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Correlations and Regression
Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10442438
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Correlation & Regression

A fifth grade science teacher wants to know if there is a relationship between final exam scores and overall coursepoints after adjusting for a quiz score.

In order to determine whether there was a significant relationship between overall coursepoints and final exam scores, after controlling for quiz scores, a hierarchical regression was run. All assumptions were assessed using SPSS. There was independences of residuals, as assessed by a Durbin-Watson statistic of 1.08. An examination of various scatterplots indicated a general linear relationship between variables of interest, although perfect linearity was not observed.

Overall Scatterplot

Partial Regression Plot: Final Exam Score & Quiz Score

Figure 3. Partial Regression Plot: Final Exam Score & Course Points

The assumption of homoscedasticity was violated, as the scatterplot in Figure 1 demonstrates (i.e., the values were not evenly spread across the scatterplot). There was no evidence of multicollinearity as evidenced by no…

Prediction'so We Have to Assume That
Words: 1807 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91289389
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prediction so we have to assume that the research question is nondirectional. In this case the research question is that there will be a difference in the rate of people to get the flu depending on whether or not they get the nasal spray or the shot. In terms of the null and alternative hypotheses we could state them as:

H0: There will no difference in flu rates between groups that get the nasal spray and shot.

H1: There will be a difference between the groups in flu rates.

The Descriptions suggests the use of random assignment to the two different conditions of the study indicating that this is a variation of a true experiment (however there really is no control group). The results are significantly different as the alpha level was set at .05 and the obtained p value was .008. The results were statistically significant because there was…

Positive Effects of Extracurricular Activity
Words: 4686 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 48354620
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During the proposed study's process, the researcher plans to fulfill the following objectives.

Objective 1: Address each of the proposed study's research questions during literature review:

Examine the effect athletic participation has on student GPAs;

Identify the effect athletic participation has on student DC CAS math scores;

Determine the effect athletic participation has on student DC CAS English eading scores;

Explore the effect music participation has on student GPAs;

Investigate the effect music participation has on student DC CAS math scores;

Discover the effect music participation has on student DC CAS English eading scores.

Objective 2:

Complete study with 150 tenth grade student participants in the first semester of school year 2008-2009.

Objective 3:

Analyze test results and compare with findings from literature reviewed.

One of the Best Investments

Despite current reported budget cuts and constraints in education, high school activity programs continue to constitute one of the best…


Baker, Christina. (2008, August). Under-represented college students and extracurricular involvement: the effects of various student organizations on academic performance. Social Psychology of Education, Volume 11 (3). Retrieved January 27, 2009 at

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Draper, Michelle. (2008, September 7). Vic: Principals link mental health to academic achievement. ( General News (Australia). Retrieved January 28, 2009 from HighBeam Research:

Appeals Review Committee Riverside Office of Undergraduate
Words: 543 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79082493
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Appeals Review Committee,

Riverside, Office of Undergraduate Admissions,

3106 Student Services Building,

Dear Appeals Committee

Re: Transfer admission to UC campus for Fall 2012- (Write your Full Name here)

I learned on [insert date] that I was denied transfer admission to UC campus for Fall, 2012. I respectfully request the Transfer Appeals Committee to reevaluate my application on the basis of the new information provided in this letter.

Although I was never surprised when I received the rejection letter from UCR, I was extremely disappointed. I am quite aware that when I applied my GPA was below average for UCR. I also know that at the time of the examinations (due to my background as an international student from Japan); my scores did not represent my true ability since English is not the lingua franca in my home country. I must say that I went thorough an extraordinary hardship during…

Strength Lies in Your Ability to Give
Words: 572 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73233651
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strength lies in your ability to give up something good in order to attain the best. It is not the easiest thing to do since there are many risks involved but if you feel in your heart that best is yet to come and allowing something good to go so you can fulfill your destiny and achieve the best then you should follow your heart. Such an opportunity for me arose at two different points in my life. One was when I was working for Early Bird Messenger Company and realized that if I had entrepreneurial skills and should start working for myself. I loved the idea of being my own boss and that's when I started my own business. This was an exciting new arena for me and I enjoyed following a different schedule, a new routine and simply a new lifestyle. But as all good things must come…

Finance it Is With Great
Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 9678386
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Stories detailing the rise and fall of the Egyptians, the Roman Empire and other great nations proved mesmerizing and intriguing.

My interests in other areas have also been diversified; I have pursued many adventures, participated as president of many clubs, and won many competitions in music, sports, dance and more. My strength has always been academics however. During high school I was presented the unique opportunity to come to the United States and continue my education. It was here that I decided to study history initially. Though my parents pressured me to study finance or business, I found such work tedious at least initially. I did however entertain my parents and begin taking more classes in finance. This was probably the best decision I have ever made and helped create the professional I am today.

The more I learned the more I came to understand that finance was more than…

Beyond High School
Words: 1001 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7993953
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Beyond High School

I started at Essex Community College immediately after completing my high school. I joined the college seeking a degree in nursing and was also advised by my advisor to start college before going into any university. Before joining Essex Community College, I joined Coppin State University, but because of initial difficulties in adjusting in a university fresh out of high school and on the advice of my mentor, I joined the college so as to get used to the environment of colleges and then adjust in the university.

My troubles started when I became pregnant during my nursing classes in the Essex Community College, and because of severe illness, I had to leave my studies midway. After leaving I started my career as a Certified Geriatric Assistant and continued my personal life as a single mother. Managing career and personal duties as a single mother of young…

Psychological Disengagement
Words: 1426 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 44849136
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ace and Academic Disengagement

Psychological Disengagement

Psychological disengagement represents a coping mechanism that preserves a person's sense of self-worth in the face of negative feedback. For example, a student may discount a bad grade on an exam by framing it as an aberration, thereby preserving a 'good student' self-identity. Employing this coping mechanism has specific advantages, such as allowing the student to be persistent about achieving academic success despite receiving negative feedback (Nussbaum and Steele, 2007). On the other hand, psychological disengagement could facilitate a student framing academic success as irrelevant to their personal goals and future. Such students tend to perform poorly in school and suffer from increased dropout rates (reviewed by Stephan, Caudroit, Boiche, and Sarrazin, 2011). In contrast, students who are academically successful tend not to disengage, despite receiving a negative evaluation, and self-perceptions of their academic competency suffers accordingly. Understanding the mechanisms that encourages psychological disengagement…


Major, Brenda, Spencer, Steven, Schmader, Toni, and Wolfe, Connie. (1998). Coping with negative stereotypes about intellectual performance: The role of psychological disengagement. Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, 24, 34-50.

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Null Hypotheses Height & Weight
Words: 335 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 15934815
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If they can bench-press heavy weights, they may emphasize athletics at the expense of academics, in terms of how they prioritize their time. However, it is equally possible that in some schools, high-achieving students also use athletics as a way of bolstering their college resume. Factors such as the school, the degree to which athletics makes demands upon student athletes within the particular environment, and the intelligence of the players may indicate there is no correlation.

