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Golden Rule Essays (Examples)

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Impact of British ule in Sub-Continent 1857-1947 [Pick the date]

The era of British rule in Subcontinent comprise of centuries. Starting from a smart invasion in this land called. "The golden bird." Colonels slowly and gradually controlled the reins of this region. After gaining complete control over subcontinent, various reforms were introduced by British which were later on amalgamated with the existing structure of the political system of subcontinent. This later on, of course had its impact on the inhabitants of sub-continent, socially and economically. During this period, a system was established which was based on British ideology of governance and authority, quite similar to their owns. However, it was an impeccable implementation of this system was impossible. Mainly because of two reasons; firstly the culture variants were highly strong and secondly the main nations i.e. Hindus and Muslims, were not very cordial towards each other. Therefore,…


Maddison, A. 1971. Class Structure and Economic Growth: India & Pakistan since the Moghuls,

Retrieved from:Chapter 3: The Economic and Social Impact of Colonial Rule in India

Metcalf, Thomas R. 1994. Ideologies of the Raj, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

British Rule & the Sub-continent Page 2

Goedel Escher Bach An Eternal Golden Braid
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89385465
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Goedel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, Douglas Hofstadter unleashes a multifaceted theory of mind and consciousness. One of the central motifs or metaphors the author uses in Goedel, Escher, Bach is music. The Bach component of the book begins in depth starting on page 607, when the author presents the question, "ho Composes Computer Music?" The author claims, "There are various levels of autonomy which a program may seem to have in the act of composition," (Hofstadter 607). However, the computer-generated compositions follow predictable algorithms. The songs, riffs, and sounds computers generate are qualitatively different from those that are created by human beings.

Computers and brains are different, Hofstadter points out, in that computers cannot experience self-consciousness. Self-consciousness remains one of the core barriers to artificial intelligence. Given there is no "who" in a computer, a computer program cannot create music any more than it can write novels. A…

Work Cited

Cohen, Tal. Goedel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. 30 May 1997. Retrieved online: 

Hofstadter, Douglas. Goedel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. 1999.

Confidence Is a Golden Trait That Can
Words: 1720 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37137032
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Confidence is a golden tait that can povide useful if not in all, than at least most situations any single peson may expeience. Confidence essentially includes having the ability to successfully negotiate any given task with gace, pecision and tact. This acquied skill is theefoe obviously extemely useful in the health cae industy.

Nuses ae integal in the healing pocess and maybe moe impotant than the physician in many instances of medical teatment. Nuses need not only technical skills but also social skills that will seve both thei own caee aspiations but also simultaneously assist in the pactical application of thei pofession. The pupose of this poposal is to convince the eade that the poblem of lack of confidence in nusing, and specifically thei communication methods with patients, is significant and the ensuing plan will benefit the stakeholdes involved.

This plan will fist explain how aising confidence levels can contibute…

references for APA format.

Barrere, C.C. (2007). Discourse analysis of nurse-patient communication in a hospital setting: implications for staff development. J Nurses Staff Dev, 23(3), 114-122; quiz 123-114. doi: 10.1097/01.NND.0000277180.47829.8d

Chapman, K.B. (2009). Improving Communication Among Nurses, Patients, and Physicians. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 109(11), 21-25-10.1097/1001.NAJ.0000362013.0000353342.0000362017.

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Heaven, C., Clegg, J., & Maguire, P. (2006). Transfer of communication skills training from workshop to workplace: the impact of clinical supervision. Patient Educ Couns, 60(3), 313-325. doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2005.08.008

Cultural and Construction History of the Islamic Golden Age
Words: 4350 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85878794
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Islamic Technology

Cultural and Construction History of the Islamic Golden Age

Cultural Environment

The Islamic Golden Age is also known as the Caliphate of Islam or the Islamic Renaissance. The term refers to a system of political, cultural, and religious authority derived from the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed in the early sixth century AD. At its high point under the Abbassid Dynasty (eighth to thirteenth centuries AD), Islamic civilisation experienced a flourish of art and culture that blended Arab, Persian, Egyptian, and European elements (Kraemer). The result was an era of incredible intellectual and cultural advancements (Wiet). At the height of its power, the Caliphate controlled all of the present-day Middle East, all of northern Africa and into Spain, and as far east as the Indus Valley, making it among the largest empires of all time and one of the few states ever to extend direct rule over three…

Morality When Morality and Ethical
Words: 1162 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5097740
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This moral sense is often bigger and more powerful than us. Some people could call it psychological effect, others might term it differently but the fact remains that if we are doing something wrong, this moral sense would keep nagging us to the point that we would no longer be able to enjoy what we are doing and might eventually starting harming ourselves.

In order to protect ourselves from such negative consequences, its best to make a decision that is free of guilt. In this way, we can enjoy the fruits of our success and live a more happy life in general. This is really what is in our best interest though we might fail to see it at first.

It also pays to study the offer from an objective viewpoint. If someone else were offered this job: what would you suggest? Would you allow the person to take the…


Richard Garrett, the GOLDEN RULE. Presented to the Starr King School for the Ministry, University of California at Berkeley April 12, 2002

Mill, John Stuart. Excerpts from "Utilitarianism" in Philosophical Problems, an annotated anthology by Laurence BonJour and Ann Baker, editors, Pearson education (2005)

Mill, p. 590

Ethical Dilemma Recently I Have
Words: 1781 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49840754
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George must take time and think about his company, his coworkers, and Med-Train because his decision will have a ripple effect on them all. When applying the golden rule George will think about the stakeholders and make a more informed decision. A selfish decision in this case may not only harm George but also have negative consequences on all the stakeholders involved.


After analyzing the Georges case and considering the dilemma facing him; deciding between loyalty to his company and being honest to all stakeholders involved in the process and the ethical and legal ramifications to consult (albeit from a position of his own company) with his employer's main competitor. The recommendation to George has several facets to help him make the most beneficial ethical and legal decision.

George must schedule a meeting with the human resources director and check into XYZ Incorporated's policy to gauge the rules regarding…

Parable of the Sadhu Ethical
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 3974619
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It was if he had left his ethical principles behind when he entered a context where fulfilling his ethical responsibilities to others meant less than the competitive drive to reach his goal. The fact that he had tried and failed to make the climb before, as a result of altitude sickness, was a further motivator for his callousness. The other climber's similar lack of care and concern for the man created a context where 'every man for himself' seemed to be the dominant ideology, not 'all for one and one for all.'

