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world - after weapon and drug trafficking. According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime UNDOC (2015) human trafficking is the recruitment, transfer, transportation, or receipt of people by improper means such as fraud, threat, coercion, abduction or use of force with the aim of exploiting them.

Kempadoo (2005) explains that the vice first caught the attention of the public at the start of the 21st century and it is now a lucrative business that has became…


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Corruption on Capitalism and Foreign
Words: 892 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 13410854
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When this happens, the standard of living and income levels will remain stagnant. (Bhargava, 2006, pp. 341 -- 362) (Cazurra, 2008, pp. 12 -- 27)

Moreover, corruption will increase the costs of doing business inside a particular area. This is troubling, as it will lead to less employers relocating to the region. Instead, they will seek out locations where there are lower amounts of corruption. This is a part of an effort to keep their costs as low as possible so that they can increase their overall returns and remain competitive in the global marketplace. For the region, this will result in less high paying jobs (which helps contribute to an increase in the unemployment rate). (Bhargava, 2006, pp. 341 -- 362) (Cazurra, 2008, pp. 12 -- 27) (Heineman, 2006, pp. 75 -- 86)

How can MNCs deal effectively with these problems?

The ways that MNCs are able to deal…


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Management, 14 (1), 12-27

Trends in Global Business Management
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Future Global Corporate Strategy and International Management

The emergence of strategic management has always been attached to military history (Tallman, 2007). Studies in this area reveal various examples where the strategic management of offensive and counter-offensive led to decisive victories. Within the corporate sphere, it emerged following the Second World War. The dramatic growth of world nations such as China, Japan, and the U.S.A. served a beneficial environment for large international corporations that needed evolution in their planning and thought process. In fact, the competitive climate has created challenges for global corporations to sustain the success chart without meeting the changing requirements of business and adopting a strategy to counter these changes. Strategic management is an art that uses the processes and principles of management to create the mission or objective of any business. It identifies a proper target to meet the objective, established current opportunities and constraints in the…

Reference List

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Strategies in Response to the Global Financial Recession
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Governance Following the Financial Crisis

Principles of Good Governance Following the Global Financial Crisis

Many high profile companies suffered a downfall following the 2008 global financial crisis. The meltdown spanned across various nations including the top world economies. Accusations on the cause of the downfall pointed to the failure by institutional investors inadequate monitoring of investments. In 2007, the collapse of the subprime mortgage market in the U.S. marked the beginning of the financial crisis. The escalating default rates and the decline in housing prices contributed to the economic meltdown. Companies such as AIG, Freddie Mac, Lehman rothers, and Freddie Mae filed for bankruptcy protection (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development [UNCTAD] 2010). A series of government bailouts followed various financial institutions including HOS, Citigroup, and Washington Mutual, amongst others. Key policy makers fault weaknesses in corporate governance that explain the financial crisis.

Following the adverse economic implications, top…


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Myanmar's place in the global garment business
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In the past few years, Myanmar has been one of the world's fastest-growing economies. This success has been the result of a new government under Aung San Suu Kyi, which has resulted in democratic reforms and a shift towards a more capitalist economy. Annual GDP growth rates in the past few years have been around 7%, which puts Myanmar in the top ten for GDP growth, but the country is still very poor, with a GDP per capita of $6300, ranked 163rd in the world. While several neighboring countries are global leaders in textiles, the industry is relatively nascent in Myanmar. Yet, clothing ranks as the #6 export earner for the country (CIA World Factbook, 2018). This paper will examine the current state of the clothing industry in Myanmar, and what this means for fashion merchandising.

The Economic Situation
When Myanmar was under military rule, even in Yangon, the…

Effect of the Eurozone Today on the Global Financial Markets
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The Effect of the Eurozone Today on Global Financial Markets

Global markets are so intertwined today that what affects one is definitely going to have an impact on another. Case in point, the recent issues in Greece and other European Union (EU) countries have had a global effect and have wrought havoc on the Eurozone. Because if this global connectedness, large banks and organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are even more important today than they were in the past.

The EU's finances are powered by the countries that have become member nations, but those finances are guarded by the European Central Bank (ECB) and the IMF. The ECB is the institution that is responsible for the Euro, the currency of the EU, and it is also the organization responsible for negotiations regarding the economic difficulties of EU member nations. Since Greece, Spain, Italy and others have had…

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Walter Lafeber's Michael Jordan and
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Thus, to use an American basketball star as your key marketing tool points to the success of globalizing tactics employed by American transnationals in spreading the "American way of life." The fact that Nike accomplished this by using exploitive labor practices in their Asian factories is the seamier side of the story, one that elicits no sympathy for practitioners of global capitalism. y continuing these practices - and by continuing to spread American culture through the media, effectively asserting America's hegemony over the developing world - LaFeber argues that violent instability will be provoked, both at home and abroad. Considering the fact that this book was written in 1999, it is easy to see how prescient LaFeber's argument is from a post-9/11 standpoint.


