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Google Case Study the Vision
Words: 894 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 29009322
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This is because these new providers that enter the market occasionally do not weight all the facts associated with developing a successful search engine that can actually challenge Google and other important competitors. They usually focus on the products provided by the leaders of the market, but do not take into consideration the infrastructure built by these companies and their relationships with business partners. In addition to this, Google users have no reasons to not be satisfied with its services. Therefore, it would be very difficult for small search engines to gain important market share.

Competition from producers of substitute products

In this case competitors are represented by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and by sites like Youtube. The number of users of these websites is continuously increasing. This leads to increased competition regarding advertising space.

Supplier bargaining power

In this case, the power of suppliers is quite…

Google & Microsoft Google Is the Leading
Words: 2553 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16377340
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Google & Microsoft

Google is the leading search engine in the world, and has used the revenues from this position to both expand on its search capabilities and to enter new businesses as well. Google's main search engine is the world's most-visited website (, 2012). This brand has been expanded both geographically and across multiple product line extensions. The brand is the number one search engine in most major markets, the exception being China where cultural differences and legal troubles have allowed competitor Baidu to become market leader and the world's #5 website. (Li & omack, 2012). Product extensions include Maps, Translate, Scholar, Books, Images, Video and other similar search-related websites. Google also owns Blogger, one of the world's leading blog sites. Additionally, Google has enjoyed strong growth in recent years as the result of its Android mobile operating system. Android has become the world's largest mobile operating system, with…

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Google Introduction and Description of the Company
Words: 6398 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65461622
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Introduction and Description of the Company

Organizational Structure

Industry Analysis

Value Proposition

Financial Performance

Figure 1.1 Revenue and Net Income Growth

TOS Strategies

BCG Matrix




Google is a highly successful Internet company that makes most of its money through online advertising. It has been able to achieve this success through a combination of leadership and culture. The company's many strengths are in general aligned with the opportunities that exist in the marketplace. As a result, Google has the opportunity to pursue most of its opportunities. The most recommended opportunity to pursue is to take the Android operating system and apply it to the PC industry. It is also recommended that Google addresses the threats that it faces in the political environment, both domestically and in China. It can do this by using its financial clout but also it will need to develop new capabilities in order…

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Google Is an Information Services Company That
Words: 2261 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2243560
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Google is an information services company that makes most of its money in online advertising. The company owns the world's #1 website by traffic ( and several other top websites in Blogspot and its nation-specific search sites (, etc.). Google has a number of different product/service offerings including online advertising, the Chrome web browser and the Android mobile operating system. Revenues last year were $37.9 billion and net income was $9.7 billion (MSN Moneycentral, 2012). Almost of all of this revenue came from online advertising (2011 Google Annual Report). The company's guiding philosophy is that it wants to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful (ojcicki, 2012). The company also leverages its focus on innovation to create new products. Even though Chrome and Android do not make money for the company, they are industry-leading products that contribute to advertising revenue streams.

Corporate-Level Strategy

Michael Porter outlined…

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Google BSC the Balanced Scorecard Is a
Words: 2451 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 87359560
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Google BSC

The balanced scorecard is a concept used in strategy to bring about a sublime alignment of different stakeholder interests within an organization. The concept arises from the understanding that shareholders are just one of many stakeholders for a given organization. For the organization to sustain success, it must be able to meet the needs of all critical stakeholders. Thus, the most effective strategy will create a symbiosis between the interests of different stakeholder groups. The balanced scorecard is an output-based perspective, with the outputs being in one of four different categories -- financial, internal business process, knowledge and innovation, and customer. This perspective is the opposite of the traditional approach that only places the interests of shareholders (i.e. The financial interests) as important in the business. It is understood, in the balanced scorecard, that financial interests are most effectively met when all of the other interest are met…

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Google Strategy for Defense Google
Words: 923 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9221542
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Noting some of the limitations of Microsoft's browser, Google set out to create its own browser that would not only outperform Internet Explorer but would also favor its own search engine (Martellaro). Google is in the process of expanding the Chrome brand into Chrome OS, an operating system designed to compete with Microsoft Windows but tailored towards the niche market of netbooks.

The most recent phase of Google's "moat" strategy is Google+, the company's new social media platform. Its direct competition is Facebook, a company whose product does not directly affect Google's search engine market but whose monopolistic hold on the social media sphere potentially cuts off Google from marketing and expansion opportunities. Google+ has a search engine-related feature that allows users to search shared content. It has been tremendously successful since its launch in June of this year; in the past five weeks, it has acquired over 10 million…


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Career at Google Is a Company That
Words: 544 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 3647364
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Career at Google

Google is a company that has made cultural, technological, and social history. is one of the most widely accessed websites in all of the nternet. t is a company that continues to make financial gains, corporation acquisitions, and technological innovations. This is a company in which have a great deal of interest and see myself crafting a career there in my future. am specifically interested in Google's marketing and social media departments. Social media is now an established industry and still an emerging market, which relates to my interest in marketing. Google, like Apple, uses creative and effective strategies to market their increasing range of products to diverse markets. As look to work in a professional, collaborative, and high-energy environment, Google is a company that is my top choice.

n the information or technological age, it is common knowledge that Google is a company with great…

In the information or technological age, it is common knowledge that Google is a company with great financial fortitude. Google stock prices are extremely competitive in the global market. Google forges business relationships with other corporations and organizations with monumental presence and credibility, such as American Online - Time Warner, NASA, Microsoft, Nokia, Fox Interactive Media, and several others. Google is able to make deals in the hundreds of millions on a regular basis. This is astounding for a company that was established in 1998.