Daily air temperature & the average weight of clothing worn

H1: There is a negative correlation between temperature and weight of clothing -- in other words, greater the air temperature, the lighter the clothing.

H0: There is no correlation between temperature and weight of clothing.

Estimate: Negative correlation -1

Analysis: The research hypothesis is likely to be proven, with only small variations for such factors as rain and humidity.

orks Cited

Shuttleworth, Martyn. Null…

Works Cited

Shuttleworth, Martyn. Null hypothesis. Experiment 2008.

September 15, 2009 at

Postsecondary Program Important to You
Words: 1082 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 54487851
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I will be the first to graduate, and so I owe my parents a great debt. My mother has always expected me to do my best and excel at whatever I do. I have struggled in this country and with some of my classes, but I feel that my 3.30 grade average at UMASS in Boston is a good representation of my abilities and my determination. I want to continue in my studies because I know that to excel in my career, I must graduate and continue with an advanced degree, and this is part of my plan for the future. I hope to teach, to make a difference with my students, and to continue with my education to learn and grow as much as possible. I think that education is the key to the future, for both my future students and me, and so, continuing my education is a…

Achievement of African-American Students in Civilian Public
Words: 1931 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 11979243
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achievement of African-American students in civilian public schools vs. African-American students in the Depart of Defense (DOD) school system

The methods section of this dissertation provides the rationale for the proposed study based on my hypothesis comparing African-American students in the DOD school system with African-American students in civilian school systems.

It also highlights the key questions that were examined, how the study was conducted and the measuring criteria for analysis. The paper will provide detailed information that should be a sufficient foundation for anyone who wishes to conduct a parallel study.

This portion of the paper will provide an outline of the following:

Purpose - which will define my reason for doing this study

Background Information - will provide information on the level of measurement I have selected, i.e. The SAT scores and information on the Department of Defense (DOD) school system itself

Procedure - outlines the steps that…

Fact Sheet. The National Center for Fair and Open Testing. Cambridge, MA. August 2001.

George A. Clowes. "Defense Dept. Knows How to Operate Good Schools, Too." School Reform News. January 2002.

Defense Department Taps Distance Learning Tools., No.22. February

Examine Religious Life Among Slaves in the Pre-Civil War South
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51466633
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Personal Admissions Statement

As a transfer student, I am not new to the process of putting my life down on paper. This is the third time I am approaching a college, attempting to encapsulate my life in several paragraphs and to demonstrate my fitness as an applicant on paper. With every time I move do so, I find myself reevaluating my previous experiences and academic performances anew, with a more mature and hopefully a wiser light. Every time I do so, I seem like a slightly different person, and dare I say, a better person, or at least a more emotionally equipped person to deal with the stresses of life.

Twenty-four years seems both old to be writing a personal statement to a university, yet I know that it is still young in comparison to many. Regardless, I offer my age, at least in relation to my fellow first-time students…

Personal Statement the Future Presents
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 8226257
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The exploration of phenomena is a desire that has been stirred in my heart. There a so many different problems and challenges in the occupational therapy arena that research is obligatory. I believe that I have the right academic foundation to be successful at research projects. I am a member of the psy chi honor society starting from January 2010. I graduated with a GPA of 3.52 from the Miami Dade College, and in my present Bachelor of Psychology program, my GPA is 3.4. Consequently, I am of the view that my performance academically is meritorious and provides me with the adequate basis to engage in research work.

Giving back to society is a pillar upon which I have built my life and is a core value I espouse. When you are a beneficiary of the largess of others, it is an imperative that you allow other persons to profit…

One of the elements of FIU that is very attractive to me is the research focus. The exploration of phenomena is a desire that has been stirred in my heart. There a so many different problems and challenges in the occupational therapy arena that research is obligatory. I believe that I have the right academic foundation to be successful at research projects. I am a member of the psy chi honor society starting from January 2010. I graduated with a GPA of 3.52 from the Miami Dade College, and in my present Bachelor of Psychology program, my GPA is 3.4. Consequently, I am of the view that my performance academically is meritorious and provides me with the adequate basis to engage in research work.

Giving back to society is a pillar upon which I have built my life and is a core value I espouse. When you are a beneficiary of the largess of others, it is an imperative that you allow other persons to profit from your good fortune. Accordingly, I engage in volunteer work wherever I can. I have volunteered for programs such as the Psychosocial Developmental Interventions. This program focuses on adolescents who are identified as at risk or who have manifested certain types of problems. Working with adolescents is taxing and simultaneously deeply gratifying. To expand my experiential knowledge I also worked with therapy centers as the Galloway home and the ABC therapy center. I volunteered at these centers for two 6-month periods. At the Leon Medical center, I worked directly with patients from 2005 to 2007.

I have a general love for life and a strong belief in the tenacity of the human spirit. A place at FIU would be the beginning of my journey into the accumulation of personal skills and training that will be directed to serving humanity. In this regard, FIU therefore is the facility that will give wings to my dreams and fledging passions. The combination of academic excellence and a student hospitable environment provides the ideal climate for the pursuit of excellence. I eagerly anticipate advancing my academic career as a graduate student at FIU.

M Ed in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration
Words: 601 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26603304
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strong athletic program keeps former students loyal and draws new, more qualified students into the applicant pool.

t present, I am employed in the aviation industry. I obtained a M.S. In viation Safety at the end of 2006 with a 4.0 GP and have since continued my education, maintaining a 4.0 GP through an online master's program at Delta State University in the field of Commercial viation. My success is testimony to the fact that I believe wholeheartedly in the need to pair athletic and academic success in tandem. I was originally drawn to aviation because of the discipline and teamwork I had seen exhibited in the field, but I have begun to realize that I wish to channel my passions into something even more meaningful, that of creating athletic programs that foster positive values in young people.

I believe that my combination of management, business, and marketing skills, can…

At present, I am employed in the aviation industry. I obtained a M.S. In Aviation Safety at the end of 2006 with a 4.0 GPA and have since continued my education, maintaining a 4.0 GPA through an online master's program at Delta State University in the field of Commercial Aviation. My success is testimony to the fact that I believe wholeheartedly in the need to pair athletic and academic success in tandem. I was originally drawn to aviation because of the discipline and teamwork I had seen exhibited in the field, but I have begun to realize that I wish to channel my passions into something even more meaningful, that of creating athletic programs that foster positive values in young people.

I believe that my combination of management, business, and marketing skills, can create a program with a high graduation rate and attract athletes with high levels of physical ability and personal character. Ideally, I would like to improve all athletic programs, not simply high-attendance like football and basketball, although these sports are my first love. I would also like to contribute to the development of underrepresented college sports, to enable as many students to participate in competitive intercollegiate athletics as possible.

