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An effective'strategy in dealing with people with mental disorders

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Grand Canyon University (GCU) presents an inclusive doctorate course adaptable to every doctorate program. DNA represents a metaphor that denotes distinctive artifacts personalized by GCU’s doctorate course for simplifying pupils’ academic journey. The course is grounded in curricular and content development, research guidance, competences and acquaintance, and a detailed dissertation procedure (, 2017). The aim is: creation of an effectual, engaging, and stimulating academic experience for doctorate level pupils.

The campus provides corporate leadership and educational courses concentrating on cultivating accountability and knowledge with regard to the development and inspiration of superior- performance entities. The institution also offers other doctoral courses like philosophy in nursing practice, general phycology, and business administration. This course is grounded in the DNA system utilized for instilling economic, leadership and business capabilities among directors and educators. It is based on in- depth scientific, practical and abstract research. Learners imbibe skills that facilitate the application of…… [Read More]

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Planning and Reflection During My Student Teaching

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Planning and Reflection

During my student teaching experiences I kept a journal, which greatly helped me to organize my thoughts and clarify the areas in which I most needed to improve. My mentor also pointed out for me the key areas that need improvement. Therefore, as I look forward to a professional career as a teacher, I will be able to draw on these early experiences. I will remember what works and what doesn't and I already feel far more confident and proficient than I did before I undertook the student teaching challenge. In general a few major themes emerged through reviewing my journal entries and the statements written by my mentors. My strengths are my willingness to use a wide variety of teaching materials and teaching styles. An enthusiastic implementation of multimedia materials keeps students actively engaged, and keeps lessons more interesting. Moreover, my lessons are well-planned and incorporate…… [Read More]

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Loss and Creature

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Loss of the Creature

Notice how Rembrandt employed chiaroscuro in his works," began my art history professor. "His technique revolutionized the way that artists portrayed sources of light on the canvas." glanced around me. About twenty students sat neatly behind their desks, faces illuminated eerily by the glow of the overhead projector. The scene was ironic: our professor trying to convey an understanding of chiaroscuro through a painting done five centuries ago, when right before our eyes was a true example of the contrast between light and shadow. Art history is an arena in which the "loss of the creature" is felt most profoundly. In his essay "The Loss of the Creature," Walker Percy notes that biology students are removed twofold from their subjects of study, first by layers of packaging, of labels and names, and second by a confounded array of theories. Similarly, any classroom discussion of art fails…… [Read More]

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Ethical Decision Making Process and Dilemma

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Decision Making with Providers

The scenario facing Mike, the lab technician, is that of lateness, which attracted a reprimand from his supervisor. Seemingly, lateness had become a trend to Mike while reporting to work and that is why the supervisor had questioned him. He had made a promise that he would be punctual, the last time his supervisor questioned him. Mike's promise pegged on the importance he attached to his job because he was the sole breadwinner for his wife and newborn baby. Mike was overwhelmed by the thought that his job would be terminated in the possible reoccurrence of his tendencies to come to the workplace while late. He had received the assurance his supervisor (Grand Canyon University, n.d.).

On this day, Mike tries his best to reach work on time. Therefore, he leaves home twenty minutes before time but unfortunately, there was an accident on his commute. Although…… [Read More]


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Will Hobbs

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Together they'll face moose, bears, and the terrors of the subarctic winter.

Down the Yukon: Amid the shouts and the cheers and the splashing of oars, it was pandemonium. "Nome or bust!" Jason yelled. In the shadow of the Arctic Circle, Dawson City is burning, changing forever the lives of thousands in the Klondike gold fields. All the talk is of Nome, nearly two thousand miles away, where gold has been discovered in the beach sands. Jason Hawthorn is itching to join the new rush. He and his brothers have been cheated out of their sawmill, and Jason has vowed to buy it back. A race to Nome has been announced, with a $20,000 prize. Jason's partner in his canoe is the girl he loves, Jamie Dunavant, freshly returned from the States as she promised she would. The Great Race across Alaska will be a grueling test for the two…… [Read More]


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Dibels Justin the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early

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The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) are a set of procedures and measures designed to assess the acquisition of early literacy skills from kindergarten through sixth grade. As emphasized by Kaminski, Cummings, Powell-Smith, and Good (2008), DIBELS is a generic indicator and represents a broader sequence of skills to be taught. I approached family friends about using DIBELS to test their younger son, Justin, a sixth grade student. Justin is a high achiever with very good grades and a positive attitude about school. His best subject is math. His parents have been worried about Justin's reading skills. Although he was tutored in reading at Sylvan Learning Center, Justin's parents still do not believe he has attained the proficiency of which they believe he is capable. I hoped DIBELS would demonstrate Justin's reading strengths and weaknesses.

In talking with Justin, I discovered he has a more extensive…… [Read More]


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Education and the Teacher-Learner Relationship From a

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education and the teacher-learner relationship from a Christian-informed philosophical perspective. It begins with an explanation of the author's personal worldview, and then explores the various philosophical schools of education. Combining the two, the author explains how they have helped shape the author's approach to education. ather than relying on a single educational philosophy, the author intends to combine multiple philosophies in the classroom environment.

Describing the purpose of education is an interesting prospect because education is a cultural construct, and, as a result, what constitutes an education is dependent upon the surrounding culture. In a broad sense, an education is the instruction and learning that a person receives, in both formal and informal environments, which is aimed at preparing that person to live as an adult within the surrounding culture. When one views education as a means of adapting the individual to adult life in his or her own culture,…… [Read More]


Brekelmans, M., Wubbels, Th., & Brok, P. den. (2002). Teacher experience and the teacher-

student relationship in the classroom environment. In S.C. Goh & M.S. Khine (Eds.),

Studies in educational learning environments: an international perspective

(pp.73-99). Singapore: World Scientific.
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Fallacies of Reasoning in TV Commercials the

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Fallacies of easoning in TV Commercials

The DIECTV- Stop Taking in Stray Animals-Commercial

The DIECTV Commercial demonstrates the series of events that occurs when an individual has bad cable. The events are as follows: when you spend too much of your money on cable, you get angry and you start throwing things. When you start throwing things, people begin to think you have anger issues. Consequently, your schedule clears up because people do not want to deal with your anger. When the schedule clears up, you start growing a beard, then you start taking in stray animals until you cannot stop. So to stop taking in stray animals, you have to get rid of cable and upgrade to DIECTV.