Later, Stephen attributed his fellow climber's failure to provide adequate care for the sadhu because sadhu was not a part of the climber's culture in his demeanor, and appearance. (McCoy, 1983, pp.104-106) the sadhu was alien, and disoriented as a result of altitude sickness. It was easy to render the man as 'other' or fundamentally different, Stephen argued,…

Ethics Table Q1 Brief Definitions of
Words: 870 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83412268
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Consequence-based ethics

c. I believe people should be able to eat sand because it is the right thing to do. Duty-based ethics

d. I believe people should be able to eat sand because it is good for one's health. Virtue ethics

e. I believe people should be able to eat sand if they decide they want to, regardless of whether it is someone else's sand. Entitlement-based ethics

f. I believe people should be able to eat sand if they want to because they are free to make the decision themselves. ights-based ethics

g. I believe I will eat sand because it is the standard meal for my community. elativistic ethics

Q4. Duty-based ethics: It is my duty to follow through with instructions my boss gives me, even if I do not agree with the concept. It is my moral obligation to respect authority figures.

Consequence-based ethics: Even though some employees…


Trevino, L.K., & Nelson, K.A. (2007). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (4th Ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Lessons Learned Learning Lessons as a Team
Words: 1220 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65001621
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Lessons Learned

Learning Lessons as a Team

Success, failure, blame, mistakes and effectiveness are amongst some of the words which are usually associated with projects. Vic Passion and Gina Gotsill also incorporate many of such key words while discussing about reflections and lessons learned from a project in their article; 'Learning lessons as a team'. The article serves as a brief guide for project managers and organizations as it encompasses the old yet the golden rule of learning from experiences.

What issue/topic is the article addressing?

The article 'Learning lessons as a team' addresses the issue of assessing the lessons learned by the team in order to analyze the desirable and undesirable outcomes of a project. In other words, this is essential as it helps the project leader gain insight about the success of the project and look into the matter of improvement if required which could be later applied…


Gotsill, G., & Passion, V. (2010). Learning lessons as a team. T+D.

Happiness Except the Simple Harmony
Words: 1196 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43447658
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When I see inequality in the world, I am visibly moved and affected. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that in America, we do value equality and many groups have been able to attain equality under the law on a collective level as well as respect on an individual level.

Introspection is a value that I deem extremely important and I believe it comes from a variety of sources from my parents to Oprah Winfrey and her progeny. My parents repeatedly advised me that it is alright to make mistakes as long as we reflect upon them and find a way to learn and grow from the errors of our ways. Furthermore, I have a closet addiction to watching self-help shows, buying self-help books, and following self-help websites. Inside of me is a budding psychologist who finds great pleasure in finding out the real emotional process…

Religion Class It MLA Style Answer Questions
Words: 678 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82716249
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religion class. It MLA style, Answer questions: Confucius thinks deliberate tradition

It is not absolutely necessary for an individual to be cognizant of and take part in some sort of deliberate tradition for the cultivation of virtuous individual lives. Nonetheless, such a tradition can be useful in propagating virtue. Alternatively, such a tradition can also be used to propagate vices and other nefarious forms of behavior. However, a deliberate tradition is not necessary to cultivate virtue. One can cultivate virtue simply by following the golden rule, which is to do unto others as one wants done unto oneself (Klempner). Such a mantra or formula for virtue is highly innate and is actually little more than common sense. Hence, individuals can discover this ideology on their own and practice it without expressly being told about it, or following some lengthy tradition dispelling other means of moral behavior. In light of this…

Works Cited

Klempner, Geoffrey. "Kant's Categorical Imperative and the Golden Rule." 2007. Web.

Buchanan Op-Ed an Analysis of
Words: 3082 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99291916
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Zionism is even being identified with Christianity, with evangelicals uniting themselves to Israeli interests. Need we remind ourselves that Zionism is a politico-religious belief that is diametrically opposed to Christian values? The post-war propaganda that followed II even helped obliterate the notion of Jesus Christ as Holocaust and replace it with the Shoah, the Jewish holocaust. At the heart of Zionism is the eradication of Christian culture and the elevation of Zionist policies like the one currently being enacted on the Gaza Strip. Israel is an apartheid state and has been murdering Palestinians for years -- and now it has convinced millions of Christians and evangelicals that they must destroy the Arab before he destroys them. hat kind of value is this? It is a diabolical one.

Refusing to embrace diplomacy also undermines our prosperity. Rather than attacking and occupying countries in the Middle East, we should be working with…

Works Cited

Anders, Chris. "Senators Demand the Military Lock Up of American Citizens." ACLU.

23 Nov 2011. Web. 13 Feb 2012.

Buchanan, Patrick. "Why Are We Baiting the Bear?" 23 Aug 2011.

Corbett, James. "9/11: A Conspiracy Theory." Corbett Report. 11 Sep 2011. Web. 13

Philosophy Induction
Words: 3486 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73842296
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Hume's Problem Of Induction

David Hume is known as one of the foremost skeptics and humanists of his time, who exalted in mankind's ability to transform the world through science. Somewhat ironically, then, one of his most far-reaching philosophical contributions was to phrase the problem of induction which today is often thought to deny scientific knowledge. Just a couple chapters of a single book, Hume posed a question which has yet to be satisfactorily answered, despite the great intervening time. In its most simple form, Hume's problem merely asked what evidence there was to support the instinctive understanding that the future would resemble the past, and then pointed out that since he could see no logical reason why this should be the case, then he could not with reasonably say that it must be so. And despite attempts to dismiss his challenge, it seems no one has yet come up…


Anderson, James. "Secular Responses to the Problem of Induction." 2002.


Hume, David. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding. Harvard Classics Online. 

Loops, S. "Problem of Induction." 2000.