Google is a company that provides a wide variety of services to its consumers, so that they will constantly turn to Google products and services for their various needs. We are all very much aware of the Google search engine, with relatively new features such as Google+. Many of us are also aware of Google E-mail (Gmail), that offers users numerous options for customizations, features such as G-chat, which can be via instant message or video, Google Docs, and the ability to unite other facets of the user's Internet experience and presence to his/her Gmail account. There is both a spectrum and condensation of the products available to consumers. Furthermore, Google recently unveiled Google Chrome, an Internet browser that provides increased relative search and loading speeds as compared to other popular browsers. Google also appeals to the intellectual or the student with an application known as Google Scholar, which essentially is the Google search bar, only the results provided are all academic. In this way, Google has put itself in a position of longevity and interdependence with the general consumer. Moreover, all these products are available to users around the world in virtually every major language and country with Internet capabilities.

My interest in Google is not only strong as a competitor in the global market and its service to the consumer, but Google is also progressive in terms of the corporate culture. Google employees work in a non-traditional environment. Offices are often colorful and incorporate intriguing design principles. Employees are also provided with free delicious and nutritious meals on a daily basis. There is more freedom in the dress code than in typical corporate cultures. Google makes an effort to hire a diverse pool of employees to bring a wider range of perspectives, experiences, and knowledge bases to the table. I will be proud and satisfied when one day, I am at my dream position at this Goliath of a company.

Innovation at Google
Words: 1798 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 77552364
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Innovation at Google

The significance of innovation in creating and maintaining a competitive advantage in today's increasingly aggressive business environment cannot be overemphasized. Businesses that survive in such an environment are those that constantly deliver innovative offerings and/or reengineer their structures and processes amidst ever more changing market and industry conditions (Andriopoulos & Dawson, 2009). Google is one such organization that embodies innovation. With an innovation-oriented culture, the organization has, in a little more than a decade grown to be one of the most innovative organizations in the internet realm. From its adword online advertising service and search engine, to its cloud computing service, browser, productivity software, social networking service, desktop applications, operating system, mobile applications, as well as a host of other internet products, the organization provides a perfect example of how innovation can be an engine for rapid growth.

Based on responses obtained from an interview with one…


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Google's Promotional Mix and Advertising
Words: 952 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6957499
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Marketing Communication Process

Google Inc.

Google Inc. is an U.S. based multinational public corporation that operates primarily in the internet search function, cloud computing, as well as a range of different advertising solutions. The company is large and extremely multifaceted. Google develops a large number of services and products that are part of a larger suite of Google products. These products are offered for free to the end users and Google primarily generates the company's revenue stream from advertising. Although Google sells advertising through AdWords and other platforms, it must also promote itself with a marketing communication strategy.

Google has grown from modest roots to become one of the most admired companies in the world today. The company's official mission statement is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." However, the company is also known for something of an unofficial slogan which is "Don't be…


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Apple Google Analysis of Each Company Apple
Words: 2312 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 77195848
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Apple, Google

Analysis of each company

Apple is a designer and marketer of consumer electronic devices and software. The company is also vertically integrated with respect to retailing, operating its own stores and functioning as one of the biggest online retailers in the world. Apple's primary products are the iPhone ($80.4 billion), iPad ($32.4 billion) and portable computers ($17.1 billion). Other billion-dollar products are desktop computers, iPod music players, iTunes, peripherals and software (Apple 2012 Annual Report). Apple's customers are primarily consumers who purchase through retail channels, either from Apple or authorized third party retailers. Customers also include small and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions and government. Geographically, Apple is geographically diversified. Leading regions are the Americas (36%), Europe (23.2%) and Asia-Pacific, ex-Japan (21.2%). Suppliers to Apple include manufacturers like Foxconn that assemble the products and the different component suppliers, of which they are dozens for any given device. Most suppliers…

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Goog vs Msft What Is Google's Business
Words: 1451 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25986123
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hat is Google's Business Model?