Fallacy of reasoning

The DIECTV commercial uses the slippery slope fallacy. Grand Canyon University (2012) explains that the slippery slope fallacy is an analogy that takes an argument in one direction…… [Read More]


Grand Canyon University (2012). Logical Fallacies. GCU Library. Retrieved 26 June 2015 from 

Vleet, J.E. (2011). Informal Logical Fallacies: A Brief Guide. Maryland: University Press of America

TV Commercial links

Ashton Kutcher Nikon TV Commercial. Retrieved from
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Lasso the Wind Away to

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The New West is part Ted Kosinski, and part Ted Turner. It is rich land barons and poor farm workers. It is desert oases like Las Vegas and Phoenix, and pristine grandeur like the Grand Tetons and the Grand Canyon. It is too many people in the cities, and too little water for the population. It is a state of mind, and a state of being. The New West is not about the land; it is about who owns the land, and how much they can get out of it. The West is not dying, and while Egan cannot abide much of what is happening in the modern West, from the damming of rivers to the overpopulation of the cities, he will not concede the West it dead, and that may be more of his revisionist theory. Today, many people believe the West is on a collision course with destiny…… [Read More]


Egan, Timothy. Lasso the Wind: Away to the New West. New York: Knopf, 1998.
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Jack Turner's the Abstract Wild

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Jack Turner's "The Abstract Wild"

Jack Turner, who authored The Abstract Wild, is a widely traveled individual whose purpose in writing is not to indulge into issuing judgemental opinion regarding environmental issues or theoretical whining. Throughout the book the author introduces complex arguments that discuss a vast range of wilderness related issues and ultimately defends the wild in all of its forms.

This book comprises of eight provocatively written essays, which share a common theme. The author primarily indulges into explaining why conservation efforts have instead of leading towards preservation of the environment have led to the very contrary. Briefly the subject of the essays is the ways in which wildness has been interceded, micromanaged and in effect taken nearly out of subsistence.

In the book the author brings the reader to think how wild actually wilderness is and how wild are the reader's related experiences. Jack Turner then himself…… [Read More]

However, the book should not be out rightly criticized since it has thrown light on many aspects, which had earlier been left unexplored. Moreover in Jack Turners work the views of many other American authors has been echoed which gives the approach a more researched backing and credibility.

Works Citied

Turner, Jack. The Abstract Wild. University of Arizona Press. October 1996.
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Rising from the Plains

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ising From the Plains

John Mcphee, a writer of creative nonfiction books, started writing about the earth in 1985. He described the structure and movement of the earth's crust and mantle based on geology. He focused on the theory called plate tectonics which describes the earth's crust as several plates that bump with each other while gliding over the mantle. That theory was accepted only in the latter part of 1960's (decades after this idea was put forward for consideration), based upon geologic beliefs (Quammen, 1998). ising from the Plains is a good book in itself but can be seen as a sequel to his two earlier books namely In Suspect Terrainand Basin and ange. The book revolves around the ocky Mountains' geology and an adjacent terrain in Wyoming, both of which are near Interstate 80. The life story of David Love, a ocky Mountain geologist, and his household was…… [Read More]


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West Coast Transit Case Study

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The criteria for team effectiveness include productivity, personal satisfaction, and commitment from team members to one another. In the case study of West Coast Transit, the firm is at a critical juncture in its business: a competitor is beating it in terms of pricing, sales are dropping, and the marketing team must act fast to regain market share or layoffs are very likely to occur. For Pete Denson, Lea Jing, Jon Mahonney, and Katarina Tanney, the pressure is building. Jing alone seems poised, composed and ready to tackle obstacles—but she is leaving in a month for a new assignment. Tanney is facing personal/family issues outside of work and they are weighing on her. Mahonney is calm but does not contribute much other than to place the focus back on Jing and Tanney. Denson loses his cool and explodes at the team—“We all have problems, we all have complaints. Let’s just…… [Read More]

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Environmentalism Group Environmentalism Is Defined

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To a great degree individual environmentalists, and especially martyrs, those who have lost their lives or liberty are seen by those in the most radical circles as defining members of their group. It is also clear that for the most part individuals in the movement are not recognized as such, excluding public figures such as former vice president Al Gore, who just received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on climate change ("Al Gore" 21) or the frequent Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, an ardent environmentalist.

Hentoff 19)

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Does the United States Government Have Environmental Ethics

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Environmental Ethics

US Government and Environmental Ethics

The United States government has had a long history with the environment, beginning with the very beginning of the settlement of the Pilgrims, through the industrialization era, forming the beginning principles of having national parks, and to today with the onset of climate change and the environmental hazards of the 21st century. (National Park Service, 2012) Compared to other countries, the U.S. has had a more favorable view towards the use of the environment for business matters, often leaving entire communities scarred by the unprotected use of machinery and pollution to retrieve coal minerals, build six lane highways through forests, and even building massive subdivisions of buildings so close together that they represent risks of fire and natural disaster. There are several government agencies that have been created through the years to govern the vast territories that have been preserved, but the amount…… [Read More]

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Touring the World Ecologically

Words: 700 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11593381

Sustainable Tourism and Its Boons

Travel agencies have several sustainability practices that are germane to their business. These include educating travelers about appropriate, sustainable behavior, referring businesses that are sustainable, offering awards to sustainable businesses, investing in ecological friendly technology, and donating revenue to environmental causes. Airline practices for sustainability include implementing an Environmental Management Information System, creating environmental coordinator positions, recycling waste, building more efficient craft, and using Zero Emission Vehicles for ground support (Weaver, 2005, p. 81). Cruise ships can utilize native tour guides, Cruise Industry Waste Management Practices and Procedures, discharging water in appropriate sea conditions, treating water appropriately prior to discharge, and working with local governments to preserve natural environments. Hotels and resorts can make concerted efforts to recycle, invest in energy reduction technologies, reduce water use, invest in water treating technologies, and minimize waste. Theme parks can allocate land for environmental needs, donate land and…… [Read More]


Black, R., Crabtree, A. (2007). Quality Assurance and Certification in Ecotourism. London: CABI.

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Tour of the World Is

Words: 2151 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63577141

The morning meal will be included in this fare, with $100 being spent on the necessary six other meals of the three day stay. $175, 3,542.89 MXN, is allocated to transportation, sightseeing fares, souvenirs (compulsory sombrero) and the exploration of the night life; $100 is saved (all the money saved in one location is used to pay the counter value of the larger expenses, such as a cruise to Africa).