I seek this degree to give me the necessary technical skills to put my enthusiasm and innate abilities into action, as well as to gain further knowledge of the field of intercollegiate athletics administration. I am confident that this program at the University of Oklahoma, a university with such a proud and patriotic athletic tradition is the ideal place, with the ideal atmosphere, to learn what I need to know in order to be successful in my chosen, future career.

Person Statement Our Attitude Toward
Words: 730 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51814083
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Most importantly, I want to return to my father at least a fraction of what he has given to me in education and encouragement. If it were not for his decision to home school me, I would not have been where I am today, and most likely I would have set less ambitious longer-term goals.

A graduated my home schooling career with honors, earned extra credits, and achieved all the goals I set for myself. I did this entirely by self-directed scholarship, and on the basis of what I received from my parents. This in turn enabled me to enter college at the unusually early age of sixteen years old. At seventeen, I have no completed almost two years of college. This, in my view, gives me an advantage over many other people at my age. Through home schooling I have matured to a level where can pursue my studies…

Letter of Appeal Dear Xxxx
Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 34049279
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I also was able to learn how to better manage my time and set my priorities in order. I have applied this knowledge in my work and family life and I have seen how effective I was in implementing them. Given the chance to get readmitted at university, I know I will be equally successful in applying time management and priority setting skills and knowledge.

The last year has indeed accorded me enough time to rethink and revisit my situation and the conclusion I derived thereto is that continuing with university and finishing my degree will be the only way to improve my life and provide a better one for my family. I am well aware of the challenges and obstacles ahead should I be given the chance to continue but I am more cognizant now of what is expected of me. I will strive my hardest to get my…

Personal Statement From an Early
Words: 503 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 16390705
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In the past, I have volunteered for Tree City USA in Orland Hills in a number of projects and events. I also have a soft spot for communal well-being and development and in that regard; I occasionally coach the little league basketball just as a way of making a small contribution towards the development of others.

I may not be the brightest student in my class at Western Illinois University, the college from which am transferring, but I have made deliberate moves in the recent past to double my efforts so as to enhance my grades. As you will find out, I have had three grades in the past which may be an issue of concern i.e. An F (got a C+ on re-taking the same) and two Ds. I am fully convinced that poor time management contributed largely towards the three dismal grades and my relatively low GPA. With…

Pharmacy Thank You in Advance
Words: 545 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76857549
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My Education

I have an Associate Degree in Science from Community College of Philadelphia (2004), accumulating a GPA of 2.75 out of 4.00, and I am currently enrolled in courses in Biology, Statistics, and Physics at that same Community College. My college-level experience includes classes in Chemistry, Math and Physics at LaSalle University in Philadelphia -- in the autumn of 2010 through Summer 2011 -- and I proudly accumulated a 3.16 GPA out of 4.00.

My Personal Professional Motivation

I am proud to reflect that when I am asked to be trained in a new area, one I am not the least bit familiar with, I eagerly accept that new assignment. On our hospital staff, I was among the first few that was asked to be trained in a new IV automation technology. My passion is to always be prepared, to learn everything I can learn, and to work cooperatively…

Motivation Is Excellent in Several Areas of
Words: 1084 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52752202
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motivation is excellent in several areas of my life, including learning. The two areas where my motivation for learning is the strongest, are architecture and economy, with architecture being my first choice for a possible major. The reason for this is that my father is an architect. I admire him and his work greatly; our house in China was designed by him. It was also from him that I learned my first lessons in architecture. When I was a child, he used to teach me to make models of houses with sea sand on the beach. This, among many other fond memories, is the one that I find most inspiring in my aspirations to follow in my father's footsteps. For me it would constitute a way to honor what he has given me in my life personally, and also the legacy he is leaving for the world.

I am also…

Personal Statement for Pharmacy School
Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50622349
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Personal Statement for Pharmacy School

Pharmacy School is highly important to me as part of my career path, and I believe I am both personally and professionally well-qualified to attend and be successful. I have work experience in the pharmaceutical field, having worked at my aunt's pharmacy in the past. This work taught me a great deal about pharmacy as a profession, but also gave me a lot of insight about how to properly treat patients and interact with others. I consider myself more well-rounded because of the interaction I had with so many people during my time at the pharmacy. I smile frequently, consider myself a nice person, and have developed a high level of patience with people from all walks of life. In 2000, when I was 17, I came to the United States and earned my diploma from Valencia High School. Just a week later I began…

Variables Impacting Internal Validity in Program Evaluation
Words: 823 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 66831800
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Internal Validity

Is maturation a possible threat to the internal validity of the study? Why or why not?

For measures of academic achievement, six months (which is the intended length of the study) is not a long enough period of time to be very concerned about maturation as a threat to internal validity. Most academic achievement tests have longer durations. Maturation is something to be considered because of the varying ages of the study participants, and the fact that we know children's brains mature at different rates and some mathematical concepts are not understood until the human brain does mature to certain levels. Moreover, since the boys will move in and out of residency, their exposure to other reading instructions methods and tutoring cannot be controlled.

Is history a possible threat to the internal validity of the study? Why or why not?

Yes. History is the occurrence of some unanticipated…


Brewer, M. (2000). Research Design and Issues of Validity. In Reis, H. And Judd, C. (Eds.) Handbook of Research Methods in Social and Personality Psychology. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.

Wortman, P.M. (1983). Evaluation research -- A methodological perspective. Annual Review of Psychology 34, 223 -- 260. doi:10.1146/

My Motivation Towards Becoming a PA Personal Statement
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 42255672
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Physician Assistant Program Narrative

Personal Statement: My Motivation towards Becoming a PA

We all have dreams and aspirations. As a young child, my dream was to become a chef. When asked why I wanted to become a chef, my answer was always consistent; "I wanted to delight people by preparing them delicious dishes." As I grew up, I became more informed and my view of the world became clearer -- and it was then that I realized that deep inside, I wanted to end up in a profession that impacted positively on the lives of others. A profession that brought delight to those I interacted with. Then, something happened that completely convinced me that I would most comfortably serve in any of the helping professions. A couple of months after my 10th birthday, my younger brother got bitten by a dog in his face -- right below his left eye.…

M S Forensics Psychology - Specialization
Words: 460 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32764423
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Personal Qualities

I believe I possess a number of personality traits that are relevant to my career goals of becoming a lead forensics psychologist and earning a PhD in clinical psychology. Foremost among these is the fact that I am hard-working in both the intellectual and physical sense of the term. As a result of my solid work ethic, I am goal oriented and extremely driven to succeed in my aforementioned aims. I am also honorable, and have the best of intentions to better the quality of my life for my immediate family, which includes my husband and children.

Why Walden?