Diversity in the Workplace
Words: 3815 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 20076138
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Diversity in the Workplace

The increase in globalization has resulted in greater levels of interaction of individuals from diverse cultures and beliefs than ever before in the history of the world. As noted in the work of Green, Lopez, Wysocki and Kepner (2002) "People no longer live and work in an insular marketplace; they are now part of a worldwide economy with competition coming from nearly every continent." (p.1) Diversity is defined as "The variety of experiences and perspective which arise from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or physical abilities, heritage, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other characteristics." (University of California, San Francisco, 2012, p.1)

Challenges, arriers, and enefits to Workplace Diversity

The Multicultural Advantage website reports that there are specific barriers and challenges to workplace diversity and that these are inclusive of: (1) communication; (2) resistance to change; (3) Implementation of diversity in the workplace policies;…


1. A Diverse Workforce Is Integral to a Strong Economy. Center for American Progress. Retrieved from: 

2. Andrade, R. And Rivera, A. (2012) Developing a Diversity-Patent Workforce: The UA Libraries' Experience. Journal of Library Administration. 51:7-8, 692-727

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4. DuPont, K. (1999) Handling Diversity in the Workplace; Communication is the Key. American Media, Inc. Retrieved from:

Israeli Business Communication Although Geographically
Words: 1494 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40538547
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During these times, politeness and sensitivity become necessary as this subject may be extremely emotional or explosive as many Israelis have lost family or friends in wars or bomb attacks. As Israelis are notably brusque, however, an Israeli might construe something an American deems cautious politesse as evasiveness or uncertainty. Since directness is prized, it is best to get straight answers when an Israeli questions, and/or ask straight questions. Before "getting down to business," an American business man/woman may be surprised that little small talk or "chit-chat" is exchanged. if/when an individual meets Palestinian Israelis, it is good to remember they value courtesy, dress and good form more. (Business Etiquette) the following reflect a number of points a businessperson needs to keep in mind when conducting business in Israel.

There may not be a correlation between a contacts' politics and his/her religious or ethnic background.

Initially, an individual should keep…

Works Cited

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Fall of Christendom in Modern Era
Words: 1859 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14331401
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Christianity in Europe

The Decline of European Christianity, 1675-Present

The demise of Christianity in Europe coincides with the rise of the Age of Enlightenment at the end of the 17th century.

Up to that moment, Europe had been relatively one in religious belief. True, religious wars had been raging for more than a century, with the fracturing of nations in the wake of the "Protestant Reformation." ut even then, Europe had acknowledged a single Savior -- wherein lay His Church was the major point of contention. ut today Europe exists in a post-Christian state. Its Christian identity has collapsed under the weight of Romantic-Enlightenment ideals, expressed dramatically in the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century and adopted politically throughout the continent as a result of a more man-centered, rather than God-centered, vision of life. This paper will trace the decline of European Christianity and provide three reasons…


Israel, Jonathan. Radical Enlightenment Philosophy and the Making of Modernity 1650-

1750. UK: Oxford University Press, 2002.

Jones, E. Michael. Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control. IN: St.

Augustine Press, 2000.

Ethical Framework
Words: 2023 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97779307
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Definition of an Ethical Framework
An ethical framework that would be useful to me is one which I can use it to assess how to go about behaving in a given circumstance. The framework should be based on the virtue-ethics perspective. As Lutz (1996) points out, “Piaget and Kohlberg belong to the cognitive-developmental tradition of developmental psychology” in which the moral development of a child is decided through social interaction and comes about naturally rather than through formal education (p. 1). Kohlberg’s theory of moral development is that there are six stages of moral development. First, there is the stage in which the child does what is right to avoid being punished. Second comes the stage in which the child does what is right because he perceives it serves his own interests. Third comes the stage in which the child desires to see himself as a good person and for…

Against Legalization of Abortion
Words: 977 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51239256
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Against Abortion

In the past few decades an argument has raged across America over the issue of abortion. My personal opinion on this subject is that abortion should not be legal. I believe that because an embryo, and later a fetus, is a human life form that is separate and distinct from its parents, and has the potential to become something great, that people should follow the "Golden ule" and treat others, including embryos, only as they would like to be treated; and this would mean not ending their life. Therefore, in the debate over abortion, I am on the "Pro-Life" side.

While many abortion proponents concentrate their arguments on the mother and her rights, they often forget that there is another person involved, and it is a distinct and individual life form. Most embryology texts indicate that the life of a human being "begins with complete fertilization, which yields…


Gensler, Harry. (2011). Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction. New York: Routledge.

Lee, Patrick, and Robert P. George.(2005). The Wrong of Abortion. In Cohen, Andrew

and Christopher Wellman. (Eds.), Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics.

Malden, MA: Blackwell.

How Confucianism Impacted China
Words: 4732 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28788747
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Confucianism in Pre-Modern China

Confucianism comes from the Chinese philosopher Confucius, after whom the philosophy takes its name. Confucius lived from the middle of the 6th century BC to the first part of the 5th century BC and was a teacher of the values of those who lived in the days of Chinese antiquity. For Confucius, the greatest years of the Zhou dynasty had come in the three centuries prior to his birth. The dynasty itself lasted for centuries following Confucius' life, though in a much different form from what came before. Confucius viewed the lessons of the early Zhou dynasty as containing valuable nuggets of wisdom. Confucius' teachings carried on well after his day as did many other schools of thought in China, where philosophy and wisdom were highly prized and sought after by many Chinese leaders from Confucius' own time till the end of the 3rd century BC.…

Personal Code of Ethics
Words: 2323 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8166226
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They are a great source of strength and I will honor them while remaining true to myself.

I am committed to lifelong learning and I will constantly strive to advance my knowledge and skills in the field by attending conferences and clinics, and reading the current literature.

I will strive to be a contributing member of society, both professionally and personally. I value education and lifelong learning and will continue to expand my knowledge by attending classes. I also understand the value of work and feel that it is a necessary and constructive part of my life. I will continue to make myself more valuable to my employer by attending seminars and training and by doing my best for the company.

Continually improve my skills as a person and as an employee through educational enhancement programs to perform my job in a timely way at a high level of excellence.…


Beasley, M.S. & Jenkins, J.G. (2003). A primer for brainstorming fraud risks: There are good and bad ways to conduct brainstorming sessions. Journal of Accountancy, 196(6), 32.