According to its latest 10-K, Google earns over 96% of its revenue from online advertising. The company's advertising programs, such as AdSense, are supported by the power of its search engines, which match keywords from websites or search terms with advertising. The result of this is that Google's results are the most robust on the Internet and its customers derive more value than customers of other advertising engines. It does not hurt that Google's websites are the most used on the Internet, with its core website being the number one ranked site on the Internet by traffic (, 2012).

hile Microsoft has a search business, the company is not oriented as strongly towards it. Bing is the search engine and is ranked #26 in the world by Alexa. Bing is affiliated, however, with Yahoo and that site is the #4 ranked…

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Pay & Benefits at a Large Company
Words: 1619 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54773924
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Google Pay & Benefits

The author of this report has been asked to select a major company within the United States and focus on its compensation and benefits system and framework. The company selected for the purposes of this report is Google. hile Google was barely a twinkle in its founders' eyes a scant generation ago, it has grown to become a United States and international powerhouse. Indeed, they have a compensation and benefits program to match. This essay shall focus on the details and facets of that pay and benefits program. The data gleaned will emanate both from what Google itself has to say about the subject as well as what other sources have said. hile Google does not have a monopoly on offering robust pay and compensation packages, they are certainly among the elite companies within the United States and the world at large.


The first source…

Works Cited

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Forbes. N.p., 2012. Web. 18 July 2015.

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Google Offers Employees'. The Huffington Post. N.p., 2015. Web. 18 July 2015.

Nadler Tushman Google
Words: 660 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 68261512
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Nadler Tushman Outputs

In the Nadler-Tushman congruence model, there are three different levels of outputs. The first level is the financial, and on that measure Google has done very well. The company has increased its revenue and earnings substantially since its inception, such that it now earns $59.8 billion with net earnings of $12.9 billion. The Google balance sheet is freakish, with $58.7 billion in cash and equivalents. So the company literally has more money than it knows what to do with. This situation is actually not great for shareholders, as they get a fairly low return on capital. The stock is trading over $500. The book value of the equity is $87.3 billion and the company's market cap is $346.7 billion, which indicates that the shareholders are generally getting good value for their investment in Google. The earnings are so high that even at this valuation, Google is trading…


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Nadler Tushman Inputs Google
Words: 639 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 26537083
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Nadler Tushman Inputs

Google has a young organizational history, but that is part of what shapes its culture. The Google website was launched in 1999, just 15 years ago. Since that point, the company has done nothing but grow rapidly, and the result has been impressive. Google has come to dominant Internet traffic, and advertising, to the point where traditional advertising media often struggle. Further, Google has become a leading innovator. It has large market shares with Chrome and Android, and many of its websites as well.

Google's youth is actually a strategic asset, a key input in the Nadler Tushman Congruence Model. First, its industry is one characterized by a rapid pace of innovation. To lead that Google has adopted a different culture and organizational structure that most other companies have done. It draws on its brief history of innovation to inspire the people working at the company, and…

Nadler Tushman Google
Words: 670 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 45496805
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Nadler Tushman

esources and environment are two the inputs in the Nadler Tushman congruence model. The company's strategy should reflect, among other factors, its external environment and its internal resources. The environment for Google is generally positive. Google operates in an environment characterized by a rapid pace of technological change. Thus, there is considerable emphasis on innovation as a means of maintaining competitive advantage. Over the years, Google has added a number of different methods to drive traffic, including expansion of its content offerings and the introduction of Android and Chrome, as a means of leveraging innovation to achieve its desired outputs.

The environment is also highly competitive, because Google operates in the advertising industry. The company must compete not only against other online advertisers, but Google must also compete against conventional media. While it uses its data superiority to outcompete traditional media there is little doubt that winning advertiser…


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Browser Comparison Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages
Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8415438
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Browser Comparison

Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages

of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Of these three browsers, the majority of research and development investment has been in Internet Explorer, which has over eight generations of spending on new product development associated with it (Maurer, 2007). All of the research and the continual improvements that Microsoft continues to make to this browser would lead one to believe it is the most advanced. In fact, Internet Explorer is often one of the more closed in terms of architecture and the slowest in terms of performance across the three browsers analyzed (Oshri, de Vries, de Vries, 2010). Prior to this analysis it was the author's belief that Mozilla Firefox was the most efficient and secure browser that had as open…


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Organizational Impact Companies Like Apple
Words: 632 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71461587
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Through its innovation strategy, the company has been consistent in manufacturing products with greater reliability even with its decline to make its music protection software and operating system available to others. The company locks its engineer away for them to develop new ideas and incorporate the results in elegant software and stylish design ("Lessons from Apple," 2007). Innovation has largely impacted the company's products since it focuses on designing new products centered on users' needs instead of the demands of technology. Through user-centric innovation, Apple Inc. has merged clever technology with simplicity that allows customers to dictate product designs.

Innovation at Hyundai Motors:

Innovation has had a significant impact on the strategy, process and products of Hyundai Motors whose vision involves innovation for humanity. Through its commitment to innovation, Hyundai Motors has worked hard to improve quality and brand value ("Hyundai Motor Company," n.d.). Consequently, the company invests part of…


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Internet Browsers Business -- Information Systems Author's
Words: 841 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38825580
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Internet Browsers

Business -- Information Systems

Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc.