This program at Walden is an excellent match for me because it is compatible with the timeline that I would like to accomplish my goals in. Furthermore, I am convinced that this institution can offer me an education that will suitably prepare me for the future career and educational…

Education at Valencia College Where I Am
Words: 1824 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8455278
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education at Valencia College, where I am studying to be a respiratory therapist. I want to continue my education, with the hope of attending the University of Central Florida. The University of Central Florida does not offer a Bachelor of Science degree in respiratory therapy, but does offer a wide range of degrees related to the medical field. I intend to pursue a B.S. In Health-Sciences, Pre-Clinical undergraduate degree. I feel that this will give me the educational background I need to place me in a competitive position for graduate or professional training, while exposing me to a wide variety of occupations in the medical field.

The four-year university that I have selected is the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. It is a competitive university with a student body of just under 50,000 (49,900) students (Petersons, 2013). The average in-state tuition rate seems reasonable at $6,247 per academic…


Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2013). Respiratory therapists. Retrieved March 7, 2013 from the Occupational Outlook Handbook website: 

Petersons. (2013). University of Central Florida. Retrieved March 7, 2013 from Peterson's website: 

University of Central Florida. (2013). Health-sciences, pre-clinical. Retrieved March 7, 2013

from University of Central Florida website:

Entrance Ltr My Purpose in Pursuing a
Words: 537 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 16699857
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Entrance Ltr

My purpose in pursuing a higher degree of education in the field of Information Systems and Technology is to achieve a level of expertise that will allow me the opportunity to have some level of positive influence in my chosen field of endeavor.

As the current Vice President of Administration for the Management Information Systems Association I have experienced many of the educational aspects of what the future holds regarding a Masters of Science degree in Information Systems and Technology, and through those experiences have developed a passion for learning that surprises even myself. I believe that this chosen path will stand me strong for future employment, personal growth and for acquiring the knowledge I desire.

After completing this course I plan on being hired by a Fortune 500 company as a Chief Information Officer (CIO). Many of the experiences I have enjoyed as a company buyer for…

Teacher it Is a Basic
Words: 889 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 47250320
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That incidence shocked my family and especially my father lost his emotional control. During those tumultuous times, my parents decided to part away and got divorced. It was double loss for me and suffering from depression, I decided to drop out of the college but my mother stood like a wall to support me and not to abort my studies. She encouraged me to continue my education with proper determination.

I completed my graduation in 1992. I was the first one in my family to graduate from a college. Yet, with all my hardship, the influence of the accidental death of my brother and subsequent divorce of my parents was deep, my GP was low and I had to overcome and improve. During all those times, my mother continually supported me as a great mentor in learning how to deal with difficult situations in one's life. I realize how important…

Along with my educational background, my personal situations have taught me a lot. Twenty years ago, while I was attending UC Berkeley, during my sophomore year, my youngest brother became a victim of gang-related crime and was murdered brutally. That incidence shocked my family and especially my father lost his emotional control. During those tumultuous times, my parents decided to part away and got divorced. It was double loss for me and suffering from depression, I decided to drop out of the college but my mother stood like a wall to support me and not to abort my studies. She encouraged me to continue my education with proper determination.

I completed my graduation in 1992. I was the first one in my family to graduate from a college. Yet, with all my hardship, the influence of the accidental death of my brother and subsequent divorce of my parents was deep, my GPA was low and I had to overcome and improve. During all those times, my mother continually supported me as a great mentor in learning how to deal with difficult situations in one's life. I realize how important it is for one to obtain a good guide and a mentor who will help him to learn how to make proper decisions. Without my mother's guidance, I might have wasted my educational career long ago. I noticed that her skills to handle the situation and encourage me towards pursuing my education was largely influenced and improved by her teaching experience and since then, I decided to be an educator myself too. She also had a desire for me to be a high school teacher and continue her legacy as a teacher. She herself was a vocational teacher's aide and taught ESL. She inspired me to continue my education and do my best to succeed in what I was doing. By observing the way my mother tried to keep my life on the right path, I realize that I also have some practical knowledge about how to manage students and to encourage them to pursue their career in progressive ways.

I lost my mother one year ago. After recuperating from the loss, I applied for Masters Degree in Education but I was not admitted. Perhaps I was not ready till then. I lost my sister during the Christmas of 2009 and I think even if I had been admitted for the Masters program in Education, I might not have been able to continue the program. Now when I have bounced back and recuperated from all losses I suffered in the recent past, I am willing to pursue this Masters program with utmost interest and dedication. I want to become a teacher which is my aim and this Masters program would be a great step to fulfilling my goal.

Latinos -- Introduction it Is
Words: 8953 Length: 28 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 64943335
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And Vela-Gude's article offers several of the main points of this paper's research; the services must be ready, and the counselors must be thoroughly informed and knowledgeable about the cultural implications as well as the academic realities facing those Latino students (2009).

Racism Against Latinos

This paper alludes to the high number of Latinos in California and Texas, but according to the Southern Poverty Law Center's research, the South is home to one of the "fastest growing populations of Latinos in the country" (Bauer, et al., 2009, p. 4). But though the typical Latino immigrant comes to the South to escape "crushing poverty in their home countries" they often encounter "…widespread hostility, discrimination and exploitation" (Bauer, 2009, p. 4).

hat kinds of discrimination do Latinos come up against in the South? Mary Bauer and her chief researcher, Sarah Reynolds, claim that Latinos are "…routinely cheated out of their earnings…

Works Cited

Barneclo, Nick Anthony. (2008). El Laberinto del exito: A Mixed methods investigation of resilience within the context of Mexican-American late adolescents lives. Dissertation at New Mexico State University in Counseling Psychology. ProQuest Publication Number:

AAT 3349360.

Cannon, Edward, and Levy, Marielle. (2008). Substance-Using Hispanic Youth and Their

Families: Review of Engagement and Treatment Strategies. The Family Journal: Counseling

Management Science as Someone With
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I seek a PhD in Management Science to further round out my knowledge of technology with the most effective strategies of managing and motivating people. My future goal within the next five to ten years is to become a Chief Information Officer (CIO), a profession that merges technical and managerial science. Some of most exciting aspects of my work at Hawaii Pacific University involved providing technical support to computer labs, updating websites and working as a web production assistant. I loved working with people, making new technology comprehensible to others, and using my knowledge of human needs to deploy technology to meet creative and artistic objectives.

Being client-focused is the core of my professional philosophy. My work experience in web designing, systems analysis and design, and updating systems for 2M Solutions Inc. In Arlington, Texas over the course two years was also dependant upon understanding the practical needs of a…

Civil Engineering Student I Am
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These decisions certainly paid off, for during the summer of my junior year, I was asked if I would like to return as an engineering intern at the Massachusetts Highway Department as a result of my performance the year before.

Outside of my current academic work, I recently participated in a number of campus activities, such as Relay for Life. I also traveled abroad to the city of Beijing to study and take courses unrelated to my current field of studies; I was also an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Alpha Phi Omega as a volunteer in the city of Syracuse, New York. Thus, because of these and other experiences, I have become a very well-rounded person and am confident that I can successfully complete all of the courses at the graduate level for the…

Economic Social or Personal Disadvantage
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It has been difficult but rewarding exploring the educational opportunities of America, trying to obtain financial support, and essentially embarking upon uncharted grounds. I am grateful for the support of my family, and hope to draw upon their support and inspiration in law school.