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Moral Theology in Today's Economically
Words: 3061 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4543742
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The principle of harmony's job is to take corrective actions when needed in order to create the balance of economic justice between the principles. For example, when the other two principles are violated by such things as unjust social barriers to either participation or distribution, the principle of harmony works to eradicate these barriers and thus restore economic harmony, or justice.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, economic harmonies is defined as "laws of social adjustment under which the self-interest of one man or group of men, if given free play, will produce results offering the maximum advantage to other men and the community as a whole." In other words, whereas the other two principles are controlled by the free market, the principle of economic harmony is controlled by the government through laws and regulations aimed at controlling the negative effects of the free market. Examples of such controls are…


Bretzke, James T. A Morally Complex World: Engaging Contemporary Theology.

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Curran, Charles. The Catholic Moral Tradition Today. Center for Economic and Social Justice.

Elliott, Hanna. "Stereotypes of Religious Voters Don't Fit." Associated Baptist Press, 03 Nov. 2006.

HBS Case Four Seasons
Words: 1634 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 98760960
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Seasons Hotel Case Study

The Four Seasons is positioned as a luxury hotel. Its hotels are mid-sized, and often with downtown locations, so the company is excluded from the boutique category but is not specifically a resort hotel either. The luxury segment for hotels is defined by the service level offered. Luxury hotels focus on a very high end service experience, and the hotels themselves are luxurious in terms of their decor. The staff ratios are higher, and these hotels also pay more attention to staff training, and to detail.

There are a couple of different customer segments that the Four Seasons caters to. The wealthier traveler is the main one, especially in the vacation segment. These are travelers who have sufficient financial means and the taste to always demand luxury and a high level of service. The other major customer segment is the high-end business/corporate/government segment, where higher-ranking individuals…


Hallowell, R., Bowen, D. & Knoop, C. (2002). Four Seasons goes to Paris: "53 properties, 24 countries, 1 philosphy" Harvard Business School. In possession of the author

Heskett, Sasser & Schlessinger, 1997). The cycle of capability. In possession of the author

Heskett, Jones, Loveman, Sasser & Schlessinger (1994). Service-profit chain. In possession of the author.

Christianity Confucianism and Buddhism Religious
Words: 1685 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49811141
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Confucius, likewise, although scholars say that Confucianism is not a theistic religion, stresses the will or mandate of heaven having an influence upon the lives of all, but focuses on the obligations of individuals in a society, not upon isolated religious acts of goodness. Buddhism, another cross-national religion also focuses on acts, such as the importance of meditation, rather than individual spiritual perfection, but focuses on such acts in a trans-national focus and stresses 'right understanding' as opposed to social relationships as in Confucianism. Confucianism does not stress the distinction between earth and the dead. It creates a network of continuity between ancestors of the past and one's present shows of respect, through good conduct, towards ones ancestors. Unlike Christianity, which stresses the better place of the Father in heaven, Buddhists do not believe in any type of God, the need for a savior, prayer, or eternal life after death.…

Works Cited

Confucius. The Analects. MIT Classics Archive. Last updated 2000. 

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Matthew: Chapter 5 The Sermon on the Mount." The New American Bible. USCCB.

Parable of the Good Samaritan
Words: 2224 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72749432
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Go and study'" (2000, 733). These observations suggest that while it may be possible to interpret the Parable of the Good Samaritan in different ways, there can be no misunderstanding the basic message that is being communicated.

Like the Lukan and Markan versions, Leviticus 19:18 also requires everyone to not only refrain from acts that would harm others, but to come to their assistance when they are in need, but this is not the only other biblical reference that contains this important guidance. According to Anderson, "Mark's version of this same pericope leaves out the parable of the Good Samaritan but makes the same point, in even more emphatic terms, as here it is Jesus himself who gives the proper answer. 'There is no other commandment greater than these,' to love God and neighbor, Jesus says (Mark 12:31)" (2004, 170).

Although different interpretations of the Parable of the Good Samaritan…


Anderson, Chris. Teaching as Believing: Faith in the University. Waco, TX: Baylor University

Press, 2004.

Davis, Ellen F. (2000). "Critical Traditioning: Seeking an Inner Biblical Hermeneutic." Anglican

Theological Review 82(4): 733-735.

Management Analysis of Jcpenney One of America's
Words: 2369 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94386459
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Management Analysis of JCPenney

One of America's iconic department store fixtures is J.C. Penney which has provided American consumers with a wide range of family clothing and other merchandise for more than a century. In recent years, though, JCPenney has been experiencing some difficult times as its core market continues to be eroded by competitors and an aging business model. This paper provides a review of the relevant literature to develop a description and history of the company, its recent financial performance and to identify some of the managerial decisions that were made in response to changes in its market or competitive environment by JCPenney in recent years. A summary of the research and important findings concerning these issues are presented in the conclusion.

Description and History of the Company

According to JCPenney's promotional literature, "More than a century ago, James Cash Penney founded his company on the principle of…


About us. (2013). JC Penney. Retrieved from

Company profile. (2013). Yahoo! Finance. Retrieved from 


Elasticity of demand. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.

World of Confucians
Words: 751 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75460034
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Confucian Filial Piety and Differences With Other Ethical Systems

"Let us consider the case of a filial son who seeks what is beneficial for his parents. Does a filial son who seeks what is beneficial for his parents want other people to care for and benefit his parents or does he want other people to dislike and steal from his parents? According to the very meaning of filial piety, he must want other people to care for and benefit his parents. Given this, how should one act in order to bring about such a state of affairs? Should one first care for and benefit the parents of another, expecting that they in turn will respond by caring for and benefitting one's own parents? Or should one first dislike and steal from other people's parents, expecting that they in turn will respond by caring for and benefitting one's own parents? Clearly…

Terrorist it Is Often a Good Idea
Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24367882
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terrorist" it is often a good idea to first look at the word and its spelling to begin to understand what such a person does. The word "terrorist" has "terror" in it. This means that a terrorist causes terror. That is what someone who is a terrorist would do. He would not care about people's lives or feelings. His aim is only to make people feel afraid.

A terrorist would not care about people, their feelings, or their lives. He would have no compassion or love for the people he is trying to destroy. He would especially not care about the families of the people he is trying to destroy. He would only enjoy bringing fear and pain to the people he is terrorizing.