LaFeber, Walter. Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism. New York:…


LaFeber, Walter. Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism. New York: Norton, 1999.

globalization and neoliberalism pros and cons
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In Social Problems, Coleman & Kerbo (2009) discuss ways globalization and neoliberalism have impacted global inequalities and disparities. Global inequalities are not caused by singular policies but are tremendously complex, requiring nuanced perspectives and points of view. Economists, sociologists, and scholars frequently debate whether neoliberalism and global capitalism are causing or exacerbating global inequalities, or whether the ideologies and practices of the free market may be used to promote global equality instead. Martin Hart-Landsberg (2006) and Norberg (2004) weigh in on the debate. In “Neoliberalism: Myths and Reality,” Hart-Landsberg (2006) claims that globalization and the neoliberal policies that support unbridled capitalism worldwide are harmful to the working classes—the majority of people worldwide. Essentially, Hart-Landsberg (2006) claims neoliberalism and globalization increase global inequalities. Norberg (2004), on the other hand, claims that globalization is leading to less inequality. In “Three Cheers for Global Capitalism,” Norberg (2004) claims free enterprise and deregulation lead…

Defense of Globalization This Present
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Objective observers cannot but agree that the world has never been a better place than this and now.

Norberg ascribes and attributes the swift adoption of globalization to the freedom of decision-making, whereby it has enabled individuals and economic freedom as the precedence for political freedom (2003). He writes:

In the long run, it is hard for dictatorships, once they have accepted economic freedom, to avoid introducing political liberty as well (p 269)."

He zeroes in on the relationship between freedom of all kinds and globalization as his overall and primary defense of global capitalism and globalization. He views global free markets as the best culture and path for individual freedom of choice that has spurred him since student days as an acknowledged anarchist who shock fellow anarchists with his analytical abilities. The focus, therefore, should be on bringing this freedom to peoples who have not experienced it before and…


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Iscm globalisation Globalisation and Capitalization in
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On one hand, international service companies will increase the original price of the company, mainly because to the original demand, now one will also need to add the additional charges of the international service companies, acting as intermediaries. However, on the other hand, it is more viable for the original producing companies to outsource, due to a lower opportunity cost.

Again, this type of judgment is functional in a non-transnational economy as well, but in an international context, one tends to have an atomicity of potential international service providers, outsourcing can be extended virtually to no limits and, additionally, the overall costs of the producing company are likely to be much smaller. As shown, this only works in an international capitalist system, where supply and demand work freely on the market, only then is the producer looking for the lowest costs for his company in a global context and only…


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Anti-Capitalist Groups Karl Marx Is
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The transnational class is believed to be a new breed of dominant class stemming from the new economic order (i.e. global capitalism) which gives way to a highly mobile capital which all the more strengthens social polarization (obinson & Harris, 2000). Secondly, (and at the same time) the group recognizes that institutions like IMF and WB aligns with the dominant class as seen in the group's website which has a special section for these institutions under eclaiming the Commons - where the group's critiques against the policies implemented by IMF and WB among many others can be found.

The transnational class works had in hand with supranational institution according to the work of obinson and Harris (2000) as they write, "the historical block is composed of the transnational corporation and financial institutions, the elites that manage the supranational economic planning agencies..." (par. 3).


Focus on the Global South (2009).…


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Bell Daniel The Cultural Contradictions
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Mass production and mass advertising "by the creation of new wants and new means of gratifying those wants" renders individuals complacent and dependent upon 'the system' of production and they are made to feel that their purchase of the next new prefabricated product is a radical act of individualism (34).

The "official, ceaseless searching for a new sensibility" that is at the heart of the restless spirit of modernism, commercials counsel us, can now be treated by buying the latest device (34). Bell envisions a future where inflation, bigger government, and a sense of entitlement produced by the capitalist emphasis on gratification, will only lead to more and more unhappiness and more and more consumption and more dependence upon faceless entities.