Standardized Test Performance worked extremely hard in college, and obtained a high GPA every year I was a student. I believe that my grades are reflective of my interest in the subjects that I will cover in law school and the hard work that will be demanded as I pursue higher education. For a long time I have had to balance school, family, and work demands. Multitasking is a way of life for me, and I know that the need to balance different obligations is necessary to succeed in law school. Law school places a strong emphasis on team learning and study, the need to make…

Idealistic Prospective Candidate for the
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I believe that I am grounded and possess realistic perspective of my capabilities and limitations. Enemies may call me opinionated, friends may call me ambitious, but I believe that I am driven by a strong need to make a change in the world -- the world definitely needs this change -- and by the realization that international politics is the route to go. It is for this reason that I am signing up for this course.

Regarding my external capacities, I do not have that much to offer. I have worked hard in school, can demonstrate significant accomplishments, and am proud of my GPA. I will only be content, however, if I feel that I am working towards meaningful goal, and meaningful goals for me represent changing lives, minds, and circumstances and using all that I have to absorb it in this struggle. It is a lofty, exalted goal and…

Finance Has Always Been a
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The experience has proven to be a real world confirmation of what I want to do in my professional life. I was charged with handling financial computations, modeling, forecasting and transactions. While doing so, I knew I have found my niche in life and need only gain both theoretical training and further real world experiences to become the best I can be in my chosen field. Once I have completed my graduate studies in Finance, I intend to apply for work at leading firms specializing in international finance and trade. This will enable me to apply knowledge learnt in undergraduate and graduate studies. Graduating from two prestigious institutions in the United States will accord me the opportunity to practice anywhere in the world since I have had the global education necessary. It will be a different world since I would have left the secure confines of the academe and enter…

Ends Long Before They Have
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I have been given sixteen on the spot awards since I began my labors in June 2004, cumulating in a monetary award total of a hundred dollars. I have also had the joy of reading and hearing such compliments as, "an asset to the shop" and " a great team player" on recommendations and reports from my bosses.

efore I begame an apprentice, I worked in the United States Postal Service prior to my current from 2002 to 2004. I worked in the government for two years, showing motivation and perseverance against the proverbial rain, sleet, and shine that all carriers must face. During this period I of fulltime work I also attented school fulltime at the New Hampshire Technical Institute. I boasted a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in this program.

My work has toughened me physically and mentall. ut I have an even greater dream for myself than my…

Before I begame an apprentice, I worked in the United States Postal Service prior to my current from 2002 to 2004. I worked in the government for two years, showing motivation and perseverance against the proverbial rain, sleet, and shine that all carriers must face. During this period I of fulltime work I also attented school fulltime at the New Hampshire Technical Institute. I boasted a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in this program.

My work has toughened me physically and mentall. But I have an even greater dream for myself than my current sphere. I would like to transfer to Bryant University in Rhode Island. I always like to finish a task I begin, and I would like to finish my bachelor's degree.

Accounting. Would like to become a CPA after graduating with bachelors. Since I will not be working while attending school, I would like to be involved in their community.(Activities and clubs).

Advance for Your Consideration of My Application
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advance for your consideration of my application for enrollment in ABC University. I have the desire to learn, the ambition needed to pursue learning at the highest level of achievement, and I am eager to participate with your campus community on several levels.

The student body at ABC University is a very diverse group of students, reflecting the diversity in our society and representing many cultures, ethnicities, religions and political points-of-view. Since the University proudly promotes diversity, and prides itself on the myriad of cultures and backgrounds that are in attendance -- who are learning to solve problems with a worldview towards cooperation and understanding -- I will fit in perfectly with this community.

Not only will I assimilate well and be seamlessly integrated into the campus population, based on my background and experiences, I will be in a position to make a meaningful contribution to the learning and socially…

Personal Statement as a Person Who Is
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Personal Statement

As a person who is concerned with the environment and has a background in information technology, applying for admission to a Masters of Science program at XXX University is one in a series of logical steps and choices in my personal and professional lives. As a student in MSEM program, I will utilize my professional knowledge and skills acquired from both my experience as a biomedical engineering student and my family business to contribute to this community. My interests and skills coincide, expand, and deepen at the prospect of entrance to a Masters of Science program in the area of Biomedical Engineering.

My parents both own companies in China that focus on international trading business. I grew up in an environment full of business people and I enjoy it. I found doing business is compelling and thrilling. As the companies grow, they opened their companies divisions in XXXX…

My Goals for the Next Five Years
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Smart Goals

My Goals For The Next Five Years

Setting goals: SMART

Setting goals is an important part of moving forward in life. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." Of course, all of us would like to fly forward and reach our goals easily. But often long-term goals take a great deal of work to achieve, and are the cumulation of a series of short-term goals that are undertaken step-by-step. My ultimate personal goal in life is to be a good mother to my son and to financially as well as personally support him on his journey to becoming a pilot while I pay off my house. My long-term academic goal is to complete my major successfully. I am studying to be…

Doctorate of Psychology Program
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Psychology -- Letter of Application

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my application to be accepted into the Psy D. program at Marshall University. I am competent, committed, and caring undergraduate student at Marshall with a powerful work ethic which propels me to the goal of achieving my doctorate. I am a psychology major with a 3.34 GPA and I will graduate in May, 2013.

I am focusing like a laser on my goal so I may (upon completion of my doctorate) provide sorely-needed professional services to rural est Virginia, where I grew up and have lived my entire life.

Indeed, my parents have lived in southern est Virginia for 36 years; my mother was raised in McDowell County, est Virginia, where, according to the U.S. Census, 35% of the population is presently living below the poverty line -- and 43.4% of those under the age of 18…

Works Cited

Zhang, Zhiwei, Infante, Alycia, Meit, Michael, and English, Ned. (2008). An Analysis of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disparities & Access to Treatment Services in the Appalachian Region. National Opinion Research Center / University of Chicago. Retrieved December 27, 2012, from .

Hopeful and Preparing to Do Something I
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hopeful and preparing to do something I deserve by achieving my Masters in Finance for several years and am eager to now be working to turn my visions in to a certainty. I have come a long way from being granted a scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under The King Abdullah Program, earning the opportunity to be successful in a graduate school and accomplish my Ph.D. My efforts in finding out what career I was interested in and pursuing it has been honest but challenging which has made me stronger and more determined, nonetheless now I am a prominent and reputed senior graduating this upcoming semester in May 2011at 24 years of age.