A terrorist has to create terror in those he affects with his action. Without this, he would not be a terrorist. A person who just lives…

Developing a Change Management Strategy for Four Seasons Abroad
Words: 1925 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27507005
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Seasons' Executive Vice President Human esources and Administration, Mr. Nick Mutton

Analysis of the takeover of the George V Hotel in Paris, France, as well as providing recommendations concerning Change Management processes appropriate for establishing a new hotel in a new, unfamiliar cultural setting.

There are 6 forms of environmental influences that are at work in the PESTEL framework. These forms consist of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. The first letters of each of these forms make up the acronym PESTEL. Each of these serves as an interlinking and impactful factor on the others, so that none of them are independent but rather all working together to provide a total sense of the whole. In other words, political influences will impact economic factors and vice-versa and the same relationship can be applied to all elements of PESTEL.

A PESTEL analysis for Four Season's takeover in Paris consists…


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Transfer of Maxillomandibular Relationship From
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The understanding of TMJ anatomy as well as its function is very important to generate stable as well as healthy intercuspation. TMJ consists of condyle, disk, muscles and ligaments. It connects the lower jaw to the temporal bone in the skull in both sides and has two movements (osenstiel and Land, 2001). The TMJ along with muscles stabilization is the starting point to get the ideal maxilla-mandibular relationship in the centric relation. There is no way to register and transfer an accurate interocclusal record if patient has TMJ or muscles dysfunction. The patient with this dysfunction should be treated first before final restoration, cementation or construction. The conservative management of unstable joints and muscles via appliance therapy is the most common modality of management (Capp and Clayton, 1985).

4.2 Occlusal vertical dimension:

Perhaps one of the toughest and most intricate recuperative experiments for dentists in today's world is directly related…


Bansal S. Critical evaluation of various methods of recording centric jaw relation. J of india prosthet society2008;8(4):185-191

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Social Psychology and the Beliefs
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According to Freud, human societies require people to give up many of their most natural instincts and to replace their natural desires with the need to satisfy the "false standards of measurement" such as the "power, success and wealth [that they seek] for themselves and admire & #8230; in others, and that [as a result,] they underestimate what is of true value in life." Fred suggested that the need to live up to the standards and expectations set by society causes "too many pains, disappointments and impossible tasks" and that "to bear it we cannot dispense with palliative measures." By that, Freud meant that all of the psychological mechanisms, substitutions, and escapes that cause psychological problems and that often prevent human happiness. These ideas introduced by Freud about the psychological price paid by people living in society would later be part of the views of several other 20th century sociological…

Social Psychology and the Perspectives
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Therefore, the person who chooses to suspend his interests to comply with those artificial externally-imposed social values for the benefit of others will ultimately always suffer disadvantage because others cannot be counted upon to do so consistently and in a meaningful way, at least not beyond the ability of the state to control and ensure.

To Freud, modern civilization provides various tangible benefits to the individual but only at a tremendous cost. While living in society and with the benefits of government protection against the uncontrolled expression of the selfish will of others is a benefit, the fact that our goals and values, and the component elements of our psychological personas are determined and shaped to such a great extent by external society generates much if not all of the psychological pain and trauma experienced by individuals.

Personal Response and Conclusion

There is substantial value as well as inherent weaknesses…

Organ Donations
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ethical decision making in general and then in the nursing profession. It addresses two key questions. What are the different ethical decision making processes? How could the ethical dilemma of informed consent in the nursing profession be resolved using one of these processes? The sources used to collect information are books and academic journals. The teleological approach suggests that informed consent is ethical because its benefits exceed its costs. In other words, its consequences are more unfavourable than opposite.

Ethical decision making is the process by which individuals choose an approach to deal with a moral issue they encounter. In everyday life, professionals often have to deal with moral issues. Therefore, frameworks for dealing with ethical dilemmas are required.

"Ethics is the science of the moral life. It is concerned with human conduct in relation to character and a conception of the good, commonly referred to as the highest good.…


Caples, S.C., Hanna, M.D., Phelps, L. (2008). Linking Ethics Decisions to Philosophical Rationales: An Empirical Study. Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues. 11 (2), pp.93+

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Client Representation Ethics
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Ethics: Client epresentation


Ethics is the study of the rightness or wrongness of human actions, based on what society has identified as its moral values. Individuals are expected to observe ethical standards in their daily interactions as a way of preventing conflict and maintaining peace. For this reason, philosophers have focused on developing ethical theories to guide individuals towards making moral decisions. This text assesses these theories to determine how they inform the decision-making process.

The Situation

One of your clients is accused of murdering her husband and she, as a result, faces the death penalty. An eyewitness has wrongly identified her as the killer, but she maintains that she was in an out-of-town hotel at the supposed time. However, there is no evidence of the same as she paid the hotel fee in cash, received no official receipt, did not sign the hotel register, and the clerk does…


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Avoid the Pitfalls That Cause a Project
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avoid the pitfalls that cause a project to fall behind schedule is entitled "10 golden rules of project risk management." It is written by Barte Jutte. The basis of this article is that the effective assessment of risk -- and accordant action -- can mitigate the pitfalls that cause a project to not meet its temporal schedule requirements. The article focuses on assessing risks early, prioritizing them, and actually planning responses to risks. Jutte (2014) notes that Individuals who do so early enough in the project planning stage are able to utilize a replacement for people and contingencies in a project that might cause them to lag behind on their schedules -- which certainly seems valid.

The second article reviewed was on Holohan's "6 steps to successful schedules." The basis for eschewing scheduling pitfalls in this article is to base scheduling largely in conjunction with the work breakdown structure for…


Didraga, O. (2013). The role and the effects of risk management in IT projects' success. Informatica Economica. 17(1), 86-98.

Holohan, R. 6 steps to successful schedules.  / Retrieved from

Strategic Plan
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eviving a Company: How to Bring New Life to a Mature Business

An Independent Learning Project

Poly-Metal Finishing, Inc. is a company that has had a successful history of more than thirty years in the metal-working industry, providing complete anodic service to the aerospace, military and commercial sectors. I have worked for this company for eight years and am now part of the management team.

With a change in management has come the need for a revision in management philosophy. We have seen an erosion in employee dedication over the years, partly as a result of somewhat authoritarian and outdated leadership philosophies. We have undertaken to research and analyze the factors that experts have determined are essential to the creative health of a company and how this climate can be brought about. Our goal is to preserve the positive elements of PMF, while correcting the negatives, with the aim of…


Atkinson, Philip E. (1990). Creating Culture Change: The Key to Successful Total Quality Management. San Diego: Pfeiffer and Company.