This paper is a reflection of the experience of interfacing with internet browsers. Reflecting upon this experience in the information or digital age is a worthwhile activity. How consumers interface with software is an intriguing issue from an economic perspective, from a business perspective, and from a consumer perspective. We are in the age of the peer-review. If a website or a browser is arduous or unpleasant to interact with, those details will travel around the world via the internet with great acceleration. Thus it is important for software to function efficiently, have pleasing aesthetics, and be simple to maneuver. How a browser is organized, the kind of experience the user has with the browser and the website, is important and crucial in the information age. If a browser is not a…

Mozilla Firefox and With Internet
Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51631291
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I tried Google Chrome too. I have a tough time loading it; it does not always appear. I also found it slow.

I did find some thing of Google Chrome preferable to Firefox.

Google Chrome is typically Google meaning that it shares its identifying characteristics of simplicity, efficacy, and cleanliness. There is no status bar. I like the way Google measures speed with time and does this in a demonstrative manner. I also like its tabs in the title bar. Chrome, too, has search built in to the address bar, whilst Firefox has a separate field which you can change to the earch engine.

On the other hand, I missed the extensions that you find in Firefox. Using a lot of extension, I missed that ability in Google Chrome.

I also noticed other features that Firefox has and that Chrome lacks such as Command+Return when typing a URL that adds…


Linux Crunch

International Management Ethics & Values
Words: 2173 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 68935636
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As one analyst points out: "it owns neither content nor the delivery mechanism. Though a global business, it has no geographical control anywhere in the world. Since nearly all its consumer services are free, it doesn't have the power to raise prices and has no ability to exclude competitors or somehow block access to competing services. It operates in an environment of healthy competition" (Ulanoff 2009). On the other hand, it is difficult to conceive of a company being large enough, at this point in time, to provide the services Google can provide, with such a mammoth scope, and with such ease. By becoming a relative first-mover in the search engine informational technology industry, Google has shut out the ability for others to truly compete with it on the informational marketplace, its critics allege. The fact that its major competitor is clunky behemoth Microsoft tends to belie the image of…

Works Cited

"Benefits." Google Corporation. August 23, 2009.

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What Impact Social Media Has Had on Music Marketing
Words: 2064 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92059475
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Marketing Music on Social Media Sites

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others have grown exponentially over the past few years. One of the entertainment genres that has benefited mightily from social media is music, rap, rock, hip-hop, country, and even classical music. This paper explores and analyzes how musicians and groups have exploited social media in their marketing strategies.

Key Reasons Music Marketing Thrives on Social Media

Social Media has carved out an enormous presence in the contemporary entertainment and information scene in the United States. In fact according to a 2010 book -- Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day -- a Harris Interactive study shows that "…48% of all American adults had either a Facebook or a MySpace account" (Treadaway, et al., 2010, p. 15). Also, as an indication of how extraordinarily fast Facebook has grown, in just eight months the giant social media company went…


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Technology in Instructional Delivery The Case of
Words: 879 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4518783
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Technology in Instructional Delivery: The Case of Capella University

The use of technology, particularly Internet technology, in instructional delivery in educational institutions has revolutionized the way people access and utilize educational information. Online instructional delivery, either in mixed (combination of traditional and online modes of instruction) or purely online formats, have made learning more interactive, not only between the learner and the tool, but also between the teacher and learner and among learners themselves. This increasing demand for an online mode of instruction delivery in educational institutions is a reflection of the need to not only adopt the new technology, but also to 'manipulate' this technology to suit the users' learning needs (oschmann, 1996:8). The following description of the technology of instructional delivery at Capella University demonstrates this point.

In addition to its traditional format of instructional delivery, which is face-to-face classroom setting, Capella University has an online learning system…

Koschmann, T. (1996). In CSCL: Theory and Practice of an Emerging Paradigm. NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Continue Shoe Project
Words: 1172 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11351675
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Shoe Project -- Phase II

Project/Service Description

As noted in the first phase of this series of reports, the objective of the Adidas customized shoe project is to offer a solution that brings Adidas into the same realm as its competitors while at the same time exceeding the similar offerings that the competitors offer. The Nike ID offering is obviously not unlike that of the Adidas offering but the Adidas Corporation will perfect and hone the offering in such a way that is clearly superior to that of Nike and other companies that offer a customized shoe option.

Project Scope

The scope of the project is quite simple. Adidas corporation will construct and develop a framework that allows for the exhaustive yet efficient mechanism for customer to custom-order shoes that are customized to the preferences and desires of the customer while at the same time allowing for a process that…


ADIDAS. (2013, October 7). Athletic Shoes, Casual Shoes, Apparel & Sports

Equipment | Athletic Shoes, Casual Shoes, Apparel & Sports

Equipment | Retrieved October 7, 2013, from

Nike. (2013, October 7). NIKE, Inc. -- " Inspiration and Innovation for Every Athlete in the World. NIKE, Inc. -- " Inspiration and Innovation for Every Athlete in the World. Retrieved October 7, 2013, from

Messaging Survey on Sustainable Fashion
Words: 545 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76813584
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Instead, the focus is on how it can be used to keep people connected, break through sibling rivalries (implied by the two kids both wanting to use the device at the same time) and the convenience aspect of the laptop. The stories progress overall to show how quickly families change, and how the Chromebook can keep up given it's simple, strong design.