I first attended California State University at Northridge and adjusted quite well with an inner concentration in my Bachelor's program; and have always been intrigued by the research and…

Permission to Take a Course Overload for
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pemission to take a couse oveload fo the upcoming Fall/Winte Semestes, 2004-2005. The eason I am making this equest is that I have an oppotunity to complete my undegaduate degee ealy - by the Summe Semeste, 2005 - and by adding thee couses this upcoming school yea, I will accomplish that goal.

And eceiving my diploma ahead of the taditional fou-yea timetable will, in tun, affod me the oppotunity to apply fo admission to teache's college, beginning in Septembe, 2005. I have had an unflinching goal of being a teache fo many yeas, and eveything I have done academically has pointed towads a teaching caee.

If I am accepted at teache's college - and with my good quality academic ecod, thee is no eason to suspect that I won't be accepted - I will need to have completed my undegaduate degee. This is pivotal in tems of my eason fo…

references, upon request.

Very Sincerely Yours

Application to MBA Program at Auburn University
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Justin Abercrombie

Tell use about your career goals. How do you envision an MBA from Auburn University will help you achieve these goals? Are there other reasons you are interested in pursuing an MBA at Auburn?

After earning an MBA from Auburn, I intend to work in the business world for a small or mid-sized firm where I can get hands-on experience and learn the ropes, but my ultimate goal is to own my own business. While I am open to a myriad of options, I do have some solid ideas about the type of business I would like to own and operate, specifically, a firm that provides personal assistant services to middle-income people who can't afford or don't need a full-time personal assistant. This service would be on a contract basis, providing people with specific services, such as dry cleaning drop off and pick up, or computer back-ups, or…

Personal Circumstances
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Personal Circumstances

Even the perfect adolescence would be difficult -- it's hard to imagine young life today, in even the kindest of families, without struggles about identity, without fights about determining what one's future vocation might be, and simply arguing with one's parents. These are all typical pursuits of the typical adolescent, to say nothing of self-imposed and socially imposed academic pressures, and the pressures of preparing one's resume for college.

And my adolescence was far from perfect or typical.

Still, success in school has always been of great importance to me. I have always desired to become an art major, and eventually pursue a career in architecture. I have always wished to become a successful professional, and to learn more about the study of beauty and self-expression through the medium of art. I have always been aware that the only way for me to enlarge my personal interests in…

Interaction Between SES and College Performance Zwick
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Interaction between SES and College Performance

wick, R. & Himelfarb, I. (2011). The effect of high school socioeconomic status on the predictive validity of SAT scores and high school grade-point average. Journal of Educational Measurement, 48(2), 101-121.

African-American (AA) and Latino students underperform other racial groups during their first year of college if SAT scores are used in the prediction formula. The reasons for this are unknown, although socioeconomic status (SES) is suspected.

The current study was undertaken to evaluate whether an SES index could improve the predictive performance of a formula incorporating high school grade-point averages (HSGPAs) and SAT scores.


Evaluate the value of including a SES correction factor in the formula used for predicting first-year college grade-point average (FGPA) performance, for the purpose of correcting for errors introduced by the suspected racially-insensitive HSGPAs. The predictive value of the SAT score in relation to SES will also be…

Zwick, R., & Green, J.G. (2007). New perspectives on the correlation of SAT scores, high school grades, and socioeconomic factors. Journal of Educational Measurement, 44, 23 -- 45.

Zwick, R., & Himelfarb, I. (2009, April). The effect of high school quality on the predictive validity of SAT scores and high school grade-point average. Presented by I. Himelfarb at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego.

Zwick, R., & Schlemer, L. (2004). SAT validity for linguistic minorities at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, 25(2), 6 -- 16.

Online Portfolio
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perfect candidate for a non-technical human resources position at Westinghouse. I will graduate from obert Morris University in May 2014 with a B.S.B.A in Human esources and Marketing. I have studied courses in recruiting, retention, training, compensation and benefits, as well as courses related to marketing. I intend to begin my career as a Human esources generalist.

I have previous experience with Westinghouse, having written my final project in Organizational Communications on the company. For that project, I interviewed Camille Kovach, the Vice President of Human esources, Operations and Global Training & Development. I went away from that experience very impressed with Westinghouse as a business, and as a place to work. This application is a direct result of having seen what Westinghouse is and wanting to be a part of that.

An active OTC cadet, I have a lot more to offer than just a degree. I have been…

References (2013). Personal financial advisors. Occupational Outlook Handbook. Retrieved December 12, 2013 from

Personal Statement I Believe That Education Is
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Personal Statement

I believe that education is the prime catalyst for the development and improvement of humanity. Education has been responsible for all the innovations and growth areas in humanity over our years of evolution. For this reason, the doctoral program I am seeking will help me build up my experience and enhance my knowledge. With the tools I gain in this way, I can then go into the world and effect the changes I perceive as necessary to make life and the world better for humanity as a whole. I believe that Pepperdine University has one of the best programs I can desire to fulfill my current educational and future professional needs.

My current background constitutes an MBA, along with six years of experience in administration work. My field of work was a private university, where I learned the many intricate details of business administration for this specific environment.…

Taiwanese Who Has Come to the United
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Taiwanese who has come to the United States and overcome a number of difficulties in order to be a success. I grew up in Taiwan, and came to the United States for high school. This presented me with a number of cultural challenges. Though there are other Taiwanese students, America still has a completely different culture from what I am used to. Everything is different, so for me that has resulted in a number of challenges that I had to overcome in terms of cultural adjustment. The language barrier was a big one as well. I learned some English growing up, but not enough for me to excel in the U.S., so I had to overcome the language barrier quite quickly in order to be at my best.

In the ninth grade, I was diagnosed with severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This presented me with a lot of problems,…

Participation in Ext-Curricular Activities Affect
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Significant findings were that the survey revealed that "participants in any type of extracurricular activity were significantly more likely than non-participants to exercise and consume nutritious foods, to like school and do homework, and to express positive attitudes about self, peers, teachers, and parents. Involved students were less likely to skip school, get into fights, vandalize property, smoke cigarettes or marijuana, binge drink, or have sexual intercourse. Students who participate in sports are less likely to suffer depression than non-participants. "

3. The Involvement Principle:

Reported in the Journal of Higher Education (1995) the work entitled "The Other Curriculum: Out-of-Class Experiences with Student Learning and Personal Development" sought to understand the relationship between leadership and socialization skills in relation to the personal development that seemingly takes place during extracurricular activities. According to the author of this work George D. Kuh, graduates believe that participation in student's organizations, part-time work as…


Porter, A.C. (1991) Creating a System of School Process Indicators. Education and Policy Analysis 13(1), 13-29.

Chambers, Elisha A. (2002) After-School Pursuits, Ethnicity and Achievement for 8th and 10th Grade Students. The Journal of Educational Research 1 Nov 2002.

Gopalakrishman, Narayan (2003) Differences in Behavior, Psychological Factors, and Environmental Factors Associated with Participation in School Sports and Other Activities in Adolescence. Journal of School Health 1 Mar 2003.