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Socialist Zionist Beliefs Colin Shindler
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There is much to the assertion by Nachman Syrkin that the Jews have persisted in history because the performed a socio-economic function that other peoples did not want to do or could not do. In his 1898 "The Jewish Problem and the Socialist Jewish State, " Syrkin lays out these ideas. Regarding this, Syrkin argued that a classless society and national sovereignty were the only means of solving the Jewish question completely. He felt that this social revolution would be the key to the normalization of the Jewish condition. ith this in mind, he argued that the Jew must therefore join the proletariat as the only way to end class struggle and redistribute power justly. Since the bourgeoisie betrayed the principles of liberalism, then Jews must be the torchbearers of Socialism.

hile Syrkin is many times seen as working on his own, however he had predecessors and contemporaries who had…

Works Cited:

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Edited by Arthur Hertzberg, 355-360. New York: Jewish Publication Society.

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Hertzberg, 120-139. New York: Jewish Publication Society.

Business General Please List Sections According to
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Business (general)

Please list sections according to instructions

Exercise 1.1: eview of esearch Study and Consideration of Ethical Guidelines

Option 1: Stanford Prison Experiment

Go to:, the official site for the Stanford Prison Experiment.

What do you think the research questions were in this study? List 2 or 3 possible research questions (in question format) that may have been the focus of this experiment.

What happens when you put good people in an evil place? Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph? Does natural or innate evil exist, or is evil situational? Are certain people simply born "bad apples" or are they made evil by "bad barrels"?

What is "reality" in a prison setting? This study is one in which an illusion of imprisonment was created, but when do illusions become real? How quickly and easily will 'ordinary men' adjust to the roles as prisoners, guards and…


Asby, M.D. And S.A. Miles (2002). Leaders Talk Leadership: Top Executives Speak their Minds. Oxford.

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Finance and Financial Entrepreneurship The Basis of
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finance and financial entrepreneurship. The basis of the article is on a discussion that was held on this subject among four leading lights of financial entrepreneurship in the United States - Michael Milken, Lewis Ranieri, Richard Sandor and Myron Scholes. These people are famous in their own right and have had a sizeable role in financial entrepreneurship in the U.S. over the last 20 years. We have first discussed their achievements to get a clear idea about their personal achievements. This would certainly give a clear idea of what is possible in the U.S. today. They are of course interesting characters and one has to remember that the ideal entrepreneur of the 21st century cannot be thought of as an updated version of Henry Ford. After the discussion of the people, the meeting and the discussions held there are summarized. ased on the total information collected, we have come to…


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Schneider, S.H. Laboratory Earth: The Planetary Gamble We Can't Afford to Lose. Basic Books New York, NY. 1997.

Philosophy Surrounding the Topic of
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However, other times, a business vision that may seem to be a good idea initially will prove to be unwise once one conducts a more formal analysis of all of the relevant variables and considerations involved.

I learned how important it is to maintain effective communications across a broad spectrum of communications media. Today, a business person must be able to multi-task and to conduct and effectively integrate numerous different types of communications effectively and efficiently. In that respect, I also learned that there are specific issues, considerations, and potential complications associated with every different type of communications medium. Sometimes the technical element of the medium present issues that can undermine the efficiency of operations; other times, it is the interpersonal elements of specific types of communications media that introduce potential problems and complications. An example of the former would be technical issues that interfere with plans to conduct meetings…

La Cosa Nostra
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Organized crime has existed in society for hundreds of years in one form or another. It generally exists in prosperous societies where strong class distinctions -- sometimes brutally enforced -- exist. The history and dealings associated with major crime organizations have been well documented. In this paper, the effect of La Cosa Nostra (Our Thing or Cause) will be discussed in relation to its effects on modern society. This paper will also discuss the efforts and results of law enforcement on the Mafia.

Organized crime in the United States has been around for a long time. Since the early 1900's, "organized" crime has existed and continues to exist in the United States today. Organized crime is generally prevalent in regions of high population density, where there are sufficient opportunities available to make money illegally. Organized crime can be therefore classified as a society-influenced crime. In recent years, however, the growing…


Donn, J. "Boston Mob Informant Scandal Involved Highest Levels of FBI, Documents Show." Boston Globe 2002,

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Does the Fisher Ury Model Work
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Negotiation Skills

A High Impact Negotiations Model: An Answer to the Limitations of the Fisher, Ury Model of Principled Negotiations

This study aims to discover the ways in which blocked negotiations can be overcome by testing the Fisher, Ury model of principled negotiation against one of the researcher's own devising, crafted after studying thousands of negotiation trainees from over 100 multinational corporations on 5 continents. It attempts to discern universal applications of tools, skills, and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that may assist the negotiator in closing deals with what have been "traditionally" perceived as "difficult people." This study concludes that there are no such "difficult people," but rather only unprepared negotiators. The study takes a phenomenological approach to negotiations, with the researcher immersing himself in the world of negotiation training from 2012-14, for several major multinational corporations, intuiting the failings of the negotiators with whom he comes in contact,…


Allred, K., Mallozzi, J., Matsui, F., Raia, C. (1997). The influence of anger and compassion on negotiation performance. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 70(3): 175-187.

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Cognitive Process, 13(Suppl 1): S79-S82.

Aristotle. (1889). The Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle. (Trans R.W. Browne).

Ethical Consequences of Libya
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Ethical Consequences of Libya

As the world finally comes to realization of the Libyan crisis, why is it happening to them? That world underlies all the other questions being asked. It screams a defiant NO! From Col. el- Qaddafi, and an emphatic YES!, From the rebels of Libya. Between these two ends, lie's various responses framed by the diplomats at United Nations and Arab League. These responses are now debating over policy, among the military coalition partners and the thriving discussions in the global media.

Like so many questions out there in the global world, this one is fundamentally ethical. That's the most important point. The hoards of innocent people killed every day, it is impossible to think that all of them are master minds behind some conspiracy against the government. If other nations are ready to send their forces, it's because all that is happening in Libya crosses all…


May, Larry. "Crimes against Humanity." Ethics & International Affairs 20, no. 3 (2006): 349+.