(*) Three days in Brazil -- a budget of $525 (925.755 Brazil reais, at an exchange rate of 1 USD = 1.76 BL); $300, or 529.01 BL will be spent on boarding within a three start hotel; $50 will be saved and $125 will be spent on bus transportation, sightseeing fares and food.

(*) Estimated cost of the trip from Brazil to Nigeria - $400

(*) Three days in Nigeria -- $180 per hotel room (26,865 Nigerian naira, at an…… [Read More]


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Ohio Caverns Geology and Cave

Words: 1798 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44363454

esides these two cavern systems, there is another system of caves located in Mexico known as the Cave of Crystals which lies far beneath the Chihuahuan Desert and currently produces large amounts of lead and silver. This cavern system is also made up of limestone; however, the crystals found in this system are unlike any found in the world, for they were formed by the action of super-heated magma which allowed some of the crystals to grow to enormous sizes, some being almost thirty-seven feet long (Palmer, 251). Unfortunately, like other cavern systems located outside of the U.S., on-going efforts are currently being made to preserve this system and others from individuals who only wish to profit from the selling of crystals on the black market.

In conclusion, it should be noted that there are other cavern systems scattered around the world, especially in Europe, which are not limestone-based; rather,…… [Read More]


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Mccain Age and the Presidency

Words: 744 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66521328

On the issue of a potential vice president, McCain admitted to the Boston Globe (2008): "The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should... you also look for people who maybe have talents you don't, or experience or knowledge you don't, as well....somebody who's really well grounded in economics....I think I understand the fundamentals, I talk to people all the time on economics...I freely admit I am not an economist."

The idea that economics can be separated from politics, or international politics, in today's interconnected economy, where European Community relationships have an impact on what geopolitical conflicts certain nations are more likely to support, where Islam and oil cannot be viewed as existing in separate spheres, shows McCain's outmoded thinking. Furthermore, it is often more difficult for an older individual to adjust to learning new things -- how can the American public feel confident that…… [Read More]

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Disappearing Wetlands of the United

Words: 2443 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32269356

The study revealed that pollution in the are run off water was measurably reduced after running through the ecosystem. Ron Turco, a soil microbiologist and senior researcher of the project had this to say, "Golf courses are a perfect place for constructed wetlands used as part of a water management system, because wetlands can filter chemicals out of surface water, and they can also store excess water during storms," ("Cleaning ater and Controlling Flooding with etlands" 53) So there may be some hope on the back nine for some wetlands after all. But all kidding aside, this is the type of project, smaller and more immediate, that needs to be funded along with the philosophy of co-habitation of wetlands and human beings kept in mind. This kind of thinking helps to counter the "manifest destiny" concept that the American culture has in regarding land and their possession of it. It…… [Read More]

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Black Mesa Mine the Black

Words: 2067 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49625594

Lands are reclaimed to a condition that typically is 20 times more productive for grazing than native range. These results, which are nationally recognized, are important to local American Indian families who make their livelihood raising cattle, sheep and goats (Peabody Western Coal Company 2007:1).

Of course, the company is ignoring the damage to the water supply when it makes these claims and does not account for this damage against the benefits. The intent of the company is clear in a settlement proposal it made to keep Black Mesa in operation while giving the federal government control over the aquifer and dismissing all claims against Peabody for injury to the groundwater (Helms 2007:1).

A call to action by a group called Honor the Earth makes the implicatiosn for the sacred land clear:

If the plan to allow Peabody to restart its Black Mesa Mine goes ahead, the cultural implications will…… [Read More]


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Philip Roth's the Plot Against

Words: 2671 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46387016

Therefore, the totalitarian threat does not just replace the first president with Hitler, but also removes any possibility of difference or ambiguity. The multiple, varied, and multifaceted portraits of Washington are replaced entirely by a single, repeated image, because the totalitarian regime must remove any room for interpretation. Furthermore, the importance of the name of Washington himself is demonstrated by the careful attention to the ribbons which once held his name:

And on the ribbon beneath each portrait, there was no longer the name "Washington" either. Whether the ribbon curved downward as on the one-half-cent stamp and the six, or curved upward as on the four, the five, the seven, and the ten, or straight with raised ends as on the one, the one and a half, the two, the three, the eight, and the nine, the name lettered across the ribbon was "Hitler" (Roth 43).

Thus, the family's trip…… [Read More]

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Presidents in the History of

Words: 2083 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76845855

He was one of the youngest presidents in history (the same age as JFK when he took office, forty-three. He also was an avid outdoorsman and appreciative of the American West (he had a ranch in North Dakota), and his far-seeing vision created one of America's most enduring traditions, the U.S. Forest Service and protected wild lands. oosevelt's accomplishments may not have been as well-known as some of the other presidents, but they were certainly far reaching. First, he was the first president to establish an area in the White House specifically for journalists (oller, 1988, p. 200). He was an extremely popular president, and he was the first to travel outside the country, to the Panama Canal, during a presidency. He also helped create the Panama Canal Project, one of the most important building projects of the time, and still a vital link between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.…… [Read More]


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Wilderness Idea

Words: 1425 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77008060

John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, and Aldo Leopold, three premier American environmentalists. It will also evaluate and explain my opinions regarding each individual. The wilderness is more than a concept; it is an enduring part of the American landscape that many environmentalists continue to try to protect. Three early proponents of the wilderness in America were Muir, Leopold, and Pinchot, but they had far different ideas about how and why to protect it. This film, The Wilderness Idea, looks at the men, their ideals, and the American wilderness, and how they all fought, in their own unique way, to keep some of America's most beautiful lands as an enduring symbol for her people to use and enjoy.

Many people may think that the idea of wilderness preservation is a relatively new idea, but it really began at the mid to late 19th century as cities and towns in America first began…… [Read More]


The Wilderness Idea. Hott Productions, 1989.