It is hard to read Bell's words and not wonder how modern, global capitalism relates to his thesis. The Internet has been a boon to marketers, and seems on…

Globalism and the Culture of American Consumption
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Globalism and the Culture of American Consumption

The United States has long been a world leader on many fronts. The presidential administration of Theodore Roosevelt may have been the first to declare openly that Americans wanted to show that they were a global power, but the U.S. had long had interest in global politics. In the last decade of the eighteenth century, America fought land and sea battles in the Mediterranean against the Barbary pirates (Sassen 216). The Marine Hymn which talks of "the shores of Tripoli" is dedicated to that conflict in which U.S. Marines first fought on foreign soil. An intrepid spirit has caused the free men and women of America to create innovations in business, finance, war, agriculture, and other industries that have been the envy of the rest of the world. This has produced a certain amount of arrogance among the people and leaders of the…

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Will the Mesquaki Culture Survive
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There is a sense of common tribal identity but every succeeding generation has seen this identity grown more fragmented. Even the purists and the traditionalists who try to define an essential core of the Mesquaki identity are themselves a kind of a splinter faction, rather than representatives of the core of the tribe.

The unity of the tribe now comes through the common economic support provided by the gambling on the reservation rather than from a common sense of culture and identity that links generations. The Mesquaki will likely survive in the future in the sense that the tribe will profit off of the casino and many tribal members will still remain on the reservation to live. But the culture will inevitably fragment and change, pulled in different directions from a number of competing forces. The first force is that of the outside white society which for many young Indians…

Works Cited

Foley, Douglas. The Heartland Chronicles. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press,

American Dream and Wealth Gap
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Economics and Global Capitalism

The American Dream has always been tied to homeownership, yet homeownership has always been a prospect made possible through long-term loans made to credit-worthy applicants. For Main Street, this was mainly the case at least since the Baby Boomers came to age. For subsequent generations, predatory lending came about as the monetization of debt became another way for Wall Street to make money off Main Street. The American Dream prior to this was connected to the concept of upward mobility, but this too has been linked to the prospect of homeownership. Essentially, the American Dream has always been a dream about ownership of assets, of being at the minimum part of the middle class—a status that anyone could achieve in America so long as he was willing to work hard. Today, with globalization and the offshoring of manufacturing, the blowing of credit bubbles, the devaluation of…

Globalization in Terms of Family Studies and Psychology
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Globalization in Terms of Family Studies and Psychology

Globalization: The ealities of Families

Globalization can be defined as the unfolding resolution of the contradiction between ever expanding capital and its national political and social formations. While the expansion of capital once represented that associated with national capital and later that associated with corporations expanding from the national to the transnational, it has now come to represent that which occurs without the assistance of or located in nations. These changes have been brought about by globalization which has led to the shift of the main location of capital accumulation from the national to the supranational or global level. With the emergence of globalization, economics has gained a more important place in the matters of humans than politics and public policy has become superseded by corporate demands. These matters as well as those that suggest that the best interests of the private…


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International Political Order Is in
Words: 1749 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35329443
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The dependency interactions were sustained by the cooperation of ranks and elites in the periphery who benefited from their economic associations with the core states.

On the other hand, the problem of underdevelopment was basically diagnosed on the basis of weaknesses of domestic ranks in poor countries. While these diagnoses recognized the exploitative global interactions between rich and poor states, they were conducted on the basis that poor countries failed to play a historic role in overhauling conventional elites and practices as well as leading political and economic development.

While the concepts developed by dependency theories were adopted by several developing countries, they were condemned for being too deterministic through an overemphasis on the role of global forces on nations in the South. This criticism included the fact that dependency theories were efficient in explaining why countries didn't develop as compared to their explanations on how some nations really developed.…


Dyck, R. (n.d.). The Politics of Development and Underdevelopment. In Studying Politics: An

Introduction to Political Science (pp. 372-400).

Dyck, R. (n.d.). WORLD POLITICS: Global Anarchy, Global Governance. In Studying Politics:

An Introduction to Political Science (pp. 434-452).

Half the Sky From a Feminist Perspective
Words: 1781 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19788825
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Half the Sky from a Feminist Perspective

In the last sixty years, women in estern countries and to a lesser extent the rest of the world have become outspoken about women's rights, demanding equal rights in political, economic, cultural, social, and domestic spheres. Their struggles and activism, generally known as feminist movements, helped to elevate the status of women in many countries. Yet, as Nicholas D. Kristoff and Sheryl udunn document in their book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for omen orldwide, the struggle for gender equality is far from over. Kristoff and udunn demonstrate the deeply troubling picture of gender relations around the world where women and girls are systematically subjected to brutality, mistreatment, and discrimination. In their attempt to expose gender inequality in the world, Kristoff and udunn are largely successful, but their analysis is not well-grounded in feminist scholarship, which weakens their argumentation.