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Ethics Self-Assessment
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Ethics in Health Care

The role of ethics within the medical profession is extremely important and it is extremely necessary to abide by a high standard of ethical behavior while working in this industry. The trust that patients and people place within the medical profession dictates this high level of ethical behavior. The purpose of this essay is to examine the influence of individual ethics on decision making the health care industry using the ACHE self-assessment test as a guide to highlight key issues regarding this approach.

The ACHE self-assessment provided some, but not much guidance on the way medical professionals should conduct their business. Many of the questions were quite superficial and did not really hit at the true ethical issues that are present within the medical field. For me, ethics cannot be standardized to the extent where there are automatic responses to challenging situations. ather, the ethical approach…


American College of Healthcare Executives. Ethics Self-Assessment.

Why Utilitarianism Does Not Work as a Governing Principle
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Utilitarianism: eighing the Balance

The common good is often spoken of as a principle for social justice: that which benefits the whole should be promoted. Or, that which is universally good should have the highest support. It could be said that this is a utilitarian concept -- yet in modern terms of justice where egalitarianism can appear to be at odds with the "common good," the role of minority voices and diversity present an obstacle in the appeal to universalism. hat is good for one set or cultural group may not be good for another. Thus, the question may be raised: Is it just to maximize the happiness for the greatest number of people as the utilitarian approach argues? The answer depends on one's viewpoint. If one believes the democratic principle is the highest principle of all, then might (or strength in numbers) makes right. If, on the other hand,…

Works Cited

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Religion Comparison Religions in Ancient
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According to Bass, "Hinduism is the only major religion lacking an adequate explanation as to its origin," as no definitive Hindu text exist that that date before 1000 B.C. Indeed, because Hinduism is one of the religions that views time as cyclical rather than linear, what information is available about Hinduism does not give a very accurate picture of its history (Bass 5). hat can be gleaned from this history is the fact that Hinduism is one of the oldest religions with one of the oldest societies in the world. Just as their origins are difficult to define, the beliefs of Hinduism are varied depending on one's personal interpretation of the religion. However, one of the more important aspects of Hinduism is its social caste system. This belief states that there are four casts, and each "has its rules and obligation for living." The three castes are Brahman, priests, hatriyas,…

Works Cited

"A Concise History of Islam and the Arabs." Mid East Web. n.d. 11 June 2009.

Abdullah, Mohd Habibullah Bin. "The Story of Creation in the Quar'an and Old

Testament." Bismika Allahuma. 15 October 2005. 11 June 2009.

Rudeness When Jim Morrison of the Doors
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hen Jim Morrison of the Doors famously sang, "People are strange," what he should have sang is, "People are rude!" Two articles, one published by and another published by (via the Oprah infrey Show), discussed how rude modern day America is. It is the purpose of the essay to compare and contrast these articles to learn about a particular rude habit we (Americans) have and how we can correct that habit.

The ABC article, "Poll: Rudeness in America, 2006," is a researched-based article that surveyed 1,014 random adults on what type of "rude" behavior they most often witness as well as what type of "rude" behavior they find most irksome. The five categories tested were: Making Annoying Cell Phone Calls, Being Rude and Disrespectful, Using Bad Language, Using ords Like B.S. And Freaking, and Using Cells or E-mail Mid-Conversation.

In the other article, the 'Oprah' piece, the…

Work Cited

Winfrey, Oprah. "Are You Rude? Maybe You Should Thing Again." CNN. 11 Nov.

2008. Web. 30 Mar. 2012. .

Langer, Gary, Cohen, John. "Poll: Rudeness in America, 2006." ABC News. ABC News

Confucius & Business Management Confucius and Confucianism
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Confucius & Business Management

Confucius and Confucianism as a Model for Business Leadership

'What you do not want done to yourself, do not do unto others ... " "The injuries done to you by an enemy should be returned with a combination of love and justice


Confucius was among the earliest political and philosophical thinkers; and though he actually lived in the 5th Century BC, his impact and his vision have made a profound impression on the Chinese population, and upon all well-read, intelligent and informed peoples throughout the world for approximately 2,300 years (Mitter, 20043). The philosophies of Confucius stressed ethics, order, stability and morality. These are among the concepts that the business leader, the manager, should aspire to, and this paper will focus on that approach to business and management.

Confucius as Teacher and Statesman: Establishing a vision; stimulating people to gain new competencies.

Confucius had a…


Bledsoe, Helen Wieman. "Confucius: Teacher and Statesman." Calliope Magazine 10

(1999): 9.

Dominguez, J. "World Religions and 101 Cults: Confucianism, Confucius, symbols, the Jen." 2004. 2 Oct. 2004 .

Gard, Carolyn. "The Analects." Calliope 10 (1999): 28.

Human Experimentation With Human Subjects Raises a
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Human Experimentation

Experimentation with human subjects raises a number of important moral implications. Modern protections for human subjects have their history in the Nuremberg Code, written for the Nuremberg Military Tribunal as a standard for judging the human experiments performed by the Nazis in WWII. The Declaration of Helsinki in 1964 further defined codes for human research, and the United States first implemented regulations for protecting human subjects as late as 1984 under the auspices of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (DHEW). That same year the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral esearch began work on the Belmont eport. The report, published in 1978, set out the key ethical principles of respect for persons, beneficence, and justice that now underlie legislation involving research that on human subjects (United States Department of Health & Human Services). Today, the Department of Health and Human…


Office for Protection from Research Risks. 1997. Summary of Basic Protections for Human Subjects. December 23, 1997. 24 June 2004. 

United States Department of Health & Human Services, The Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP). Institutional Review Board Guidebook. 24 June 2004.

How Pepsi Can Change Its Organizational Environment
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Organizational Ethical Dilemma

PepsiCo is a global provider of various drink and food products, from Pespi and Mountain Dew to Frito-Lay corn chips and Honest Tea. It has market share in diverse communities around the world. The main ethical challenge it faces is how to stay social responsible and culturally sensitive. This paper will use the Trevion, Nelson (1995) model of ethical decision making to focus on this issue, what it means, its impacts for stakeholders, and how it can be resolved.