Gilbane Gold. National Institute for Engineering Ethics (NIEE) and Great Projects Film Company, 1989.
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Christopher Kit Carson Who Was

Words: 1511 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50886856

He died in 1868, and he was buried in a cemetery near Taos (PS, 2001). After Carson's death, he was at first lionized as a great example of mountain man and leader in the Westward expansion of the United States. His accomplishments were told and retold and sometimes exaggerated. However, in modern times, the story of Kit Carson reveals both the good and the bad. While he played an important role in our country's expansion, he participated in important ways in subjugation and mistreatment of Native Americans. He was a product of his times, he was an army officer and he followed his orders, but today those actions are recognized as wrong. His story is remarkable because in his lifetime Carson played so many roles that aided in Westward expansion in addition to Indian fighter: mountain man, trapper, guide, and sheep rancher. His life is an example of those complex…… [Read More]


Carson, Kit. Editor, Quaife, Milo Milton. Kit Carson's Autobiography. Chicago: RR Donnelley, 1935.

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Paleozoic Time Period Two Internet Sources Author

Words: 747 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72796887

Paleozoic time period. Two internet sources, author.

The Paleozoic -- Geological History

Six major continents were present by the beginning of the Paleozoic Era, as the supercontinent had started to break apart during the latest Proterozoic period. Each of these continents can be separated into two principal constituents: a craton and one or several mobile belts. In contrast to the geological history of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic periods, there is lesser information concerning the Paleozoic era because the development of Pangaea led to the destruction of magnetic anomaly patterns that would normally be preserved in ocean crust. Experts thus focused on other concepts in trying to find out more regarding the period's geological history, such as how plants and animals were distributed and other structural relationships.

In addition to the six major continents present during the beginning of the Paleozoic, there were also a series of other microcontinents. Even with…… [Read More]

Works cited:

Fielding, Cristopher R., Frank, Tracy D., and Isbell, John L., "The late Paleozoic ice age revisited," EOS, TRANSACTIONS AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION, VOL. 87, NO. 8,-PAGE 87, 2006 doi:10.1029/2006EO080005.

Wicander, Reed, and Monroe, James. S., "Historical Geology: Evolution of Earth and Life Through Time," (Cengage Learning, 25.05.2012)

"The Carboniferous Period," Retrieved November 27, 2012, from the University of California website:
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Siop Lesson the Content Goal

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It also took into account the language attainment stages of development when handing out the lesson. After observing a third grade student at an elementary school, I was able to come up with a lesson plan that would be suitable for other students in the same situation using the state standards. My student name was Jose Sanchez and was a second generation Mexican-American. However, as a student in inclusion, he was pretty advanced in his reading and language skills. He along with the other students observed were interested in reading that involved the history of the United States. Jose spoke English really well and had excellent comprehension skills. The other students observed were able to pick out key words in paragraphs and would look them up themselves in order to get a good understanding of what they were reading. These students along with Jose developed a love for reading which…… [Read More]

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Oregon Department of Education. . (2013, July 6). Retrieved from Standards by design: eighth grade for english language arts & literacy (ccss) and elp aligned to english language arts.:
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Theodore Roosevelt

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assassination of President McKinley, Theodore oosevelt, not quite 43, became the youngest President in the Nation's history. He brought new excitement and power to the Presidency, as he vigorously led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy.

He took the view that the President as a "steward of the people" should take whatever action necessary for the public good unless expressly forbidden by law or the Constitution." I did not usurp power," he wrote, "but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power."

oosevelt's youth differed sharply from that of the log cabin Presidents. He was born in New York City in 1858 into a wealthy family, but he too struggled -- against ill health -- and in his triumph became an advocate of the strenuous life.

In 1884 his first wife, Alice Lee oosevelt, and his mother died on the same day.…… [Read More]


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Theodore Roosevelt Association Quotations from the speeches and other works of Theodore Roosevelt
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Visitor Attraction Management LO 1 Legoland Denmark

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Visitor Attraction Management

(LO 1) Legoland, Denmark and the Sydney Opera House

LEGOLAND® Billund is Denmark's most famous and popular amusement park for families and children of all ages (Legoland Billund Resort, 2012). Legoland Billund opened on June 7, 1968 in Billund, Denmark. The park is located next to the original Lego factory which has been a primary economic driver for the entire community since Ole Kirk Christansen began manufacturing Legos mid-century. Because of the Lego factory providing many local jobs, the Lego brand and business had already been integrated into the local culture before the construction of the park. However, after the park was built it became an immediate success and serves as one of the top three attractions in Europe attracting close to two million visitors per year. Therefore, the Lego factory and the Legoland theme park are the primary drivers of economic activity for the entire community.…… [Read More]

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Growing Organic Vegetables at Home

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Growing Organic Vegetables

I just walked by the entrance to a nearby apartment in my complex and began a conversation with an older woman tending her plants. This woman, Janice, had been living here for years and had created a tremendous 'jungle' of vegetation surrounding her stoop. I politely asked her about a few plants that I failed to recognize and was informed about an assortment of vegetables and herbs she used in her cooking. I thanked her for the information and wished her and her plants a good day. Within a few minutes I received a call on my cell phone, which forced the pleasant echoes of our conversation into the shadows of a quickly disappearing morning.

In the evening, as I was arriving home, my eyes flitted across the courtyard of the apartment complex half unconsciously until they encountered Janice's jungle. This sighting reminded me of our conversation…… [Read More]

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Organization Development and Complexity Theory

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Businesses constantly face the need to update, the need to innovate. With these businesses come its leaders who feel the same bombardment at all levels. The speed at which change arises causes the lifecycles of typical businesses and the products they sell to last just a short time unless they learn to successfully adapt. As Keen (2000), explains: "Change is seen as necessary merely to survive; transformation is required to thrive and a constant need for reinvention is needed to secure long-term success (Keene, 2000, p. 15). In order to meet those demands, sometimes businesses may use a method or theory to help them.

Complexity science is a recently examined field of study. It is fast-growing, in use across all dimensions of business. Complexity science is a term typically used to signify an increasing body of interdisciplinary studies about the structure, behaviour and dynamics of change in a particular category…… [Read More]


Anderson, P. (1999). Perspective: Complexity Theory and Organization Science. Organization Science, 10(3). doi:10.1287/orsc.10.3.216

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Keene, A. (2000). Complexity theory: the changing role of leadership. Industrial and Commercial Training, 32(1), 15-18.
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Tourism After September 11

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Terrorist Attacks on New York City

Consumer ehavior and Risk

Terrorism and Consumerism in the Melting Pot

How has September 11 Impacted Americans

Economic Impact of terrorism

Outlook for the New York Economy

Examination of the Effects on usiness

Regaining Consumer Confidence

Sampling Procedures

Survey Construction

Survey results

Recommendations for Further Studies

Survey of Consumer Patterns After The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Towers

Survey Results presented Graphically

Store Owner Interviews

The Impact of the Terrorist Attacks on New York City: One Year Later Chapter 1

The attacks on the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001 threatened the American People's sense of security in a way that had not been felt since the attack on Pearl Harbor. To say that the attacks changed the lives of many people would be an understatement. The attacks literally brought the country to a halt for nearly three days. It can…… [Read More]


American Bankers Association. 2001. "Post Sept. 11 Survey Shows Nation's Bankers Are Optimistic." ABA Press Release, December 3, 2001.