Kuh, George D. (1995) The Other Curriculum: Out-of-Class Experiences Associated with Student Learning and Personal Development. Journal of Higher Education 1 March 1995.

HR Function Review
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HR Function Review

History of the Organization -- General Practice Alliance South Gippsland (GPASG) is a division of General Practice Alliance Australia. It is one of 110 divisions that are tasked to help support identified health needs and services in a given area. GPASG has a division office in Inverloch, and serves of 5,000 people in a 41,000 square kilometer area. Essentially, the organization proves service and information to health care professionals, accreditation support, immunization support, professional development, peer support, advocacy and information (GPASG, 2011).

Mission, Vision -- SPASG's vision is to be a catalyst for the people of the South Gippsland area and to look towards 2015 to achieve the best health outcomes possible. Their mission is to lead the development of innovations in primary care solutions that specifically maintain and improve community-based health care by: 1) building and supporting more general practices; 2) integrating health care services across…

Works Cited

Bannerman, E 2002, 'Antropometric Indicies Predict Physical Function and Mobility in Older Australians', Public Health Nutrition, vol 5, no. 1, pp. 655-62.

Cress, CJ 2007, Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Jones and Bartlett, New York.

Deans, D 2005, Senior Lobby Affects Budgets and Elections, viewed December 2011, .

'Draft Transition Actions for Gippsland Medicare Local' 2009, Human Resources/Administration, GSA.

Return on College Quality IT's
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"Attending a college with a 100 point higher average SAT is associated with 3to 7% higher earnings later in life." (e.g., Kane, 1998, cited by Dale, and Krueger 1999, 1) as higher education constitutes up 40% of total U.S. educational expenditures, understanding "the impact of selective colleges on students' labor market outcomes is central for understanding the role of human capital," Dale, and Krueger (1999, 1) stress.

Previous literature cited by Dale, and Krueger (1999, 1) includes work by "Hunt (1963), Solnion (1973), ales (1973), Solmon and achtel (1975), and ise (1975),...Brewer and Ehrenberg (1996), Behrman et al. (1996), Daniel (1997), Kane (1998), and others." c. BACKGROUND:

To remove the effect of unobserved characteristics that influence college admission, this study considers information on the set of colleges where students were accepted and rejected.

A difficulty interpreting past estimates a many estimates of the effect of college quality on students' subsequent…

Works Cited

Black, Dan a. And Smith, Jeffrey June. 2003. "How Robust is the Evidence on the Effects of College Quality? Evidence from Matching?" .

Brewer, Dominic J., Eide, Eric R., and Ehrenberg, Ronald G. Does it Pay to Attend an Elite Private College? Cross-Cohort Evidence on the Effects of College Type on Earnings the Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 34, No. 1. (Winter, 1999), pp. 104-123. . O%3B2-F.

Cohn, Elchanan, Cohn, Sharon, Balch, Donald C., and Bradley, James Jr. 2004. Determinants of undergraduate GPAs: SAT scores, high-school GPA and high-school rank. Department of Economics, Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC.

Dale, Stacy Berg and Krueger, Alan B. (1999). Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College: An Application of Selection on Observables and un-observables.

Accounting Ethics Questions
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.....ethical for an employer to use social media information as a factor when considering whether to hire an employee? What about monitoring social networking activities of employees while on the job? Use ethical reasoning in answering these questions.

The wide-ranging use of social media in the workplace gives rise to serious moral and ethical concerns. Kantian ethics lays emphasis on the form of an action in ascertaining its morality. Kant insists on the Categorical Imperative. Kant implies that this ethical principle is the superlative and outright and proper test to morality, whereas imperative implies that from time to time one must command oneself to be moral and undertake the right thing, even and particularly when one's self-centeredness may be infringed by acting ethically (Mintz, 2015). As an overall moral rule, for an employer to impose into an employee's private life on social media devoid of consent or in a clandestine…

Social Science Research Conceptualize and Operationalize the
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Social Science Research

Conceptualize and operationalize the variables in that sentence

What is the relationship between age and responsibility?

Age refers to the numbers of years a person has live right form birth till date. Age may indicate the level of maturity of an individual depending on the circumstance a person has been brought up. The age of a person can only be categorized and measured according to figurative values. For instance age can be categorized as follows

a) 0-10years (children)

b) 11-20 years (adolescents)

c) 20-30 years (adults)

d) 30-40 years (old people)

e) 40-50 and above (elderly people)

Responsibility refers to the capability of an individual to handle certain situations the immediately surround him or her. Responsibility reveals the capacity of a person to take care of a given assignment to excellence and perfection. Responsibility can be categorized as follows

a) Very responsible

b) Responsible

c) irresponsible


Industry and Regulatory Strategy the Generic Drug
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Industry and egulatory Strategy

The generic drug industry provides the public with pharmaceutical alternatives to branded big name prescription drugs. "In 2010 alone, the use of FDA-approved generics saved $158 billion, an average of $3 billion every week."(Generic Pharmaceutical Association. 2011. P.1). With the continuing increase in health care expenditures and health insurance premiums for business and consumers; in 2011 premiums increased by nine percent (Abelson, eed. September 27, 2011. P.1), and "with so many people relying on prescriptions, the cost implications loom large for the American public, health insurers, and government payers" ( N.D.P.1). Generic drugs must play a more prominent role in the U.S. health care profile, as such as CEO of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPA), the organizations legislative push is toward patent reform which would call for generic drug competition within seven years of the name brand drug introduction. In so doing pharmaceutical prices would fall…


Abelson, Reed. (September 27, 2011). Health Insurance Costs Rising Sharply This Year,

Study Shows. The New York Times. Retrieved December, 12, 2011 from 

Bio Job (February 1, 2010). Why Generic Drug Companies Will Dominate

Future Pharmaceutical Markets. Bio Job Retrieved December 12, 2011 from

Early College as Educational Reform
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High School Dual Programs

Current social, political, and cultural concerns have hastened the call for high school reform and have intensified an interest in producing high school graduates that are college ready (Kuo, 2010). Competition from up-and-coming economies such as China and India have challenged traditional American economic world dominance and are forcing policy makers to be concerned about making substantive changes in the educational system (Kuo, 2010). However, when positive attempts are made to reform high schools, they often are not sustained due to the fact that the people who initiated the changes moved on and the system reverted back to the way it was prior to the reform effort (Hamann, 2005). Thus, there is the need for wider-ranging changes in education.

Twenty-first century educational reform efforts will need to address three emerging issues related to the American educational system: globalization, the continuity of the system, and the wasted…


Cohen, J.S., & Smerdon, B.A. (2009). Tightening the dropout tourniquet: Easing the transition from middle to high school. Washington D.C: New America Foundation.

Cooper, M.A. (2009). Dreams deferred? The relationship between early and later postsecondary educational aspirations among racial/ethnic groups. Educational Policy, 23, 615-649.