The first step in Trevion and Nelson's (1995) model of ethical decision making is to gather the facts. The background of the case is this: since the 1960s Pepsi has been appealing to the youth generation both domestically and abroad. Its aim is to capture market share by endorsing activities and trends popular among the new generation: for example, in the 1960s it introduced Diet Pepsi to appeal…


Ciulla, J. (2005). The state of leadership ethics and the work that lies before us. Business Ethics: A European Review, 14(4): 323-335.

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Corporate Advertising Program Would You
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As the Bible says, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks," which means that you will know a person's thoughts and what they hold dear by how they speak. This is a critical lesson for JetBlue management. They cannot just gloss over this with the promise of better performance because that will immediately make them even less credible. The fact that no one stood up for the customers in the first place is an excellent case in point as to how flawed the culture is (McGregor, 2007). The Corporate Advertising program needs to instead concentrate on cultural change. It needs to show how JetBlue is rewarding employees for taking initiative, and explain how employees who go beyond get recognized -- and those that ignore customers are gone. JetBlue needs to embrace the Golden ule and use that as the basis of their advertising, taking the high road…


Holland, M.. (2008). PASSENGER BILL of RIGHTS. Defense Counsel Journal, 75(1), 109-111.

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Religions Similarities and Differences Among
Words: 1427 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93043400
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While the similarities in ethical and theological concepts are great, some differences emerge. For instance, Islam seems to be the more fundamental or faith-based of the two religions, as obinson (2008-1) points often to a liberal branch of Christianity that questions even the very fundamentals of the faith. For instance, while Muslims believe that Jesus was born of a Virgin, even though they do not accept him as the Son of God, liberal Christians do not accept the idea of the virgin birth (obinson, 2008-1). While Christianity has gained its share of criticism, many critics have targeted Islam in the wake of the September 11, 2009 attacks. Many criticize Islam for the concept of Jihad, a term that obinson (2008A) argues is one of the most misunderstood in the religion. Some interpret this term as war against non-believers. Ellian (2008) also criticizes Islam for its inability to accept criticism and…


Ellian, A. (2009). "Criticism and Islam." Retrieved June 10, 2009, from The Wall Street

Journal. Web Site: 

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2009, from Religious Web Site:

Buddhism and Christianity Complementary Worldviews According to
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uddhism and Christianity: Complementary Worldviews

According to the Gospel of Matthew, when a wealthy young man came to Jesus, and asked him how he might be made perfect, Jesus advised the eager young man to keep the commandments and essentially adhere to the Golden Rule to be good. ut when the young man persisted and asked the Savior for more advice, Jesus said that the man should sell all he owned and follow Him. Jesus said that the man should sell all he owned and seek to be rewarded in heaven, not on earth. ut the young man turned away, saddened that he would give up his great wealth to achieve spiritual perfection. Jesus commented to his disciples that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 19:28). However, in the uddhist…


Boeree, George C. "The Basics of Buddhist Wisdom." Published by Shippensburg University.

1999. 7 Feb 2009. 

Boeree, George C. "The Life of Siddhartha Gautama." Published by Shippensburg University.

1999. 7 Feb 2009.

Religion and Ethics Ethics Diversity
Words: 836 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54349957
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"Even in an era that's more accepting of spirituality, the prospect of religion seeping into secular institutions, especially corporate ones, makes many uneasy" (Conlin 1999).

To tread a delicate balance between showing respect for religious differences and still allowing and encouraging spiritual and ethical concerns to be discussed in the workplace can be difficult. To do so "most companies and executives are careful to stick to a cross-denominational, hybrid message that's often referred to as secular spirituality. It focuses on the pluralistic, moral messages common to all the great religions, such as...respecting the interconnectedness of all actions and things, and practicing the Golden Rule. But it also puts a premium on free expression and eschews cramming beliefs down other people's throats" (Conlin 1999). Still, there is no way that 'all of the people can be pleased, all of the time,' to co-opt a phrase from P.T. Barnum. Every time a…

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Biblical Hope
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iblical Hope" from the perspective of an Evangelical Christian and as to what exactly "iblical Hope" means. Further this paper will examine what the Holy ible has to say about hope and will contrast "iblical Hope" with worldly hope. This paper will further examine a case of someone without hope and finally examine a personal view of hope.

There are many views and perspectives of hope throughout the many religions and beliefs of mankind. Hope is defined by Webster as being: "belief that something good may happen" "cause or belief for hope." There are two types of hope expressed by an individual one of which is worldly hope and the other being that termed iblical Hope.

Worldly hope will last only so long and will not assist one with eternal matters, that being those things of the spirit of a person. Eternal hope is the only hope that in actuality…


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"Admitting the Failure of Misplaced Hopes" is key to finding hope

Justification of Constraints in Non-Consequentialism
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Matthew 7 21-23 an Exegesis of
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Theological Analysis

hat does this passage say about the relationship with God?

Robert Imperato observes that "Matthew connects Jesus repeatedly to Jewish prophecy throughout the text" (17). The point he emphasizes, however, is that the Jews had a special relationship to God, through the Mosaic covenant contained in the Old Testament.

Yet, Jesus makes it clear, according to Imperato, that He is giving "a new interpretation of the Law" (17). In fact, Jesus is fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies, identifying Himself as the Son of God, and the Messiah in whom the prophets must place their trust if they seek salvation.

Therefore, Christ sets out the guidelines for the new relationship with the Lord that all must have who do indeed wish to cry out, "Lord, Lord." The Lord, through Christ, is showing that the way to salvation is not through legalism, or through adherence only to the Old Law,…

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Business Ethics Three Common Characteristics of Poor
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Business Ethics

Three common characteristics of poor decision making are the following errors in logic: appeals to pity, ad hominem arguments, and arguments from authority. Appeals to pity do not focus on the victim and try to create pity for a victim in order to elicit a certain result. However, these appeals to pity frequently fail to adequately link the lobbied-for action with the victim's predicament. That someone is in a bad situation is not a reason to act unless that action would remedy the victim. Moreover, it is not a reason to act if that action would harm a person who was not responsible for the victim's predicament. Therefore, while an ethical decision-maker should be compassionate, he should not have his decisions dictated by pity. Another characteristic of poor decision making is listening to the ad hominem attack. Ad hominem attacks attack the character of a person rather the…


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