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Norman R Augustine

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Norman Augustine

Norman . Augustine has played an influential role in the world of engineering and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The purpose of this discussion is to provide a biographical sketch of Augustine. In addition we will discuss his career accomplishments and how they have impacted America and the World. Finally we will focus on Augustine's theories and the book Augustine Laws.

Norman Augustine Biography

Norman Augustine was born in 1935 in Denver Colorado and grew up during World War II. (Outside experts Norman Augustine 2004) He was an exceptional student and entered Princeton in 1953 and received his bachelors of science in engineering in 1957. Augustine also received a master's degree from Princeton in 1959. (Norman . Augustine)

He has also received several honorary doctorates in Engineering and Science from several institutions of learning throughout the country. (Norman . Augustine)

In 1958, while still obtaining…… [Read More]


Adelman K.L. And Augustine, N. (1992) "Defense Conversion: Bulldozing the Management." Foreign Affairs. Vol 71, Number 2 

Gottlieb, S. (1997). Defense Addiction: Can America Kick the Habit?. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. 

Pages, E.R. (1996). Responding to Defense Dependence: Policy Ideas and the American Defense Industrial Base. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers. 

Van Nostrand, A.D. (1997). Fundable Knowledge: The Marketing of Defense Technology. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
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Trade Between the United States and Japan

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Trade between the United States and Japan [...] trade between the United States and Japan, such as exports and imports of goods, exports and imports of services, tourism, and investments. Japan and the United States are two of the premier forces in trade around the world. The two countries depend heavily on each other in a variety of trade areas, from electronics to tourism and banking. Together, they form a formidable bond of trade that dominates the world market and the world economy.

In 2002, Japan's total foreign trade was 52,109 billion yen. The portion they traded with the United States was 14,873 billion yen, or 28% of the country's total foreign trade ("Yearbook," 2003). Conversely, the United States only trades about 9% of their foreign trade with Japan, so there has been a deficit between the two countries for many years. This seems odd since Japan is a smaller…… [Read More]


Editors. (2004). Third report to the leaders on the U.S.-Japan regulatory reform and competition policy initiative. Retrieved from the United States Trade Representative Web site:  June 2004.

Editors. (2003). Japan statistical yearbook. Retrieved from the Japan Statistics Bureau Web site: June 2004.
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Leadership Quizzes

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Exercise 3-3

This week, maybe not my most charismatic week to be honest. There are definitely times when I can turn on the charm and be very charismatic, but this week I don't think I've excelled in this regard. I think that I should pay attention to opportunities to be charismatic because this is a skill that can be developed. Since I know that I have it in me to be this way, I figure that I should probably cultivate this skill a little more, because that will help me to be a better leader.

I think back to a recent trip I took. I was able to get a free seat upgrade just by asking, and when I met people I was able to impress them right away, gain their confidence and talk business effectively. I got a lot out of that trip in that regard, just be…… [Read More]

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Christ and Buddha Pertain to Health

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Christianity and Buddhism to Health

One of the most glaring aspects of this paper, Kramer Jr.'s "Worldview of Christianity and Buddha," is that it does not appear to have a hypothesis or a claim. The paper's theme, however, is clarified in the first paragraph as the author explicitly denotes that he will discuss aspects of Christianity and of Buddhism. But in doing so he never expressly writes a thesis statement, or tells the reader the single point to which all the others in this document relate. As such, there is a definite sense of confusion in reading this paper, since the reader understands that the author is detailing aspects of Christianity, Buddhism, and healthcare. Nonetheless, the reader is largely ignorant as to what the author's overriding reason for discussing this topic is, as well as his opinion about the subject. Essentially, the author has clarified the fact that the subject…… [Read More]


Kramer Jr., M. (2015). Worldview of Christianity and Buddhism. Grand Canyon University.
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Ethical Dimensions of the Innovator Role

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Ethics is a term that is commonly used to refer to appropriate rules of conduct or moral guidelines that govern people’s behaviors and actions. Additionally, ethics is a terms that refers to standards or norms for differentiating between right and wrong (Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching, n.d.). As a result, ethics has become an important component in research because researchers have a moral responsibility to safeguard their research participants when conducting a study. Experiment ethics has become a common feature in modern research practices because of the role and significance of the moral responsibility that researchers have as they conduct their study.
One of the most famous and compelling psychological researches that highlight experiment ethics is The Stanford Prison Experiment, which provided a simple narrative regarding human nature (Resnick, 2018). According to McLeod (2017), this research was conducted to examine how willing and ready people would adapt to…… [Read More]

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Role and Importance of Bilingual Interpreters

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The Impact of Using Professional Bilingual Interpreters
Elderly Hispanic patients experience numerous challenges when seeking for healthcare services since they are only eloquent in their native language and are classified as Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients. This paper examines patient-provider communication between these patients and healthcare providers. The evaluation is carried out to determine the role and significance of bilingual interpreters in promoting medication adherence among elderly Hispanic patients aged 50-75 years. The project will be implemented in an outpatient clinic and community center that provides care to different kinds of patients including elderly Hispanics. This project demonstrates that bilingual interpreters would help promote medication adherence and compliance with treatment among these patients.
Keywords: elderly Hispanics, patients, medication adherence, bilingual interpreters, treatment, patient-provider communication, healthcare providers.
Statement of the Problem
Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing groups of people in the United States, particularly among America’s elderly…… [Read More]

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Terrorism as a Result of

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The authors report that such an event would cause flooding and could kill many people (Copeland & Cody 2003).