What is most significant about the messaging is that this is the first advertisement I've seen that successfully creates the allegorical reference of a new product introduction to having very young kids and launching them into the world. This allegorical reference to launching the device and having very young kids, from infants to toddlers is brilliantly done. It is implied in the visual flow of images, the use of children at varying yet sequential ages, and the use of graphical allusions to growth.

One is left realizing that…

Human Resources With the Advancement in ICT
Words: 2246 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44545786
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Human esources

With the advancement in ICT, management of organizations has undergone changes in the period of the 21st century otherwise known as the digital era. The organization's function of Human esource (H) has also changed so fast resulting in a changing environment of social and organizational terms, while information technologies have rapidly evolved. H has grown to be an essential component in firm sustainability. This has resulted in the formation of new practices and processes in H. Some of the new practices include an E-selection, E-performance, E-recruitment, and E-learning. This study identifies how General Motors can utilize H Portals as new HIS technology to foster employee management. With H portals, the use of Employee Self-service and Manager Self-service will be essential to the company's processes of recruitment, employee performance and other human resource management activities within General Motors (Schwalbe, 2010).

E-ecruiting and E-Selection

With the advancement in technology in…


Harper, R. (2008). Inside the IMF: An ethnography of documents, technology and organizational action. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

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Data Security and Privacy
Words: 649 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85333548
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Security and Privacy

Five Central Concerns About Data Security and Privacy

The five central concerns about data security and privacy that are the most common in personal and business use of computers are presented in this paper. Password security, the need companies have to keep their employees up-to-date with security training, and defining checks and balances to make sure information is not compromised are the three most important according to research. Website security and giving website users the option of defining privacy settings are also very important (Casal, Flavian, Guinaliu, 2007).

Five Central Concerns About Data Security and Privacy

The most common way a computer system is broken into is when a hacker, thief or dishonest person gets a password and uses it to get unauthorized information. Passwords are often very simple, with "123" or "password" being used the most often. This is why many security training programs will always…


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Computer Fundamentals the Pace of
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Subtopic 6: Job management and protection; include a serious discussion of security aspects

The most commonly leveled criticism of operating systems is the inherent lack of security they have (Funell, 2010). Defining operating systems to have partitioned memory is just the start, as Microsoft learned with their Windows NT platform. Dedicated memory partitions by user account can be hacked and have been (Funell, 2010). The need for greater levels of user authentication is required, including the use of biometrics for advanced systems that have highly confidential data within them. The reliance on security-based algorithms that also seek to analyze patterns of use to anticipate security threats are increasingly in use today (Volkel, Haller, 2009). This aspect of an operating system can capture the levels of activity and the patterns they exhibit, which can provide insights into when a threat is present or not. The use of predictive security technologies, in…


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Software Evaluation Writeboard the International
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This is a critical feature of the tool that best suits IDM, as Writeboard enables its users to maximize the use of technology to deliver messages efficiently without compromising the credibility and accuracy of messages being transmitted to other members of the organization.

Clear messages delivered through a simple channel or platform such as the Writeboard will help members save time from understanding a specific disaster or relief management issue, enabling them to respond to the issue faster and more effectively. Its text-only feature enables users to communicate and send messages through a simple platform, eliminating clutter and unnecessary "noise" that could compromise the message being sent and cause misunderstanding or miscommunication in the course of the message transmission.

The versatility of Writeboard is furthered by its applicability and accessibility through other different technologies. It can be accessed through different web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and…


Official Writeboard web site:

It Architecture and Infrastructure
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com) and Point of Sale module (NetSuite has a POS Module on their cloud-based ERP system available today).


Relying on a cloud computing-based series of systems will allow Sierra Brews LLC to scale quickly to the specific growth needs they have over time. The immediate need the company ahs is to orchestrate its many suppliers globally to a common quality standard, and enforce minimum quality levels for incoming inspection. A cloud-based system will allow the company to move quickly in the direction of strategies that ensure product quality veer time. Second, the company needs to do a thorough Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis to track the overall costs of cloud-based vs. on-premise applications. The costs of a cloud-based ERP system will save Sierra thousands of dollars a year for example. As all ERP modules are from NetSuite, there will not be an integration issue, which saves a significant…

Technical and Functional Document
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Functional and Technical Document

File Name:

equirements Document.docx

Original Document Created

Original Document Created

Original Document Created

Document eviewers/Approvers



eviewer and Approver

Sign-off Date

Smith Joe

Department Dean

Smith Joe

Underhill James

Underhill James

Jane Mary

Accounting Officer

Jane Mary

Assumptions, estrictions & Limitations

Data Flow

Customer Workflows

As-Is Diagram and Actors

To-Be Diagram and Actors

Business and Functional equirements

Business/functional requirements

Non-functional requirements

Quality of Service equirements


System Availability


User Interfaces

Software Interfaces

Data Migration Interfaces

Purchased Components

Licensing equirements

Legal, Copyright and Other Notices

Documentation equirements

User Acceptance Test Strategy

Use Cases

Use Case

Use Case


Security 17

20 eports 17

20.1 General 17

20.2 Supplies eport 17

20.3 Supplies Budget equest eport 18

21 Appendices 20

21.1 Appendix A: ACI Matrix 20

21.2 Appendix B: Problem Statement 21

21.3 Appendix C: Context Diagram 22

21.4 Appendix D: Stakeholder Profile 23

Table of…


Indiana Government (2013).Screening Technical Design Document Version 2.0. Indiana Screening and Referral Tool.