Kristoff and…

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Has Globalization Been a Force for Development or for Underdevelopment
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globalization been a force for development or for underdevelopment?

Globalization and Development: An Uneven Exchange

Globalization is the network of international flows of goods, services, money, information, ideas and people. It is the force that helped nations developed into economic powers, becoming players on the international stage. Globalization while an instrument of positive change in many regions of the world it has also contributed to escalating levels of income disparity, environmental degradation, the eroding of state power on the international stage and the increase in activity and sophistication of trans-national criminal organizations. This paper demonstrates how globalization and the promotion of specific economic policies is a boon to specific countries such as South Korea while other nations are increasingly marginalized. Weak nation-states are subject to the influence of non-state international actors such as trans-national corporations and criminal organizations. These external factors destabilize a nation's central government and its authority therefore…


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Capitalistic Economy Surfaced Right After the Era
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capitalistic economy surfaced right after the era of feudalism ended. The capitalistic economy system favors a handful of wealthy private entities that control rest of the economy. These corporate actors utilize the resources and labor in their favor to create a monopoly of their own. The profits are multiplied by these corporations and the government acts responsible for ensuring taxes payments and in return the masses are provided social justice. In the first quarter of 20th century when industrial revolution was taking place, capitalism seemed like a great idea as formulation of unions and governments helped the under privileged.

Originally the idea of capitalistic economy was supposed to keep check and balances on the supply and demand functions. The scenario should have been in the best interest of the society as corporations were compelled to share profits with the overall society. But after orld ar 2 as the industrialization period…

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Human Resource Management Is a
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The current trend in trade agreements has demanded a reevaluation of such change that is likely to remain an aspect of IHM for its entirety. "International law clearly delineates that companies have human rights responsibilities, although some of the specific responsibilities are ambiguous." (Aaronson, 2003, p. 63) Significant lawsuits against U.S., UK and Canadian Multinational organizations has made it clear that if business and government are not willing to police themselves, on issues of universal human rights, such as labor policy and political and social intimidation through the workplace then the international communities will do so independently through amendments and amalgamations to trade agreements.

Scullion reiterates the importance of the issue of International HM in the second edition of Human esource Management: A critical Text, edited by John Story. In this section Scullion elaborates on the ideas that were introduced in the first edition by the same author and editor.…


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Apple Corporation When Considering the Ever-Changing and
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Apple Corporation

When considering the ever-changing and highly competitive global landscape of business today, firms must stay at the cutting edge of their respective fields in order to sustain profitability in the long-term. With the current exponential growth and advancement of technology and the computerization of business and learning, consumers and investors have become much more connected to the businesses they patronize (Kurzweil, 2001). Accordingly, companies are faced with the continuous task of finding new ways to understand and subsequently accommodate the needs of those customers and shareholders, while simultaneously securing lucrative business models and job environments. Due to the variety in the effects of the globalized market realized by different nations and regions, some areas of the world have targeted specific business sectors and have subsequently gained a competitive advantage . The manufacturing industry provides a superb example of an industry that has grown, been geographically compartmentalized, and transformed…


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Democratization and Social Movements the
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There are definitely similarities between the two works. They are each a collection of essays that cover a multitude of complicated topics and opinions within the redefinition of modern social movements. The idea that social movements and political power are continuing to change is the main concern of both works. For ose, it is the advanced liberal that is molding social movements and political discourse within the Western world, whereas for Wignaraja, it is showing how the social movements of the past in places like Africa simply were not effective enough and need to evolve into more sympathetic movements designed for the people, not the ruling parties alone. Modern theories and discourse must be able to adapt with these changes.


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Post Colonial India and South Asian Identity
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Post Colonial India and South Asian Identity

"Pakistan is often perceived as merely one of those far-away places that serve as breeding grounds for extremism and violence," yet this is not a clear image of the truth (Perner 23). Pakistan is in the midst of an internal conflict, with those who want to embrace globalism and those fighting to get rid of it for a misguided view of life before international influence. In many ways, Hamid's novel Moth Smoke is much different than other post-colonial literature in the idea that the west is not entirely responsible for the divides in cultural identity in regional politics. Rather, the west simply brought with it new tools to help distinguish those with access to the elite social circles and those without. Still, Hamid does show some positive benefits from a globalized identity in the image of a much stronger female role within an…

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