The authors further assert that Bioterrorism or chemical threats could deliver massive contamination by small amounts of microbiological agents or toxic chemicals, and could endanger the public health of thousands. While some experts believe that risks to water systems actually are small, because it would be difficult to introduce sufficient quantities of agents to cause widespread harm, concern and heightened awareness of potential problems are apparent. Characteristics that are relevant to a biological agent's potential as a weapon include its stability in a drinking water system, virulence, culturability in the quantity required, and resistance to detection and treatment. Cyber attacks on computer operations can affect an entire infrastructure network, and hacking in water utility systems could result in theft or corruption of information or denial and disruption of service (Copeland &…… [Read More]


Anderson R. (September 29, 2003).

Mayors Meet in Chicago to Discuss the Nation's Water Problems. Retrieved August 30, 2006 from; 

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Copeland C. And Cody Betsy. (2003) Terrorism and Security Issues Facing the Water Infrastructure Sector: Resources, Science, and Industry Division. Report For Congress.
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Nature Spot

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Yosemite Falls gives a brief description of the beautiful Yosemite Falls located in California. This paper also outlines the essential features of the falls and highlights its main characteristics.

Yosemite Falls

Mother Nature has blessed its creatures with beautiful sites and scenarios, which constantly remind us that this world indeed is a magnificent palace for all its living beings. Our world comprises of more than the seven wonders and one such wonder is the Yosemite Falls. The Yosemite Falls are the seventh highest falls in the world. It is a natural wonder that defies description. It offers an unavoidable closeness to the natural elements. The towering column of spray with its enigmatic sights and sounds indeed tranquilize its viewers. Hence, the Yosemite Falls in California are a magnificent nature spot gifted by the milieu.

The Yosemite Fall is situated at an elevation of 2,425 feet and is the tallest free…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Anne M.B. Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park. Sunset Publishing Corp. March 2001.

Amy M. Yosemite In Winter. Sunset Publishing Corp. Feb. 2001.
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Friends From the Wrong Crowd One of

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Friends From the Wrong Crowd

One of the most challenging things among the young people on America is the idea of bad company. This problem is so pronounced and serious taking into account that the people who surround and individual largely dictates the direction of the life that the individual will take and hence shaping their future.

Ryan a 23 years old boy came from a humble Christian family where no one was allowed to smoke. When Ryan joined campus he met Pat and Torrey who were cigarette addicts. They became his close friends and went a head and invited him to hang out with them for a weekend. Pat and Torrey offered Ryan a whiff of cigarette for the first time in his life. Ryan was hesitant and said an emphatic "No" to the request but they kept on insisting on him to smoke. Ultimately he ended up smoking…… [Read More]

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Nature of Science Even in

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Smith notes that it may be impossible to unequivocally prove something with one hundred percent accuracy; rather, scientists seek probability.

The term theory is often misconstrued: Smith states that "theories always explain facts." Moreover, there is no clear demarcation between a theory and a hypothesis. Theories are basically broad hypotheses. Laws, on the other hand, are more restrictive and are often derived from theories. The practice of science entails experimentation as well as presentation to the scientific community. When the research is presented to other scientists, it is usually done so through peer-reviewed journals. Often other scientists will critique and critically evaluate the scientific experiment and attempt to replicate it. When the experiment has been replicated the hypothesis may become part of the canon of established science and from there, common knowledge.

Because science can only deal with what is observable and measurable, it can not apply to philosophy, aesthetics,…… [Read More]


Smith, David. "The Nature of Science."
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Biology Species Within a Given Population Will

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Species within a given population will differentiate due to a sudden and dramatic geological or climatological change. If a volcano erupted on an island like one of those on Vanuatu, the populations of local geckos would start to differentiate depending on where members of that population were before and after the eruption.

Statement/Hypothesis: If a volcanic eruption led to lava flows on one side of the island, but not on the other side, then the gecko population would differentiate based on the availability of food sources and also based on the remaining predators.

Geological Event: A volcano erupts on a small tropical island, part of the Vanuatu group. The types of observations necessary for the evaluation of the impact of the volcano on local lizard (gecko) species include size (length), coloration and visual patterns, and vocalizations. Behavioral observations would include territories occupied, feeding patterns, and mating patterns.

Characteristics of…… [Read More]


"Tiny Gecko Species Discovered in Vanuatu Rainforest," (2008). Retrieved online: 

Uthicke, S. (1999). Sediment bioturbation and impact of feeding activity of Holothuria (Halodeima) atra and Stichopus chloronotus, two sediment feeding holothurians, at Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef. Bulletin of Marine Science 64(1): 129-141.
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Competencies Between Nurses Prepared at the Associate-Degree

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competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-Degree level vs. The baccalaureate-degree level in nursing

According to Moore ( 2009), Associate Degree Nurses (ADNs) are nurses with a two-year academic degree and licensed to practice nursing. Associate Nurses are prepared on the technical aspects of care giving that are necessary for their interaction with both the patients and their families in acute care settings. Their knowledge is limited to handling patients care in hospitals and community-based health organizations.

Baccalaureate Degree Nurses (BSNs) are nurses with a four-year academic degree. This program requires high educational qualifications and provides wide liberal arts perspectives as well as topics in clinical nursing including, critical thinking, case management, research, statistics, and health campaigns across various in and outpatient facilities with special emphasis on development of the essential skills in care for patients.

Differences in Competencies between Nurses

With the increasing complexity in health care, there is…… [Read More]


Hagland, M. (1998). Reflection: a reflex action? Intensive and Critical Care Nursing, 96-100.

Marshall, C., & Rossman, G.B. (1995). Designing qualitative research. Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Miller, C.D. (2007). A Comparison of Skill Performance of the ADN and BSN Prepared Nurse.