"Appendix A: RACI Matrix"

RACI matrix

Internet Browser Comparison People Use
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With Internet Explorer, one may manually have to change their settings in order to stop pop-ups (McDonough, 2009).

There's more to the security position with Firefox than just the pop-up blocker feature. Since Internet Explorer comes with most computers, it's utilized by more than fifty percent of PC users. Firefox is utilized by about twenty to thirty percent of this population. Hackers often want to target the biggest audience with the least exertion. Essentially, these people will be more willing to look for the holes in Internet Explorer before moving onto a smaller utilized browser like Firefox, making Firefox a bit more secure than Internet Explorer. The latest numbers indicate that Firefox's market share continuing to increase (McDonough, 2009).

In regards to market share, the winner is evident. Most approximations show Internet Explorer commanding between eighty and eighty five percent of the browser market, with Firefox straggling at somewhere between…


Difference Between Internet Explorer and Firefox. (2011). Retrieved March 29, 2011, from Web

site: -


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Overstock com and Ecommerce Options
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Understanding e-commerce is very important, especially for companies that are focused on providing online shopping and ordering to their customers. One of those companies is, which also goes by its shortened name of "" Companies like Overstock do a great deal of business on the internet, and in order to be successful they have to understand the value of what they are doing and how to relate to the customers and potential customers they want to attract. It is not just about having good prices or good products, because customers need to enjoy their shopping experience, feel safe providing their personal information to the site, and be able to easily and conveniently shop for their items and pay for what they decide to buy (Chaudhury & Kuilboer, 2002). With that in mind, Overstock will be examined here in terms of those specific issues, in order to determine how…


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Functions of Leadership Are Described
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The leadership style at McDonald's relies on the three legs of the stool. For the most part, the innovation and vision part of the leadership process is with McDonald's head office, while the more autocratic style comes through the suppliers and the owner/operators, whose job it is to undertake the actions that will allow the company to implement strategy. The company has its own leadership school that helps to ensure all senior managers -- and many lower-level managers as well -- are trained in the leadership functions. Thus, there is a high level of congruence between the leadership training that different McDonald's leaders receive. This allows for the managers to work together better, but it also facilitates management at McDonald's all adhering to the same culture, and the same values.


McDonald's is a pioneer in control. The company believes strongly in measurement as a means of helping to…


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Company Is Known for Many Different Products
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company is known for many different products and services, according to the annual report almost all its income derives from online advertising, so that shall be considered to be the company's business. The online advertising business is highly competitive, with firms like Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook all being important players.

Macro View

The online advertising industry operates, more or less, like an oligopoly. There are a handful of major companies that dominate the industry. Essentially, online advertising works much like conventional advertising. The companies in the industry must deliver an audience to buyers, who purchase advertising space. Google does this through its own family of websites, of which several are among the most-used sites on the web, and through partnership with third-party websites that use Google as their advertising partner.

The industry is growing, although the pace of growth is beginning to slow. Over the past twenty years, the…

Open Systems Models the Company That I
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Open Systems Models

The company that I am going to study is Google. Their primary business is online advertising, where they are the industry leader. Google owns many of the world's top websites, and uses its immense database of information about user preferences to give it competitive advantage in this business. The company has also proven to be one of the most collaborative and innovative companies. Two of its other products -- the Android mobile operating system and the Chrome browser, are also market leaders, even though they do not generate significant revenue for the company. This paper will focus on open systems as Google, to illustrate how the principles of open systems work.

Open Systems Elements

There are several elements to systems, including inputs (resources), organization culture, organization structure, behavior, processes and technologies. All of this lead to outputs. When these elements work well together -- when they are…


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Financial Ratios
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ratio analysis of Google and Microsoft. The initial component of the paper is a rundown of some key ratios and their definitions. Then, the ratios of the companies are calculated and discussed.

atio analysis is a tool by which companies in the same industry can be compared. The use of ratio analysis helps to offset the differences in size between companies -- for example one company may have a larger profit number, but a smaller profit margin, than a competitor. The ratio -- profit margin -- may be a better indicator o which company is actually more profitable. In this analysis, Microsoft and Google will be compared. Microsoft has a variety of multi-billion dollar businesses, including servers, Office and Windows, while Google makes most of its money on advertising sales. Yet, both companies are wildly profitable, and both have similar situations with regards to excess cash flow. They are also…


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Input Output Devices Will You Be Using in
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input/output devices will you be using in the next one to three years as "computing" devices? Which features/components/form factors will be prominent? Why?