Domina, T. & Ruzek, E (2010). Paving the way: K-16 partnerships for higher education diversity and high school reform. Educational Policy, 26(2), 243-267.

Hamann, E.T. (2005). Systemic high school reform in two states: The serendipity of state-level action. The High School Journal, 89(1), 1-17.

Proposition 209
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California has always been a leader. Many times it is the first to implement new ideas, plans and laws. In 1996 the state of California implemented something called proposition 209 which adjusted the requirements for admissions to colleges as well as employment opportunities based on race and gender. he proposition called for the weighting of admission standards regarding the enrollment of those who entered the state universities and colleges.

More recently the proposition was voted down and the last two years have been spent dismantling its structure. his paper will explore the impact that proposition has had on the admissions and enrollment of California universities. he writer explores the topic by defining proposition 209, explaining the pros and cons of it, looks at statistical data from California state schools.

he paper specifically look at the minority admissions impact that the proposition had on enrollment. Some of the ways this will…

The press focused on the impact of Proposition 209 as well, reporting that the numbers of minority admissions and enrollment did decrease once proposition 209 went into affect. Most of the attention was focused on UC Berkley with the other less mentioned schools were studied to a lesser degree (The UC Prior to Proposition 209 ( ).

The press directed far less attention to other campuses like UC-Riverside and UC-Santa Cruz, both of which posted impressive gains in minority admissions as a result of cascading. At Riverside, for example (The UC Prior to Proposition 209 (

SAT Controversy
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SAT Controversy

The application of SAT for College Entrance Examination has been widely debated, with several supporters for its continued usage and several opponents for its discontinuance. The paper shall deal with both sides of the argument and shall reach at a conclusion.

The SAT is the country's historical, widely prevalent, and misapplied, of College Entrance examinations. The SAT-I is constituted of two phases, Verbal and Math, each marked on a 200-800 point scale. The 138 questions include specifically many choices and the ten questions relating to Mathematics need students to pen down the answers. By pattern, the test denotes more speed that many test undertakers are prevalently finding it short of answering them within the stipulated time. The SAT-II, previously attainment tests, is one hour subject-based exams, which is completely in a multiple choice pattern (excluding the SAT-II written exam, which is comprehensive of one 20 minute essay). The…


Bissell, Andrew. (2001) "Opponents of the SAT fail the test of logic.

Cavanagh, Sean. "Researchers Call SAT Alternative Better Predictor of College Success," Economist, January 29, 2003.

Danowitz Sagaria, M.A. (Ed.). (1988). "Empowering women: Leadership development strategies on campus" (New Directions for Student Services No. 44). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Dorans, N.J. Lyu, C.F. Pommerich, M. And Houston W.M. (1997) "Concordance between ACT Assessment and Recentered SAT I Sum Scores" College and University, 73, 24-31

Drinking With Younger Jews
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Paenting Style Influence on Excess Alcohol Intake Among Jewish Youth


Maste of Science, Mental Health Counseling, College, Januay, 2008

Clinical Psychology

Anticipated; Decembe, 2016

The health hazads that ae associated with adolescent alcohol use ae well documented, and thee is gowing ecognition among policymakes and clinicians alike that moe needs to be done to addess this public health theat. The pupose of this study will be to examine the effects of diffeent paenting styles on alcohol consumption levels among Jewish college students in the United States. The study daws on attachment theoy, social leaning theoy, and a paenting style model as the main theoetical famewoks to evaluate the effects of diffeent paenting styles on alcohol consumption levels among Jewish adolescents to develop infomed answes to the study's thee guiding eseach questions concening the elationship between peceived paenting style and excess alcohol use of male, Jewish, college students aged 18-26…

references to gender.

Scoring: The PAQ is scored easily by summing the individual items to comprise the subscale scores. Scores on each subscale range from 10 to 50.

Author: Dr. John R. Buri, Department of Psychology, University of St. Thomas, 2115

Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105.

Source: Buri, J.R. (1991). Parental Authority Questionnaire, Journal of Personality and Social Assessment, 57, 110-119

Determining a Relationship Between Two Variables
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reach significance, one can conclude from the analysis that there is no correlation between GE and GPAs at the end of the graduate program for electrical engineering in the Ivy League university between 2000 and 2013. In other words, when one variable changes, it does not reflect in the change of the other variable in a linear way (Lecture 5 Notes, n.d., p. 1). For significance to be shown, it would have to be seen that the variables' values were statistically correlated in a manner that could be "represented in a linear equation" (Lecture 5 Notes, n.d., p. 1).

No consistency in change signifies that there is no correlation. Thus, if one's GPA is 3.5, a reasonable guess cannot be made regarding what that individual's GE score would be. Or if one's GE score at the start of the program is x, one cannot make a reasonable guess as to…


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PDP Short-Term Goal My Short-Term
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I must put aside the desire to have fun and instead study as hard as I possibly can. I must also focus on my career satisfaction, advancement, and financial stability in the future, despite the uncertainty of the present moment.

Are you willing to try to correct your weakness to meet the goal?

Learning better time management skills and when to put myself first are not simply essential parts of becoming an effective nurse, but also living a fulfilling life. I am convinced that becoming a better nurse will also make me a better human being.

Does this goal fit you?

My concern for others combined with my love of scientific learning makes the profession ideal for me: and there will be a need for more nurses in the future. I am satisfying my own needs, the needs of my patients, and the needs of society in becoming a nurse.…


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2nd Appeal to the Board Members of
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2nd appeal to the board members of Florida International University School of Journalism and Communications for the purpose of re-admittance with the intent of graduation.

A began at Florida International University in 1994 and enrolled in Television Production in 1996 and have worked full-time while going to school part-time as well as struggled with numerous interruptions of unemployment and personal finance.

The School of Journalism received accreditation in 2002, along with changes in grading and course policies. Many students were excluded or forced out of this program, myself included. The Grade Point Average, GPA, requirement for graduation has changed from 2.50 to 2.75, however, the GPA requirement for admittance has changed from 2.00 to 3.00.

A completed the College-Level Academic Skills Test, CLAST, in the Fall of 2003 and completed my minor in Spring of 2004. Today, I am considered a low division of senior status. My 2.52 GPA falls…

Modality Skew Standard Deviation in Histogram
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Histograms and Visual Interpretation

Histogram 1 shows the total scores of females. Histogram 2 shows the total scores of males.

Both histograms display negative skew with longer tails on the left than on the right. The kurtosis is flatter among males than among females, which shows a sharp increase around the median; thus the histogram of female totals is mesokurtotic and the histogram of males is more playkurtotic. The modality is different for the two as well: the female histogram is multimodal and the male histogram is bimodal. There appear to be outliers but this could also be judged as the tail of normal distribution and were they removed it would look like an amputee distribution perhaps. Both histograms show significant symmetry with slightly more modality on the right because of the skew.

The strengths of visually interpreting histograms is that it provides a general feel for the shape of…