Moore, D.S. (2009). The Differences Between Associate Degree Nurses and the Baccalaureate
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Heritage Site Report the Sydney

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o learn more about the Sydney Opera House, those interested in Australian culture can visit the official Sydney Opera House web site (,which caters primarily to those who want to visit or learn more about the opera house, containing a great quantity of information and photos relating to architecture and events, but few outside links. A similar, but less extensive site catering to tourists and offering information about both tours and events is the 2008 Biennale of Sydney web site (,which also includes a brief history of the attraction and links to other Australian cultural gems. Finally, the Australian Government's Culture and Recreational Portal's information on the Sydney Opera House site (,which caters to educators, students, and those who simply want to learn about Australia is quite impressive and comprehensive, including a long list of links to information and photos. hus, because of both its contribution to architecture and culture,…… [Read More]

The Sydney Opera House: A Monument of Both Architectural and Cultural Grandeur modern architectural wonder, the Sydney Opera House was inaugurated in 1973 and continues to maintain its position as one of Australia's most important cultural and architectural sites. Architectural features of significance include the well-known three shells that interlock on the top of the structure and contain different areas of interest -- including restaurants and a theater -- and the pedestrian platforms that lead to ground level. it's architectural significance results not only from the beauty and uniqueness of its impressive design, but also from the engineering feats that resulted in its construction. Designed by Jorn Utozon, a Danish architect, the opera house is lauded for its glorification of the Sydney harbor as well as its modern technology and feel. Furthermore, the building was constructed with an eye on environmentalism and conservation.

In addition to its innovative structural design, however, the opera house lends additional cultural gems to the city of Sydney. An operational performing arts center, the Sydney Opera House offers a variety of cultural entertainment. In fact, the 2008 season lists performances from modern Rock and Roll wonder Sting to Mozart's classical opera Don Giovanni. Additionally, the area offers a variety of tours, restaurants, and bars that introduce the visitor to the cultural scene of Australia.

To learn more about the Sydney Opera House, those interested in Australian culture can visit the official Sydney Opera House web site ( ),which caters primarily to those who want to visit or learn more about the opera house, containing a great quantity of information and photos relating to architecture and events, but few outside links. A similar, but less extensive site catering to tourists and offering information about both tours and events is the 2008 Biennale of Sydney web site ( ),which also includes a brief history of the attraction and links to other Australian cultural gems. Finally, the Australian Government's Culture and Recreational Portal's information on the Sydney Opera House site (,which caters to educators, students, and those who simply want to learn about Australia is quite impressive and comprehensive, including a long list of links to information and photos. Thus, because of both its contribution to architecture and culture, the Sydney Opera House is an important monument in Australia and all over the world. Those who want to learn more about the opera house can do so by visiting a variety of sites on the Internet.
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Working for a Community Mental Health Agency

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working for a community mental health agency that serves male adolescents aged 14-16 who have received a diagnosis of conduct disorder. You have been asked by your director of clinical training to answer the following questions (choose only one): a) What family treatment modes have been found to be effective (best practices, evidence-based) for treating this population?

Submit an annotated bibliography with an entry for each of your resources. Include the references in proper APA format. Write a brief summary highlighting the theory, treatment, intervention, and research methodology discussed in each resource.

Authors conducted thorough review of existent studies on psychosocial conduct disorder and interventions in regards to children and adolescents. They also investigated oppositional defiant disorder. 82 experimental studies were evaluated using certain criteria created by the Clinical Psychology Task Force on Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Procedures. Authors concluded that the two most effective programs that met all…… [Read More]

Brestan, EV. & Eyberg, EM (1998) Effective psychosocial treatments of conduct-disordered children and adolescents: 29 years, 82 studies, and 5,272 kids Journ. Clin. Child Psyc. 27, 180-189

Burke, JD, Loeber, B., & Birmaher, R. (2002) Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder: A Review of the Past 10 Years, Part II, J. Am. Acad. Child Adolesc. Psychiatry, 41, 1275-1293.

Kumpfer, K & Alvarado, R (2003). Family-Strengthening Approaches for the Prevention of Youth Problem Behaviors American Psychologist, 58, 457-465
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Children With Conduct Disorder it Has Been

Words: 657 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18260805

Children With Conduct Disorder

It has been suggested that the following three treatments are the most conducive for helping children who have behavior related problems:

Family Therapy?

This treatment is focused towards the changes that have to be made in the family system, such as improving family interaction with the child. Peer group therapy?

In this therapy we will work to develop the social and interpersonal skills of the child. Cognitive therapy?

This therapy will help the child in improving his communication skills, and problem solving skills. Along with that it provides anger management training to the child, along with impulsive control training. I would like o conduct an experimental study that will evaluate differences in each of these groups and see whether one intervention is preferable to the other.


I would randomly select children and randomly divide them amongst three groups. The children would all come from the…… [Read More]

Lahey, B.B., Moffitt, T.E., & Caspi, A. (2003). Causes of conduct disorder and juvenile delinquency. New York: Guilford Press. Pro.ed CDS: Conduct Disorder Scale (10355)? ?

What statistical analysis should I use? ?
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Words: 2309 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57498605

These core competencies are the focus of the recommendations given to McDonald's for the resolution of the described problems. By striving to improve their core competencies, McDonald's will be able to improve the customer service they offer to customers considerably as well as to satisfy their customers better Hammer & Stanton, 1999()

Improving production consistency

The big secret behind the success of McDonald's is that the company has long strived to embrace innovation and striving to achieve consistency in the operations of its outlets. Since the "Made for you" production process has been tested and assured to be a workable process for McDonald's this should be implemented on a storewide basis despite the huge upfront expenses to be incurred by the company. These upfront expenses will be compensated by the huge returns and improvements in quality of customer service that come from the company's use of this new production system…… [Read More]


Hall, G., Rosenthal, J., & Wade, J. (1993). How to make reengineering really work. Harvard Business Review, November-December, 119-131.

Hammer, M., & Stanton, S. (1999). How process enterprises really work. Harvard Business Review, November-December, 108-120.

Prahalad, C.K., & Hamel, G. (1990). The core competence of the corporation. Harvard Business Review, 79-91.

Stalk, G., Evans, P., & Shulman, L.E. (1992). Competing on capabilities: The new rules of corporate strategy. Harvard Business Review, March-April, 57-69.
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Artificial and Human Identities in Literature

Words: 2610 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20785751

Artificial Intelligence / Robotics

Robot Outline Name: Complitar (aka the LoveBunny 3000).

Personal Statement: Greetings, human. I am the LoveBunny 3000, and I offer advice on relationships and also sex. You are here gazing at my glass containment because you are troubled in your relationship, or you seek advice for how to drive your lover wild, or perhaps you just need concrete advice for how to find a lover -- although in these days of social media and nonstop connectedness, if you can't find someone to sleep with you, you're doing it wrong. And that's where I come in. You can ask me any question pertaining to the relationship genre.