Which features/components/form factors will be important to you? Why? Which applications will you be using on these devices? How may these devices change your life in terms of benefits and risks? (Two pages)

A survey of experts identified five major themes that will carry forward through the next half century ("EEEE Spectrum," 2012). ncreased computation and bandwidth is the first of these themes ("EEEE Spectrum," 2012). This notion that there will be computation and bandwidth to burn means that the shift of computing power and network connectivity will move from one end of the spectrum to the other -- there will be utter and unimaginable abundance of computing and networking capacity ("EEEE Spectrum," 2012). Experts predict that people living in developed countries will have gigabit nternet access…

Ionescu, D. (2010, March 29). Geolocation 101: How it works, the apps, and your privacy. PC World. Retrieved 

Modern Technology Council (2012). Retrieved / the-fear-of-technology-changing-the-workforce.htm

2. Using Google Docs is going to be a real time saver and one of the most convenient applications I have applied to my studies. I can see how creating a spreadsheet for assignments that is shared with others in the class could facilitate collaboration. Google Docs is great for sharing documents, but it can also be used for brainstorming and for piggy-backing on each other's ideas -- in real time. It is easy to envision times when I am away from my computer and I can just hop onto someone else's computer and pick up where I left off with Google Docs. Not having to manage a memory stick is a bonus, too. The capacity to retrieve and upload documents that are stored on my computer or on a memory stick is really helpful, and I can see where that capability will foster the movement of my documents from files on my computer or memory stick to the Google Doc environment.

U S Based Company Concerned Earthquake Tsunami Nuclear
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U.S. based company concerned earthquake, tsunami nuclear power plant accident occurs Japan? 2. With rapid technology, boundaries industries redefined. What industry company Google ? Who Google's main competitors today competition ? 1 page 1 Reference Case 9: Panera read Company 2012 - Pursuing Growth a Weak Economy, Arthur A. Sources

First of all, all companies today operate in a global business environment, where local influences are often felt and have repercussions worldwide. In this specific case, there are several reasons why the American company should be concerned with such an event. It has a significant impact on the Japanese market, lowering the purchasing power of existing and potential customers.

At the same time, there are potential negative effects on the political and economic system in Japan. The government will need to invest in the saving operations, which will likely impact the budget and lower the chances that Japan can offer…


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Management for the Most Part Information Is
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For the most part, information is processed in similar ways by the different browsers. Firefox is my default browser, and I am familiar with how it processes information. I have NoScript activated, so Firefox processes data through this filter that blocks unwanted and hidden scripts from the computer. The two browsers with which Firefox is being compared are Internet Explorer and Safari.

In general, the more basic the webpage the more basic the browser is with respect to the way it processes information. There are few differences in the way that pages are rendered, for example, so most pages look the same. Firefox will block out some pop-ups and other unwanted things more effectively than the other two. The speed at which the browsers process the information varies, however, with Internet Explorer being noticeably slower.

When moving on to different functions, there are some interesting things that come up.…

Post War Period
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Post War Furniture

High modernism governed industrial design in the 1930s and 1960s. Machine art signified abstract designing with industrialized materials, such as steel and chrome. Organic design was used for eco-friendly designs with an emphasis on wood and natural materials. During the Great Depression, designers were challenged to create designs that would stimulate consumer demand. World War II affected material and former developments with the rationing of materials, such as steel, aluminum, and copper, for war efforts that forced designers to substitute nonessential materials in designs.

Some designers worked in wartime efforts. Charles and Ray Eames designed leg sprints and stretchers from molded laminated wood. The experiences and technology of the wartime efforts were transferred to furniture design. Eames developed the LCW chair with a mass produced design from inexpensive molded plywood. The purpose for designers was to produce quality of life enhancing products for any budget to stimulate…

Balanced Scorecard the Company That I Am
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Balanced Scorecard

The company that I am going to study is Google. This company makes most of its money from online advertising. hile it has a wide range of different services and products -- Android and Chrome being to prominent ones -- advertising is where it makes its money. The mission of Google is to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" (, 2013). The company does not have an explicit vision statement. It competes on a differentiated strategy. This means that it seeks to sell more ads than its competitors by delivering the most eyeballs, but also by being able to provide significant data about those eyeballs. Google sells ads, therefore, by allowing its customer to better target their ads, something that adds value. Competing on value-added is typically associated with a differentiated strategy.

Google has a rather exceptional financial situation, in that it is…

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Building an E-Commerce Business it
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The sixth point is that they accept credit cards and other cards, so that the customers find it easy to pay for the purchase, and the company also can ensure that they do not end up losing any money due to cheating by the customers. All these points are important and have to be covered within the plans for the new organization of Even with this, since this site will be the newest of all sites, it will have a natural disadvantage. To cover this disadvantage up, it would be better to tie up or purchase an organization which has existed for a long time, so that 'a wealth of experience' can be claimed for

Unique Selling Position

For any business to be a successful business, the organization has to have a Unique selling position. This means that this particular position sets them apart from other business in…


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Different Aspects in Art Classroom
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Technology and Lesson Plan


The emphasis of a lesson plan that uses jigsaw-making uses visual arts as the connection across the curricula. Students are enabled to collect, analyze, and share suitable information on paintings by different artists.