My form is that of a classic automaton -- a spooky sort of robotic doll that performs certain functions within a limited and circumscribed physical field. Some may recognize my appearance from a standard fairgrounds type fortune-teller or more specifically…… [Read More]

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Disintegrating Relationships Between Organizational Leaders and Employees

Words: 3181 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83778048

Disintegrating elationships Between Organizational Leaders and Employees

Organizational leadership behavior towards employees can significantly affect their perception of the workplace, and contribute to the organization high performance and most essentially create and maintain a proper organizational culture that lead to the success of the organization . The good health of the organization depends greatly on the relationship between leaders and employees. However, the relationship that exists between organizational leaders and employees are failing at a high rate in today's workplaces and the reasons for this are not clear. Leaders in organizations have a tendency to use employees in the time of the organizational needs and them to simply ignore the employee's commitment and their potential. Committed employees should be rewarded with committed organizational leadership. Critical in organizational leadership interaction with employees is communication. Communication keeps employees informed and results in a feeling of connectedness and inclusiveness in the organizational operations,…… [Read More]


Abrrow, H.A., Ardakani, M.S., Harooni, A. & Pour, H.M. (2013, July). The Relationship Between Organizational Trust and Organizational Justice Components and Their Role in Job Involvement in Education. International Journal of Management Academy, 1(1), 25-41.

Albrecht, S.L. (2010). Handbook of employee engagement: perspectives, issues, research and practice. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Broner, S. (2009). Employees' perceptions of leaders' attitudes and employee retention: a quantitative study on perceived attitudes. Ann Arbor, MI: ProQuest LLC.

Creswell, J.W.(2007). Qualitative inquiry & research design: Choosing among five approaches .(2nd ed.).Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.
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Healthcare Education for Community Members

Words: 1474 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11971286

Community Teaching Plan

Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Directions: Develop an educational series proposal for your community using one of the following four topics which was chosen within your CLC group:


Environmental Issues

Primary Prevention/Health Promotion

Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population

Planning Before Teaching:

Estimated Time Teaching Will Last:

Three 2-hour sessions

Location of Teaching:

Athens Community Health Department

Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed:

Laptop; digital projector; screen

Estimated Cost:

Community and Target Aggregate:

Athens Community Health Department, Athens, Georgia

Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population

Session I: Sources of Vulnerability

Session II:Implications for Healthcare Providers

Session III: Innovative Practice; Gordon's Functional Health Patterns Assessment

Epidemiological ationale for Topic (statistics related to topic):

The literature on vulnerable people clearly indicates that the special needs of these populations and the ubiquitous barriers to quality care access lead to traceable disparities in the provision of healthcare and in their health outcomes…… [Read More]


Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). National healthcare disparities report 2008. Chapter 3, Access to healthcare. Washington: AHRQ; 2008. Retrieved 

Edelman, C.L. And Mandle, C.L. (2006). In D. Como, L. Thomas (Eds.), Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan. St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby.

[Type text]
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Big Bang vs Six-Day Creation Theory

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Big Bang vs. Six-Day Creation Theory

Man knows that the universe exists; however, his curiosity has not allowed him to dwell on this knowledge alone. Throughout his brief history on this planet, man has struggled to understand his "place in this universe, and furthermore, the place of the universe itself" (Laocco & othstein, n.d.). For ages, he has attempted to find answers on the age of the universe, as well as on the origins of matter and the greater universe. In his quest, man has moved from the mystical beginnings of earth's origin to the development of scientific theories, some of which have only made the subject more complex and intriguing. Man's continued interest in the subject has led to the emergence of two cadres of creationists - the young earth creationists, who posit that earth was created by a supernatural being, over a span of six days, thousands of…… [Read More]


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Degree Proficiency

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Nursing Education

Education is an important quality that can be very beneficial to any given profession. The specialization of education in today's world serves purposes and offers new challenges. This is most evident when comparing the differences in competencies between nurses prepared at the associate-degree level (AND)versus the baccalaureate degree level (BSN). The purpose of this essay is to describe these differences and compare their varying tendencies and qualities. Additionally, this essay will address a patient care situation that highlights how nursing care may differ upon the educational level of the nursing professional.


The associates degree earned in a nursing education allows that individual to contribute to the medical profession and minimize the educational requirements to do so. While some may consider this a short cut and not going the full distance, there are good reasons that these programs are offered and thousands of people participate in them.

There…… [Read More]


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Healthcare Education

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Teaching Plan

In the field of nursing, there are a variety of challenges which are having an impact on practices. To deal with these issues, various theories have been developed. They are focusing on the way specific approaches can improve quality and enhance professionalism. In the case of treatment and care, these issues are problematic as many nurses are often overworked and can spend only a select amount of time with patients. To address these issues, Watson's Theory of Human Caring was developed. It is a practice based theory that concentrates on several different areas to include: kindness, transpersonal relationships, spirituality and enhancing the environment. These theories are augmented with my experiences in the field to improve quality and alleviate suffering. This is important, as it showing how Watson's views are critical in providing better attention and support to patients. (Watson, 2011)

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Evaluation of Teaching Experience

Watson's Theory of Human Caring is focusing on how to improve safety and quality inside the clinic. This is achieved by concentrating on several different variables in conjunction with each other. The most notable include: practicing kindness, cultivating spiritual practices, being supportive, teaching, creating a healing environment, assisting with basic needs and allowing for open miracles to occur. In this case, the theory can become a credo for all nurses and healthcare professionals inside the facility to follow. This means placing more of an emphasis on monitoring the patient's condition, educating them about their role in the treatment and alleviating suffering as much as possible. (Jones, 2007) (Kelly, 2013)

The way it will be applied is to show how the lack of
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Mandalay Resort Group the Events

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Given the strong and increasing competition in the gaming and entertainment industry, Mandalay should apply a more aggressive strategy. The group should continue to expand the business. This will attract more clients, and it will expand Mandalay's number of target segments, which will eventually lead to increased incomes.

As mentioned above, Mandalay's strategy should focus on social responsibility also. By involving in the lives of its customers, Mandalay will be a more present figure in the customers' minds, which should lead to an increased degree of loyalty. Customer loyalty can also be reached by increasing customer satisfaction.

As a consequence, Mandalay's marketing department should seriously focus on discovering and analyzing customers' needs that have not yet been fulfilled. Implementing something new could help Mandalay gain serious competitive advantage over other gaming and entertainment industry players.

Mandalay should continue to exploit the advantage gained by addressing the entertainment oriented customers and…… [Read More]