Graphic organizers

These visual depictions help the student in forming abstract information that is new, innovative, awe-inspiring, or even misinterpreted. esearch supports the application of graphic organizers as a causal factor in enhancing student performance. A proper example is the use of graphic organizers to provoke student commitment, organization, and understanding, thus preparing the teacher with the knowledge to cultivate and employ such implements efficiently with the new criteria.


Cubing is an instructional approach that requests students to think through a concept from an assortment of dissimilar perspectives.

Choice boards

Choice boards provide students the opportunity to take part in multiple tasks that permit them to practice skills they have learned…


Buffington, M. L. (2010). Podcasting possibilities for art education. Art Education, 63(1), 11.

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Innovation Assessing the Impact of
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The development of Google G-Mail is one of the best-known as is the creation of Picasa and Google Scholar as well. Google's senior management team realizes that to the extent they can continually deliver new applications is the extent to which they will become a platform, not being relegated to only a search engine (Gawer, Cusumano, 2008). The development of Chrome, a Web-based operating system that can work within a browser, to the development of Google Office, and Translate, an incredibly powerful tool for translating documents of all types from one language to another all came into existence due to the ule of 20%.

All of these innovations have over time completely re-ordered the definition of strategy within the company as well, concentrating the focus more on services and extension to enterprises on the one hand, and being the replacement of individual operating systems on the other. Google's single largest…


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Defining the Term Morality
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This paper compares and contrasts two definitions of the term “morality” to show how both definitions are problematic. The simple Google definition of “morality” is easy to understand but it also seems to suggest that standards of right and wrong are universally understood. The more in-depth definition by Gert suggests that “morality” has to be contextualized according to the beliefs of the groups or society that put forward the standards of acceptable behavior. Both definitions are similar in that they identify morality as the degree to which behavior corresponds with these standards—but they differ in terms of how those standards are understood. Google implies they are basic and universal; Gert implies they are much more subjective.
Differences of Definition: Ross, Gert and Google
Ross makes the case that “moralism is not the same thing as morality”—that it is quite distinct from morality in the sense that it is…

Pricing Employee Empowerment Is a
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The penetration pricing strategy is intended to be temporary, such that once the desired market effect has occurred -- the penetration has been made -- the price is then put to a more "normal" price.

An example of this in recent news is the introduction by Burger King of BK Smooth Roast Coffee. This new blend of coffee was developed to make Burger King more competitive in the fast food breakfast business, where it trails the market leaders badly. The new blend was offered with an introductory price of 25 cents (QSR, 2013). The objective of this pricing strategy was twofold. The first objective was penetration -- to get people to try the coffee in the hopes of winning over some converts. Ideally, the customer would come in daily during the promotion because this is the cheapest coffee around, and develop a habit.

The other objective is to bring…

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Geolocation Technology and Privacy Issues
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Geolocation of the user based on the user's Internet protocol (IP) address. Location-based service companies that specialize in identity protection use this approach, and IP addresses, blocks of IP addresses and credit card billing addresses can all be used to develop a location profile.

2. Personal computer/web browser identification examines the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) browser header and other information from the user's computer or device, and compares them to what are expected. This approach compares the time expected from a user's originating geolocation with the actual timestamp that was applied to the information (Malphrus, 2009).

Taken together, these trends in geolocation technologies indicate that like it or not, consumers will increasingly be subjected to situations in which their precise geolocation is known and broadcast to others who may want to use this information for illegal or unethical purposes and these issues are discussed further below.

Legal Implications of Geolocation…


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National Geographic, 209(1), 1.

A new Internet privacy law? (2011, March 19). New York Times, A22.

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Technologies That Are Readily Available for In-Home
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technologies that are readily available for in-home internet access. You should consider practical as well as technical differences in your comparison. Do not include Frame elay or ATM as these are primarily larger scale business solutions.

Higher-speed standards up to 300+ Mbps

802.11n uses (MIMO) technology and a wider radio frequency channel.

It provides a mechanism called frame aggregation to decrease time between transmissions

Channels operating at 40 MHz are another feature incorporated into 802.11n

The transmitter and receiver use pre-coding & post-coding techniques to achieve the capacity of a MIMO link

Video Conferencing

A video conference is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously

ITU H.320 is known as the standard for video conferencing over integrated services digital networks

H.264 SVC is compression standard that enables video conferencing systems to achieve highly error resilient



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Computers for the Organization All Three Are
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computers for the organization. All three are high-end ultra-slim laptops for the sales force. These are compared according to a number of key variables -- weight, size, performance, memory, communications, power, software, operating system and price. The three models are the MacBook Air, the Toshiba Portege R830 and the Samsung Series 9. A recommendation is made at the end of the paper.

This essay will compare three different computer models for the organization to meet its needs. It is assumed that the computer chosen will have a high need for portability and performance, so the focus is going to be on three high-end lightweight laptops. They are the MacBook Air, the Toshiba Portege R830 and the Samsung Series 9. They will be evaluated on a number of different metrics and considerations.

eight and Size

Each of the three computers has a 13.3" widescreen display. The material that is used is…

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